abigail184 I HATE the Geico commercials, but this song sticks in my head every time I see the ad. (reblip)
ok2baprincess I am in an MGMT kinda mood which also makes me miss @TopTenWines and the #TBB
evablue back to work. laterz. maybe. probably.
evablue i ain't here to [song title]. i just laks music. :)
evablue i ain't here to lavalife either. this ain't no love song.

02 - Bono And The MDH Band-Never Let Me Go

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MonicaOnline Via @redroulettes ... beautiful song! ♫ Dar Williams – Mercy of the Fallen (reblip)
evablue i don't know why y'all are listening to me. maybe cuz [song title]
evablue waddat? i still have more listeners. the blipsters have voted. :P
Jenocidal IN MEMORIAM: JOHN PHILLIPS (+ 03-18-2001) [The Mamas and The Papas – Puff The Magic Dragon] (reblip)
djsurfer The Sacados- Más de lo que te imaginás
evablue @adbert today is the day i make sure we DO NOT play the same music. NO MORE META. my reputation is at stake. :P
djsurfer Ferris Bueller's Day Off

YelloOh Yeah

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MonicaOnline Because there are days when I want to rule the world! :)
MonicaOnline Via @natalynha Nanananaaaananaana... ♫ Pink – So What (reblip)

PinkSo What

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MonicaOnline Via @g_r_e_g And more Goldfrapp! :) ♫ Goldfrapp – Fly Me Away (Ladytron Remix) (reblip)

human league dont you want me

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Clint Black - Like The Rain

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shortygal Prince – Raspberry Beret
chariot13 Reblip @mediumtuna: beautiful song played at the end of #bones last night. (reblip)
elizitro omg anyways ..thanks to @oferh i loved this one (reblip)
AbsinthEve ooh I didn't realize people were actually getting a groove on... thanks for the replies and props..here is one from@Karuna (reblip)


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2redheads I've made up my mind, don't need to think it over


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Zubenelgenubi There's something so entrancing about this song. Good choice, @DjN3rvous! (reblip)
Ello This is an amazing song by an amazing artist!


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nealthea Most on point song about my life currently. Plus Tristan Prettyman = legit.
silverfox863 Deniece Williams / Johnny Mathis – Too Much, Too Little, Too Late
noodlebs And it's bigger than everything I have ever done before
Candelarie New single from PJ Harvey and John Parrish (reblip)

Black Hearted Love

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JJHappyday When your heart has expired. (God, this song makes me cry.) (reblip)
Figgywithit @DownLow @lilwldchld Dunno, there's something more magical about the original...think it's the smooth electric piano and vocals.
brainravine If I hear this one at the wrong time, I'll cry. I will. So don't test me.
VivaLaMusic It's got a lot of heart-i love it.
Megzy Mother Mother is a wonderful Canadian band, the sound is unique & different. They have stolen my attention.
oPONOo U sit around tlking Thinking bout the past Its funny how it lingers But nothings meant 2 last
Kamillae They've been opening for Bishop Allen. If you are in a mood for some sweet catchy indie pop, this is a good one
marciana Because only one song of zero 7 was not enough. Do you believe in what you see?
djsurfer I'm looking for a song... Taffy, I Love My Radio...anyone?

StarsLook Up

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thebeachbabe Etta James-At Last (IF i ever get married,this song will play @ my wedding.Id have 2 retitle it ITS ABOUT TIME GIRL or FIIIINALLY! lol)
djsurfer random song of the day

dotnew process

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djsurfer Old School track of the day!!!
follownadine Spring sayz.... summer jazz!

KoopSummer Sun

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marciana This is so nice. "We will be winners / Our heads glued together / And all is indefinite in you"
moijojojo The memories from this almost knock me on my ass, yo: Goldie - Inner City Life
follownadine The only good fever there is. Love, love, love this version!


