bluetyson The joke's on you, Joker. (reblip)


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bluetyson Warren Zevon furries for the spousal unit.
bluetyson Even the Clash haven't convinced me that London Is Calling. (reblip)
bluetyson Fire Woman, you're to blame. Many, many times.
bluetyson Lights go out, Wall stability compromised.
bluetyson Wouldn't have dreamed of Read About It having a Labor Cabinet Member.
bluetyson There was a friend of mine on murder...

AC DCJailbreak

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bluetyson "Dispatch War Rocket Ajax to bring back his body"
bluetyson Proper stuff. None of that Quantum Of Solace crapola.

James Bond Theme

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bluetyson Will find a weary driver...
bluetyson Started out, just drinking beer...

Mental As Anything_The Nips Are Getting Bigger

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bluetyson You've yet to have your finest hour...
bluetyson Loreena McKennitt – Bonny Portmore
bluetyson I will be with you again
bluetyson What'll you do when you get lonely
bluetyson Jenny was a friend of mine (but Angel snapped her neck, the brooding toothy bastard)
bluetyson I don't wanna be buried, in a...
bluetyson Stopping Solomon Grundy, no money in that.
bluetyson Winged, furry, and looking for somewhere cooler and less demonic
bluetyson You check out guitar George, he knows all the chords
bluetyson King of Pain would also be a great Planet Stories title.
bluetyson In the middle of our street.
bluetyson She's filing her nails while they're dragging the lake
bluetyson Tracy, Tracy was angry.
bluetyson Deaf, Dumb and Blind Kid can help me with Ghosts 'n Goblins, I reckon.
bluetyson Ghost Riders In The Sky (muppet free version).
bluetyson That luck goddess, she can be a real bitch.
bluetyson I had a friend was a demon pace bowler, he could slip that inswing by you, make you look like a fool boy.
bluetyson bless the rains down in south australia, too


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bluetyson I'm on the hunt, I'm after you
bluetyson Maybe Doctor Manhattan can Blood Art the Battlestar Galactica writers too, along with Rorschach and a bit of Hendrix.

Jimmi Hendrix - All Along the Watchtower

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bluetyson Danzig has a fine Mother


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bluetyson One says she's a friend of mine.
bluetyson Johnson's Aeroplane


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bluetyson I Shot the Sheriff, only got a couple of Kennedys in the crossfire this time
bluetyson Been more Like A Stone than an Audioslave recently.
bluetyson On the History Never Repeats theme, Video Killed the Radio Star.
bluetyson Underneath the Radar

Underworld - Underneath The Radar

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bluetyson I remain on the Far Side Of Crazy, a mortal enemy of readers. I am Penguin.
bluetyson Where can the Boys Of Summer have gone? Need bloody socks tonight almost, is riddikalus.
bluetyson Buffy, she slays me. Well, Cordelia a lot more, but you get the idea. (reblip)

Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Theme Long Version

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bluetyson Teenagers From Mars


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bluetyson Talking Heads – Lady Don't Mind (reblip)
bluetyson Sheena Easton – Morning Train (Nine to Five). The trains are too busy in the morning. @DMJ Yep, on that whole peak hour thing. (reblip)
bluetyson Cry Little Sister. Or just cry, when the other guy has Star from the Lost Boys and you're stuck with the rellos.
bluetyson In the Navy comics recruit you
bluetyson Girls On Film (censored in USA, what a travesty :) ) (reblip)
bluetyson Personal Jesus

Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus

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bluetyson Within Temptation – Our Solemn Hour
bluetyson Peccatum – The Moribund People
bluetyson @crd: "David Gilmour at his best." (when Comfortably Numb) (reblip)
bluetyson @UnarmedWalrus: "girls who are boys who like boys who do girls who do boys like theyre girls who do girls like theyre boys" (reblip)
bluetyson Mutilate Pixies in a Wave. (It's more fun). (reblip)
bluetyson Only Happy When It Rains (or disembowelling or decapitating people who get in the way of my AI Terminator plans)
bluetyson John Lee Hooker /Santana. The Healer (geez, how cool is that?!!!) (reblip)


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Karla_Warla TKO hear it on the stereo!!!

