Rainoverlima Era el tiempo de maldecir al triste amor. Era la mecánica musical del no.
neechee uso essa música como toque de celular há 2 anos... não consigo mudar!
veronicarocha a gente falava sobre cabelos vermelhos, kombis e uma vida a tres
isqueirobic esperando a entrevista de hj cantei essa música baixinho e o cara do meu lado pareceu conhecer. imaginei uma versão de 'chicago' com músicas assim.
carlinha Uma dona boa lá em Cascadura... grande criatura...
auf <3 this song <3 Régine Chassagne's voice
AprilAllYear Goodnight... and sweet dreams.
Rainoverlima Un tema incandescente para un weekend.
bruno__ excerpt from beethoven's second movement of the fifth symphony
bruno__ Reminds me of diving in very salty green nice waters
Rainoverlima Tema para el tiempo de los fanzines. El pesanervios.
rebolado she's got the radio active and it makes me feel 0K. i don't feel 0K.
bruno__ Let's dance! Let's shake! Aaaaaah! Aaaaaah! We,we'll come to be...Aaaaaaah, aaaaaaaaahh, aaaahhhh... @TmzOS musicão mesmo clocks,masessaéparabailar
bruno__ Viajando num buggy brega em praias faróficas hehe
bruno__ bolor // and somebody posted here bonnie 'prince' billy - even if love, and I couldn't catch who blipped it! ... // @andreads iiae!

BlurOily Water

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bruno__ sung psychoclassical. heheheheh.could've been aninfluence to systemofadown's singer. =) // and goodchoicefor metallica's ronnie,fromload, @Dagger !
bruno__ punk rock. with feeling and tradition. by the way, @Sanasun , thanks for the "wanna hold your hand" blip. I was needing to hear it
AprilAllYear this band is making an appearance at Belly Up Aspen tom'w night before playing Monolith
AprilAllYear This one goes out to Hillary Clinton...
carlinha Chilling out for a good night of sleep. Good night to everyone!
ayedavanita Take it or leave it...take it or leave...take iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttttttttt...
isqueirobic legal saber q existem pessoas q fazem músicas como essa


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veronicarocha ela gosta de Beatles, Gwen Stefani, Justice e Zack Efron fico pensando o que faltou no enxoval
veronicarocha ele fala de garotas mestiças, humor nonsense e Chaves eu fico imaginando até onde vai meu limite de sanidade


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veronicarocha não sei se é rir ou chorar Oh my god! mas o nome da cantora é bom! ahahaha
neechee da coleta de fuck music... essa é pra lua de mel, depois de casar com o Malkmus com Spit on a Stranger. hehehehe
adrianebr Espero a chuva cair... não gosto muito de Zelia Duncan, mas essa é muito boa.
Bothan muito boa! alias, rem é 10!
GCesquire Back again with the latest installment of... Night Tunes... The lyrics to this track are flippin amazing!
GCesquire Swimming through my break a bit...
GCesquire Longing has been my primary emotion for the last few weeks/months... I need to try something else...
GCesquire My brain is hanging upside down...
marciamm Em vez da valsa, vamos dançar essa no casamento. Brincadeira ;p
mammara cercando tutt'altro (il portoghese è la lingua più erotica del mondo, in my humble opinion)
rfranco essa música diz algo sobre mim ...
s1mone Feist combina com terra molhada de chuva e chá de capim-limão.
Glauow Ooooh, shes a little runaway
rics Sometimes I listen to this one in repeat mode for hours!
kali brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.... brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...
bruno__ thats another special jews' one =) may it be sunny & 75º again, in rio and allovertheworld =)
clarkowitz Peace out, @threebears. Origins. Clarkowitz is a nickname a best friend gave to me because of my piano playing ways back in school. Take care. : )
magali Cartola : great brazilian composer would be completing 100 years today ! happy birthday Cartola ...
juniores por onde andará Stephen...
Rainoverlima explosión de pensamientos en el día.


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thahy o vento beija meus cabelos, as ondas lambem minhas pernas, o sol abraça o meu corpo... meu coração canta feliz...
Rainoverlima Una d las canciones imprescindibles. Maravillosa como una confidencia reiterada una y otra vez. Escuchas, no t cansas.


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densho 千と千尋の神隠しが大好きだ.
visualalchemy I slept sweetly unpretending that the night was always ending
kali mas as pessoas da sala de jantar... mas as pessoas da sala de jantar... mas as pessoas da sala de jantar... mas as pessoas da sala de jantar...

