bendrix Sven Van Hees - "ocean jive" - I bought this CD back in 2001 when I was in Paris. This instrumental is Paris on a rainy day.
bendrix This song is from one of my fave artists of all time. She's underrated and known in the electronica acid jazz underground circuit
bendrix This track was my first introduction to the Cure back in 1994. The Cure is now one of my fave all time groups

The CureBurn

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bendrix I remember hearing this Smashing Pumpkins track on the Lost Highway Soundtrack. The SICKness!
bendrix I say this Frankie Knuckles joint is one of the best chill house tracks ever recorded.
bendrix This track sums up the 80's even though its from 2003
bendrix is it Peter Gabriel or NIN? hahah - This track/this group is a transition point in music history
bendrix Some of the best Vintage Bjork - One of the Great unknown B side tracks "Karvel" @1indienation


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bendrix This track is the combination of the African Zulu march meets LTJ Bukim. Serious Dopeness
bendrix Wow only one LTJ BUkem Track on That's sad. This track brings back memories.
bendrix Blue Six - "Beautiful Tomorrow" - This is a house track that's a cross between Shalamar from the 80s and Frankie Knuckles from the 90s
bendrix LTJ Bukem - "feel what you feel' - has this cool chill lounge vibe over a bass thumpN House beat.
bendrix Dedication @KristaShay Tricky/PJ Harvey - "Broken Homes" - A regge track has been slowed down and plays in reverse. Its a sick vocal track too
bendrix Tricky - "A Song for Yukiko" - This track is a mix between a music snippet from a soap opera sample - the drummer boy - and a chillean sea bass :)
bendrix De Phazz - "Nameless Life" - I dig De Phazz but Never heard this track. this is an unexpected find.
bendrix "Memories" – Waldeck - This track sounds like something out of the 40s mixed with a touch of hip hop and a bar mitzvah and russian party music :)


| play
bendrix @KristaShay - Waldeck - "Why Did We Fire the Gun?" I bought this cd when I was in San Fran. This girl sounds like Adele kinda
bendrix "Inner City Life" – Goldie - This is possibly the first jungle track that I ever heard. The bass on this is killer
bendrix "Let it Take You" – Goldfrapp - Haven't heard this Goldfrapp track yet. Really solid find, me proud :)
bendrix "Over" – Portishead - Probably the best introductory track to Portishead. This group has such a cult following


| play
ladysupermarket @bendrix .. yes and they have so many great songs, I love Beth s voice.

PortisheadGlory Box

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bendrix @gigia I really really dig that "Little Bit (Klumpfisk remix)" – never heard it before. I think you will like this track by Vanessa Daou. :)
bendrix New Vanessa Daou track uploaded - what do you think @Chris_Jobim, @row1e, @gigia, @rociof, @LaDawn, sudaca70, @newwaveclassics, @akaiiro
bendrix This track sounds like a sunny day in LA with the top down. Either that or the in between music segments to the Brady Bunch :)
bendrix I'm getting geeked up for the Quantum movie. Love that Bond theme
bendrix Marvin Gaye's Inner City Blues was one of the greatest albums ever made.
bendrix "Cry 4 you" – Jodeci - damn i was in college when this came out. Bitter sweet memories

JodeciCry 4 you

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bendrix @Seahorse george michael is so under appreciated
toddkelley @slaybolea - Here's the cut u requested "Second Cut Of Coffee". It's on the Blue Kinda Grey CD.
bendrix @c2l This is a really fresh track thanks for sharing (reblip)


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bendrix @Pelli yes this track is AWESOME!!! It always reminds me of Paris. (reblip)


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bendrix @pinedaferet If you dug that cafe song you will probably dig this. My good friend Vanessa Daou. :)
bendrix Thanks I have not heard this song since I came back from China. They played this all the time @petite_machine (reblip)
bendrix @melodyofyourlife @pipercarter @ita___thedjcat @davidwatts1978 Here's an xCellent hip hop Down tempo Chill Track. Have you guys heard this before?


| play
bendrix @gigia @irsocal @evablue @mtlb @snapper - Its a rare Bjork mix. Some Elements of House, Trip Hop, Electronic Atmospheres. VEry veRY Sick

Hyperballad (Subtle Abuse Mix)

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bendrix @vanessadaou @gigia - This summer I heard this song while driving through the mts enroute => Great Wall of China. This is F#$%ing Amazing
bendrix I got this Wax Poetic CD for my b-day in 2003 - This is one of the most wonderful French lounge traX EVER! @legsandboobs @Artamovement @mtlb
bendrix "Que Bonito" This is one of the most beautiful Instrumentals ever made. @marilovisky @mtlb @AngelaPerversa @chinawhite @gigia
bendrix @laviniacarvalho - You put me in a Goldfrapp mood. This is one of the most beautiful crooner tracks ever made. :)


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bendrix @DanTaylor @Poulette @foncati @vanessadaou @gigia @mtlb - A SUPREME down-tempo track. Absolutely Beautiful - Female vocal yumminess
bendrix @vanessadaou - I got the Wax Poetic CD for my Birthday in 2003. This was the opening track. Its got that Downtempo Acid Jazz vibe!
bendrix To me Seraya - is a warm cup of hot chocolate on drizzly day in a cafe off a busy street in Paris. @threebears @gigia @JRex778 @Seahorse

Fragile StateSeraya

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bendrix @SquarerootZ - YOU HAVE TO Give Props to this track its R&B, Hip Hop, Electronica, Downtempo, Lounge, Enigma, Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk - its Luv Luv
bendrix @SquarerootZ - I used to shoot video for the lyricst lounge - I took my Pop to see him when he performed UMI for the first time. A Classic (reblip)

Mos DefUMI Says

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bendrix Bjork never ceases to amaze me. I never heard this track before. This track is very orchestral m/f duo very very beautiful lyrics and music
bendrix That PJ and Thom Yorke track is ridiculous in a GREAT way @flatage - Have you heard this Cowboy Junkie track? (reblip)
bendrix The artist is @vanessadaou. The track is called Liquid Fire a poetic tribute to John Coltrame. If you listen to the lyrics you will be moved
bendrix The artist is @vanessadaou. Now I don't do drugs but if I did this would be "THE" trippy song that I would choose. Its a melodic echoey dreamy vibe
bendrix Yes I do agree is definitely fresh as hell. Amy gets superficial press - the industry does not regard her value @SarahLibrarina I love this. (reblip)
bendrix Bjork - "Sod Off" - I am a fan of the original but this version is pretty damn good. Excellent mix by Freddy
bendrix @Ellen_Nozoe - Are you trying to depress me with that last song hahaha. Sorry to hear about your day. I think this track will help you feel better :)


| play
bendrix @toddkelley before I go - this one is for you :)
bendrix "Love Is Stronger Than Pride" – Sade - easily one of the most beautiful songs ever sung.
bendrix I am diggN that "Chunari Chunari" by Anu Malik - I thought you might like Nitin Sawhney
bendrix @toddkelley - I thank you for remixing this jill scott track. You are my hero
bendrix "Killer" – Seal – Easily one of my favorite songs of all time. This song was huge on MTV back in the day.


| play
bendrix Goldfrapp + Esthero - "Superheroes" - This song is a breath of fresh air from all the blah blah on the market.