Le TigreTKO

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bluetyson This is what it sounds like When doves cry... (generally pretty annoying) (reblip)
bluetyson and also ROSE TATTOO - The Butcher and Fast Eddy

ROSE TATTOO- The Butcher et Fast Eddy-

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bluetyson Body Count - Cop Killer

Ice T Cop Killer and Body Count

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The Devil Went Down to Georgia Music Video

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HR Puffnstuff

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Delight- Carving the way

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bluetyson @DukeECP: "@KANL: "Led Zepelin – Stairway to Heaven"" (reblip)

Joe Satriani-Surfing With The Alien

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bluetyson @joseroca: "That's the Impression that i get... Mighty Mighty Bosstones" (reblip)
bluetyson @judi: "Neil Young And Pearl Jam – Rocking In The Free World" (reblip)
bluetyson @Chise: "Neil Young & Crazy Horse – Hey Hey, My My" (reblip)
bluetyson Loreena Mckennitt – Bonnie Portmore [Highlander III]
bluetyson @ARDELLd: ",,,No one knows...she comes and goes. Goodbye Ruby Tuesday I'm gonna miss U" (reblip)

Astonishing X-Men #1 Motion Comic

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bluetyson @motoaki: "@Mustangman: "Jimi Hendrix – All Along The Watchtower Live! Isle Of Wight"" (reblip)
bluetyson @DJDreamy: "Get It On (Bang a Gong) ~ The Power Station {video} *** I think he got it on, banged something, including a bong:)" (reblip)
bluetyson @Shaman777: "@AlleysPlace: "Anyone remember 9 1/2 weeks...fetishes galore...mmmmm"" (reblip)
bluetyson @b_s_lynn: "(imeem) George Thorogood & The Destroyers - 1 Bourbon, 1 Scotch, 1 Beer [How about...?] @tiarala" (reblip)
bluetyson @DensOnAir: "ReBlip @rsmac: "Chega de chuva!" Eurythmics – Here Comes The Rain Again" (reblip)

Roxette - Dangerous

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bluetyson @leojaime: "Nothing to do nowhere to go i wanna be sedated" (reblip)
bluetyson @MetalRocks: "The Cult - Edie (Ciao Baby). Blipping some cool #Metal & #Rock tunes and showing respect to a great DJ @shiner " (reblip)
bluetyson @anotorias: "This is what @hellasound s like... when the doves cry." (reblip)
bluetyson @MetalRocks: "Kiss - Lick It Up. Blipping some cool #Metal & #Rock tunes and showing respect to a great DJ @mspdeoliveira " (reblip)
bluetyson Carl Douglas – Kung Fu Fighting (It was a little big frightening!) (reblip)
bluetyson @spilafis: "Red Hot Chili Peppers - Under The Bridge (LIVE)" (reblip)

Red Hot Chili Peppers- Under The Bridge ( LIVE )

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bluetyson @yeeter: "Ms Christina drives a nine four four, satisfaction oozes from her po-oo-ores" Welcome to the Boomtown - David & David" (forgot existence of) (reblip)
bluetyson @morgan1sms: "Vergena~Hot blood. needing coffee and an asprin" (reblip)
bluetyson The New Pornographers – Challengers (of the Unknown)
bluetyson @Chise: "Jimmy Barnes - Working Class Man @bluetyson" (reblip)

Jimmy Barnes Working Class Man

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bluetyson @bluetyson: "@Chise: "Neil Young & Pearl Jam – All Along the Watchtower"" This rocks, supremely. (reblip)
bluetyson @jimmybradley: "Awesome Golden Earring cover!!! Crank it!!! White Lion – Radar Love[@MetalRocks]" (reblip)

Lita Ford -Shot of Poison

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vjdeedee he is watching everything we do...