Panis Et Circenses

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marciamm "Cause there's no place that I could be without you..."


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Bothan @bruno__ é o melhor album do radiohead pra mim! =)
Rainoverlima Eeh, ¿cómo es eso de bah? esta canción se llama Bahía eléctrica. Y se la dedico a @eraser Era-ser, el ser, será. Un abraxo.


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frolleinb Oh yeah, kill all the white määääään

Offspring - She's got issues

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nicbarcza Pra mim, melhor música do Metallica =P
Cristie Now It's On – Grandaddy - click ah, click ah
Cristie Carrot Rope – Pavement
clarkowitz Peace out, Blipsters! Wish me well. I'll return the favor. Danger!!! Life ahead!

OutkastHey Ya

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marciamm Estava tocando na loja de sapatos. Empolguei tanto que levei 3 pares.
Rainoverlima Mi niño, al fin, al fin, ¡tú eres mi único amor!.
hideaway pa pa paa pa pa pa pa paaa paaaaa
alexvalente Boca boca boca... boca de lataaaaaaaaaaaa.
clarkowitz I had a huge comment, but what's left of my brain said, "No."
hideaway sometimes a pony, sometimes a pony, sometimes a pony gets depressed
rafaelsachetto Como disse, NoFX pra alegrar a vida!
AldaMara Lembrando-me de Sabina Spielrein. É uma pena que uma música como esta esteja em um testamento.
elfgirl i see the mystery between you and me with such clarity it blows me away......
isqueirobic @bruno__ vc não tem idéia de como eu queria achar essa música!!!!!!! aaahhhhhh FELIZ DIA DAS CRIANÇAS! [3]
danimagro todo mundo tem um irmão meio zarolho...
Nicomedes Eu sou incrível! Sensacional!
bruno__ agulha no rei, q pediu pra fazer a roupa invisivel
blake From the last Superdrag record. Very underrated.
PatiSanches Lembrando que é preciso olhar mais o céu.
kalu Domingo de manhã e chuva, significa Cartola na vitrola.
daniloprates "com um simples olhar, a você, não confundo" por unanimidade, a minha preferida do cartola.
luizyassuda se vivo estivesse, cartola faria 100 anos no sábado (2): "espero ainda que a festa do adeus seja a festa da vinda"
leo_carnevalli Na minha opinião, é uma das letras mais lindas que existe..
bruno__ "Japerditntosamores.Ñnotei dfrença.Pnseiqpassavm seculos.Sem asuapresença.Misturada entreaspedras.Preciosasdomundo. Comumsimplesolhar,avc,ñconfund
bruno__ malediction é linda @neechee "the honest way you move is too much" =)
bruno__ "à madrugada, iremos pra casa... cantando...
flavytcha ah, essas cordas de aço...
bruno__ ouvi no pandora. quero essa banda no supertrocas
bruno__ "it's summer and 75º F. it feels so good. to be alive. come on, baby. don't stay inside. everybody is going out tonight"
lolydrew sem ter carinho e sem ninguem pra me amarrrrrrr!! :)
guidoks papápapaápaaaaaaa.... debaixo lá das palhas do coqueiro!!!!!
dudeko Em 98, essa música me levou para o caminho do punk rock.
Guitrick As partes graves da voz da Gal são bem boas nessa música... Não julgue sem antes ouvir...
deaballe Agora achei mais músicas do A&V na Blip \o/
tiagodias a lua prateada ouve nossas canções
bruno__ é o clipe q mais gosto, de todos
pitsena só não gosto do seu péee gelaaado e do cheiro do cobertor
bruno__ when you move. you don't move. you don't move. you don't moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. alright I want a patinette


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willwrite4food Great new song and songwriter I just discovered.
bruno__ umanovela qdava maisverdade àsminhastardes.y roverlima,usted és que la escoge los mejores temas,siempre un bon nível,y yo bajo diversos destes tema
bruno__ e sei que não é van. onibus q balança. amanhã. de manhã
bruno__ eu ia falar open car na oficina do seu zé mas é open call


