bubblegumjo One of the greatest all time
bubblegumjo The old days pirate stations over the sea
bubblegumjo Amazing lady find always the best Music
bubblegumjo Let's prepare for the weekend means Dance
bubblegumjo you know the secrets that I keep... are for you (reblip)
bubblegumjo It's time too listen to my music I present for you, you will love it
bubblegumjo The Queen of China Town, from the long version Follow me


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bubblegumjo Best lady Deejay as artist

Alice Deejay - Will I Never

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bubblegumjo More dance rythm's

Beegees - You Should

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bubblegumjo More dance rhythm's (reblip)

Beegees - You Should

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bubblegumjo We go undercover now


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bubblegumjo Let's show the best classics all time
Burgers U R welcome! Hang in there Better days are always around the corner,we May have to walk a few blocks to find which corner. Good Thoughts to you @GR8FL (reblip)
bubblegumjo I held my nose, I closed my eyes, I took a drink (reblip)


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bubblegumjo Very nice song thanks for listening (reblip)


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bubblegumjo Funny how I found myself in love with you... (reblip)
bubblegumjo @raiopositronico, Leonard Cohen pra mim é o Johnny Cash metido a gótico. :D (reblip)
bubblegumjo A @jonobir set from Miami, he played a killer set @1015 and on our show last week! (reblip)
bubblegumjo David Garcia, @sofierce and @skubastevee Started House Nation in the Mid 90's (reblip)


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bubblegumjo good song, start slow but then grows in rytm (reblip)
bubblegumjo always a fav., thanks @ValleysGirl (reblip)

Alannah Myles--Black Velvet

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bubblegumjo 28 - Where the Streets Have No Name - U2... RS 100 Greatest Guitar Songs (reblip)
bubblegumjo 1 - Johnny B Goode - Chuck Berry... RS 100 Greatest Guitar Songs (reblip)
bubblegumjo 27 - Look Over Yonder Wall - Paul Butterfield... RS 100 Greatest Guitar Songs (subbing in Born in Chicago) (reblip)
bubblegumjo Time for that dark room again. (reblip)
bubblegumjo Live always good (reblip)

Sex Pistols - Anarchy in the UK

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madSoul Midnight Rider-Greg Allman, Sissy used to tip toe around the house after midnight to find snacks in the fridge.

109 - Midnight Rider

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madSoul Sharon Ridley - Stay A While With Me

0949 Sharon Ridley - Stay A While With Me

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madSoul Hollies – The Hollies He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother, Sissy bought this single for me, by the Osmonds, accidentally...
Delfin (NC) A segunda é Videotape, que causou furor no show carioca. Um momento dos muitos catárticos que a noite ofereceu.
soundmangroupie I have a sleeping cat on my lap!


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Jeffie Culture Club - "I'll Tumble 4 Ya" (1983)
sudaca70 esta canción se viene conmigo


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flavytcha good night blippers :) have a nice week
Delfin (NC) A última, é claro, é Karma Police, que diz por si só :)

Tom Jones - Whats New Pussycat

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jencvs Why is it that the one mental image I get with this song is from the simpsons?

Up Where We Belong

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bubblegumjo and it hurts with every heartbeat Heel fijne muziek luister goed (reblip)
LaKarune Thanks @DJTalent this is a very cool track. Many diff influences, sounds like a combo of London/Jamaica/Philly/Atlanta. Love it. (reblip)


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Delfin (NC) Neste bloco, comentamos Camarada Obama! Sim, ele mesmo!
bubblegumjo Hi Barbie. Do you wanna go for a ride? Sure Ken! (reblip)

Aqua - Barbie Girl

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bubblegumjo here we are in a silence more eloquent.......@JJDJ @dswancanada @bubblegumjo--consider then "whisper-outs" :) (reblip)
bubblegumjo Waiting on a friend The Rollingstones


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bubblegumjo Rollingstones It' all over now


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bubblegumjo Rollingstones It's all over now (reblip)


| play
bubblegumjo Rollingstones 80's


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bubblegumjo Their best slows Rollingstones