Anne Clark Full Moon (authorised original version)

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bluetyson @Flying_Roundhouse: "Jeff Beck & Tal Wilkenfeld – Cause We Ended As Lovers ~ RB @TrainWreckRadio ~ can't let this one slide by ~ Ta for now" (reblip)

After Forever -Envision

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bluetyson @Chise: "Supergrass – Caught By The Fuzz" (reblip)
bluetyson @sarahcarina : Van Canto – Fear of the dark (Iron Maiden Cover)
judi AC/DC – Big Balls (reblip)

AC/DCBig Balls

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bluetyson Austen Tayshus - The Phantom Shuffle (He's the Phantom, makes the Jungle Jive, Mr. Walker, man who cannot drive)

Phantom Shuffle

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bluetyson @leaferi: "(as I prepare to move to DE for corporate law ... haha)" (reblip)
bluetyson @NicoleVSanchez: "@TropicsZ4: "Great Thanks :) @GinaDunc: "Tx! :)@joechapman: "rb@AJLaDiva: "Simple Minds ~ Don't You Forget About ME ***AJ""""" (reblip)
EnterChaos Yeah she does!!!!!!!@DJLackey: "@DeAnn: "~Fountains of Wayne – Stacy's Mom~" Has Got It Goin OOON!!! haha great!" (reblip)
bluetyson @BenWright007TX: "this is taking it down a notch today, ha! Danzig – Mother #nastyrock" (reblip)


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bluetyson @Chise: "AC/DC – Night Of The Long Knives" (reblip)
bluetyson @sterlingb: So's this one! (The Cramps – Goo Goo Muck (Studio)) (reblip)
bluetyson @leaferi: "Bi God 20, Snog, Decoded Feedback ---happy Leaferi. Great Madonna tribute album, so annoyed I lost my copy. Information Society, KMFDM, " (reblip)
bluetyson @Intriguingds: "@ShutterBugGeek Night Sweet One :) Only When I Sleep - The Corrs – Dream Time" (reblip)
bluetyson @leaferi: "Oh wow, sweet. (actually,kind of weird -- she did come from soft porn before X-Files, no?) rb@LikeAnAngel @tuatara" You mean movie? Or tv? (reblip)
bluetyson @leaferi: "@bluetyson - Oh yeah. Red Shoe Diaries and that sort of thing - pretty sure Duchovny was in one of those. (reblip)
bluetyson @Horizon3: "What space day would be complete without this one?" (reblip)
bluetyson Oh yeah, ubercool. : Isaac Hayes – Theme From Shaft (reblip)
bluetyson @Chise : Real Life – Send Me An Angel (1983) (reblip)
bluetyson @leaferi earlier model (T-Rex – 20th Century Boy)

Take Me to the River - Talking Heads

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bluetyson @tuatara : Well, if he likes Odd, TISM are the blokes he can trust -- (TISM – Everyone Else Has Had More Sex Than Me)
bluetyson @tuatara: "I'm in love with Dee Dee Ramone. @BryanMouat" (I woulda married Joey if he asked.) :) (reblip)
bluetyson @tuatara : The Ramones – my brain is hanging upside down (bonzo goes to bitburg)
bluetyson @Sweetness4ever: "jENNY RAHE i LOVE YOU..@Edainsmom: "changing my name to______songs (jenny)867 5309--Tommy Tutone"" (reblip)
bluetyson @norkaman: "@angelheart: only of you ;-) "night sweet dreams! "Hush my darling, don't fear my darling, The lion sleeps tonight. <GOOD NIGHT!!>""" (reblip)
bluetyson @AngelEyes: "rb @bluetyson -- You Were Meant for Me,Jewel. Interesting trivia about Jewel: she can yodel. Personally, I think that's cool! :-)" (reblip)
bluetyson @Daeflyn: "LACUNA COIL – Heavens A Lie (OFFICIAL VIDEO)" (reblip)
bluetyson Alannah Myles – Black Velvet (this one actually works)
bluetyson @Chise : Big Pig – Hungry Town (1986)
bluetyson @Annimallover: "Was thinking of this song yesterday! RB@oohardyoo: "ohrwurm seit gestern abend! danke uli! ;)"" (great Alastair Reynods novella, too!) (reblip)
bluetyson @MusicGuru: "80's classic...was it in a movie? if so which one?" (In Footloose, I believe) (reblip)
bluetyson @leaferi: "This video is just ..... wow. Most interesting new one I can think of. Android Lust = good stuff. rb@Isolation_FTMLCW" (reblip)
bluetyson @DaniKiedis: "Foxy, fox on the run, and hide awaaaaaayyyyyy ♥" (reblip)
bluetyson @DaniKiedis: "me too! @Metal_Rocks: "System Of A Down – Violent Pornography. Love this tune!!"" (reblip)