| play
bendrix "Beyond The Invisible" – Enigma - try listening to this driving in the mountains of Beijing on a misty morning. Oh memories :(
bendrix @marilovisky ahh thanks for finding this track I forgot how much i dig it :) (reblip)
bendrix @christe I Don't drink coffee, I take beer, my dear... (reblip)
bendrix @Ellen_Nozoe I'm diggN that Funkerman track, never heard it before. Its A SICK dance track.
bendrix WOW!!! Marvin Gaye, Madonna and Massive Attack. What a Killer Combination. This is going in my playlist
bendrix @davidwatts1978 - I see you are on your New York ^ish.. but are you on this Matrix ^ish? :)

massive attack The Matrix Soundtrack

| play
bendrix @Rudra @tufman These guys are decedents of The Doors. This is from my favorite Geiko commercial :)

RoyksoppRemind Me

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bendrix @formalhaut you are 1000% correct I do love this track. Very very cool find thanks :)) (reblip)

Stacy EppsFloatin

| play
bendrix @DizzyEdge I love how this truly is not just a "Plainsong" :) (reblip)

The CurePlainsong

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bendrix This is one of the great lounge tracks of our day. I am surprised no one had uploaded it yet. Thanks for showing me luv @Poulette.
bendrix I used this track on this video edit trailer I did back in Film School. Sick A$$ Japanese electronic vibe. – Tosca - "Suzuki"


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bendrix I want to thank @adrianapaiva for introducing me to this song. I do not understand a word but Its Bebel at her best. Its AMAZING
bendrix This is my favorite Underworld song. When the vocals come in that's where it gets SICK!!!
bendrix This song is SUPREME & Beautiful. It sounds like Edward Scissorhand's bad dreams - Goldfrapp - "Utopia"


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bendrix When I hear this song I think of Dana, this almost super model girl I used to have a crush on :)
bendrix Thanks for the Kompakt info -> @magali here is a freshly uploaded Vanessa Daou track just for you :)
bendrix @StarMadman @Flower @1indienation you guys U R gonna dig this track by Tracey Thorn - its the first time I heard it :)
bendrix Xie Xie ni Laoshi. Wo hen hen shi wan Feist. Ni hen ke yi.


| play
bendrix @irsocal bro first time hearing this artist. I saw it in your blip list :) very very cool (reblip)


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bendrix @ marilovisky I'm glad you dug that Feist track. Hope you enjoy this one as well.


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bendrix @willfao I was going through your blips and saw this Bebel Gilberto track Its one of my ultimate favorites of hers.
bendrix @marguerita Welcome to blip, kiddo. Do you ever listen to Beth Orton, she's a solid vocalist
bendrix @Pelli someone told me that you were buddies with Frou Frou ... umm i mean Imogen... i mean good music. I'm silly
bendrix its ok @coffeebreath I wasn't lookN for props. I am very deliberate and thoughtful when I send blips. I think you will dig Vanessa Daou's stuff :)
bendrix Ahhh this is a delicious Hooverphonic track. I haven't heard this one before. A downtempo Chill Cafe del Mar vibe
bendrix This Tango track makes me mischievous. I become a Rascally Wabbit.
bendrix @allmyfaves Glad you enjoyed that Doors/Blondie combo. I found this track in one of your blips. It was in a movie I saw recently. Woody Allen?
bendrix @formalhaut OH WOW I was going through your blips and saw the Legendary Towa Tei (Formally of Dee Lite) - I love German Bold Italic
bendrix First time I heard this Sigur Ros mix - its upbeat pretty damn cool>
bendrix @Heike thanks for reminding me of Sigur Ros. The first time I heard them was at a Bjork concert like 4 years ago.

Sigur RosHljomalind

| play
bendrix Yes another solid Lily Allen song. I enjoyed this track
bendrix @by_starla - that demo was nice --- this is one of my fave Billy Corgan songs - its just guitar his vocals and good lyrics - its beautiful

Smashing Pumpkins - Landslide

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bendrix @camden I totally dig this Pumpkins track. It brings back so many memories (reblip)
bendrix Human behavior was my intro to BJork @blackballoon - @melpimenta you will love this Bjork oldie :)


| play
bendrix @vanessadaou Thanks for uploading Black & White - @jordanblue - Vanessa just uploaded her newest track tonight. Hope you like it
bendrix @devis here's something jazzy for you to listen to. :)
bendrix @talitices - No I don't own the music. I am very good friends with the Artist. She has 6 albums and about to release the 7th album in 2 months.

Vanessa DaouShow Me

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bendrix Listening to a yet to be released copy of Vanessa Daou's new album. Its F@#$'N AWESOME!!! Can't wait till she uploads the new songs on blip :)
bendrix @mtsr anyone who blips Bjork is an instant friend of mine :) (reblip)


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bendrix @irsocal => Actually @vanessadaou is on blip you should tell her what you think. BTW do you remember this ultimate Vanessa Daou Classic from 1994?
bendrix The artist is @vanessadaou. Bro she uploaded it yesterday - its brand new => @fabrikade - Here's an old track dedicated to John Coltrane
bendrix The artist is @vanessadaou. This song predates nu-jazz and emerged around the acid jazz fusion era -
bendrix @melodyofyourlife wow you are a true wealth of info I can't keep up with your blips. I admire that my friend :)
bendrix @acidkiss - my gf loooooooves the Cowboy Junkies. I never heard of them till she played them. Now I'm hooked. I totally dig this song (reblip)
bendrix @nansan - yes I heard the original - I like V's modern version. @vanessadaou has a Blip profile. You will enjoy her John Coltrane tribute album
bendrix @dymphie - My all time favorite Emiliana Torrini track - anyone who loooooves BJORK will love this track
bendrix @DanTaylor @ken_c_lo - yes here's a great 808 state track with bjork - Does anyone have the full song - its a shame it gets cut off.

808 state & bjork ooops

| play
bendrix Agreed!!! I absolutely looooooove the Sundays. Harriet Wheeler's voice is Spectacular => @melsie73

The SundaysI Feel

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bendrix @foncati - bro you're killing me - I am sooo hip to D+K . They have some ill stuff. This is a dope Tosca version :)
bendrix @avflox - One of the lovely albums of our day. Did they ever do a 2nd album? I think this song is superb. (reblip)

MonoLife in Mono

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bendrix @DonnyShell - i used to dig this song back in the day. brings back memories man. Can someone please upload more Meshell Ndegeocello tracks

Meshell Ndegeocello Soul Searchin' (The way you do,,

| play
bendrix @DonnyShell - bro you hit it right - Me'Shell is so under appreciated... zhe ge bu kuai le - PEOW-liang! . (reblip)

Me'Shell NdegBitter

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bendrix @formalhaut @monako - wo ai Shanghai. Ni men Zhongguo Ren? Wo shi Meiguo ren. :) (reblip)
bendrix Good night @ EVERYONE on Blip!!! New Vanessa Daou upload. Enjoy

Vanessa DaouDeviate

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bendrix @Hotrod - Glad you dig Vanessa... bro I never heard of Madeleine Peyroux and now I am a new convert. She reminds me of Bebel Gilberto.
bendrix A combination of Imogen and Nitin Sawhney is an inviting treat. I never heard this but I knew it would be special. @snapper @mmemaledicta
bendrix @cookiemonstah - yo Pharoahe kills this bro. I really really dig this track (reblip)
bendrix How did I get from hip hop to Bjork. :) I totally digz this track. I used to love the song "Mamma" => @kkjordan One of the coolest songs ever. (reblip)


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bendrix @jaquelinapacks - WOW this track is beautiful. Are most of Alpha's tracks this sultry and mellow? Sounds like something out of James Bond Movie (reblip)