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Janet Jackson - Love Will Never Do Without You

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lizwebpage I wanna girl who knows what's best...
smfarr Looking forward to seeing the KLTV Tyler exclusive interview w/Perlman! WOW! I will let u know where to see it! Until then, we have Blip!
vaniakg {...So maybe tomorrow I'll find my way home...} Goodnight @all
weething great road song and that's what I'm gonna do. hit the road in search of sunday adventure. later babies! (Thus concludes my first ever blip session.)
sammi_x thee most chilled out tune. 'In my dreams I'm jealous all the time, then I wake I'm going out of my mind' Moby - Porcelain.
djsurfer The Corrs & Alejandro Sanz---Una Noche
heavenlyhands @GR8FL - thank you - you reminded me about this one :-)
JJHappyday I want to go where everyone knows my name!
char7ie i wanted lets spend the night together...and got this instead haha
Megzy a Canadian indie electronic group
Jinder The best ballad of the '90s? I think so.
weething I don't like most emmylou harris, but there's just something weird enough about this one to entice me. She sounds like she's singing underwater
weething float along with the celtic quality
weething no (more) tears tonight @djsurfer ! I'm going to have to break out into disco pretty quick if you don't stop! We don't want that now, do we?
SiNfuLAnGeL29 "I hate all of the people who can't drive their cars." Theory of A Deadman – I Hate My Life (reblip)
Zubenelgenubi One of my favorite songs from one of my favorite DJs: @JJDJ (reblip)
eshayt Oh, kiss me beneath the milky twilight/ Lead me out on the moonlit floor/ Lift your open hand/ Strike up the band and make the fireflies dance.
magdalenaday I swear I´ll never give in...I refuse :) (reblip)
shortygal Mathew Wilder – Break My Stride
KimmyKim86 I'm waiting for my moment to come
knightstivender Song about losing your mind always makes me feel more grounded.
ugleecrissie overtones was such a brilliant album.
djsurfer If you leave I hope you need to come back!
djsurfer As the day came up, she made a stop she stopped waiting another day for...
terrorist @adbert [Crash Test Dummies – Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm] niiiiiiiiiiiiiceeeee one =) (reblip)
paulissima_ prometi que ia ouvir killers sem preconceito. bom, realmente os caras são bons, confesso. (reblip)
cheesy80s 'Cause @djsurfer 's guilty - guilty - guilty as a girl can be. Come on baby can't @Corts see @morebrains stands accused of love in the first degree...
djsurfer out of props..@bocacowgirl I like this song! (reblip)


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DJJazzyJacq wow wow wow when I'm dead and gone, well just going for a while. Cu laters people
ourladybeth Very cool. Thought I would hate it. I don't. I love it. Oh, and ... evening blipians!!! @stephenscott: Possibly.Best.Mashup.Ever. (reblip)


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RocketQueen_ Such a great song! The Scientist - Coldplay
ck_me I wish someone could sing this song for me
tattooedg33k everything will be outta sight...
Evefr77 Makes me happy!

0696 - Dario G - Sunchyme

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Evefr77 luuuuuvvv it !!


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djsurfer @Evefr77 This song is the SH#@$ !!! AWESOME, this song will be re re re re blipped all day! (reblip)
djsurfer you might like this one... @terrorist

Ocean labs - Satellite (Hap Electro Mix)

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Nani1982 Yep...it is a cover indeed, from Alphaville @edgeoftheocean gr8 song! (reblip)
djsurfer Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha...
lausen In a sentimental mood - John Coltrane
ugogirl I swear I was just peeking to see who was on...@djsurfer - you sucked me in with this awesome blip! tks :) rb @scorpionpie (reblip)
ugogirl @djsurfer - that's probably just as well...I don't think my heart could take it if you were a singer, too! lol :D (reblip)
terrorist songs from dawson´s creek finished !!!!!!!
TheFreshPrincess @djsurfer This song is unparalleled!!! Take a llsten!!

Cazuza - Codinome Beija - Flor

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djsurfer hey !!!