| play
bubblegumjo Unknow for the most but good Creedence Clearwater Revival
bubblegumjo Rowling on the river better Proud Mary C C R
bubblegumjo Best top 100 slows in many years CCR I put a spell on You
bubblegumjo I still haven't found what I'm looking for.....For the fans of U2 @bubblegumjo (reblip)
bubblegumjo Booka Shade – Friend for a night (anlaog fingerprint Mix)<><>Different music now just follow @bubblegumjo (reblip)
bubblegumjo AMEN!! thru Jesus-this is our life-to live it 4 Him...not waste it on material things-or dwelling-He has amazing plans! Thanks@bubblegumjo (reblip)
bubblegumjo fruits are so healthy...i love big, ripe bananas @bubblegumjo thanks good musicstyle you have even I get 54 years old succes, was a deejay 35 years (reblip)
bubblegumjo U2 - Gloria (1981 from the album October)Thanks for the Fans of U2 @bubblegumjo (reblip)
bubblegumjo Richard Marx – I Will Be Right Here WaitingThx @bubblegumjo good taste succes (reblip)
bubblegumjo great song to kick back and relax to @bubblegumjo one of the greatest songs y (reblip)
bubblegumjo fruits are so healthy...i love big, ripe bananas and sweet juicy mangoes....@ (reblip)
bubblegumjo Thanks to all my new listners and me old ones for their props and tunes, very late here so its ...'Goodnight Tonight' -Paul McCartney ..@bubblegumjo (reblip)
bubblegumjo The Verve – Bitter Sweet Symphony best ever depends on your mood @bubblegumjo (reblip)

Bitter Sweet Symphony - The Verve

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bubblegumjo Alright, I'm pulling out of this funk. Hit it April March!Thx @bubblegumjo (reblip)
bubblegumjo Major Tom: Peter Schilling very great one, Thx @bubblegumjo (reblip)


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bubblegumjo Enya always good, listen also her sister @bubblegumjo (reblip)
bubblegumjo This reminds me of when I first got my subs in my car in high school...oh this song sounded so good! yes good even 1st time I hear @bubblegumjo (reblip)
bubblegumjo U2, Beautiful Day... very nice song for the Fans thx @bubblegumjo (reblip)
bubblegumjo [Heart – Alone] Hello @DOCSTIMULAS, you know me, huh? HAHAHA! Happy Saturday, friend! :-) very good @bubblegumjo (reblip)


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bubblegumjo @2fast4u gots to go where the $$$$$ is!For the fans Pink Floyd @bubblegumjo (reblip)
bubblegumjo love this band...i think they are coming big time ..and i will go to sleep and hopefully get well soon.. have a great night@all :))@bubblegumjo good (reblip)
bubblegumjo Tubeway Army – Are Friends Electric, Shhh U @norrissyfm :)like it @bubblegumjo (reblip)
bubblegumjo Skeeter Davis - "The End Of The World" (1963) - Why does the sun go on shining? Why does the sea rush to shore? Don't they know...Goopd @bubblegumjo (reblip)
bubblegumjo Enya – Na Laetha Geal M`OIge, buenas noches Always good ENYA @bubblegumjo (reblip)
bubblegumjo [Frankie Smith – Double Dutch Bus] give me a "ho!" hey @patita @SatinLegsSmith @ICEGIRL152 @TuraSatana @Psych @briangreene @vganThe 80's @bubblegumj (reblip)
bubblegumjo @der Äh, der Patrik mit »ck«? Ja, der hat was neues. Hat Google mir grad gesagt. Bin darüber hinaus jedoch völlig unwissend.@bubblegumjo dänke (reblip)
bubblegumjo go ahead. you know you want to do the head tilt dance. no one's watching. #mindlessboogie Good morning Tune in @bubblegumjo (reblip)
bubblegumjo @mortgagereports oh, were you playing? because i won way back at single ladies. @bubblegumjo (reblip)
bubblegumjo i like to drive people crazy. but maybe not like this song means. @bubblegumjo (reblip)
bubblegumjo You always make me smile_When I'm feeling down_You give me such a vibe_It's totally bonafide @bubblegumjo (reblip)
bubblegumjo [trouble is my middle name, but in the end i am not too bad......]ciao@patita!! @antenaweb!!@bubblegumjo (reblip)
bubblegumjo Having a Cigar and a Beer(s)...@bubblegumjo (reblip)

The Church - Under The Milky Way Tonight

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bubblegumjo Omg, George Harrison ;-) Must be my christian upbringing :-)must go to work see you this afternoon, @bubblegumjo (reblip)
bubblegumjo Catch on WFT FMalso made by Timmy Wynet @bubblegumjo (reblip)

