bthecat THIS I ADORE>>>>>>>beauty incarnate....peaceful and pure.
penq Charles Aznavour – Hier encore
penq @Chopinforte I listened to your song and i really liked it, i think you've made a great job :) ... thanks for the props @tubilino
bthecat @randyhate this is SOOOO beautiful! Reminds me of Amelie and Delicatessen.... (reblip)


| play
bthecat Oh this is fab!!!! @randyhate: ""for me, you are an enigma"" (reblip)
onceacurmudgeon this is what i listen to when i hang out inside my faberge egg.
bthecat beautiful intro, slightly discordant, imperfect but perfect
Vtron "So very young, so very young were we."
bthecat @Vtron: "This is the prettiest/saddest song I've ever heard." Great stuff. (reblip)
bthecat FABULOUS!!!!@luisjsantos: "@bthecat for real drama try this drama pill (the best comes at the end) Opfer dieses Liedes (reblip)
Vtron "Scoreless victory for serendipity"
luisinho Strange, how dreams, well, they: <Trent Reznor – I'm Deranged (Reprise)>
onceacurmudgeon @picknick thanks so much for the zoe link. glad my initial reaction was correct. & definitely much more info than i previously knew.
bthecat @wildpeeta: "A super acoustic interpretation of Coldplay's "Trouble" by Obadiah Parker!" very pretty (reblip)
MacSonic Just before I go to bed...
onceacurmudgeon the cynic in me sort of dies momentarily when i hear this.
bthecat for @randyhate...repetition and a little discordancy....ever so slightly Ameliesque.
DubFreakz Cathy Berberian; her best known work is Stripsody (1966), in which she exploits her vocal technique using comic book sounds
bthecat @DubFreakz: "....from his upcoming coverversions-album ...@bthecat" thanx!!! (reblip)
luisinho bonjour! i wanna be your feuille <Iggy Pop – Les Feuilles Mortes (Live @ France Inter)>
bthecat a gift for @randyhate....I imagine this is bliss to you! i adore the movie
kbuech Andrew Bird – "Fitz and the Dizzyspells" (official video New2me, and I like, thx^_^ rb@schmaltz: "saturday morning people!" (reblip)
bthecat another from 'Paris Texas'
bthecat @Faddic: what a pretty, soothing sound (reblip)

Martina Topley-Bird : Anything

| play
Blippo Minoru Muraoka – The Positive And The Negative Wow, thanks! @kzythm: "和(japanese)Jazz!*9尺八&琴..."@nuffced,@tometty@Maigo @nakatake,@ishibutsu@yamaro (reblip)
bthecat @estrogen: "for you @randyhate .... have a nice weekend!" YES!!! The divine ms Lear... (reblip)
nakatake wow!:o thx! @kaoruo: これイイっすね!つか日本語で嬉しビックリw (reblip)

angelique kidjo summertime

| play
bthecat another childhood favourite...maybe this is why I am the way I am?
nakatake M. Ward – Let's Dance (Bowie)
onceacurmudgeon hehehehe... i could not pass up blipping this. though i sort of feel bad for not knowing about this version till now. me = slipping.... obviously.

You Only Live Twice song in French

| play
gypsywitch love this cover.

Wonderwall by Cat Power

| play
bthecat @nakatake: I LOVE THIS!!!!!! My TRACK OF THE DAY>>>>>>>thankx xx (reblip)

Let's Dance

| play
Blippo RB@bendrix: "he takes note that she digs D & B. This is soooo damn fresh never heard it B4. BTW I love my gals & miss ya'll=> vi@LYRIC <=Splendid! ♥♥♥ (reblip)
bthecat This and a few Chopin nocturnes are my holy grails....

Barry Lyndon, Trio op 100 (Schubert)

| play
Blippo das ist auch ein süßes Lied @mangoli (entfaltet sich erst im Duo:)
bthecat @lotuslight: wow! have run out of props 4 u!!! (reblip)

Cat PowerWerewolf

| play
Blippo Eclectic Blips! RB@liminal: ♥Thanks!♥ This is wonderful! @yohanp @karma_musings Kroke – Narodna - Ajde Jano (Serbian Piece in Jewish-Klezmer Style) (reblip)
bthecat belle. (reblip)

Say After Me (Belle De Jour)

| play
catarinapereira I just can't stop loving this.