Guano Apes-open your eyes

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bluetyson @tuatara: "Wanted to blip their version of "Holiday," but this is pretty good, too." (reblip)


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bluetyson Danzig – Mother (Live) (Project Danzig Motherblaster a good Plan B)
bluetyson Great video here super spandex chase scene action. (reblip)
The45KlNG i love how they created the ocean waves: blue plastic strips! @tuatara: "This was the first video I ever saw on MTV- long, LONG ago. @Plastic" (reblip)
bluetyson @tuatara: "My son loves this kind of bombastic, Viking hair metal. @bluetyson: (So would I, as a kid. How can troll metal be bad?) :) (reblip)
bluetyson Excellent! Can you put the err... hammer down on any more Troll Metal, @MetalAngel ? (reblip)
bluetyson @tuatara: "You might like this a million more if this doesn't suit. Trolls and Vikings just slay me :).@bluetyson" (reblip)

Amon Amarth "Twilight Of The Thunder God" official video

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bluetyson Keep 'em blipping if you got 'em! (reblip)


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Lordi "Would You Love A Monterman?"

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Dwarves featuring Suicide Girls, "FIND EAT F*CK YOU UP". Watch in High Quality.

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bluetyson @vix_rock: "@marijaanadj watching you playing :) Audioslave – Like a Stone " (reblip)
bluetyson @GiantPimpslapper: "The Cult - Fire Woman : Sonic Temple (1989)" (reblip)
bluetyson @Stuelpner: "U2 – I will follow ...Thank all for props, replies and RBs ! :-)" (reblip)

U2I will follow

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bluetyson @leaferi: Pleasure to blip either VNV or Covenant" - whole household approved of this one. Thanks! :) (reblip)


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bluetyson @leaferi "@TPJK Made the near heretical statement the other night that Covenant had edged VNV&DM to become my favorite band.,,going to stand by that." (reblip)

Covenant Ritual Noise

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bluetyson @leaferi: "...A lot of the Covenant tracks on here are not full songs. (we get that much more here, lots of tracks blocked or only previews out of US) (reblip)


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The Sisters of Mercy -- Lucretia, My Reflection

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bluetyson @leaferi: "Tis Covenant." (reblip)

Brave New World

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Vixen-Love Is A Killer

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bluetyson @leaferi : RYMers rate 'Empires' highest, and Praise the Fallen with Futureperfect pretty much the same, next. (This song is good)

VNV NationKingdom

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bluetyson @TheSurlyTMM: my favorite aunt used to love this song i can still picture her singing along to it" She's not the only one, and probably better, too! (reblip)
bluetyson @MetalAngel: "I brand this genre Disco Metal especially for @bluetyson" LOL! (reblip)
bluetyson @JDS442: "Livin' in a shack in a one horse town... !!!" (reblip)
bluetyson @Phuket2: "Queen – Radio Ga Ga (rb->@daihard, sorry can't reblip at the moment! )" (reblip)
bluetyson @Phuket2: "Queen – Radio Ga Ga (rb->@daihard, sorry can't reblip at the moment! )" (reblip)
bluetyson @RoxP: "love this version @clubdistortion: "The Ataris - Boys Of Summer "" (reblip)
bluetyson !!! @leaferi: "Oh my. =P rb@Totengrber: "Who was the greatest prostitute in history? Ms. Pac-Man. For (20 cents oz)... swallowed balls until she died" (reblip)
bluetyson @leaferi : and along the same lines, and of similar vintage, one I hadn't heard for a long, long time (Player One – Space Invaders (1980))
bluetyson @LaBrujaRoja: "This movie is hilarious, and song's pretty catchy, watch out for those goth werewolves!~"Steve Parsons-The Howling"" (reblip)

