aeris8 10 years later! The Best trance tracks ever.
PAMsLOvE Depeche Mode Route 66

Depeche Mode Route 66

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flatliners David Bowie - Cat People (Putting Out the Fire)
DJMees Hi Will :-) tried to find you on Facebook. Have to get back to work now! @TropicsZ4: "Hi, Vera :) @verawooten: "Sarah Brightman – Dust in the Wind (reblip)
OckGal On a more upbeat note, tell me you remember this annoying/catchy Crash Test Dummies song "Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm."
Bailrs Biggie Biggie Biggie Cant you see?
encite Group against Facebook's Nazi policies! Please viralize! | Fight the Power | @ladypn @SoloIron @shaman77 @DirtyUrine @acanuckfan

Michael Jackson & Britney Spears The Way You Make Me Feel

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MoonlightEclipse awesome piece played beautifully!

Beethoven Tempest Sonata Op.31

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Pink Floyd-Shine On You Crazy Diamond Part IV-V

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tiffanized Listening to : The Chi-Lites : "Have You Seen Her"
DirtyUrine ~ I came across this one a few days ago and Gretchen does an awesome job on this Heart cover w/ AinC @docstimulas !! (reblip)
Lady_Bastet Breathe in, breathe out...Repeat as necessary. "Flugufrelsarinn" ~Sigur Ros. #song #music
RockaRollaWoman .. u never know what to expect from this band. Harsh as hell and I need more of it!!

Rammstein Mein teil : )

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poochiesan24 I step off the train I'm walkin' down your street again Pass your door I guess you don't live there anymore
Rella @romanus: "Sex with you and sometimes food is all I really want "..must be the too.. (reblip)
Rella @PaddyH: @Rella As we say in Ireland - i think you're 'great craic')"wow would love to see Ireland someday..IRISH!..last name..Mollohan..imagine that (reblip)

Simple Minds: Belfast Child (up-scaled HD)

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Rella @sonioushka: "Tnx love it too, hope ur ok:) RB @Rella: "great song" very sweet you are..thank you so much..I am hanging in there..doing ok TY ! (reblip)
Rella ya know..this song is ROCKING !!!!..just love it...


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rubikoO Norah Jones – The Nearness of You

norah jones- the nearness of you

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rubikoO Carole King – You've Got a Friend
rubikoO Chaka Khan – Summertime

Chaka KhanSummertime

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DJRodneyKing !Music Makes Me Feel Alright!
unafraidsage @dspero: "a little friday morning music." WOOOOOOT (reblip)
minmae @jtabz dear shinning darwin!! u got a glossed closet? did it get glued? r u into grey today? Im gonna send u some nice black cotton shirts ^_^
synchrorima Een mooi Queen nummer voor @svenahrens Van harte gefeliciteerd!!
synchrorima Motto voor deze zondag: relax, take it easy!
Piratenhits Juliane Werding – Wenn du denkst du denkst...
DJMees Will try to be back on here later :-) [HQ] Josh Groban – "You Are Loved" - Awake Live
Hanja some more old cheese... but sweet cheese :)
wayoutosphere RB @ezmeralda: #HFD to you! It's always just a bit better when you're blipping around. : If You're Into It – Flight of the Conchords (reblip)
Gezzi47 RB: @Flurps: "RB @atibbs2292: "@blackgrapes: "✿☼ ♦ ◊Split Enz – I Got You ◦ ☼✿ *¨`* """ (reblip)

Split EnzI Got You

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kolorize what goes around..@nilsen31: "I've been a bad bad girl, I've been careless with a delicate man. And its a sad sad world, When a girl can break a boy" (reblip)

Fiona AppleCriminal

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michelledh how amazing is this - David Childs – Flight of the Bumble Bee
djcabezaloco thanks mr. knuckes @narataku0217: "Michael Jackson – Rock With You (Frankie Knuckles Remix) " (reblip)
animalhouse4384 @DensOnAir: ""♪♫♥ Shanice ☺ I Love Your Smile ♥♫♪"" (reblip)
bluedreamz back to my old tricks :)))

STEVIE WONDER [love light in flight REMIX] paradise

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bluedreamz Soul II Soul – Back To Life (The Rules remix)
bluedreamz Thanks!>@tukancheez: "Very nice! TYSM@DJ_DanceMix:"You r KICKING!!! And I'm loving it!! :0) @bluedreamz: "FeelDii vs Kez – Kiss Me (Ethereal Remix)""" (reblip)
tokool4u @wild_divine: "just gorgeous @bluedreamz ~ SMILE HONEYCHILE ~ badapbada @ZONE" (reblip)
bluedreamz TY very much, this is a #gr8tune! ;) @VyV: "Ty rb@Gr8tune: "rb@VyV "I'm with you.""" (reblip)
bluedreamz Yes!!! Another great track! Too bad you can't stay @Hypnotica: "Claes Rosen–What's Up Tonight (Kolombo Remix). This man needs to release an Album!" (reblip)
bluedreamz I hadn't watched the video yet, admit that indeed #SpringIsInTheAir :D @PixelInTime // RB via @bareknuckleyellow <<Thanks! #house (reblip)
pixelmongress Do U really enjoy living a life that's so hateful? Cause there's a hole where your soul should be. Your losing control of it & it's really distasteful
axefield Good Night Blip world | rb@djilo: "Lego – When I'm with you" | dedicating this to @TheNewYorkChimes | #groove #house #world #samba (reblip)