Patsy Cline - Stand By Your Man

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bubblegumjo Clannad – Theme form Harry's Game ty@DrDebs stand still and listen @bubblegumjo (reblip)
bubblegumjo Stevie Wonder – Sir Duke Dance style Stevie (reblip)
bubblegumjo (PC) TODAY, another OWL'S NEST. 3:00 GMT! HOJE, mais NINHO DO CORUJA. Excepcionalmente, UMA DA MANHÃ. S06E15: Go with the dwarf, my dear!@bubblegumj (reblip)
bubblegumjo My favorite Monday song... :)indeed good monday song hello from Belgium @bubblegumjo (reblip)
bubblegumjo Usually got wait 20 minutes until this.. HA What a cracker in the old days @bubblegumjo (reblip)
bubblegumjo @pcornqueen Good pick!...Eurythmics...Here Comes The Rain Again Good on for the Fans @bubblegumjo (reblip)
bubblegumjo Oh Ya Dance around the house to this one!!!! Yes the right time thanks @bubblegumjo (reblip)
bubblegumjo LMAO @Gypsylyn I believe in miracles. For one, I may get LOL.@DocRockstarDiva..I know exactly what you mean..thx @bubblegumjo (reblip)
bubblegumjo La_Bouche_Be_My_Lover @bubblegumjo (reblip)


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bubblegumjo #1 90's dance tune (for me)@bubblegumjo (reblip)


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bubblegumjo would be great for the next RS train :) @NitWits Favourite Rolling Stones track of all time For the Fans @bubblegumjo (reblip)
bubblegumjo When ya wanna come...Frankie Goes To Hollywood – RelaxHmm @bubblegumjo (reblip)
bubblegumjo Songs of '73 - What else can you say but Stevie Wonder. Doesn't matter what the music of the day is. He'll score a hit. @bubblegumjo (reblip)
bubblegumjo Chris Isaak – Wicked Game The realm good classics @bubblegumjo (reblip)
bubblegumjo Chris Isaak – Wicked Game The real good classics @bubblegumjo (reblip)
bubblegumjo you would not believe what a radio jock can do with an 18 minute song! hehehe also a 1 Topper @bubblegumjo welcome (reblip)
bubblegumjo my little brother loved this song when we were little! (reblip)
bubblegumjo have a rockin' commute home. if ya gotta be in the rain, just go with it... (reblip)


| play
bubblegumjo @morebrains that version was WAY better than the stinky sam kinnison version. i love X... here's 1 degree of separation for ya :) (reblip)
bubblegumjo i want to take a little nap before i tackle this paper. i want nothing more for you to be here with me. well that and maybe coffee when i wake up. :) (reblip)


| play
bubblegumjo Bye... Bom Feriado para todos! :D (reblip)

DJ Meme feat. Gavin Bradley - Chanson Du Soleil (DJ Meme Main Mix)

| play
bubblegumjo @DJChaChaYOUlongtime Justus Köhncke? Sure, therefore was Rocko Schamoni long time ago :-) (next blip) (reblip)
bubblegumjo Still one of my favorite songs of all time, but the live version is SO MUCH BETTER. I'll always think of ewan mcgregor when I play it... (reblip)
bubblegumjo Ha, I guess this doesn't help with proving I'm not Irish now that I think of it. Doesn't matter. Good song. (reblip)
bubblegumjo Blipping this again because I love love love it - blip, listen, repeat (reblip)
bubblegumjo Nr 1 Hits (reblip)

Dexys Midnight Runners - Come On Eileen

| play
bubblegumjo |The Verve - Bitter Sweet Symphony (Extended Version)| (reblip)
bubblegumjo Good Morning one and all~I am here for a brief time then have to get busy like busy bees~Lets have some fun~ Here's a fun little diddy~sing along now~ (reblip)
bubblegumjo @Mr_ESTMR & @Mrs_ESTMR One more for the lovebirds! Have a great day! "Do Wah Diddy" Manfred Mann #hhrs #tcot #hcb (reblip)
bubblegumjo planet perfecto bullet in the gun (reblip)

planet perfecto bullet in the gun

| play
bubblegumjo Reblip of Paul Simon – You Can Call Me Al (reblip)
bubblegumjo Thx, chuck! @kbuech DeAnn I max to 3 props in a hurry with you, chick! Thx! (reblip)
bubblegumjo Feel the Dance groove ok let's move (reblip)
bubblegumjo Manfred Mann – Doo Wah Diddy Diddy Thanks @ impossiblewmn (reblip)
bubblegumjo The better music take time to listen friends (reblip)
bubblegumjo [Paul Davis Remix – I Like to Watch] (reblip)
bubblegumjo @crispast ...... let's dance ? I've got my red shoes on (reblip)
bubblegumjo A lover that one 1 Classic's
bubblegumjo The Pretenders – Brass In Pocket \\for @marcylauren :) Crissy is SOOOO cool! (reblip)
bubblegumjo Madonna – Get Into The Groove (Sidechains Remix) (reblip)
bubblegumjo My new GF tells me THIS is the song that reminds her of me. (reblip)
bubblegumjo The Police – De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da (blip.up) (reblip)
bubblegumjo J Geils Band – Centerfold. Coming out of left field for reasons unknown, J. Geils Band... (reblip)
bubblegumjo Evening ladies! (reblip)