Steve Parsons -- The Howling

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bluetyson @MWeezles: "@leaferi: "Classic stomper. " - your blips are always worth a RB!!! :D" (reblip)
bluetyson @sweetlilmzmia: "RT @misterscience: "vi@jennyleepenny + @schneidermike title track of their 1988 debut" / Underworld – Underneath The Radar" (reblip)
bluetyson @leaferi : THE CRUEL SEA – Better Get A Lawyer (more local boys)
bluetyson @salleegal: "Still apply to Wall Street ............. Grace Jones – Corporate Cannibal" (reblip)
bluetyson @ladyxxgore: "Witches In Bikinis – Live at Two Boots~ these chicks rawk!!" (reblip)
bluetyson @leaferi: "Clan of Xymox is great." - That works, singer has a bit of the Sisters Of Mercy thing going on. Which is a good thing. (reblip)
bluetyson @leaferi: "Their self titled album is pretty amazing. Earliest release that I am aware of. ('85)" (reblip)
bluetyson @leaferi: "@Isolation_FTMLCW They came in whatever order I found them in Cellphane Square or any other used CD store =P" (LOL! Dates blacked out? :) ) (reblip)
Bright_Blue Hello, I wish I was a little bit taller

Skee-LoI Wish

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bluetyson @tuatara: "Heavy metal- awesome! @sarahcarina: "Iron Maiden – Fear Of The Dark"" (reblip)
tuatara LOL! And she always looked like such a nice girl! @evilinside2020: "( -^-) - @OhAngie @tuatara @bluetyson " (reblip)

The Lonely Island- Natalies Rap

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bluetyson @tuatara : Cradle of Filth – Devil Woman vs. Disturbia
bluetyson @leaferi: "Excellent. rb@sin_of_eden: "Goodnight, goodnight, goodnight. Goodnight my little slayer goodnight"" (Always handy, them slayers) (reblip)
bluetyson @MetalAngel: "Metal bands with warriors? Do you have the _lifespan_ of a Thunder God, to get that done?" :) (reblip)
shortygal Creedence Clearwater Revival - Down on the Corner
bluetyson @sumitch: "Wow, that's strange. I can't tell if I like it or not. But I know I'll want to hear it again. @bluetyson" (Nick Cave like? = Yes.) :) (reblip)
bluetyson @xTanithx: "I did not expect to find these beautiful women on but there you go!" (reblip)

Tiddas : 'Anthem'

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bluetyson @leaferi: "One of those songs that was everywhere for a while & then never heard again. (Thanks! Been trying to remember this one for ages!!) (reblip)
bluetyson @HelenOfTroy: "Just 'cos I know Matt loves it...." (reblip)

Eric ClaptonLayla

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Resident Evil Extinction I'm So Sick (T-Virus Remix)

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bluetyson @BLaZinBeatNiK: "I have this song stuck in my head...I have no idea why. " (It's pretty damn stickable, because he's the best there's ever been ;-)) (reblip)
bluetyson @batistinha: "rb vi@shadow7777: "Queen – Hammer To Fall (Live Aid '85) :-)"" (reblip)
bluetyson @Kubrickx: "Save Ferris - The World is New." (Well, this is a sweet skapunky track. Female singer, too.) (reblip)
Deoxy We couldn't see. what was. coming.


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bluetyson @FLASHBACKFREDDIE: "80smusicwarehouse @ Ebay ~~ PIL - RISE" (reblip)
bluetyson @Metal_Rocks: "The 69 Eyes – Dead Girls Are Easy. They sure are! lol!!" (reblip)
bluetyson @cradleofmen: "The Ataris – Boys of Summer Music Video" (reblip)
frangianni Fiona Apple – Criminal~ one to sleep on
bluetyson Adam Sandler - Werewolves Of London (Enjoy Every Sandwich)

Enjoy Every Sandwich 2: Werewolves Of London

| play
bluetyson "I've seen things you people wouldn't believe; attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion."
bluetyson @Chise : Australian Crawl – Hoochie Gucci Fiorucci Mama (1980)

The Whitlams Blow Up The Pokies

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bluetyson @leaferi: "I want to be super luminal ... " (reblip)


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Kubrickx Spunge - Kicking Pigeons
bluetyson The Pimps – The Devil Went Down To Georgia (a somewhat thrashier version)
Bright_Blue always in the holster! LOL! @DirtyUrine: "thought u might pull this one! LOL! @BenWright007TX: "The mother of live mother f'n footage"" (reblip)

DanzigMother '93

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bluetyson @baumfleisch: "Punk girls on the loose!! civet - son of a bitch" (reblip)
bluetyson @CMDoria: "Fear Of The Dark" (What Pet Sematary might give ya) (reblip)