RöyksoppRemind me

| play
nakatake yes japanese exactry,a girl reading poem. thanks! @Blippo: "( @nakatake it sounds sometimes like japanese?! ) " (reblip)
bthecat @randyhate: "this is simply beautiful. so good" This is completely and utterly exquisite. (reblip)

Sinead O'Connor "all apologies"

| play
onceacurmudgeon was looking for the petards version, but this is more than adequate

Vicky Leandros L'amor Est Bleu(Love Is Blue)

| play
iconoguy @ZiraZeta: "Thanks, @LYRIC! This one is for the new man in my life...who I'm crazy about!"@klitoria @Lambchop @leaferi @Leandro_Azevedo @lenore (reblip)

Led Zeppelin-Stairway to Heaven

| play
bthecat i want to be that woman in the video....deranged she may look...but it looks like fun....and shes giving it ALL.
Blippo THX@kzythm & vi@toosweet4rnr @nakatake A japanese girls duo singing latin music. Lush ;) To answer your question: I love different music cultures :) (reblip)
luisinho Milla in the sky with love @volante: "volantet nun davon. gute nacht." <Milla Jovovich – Satellite of Love> (reblip)
moonmelodies This man has swallowed kittens!

Juan Sonnada

| play
Faddic 'Morning to all...

Brigitte Fontaine - Comme à la radio 1969

| play
bthecat this shall be my signature track forever more. its so 'me'......

Tiga // Shoes

| play
bthecat this is FABBBBBBBBBBBBBB

Amazing Russian Matryoshkas Designed for Vogue

| play
bthecat @loftyboy. Completely trippy. (reblip)

Kuntz -- Butthole Surfers

| play
bthecat the sisters

The Puppini Sisters, "Jilted" (dir. Alex de Campi)

| play
bthecat i like lemon trees

The Bird and the Bee "My Love"

| play
onceacurmudgeon @ktinka oh my. this is utterly delightful. multiple thanks for the introduction. (reblip)
onceacurmudgeon and welcome back @estrogen you and your blips were missed. hope you had a nice vacation. (reblip)
onceacurmudgeon and now a few french popsters singing in english. #frenchpopfriday
Vtron @robotcarol thanks! It doesn't have any ink so it’s more of a showpiece. Maybe I'll use it as a musical instrument. ;)

alannah myles-black velvet with lyrics

| play
bthecat Now..this is more like bouffant, no opera, no extras. Just Lou and his guitar - perfect, perfect day. Happy Sunday!
onceacurmudgeon for some reason this song quite reminds me of thw wind up bird chronicles. yeah, i am not sure why either.
bthecat damnit...I want to look like that when i'm her age. Elle est fabuleux.
Vtron "See a sea anemone the enemy see a sea anemone that'll be the end of me..."
thrak Fito Paez - Floto en Buenos Aires

Fito Paez Floto en Buenos Aires

| play
bthecat @randyhate: "@estrogen this is freaking spectacular! " agreed......he looks like te bloke from that 80's coconuts band.. (reblip)

BOSKO & HONEY'S holiday love-in

| play

Shakespeare's Sister-Stay

| play
bthecat @randyhate: lovely...& even more lovely as I'm blipping from the city of wonderfulness itself...Paris (reblip)

La chanson d'hélène

| play
bthecat blipping from paris

Jane BirkinQuoi

| play
bthecat pretty from Paris

Yael NaimPuppet

| play
luisinho buenas a la madrid de los rebeldes <JEANETTE – Soy rebelde, 1971>
nakatake thanks @28apple_chic: "A Ribbon for my hair would be nice. But I'd rather have a valium for my nerves today!!" (reblip)
bthecat lovely

Au Revoir Simone-The Lucky One

| play
bthecat @28apple_chic: "What a treat. Frapsy and Middleton combo!! Mmmmmmmmmmmm" (reblip)
Blippo Tengo que blipear esa @irgendwas (gracias por Mecano) Extraordinaria e inolvidable.
bthecat @DubFreakz: "antother great fire-eater, called paff @Gruenpol" This is unreal!!!! Marlene singing Puff??? Cwazy. (reblip)
bthecat @randyhate: "one of the most hauntingly beautiful songs ever recorded. love this so so so much." I agree!!! (reblip)

Lady & Bird Suicide is Painless

| play
bthecat serge loved this so much, he interpreted it as the divine 'Jane B', for JB.
bthecat heavenly divine rain in the morning....
bthecat very beautiful.

