bthecat THIS I ADORE>>>>>>>beauty incarnate....peaceful and pure.
penq Charles Aznavour – Hier encore
penq @Chopinforte I listened to your song and i really liked it, i think you've made a great job :) ... thanks for the props @tubilino
bthecat @randyhate this is SOOOO beautiful! Reminds me of Amelie and Delicatessen.... (reblip)


| play
bthecat Oh this is fab!!!! @randyhate: ""for me, you are an enigma"" (reblip)
onceacurmudgeon this is what i listen to when i hang out inside my faberge egg.
bthecat beautiful intro, slightly discordant, imperfect but perfect
Vtron "So very young, so very young were we."
bthecat @Vtron: "This is the prettiest/saddest song I've ever heard." Great stuff. (reblip)
bthecat FABULOUS!!!!@luisjsantos: "@bthecat for real drama try this drama pill (the best comes at the end) Opfer dieses Liedes (reblip)
Vtron "Scoreless victory for serendipity"
luisjsantos Strange, how dreams, well, they: <Trent Reznor – I'm Deranged (Reprise)>
onceacurmudgeon @picknick thanks so much for the zoe link. glad my initial reaction was correct. & definitely much more info than i previously knew.
bthecat @wildpeeta: "A super acoustic interpretation of Coldplay's "Trouble" by Obadiah Parker!" very pretty (reblip)
MacSonic Just before I go to bed...
onceacurmudgeon the cynic in me sort of dies momentarily when i hear this.
bthecat for @randyhate...repetition and a little discordancy....ever so slightly Ameliesque.
DubFreakz Cathy Berberian; her best known work is Stripsody (1966), in which she exploits her vocal technique using comic book sounds
bthecat @DubFreakz: "....from his upcoming coverversions-album ...@bthecat" thanx!!! (reblip)
luisjsantos bonjour! i wanna be your feuille <Iggy Pop – Les Feuilles Mortes (Live @ France Inter)>
bthecat a gift for @randyhate....I imagine this is bliss to you! i adore the movie
kbuech Andrew Bird – "Fitz and the Dizzyspells" (official video New2me, and I like, thx^_^ rb@schmaltz: "saturday morning people!" (reblip)
bthecat another from 'Paris Texas'
bthecat @Faddic: what a pretty, soothing sound (reblip)

Martina Topley-Bird : Anything

| play
Blippo Minoru Muraoka – The Positive And The Negative Wow, thanks! @kzythm: "和(japanese)Jazz!*9尺八&琴..."@nuffced,@tometty@Maigo @nakatake,@ishibutsu@yamaro (reblip)
bthecat @estrogen: "for you @randyhate .... have a nice weekend!" YES!!! The divine ms Lear... (reblip)

Amanda LearFever

| play
nakatake wow!:o thx! @kaoruo: これイイっすね!つか日本語で嬉しビックリw (reblip)

angelique kidjo summertime

| play
bthecat another childhood favourite...maybe this is why I am the way I am?
nakatake M. Ward – Let's Dance (Bowie)
onceacurmudgeon hehehehe... i could not pass up blipping this. though i sort of feel bad for not knowing about this version till now. me = slipping.... obviously.

You Only Live Twice song in French

| play
gypsywitch love this cover.

Wonderwall by Cat Power

| play
bthecat @nakatake: I LOVE THIS!!!!!! My TRACK OF THE DAY>>>>>>>thankx xx (reblip)

Let's Dance

| play
Blippo RB@bendrix: "he takes note that she digs D & B. This is soooo damn fresh never heard it B4. BTW I love my gals & miss ya'll=> vi@LYRIC <=Splendid! ♥♥♥ (reblip)
bthecat This and a few Chopin nocturnes are my holy grails....