LegoWhen I'm with you

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briangreene film short, song now a blip [WATCH ME]

What Goes Up Must Come Down

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Charlotte Gainsbourg "5:55"

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bluedreamz What a find! TYTY:) Props in your box now! Welcome @PazzoRagazzo: "Insp'd by @bluedreamz GM All!" A little later,but welcome also @chromial@Luciebara (reblip)

The Pussycat Dolls (Kimberly Wyatt) Don't Wanna Fall In Love

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pixelmongress RB luv ~>@Betterlucky: "I guess that means I have to dig this one out then... @revbeatman" (reblip)
MdniteEagl now that's REALLY suggestive for a Sunday morning...

Herman's Hermits-I'm Into Something Good

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DirtyUrine gonna watch Conan's final show! bbl \m/

Judas PriestDon't Go

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bluedreamz Love it! (Even if it is a bit repetetive) [Dj Robert Georgescu ft. Lara – Beside You [Radio Edit] ] @DJ_DanceMix @VJ_Vixen @Hypnotica @DarkIntensity
RHYTHMjunkie rb@jong: "howdy. ty/rb @Literati: "I like the old-fashioned sound of this :) #christmaslove so good for Christmas Spirit Rehab too @TheSurlyTMM"" (reblip)

Kollektiv Turmstrasse Tristesse

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bluedreamz Kool Moe Dee – Wild Wild West
ernmander I want my mate Paul Hardcastle to give me the go ahead to use this tune proper now in full war coverage :)
bytera Goodnight and joy be to you all...


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barbararoth @Vifke - your "what's up" made me remember this song... have a nice day! #barbold
DoctorOfJazz Breath taking TYVM@wild_divine: "~ 99 WORDS ... OOPS ~ #LOL" (reblip)

99 Words for Boobs

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bluedreamz @DJ_DanceMix Great question! *I don't know:)* / Welcome new listeners @CleaWalford @RNRSteve Well,I finally must go, CU again soon! 'twas fun! *hugs*
spirina yeaaah!!! jam the beat @Richardisco: "THIS VIDEO IS THA JAM!" (reblip)
bluedreamz A Little Lovin' (Keeps The Doctor Away) - Glenn Rivera ReStructure Mix - The Raes Dedicated to @Disc_Oh

A Little Lovin' (Keeps The Doctor Away) - Glenn Rivera ReStructure Mix - The Raes

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el_gobierno Rupa, I love you, ese es mi ritmo

Rupa & the April Fishes "Une americaine a Paris" video

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rubikoO Ella Fitzgerald – Cheek To Cheek

Nancy Sinatra Bang Bang

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mikl WTF!!? did you get audio spam on that last? See if this works: Sir Christopher's Fireside Tale.... hope that works
frau_one Last one for today. Thanks for props, listening & sharing :) GN8, sleep tight - wherever you are :)
bluedreamz Great song & video @matriax. Thx for the props & rbs @DJBELLADONNA @alfonvaina @winukomi @erikoj @Shellsie ;) (reblip)

Boney M. "Sunny" (new video version)

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Curacao58 MARIA JOÃO & MÁRIO LAGINHA Ive Grown Accustomed to His Face - cool and soulful

MARIA JOÃO & MÁRIO LAGINHA Ive Grown Accustomed to His Face

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JanetBS Great remake of a TFF classic. Perfect version for this dark and wonderful movie.

Gary Jules- Mad World From Donnie Darko

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vanillasugar play this sh** f**ing loud

Foxy BrownI'll Be

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AndreaMemenas If not, then darn close. Love it! Thx! @smashcom: "@HipMomsWhoWork Sorry, Andrea, *this* is the best cover song ever. " (reblip)

Karotte- All She Wants Is (Markus Fix Remix)

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AliceCullenlJ Listening to A Thousand Miles from Vanessa Carlton

Sweet Child O' Mine Music Video

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pipe72 Jack Johnson "Holes to Heaven"