AlphaSometime Later

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bendrix @GAT - I love hip hop & I enjoy Snoop. But I have to say I was ultra surprised by this track. Its Really really good. Didn't know Snoop could sing (reblip)
bendrix My friends this track will blow your mind. @mtlb @quozza @vanessadaou @ita___thedjcat ( @Petronia thanks for the Martina T-B info)
bendrix @vanessadaou - Yeah I am terribly interested in Martina Topley now... Did she ever do music with Tricky? This track is trip hop at its best. (reblip)
bendrix I dedicate this to all the computer geeks and visionaries that came before me. I SALUTE you all!!!
bendrix @flavytcha - I heard this on the Red Hot and Blue Album. Its truly one of the many many many great U2 songs. U2 is one of my fave all time gps (reblip)

U2Night and Day

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bendrix YO! this track is HOT! Thanks for showN me luv. @Clarisse_de_Soras - Hey @1indienation You will dig this track I think (reblip)
bendrix This must be on one of his more recent CDs - This is the type of track they would play on the Runway!!! A real solid dance track
bendrix De Phazz is xCellent!!! This has Electronic Keys Jazzy Latin bongo's & chill crooner- vocals @vanessadaou @LeSamourai @MeandMySharpie @tufman

De Phazz Jazz Music

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bendrix @polie @Lecuos - COOOL thanks for reminding me of this track. This is Magnificent!!! (reblip)
bendrix @vanessadaou - If music were clothing this song would be high priced gear that you find on Sax 5th Avenue. :)
bendrix @vanessadaou - Xie Xie Ni, wo de xiao peng you. Wo bu zhi dao zhe ge? Wo hen hen shi wan zhe ge. (reblip)
bendrix @adrianapaiva - WOW who made this team Bebel with Towa Tei - thats just sick. Never heard this b4 - great find :)
bendrix @Frauke - I really love being exposed to new music gps. I went through your blips and saw this track. Very nice. U have some interesting stuff :)
bendrix This song was my introduction to Bjork and i bought her CD because of this song. It was 1993, it was my first CD ever
bendrix @Chris_Jobim - Chris this is a more than GRRREAT find bro. I absolutely love this track - gotta put this in my playlist. Thanks for sharing this
bendrix You are right @Chris_Jobim - this song is SEXY. Its immediately going into my playlist. THANX! @yohanp, @SarahShoeMe, @raiopositronico, @gaspar (reblip)
bendrix @djzz - I dig you blip list. I snagged this Pat Metheny Joint. I have 5 of their CDs. Beautiful work. This is going into me playlist
bendrix @nakid - I figured since you love Sarah Vaughan so much I thought you would be in love with this track. This is goN in my playlist
bendrix NOT only *IS* Pilots damned sexy ITs... - BTW - this is new to me @Foucault - I like you :) (reblip)
bendrix @Foucault - You made me happy with this track I listened to Asian man twice ... now i'm gona listen to this 2ice -- shhhh :)))) (reblip)
bendrix Thanks for showN me luv @gigia You are one cool Kat or Bat? :) - @sudaca70 @nakid - Yeah Koop is incredible & I love this track too. I smile now :) (reblip)

KoopCome To Me

| play
bendrix @JRex778 @adbert @Diordan - Mix a Busta Rhymes beat - The Doors organ - & Bebel type vocals and you get a Sick A$$ mix. This is goN in my playlist
bendrix @lunarboy @by_starla @sudaca70 @melodyofyourlife - Have ya'll heard of the Cranes. They have a very moody James Bondish Cure & Goldfrapp vibe.

CranesFlute Song

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bendrix The Cure is AWESOME... I would blast my headphones & shut my eyes. I would get chills listening to this build up. Still get chills to this

The CureLost

| play
bendrix @PlasticRobot - absolutely beautiful... I didn't know this track .. .this will be in my playlist :) (reblip)


| play
bendrix @PrimeObjective - There is something very 1950s and innocent about this track. I selected this by accident .. but i really like this music (reblip)

Kites Are Fun The Free Design

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bendrix @gigia - wow I did say goodnight just as you sent this .. I can't pass up this Amazing track - I soo dig this thanks for sending me off. (reblip)
bendrix @JRex778 @by_starla - The Jazziest Chillest SEXiest track that I've posted all day. This has a true loungey international vibe. Chill Perfection :)
bendrix @melodyofyourlife - Portisheadesque - they got a banjo in there with piano, synth, a mandoline... very interesting my friend - me likes this (reblip)
bendrix @djzz - Bro we are sooo gonna hang out now. I knew about this track but this is the first time I actually heard it - very very cool bro. thanks (reblip)
bendrix Every Morning I shall play this when I come on blip :) . - - "It's a New Day" (reblip)
bendrix I purchased your album this past weekend @Nicolay. You are one of the most thoughtful producers of our day. Thanks for the great music mayne.
bendrix This really is a good education bro thanks REblip => @PlasticRobot @evablue:You betcha boy howdy! I'm all about sharin the love. (reblip)
bendrix THANK YOU - madd luv to you REblip => @evablue - this is your guy @PlasticRobot for shoegazing. :) (reblip) @PlasticRobot (reblip)
bendrix I'm all over this - I know the Gazer sound but not any groups - I'm looooveN this track already - I'm gonna listen to rest now thanks @by_starla (reblip)


| play
bendrix The very 1st time I heard this song was Live - I had no idea who they were and I was immediately blown away - I still have a tear :_ ) @colocoowl (reblip)
bendrix One of the under appreciated singers - I love this song Seal is the man REblip => @Kim777 I love this man. (reblip)
bendrix Glad to be of help @Lexie - There are a bunch of Cure tracks that need to be uploaded. I had tons before and some of my faves are not here :(
bendrix This song is a Classic - its on my fave Depeche Mode album "Music for the Masses" REblip => @Lexie I had never heard of this one before.. (reblip)
bendrix WOW I can't believe I haven't blipped this yet. This an iLL a$$ track - @TheUnwelcomeGuest @puroglamour @threebears @Diordan @ThundRkat @RonnieBebop


| play
bendrix This is it for now 2nd of 2 - of my fave tracks of Morcheeba @ericats @threebears @Diordan @ThundRkat @RonnieBebop
bendrix Morcheeba = Great Music. here's 1 of 2 - of my fave tracks of theirs @ericats @threebears @Diordan @ThundRkat @RonnieBebop


| play
bendrix This is an Xcellent example of 2 lyricists doing spoken word the way its supposed o be done. I digz Mos and Jill veeery much @negapreta @diordan.
bendrix @DMarie - BEAUTIFUL sad song, I heard it in a movie titled "Yadon ilaheyya" - its a powerful Palestinian film => (reblip)

Hindi - Mumbai Theme Tune - A. R. Rahman

| play
bendrix @Poulette 10 seconds in I knew I loved this, now I'm gonna listen to the whole track. This sounds GREAT, I lovez it, thanks :) (reblip)
bendrix You are KiLLin it with this track @debz - Classic Classic supreme :) (reblip)

PortisheadAll Mine

| play
bendrix This is a Asian influenced Chill Drum N Bass Airy female vocal track - I'm surprised no one has blipped this yet @znt @RonnieBebop @JRex778 @Carretta

MonoThe Outsider

| play
bendrix @RonnieBebop - yes sir this is a great mellow album - its great to chill and do work to. this song provides good memories of Paris ..sigh :( (reblip)
bendrix @daretoeatapeach - Ahh the Shins - i'm aware of the gp but not the music. I think we will have keep exploring each others lists. Wo de peng you :) (reblip)
bendrix @truejerseygirl - Ok this is not the same as Imogen's song, but it reminded me of this song for some reason. This is from Higher Learning Soundtrack