Barry Lyndon, Trio op 100 (Schubert)

| play
Blippo das ist auch ein süßes Lied @mangoli (entfaltet sich erst im Duo:)

Miss LiTuck you in

| play
bthecat @lotuslight: wow! have run out of props 4 u!!! (reblip)

Cat PowerWerewolf

| play
Blippo Eclectic Blips! RB@liminal: ♥Thanks!♥ This is wonderful! @yohanp @karma_musings Kroke – Narodna - Ajde Jano (Serbian Piece in Jewish-Klezmer Style) (reblip)
bthecat belle. (reblip)

Say After Me (Belle De Jour)

| play
catarinapereira I just can't stop loving this.

RöyksoppRemind me

| play
nakatake yes japanese exactry,a girl reading poem. thanks! @Blippo: "( @nakatake it sounds sometimes like japanese?! ) " (reblip)
bthecat @randyhate: "this is simply beautiful. so good" This is completely and utterly exquisite. (reblip)

Sinead O'Connor "all apologies"

| play
onceacurmudgeon was looking for the petards version, but this is more than adequate

Vicky Leandros L'amor Est Bleu(Love Is Blue)

| play
iconoguy @ZiraZeta: "Thanks, @LYRIC! This one is for the new man in my life...who I'm crazy about!"@klitoria @Lambchop @leaferi @Leandro_Azevedo @lenore (reblip)

Led Zeppelin-Stairway to Heaven

| play
bthecat i want to be that woman in the video....deranged she may look...but it looks like fun....and shes giving it ALL.

Black HeartCalexico

| play
Blippo THX@kzythm & vi@toosweet4rnr @nakatake A japanese girls duo singing latin music. Lush ;) To answer your question: I love different music cultures :) (reblip)
luisjsantos Milla in the sky with love @volante: "volantet nun davon. gute nacht." <Milla Jovovich – Satellite of Love> (reblip)
gwyllion This man has swallowed kittens!

Juan Sonnada

| play
bthecat @randyhate: "i equally love this version." So do I .... (reblip)
Faddic 'Morning to all...

Brigitte Fontaine - Comme à la radio 1969

| play
bthecat this shall be my signature track forever more. its so 'me'......

Tiga // Shoes

| play
bthecat this is FABBBBBBBBBBBBBB

Amazing Russian Matryoshkas Designed for Vogue

| play
bthecat @loftyboy. Completely trippy. (reblip)

Kuntz -- Butthole Surfers

| play
bthecat the sisters

The Puppini Sisters, "Jilted" (dir. Alex de Campi)

| play
bthecat i like lemon trees

The Bird and the Bee "My Love"

| play
onceacurmudgeon @ktinka oh my. this is utterly delightful. multiple thanks for the introduction. (reblip)
onceacurmudgeon and welcome back @estrogen you and your blips were missed. hope you had a nice vacation. (reblip)
onceacurmudgeon and now a few french popsters singing in english. #frenchpopfriday
Vtron @robotcarol thanks! It doesn't have any ink so it’s more of a showpiece. Maybe I'll use it as a musical instrument. ;)


| play

alannah myles-black velvet with lyrics

| play
bthecat Now..this is more like bouffant, no opera, no extras. Just Lou and his guitar - perfect, perfect day. Happy Sunday!
onceacurmudgeon for some reason this song quite reminds me of thw wind up bird chronicles. yeah, i am not sure why either.
bthecat damnit...I want to look like that when i'm her age. Elle est fabuleux.
Vtron "See a sea anemone the enemy see a sea anemone that'll be the end of me..."

Andrew BirdAnonanimal

| play
thrak Fito Paez - Floto en Buenos Aires

Fito Paez Floto en Buenos Aires

| play
bthecat @randyhate: "@estrogen this is freaking spectacular! " agreed......he looks like te bloke from that 80's coconuts band.. (reblip)

BOSKO & HONEY'S holiday love-in

| play

Shakespeare's Sister-Stay

| play
bthecat @randyhate: lovely...& even more lovely as I'm blipping from the city of wonderfulness itself...Paris (reblip)

La chanson d'hélène

| play
bthecat blipping from paris

Jane BirkinQuoi

| play
luisjsantos buenas a la madrid de los rebeldes <JEANETTE – Soy rebelde, 1971>