Ez3kiel Requiem

| play
bthecat @Blippo thanks for the introduction. All the good things in life, from ez3kiel....powerful stuff.
bthecat give this time to evolve, its sublime.
bthecat working thru their stuff and loving it...sort of 'museish', 'marrionetish' 'dresdendollsish', 'portisheadish' .....clever.


| play
SweetGwendoline "Cancion del Alma" from "Tie me up, tie me down" w/ Loles Leon. S'weird but makes perfect sense if u've seen flick
estrogen thanks @Tranquil - never beg, sweetie ;) this one's for you

Lenka- Trouble Is A Friend

| play
Feuervogel inspired by @Daeflyn :-) Einstürzende Neubauten – Stella Maris
nakatake 一起去旅行﹝Let's go travelling﹞ 魏如萱

一起去旅行 -娃娃魏如萱waa

| play
Vtron Here's a song for you @yatzy. It's by a band called Textile Ranch. (I know the video is a little odd, but I like it.) :)

Girls Leave School In Waves

| play
Awannabeangel ♫ Annie Lennox – A Whiter Shade Of Pale
bthecat @GrimmOmen: "Cyndi Lauper at her best - shedding the be-bop stuff. Goosebumps!" (reblip)
luisinho Replay - Look out, they'll tear your insides out, 'cos everybody hates a tourist <William Shatner – Common People>
onceacurmudgeon i am so enamored by this song. still. it makes my head swim. so damn good. #frenchpopfriday

Coeur de pirate || Comme des enfants

| play
422___PUMA____422 @bthecat: "i'm going to be EXTREMELY idle tomorrow, in fact the most idle I've ever been. :)" (reblip)

The Importance Of Being Idle

| play
bthecat AMAZING........@olumi_day: "Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child – Kathleen Emery" (reblip)
bthecat personal version of 'in a manner of speaking'

[In a Manner Of Speaking] Acoustic Cover by My Blue Clouds ♫

| play
matwater213 Nice, @leaferi: "Oh good, an excuse to blip this again. The single hottest video ever. rb@bluetyson: "@djdoubleX: "thanks;) ... @cremeweiss."""" (reblip)
maypuffy ^ I've heard some corny birds who tried to sing, but a cat's the only cat who knows how to swing ^ :)
bthecat that is THE most beautiful DRESS!!!! I want it...never mind Yehudi. (reblip)

Who's Yehoodi?

| play
onceacurmudgeon and all of a sudden i need to hear this.

Sinead O'Connor "all apologies"

| play
toxiferous @Faddic: Oh, before I go I wanted to mention that I checked out your photography and art! Amazing work! I'm in awe. (And this is a great song.) (reblip)
onceacurmudgeon also, anyone enjoying the elliott smith tribute needs to listen @prettyfnmess now, as she is doing it as well: (reblip)
trixiedelite running out of inspiration, any suggestions for more Brazilian covers?
Blippo The studio version is quite different ... softer.

Gus Gusbelieve

| play
matwater213 Blondie Vs. The Doors... "Rapture Riders"... <<Mashup>>
bthecat gnarls again

Who's Gonna Save My Soul

| play
bthecat gnarls

Gnarls Barkley-Transformer

| play
bthecat gnarls cover...a japanese vibe

Violin Cover: "Crazy" Gnarls Barkley

| play
DJHILLFUNK gotta listen to!!
chaacattac Horace Andy - Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone

Horace Andy "Ain't No Sunshine When She Gone"

| play
Vtron @yatzy I like this song. I've heard it before in a movie called "Palindromes". It was one of the strangest movies I've ever seen. (reblip)

Grote Kunst Voor Kleine Mensen: Chocolade haas (Chocolate bunny)

| play
Vtron Great, now I want some chocolate (Doesn't this song have a slightly disturbing sinister tone to it?). Maybe I shouldn't have any chocolate.
Lichtmalerin Ça me souviens la Bretagne et les fleurs sauvages au rochers auprès Ile Besnard ...
bthecat Ederlezi, breathlessly divine.
Lichtmalerin Martha Argerich plays Jeux d'eau (Ravel) ... most fascinating pianist ever ...