Tori AmosButterfly

| play
bendrix AGREED!!! Brutha this is iLL on so many levels. I never heard this before. @RonnieBebop @SquarerootZ - I am going to start callN kats Scarecrow :) (reblip)
bendrix Hey @polie - I highly recommend the Cranes. I think they are another trip hoppy and interesting female vocals. This is Yummy stuff
bendrix @RonnieBebop - You blip me everything else but this... This is totally my style - Thanks for postN this :)


| play
bendrix @pumpkinshellz - Xcellent group - Superb song. You made me happy :) (reblip)

the sundays here's where the story ends

| play
bendrix @PlasticRobot - Wo Hen shi wan zhe ge... Xie Xie ge ge. This will go in my playlist :) (reblip)
bendrix @debz - whats Han guo? Not sure what country that is. Wo shi Mieguo Ren. OOH cool Radiohead vrooom vrooom :) (reblip)
bendrix Hey @paeix thanks for reblipN @klitoria - This track is dope. I haven't heard this. I totally dig the cardigans :) (reblip)
bendrix @PlasticRobot - Wo shi wan zhe ge. This is the 2nd slowdive track that you sent that I've put in my playlist. I like this Shoegaze group a lot :) (reblip)

SlowdiveMachine Gun

| play
bendrix This has got to be the coolest track to ever use the #3 @gigia @formalhaut (bro you forgot the #3...4 5 6 7 all the cretins go to heaven) hahahah

massive attackthree

| play
bendrix @Radiance84 - Aah yes this is the FRESHNESS. I know the song but don't know the artist. Its a good vibe track (reblip)


| play
bendrix @Lucalexa - Ni shi wo de laoshi, Xie Xie shao peng you... wo shi wan zhe ge... wo hen hen kwai le :))) (reblip)


| play
bendrix @formalhaut - oh this is a great song bro... especially i'm up this late at night. have a good night - this is DOPE Thanks (reblip)
bendrix This Massive Attack Protection album will forever be a classic - it was my introduction to the group (on their 2nd album effort) Instrumentals Dope
bendrix @Radiance84 - "The moment I said" is a great track but i heard this song a few days ago and sadly I'm biased - I believe this is the most beautiful
bendrix @sunnysunnysunny - this is the most famous Basketball introduction track ever - Michael Jordans theme song :) (reblip)
bendrix @Lucalexa - I was kidding when I said this track scares me. Its pretty damn cool - Its an off sound that incorporates several genre's so share more :) (reblip)
bendrix @Lucalexa - I would like to thank U for getN me hip to Flying Lotus - These guys definitely have a FRESH mashup music style - I REALLY DIG! THANX
bendrix Thank U=> @kaerolina - I know of the cut chemists and I've heard some tracks. This track has all those ingredients you mentioned - & its being DUG! (reblip)
bendrix @andypowe11 @BohemianChick - I have more tango tracks somewhere. You guys might dig this too

Gotan ProjectEPOCA

| play
bendrix @formalhaut - bro sorry about the hip hop detour. I couldn't resist... YOU never cease to amaze me with your electronica ^ish :)) (reblip)
bendrix @SquarerootZ - Bro this is totally going in my playlist . thanks I miss this joint. In the 90's my boy was bumpN this like it was the 70s again haha (reblip)
bendrix @PlasticRobot - This is very nice - You put me on to the Cocteau Twins and I have been slowly discovering them. Thanks I really like this :) (reblip)

Cocteau TwinsDonimo

| play
bendrix Cool Track Devo - @PlasticRobot - bro thanks for putting me on the Twins Reblip=> @devobrain Bringin' it down a notch with Cocteau Twins, natch. (reblip)
bendrix Bro You F%$#ed my head up on this. AWESOME going in my playlist - I DIGz this reblip=> @ThorbenThobias @bendrix I keep you in safety... protect you ;) (reblip)
bendrix Jungle Jazz fusion Drum N Bass - Female producer ... she's sick you guys will dig this @tufman @Starfighter1479 @melodyofyourlife

Helen TStay Calm

| play
bendrix @Ubqtous - bro just wanted you to know I peep your blips from time to time... you got some iLL stuff. I appreciate your style - I Love this joint (reblip)
bendrix @DMarie - WOW whos's Kate Havnevik - me likes her - thank you for inspiring me to discover her. She's a cross between Emillina and Imogen (reblip)
bendrix @PlasticRobot - sometimes when people blip me - its hit or miss - so far so good with Cocteau Twins - haven't had a bad Twins blip yet :) (reblip)
bendrix This is truly a nice track bro - I stumbled on it in the blip list - Thanks for the post and yes Bono and Lars take notes :) reblip=> @fisherprice (reblip)

New OrderRegret

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bendrix Xie Xie ni Figgy. This song is very funny I wasn't expecting it to be so festive and fun :) Tank-Q Reblip=> @Figgywithit @bendrix Congrats on 500! (reblip)
bendrix @Lucalexa - BRO where the Hell did U get this? This track will forever be on my playlist. This is iLL on a ridiculous level. I need to learn Moloko (reblip)
bendrix U are right bro today is Swayzak's day. This stuff is really really good. I am about to do some reseach on these kats - Thanks Reblip=> @warantesbr (reblip)
bendrix YES a very beautiful voice, this is on their 1st album. Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We? I dig the Cranberries Reblip=> @AngelaPerversa (reblip)


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bendrix @holaphil - yes I have a few Fila tracks and I think I even have a full CD somewhere, but I don't know this track .. its nice thanks & G-night :) (reblip)
bendrix @camden @katy This is the Original Summer Sun on the Album Waltz for Koop - This 1 is my fave version - Thanks for the cool track=> @RonnieBebop

KoopSummer Sun

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bendrix @AngelaPerversa - Hey I love the cranberries too - I think Dolores O'Riordan voice is wonderful, she precedes Imogen Heap :) (reblip)
bendrix Since you guys love Mono's dreamy echoy electronica sound I think you will totally dig this track=> @fisherprice @Omisan @carlweaver
bendrix Dedicated to my BRAZILIAN brothers and sisters!!! :))
bendrix OH this is really really really good thank you :) . I heard this somewhere but don't know where. No I don't hae mama :( @DMarie (reblip)
bendrix I agree 1000% - Bjork is always my top pick when it comes to lyrics, music & diversity. This song was the best to finish off on Vespertine @zynzelay (reblip)


| play
bendrix RARE Bjork (Icelandic) - Very beautiful its done in an Operetta like style. You guys will dig it @zynzelay @paeix @SofiaPopia @MeandMySharpie

Bjork - Visur

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bendrix @SofiaPopia - sadly I do not have that performance. I have a handful of live performances, but none of them are after Volta. Got another request? (reblip)


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bendrix This is the Pied Pippers theme music as he leads the field mice to the cliff :) @KillerQueen @Poulette @novazaneta @Diordan @Chris_Jobim
bendrix @KillerQueen - WOW i'm proud of Goldfrapp - this must be from a 3rd album? they are really starting to find their own sound. Luvzzz this thanks mayne (reblip)
bendrix @ArianaK - Ok I'm listening to the other 2 tracks - I actually know "Chega de saudade" its wonderful I dig Joao's voice. I send you a Suba classic

SubaTantos Desejos

| play
bendrix YO! I'm putting it in my playlist I like this a lot - thanks reblip=> @TallLadyTX Hmmm, I think Christopher Cross would admire this cover! (reblip)

Dj IceySailing

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bendrix @SofiaPopia - its really a lovely piece - i don't remember it either but I get the sentiment. That movie was quite moving - i wanna see it again (reblip)

Jon BrionPhone Call

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bendrix @zia - it feels good to just listen to other blips while I'm working - I never heard this. I really really like it Thanx (reblip)
The_Prymer Bailar, bailar, bailar, bailar... sólo eso quedó.
Chickee I'm listening to this show right now. Elzhi is my favorite and Dilla is most missed....Live forever quality music!