JEANETTESoy rebelde

| play
nakatake thanks @28apple_chic: "A Ribbon for my hair would be nice. But I'd rather have a valium for my nerves today!!" (reblip)
bthecat lovely

Au Revoir Simone-The Lucky One

| play
bthecat @28apple_chic: "What a treat. Frapsy and Middleton combo!! Mmmmmmmmmmmm" (reblip)
Blippo Tengo que blipear esa @irgendwas (gracias por Mecano) Extraordinaria e inolvidable.
bthecat @DubFreakz: "antother great fire-eater, called paff @Gruenpol" This is unreal!!!! Marlene singing Puff??? Cwazy. (reblip)
bthecat @randyhate: "one of the most hauntingly beautiful songs ever recorded. love this so so so much." I agree!!! (reblip)

Lady & Bird Suicide is Painless

| play
bthecat serge loved this so much, he interpreted it as the divine 'Jane B', for JB.
bthecat heavenly divine rain in the morning....
bthecat very beautiful.

Ez3kiel Requiem

| play
bthecat @Blippo thanks for the introduction. All the good things in life, from ez3kiel....powerful stuff.

Ez3kielVersus - Clip

| play
bthecat give this time to evolve, its sublime.

EZ3kielPremier Flocon

| play
bthecat working thru their stuff and loving it...sort of 'museish', 'marrionetish' 'dresdendollsish', 'portisheadish' .....clever.


| play
SweetGwendoline "Cancion del Alma" from "Tie me up, tie me down" w/ Loles Leon. S'weird but makes perfect sense if u've seen flick
estrogen thanks @Tranquil - never beg, sweetie ;) this one's for you

Lenka- Trouble Is A Friend

| play
Feuervogel inspired by @Daeflyn :-) Einstürzende Neubauten – Stella Maris
nakatake 一起去旅行﹝Let's go travelling﹞ 魏如萱

一起去旅行 -娃娃魏如萱waa

| play
Vtron Here's a song for you @yatzy. It's by a band called Textile Ranch. (I know the video is a little odd, but I like it.) :)

Girls Leave School In Waves

| play
Awannabeangel ♫ Annie Lennox – A Whiter Shade Of Pale
bthecat @GrimmOmen: "Cyndi Lauper at her best - shedding the be-bop stuff. Goosebumps!" (reblip)
luisjsantos Replay - Look out, they'll tear your insides out, 'cos everybody hates a tourist <William Shatner – Common People>
onceacurmudgeon i am so enamored by this song. still. it makes my head swim. so damn good. #frenchpopfriday

Coeur de pirate || Comme des enfants

| play
422___PUMA____422 @bthecat: "i'm going to be EXTREMELY idle tomorrow, in fact the most idle I've ever been. :)" (reblip)

The Importance Of Being Idle

| play
bthecat AMAZING........@olumi_day: "Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child – Kathleen Emery" (reblip)
bthecat personal version of 'in a manner of speaking'

[In a Manner Of Speaking] Acoustic Cover by My Blue Clouds ♫

| play
matwater213 Nice, @leaferi: "Oh good, an excuse to blip this again. The single hottest video ever. rb@bluetyson: "@djdoubleX: "thanks;) ... @cremeweiss."""" (reblip)
maypuffy ^ I've heard some corny birds who tried to sing, but a cat's the only cat who knows how to swing ^ :)
bthecat that is THE most beautiful DRESS!!!! I want it...never mind Yehudi. (reblip)

Who's Yehoodi?

| play
onceacurmudgeon and all of a sudden i need to hear this.

Sinead O'Connor "all apologies"

| play
toxiferous @Faddic: Oh, before I go I wanted to mention that I checked out your photography and art! Amazing work! I'm in awe. (And this is a great song.) (reblip)
onceacurmudgeon also, anyone enjoying the elliott smith tribute needs to listen @prettyfnmess now, as she is doing it as well: (reblip)
trixiedelite running out of inspiration, any suggestions for more Brazilian covers?
Blippo The studio version is quite different ... softer.