Martha Argerich,Ravel Jeux d'eau

| play
onceacurmudgeon @melpimenta oh.. i absolutely love this. thanks for the introduction (reblip)

Lovage-Sex (I'm a)

| play
bthecat fabulous mashup...Blondie & portishead with a bit of Kanye thrown in for good the vid

Sour Glass (Portishead vs Blondie vs Kanye West)

| play
bthecat bond & Barry & Nancy sinatra

james bond nancy sinatra john barry mashup

| play
DareToEatAPeach Well I'm not a designer. @anothercraze: "I'm pretty sure blip almost entirely consists of designers (reblip)
nakatake Never On Sunday (Water Melon Group)

Never On Sunday (Water Melon Group)

| play
nakatake Fly Me To The Moon (Water Melon Group)

Fly Me To The Moon (Water Melon Group)

| play
estrogen something for my @thrak.... nice cover I find....
chaacattac Rona Hartner & DJ Click - Inel Inel De Aur (Bucovina Dub)

Rona Hartner DJ Click Inel Inel De Aur Bucovina Dub

| play
chaacattac muy bueno tambien ;-)> las Nomadas - en la busqueda

NOMHADAS en la busqueda

| play
DareToEatAPeach rb@handstamp: "Monday Funnies... " (reblip)

Shatner Of The Mount by Fall On Your Sword

| play
bthecat blondie / the doors

Blondie " Rapture Riders" ( 2006 Video Remix)

| play
bthecat protect me from what I want.....hmmmm, indeed. @AndreaUrbanFox: (reblip)
bthecat running up that hill - placebo boys
bthecat exceleent!!@nakatake: "Fly Me To The Moon (Water Melon Group)" (reblip)

Fly Me To The Moon (Water Melon Group)

| play
bthecat picture yourself in a boat on the river with tangerine trees and marmalade skies....

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

| play
bthecat @Cephy: "Emilie Autumn – If You Feel Better" (reblip)
onceacurmudgeon this is jut amazing.

"Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey" By Paul McCartney

| play

The Pierces "Boring"

| play
luisinho ui si si <Martirio - Si te contara>

Martirio "Si te contara"

| play
thrak have a great time blippers ~ Mike Oldfield - Serpent Dream
bthecat @paperama: "and i don't know me either, sometimes" (reblip)

You Don't Know Me Ben Folds feat. Regina Spektor

| play
estrogen hello sweet @klitoria - wie geht's berlin?

MARVIN GAYE & TAMMI TERRELL "Ain't no Mountain High Enough"

| play
bthecat vaya con dios. great stuff.....
bthecat YES!!! non stupid imeem version....

Persepolis-Eye of the tiger par Chiara Mastroianni

| play

Miles Davis "Summertime" (1958)

| play
iankath Haunting tune & not tango but I want to, Anyone care for a Tango?
nakatake ドビュッシー/月の光 ジャズmix Debussy/Clair de Lune jazz mix (record

ドビュッシー/月の光 ジャズmix Debussy/Clair de Lune jazz mix (record

| play
bthecat Toby Benson - La Mere de Ma Mere.
bthecat Arthur H - Le baiser de la lune
bthecat arthur chanson de satie - beautiful.
bthecat emilie simon...the frozen world