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bendrix In this part of the world this music is not common & though I have heard this style B4 I want MORE. I REALLY dig this track - Thanks - reblip=> @siraj (reblip)
bendrix @DesertLily - I feel that Amy is 1 of the most moving soulful singers since Jill Scott >> Badu >> Mary J. Blige. The media has no clue how good she is (reblip)
bendrix Long time no see David - thanks for this blip bro - I just learned about Martina on blip & i dig her vibe :) reblp=> @davidwatts1978 (reblip)
bendrix Hey @loryn24 - "Valerie" is on the Back to Black B-Sides album - I actually prefer this version the VERY best.
bendrix @janara - going through your blip stream & saw that you had the original of, Swallowed by Bush. I never heard that version bt I have Goldies remix :)
bendrix Blip made me an Imogen geek, still learning about her and Frou Frou - this track indeed is excellent good find :) @sheryonstone @adbert (reblip)
bendrix Now thats an excellent entrance my friend - this track is going in my playlist, thanks :) rblp=> @magali @snapper @paeix @jaxbee @MFeldman @megmagdah (reblip)
bendrix @debz - have you ever listened to Nicolay - he's got some iLL stuff :)
bendrix Bro this is sick - you always twist my mind - this is playlist ready - Thank you very much reblip=> @mtlb - Chill, party of one? Your table is ready. (reblip)
bendrix Chinese lesson for @DMarie - Wo Ai Zhe Ge <= I love this - Wo Hen Shi Wan <= I like very much - Ni Shi Wo De Xiao Peng You <= U R my little friend :)
bendrix A Chinese Lesson for Brazilians & Spain Kats - Wo Shi Ba Xi Ren <= I am Brazilian - Wo Shi Xi Ban Ya Ren <= I am a person from Spain


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bendrix I heard this group on internet radio. Their sound is magnetically airy & beautiful - If U like loungey downtempo w/ female vocals U will digz this.
bendrix @Poulette - I know the group Bent, but never heard this. this is amazing and yoummy - thank you teacher this track is sooo playlist ready :) (reblip)
bendrix @kozmica - This song is great i totally digz this. Sounds like something Bjork would do. Now I wanna go to Japan. This song made me smile :) (reblip)


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bendrix I was thinking of having a Bjork Day and uploading my 183+ bjork tracks :) - thanks for reminding me rebp=> @DMarie - I haven't seen you blip this yet (reblip)


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bendrix Massive attack should get this song featured in a movie - its perfect for like a fight club type of movie :) @sophie_o @Striker @Djesus

Massive AttackAngel

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bendrix I'm a bit of a lyric geek - I take the poetics in hip hop very serious - Von Pea & Don throw down nice on this joint @znt
bendrix Glad you guys dug Autoharp - Hooverphonic is a seriously awesome gp - this is like Cowboy Junkies meet Goldfrapp @KillerQueen @santamistura @Chickee
bendrix @lilly3084 - Ok so i'm looking through your list, Sade, Massive Attack, Frou Frou, Morcheeba, hmmm I think this track will be right up your alley. YUM
bendrix AGREED - I need to cool it down - me sleepy reblip=> @Chickee Cooling it off with Cherry Blossoms.....totally off genre but whatever. (reblip)
bendrix Thanks matt I truly appreciate the blip. I Dig IMOgen - reblip for=> @mattt @daretoeatapeach for @mammara for @fer4 for @DownLow for @crishirama (reblip)
bendrix Have you kats heard this joint. Its Chillzilian = Brazilian + Chill vibe - has a Suba quality to it :)) @KillerQueen @Cristina @PlasticRobot


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bendrix @znt <=Bro - this is iLL!! - feelN it - I haven't heard this is this from the Liquid Swords album? @jaxbee @ladybug @washingtonson @Inesobjetsmart (reblip)
bendrix You just gave me my fave blip track of the day. They forgot to say New Jersey :) I dig this a lot thanks for sending this to me=> @santamistura (reblip)
bendrix @twostiffs - this is a nice track... stumbled on it by mistake but i'm glad i did. thanks for blipN this its really good :) (reblip)
bendrix They will sue Will Smith haha - This track is forever a playlist blip thanks bro=> @RonnieBebop This is the original by Kool and the Gang (reblip)
bendrix Yeah I can only speak english & i'm learning Chinese. Oh wow this song is dangerous - thank you very much reblip=> @santamistura (reblip)
bendrix Yo @crosby I really really dig the music in your blip list - This is going in my playlist - I forgot about this track - I've always dug it (reblip)


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bendrix @DJAnon – hmm with a name like Milosh it can't be nothing but niceness - well at least this track is soothing thanks DJ :) (reblip)
bendrix @RossanaBocca - being a computer geek all things Kraftwerk seem ideal to blip - this track is an Excellent poem and music composition (reblip)
bendrix @juxtapeer - bro was going through your blip list - I remember this from the Metalheadz CD - I used to rock this hard :) (reblip)

Adam FCircles

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bendrix Agreed!!! reblip=> @Somerset08873 New Jack Swing at it's best (reblip)
bendrix Yeah U can blip for a few hrs on Tricky and his influences I really like this album and this song reblip=> hi @paeix ....the idea to play tricky.... (reblip)

TrickyYou Don't

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bendrix @REBlogGirl I have always loved this song - it brings back so many youthful memories :- even though I was born long after 69 :) (reblip)
bendrix @Nata - Alison Goldfrapp kills me on this track her vocals are Sensational on the Operetta level - Felt Mountain is such a refreshing album - (reblip)
bendrix This song is amazing - thats an unfair way to greet people - I don't have a counter to this song :0 rb=> @OneLuvGurl @jenncastle What's up?! ;) (reblip)


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bendrix i feel i've heard this b4, but only 1nce & now my long lost song has been found by U - I bow to U rebp=> @Chickee yeah that ribbon strand rains funky (reblip)
bendrix @briangreene - wow never heard this Bob Marley track this is Dope!! thanks (reblip)
bendrix No I have not heard this - U win - I bow I bow to you reblip=> @ladypn LOVED Magnificent Tree. I imagine you've already got this ONE... ;) (reblip)


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bendrix Unknown iLL hip hop needs to be blipped more often. Tanya Morgan needs some love peoplez @toddkelley
bendrix Good Morn to you bro reblip=> @holaphil Buenos dias! Shouts to @nacorburgos @alix @JimmyHook @bendrix and @ladypn (reblip)


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bendrix HELLO Brazilian Human friend :) reblip=> @abarbosa Hi (reblip)
bendrix "As long as I have my voice, I don't need arms to hold." listen closely to the lyrics in this song. Its a masterpiece for lyric aficionados=> @DMarie (reblip)

EstheroSwallow Me

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bendrix WOW! thats Bob Marley - I am so grateful you put me on this blip its dreamy - this easily is the song of the day - ThankQ=> @by_starla (reblip)
bendrix @DesertLily Yeah this is nice. I have not heard this yet, but @PlasticRobot is teaching me about the Twins. I definitely Njoyed listening - thanks :) (reblip)
bendrix You guys inspire me to post more Daou magic - I hope more people begin to share your enthusiasm for her work=> @ladypn @sheryonstone @GR8FL
bendrix This is yummy Its new to me and going into me playlist .. thank you nice lady :) reblp=> @ladypn (reblip)
bendrix You guys introduced me to Patsy Cline - she reminds me of KD Lang. I really love this song have you guys heard this? @napnyc @fepacheco
bendrix Bro I totally remember now. Turbo was ridiculous I love that scene reblip=> @xtcdukes It was the first movie with the broom outside the store. :) (reblip)