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atodos @RustyJames ooops! The Vindictives!!! years and years since I listened this for the last time..
bruno__ "what I think about it? I don't know
Tadearl NOFX... onde tudo começou! a primeira banda que me fez a cabeça quando moleque.
alexvalente A busca do BLIP dá pra jogar no lixo.
bruno__ eu gosto. hahahaha. gosto mesmo
hideaway uououououououououououooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooououououououo
futurebiblehero when i go downtown i always wear a corduroy suit, cause its made of a hundred dutters where the rain can run right through
anfetas By The Way (excerpt) – Red Hot Chili Peppers
andressacurvelo aponta pra fé e rema, morena...
bruno__ I would give a prop for 'lesson no. 1 for electric guitar' @Rainoverlima
bruno__ Enjoy a great, great song, that reminds me of arranging travel stuff.. Olivia Tremor Control. From Dusk at cubist castle."spending my last dollar...
sergiovds Tesouros da Juventude - Volver a los 17 - Claudia Lopez
bruno__ "shes not alone / prop sumiu... / good night everyone =)
maggit Then we tried to name our babies, but we forgot all the names that, the names we used to know.
sameoldcabbage Used to play air guitar to this...still would if pissed.
bruno__ "I was hurt when I was youngerrr... By a woman who was coooold... She took my name She took my bodyyy... And she threw away my soulll...
renaton Keep it close to me! Keep it close to me! =) ! Superdrag é pra ouvir bem alto. Isso que é indie-rock diz ae?!?
henriquenardi Eu vi eles abrindo pro Green Day lá fora. Tavam lançando o segundo álbum. Muito bom!
bruno__ talvez essa então :P
bruno__ dusk is dawn is day. low / goodbye =)


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bruno__ "Cardiac kid,kinda like it,kinda like it,cardiac kid dont go(...)Catty,catty,catty ure so patty,and its unfair cos I like to.doody doddy do with u"
SarahShoeMe I liked Pavement a lot. Now is just something I used to like. But this song is good.
ShyTrbleMaker Did you doubt the curve of the earth? I bet you did. More Matt Nathanson.
bruno__ @Bothan eu sou o shadylane / ainda cantando elmo delmo! mas so young & lovely. ah. ah. ta bom
henriquenardi @lorimeyers used to live upstairs... vou lá conferir a seleção dela ; )
bruno__ "I don't know what you're doing to me, but I don't think it's the way it should be,and I don't know what I'm doing, I don't know what you're doing"
bruno__ oi, hi / "Eu saberia descrever o fim E as outras linhas que antes do fim Passam em branco Dizem tão pouco sobre nós Nunca revelam Pq a verdade é q"
bruno__ Weezer - O Girlfriend /amor musiquinha
bruno__ Sixpence None The Richer - Kiss Me /amor /pop /ular
bruno__ Stephen Malkmus - Pink India /amor na india /rosa
bruno__ Apples in Stereo - About your fame / uma musica do amor /maçã do amor no estereo
bruno__ @andreads @unintendedgirl agora só vou botar musica pro twitter de vcs/apples in stereo - what's the #/eu canto "girls in town"
bruno__ essa musica me lembra a tarde // bye
bruno__ Malkmus singing.. silver jews demo......... is anybody reading it? hehe. few
manolova64 Wasn't born to follow, The Byrds.
ogg You're just somebody that I used to know
manugue Amanecí con los vaqueros y el sombrero bien puestos. Yiiiiijaaa!!
fabitatauga "Sabes que vou partir. Com os olhos rasos d'água e o coração ferido. Quando lembrar de ti me lembrarei também deste amor proibido."
neguinha "sei que errei. errei inocente". ta bom, a gente finge que acredita.
oldtobegin here's where my username comes from.
jocax To end this wave of songs from bands that are members of the Elephant 6 collective, a masterpiece from the Olivia Tremor Control.
jocax The last (12th) song about New York.
jocax #2 From one of the best albuns of the year (Real Emotional Trash - Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks - 2008)
rrt921 awesome when he was 5ft away :)

The Beatles-Norwegian Wood

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lobo199 Only for yours eyes ... Albacete calling!!
hideaway se você é brasileiro e tem mais de 24 anos essa música vai tocar sua memória
djdangernun Still at work. Fridays are FUN!