Kool and the Gang - Ladies Night

| play
bubblegumjo Good day or good night world tune in welcome (reblip)
bubblegumjo A must have also, different versions possible (reblip)
bubblegumjo Rihanna – Don't Stop the Music ~ OK, I'm strapped in for a quick/awesome set, then I'm outa here for some din-din! Hi @vidabatine partner in crime! (reblip)
bubblegumjo Somebody help poor @threebears get to 20K listeners :) She got crazy blips!! (reblip)
bubblegumjo Baba O'Riley was discovered living on Mars. (reblip)
bubblegumjo hmmm Chain of Fools..U, wine, benedryl, codeine cough syrup vi@sheryonstone @BarbieRay @crowjane || Oh I gotta listen to this twice!! maybe 3 times. (reblip)
bubblegumjo Boston – More than a feeling ~ @JJDJ, I'm right there with ya. Cheers @Tammay @sandraew @crispast - some of yr songs aren't working 4 me, ;-( but (reblip)
bubblegumjo @MasterWolf asks:what movie was that ? Was busy~Seinfield's mom: How could U Jerry?~It was~Schindler's List~U were kisN Jerry~How could U~~!?~lol (reblip)
bubblegumjo @Atomik have you met @hotnote? also obsessed with those two numbers! (i have 6969 props, heh heh ;P) pigs! (reblip)
bubblegumjo Oh, why not? You promised me heaven and put me through hell. (reblip)
bubblegumjo Gordon Lightfoot – Sundown - His Best (reblip)
bubblegumjo How Bizzare, how bizzare... (reblip)

OMCHow Bizzare

| play
bubblegumjo Calling it a short, but much-needed unwinding, night! Tks @labelladiva @DeAnn @Flying_Roundhouse @ICEGIRL152 @unfinishedperson @Edainsmom et al! (reblip)
bubblegumjo Yaz - Don't Go - "Can't stop now, don't ya know I'm never gonna let you go..." (reblip)

YazooDon't Go

| play

Gimme Some Lovin' - Spencer Davis Group

| play

Snap - Rhythm Is A Dancer

| play
bubblegumjo Eurythmics – ♪♫❖❤ ♫Would I Lie To You♪♫❖❤ ♫ (reblip)
bubblegumjo ❆Electric Light Orchestra❆ – ❆Don't Bring Me Down❆ (reblip)
bubblegumjo Good morning world! Stevie Wonder - You Are The Sunshine Of My Life (reblip)
bubblegumjo ♪What Is Life - George Harrison - All Things Must Pass - 1971 (reblip)
bubblegumjo The 90s golden hour continues with a little boat flying... (reblip)
bubblegumjo The better choices (reblip)

William Orbit - Barbers Adagio for Strings

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bubblegumjo as much as i try to write a message for every blip, you just face yourself with the question: what profound thing can i write with this song that carr (reblip)
bubblegumjo The golden hour, but what was the year? (reblip)
bubblegumjo ...and Kicking for the Simple Mind Fans (reblip)
bubblegumjo @DJ_VA just got to keep reblipping now, no props left for you tonight, but keep it going...."SOS" - ABBA (reblip)


| play
bubblegumjo Best of times (reblip)


| play
bubblegumjo I love the Beautiful South cover of this. Reblip @Betterlukcy: via @philkirby (legend in his own lifetime) (reblip)


| play
bubblegumjo There is a rose in Spanish Harlem A red rose up in Spanish Harlem (reblip)
bubblegumjo Angel eyes - am I deceived or did you sigh? For all I know you let you love light shine on me (reblip)
bubblegumjo Fight for your rights! Its your life. (reblip)
bubblegumjo and, a ravishingly beautiful cover from marc almond. (reblip)

Some Things Gotten Hold Of My Heart - Marc Almond

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bubblegumjo Then you can teach me to dance real slow ... (reblip)
bubblegumjo @Tsaksonakis good morning! a good one .. "tell me the thoughts that surround you, i want to look inside your head" (reblip)
bubblegumjo Bob Seger – Mainstreet, Morning everyone :) (reblip)
ranblv that sound is so unique on my playlist I never get tired of this album.
bubblegumjo very great one (reblip)


| play

Andrea Bocelli - Con Te Partiro

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bubblegumjo Vi@karma_musings It was 92 degrees here yesterday. Craziness! * DJ Tatana - Spring Breeze (Martin Roth Summerstyle Remix) (reblip)
bubblegumjo Looking forward to seeing The Soloist. * The Killers - Human (reblip)