Gus Gusbelieve

| play
matwater213 Blondie Vs. The Doors... "Rapture Riders"... <<Mashup>>
bthecat gnarls again

Who's Gonna Save My Soul

| play
bthecat gnarls

Gnarls Barkley-Transformer

| play
bthecat gnarls cover...a japanese vibe

Violin Cover: "Crazy" Gnarls Barkley

| play
DJHILLFUNK gotta listen to!!
chaacattac Horace Andy - Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone

Horace Andy "Ain't No Sunshine When She Gone"

| play
Vtron @yatzy I like this song. I've heard it before in a movie called "Palindromes". It was one of the strangest movies I've ever seen. (reblip)

Grote Kunst Voor Kleine Mensen: Chocolade haas (Chocolate bunny)

| play
Vtron Great, now I want some chocolate (Doesn't this song have a slightly disturbing sinister tone to it?). Maybe I shouldn't have any chocolate.
Lichtmalerin Ça me souviens la Bretagne et les fleurs sauvages au rochers auprès Ile Besnard ...
bthecat Ederlezi, breathlessly divine.

Nigel KennedyEderlezi

| play
Lichtmalerin Martha Argerich plays Jeux d'eau (Ravel) ... most fascinating pianist ever ...

Martha Argerich,Ravel Jeux d'eau

| play
onceacurmudgeon @melpimenta oh.. i absolutely love this. thanks for the introduction (reblip)

Lovage-Sex (I'm a)

| play
bthecat fabulous mashup...Blondie & portishead with a bit of Kanye thrown in for good the vid

Sour Glass (Portishead vs Blondie vs Kanye West)

| play
bthecat bond & Barry & Nancy sinatra

james bond nancy sinatra john barry mashup

| play
DareToEatAPeach Well I'm not a designer. @anothercraze: "I'm pretty sure blip almost entirely consists of designers (reblip)
nakatake Never On Sunday (Water Melon Group)

Never On Sunday (Water Melon Group)

| play
nakatake Fly Me To The Moon (Water Melon Group)

Fly Me To The Moon (Water Melon Group)

| play
estrogen something for my @thrak.... nice cover I find....
chaacattac Rona Hartner & DJ Click - Inel Inel De Aur (Bucovina Dub)

Rona Hartner DJ Click Inel Inel De Aur Bucovina Dub

| play
chaacattac muy bueno tambien ;-)> las Nomadas - en la busqueda

NOMHADAS en la busqueda

| play
kasaa @randyhate It's one of my favorites too. The trick was to search for "Miss Li" "Miss Li" instead of just "Miss Li"

miss li- seems like we lost it

| play
DareToEatAPeach rb@handstamp: "Monday Funnies... " (reblip)

Shatner Of The Mount by Fall On Your Sword

| play
bthecat blondie / the doors

Blondie " Rapture Riders" ( 2006 Video Remix)

| play
bthecat protect me from what I want.....hmmmm, indeed. @AndreaUrbanFox: (reblip)
bthecat running up that hill - placebo boys
bthecat exceleent!!@nakatake: "Fly Me To The Moon (Water Melon Group)" (reblip)

Fly Me To The Moon (Water Melon Group)

| play
bthecat picture yourself in a boat on the river with tangerine trees and marmalade skies....

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

| play
bthecat @Cephy: "Emilie Autumn – If You Feel Better" (reblip)
onceacurmudgeon this is jut amazing.

"Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey" By Paul McCartney

| play

The Pierces "Boring"

| play
luisjsantos ui si si <Martirio - Si te contara>

Martirio "Si te contara"

| play
thrak have a great time blippers ~ Mike Oldfield - Serpent Dream
bthecat @paperama: "and i don't know me either, sometimes" (reblip)

You Don't Know Me Ben Folds feat. Regina Spektor

| play
estrogen hello sweet @klitoria - wie geht's berlin?

MARVIN GAYE & TAMMI TERRELL "Ain't no Mountain High Enough"

| play
bthecat vaya con dios. great stuff.....
bthecat YES!!! non stupid imeem version....