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Eduda Eu também fico com a pureza da resposta das crianças!
threebears sleeping deepling dream noisy dream of blipstream
futurebiblehero @bruno hey, this one is nice, too. and i loved your schubert session a couple of days ago. incredible music!!! (reblip)
gigia let me say something ____________________ thats it. if you dont like it go to the complain dpto, be nice and remember to say "would you please..." LOL
threebears e que tampe!, arroz do punk!, na panela gigante!, do rei leããão!!!!!!!!..re-blipping @bruno_ ^_^ thanks! (reblip)
gigia tipo assim, impossivel dormir. sozinha em casa. cachorro calado. nenhum vento vindo do mar. caseiro de folga. se eu parar de blipar ligue 190
kali chaka raka chi chai cho chaka lo rum gando vando laka raka tum akko takko iddi giddi giddi go Iddi pai vidi pai chiki chaka cho gili gili mal sulu su
alxsantos Freeeeeeeeeeeee asss a biiiiiiird!


| play
marcusm reblip do Xaile. Bom pacas! MPP - Música Portuguesa Planetária (sic)
senhoritarosa coming and already going... just to say hi today. exhausted and going out do have dinner; yep, by midnight (thrill time!). nice friday everyone!
hideaway just wait for meeeeeee tooooooo shoooooooow yoooooouuuuu
hideaway uam coisa leva a outra, @bruno__ .... The loooooooooooooooud cloooooooooooooooooooooooud croooooooooooooooowds.... go up and over.......
bruno__ bonnie 'prince' billy participou do tanglewood numbers. faltou preston school of industry. a gente blipa depois.voudarprop prolauclaucraudpois o/!
bruno__ pavement então, regis! it's in how you inflect.Putha barkin thadog,and youvegottaagArdiaN.when the capital'sS, its followed by a T. cluStarszZ
lija terminei de ler suave é a noite ontem. toda vez que eu pegava no livro começava a cantar essa música.


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Ryankenstein My pinky finger on my left hand hurts, isn't that weird? check out blind melons version (reblip)
Mr315 Some albums still should come out...
chuy one of my favorites of a rush of blood to the head
skyroots reblip, Ela me disse: é tarde e merthiolate arde que só... =D (reblip)
bitter_ You were just a toy I am just insane.
headphone and it feels so now, everthing's so near
Thobias Todo mundo quer a Paz Mundial, inclusive a Miss Mundo .. hehehhe


| play
Faella Um dia... vc vai estar na minha!!!!

Negra Li Você Vai Estar Na Minha

| play
Lucsessions it´s my aeroplane, loud in my car :)
hideaway oh, meu amor

Ira E Pato Fu Telefone

| play
skutir I wish Buddy Holly had a song called Weezer.
HCE I do want a shady lane. More than a range life.
devobrain This is one of my favorite singles of the year coming from LA's own Henry Clay People, whose sound veers from E-Street band to Pavement.

The Beatles - All My Loving

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e_bag It's bad situation for everyone. I try, I try like a catcher in the rye.
e_bag it's pointless to wonder what life would be like with you and me ...I'm crying in my beer
toosweet4rnr i love that this song is about his cat.
luiz_com_z @OneLuvGurl, THANK YOU! I've been with this tune in my head since my teens and never got to discover its name (being instrumental didn't help).
tatihc_ música com o instrumento mais estranho do mundo.

Pato FuEu

| play
rgleeson first time I heard this was a road trip - late day/sun and glare, f-ing exhausted. Ripped it up, went from driving to DRIVING.
Nmity @bruno__: That is because many people like different types of music; they have little in common, in my opinion.
AprilAllYear @bruno__ thanks! i send a few props your way. nice to see you put a picture up! :)
hideaway @bruno__ lembrei desse clássico deles!
hideaway gostei da música do comercial!!!! @bruno__ , tarde mesmo, e amanhã acordo cedo... enfim, essa pra terminar porque todo mundo tem! :)
carolfour when you are near, i feel so far away from the person i am. alone i feel like i'm jumping on a trampoline...
carolfour i am the trick my mother played on the world
bruno__ q dia lindo! o sol batendo nas rochas, as arvores vento simplicidade,
bruno__ vermelho é a memória da cidade pequena azul (reblip)
tatihc_ porque a gente sabe, que a gente sabe DEMAAAAAAIS, sobre nós dois!
Rainoverlima Piensa. Y esperaba, esperaba, pero así es Thom, tú lo cantas, y el cuerpo canta contigo. Somos a veces sorpresas vivas.
carolfour o love, o love, o careless love... i only want to lay with you.
megmagdah contemplated object. clap track.
e_bag i can wipe away your tears now and i can make you smile. I'm not lying to myself now.
MsRedPen Like this? You can get the whole album free here: http://tinyurl.com/c5ljo7
statelypenguin Back when Of Montreal weren't all about gross sexual imposition and electronic music.
juniores começa assim de repente.... depois se torna uma música poderosa, ainda mais retardando o refrão como faz... quando vem... é um sarro só!!!