Black Kids- Love Me Already

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djsurfer this will be my song... for today
speedysari for almost 10 years now, i've consistently said that this is the most romantic song i've ever heard.
djsurfer Caught up in the game now I'm back up in the hustle
djsurfer RB @TheFreshPrincess: "there is just something about this song..." (reblip)
djsurfer Eric Church Hell on the Heart

Eric Church Hell on the Heart

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djsurfer The Sounds – No One Sleeps When I'm Awake
djsurfer Cilla Black – Talking in Your Sleep
fini @djsurfer ein lied für dich mein lieber@djsurfer ein lied für dich mein lieber@djsurfer ein lied für dich mein lieber@djsurfer ein lied für dich

I Thought I Saw Your Face Today

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djsurfer RB @altheatremaine: "From the first time I set my eyes upon yours <3" (reblip)
djsurfer David May – Superstar feat. Moises Modesto
djsurfer M83 – Skin Of The Night
blackgrapes If U liked that, then I think U will LOVE this!! (CRAZAMAZING) to @djsurfer
djsurfer The Breakfast Club – Love Theme - Keith Forsey
djsurfer Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second – Starfucker

Deuce Dammit "FunandGames"

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Tonic-If You Could Only See (Acoustic)

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djsurfer RB !!! @tinadiggsit: "...from surf!....ouchey! with that gone again!" (reblip)


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djsurfer HEY YOU!!!@space_cadet: "I sing I swim I blip. Hi!" (reblip)
tattooedg33k today is perfect road trip weathter. too bad i'm stuck here.

The Killers + Coldplay + Bono = All These Things That I've Done

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djsurfer Discovery – Swing Tree
speedysari rb @m00n i can already tell i'm going to play this one to death. thx. :) (reblip)
tostina Dear God, help me. This song is STUCK in my head. I don't know why and I'm NOT happy about it!
KristieHoliday Beautiful Bob Dylan Cover by Adele.
Evefr77 me and my bff used to sing this together..
hkab @djsurfer I like this version for a chill day. :)


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Evefr77 rb @djsurfer thanks for making me discover this ! (reblip)
CLARITY @djsurfer ps: I like the themed replies ;) haha here's another


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ShiaoMei ~~~ @djsurfer have u heard this one??? It's awesome!!!!!!!!

Toby Lightman-Lets Go Racing

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jadelittletia @djsurfer always going to have a soft spot for anything Tiesto :) hope your well x
AEnders Mgmt Electric Feel [newmaidumosa](192CBR)
angiece @keroessa "Ee Oh Eleven" - Sammy Davis Jr . . . .Rat Pack
kelliemurfski Perfect @djsurfer 'cept I missed your blips

Smashing Pumpkins- "Perfect"

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djsurfer !!! RB @claire_rio: "@djsurfer: just an appetizer of my favorite song by cazuza. " (reblip)
djsurfer Underworld – Born Slippy (Paul Oakenfold Mix)
TheFreshPrincess @diretornak:WOW WOW WOW THANKS acoustic with a little explanation on what the song is about =D @djsurfer (reblip)

Counting crows Mr. Jones

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djsurfer David Bowie & Annie Lennox

Freddie Mercury Tribute (4)- David Bowie & Annie Lennox

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sk_seim Obadiah Parker – Hey Ya! @akarra: @sk_seim Is this the original? I like it way better! (reblip)
CrescentMoonglow I have loved this sweet, sad song since the early 80s. My parents split up the same year this had radio popularity and it was hard to hear...

just once

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djsurfer RB @AllyMarie: "Looking at you and you are looking at me and we both know what we want." (reblip)
djsurfer Rilo Kiley "Close Call"

Rilo Kiley "Close Call"

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djsurfer ma quando si allontanano e' no! e tu...
BlackWidow The Cranberries – Zombie (Andrew Spencer Jumpstyle Remix)(with lyrics)
kelliemurfski So happy to finally find this one for you @djsurfer -- but WTF with that video!! Don't watch it. Sweet dreams.