Persepolis-Eye of the tiger par Chiara Mastroianni

| play

Miles Davis "Summertime" (1958)

| play
iankath Haunting tune & not tango but I want to, Anyone care for a Tango?
nakatake ドビュッシー/月の光 ジャズmix Debussy/Clair de Lune jazz mix (record

ドビュッシー/月の光 ジャズmix Debussy/Clair de Lune jazz mix (record

| play
bthecat Toby Benson - La Mere de Ma Mere.
bthecat Arthur H - Le baiser de la lune
bthecat arthur h...le danseur

Arthur HLe danseur

| play
bthecat arthur chanson de satie - beautiful.
bthecat emilie simon...the frozen world

Emilie Simon--The Frozen World

| play
anna8687 Stereophonics - Angie ... Their great version of this great great song. Night night everyone. *smooches* #OverAndOut


| play
ilbis Mash up Beatles Vs Nine inch Nails

Mash up Beatles Vs Nine inch Nails

| play
pkate Whistling makes everything better.
onceacurmudgeon @bthecat this is my all time favorite marianne faithfull song. just heavenly. and yes, her cracked voice = genius. pure and simple genius.
DubFreakz …Claire Denamur – In the mood for l'amour
luisjsantos bestoff: shout, shout, ready or not <Les Reines Prochaines (Wicked Game cover)> (reblip)
onceacurmudgeon totally makes me swoon. @bthecat obviously gets my favorite blipper of the day for finding this band. i'm totally obsessed...
onceacurmudgeon @sudaca70 love your list this evening. makes me want to move. a lot. this is so good. of course... (reblip)
matwater213 More Fiona Apple... "You moved like honey in my dream last night..."
onceacurmudgeon @LolaLulu: "randyhate It's #frenchpopfriday" bit too early for me, but i'll cheat to play along. one of my favorite post gainsbourg france gall songs. (reblip)
bthecat superb and amazing video @chaacattac: "Que Sera - Wax Tailor" (reblip)

Que SeraWax Tailor

| play
bthecat LOVE LOVE LOVE........@chaacattac: "Buscemi, 'Sahib Balkan'" (reblip)

Buscemi, 'Sahib Balkan'

| play
luisjsantos puríssimo <La Lupe - Puro Teatro (Almodóvar Laberinto de Pasiones OST>

La Lupe Puro Teatro

| play
onceacurmudgeon @paperama: "lovely." flipping incredible! @weething i know you will want in on this. everyone else should as well. my spine tingles w/ possibility. (reblip)
luisjsantos y no parar de viajar del invierno al verano, de madrid a new york, del abrazo al olvido <Yo quiero ser una chica Almodovar>

Yo quiero ser una chica Almodovar

| play
luisjsantos @djilo now mixing a bossa nova mood with a italian mood :) @luisjsantos <Mina – Chega de saudade>

MinaChega de saudade

| play
luisjsantos this is a sunday film about a fish, you know fishes don't think cause they know everything <This is A Film – Iggy Pop (Goran Bregovič)>
bthecat Now. THIS is my DREAM vocal combination: Antony & Lou. Mesmeric....

Antony & Lou Reed : Candy Says

| play
bthecat unbearably interlude from Diamanda.
bthecat @Faddic..theres a distinct autumn bite in the London air today..even though its sunny. Where did the summer go?

Rachelle Ferrell Autumn Leaves 1989

| play
bthecat j'aime le poisson

SAINT PRIVAT poisson rouge

| play
bthecat see you later blipdom....Alpha (you have to hear this.....heartbreakingly smoooooth)

AlphaSometime Later

| play
LadyB74 Yves Montand - Les Feuilles Mortes...Lol, maar de Shorts konden toch echt niet ontbreken in mijn playlist@Lucindalala ben in een 'franse' stemming:-)
kasaa He would always laugh and say: Remember when we used to play. Bang Bang.