Kraftwerk - computer world

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bendrix It's new to me & I really like it thank you :) reblip=> @OneLuvGurl This is an AMAZING version of Skylark by K.D. Lang that I think you'll like ;) (reblip)

k.d. langSkylark

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bendrix You love Telepop and I love Badu and can I be your fave NYC person hahaha reblip=> @Miss_Cellania My favorite Texan girl... (reblip)

Erikah BaduhRimshot

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bendrix This is DOPE guys this is going in my playlist :) reblip=> @santamistura >> @fabeats
bendrix reblip=> @mammara - everytime I hear a Cocteau Twins track - I become more and more into them. @PlasticRobot @paeix ya'll converted me :) (reblip)
bendrix I know some of radioheads music but I'm still learning about them. I really like this track thanks reblip=> @abarbosa >> @GR8FL >> @adbert (reblip)
bendrix DOPE! I thought I had this in my playlist already. I have heard this and LOOVE it - haha I'll tell Dutch you send kisses reblip=> @lub (reblip)
bendrix Great song - I remember this - and good morning to you sir rbp=> @fabiofernandes Good morning (reblip)

k.D. Lang - Constant Craving

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bendrix @yoyomama - xie xie ni - wo hen shi wan zhe ge. Ni shi Zhongguo Ren? (reblip)
bendrix I totally dig Kraftwerk - I need translation I think you said "this music is beautiful also?" reblip=> @punksinger essa música é bonita demais tamb (reblip)
bendrix Have a good day bro - this track is cool thanks :) rebp=> @grouikgrouik have a good day. It's a pleasure to read and listen you guys, thanks :)) (reblip)


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bendrix ONe of the great tunes of the 80s, this song always has and always will move me great blip reblip=> @mellowgrooves (reblip)
bendrix @keiki - Sadly its the only KD Lang CD I ever bought. If U like that song you will prob dig this. She has such a beautiful voice

k.d. langMaybe

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bendrix @xtcdukes - Bro this is a true hip hop classic. I think this was in BreakN 2 or BreakN 1 - this is a breakdancers dream theme song :) (reblip)


| play
bendrix @milkfish - I have been in a Sigur Ros trance ever since I heard them play live. long live Iceland (reblip)

Sigur RosGlosoli

| play
bendrix @LaMaya - U inspire me my friend I do not know this music or group but my playlist shall get acquainted with them : ) thank you
bendrix I won't be on for much longer to recieve more blips but this is definitely going in the playlist thanks brah reblip=> @PlasticRobot (reblip)
bendrix Your blips make me Proud - This is DOPE - BTW I had a chat with Magestik Legend yesterday, I didn't know U knew him. he's like Fam :) rblp=> @Chickee (reblip)


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bendrix BRO seriously where the heck do you find all this wicked music - You make me look like an amateur - you got magic or something? :) reblip=>@formalhaut (reblip)

SwayzakQuiet Life

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bendrix Yes this is a very salacious elixir - thanks for blipN this yummmy reblip=> @xtcdukes => @Jenocidal Wash it down with this. (reblip)
bendrix Thank you sir Ronnie I really dig NItin Sawhney, Never heard this one - its going in the blip list :) reblip=> @RonnieBebop (reblip)
bendrix Did anyone ever tell you that you are one cool Mutha...BeeeP! This track is new to me But I am feelN it thanks reblip=> @Poulette (reblip)


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bendrix Man so far most if not all Cocteau Twin tracks is totally my vibe thank you teachers rebp=> via@HerrKirsch via@PlasticRobot It sure does! :-) @paeix (reblip)
bendrix this is cool I love morcheeba but I don't know this track. Another one for the playlist. :) You have an interesting blip-list reblip=> @autista (reblip)
bendrix Yeah I'm headed out too GNight bro - This is an excellent TFF song, Its one of my fave from the "Elemental" album reblip=> @melodyofyourlife (reblip)
bendrix Bjork always deserves a reblip especially if the song comes from "Debut" - this album is a music masterpiece reblip=> @nagora13 (reblip)

BjörkCome To Me

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bendrix ahh so you dig Nicolay he is a great producer ... This track is truly fresh thanks for reminding me reblip=> @SoulMusicSummitDj (reblip)
bendrix @SoulMusicSummitDj - I see you like Tracy Thorn's pre electronica music - Have you heard this - Its sensational i think you will appreciate it.
bendrix cool track thanks for sharing this never heard of the group or song reblip=> @Cosmika - (reblip)
bendrix Very nice Ronnie you R on a roll with the Nitin joints - you make me happy thanks reblip=> @RonnieBebop (reblip)


| play
bendrix If this is what Moya Brennan's music sounds like then I'm a new convert. This is really Beautiful thanks reblip=> @dymphie @bendrix i can change too (reblip)
bendrix I don't know the artist nor the song. This is a really nice sound thank you for sharing this with me - Xin Nian Kuai Le! :) reblip=> @Meg_Store (reblip)

Bon IverBlindsided

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bendrix @GR8FL @ladypn - Ya'll always appreciate what I blip, so I wanted to share this track :) OH AND Since @CynDyn you are new to Koop you will dig this.
bendrix @chicklitgurrl this is the same producer. from the album "Leave it all Behind" The lead singer Phonte is a rapper gone singer. Its a really nice track
bendrix haven't heard this track in a while, It reminds me of my time in China - love your Nitin Choices bro thanks reblip=> @RonnieBebop (reblip)
bendrix Bro this is a hellova track to end the year with. This is iLL on the real. ThankQ for putting me on. Its going in me playlist reblip=> @RonnieBebop (reblip)
bendrix No prob broh.and have a good night. I really like this track thank you :) reblip=> @JRex 'evenin blipers & thx 4 the gr8 music & replies (reblip)
bendrix This is one of the greatest Madonna songs & she has TONS of greats but i really dig this - reblip=> @Cherry letra da Björk (não, o trema não morreu (reblip)
bendrix Abarbosa - Thank you for my 1998, 1999 & 2000th Prop - Oh btw my buddy created this track. its really nice reblip=>@abarbosa @GR8FL @ladypn @JRex, (reblip)
bendrix Yeah bro can't go wrong with Hoover. COOL! I haven't blipped this yet :) reblip=> @grouikgrouik and a bit of hooverphonic, :D @bendrix (reblip)
bendrix Bluemoon is spectacular @GR8FL but this song is probably my fave song by the junkies. its absolutely lovely @ladypn @mammara
bendrix I'm reluctant to give the Beatles Props - But I can't deny this song is great - thank you for the holiday wishes reblip=> @marilovisky (reblip)
bendrix XIN NIAN KWAI LE and welcome back - oh great track btw reblip=> @magali : my first hello of 2009 to u guys ! (reblip)

Tom Geiger Can One Day Change Your Life (John Creamer & Stephan K Remix)

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bendrix My friend is into Evanescence, but I never really gave them a chance. This song is really beautiful - I enjoyed this very much reblip=> @raquelbcastro (reblip)
bendrix I accidentally landed on this haha. I've heard this before but didn't know who sang it. I really like this its Very nice rbp=> @robsonsanchez (reblip)
bendrix Oh wow - New Esthero - I really need to upload more of their music they are an excellent group - me happy this is a nice find :)
bendrix The popular Marvin songs overshadow tracks like this. @Posssum @davidwatts1978
bendrix Still learning about Lamb - this is nice, haven't heard this before. thanks bro reblp=> @Archibaldo (reblip)


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bendrix BRO you have an amazing blip list - i feel like a kid in a candy store. Mono was so under appreciated I loved Formica Blues reblp=>@Archibaldo (reblip)