English Beat End of the Party

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djsurfer You ain't nothing like the girl I used to know

Ice Box Omarion Feat Timbaland -^Watch In High Quality!^-

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djsurfer Ten City – Thats The Way Love Is !
jadedopivy one of the very best!! @djsurfer: "good one! RB @ jadedopivy: "♥"" (reblip)
djsurfer no la habia escuchado antes , WOW!!!@xxxAdryxxx: "<3<3<3<3" (reblip)

Nena Daconte. Tenía tanto que darte, acústica

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LindyLuv I want you to remember this lovely rendition of "Over the Rainbow" @djsurfer and think of the ocean.. (reblip)
djsurfer Yazz – Never Can Say Goodbye
djsurfer Something Corporate

Airports by Something Corporate

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djsurfer Jimmy Cliff – Reggae Night
djsurfer RB @yellowstar2000: "Bittersweet Symphony – Coldplay & Richard Ashcroft live" (reblip)
InsideMel I'll remember that one from you: "what I like about you... not a question" ;) Keep on shining love! @djsurfer
xxxAdryxxx yessssssssssssss@djsurfer: "awesome! @xxxAdryxxx: "!@djsurfer"" (reblip)

AGUA...Jarabe de Palo & Jorge Drexler -

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djsurfer Holly Miller "Build me up, Buttercup" cover/remix

Holly Miller "Build me up, Buttercup" cover/remix

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djsurfer Ferrari's F1 new Anthem "Forza" by Carlos Jean
LindyLuv Phosphorescent ~ "Song for Zula" ...some say love is a burning thing...that it makes a fiery ring...oh but I know love as a fading thing...
djsurfer Of Monsters and Men – Yellow Light
KyrasWeekendRide ?¤*¨*?•.¸¸.¤?.•°?*? Love You Till the End ?¤*¨*?•.¸¸.¤?.•°?*?

Love You Till the End

| play
djsurfer Sure seems someone's smiling down on me
djsurfer Lisa Stansfield with Barry White – All around the world
djsurfer Franco de Vita y Santiago Cruz – Calido y Frio
djsurfer Good luck to all racing drivers tomorrow #monacogp #indy500 #cocacola600 please be safe.
djsurfer St.lucia- All eyes on you

st.lucia- all eyes on you

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djsurfer RB go go go !!!! LOL! @DJLovesongx: "The Polaroid People ~ "Missing You Tonight" #Xo ;)))@djsurfer I gotta go cya soon! off tomorrow!! :))" (reblip)
djsurfer Don't You Worry Child – Swedish House Mafia (Cover)
djsurfer Don't You Worry Child – Swedish House Mafia -Andy Lange, Chester See, Alex G & Andrew Garcia
LindyLuv and you don't even know yet...
SweetSensation Feel The Music, House, Power, Beat.. Kiss Me Touch Me Fuck Me
djsurfer no one is...@pamper411: "I'm not a perfect person......there's the many things I wish I didn't do......" (reblip)
djsurfer LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@KyrasWeekendRide: "Ohhhh Dj @djsurfer" (reblip)

Dildo song

| play
djsurfer Tears for Fears – Mad World
Poetigeek #thejam ... The Russian Futurists – Let's Get Ready to Crumble (reblip)
djsurfer Congrats to Vettel and Red Bull !!!
djsurfer RB @DeliciousD: "@Nicekitty: "@LacedRadio: Ty! "It doesn't matter what I say so long as I sing with inflection.""" (reblip)
djsurfer RB @drpeppermademedoit: "Bon Iver could cover anything and I would listen/love it. EVEN Journey. #fact" (reblip)
djsurfer I stand strong against cancer by making my profile picture purple. Join me & #PurpleYourProfile to #FinishTheFight. http://spr.ly/chevy
djsurfer tu es venu en sifflant...
djsurfer Excellent! Thanks!!! @LindyLuv: ""Big Fish" ...another magical film and soundtrack...dining now, thanks all ♥" (reblip)
KyrasWeekendRide P.S. ✾♥ღ☄

I love you till the end with lyric (Ps i love you OST)

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