Heads- Bob James

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theOFM Anita O'Day with Norman Simmons – I Could Write a Book /// lyrics by Lorenz Hart, music by Richard Rodgers ;-)
Awannabeangel LOL so cute TY dear ! -->>>@TropicsZ4: "Hey :) rb @polarkat: "Colbie Caillat – Fallin' For You"" (reblip)
bluedreamz TY@fxp123: "Journey's After All These Years MTV" (reblip)

Journey's After All These Years MTV

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bluedreamz @DJ_DanceMix To answer your question simply: No. :) I was new to in Aug'09 ... so technically I still am, and was always bluedreamz.
bluedreamz Avenue D - 2D2F (Warning: NSFW / very explicit) But you all heard it :)) @Atomik @DJErmjizzle @ataferner @Kingsofdabeatz @nvaquero (reblip)

Avenue D2D2F

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dANGELofLOVE NO YELLING AT GOD! YELL AT THE ONES WHO HURT YOUR FEELINGS > @Dancer12: "back in a few...gonna stretch broken neck, gonna go yell at God.." (reblip)
bluedreamz Play That Funky Music  Shiori and Aika -- A "lost" track found again...woot! #japanese #covers

Play That Funky Music  Shiori and Aika

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cecebabyee #nowplaying DJ Inferno – Promiscuous (Sensual Seduction Remix)
asterion love to you all in the New Year!!! muah, getting to know one another chat @blipparty

Incubus-I Miss You (Acoustic)

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SpinninSara Nobody does it like Leon, but this isn't a bad cover ~~Simply Red – A Song for You~~
CathyDarling I've had this song in my head since first thing this morning. You're welcome. :)

Love will tear us apart / Susanna and The Magical Orchestra

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ffluxx Thank You! :D rb@chiron08: "✪ thx, for the message "@Ihno this is (a) Love Message @..."" (reblip)
MsButterzworth @liquidjumper =-) Don't get me started on Jean! ~Love Thirst (remix)-Jean Grae ft Jukstapose~
Atomik lovvvving yooou is easy cuz you're do do de dooo
DerekFME Okay that really is all I've got time for tonight. Too many anxiety ridden sleepless nights lately. The bags under my eyes get larger. This is sweet
BakingMan For my friend @OKBettsy if you aint got it then.......Have a great weekend =) (reblip)

Brooklyn Funk Essentials ~ I Got Cash

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chiron08 ✪ erst tanzt der , dann macht er Liebe und dann muss er ins Wasser @madam
bthecat sheila chandra.....speaking in tounges, Taal

Sheila Chandra-Taal

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ellendiane dianne reeves- morning has broken -live
DrCocker Anita Kerr – ON THE BEACH

The Velvet Underground & Nico [Full Album]

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bluedreamz Sheree (J-Cock) – Sunshine Of My Life #reggae
mark_till Emiliana Torrini-Jungle Drum

Emiliana Torrini-Jungle Drum

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Dancer12 ♥ღ ♪♫♥♥ღ ♪♫♥♥ღ ♪♫♥♥ღ ♪♫♥♥ღ ♪♫♥♥ღ ♪♫♥♥ღ ♪♫♥♥ღ ♪♫♥♥ღ ♪♫♥♥ღ ♪♫♥♥ღ ♪♫♥♥ღ ♪♫♥♥ღ ♪♫♥♥ღ ♪♫♥♥ღ ♪♫♥♥ღ ♪♫♥♥ღ ♪♫♥♥ღ ♪♫♥♥ღ ♪♫♥♥ღ ♪♫♥
bluedreamz John Julius Knight – Find a Friend (Original Mix)
bluedreamz Bring on the heavy thumpin' bass! Groove Junkies Feat. Indeya – You Know How To Love Me Pt 2 (Richard Earnshaw Remix)
bluedreamz The Toasters – Secret Agent Man
bluedreamz Anyone experience nice tingly sensations in their spine sometimes while listening to a song? (not everyone does) I♥2hear fm U! #neurologists2
Chixx2Sixx Shapeshifters - Lola's Theme (DJ River Mix)
Dancer12 இڿڰۣⓇ-ڰۣ—♥ இڿڰۣⓇ-ڰۣ—♥ ROSES FOR YOU இڿڰۣⓇ-ڰۣ—♥ இڿڰۣⓇ-ڰۣ—♥ nite and thank you....


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bluedreamz Lustral – Everytime (2007 Version with Live String Section) @harmony60
bluedreamz Tiesto & Sneaky Sound System – I Will Be Here (Wolfgang Gartner Remix)
SpinninSara Hello Sheila :) @backtoback: "hellooo Erin :) RB @SpinninSara: "Another one that's in my head ~ Linda's version :-)"" (reblip)
amphore :-)) ... schönes wochenende > @Martinshorn: ... vielen Dank! @amphore - hat mich gefreut ... (reblip)
bluedreamz Edwin Starr – Get Up Whirlpool [of Love] [Maxi Mix] 12''
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