Emilie Simon--The Frozen World

| play
anna8687 Stereophonics - Angie ... Their great version of this great great song. Night night everyone. *smooches* #OverAndOut


| play
ilbis Mash up Beatles Vs Nine inch Nails

Mash up Beatles Vs Nine inch Nails

| play
pkate Whistling makes everything better.
onceacurmudgeon @bthecat this is my all time favorite marianne faithfull song. just heavenly. and yes, her cracked voice = genius. pure and simple genius.
DubFreakz …Claire Denamur – In the mood for l'amour
luisinho bestoff: shout, shout, ready or not <Les Reines Prochaines (Wicked Game cover)> (reblip)
onceacurmudgeon totally makes me swoon. @bthecat obviously gets my favorite blipper of the day for finding this band. i'm totally obsessed...
onceacurmudgeon @sudaca70 love your list this evening. makes me want to move. a lot. this is so good. of course... (reblip)
matwater213 More Fiona Apple... "You moved like honey in my dream last night..."
onceacurmudgeon @LolaLulu: "randyhate It's #frenchpopfriday" bit too early for me, but i'll cheat to play along. one of my favorite post gainsbourg france gall songs. (reblip)
bthecat superb and amazing video @chaacattac: "Que Sera - Wax Tailor" (reblip)

Que SeraWax Tailor

| play
bthecat LOVE LOVE LOVE........@chaacattac: "Buscemi, 'Sahib Balkan'" (reblip)

Buscemi, 'Sahib Balkan'

| play
luisinho puríssimo <La Lupe - Puro Teatro (Almodóvar Laberinto de Pasiones OST>

La Lupe Puro Teatro

| play
onceacurmudgeon @paperama: "lovely." flipping incredible! @weething i know you will want in on this. everyone else should as well. my spine tingles w/ possibility. (reblip)
luisinho y no parar de viajar del invierno al verano, de madrid a new york, del abrazo al olvido <Yo quiero ser una chica Almodovar>

Yo quiero ser una chica Almodovar

| play
luisinho @djilo now mixing a bossa nova mood with a italian mood :) @luisjsantos <Mina – Chega de saudade>
luisinho this is a sunday film about a fish, you know fishes don't think cause they know everything <This is A Film – Iggy Pop (Goran Bregovič)>
bthecat Now. THIS is my DREAM vocal combination: Antony & Lou. Mesmeric....

Antony & Lou Reed : Candy Says

| play
bthecat unbearably interlude from Diamanda.
bthecat @Faddic..theres a distinct autumn bite in the London air today..even though its sunny. Where did the summer go?

Rachelle Ferrell Autumn Leaves 1989

| play
bthecat j'aime le poisson

SAINT PRIVAT poisson rouge

| play
bthecat see you later blipdom....Alpha (you have to hear this.....heartbreakingly smoooooth)
LadyB74 Yves Montand - Les Feuilles Mortes...Lol, maar de Shorts konden toch echt niet ontbreken in mijn playlist@Lucindalala ben in een 'franse' stemming:-)
Faddic Thanks for that one and the 3 after :)rb@Mysterymix (reblip)
DubFreakz …thanx for this gem¡…vi @steveshelley (reblip)

Marie Laforet-Toi mon amour mon ami

| play

ANJA GARBAREK beyond my control

| play
asko_b Thx for reblips und props to @frau_one @giesebrecht @Feuervogel @bthecat and endless fighting @amphore Good luck for you!

Via con me (It´s wonderful). Paolo Conte.

| play
PavlovsStepson TIm Curry cover of Dionne Warwick classic
asko_b Sandra und Roger haben ihr Studio in Kreuzberg und ich war noch immer nicht zu Besuch. Kommt auf to-do-list


| play
aebar rb@chelseagirl19: "This song destroys me : Ane Brun – The Treehouse Song" (reblip)
estrogen feel just like I need some camille right now...
asko_b She´s so beautiful!!! @digitpt: "Katie Melua – Two Bare Feet" (reblip)
luisinho today's winner for 'best name for an orchestra', dance me to the end of rehab babe <Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra – Rehab (Amy Winehouse)>
Mistadobalina @blackgrapes: "Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman?♫ ♥❀✶ ♫" (reblip)
bthecat bear with me, while I get Damien out of my system tonight.....☤

Goldfrapp-It's Not Over Yet(Grace & Klaxons Cover)

| play
Faddic rb@negar:"In separation from thee, The blood of my heart gushes out of my eyes/This afflicted heart of mine, Has woven ur love,To the stuff of life.." (reblip)

mystic bird vi.wmv

| play
negar Slow like honey. Tell me, does that scare you? (reblip)
bthecat he's under him...
josymelo Alabama Song by Marianne Faithfull phiiiiina!!!!