MonoSlimcea Girl

| play
bendrix SUPERB song - Sade is among the music immortal Beloveds reblip=> @luiz_com_z @pumpkinshellz, (reblip)

SadeLike A Tattoo

| play
bendrix Bro you definitely have gems - I dont know this group & will learn more. This is going in the playlist ThankQ rebp=> @PlasticRobot (reblip)
bendrix Yeah man its all love glad you dig it. I love Esthero reblip=> @Amfetamyne Sweetass cut from Esthero!! Thanks @bendrix for hippin' me to this... (reblip)
bendrix This is cool Its a different sounding Cardigan's. I know their older stuff, dont know this - thanks for blipN reblip=> @mellowmello @godninja (reblip)
bendrix No prob bro - ts been a while since I had heard the track. @tcristina reminded me rebp=> @heathflicker @bzkicks you will like this alot, thx @bendrix (reblip)
bendrix This is a really nice track haven't heard this ... dope. You have a good night bro.. and remember you incited me haha reblip=> @killiterati (reblip)
bendrix Imogen always knows what to say, she's such a treat to listen to, I don't think I've blipD ths yet so thanks reblip=> @rubyed (reblip)
bendrix This is a prized Brazilian track. I have always loved this song but maybe you can translate the title & meaning of the song for me haha @R4dio4madora
bendrix Enigma was & still is in a class all by themselves - Yes it was 1990 - C&C hen HEN BU HAO!! rebp=> @kstar0076 I bought this one along with the C&C. (reblip)

EnigmaMea Culpa

| play
bendrix AHH you want to swing me over to my D&B vibe. I remember this guy his music is dope. This is fresh bro thanks rebp=> @mtlb (reblip)
bendrix Bro seriously you have to listen to this - its such an excellent lyrical hip hop track. I hate that radio doesn't play this - radio is my enemy @lub
bendrix This album was a complete masterpiece. Marvin was offering the world a music revolution - he broke free of the lovey dovey happy music of the day.
bendrix I think those songs are just shallow. This song is sincere & thoughtful, its timeless as you say. This album & "Whats Going On" my fave @Posssum (reblip)
bendrix Actually I don't really advise too many people to listen to that Immortal Technique - but this trac is easier for people to digest. @chicklitgurrl
bendrix Dre's rappN is so much my style I really dig that kat. When I take my braids out people shout out: "HEY DRE 3000" haha @lub
bendrix I am digN the Quiet Village stuff in U're blip list. OH & U're website is soooo damn cool I wanna study u're code rbp=> @PrimeObjective (reblip)
bendrix The opening line in this song expresses my feeling about mainstream music to the core. We're in need a musical revolution=> :)


| play
bendrix This is the 2nd song that I've ever heard by Lykke Li and I think she is very interesting - taken from your bliplist reblp=> @grouikgrouik (reblip)
bendrix Glad you dug Hanne Hukkelberg but here let me put you on to another artist who sounds like her. @dymphie
bendrix This is an interesting find Vanessa - yeah she's cool.. she sounds a little like Esthero (Jenny Englishman) reblip=> @vanessadaou Love this one... (reblip)
bendrix Wow this is cool ... stumbled on this by mistake too haha. Thanks for enlightenment :) reblp=> @futurebiblehero @redroulettes (reblip)
bendrix I know this doesn't sound like Khoiba but it reminds me of that last track. This track was featured on The Saint. I really dig this track @Archibaldo
bendrix Jennifer Charles is the lead singer & the same girl who sang in that last Lovage track I just blipD, She's got a sultryish voice reblip=> @Archibaldo (reblip)
bendrix This is on the album "Music To Make Love To Your Old Lady By" I own & dig it reblip=>@Archibaldo Special session for the dude @bendrix !!! @tcristina (reblip)
bendrix I own this song its on the album "Dehli 9 [Disc 1]" - Tosca is always a solid group to reblip=> @Archibaldo for the trip-hoppers (reblip)

Toscagute laune

| play
bendrix I have & love the album "Breath From Another" but I have never heard them live. She's got a lovely voice thanks reblip=>@Archibaldo (reblip)
bendrix Digin the female vocals and the symphonic sample is dope. I don't know Mudville but I'm keepN this one reblp=> @Archibaldo (reblip)


| play
bendrix I got this CD for my birthday in 2003 - I still prize this album - this song truly compliments Norah Jones singing style reblip=> @Archibaldo (reblip)

Wax PoeticAngels

| play
bendrix Oh WOW its Beth from Portishead, very very nice track. This is going directly in the playlist reblip=> @Archibaldo (reblip)
bendrix Glad ya'll dig Afterlife, they are a BIG treasure in my iTunes collection. this is a James Bondy Chill Lounge track. Its BEAUTIFUL. @GR8FL @driczz
bendrix Beautiful Spanish/Latin guitar sexy sultry female vocals this is definitely ready for the playlist. I know you will dig it @lub @GR8FL
bendrix This is my first introduction to Natalie Walker, very nice sound. I like this reblip=> @Archibaldo (reblip)

Natalie WalkerCrush

| play
bendrix Most of the Gotan stuff that I've heard is refreshing & different from all the Tango groups. I haven't heard this yet thanks reblip=> @Archibaldo (reblip)
bendrix I was introduced to Kruder and Dorfmiester in 2001 two years after the album release this is classic K&D reblip=>@Archibaldo (reblip)
bendrix This is really really cool I'm putting this in my bliplist. WOW so you did this! I'm so geeked when I hear relaxin instrumentals ThanQ reblip=> @GR8FL (reblip)
bendrix Yo I never heard this - Duffy and Adele betta hang it up. BTW - U are the dope vibe like Amy=> @lub duffy is beyond cheesy!!!! AMY IS THE BADDEST! (reblip)
bendrix I've heard stuff like this before but its not part of the music culture in the USA. thanQ for sharing this its a real treat reblp=> @lub (reblip)
bendrix I will use this blip as a guide reblip=>@lub there's a lot of similitudes between tango & some flamenco styles, this is an homage 2 these similitudes (reblip)


| play
bendrix I really enjoyed this track la mari's voice is beautiful! reblip=> @lub @GR8FL @abarbosa @santamistura (reblip)

ChambaoAhi Estas Tu

| play
bendrix The "Ahi Estas Tu – Chambao" blip @lub sent us reminds me of this track. The guys voice is beautiful like "la mari's" @GR8FL @abarbosa @santamistu
bendrix Bare w/ me I'm behind but I'm listening to every song front to back. I really appreciate the lesson I'm adapting it to my blip knowledge reblip=>@lub (reblip)
bendrix Zhe Ge Hen Hao. I am not versed in arabic music I'm actually really interested in learning more. reblip=>@lub arabic jazz! this guy is a genius ;) (reblip)


| play
bendrix I just spent 8 months in China, Wo ji dao Putong hua yi dian dian. WOW This is new to me. Its french FRESHNESS I really love it - thanx reblip=> Lub (reblip)
bendrix You write music lyrics? This song is really really nice. I need this yummy track. tell me more about this track :)) reblip=> @lub (reblip)
bendrix Yeah much of the lounge and chill stuff I listen to have Latin roots. I think my Latin brutha's & Sistahz on blip have adopted me reblip=> @lub (reblip)
bendrix whew I finally caught up to everyone after all these hours. This is a Dope mix I got some latin tunes and grooves to upload for you now reblp=>@lub (reblip)
bendrix This is from the Best of Costes album - Its in Portuguese I need a translator. I'm sure you can understand it a little bit being Spanish :) @lub
lub there's a lot of electronic arabic fusion....... but not here ;) & válgame dios has no possible translation, the closer 1 can be oh my god! @bendrix
lub CONCHA BUIKA, THE VOICE!! singin' a capella she's the most movin' lil sweet thing you can imagine!!!!!! @bendrix @GR8FL @abarbosa @ladypn
lub la mari got rid of a devastating cancer singin' her ass off on the stages! she's 100% courage. chambao first album is a must have! @bendrix