Bang Bang (featuring Sophie Hunger & John Parish)

| play
DubFreakz …thanx for this gem¡…vi @steveshelley (reblip)

Marie Laforet-Toi mon amour mon ami

| play

ANJA GARBAREK beyond my control

| play
asko_b Thx for reblips und props to @frau_one @giesebrecht @Feuervogel @bthecat and endless fighting @amphore Good luck for you!

Via con me (It´s wonderful). Paolo Conte.

| play
PavlovsStepson TIm Curry cover of Dionne Warwick classic
asko_b Sandra und Roger haben ihr Studio in Kreuzberg und ich war noch immer nicht zu Besuch. Kommt auf to-do-list


| play
aebar rb@chelseagirl19: "This song destroys me : Ane Brun – The Treehouse Song" (reblip)
estrogen feel just like I need some camille right now...
asko_b She´s so beautiful!!! @digitpt: "Katie Melua – Two Bare Feet" (reblip)
luisjsantos today's winner for 'best name for an orchestra', dance me to the end of rehab babe <Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra – Rehab (Amy Winehouse)>
Mistadobalina @blackgrapes: "Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman?♫ ♥❀✶ ♫" (reblip)
bthecat bear with me, while I get Damien out of my system tonight.....☤

Goldfrapp-It's Not Over Yet(Grace & Klaxons Cover)

| play
Faddic rb@negar:"In separation from thee, The blood of my heart gushes out of my eyes/This afflicted heart of mine, Has woven ur love,To the stuff of life.." (reblip)

mystic bird vi.wmv

| play
negar Slow like honey. Tell me, does that scare you? (reblip)
bthecat he's under him...
josymelo Alabama Song by Marianne Faithfull phiiiiina!!!!

Alabama Song by Marianne Faithfull

| play
Faddic |

Fisher -You

| play
bthecat my adored Chopin piece...Muse, come and play in my house PLEASE!! @Mistadobalina (reblip)
bthecat OMG...THIS I have to play over and over...on a loop. MUSE, I adore you guys..the perfect blend of classical & contemporary @Mistadobalina (reblip)

Muse- Exogenesis : Symphony Part lll (Redemption) Full Song New Song 2009

| play

L'été L'été(夏) / Brigitte Fontaine

| play

Chick Corea and Bobby McFerrin (Montreux Jazz Festival 2001)

| play
kaoruo Short Film (; ;) (reblip)

Father and Daughter

| play
DubFreakz Natalya Pivovarov † sept. 24,2007…russian singer,founding member of Kolibri,founded in 1988,they combined elements of pop,post-punk, cabaret & chanson

Колибри "Темочка"

| play
bthecat @chaacattac: "Circus C-Mon & Kypski – C-Mon & Kypski (feat. Amsterdam Klezmer Band)" (reblip)
Blippo Wow@amphore: "Emil Klein, Wolfgang Manz – Johannes Brahms - Sonata n 1" Du blipst so bunt und schön ;) (reblip)
bthecat FABULOUS@sonioushka: "Thanks! @Jalapeno: " "I Wanna Kiss You All Over & over again""" (reblip)
bthecat sammy, the coolest dude..beautiful@Lichtmalerin: "Für @amphore ... Sammy Davis Jr, Mr. Bojangles ... " (reblip)

Sammy Davis Jr

| play
bthecat oh man...that accent....sing to me baby. live zis life of luxury.....fab....@Mysterymix - you're welcome (as they say here in the US of A).
bthecat @chaacattac: "Circus C-Mon & Kypski – C-Mon & Kypski (feat. AKB)"" (reblip)
Faddic Sooo Beautiful!.. and wish u happy unity day too :) rb@Annamira: "the most beautiful song I ever heard.. " (reblip)

Mysteries of Love...

| play

Candle Chant ( A Tribute )

| play
bthecat thnx @krisp....heres a longer version
luisjsantos de mercedes a amália, de buenosaires a lisboa, com paragem no Maxime para ouvir Lula Pena <Lula Pena - Fria Claridade (Amalia cover)>

Lula Pena Fria Claridade

| play
asko_b Really nice! Ty @ShiaoMei: "nice 1! ty((: @santamistura: "@popr333 thankssssssssss i love this version ;o)"" (reblip)
exit_music Last one... I do love cellos...g'nite rb@spacespencer: "great one from 'In Utero' with Cello. " (reblip)
bthecat how beautiful@IKR: "RolandDyens – Tango en Skai" (reblip)


| play
onceacurmudgeon @MsStephanie do you know this version? not really an antony fan, but this is just... damn...