Alabama Song by Marianne Faithfull

| play
Faddic |

Fisher -You

| play
bthecat my adored Chopin piece...Muse, come and play in my house PLEASE!! @Mistadobalina (reblip)
bthecat OMG...THIS I have to play over and over...on a loop. MUSE, I adore you guys..the perfect blend of classical & contemporary @Mistadobalina (reblip)

Muse- Exogenesis : Symphony Part lll (Redemption) Full Song New Song 2009

| play

L'été L'été(夏) / Brigitte Fontaine

| play

Chick Corea and Bobby McFerrin (Montreux Jazz Festival 2001)

| play
kaoruo Short Film (; ;) (reblip)

Father and Daughter

| play
DubFreakz Natalya Pivovarov † sept. 24,2007…russian singer,founding member of Kolibri,founded in 1988,they combined elements of pop,post-punk, cabaret & chanson

Колибри "Темочка"

| play
bthecat @chaacattac: "Circus C-Mon & Kypski – C-Mon & Kypski (feat. Amsterdam Klezmer Band)" (reblip)
Blippo Wow@amphore: "Emil Klein, Wolfgang Manz – Johannes Brahms - Sonata n 1" Du blipst so bunt und schön ;) (reblip)
bthecat FABULOUS@sonioushka: "Thanks! @Jalapeno: " "I Wanna Kiss You All Over & over again""" (reblip)
bthecat sammy, the coolest dude..beautiful@Lichtmalerin: "Für @amphore ... Sammy Davis Jr, Mr. Bojangles ... " (reblip)

Sammy Davis Jr

| play
bthecat oh man...that accent....sing to me baby. live zis life of luxury.....fab....@Mysterymix - you're welcome (as they say here in the US of A).
bthecat @chaacattac: "Circus C-Mon & Kypski – C-Mon & Kypski (feat. AKB)"" (reblip)
Faddic Sooo Beautiful!.. and wish u happy unity day too :) rb@Annamira: "the most beautiful song I ever heard.. " (reblip)

Mysteries of Love...

| play

Candle Chant ( A Tribute )

| play
bthecat thnx @krisp....heres a longer version
luisinho de mercedes a amália, de buenosaires a lisboa, com paragem no Maxime para ouvir Lula Pena <Lula Pena - Fria Claridade (Amalia cover)>

Lula Pena Fria Claridade

| play
asko_b Really nice! Ty @ShiaoMei: "nice 1! ty((: @santamistura: "@popr333 thankssssssssss i love this version ;o)"" (reblip)
exit_music Last one... I do love cellos...g'nite rb@spacespencer: "great one from 'In Utero' with Cello. " (reblip)
bthecat how beautiful@IKR: "RolandDyens – Tango en Skai" (reblip)


| play
onceacurmudgeon @MsStephanie do you know this version? not really an antony fan, but this is just... damn...

Antony & Lou Reed : Candy Says

| play
bthecat getting sleepy.....✡

Turkish lullaby

| play
exit_music Luz Casal ~ Un año de amor
ishibutsu RB@Squashpants: "Pseudo-Exotica lounge music by unclassifiable artist Harry Nilsson...." (reblip)
seb098 @ladypn: "Love the song@T_DeBarros. Her costume is hysterical! ;) : "Art of Noise. Moments In Love. ```wouldnt want 2 b that turtle``` *Hi @ladypn ☺ " (reblip)
yamamiya Wild Honey - Hal Blaine's Beat
bthecat Fabulous quality recording...just back from talking to Biba Hulanicki.....the fashion sensation of 1973.
yukiiime A different taste of music

Greg and Kamel improvise classical music (cello + piano)

| play
paulastudio thnx & love xoxoxoxo :) rb@tubilino: "hola@GR8FL ...<3 this song! thx :)" (reblip)
onceacurmudgeon apparently sam taylor-wood just directed a movie about a young pre-beatles john lennon: she = awesome artist, so thumbs up to this
firstladypatate Thx @bthecat: "Yes!!!!!@paperama: "so so fantastic"" (reblip)

Ma cafetiere clip 2008 zen k

| play
bthecat @Mysterymix: "!1 one my fav song ! love 2 both § <3@manipulator: "many thx RB @sputnicker: (reblip)
bthecat ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥some of zem want to be used by u
bthecat marrying the glorious Mr Depp does this to a 'joe le taxi' girl...