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lub soulerías.......... tonight i'm showin' ya my gypsy roots ;) @patricia_coelho @abarbosa @GR8FL @bendrix
lub god! i love la niña pastori.............. such a pity i can't translate you the whole lyrics!!!!!! pure love! @abarbosa @GR8FL @bendrix @santamistura
lub about arabic music rabih abou khalil is a master, omar faruk tekbilek also, this is an untasty remix of a gr8 song that is not here @bendrix
lub & another one from chambao so you can hear la mari's voice! @GR8FL @bendrix @abarbosa @santamistura

ChambaoAhi Estas Tu

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lub there's a lot of similitudes between tango & some flamenco styles, this is an homage 2 these similitudes... @GR8FL @bendrix @abarbosa @santamistura


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lub arabic jazz! this guy is a genius ;) @bendrix


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lub look at this!!!!!!!! i wrote the lyrics 4 this song but afterwards it changed into something very different!!!!!! @bendrix
lub just a lil of french, also catalan a lil of moroccoan & am tryin' 2 learn more mandarin ;) @bendrix i love this one!!!
lub rafa gas is here!!! he's my loved homie, this tune comes originally from the tarifa groove collection, a gr8 compilation from tarifa records @bendrix
lub no matter what kind of music you like, when you love music at the end of the way you are gonna be a latin music lover ;) @bendrix
lub @bendrix check this out. is a funky lowlives remix of a classic latin jazz tune from the 40's, this cuban sound rocked manhattan at that time ;)
lub bsb teachin' amy?! hahaha! that would be more hilarious even..... they all studied on the same art academy, a place 2 train supastars ;) @bendrix
lub possessed...... these lyrics are in catalán ;) @bendrix
lub raw flamenco only 4 gypsies....... camarón de la isla! THE GREATEST ONE! fandango is a very blue style perfect 4 broken voices @bendrix
bendrix So you need to find me some electronic arabic fusion thats your job haha reblip=> @lub there's a lot of electronic arabic fusion.... but not here ;) (reblip)
lub she's some1 2 love. am sure you have heard her b4, she did millions of feat durin 90's with lots of artists. her next stuff? electrodopeness @bendrix

BuikaMi Niña Lola

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lub flamenco fusión......

Armik - Calima

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bendrix thanQ brother arch always love the Del Mar music reblip=> @Archibaldo for my blip.friends (reblip)

Cafe del MarEbben

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bendrix :) rebp=>@lub what i know from common friends, they loved the nu elecronic sounds from europe & as all argentinians they adodred tango so they mix it (reblip)
bendrix :) note taking reblip=> @lub so they finally end up being produced in europe & mixin' all the cool sounds they knew with the loved tango (reblip)
bendrix Its not registering in my memory, but somehow I feel I know this. How do just U keep hitting my DOPE music button. Ur'e scary :) reblip=> @lub (reblip)
bendrix Being a fan of the xFiles its a pleasure to hear it done so damn well. This is definitely a real treat bro thanQ for this reblip=> @efraimqueiroz (reblip)
bendrix Was listening to the list here when your blip came up. I have't blipD this yet. One of the memorable songs of all time. reblip=>@momontherise (reblip)

PrincePurple Rain

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bendrix I really enjoyed this. Brazilian Girls are such a transcendent group due to the diversity range of the group. ThanQ very much reblip=> @GR8FL (reblip)
bendrix i don't know how I missed Moloko but I know this track from blip. I will see Vanessa sometme this month I shall give her a kiss from U & me :) @lub (reblip)

MolokoFun for Me

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bendrix Oh WOW this is new to me - its 1 of those YUM moments I REALLY love this track ThanQ rblp=>@MrWondrous Check it out=> @lub@Saorsa@lesleyn@sistema428 (reblip)
bendrix @Archibaldo don't laugh at me but this song reminds me of those muppet songs on Sesame Street. But its nothing like it. Its dope! rebp=> @Archibaldo (reblip)
bendrix @grouikgrouik This song is a master collage so put it back in the museum where you found it. I listened 2x - I enjoyed it thanks for blipN it :) (reblip)
bendrix I'm working & Listening to the blip list, & this song came on. Thievery is a great group, but I never heard this beautiful gem. ThanQ reblip=>@Stolen (reblip)
bendrix This is the 1st song I was greeted with on U're playlist. Martina is a lovely singer, I haven't heard this yet thanks reblip=> @patricia_coelho (reblip)
bendrix He says "hey kid come here" I say "yeah mister." He says "How'd ya like some Portishead" he sneakily pulls a CD out his pocket & says "pass it on" (reblip)
bendrix spanish guitar, sax, trombone, a little bit of the doors, some scratching, AND It cuts off damn it blah I really enjoyed that thanQ reblip=> @lub (reblip)
bendrix Hey 'V' It sounds like they R students from U're camp or at least the students of 1 or more of U're students. My observation :) reblip=> @vanessadaou (reblip)
bendrix Bro you produced this=> @kertal <= This track is iLL & i really really enjoyed that bro ThanQ. @lub @GR8FL @formalhaut @Archibaldo @ladypn (reblip)
bendrix I haven't blipD this yet - glad you have it in your list. This is an excellent latin track by Dido. She's talented reblip=>@marahkutaya mto bom! (reblip)
bendrix Other artists Madita reminds me of Goldfrapp, early work done by No Doubt. I love her swag - she's a strong woman unleashed :)


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bendrix I've found a new artist to explore thanks for enlightening me @kertal. But I feel I've heard this Esthero sound alike before haha. Great song

MaditaDeep Down

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bendrix If only the hip hop industry could inject more Dido,Topley-Bird, Portishead,Tricky & some Eminem narrative, instead of the R&B drones & NurseryRhymes
bendrix I don't wanna look like I'm JockN but I seriously dig your blips. I got a nice Cantoma Track for u brb :) reblip=>@lub cantoma... beautiful sounds!!! (reblip)


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bendrix This is on "Undiscovered Ibiza - Vol. 2". Its always been magnificently beautiful dreamy track to listen to thanks for remindN Me - U will <3 it @lub
bendrix Hey guys here is another from Nmesh from Myspace. He is very talented. I Know each of you will really DIG this=> @formalhaut @lub @Archibaldo
bendrix Wow a baby Bjork singing. This track is long. After 3rd song I was like I"m comeN back. This is goin in the playlist thanQ reblip=> @lub (reblip)
bendrix I've only heard a few Swayzak's tracks. All have been SICK. I'm converted on this song. This is really really damn good. reblp=> @Schnuchten (reblip)
bendrix U R using U're back to blip? Try using your fingers.TakeItEasy :) reblp=>@trixiedelite I'm outta here, my back hurts from too much flipping blipping. (reblip)
bendrix I really dig that "Peacock Tail" track, but please tell me U hear the beauty in this song. Its not "just a cute track" its Que Bonito!!! MadFace@lub
bendrix R U tryN to provoke me? Bonito makes this sound like a B-side track reblp=> @lub close ur eyes & feel it, afterwards bonito will be just a cute track! (reblip)
bendrix This track seems to have a Chinese influence. Eyezon is both lyricst and Producer. Very talented Conscious hip hop. (reblip)
bendrix For hip hop heads this is a true Breakdance track!!!