PavementAt & T

| play
juniores Porque agora é hora de coisas básicas...
juniores uma fúria contida que escapa aos pedaços... vai rachando... autodestrutiva e catártica!
ladypn Another accidental blip! Looking for another song, but this is kind of catchy! ;)
Psyrock @hanajiro @usuke8801 今更ですがハウル見るべきです><
statelypenguin I think its about his former heroin addiction.
statelypenguin MAYBE my favorite song ever. Perfect. And for once Malkmus stays on track the whole song. ...also reminds me my dog needs a bath.
carolfour i wish they didn't set mirrors behind the bar, cause i can't stand to look at my face, when i don't know where you are...
henryburns up, up & away


| play
statelypenguin YES! I love finding songs that maybe I didn't really like when they were released, but then nostalgia kicks in and I find myself missing the old days
ladypn I don't know what I want but I know....
pernasilici o blip agora tem mais músicas do NOFX para minha alegria e lamentação do resto do mundo.

NOFX-180 Degrees

| play
carolfour i gave you a child, and you didn't want it. that’s the most that i have to give.
Rudra 16 bit version! I used to be the best at this game =D
GiantPimpslapper The Shins - New Slang ...the mood fits and I blip...
Figgywithit Blip goes green...gotta love the new reblip symbol. Makes me feel like I'm doing something good for the environment when I reblip. And I guess I am...
magyang why hello, its 430 am and im wide awake and all i want to do is go out of this house and eat some ice cream. who's in?

DelaysJet Lag

| play
gabasanch I wanna be... really /// but I can't
sonicdork it's decent, pure power pop - have to give the whole album a listen before i rate it. i bet robin zander is pissed. :)
cammy Bom de ouvir enquanto LH se derrama ali (via @RustyBrown). (reblip)

The KinksLola

| play
JJDJ Seal – Kiss From A Rose (Acoustic Version)
bruno__ ah. hehe


| play
DoctorJack This reminds me of Mario 3 for some reason
ladypn So turn the radio on, so turn the radio up loud & get down, let your body move let your body sway, listen to the music play its magick!
ladypn Hide on the promenade etch a postcard How I dearly wish I was not here in the seaside town that they forgot to bomb Come (x3) - nuclear bomb SAD song!
TmzOS Sem querer achei uma musica legal. @bruno__ Setembro tempo bom... hehe
ladypn Standing in my broken heart all night long,darkness held me like a freind when love was lost.Looking for the land thats hidden in the cross
Rainoverlima The city, the home, the street, the busssing, the people, the kids, the posts, the music, the film, ¡all!. Ups, noise. Ups, life, ups, pause.
Rainoverlima Brindaría y brindaría por este libro blip. Grax, porque nos acompañamos. Zona musical.
GiantPimpslapper The Toadies - Possum Kingdom (1994)
ladypn Look my eyes are just holograms, Look your love has drawn red from my hands. From my hands you know you'll never be More than twist in my sobriety
Lagoon i like blipping, but it feels like sinning.
luiz_com_z @eliott_is_dead, você me lembrou de "fiz dois gol / dois gooooooo-oooool / eu sou o rei"
Gaz50 Beatles - The Long And Winding Road

Beatles - The Long And Winding Road

| play
daihard If only everything was done out of love...
rameshram ms subbulakshmi version


| play
Rainoverlima Los primeros blips y la ilusión musical.
SaoRibeiro Let´s flow between the see and the sand ... Sail away ...
itsBridj Hey there boy, you're beautiful.


| play
Bothan @bruno__ agora posso mimir tranquila. Vangelis tb é otimo! bom fim de semana! ate! ;)
blurci a la cama! buenas noches! All the melodies were stolen from songs by someone else...

DntelDumb Luck

| play
daihard Great track @Flying_Roundhouse! ... The Pretenders – The Wait (reblip)
larakiara Still haven't seen these live yet. One day...