Vanessa Paradis L'eau A La Bouche

| play
luisinho fake fade out <Broken Social Scene – Her Disappearing Theme>
PavlovsStepson Rupa & The April Fishes – Maintenant @Junchai
ptneves Contribuir para a história privada da Europa através das memórias de cada um de nós »»
eraser Jeanne Moreau sings India Song

Jeanne Moreau sings India Song

| play
Faddic J'ai trouvé ma chanson dans ton playlist,et y'a q’une seule pers. qu’elle connait. Il fallait que tu me dises du début que c'est toi! Ravi @lalouve (reblip)

am i really losing you

| play
estrogen bonjour à tous - et specialement à mon @randyhate


| play
faceyman Peter Green – Black Magic Woman [Acoustic Version]
bthecat ecoute!....oui...c'est genial....monsieur khaled

Cheb Khaled & Cheb Mami 100%.Arabica

| play
bthecat how about this @BBlanca ? this should do it......

"Chocolate Rain" Original Song by Tay Zonday

| play
kaoruo @3faucons: 拝読させていただき胸に迫ってくるものがあります。心よりお悔やみ申し上げます。雪国より。 (reblip)
bthecat LOVE to death ♥♥♥@Gattopardo: "Can't resist a little Halloween tango. El tango de la muerte, anyone? " (reblip)
spacespencer @DChain ... hier eine schöne Überraschung, wenn du wieder da bist! ;-)
bthecat ✺Marlene...if you go away..bitte geh nicht fort.✺
bthecat ✺boy george✺if I could fly ☤

boy george if i could fly

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bthecat ✺kevin aviance✺ freak it
Mysterymix loves particles fx 2 /thx@bjerre: "One of the most beautiful videos I've seen in a long time" (reblip)
bthecat it looks like theres a bunch of us heading out to chill on an island somewhere?
bthecat Play ping pong, whilst looking at the sky.☝

Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra- Kiss The Sky

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bthecat rush....give it time.....Harry Dean.♥


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Jeanne Cherhal "Douze fois par an"

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Reparata-Shoes (Very Rare Song Good Quality)

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tokyoblues Milva: Una Sera di Tokyo ミルバ:ウナ セラ ディ 東京

Milva: Una Sera di Tokyo ミルバ:ウナ セラ ディ 東京

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bthecat goldfrapp=fab video=fab lyrics=fab sound=perfect.

Goldfrapp: Cologne Cerrone Houdini Video

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bthecat @luisjsantos: "De olhos fincados no rio <Misia – Que fazes aí Lisboa? (Amália Rodrigues)>" (reblip)
bthecat beautiful...great beat@myeitheror: "<3333333333333333333!!!!!!!!!" (reblip)

Al Green Love and Happines

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bthecat Cooler then the coolest..♕Axiom Funk♕
DesertLily Lovely. RB@GR8FL: "sweetness as she covers Cohen... big yum" (reblip)
bthecat satie..gnossienne ..remix

Erik Satie Gnossienne No1 Break Beat Remix♫

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lunagalla wow, i love the film i love the song thx rb@GR8FL: "my favorite @nvaquero @hawk_pl from Motorcycle Diaries " (reblip)
reyty1 O que será (à flor da pele) – Chico e Milton

Radiohead Creep Acoustic Flash

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Mysterymix Monuments .ça me fait chaud au coeur@bthecat: "@Mysterymix" (reblip)

Debussy: L'après-midi d'un faune (Stokowski) part 1/2

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DameGlorious ......when u get a good tune sing it to ur answering machine, then you won't lose the tune. . . good one.
bthecat blue velvet dreamz

Velvet Dreams (Roy Orbison vs Bobby Vinton)

