Atomik Howdy @ll - made it philly...if I hear another person say I need a cheesesteak I may lose it. But, it does sound good...

Mr Philly Cheese Steak Maker

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randymatheson and I knelt down and placed a rose between her teeth
randymatheson a lil sumpin sumpin from da Cramps...
dafd One of my favorite songs ever, not bad but...whatever.
arvinclay Morning sun just came out in Pittsburgh. And a little New Order to celebrate it!


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Dj_Dj and I suddently felt like blipping this!
SylvioMicelli The Lightning Seeds - Pure

Lightning Seeds_Pure

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rogue_fm r/b @ICEGIRL152 [is this funk @unfinishedperson @doreenatdms?] Big time! (@SatinLegsSmith blipped this. Couldn't forget that bomp bomp bobba bomp) (reblip)


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ZachsMind She's funny and energetic. I can't remember a time when I've been with her that she wasn't smiling. A living ray of sunshine. Great live performer.
hangry The Pussycat Dolls destroy a 'Slumdog Millionaire' track. #CrazyCovers [of course I love it]
hangry I see your Spiderman and raise you a SpiderPig!


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hangry So long Hamster! I will miss you!!!
teruterubouzu_ I just read a breaking news item about Fuji Prime Minister Bainimarama, and, well...
teruterubouzu_ It's another quietly creepy day up here in product development/web dev.
DJNadds Trying to pump up for the Spurs!!!
DJNadds ok not ready for bed just yet...;-)


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Stay19 Groove Armada – At The River<><>
adbert [Lenny Kravitz – Always On The Run] "My mama said that your life is a gift." Poor mama, she believes I am her gift... A cheap one. HAHAHA!!
Vanderleun Enough with dressing like a Balkan refugee looking to get your grill on. Every girl's crazy bout a sharp dressed man...
mellomatic you're probably right, @marilovisky. :) it's completely hopeless.... so how was your evening?


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RealtorLefebvre Some bright morning when this life is over, I'll fly away...
Antenaweb Saludos @tuilino ! Buen Fin de Semana !!

RoyksoppRemind Me

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adbert [Sheryl Crow – Real Gone] Sheryl goes with a good riff...
bendrix I loooove this Tricky track. Yes good genes & super Super smart.. unfortunately I'm an ultra music snob & I hold them to higher standards=> rb@ZOEBOE (reblip)

TrickyBroken Homes

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anitachrys one of my sons faves!!!!! ~~~ ur sons got a nice taste in music @melodyofyourlife :) (reblip)
paisley Tool – Prison Sex

ToolPrison Sex

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asterion to my dear friend Jaymie, i hope you caught @ least one butterfly that you liked this morning!!!
DJ_Rich_Uncle Song stuck in my head this morning when I awoke. Nice one when you're trying to sleep in... #stucksong
AlKronos Clint lets rip for the Doom soundtrack
dyannnn I love Sundays! Enjoy the song and soak up the sun!!
P45K my first band got banned from our highschool performance night for playing a cover of this...

RHCPSir Psycho Sexy

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daihard I know, it's no Sunday morning anymore... (reblip)
FizzyDuck The Sabres of Paradise – Smokebelch II
asterion this guy used to make me laugh... though i have to see a song i remember...
Boerni I feel nostalgic everytime I listen to this song.
77ozzie song...oh sailing...home again cross the sea...

Rod StewartSailing

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noisecontrol "Nancy is joining me this evening...Despite our best efforts, shortages of marijuana are being reported..."
ghurm <<-- is only 5 listeners away from 50!!! follow me now!!
ghurm that's the way you do it. you play the guitar on the mtv. that ain't workin'. that's the way you do it. money for nothing & your chicks for free.
RyRadio This is awesome. Have a good day!
MrRooster get that blood flowing!


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charliemuze Lionel Richie – All Night Long (All Night)
ladypn @ZachsMind What are YOU still doing up? Hope you don't have to work in the am!!
batchout from Picture Perfect Morning (which had a lot of filler) (and Paul Simon?!)
DJrythaman @officialserj your rocking it in this song (as always) - I'm a huge fan - Love all your music..!! #musicmonday
tjmackster Things not what they used to be...Evan Dando – Fade To Black (Metalica acoustic) (reblip)
tjmackster Wish I knew what you were looking for. might have known what you would find....The Church – Under The Milky Way (Acoustic) (reblip)
tjmackster I don't know how I bent what you said, to what I believe you meant...Frente! – Labour Of Love (reblip)
coastlineradio *** ACDC - Who made who ***

ACDC - Who made who.MP3

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jlightbody @djwttw: nice to know That I'm missed:) Thanks for the song... (reblip)
DJverso I don't know why but this song pleases me. It's like Metro "Hanna Montana" Station and the Bloodhound Gang got together. Sorta.

3oh!3Don't Trust Me

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DJverso @EvDJ More #SillyMonday. Even though it doesn't sound silly (at first).
batchout Lively version. Lots of fun bass picking

Primus Over The Falls Live At Lorely 1996

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batchout Back to Emo-ey Art Rock. Fierce Cover.
batchout Everybody shut up and leave me alone... Must Enjoy this JeepBeat in my Head. Skinny Puppy's Ogre wants his voice box back. #nerdcore before the core
batchout Really a chronicle of human progress and the strife caused and the damage done. Like Kuati Oil Fields Burnin in the Desert Sun. Dynamite drumloophelps


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chr0me gotta love a song that references neuromancer, ghost in the shell, akira, the matrix, & a zillion other things on my shelves

Deltron 30303030

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threebears reblurp @schizophonic again ^(^ thanx! Must nominate you for the blip name awards - you can nominate yourself (reblip)

Grizzly BearKnife

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ZachsMind #lost #wftb #s1e8 @nancymk Great song! Here's an acoustic version of it complete w/video. I prefer this to the overproduced version.
star45 Metric – IOU


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ClumpD One more Roots track from Soundbombing III w/ Talib Kweli 'Rhymes and Ammo'
batchout Very insightful explanation of how the US went wrong... "We Made That Stuff Legal!"
ZachsMind Just heard part of this on the way home on the radio & wanted to hear the whole thing so I'm blipping it.
ZachsMind Didn't just hear this on the radio & wanted to hear the whole thing so I'm blipping it. This right here is why radio is dead. It can't do this.
ZachsMind RT @netteradio "Please sign/share to help in the release of Ling-Lee" I don't believe these things work, but it can't hurt.
ZachsMind I just spent the day learning a horrid truth: Dallas Area RAPID Transit is horrendously mis-named.
gocompute While we're playing with our Computer Games
Micholaus Tremendous song, some TV should use it as a theme song.
CrescentMoonglow Do you ever wonder if there are secrets someone is keeping away from you? Hmmm. Suspicion can be destructive if overzealous!
moijojojo Mixin for that schmexy hoor @jocullenitis: A Guy Called Gerald - Blow Your House Down (reblip)
moijojojo @tby789 I threw this in a mix for @jocullenitis earlier, but I think this is a good fit with those trax, as well. You know what's gotta be next, PQ. (reblip)
batchout "I'm not done, and I won't be till my internet access cuts out"'
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