Of Montreal-Sleeping In The Beetle Bug

| play
skyroots [The Pixies – The Happening] I just parked my car listening this song, but I didn't heard it completely... Doing right now =D
Will_the_bloke Lo-fi LA punksters ... Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti – Ghost-Town
srta_flor Felicidade é um bem natural
auxend my wife and I had a string quartet play this during our wedding...it was our moment to reflect... on the moment!
Leobarba Ta chegando a Hora de mimir ... mas aida não
mmeixide Caetano Veloso – Marinheiro Só

Yoshimoto - Do what u du

| play
hideaway não tem nada de brinks no meu job... =(
anebulosa a woman with the feeling of losing once or twice who knows how we could be tomorrow******b-sidesfeelens ;D
anebulosa #teenclassics cant get enough of this one, so intense emoness rsrsrs
by_starla [The Bevis Frond – The Speed of Light]
kristaprints Silver Jews – The Wild Kindness
natalia_oslo been a few times in a motel 6 bedroom thinking of this song.
evertonmoreth Especial pra @Mariana_Marinho !!! Acabaram-se seus problemas!!! ^^ Vai la Mari!!!


| play
caumonfer [Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks – Out Of Reaches]
caumonfer [Stephen Malkmus – Fractions and Feelings]
graham_r Here's an original from an Alan Lomax recording.


| play

Röyksopp 'Happy Up Here'

| play
bdurao Make it easy to be near you.

Btles.I Will

| play
elfgirl its a takin vows weekend. happy marriage to my bro and future sis <3
k_marie KATSUTARO, MISHIMA Issei -- Tokyo Ondo (1933)

東京音頭 小唄勝太郎 三島一声

| play
k_marie ニッチモ&サッチモ -- ケのうた (1975)


| play
BrunoHvk 84. Rosa - Orlando Silva (versão) #100MaioresMusicasBrasileiras

Rosa pixinguinha

| play
Cangyca 'I don't wanna knoooow cheat meeee....' ♫

NoFX - love story

| play
cammy It's like "the final battle" and shit.
futurebiblehero stay out of my nightmares, stay out of my dreams, you're not even welcome in my memories
hrleo Por fim, algo que sempre esteve na cara e deveria ser dito: Chaves...
charlesdemar Haysi Fantayzee – Shiny Shiny.
DSHS70 So much better than I was expecting.
theriseandfallof heard this song on Daytrotter the other night, I had forgotten all about it! be sure to check 'em out at www.daytrotter.com
by_starla RB@craigz--thank you!!! :) : "Ok, this one's for you by_starla. Not the best recording, but it picks up." (reblip)
DJHowieDewitt there's something about this sooong


| play
Davrocks Howdy @jmikeh @LocoStavos, give me a couple fo days and the whole box set will be up then we can have a frenzy! (reblip)
reelkid @lilyetc: "@by_starla - awww, thanks Lily! That's super sweet... your blips are pretty hot too! Thanks for this one... (reblip)

Of Montreal, Starman (acoustic)

| play
blurci ....this song is just perfect.
Lovecat @craigz ... i know, it's like a drug. i've been gutted over Chris ALL DAY. Seriously.
CmodulBaresi Dinosaur Jr. – The Wagon
CatfishFriend This is a great song. Not too folksy, just good guitar pop.
doubledrat Sodom, South Georgia (Live on Radio) – Iron and Wine

RADWIMPS おしゃかしゃま

| play
doubledrat @craigz: " just noticed some early show at the mercury lounge on 4/7 for best coast. tix still available. (reblip)
doubledrat Of Montreal – On the Drive Home
yamamiya Metric - The End Has No End (the Strokes Cover)
a0k WOW to this song. @bexible @seanhdoyle @gnoxis. amazing blip by @Contains_Catechins --& oh! i noticed you joined blip on my birthday :D (reblip)
AngelicRoach one of the most random songs... :)
Terrariums I actually like this version better than the album one. More energy.

Joanna Newsom in Austin Texas 10/27/07- Sweet Esme

| play
ms_cornwall that's it, I'm outta here for tonight. Will carry on tomorrow :) n'night xxxx Moon river – Henry Mancini
lilwldchld let me tell ya what I wanna do...

the morning benders -- lovefool

| play
bruno__ "via" reethahn. pop corny. oh wow oh wow wowowo
felipeborgesfl Mereciam cadeira permanente na Academia Brasileira de Letras.
alexisarguello "solo te estoy proponiendo que esta noche nos olvidemos de todo los dos..." (reblip)
sufferin_jukebox gn..sweetest dreams and even happier tomorrows...
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