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bthecat ☝☝☝☝to all my all have great tasssssste......a liddle bit of everything here.....☝☝☝☝
Mysterymix :)@toobad: "goin' out for turntablist, Sesame Street raver and Alan Sugar mash-up maestro @mattidread ; )" (reblip)
bthecat caetano y lila

Burn it Blue Caetano Veloso and Lila Downs

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bthecat DIVINE ♛via@bax♛: "Va - Naosol and The Waxx Blend - Clint Eastwood (Orig. by Gorillaz) @darialalala : c'est une bombe ;)" (reblip)
bthecat superb@randyhate: "if only chan sang this in french i think i would be able to die happy." (reblip)

NINA SIMONE on DAVID BOWIE, JANIS JOPLIN and singing STARS( Live at Montreux, 1976)

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bthecat mon dieu♥ where do u get this stuff from..its unreal@Mysterymix: "thanks to be here @bthecat" (reblip)
Mysterymix heyo/nice to meet rrb@leffi333: "floating on the silence that sorrounds us" (reblip)
bthecat something in the way she moved.

The Beatles Something Featuring Josephine Baker,

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Faddic Dank, und guter Morgen zu Ihnen :) beautiful song! rb@Annamira: "GutenMorgenGrüsse >Faddic ..." (reblip)


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Faddic Damn.. Not just a favorite blues.. so sexy too! Thanks for this unique live! rb@SkyeCebh: " GM Lovelies! Thank you, My fave blues! :) >Faddic ..." (reblip)
onceacurmudgeon clearly, the world needs far more of this.

amanda lear video for 'alphabet' (1977)

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bthecat One from the ♥, that reminds me...must pack that red dress and those snake skin platforms.

One from the heart vs Wild at heart

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chaacattac Waldeck – Midsummer Night Blues
chaacattac chaacattac is blipping back with a huge discovery : Parov Stelar - Chambermaid Swing for beginning
Mysterymix @bendrix: "Love my Brazilian peeps. Thanx for the translations.§ If u a need a french tornado translator, u know u can count on me ;p (reblip)
bthecat aaaaaargh..its hurts, its SOOOOO good. tracks like this cause me pain...@Mysterymix One for our 1st compilation Monsieur mix? (reblip)
AlloMarcel Laurent Dury & Natasja Vermeer – Emmanuelle
leffi333 lovely! thx @mnemosine: "danse avec moi la mazurka dans mon théâtre des lèvres ce soir" ... @avivamagnolia @leffi333 @choochooo @InKiostroBianco ... " (reblip)
bthecat is gonna start a Blip SELF HELP GROUP. Takers??? :)
bthecat :) @lovethemusic: "- Helena Noguerra – Can't Get You Out of My Head" (reblip)
bthecat i do now..... ☺@mnemosine: "but you don't have this! @bthecat" (reblip)

the ballad of henry darger

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bthecat ♘♘♘♘♘♘♘♘♘♘♘♘♘♞♘♘♘♘♘♘♘♘♘♘♘♘♘♘
bthecat orca!

Goldfrapp vs Lenny Kravitz

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Mysterymix The Cat Empire – Hotel California

Christophe Willem & Valérie Lemercier

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Mysterymix A dire vrai je suis Un faussaire de compagnie, Un preneur de large, Un joueur de courants d'air, Un repris de justesse, Un éternel évadé, Un faiseur _

- Evadé -

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Loafer Kahan Hai Woh Diwana

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yohanp вдруг, слышу за собою совы нежные! )) @au2845

Les PiresSova

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bthecat :) rb@Coetzeef: ""Lila Downs - Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps"" (reblip)
LolaLulu Bye bye Blipbabies & here comes night & sleep well..❣

La Valse a Mille Temps 1961 (high quality)

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bthecat rb@mgill: "I dig Ananda Shankar, genius before his time, thanks @winukomi (reblip)

Ananda Shankar-Dancing Drums

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bthecat @LeParadis Monsieur Reno deshabille (well.....sort of :))
bthecat nick cave does bowie does Lou☚ ♥ ♆ ⚉⚉ nothing is quite...whatever it seems.