Antony & Lou Reed : Candy Says

| play
bthecat getting sleepy.....✡

Turkish lullaby

| play
exit_music Luz Casal ~ Un año de amor
ishibutsu RB@Squashpants: "Pseudo-Exotica lounge music by unclassifiable artist Harry Nilsson...." (reblip)
seb098 @ladypn: "Love the song@T_DeBarros. Her costume is hysterical! ;) : "Art of Noise. Moments In Love. ```wouldnt want 2 b that turtle``` *Hi @ladypn ☺ " (reblip)
yamamiya Wild Honey - Hal Blaine's Beat
bthecat Fabulous quality recording...just back from talking to Biba Hulanicki.....the fashion sensation of 1973.
yukiiime A different taste of music

Greg and Kamel improvise classical music (cello + piano)

| play
paulastudio thnx & love xoxoxoxo :) rb@tubilino: "hola@GR8FL ...<3 this song! thx :)" (reblip)
onceacurmudgeon apparently sam taylor-wood just directed a movie about a young pre-beatles john lennon: she = awesome artist, so thumbs up to this
firstladypatate Thx @bthecat: "Yes!!!!!@paperama: "so so fantastic"" (reblip)

Ma cafetiere clip 2008 zen k

| play
bthecat @Mysterymix: "!1 one my fav song ! love 2 both § <3@manipulator: "many thx RB @sputnicker: (reblip)
bthecat ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥some of zem want to be used by u
bthecat marrying the glorious Mr Depp does this to a 'joe le taxi' girl...

Vanessa Paradis L'eau A La Bouche

| play
luisjsantos fake fade out <Broken Social Scene – Her Disappearing Theme>
ptneves Contribuir para a história privada da Europa através das memórias de cada um de nós »»
eraser Jeanne Moreau sings India Song

Jeanne Moreau sings India Song

| play
Faddic J'ai trouvé ma chanson dans ton playlist,et y'a q’une seule pers. qu’elle connait. Il fallait que tu me dises du début que c'est toi! Ravi @lalouve (reblip)

am i really losing you

| play
estrogen bonjour à tous - et specialement à mon @randyhate


| play
faceyman Peter Green – Black Magic Woman [Acoustic Version]
bthecat ecoute!....oui...c'est genial....monsieur khaled

Cheb Khaled & Cheb Mami 100%.Arabica

| play
bthecat how about this @BBlanca ? this should do it......

"Chocolate Rain" Original Song by Tay Zonday

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kaoruo @3faucons: 拝読させていただき胸に迫ってくるものがあります。心よりお悔やみ申し上げます。雪国より。 (reblip)
bthecat LOVE to death ♥♥♥@Gattopardo: "Can't resist a little Halloween tango. El tango de la muerte, anyone? " (reblip)
spacespencer @DChain ... hier eine schöne Überraschung, wenn du wieder da bist! ;-)
bthecat ✺Marlene...if you go away..bitte geh nicht fort.✺
bthecat ✺boy george✺if I could fly ☤

boy george if i could fly

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bthecat ✺kevin aviance✺ freak it

Kevin AvianceFreak It

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Mysterymix loves particles fx 2 /thx@bjerre: "One of the most beautiful videos I've seen in a long time" (reblip)
bthecat it looks like theres a bunch of us heading out to chill on an island somewhere?
bthecat Play ping pong, whilst looking at the sky.☝

Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra- Kiss The Sky

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bthecat rush....give it time.....Harry Dean.♥