darthbender Listening to Ride makes me miss @calanan. RIP, buddy.

RideVapour Trail

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Melindrift And here's a little winter diddy (jumping on @calanan's bandwagon).

Mercy, mercy, mercy

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Melindrift Decided Autumn in NY was too slow--this one's for the fem-mo's at #counterpoint this weekend.
jebro I see @cdroz's morning whiskey blip and raise it a whiskey-in-the-whiskey morning blip.
Getthebubbles Ok, I need some new music for my dance class. It must have a good beat and be fairly fast paced. And not vulgar.
calanan In honor of #balloonboy ♫ Midlake - Balloon Maker
darthbender I don't find you in the least amusing.
pizzocalabro Just testing an app on my phone. So far not too impressed with the Blip.fm integration. #inthemood
pig_sty_avenue And those hands look good to me. I wonder how many hours of practice Oscar has had?
Melindrift Taking a cue from @calanan and having a little Cake for breakfast.

Cake- Frank Sinatra

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dead can dance - don't fade away

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jebro As we begin putting up our decorations and gearing up for Christmas, let me be the first to say: Bah Humbug.
raychulb Just a little mellow tune. G'night!
iammanray This one is for Matt. Because he really is going to Jackson.

Johnny CashJackson

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calanan Thanks for suggesting these guys, Genius! ♫ Steel Train - I Feel Weird
Melindrift Wanted to blip Neko's The Virginian, but couldn't find. This'll do. "I'm so tired, I wish I was the moon..."
FanboyQ Nick Cave and the Dirty Three - Time Jesum Transeuntum

Nick Cave and the Dirty Three-Time Jesum Transeuntum

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cdroz You're out on the stone and grass and I'm sleeping on the balcony after class.
cdroz Don't let em tell you you're nothing, cause you'll change the world pretty girl.
cdroz another two-for today...this one is so lovely... (reblip)
cdroz music to modify your Monday morning mood, mo-fo's!


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Merkprof Nice little unknown band from the Pacific Northwest.
homerj79 This is for you, @youtah
Merkprof One to say goodnight to.
calanan All too easy but still oh so good ♫ Band Of Horses - The Great Salt Lake #SLC
darthbender This was the early 90s for me.
darthbender These guys had a great drummer.

RidePolar Bear

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jebro There was an endless supply of wine last night which led to inappropriate do-si-do'ing. To misquote the Dead Milkmen, you'll do-si-do to anything.
Merkprof Because who doesn't love a heavy metal drummer.
Merkprof A song by southerners about the Great Salt Lake.
Merkprof "I bet I can sell 3 copies of the new EP by the Beta Band."
calanan Let's got back a few, dark years... ♫ Dead Can Dance - I Am Stretched on Your Grave
ninadedrap And Jolie Holland as a bonus because I love this song #musicmonday
calanan Thanks @Macredeye I hadn't heard of them! ♫ The Heavy – How You Like Me Now (reblip)
calanan "I got no manners and I got no money..." ♫ The Earaches - Not the Kinda Man I Am
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