djsurfsgf kick the party UP jus a lil bit
djsurfsgf retro night for those who did the "obscure" back in the 80's :)
djsurfsgf kind of like Central Oregon gossip...

RattRound And Round

| play
djsurfsgf Westcoast G.R. I love it~
djsurfsgf one of the only I @ the LBC/Pier was the bomb...
djsurfsgf a little pre~singletrack motivation...used to spin this at a little club in San Marcos, Ca. late 80's

CCCP "American Soviets"

| play
djsurfsgf Is now a believer that is superior to the Pandora least more of what im looking for from da underground.
djsurfsgf food for thought...nothing changes? Obama? Change...whatEVER!!! amazing words that still ring the ALARM.
djsurfsgf the NEW full moon music...BARK!

Yngwie Malmsteen-Mr. Crowley (Featuring Rob Halford and Ronnie James Dio

| play
djsurfsgf motivation to singletrack zone...OUT :)
djsurfsgf Phoebe Cates? still HOTT! why cant they re-make some COOL 80's movies?
djsurfsgf If i go classic? I was born in 1962 ya know...

The WhoThe Seeker

| play
djsurfsgf If you have never seen AM live?...I was a hater until one fine day in BC/2001.

Dear Prudence By Alanis Morrisette

| play
djsurfsgf this is why I digg da !!!
djsurfsgf Mr. Miller...out to ya my friend...blast from da past~ overcovered...on the YT!
djsurfsgf Yo Huff...chillin beats for the ultra laidLO~
djsurfsgf Wow...If I were still only this COOL....HAHAHAhahaha
djsurfsgf section 8 flashback...true to the SWside. But not in NW Central Oregon...WT? bounceOUT~
djsurfsgf never underestimate MY rules!
djsurfsgf In rememberence to: Murrieta Madness party's of the "19" 70's...............................................................Good times for teenagers!
djsurfsgf warm front in the house...cling to Miss summer...yeah!
djsurfsgf I fade with this simple message
djsurfsgf Takes me back to 8/19/2003 at LSA...I wont throw JJ under the bus today!!!
djsurfsgf I found this to be a sweet~jamb in my ear!

Fire on the Mountain by the Greatful Dead

| play
djsurfsgf childhood memories from the folks album this? humm...
djsurfsgf time to go squirre~ley...Og Dj's do go there
djsurfsgf Skywalker...check out da BLING
djsurfsgf another ripe for hit-wonder ZONE!
djsurfsgf No agenda...Da underground sound. Hip-Hop & music is my mantra~If you love Obama? watch this video...change? ya sure ya betcha~
djsurfsgf say you never rocked this back in the day...Motown sound!
djsurfsgf check yourself...mountain town living RULES!
djsurfsgf back then? had no CLUE they were from the NW. awesome LIVE & then some...
djsurfsgf and there is that voice again? Q & answered...

YazOnly You

| play
djsurfsgf 50 ways back many are there in 9/2010???
djsurfsgf Kravitz? < suck! these guys throw down!
djsurfsgf short sale on a rapper 80's style: bust-it!
djsurfsgf another song that dares to remade...
djsurfsgf before the in Or. even knew what a real moshPIT was. unless you did Rodeo...LoL
djsurfsgf poverty w/ a view. good times...thanks Danny~
djsurfsgf another one hit wonder that make's you regress...80's
djsurfsgf freshly re-mixed but the audio SUCKS. Underwood delicious :)

Carrie Underwood Voices Carry

| play
djsurfsgf good stuff for those who are in the NOW(KNOW) 80's dude...LOVE da.blip
djsurfsgf underground sound from da LBC
djsurfsgf love(lust) music...feeling good, feeling fine. Because?
djsurfsgf YES I was a Journey fan...If your scared to say so? you might be a liar...most guys? YEAH!
djsurfsgf timeless geek rock...see em live? oh yeah = rock-on!
djsurfsgf feeling good to @ home grounded...yeah :)
djsurfsgf my first ear full of a non-studio version...brings back many memories of Papa's'N'Beer in Rosarita, BC...Ladies???
djsurfsgf tonight's motivational go-to...Rock-ON!
djsurfsgf old school...still the NEW Remember Korn at LSA 9/07? too bad that will never happen again!!!
djsurfsgf No matter what...It was badass. Bass is addictive. unless your a Deadhead...LoL!

NWABoyz In Da Hood

| play
djsurfsgf Next up? this music gives me fuzzy feelings... the folks rocked this stuff big time during my childhood :)
djsurfsgf only a true dj can rock this...

PrincePussy Control

| play
djsurfsgf wack-remix...truth be told? from Compton to the LBC duz EZ roll?
djsurfsgf killer vibes for the best of any relationship...yeh :)
djsurfsgf Pdx rock Ladies...dont confuse us with "Pink Martini" !!! Live & superdirty
djsurfsgf you want me to listen to that crap? huh? NO WAY!
djsurfsgf friendly' mosh pits before most of you were born...LoL!
djsurfsgf bestest LIVE...but this will work music = mood = meditation = peace!
djsurfsgf jah-mon fav that brings the good vibe... Namaste~
djsurfsgf For the Westsiders...anytown USA


| play
djsurfsgf Humpty Hump w/da underground krew...funky in da butt w/da Motown sound 2010
djsurfsgf XXX...from da underground Quik sound'z
djsurfsgf Quik sick...I love da beats laid back yo!
djsurfsgf Styx...the ONLY song that they rocked-ON :)

Styx 81Miss America

| play
djsurfsgf wind down, OG Americana music...
djsurfsgf I will allways dream of a surfer girl...ahhh :)
djsurfsgf it's Hip-Hop...NOT Rap. Hip Hopper's rappin? Yes!
djsurfsgf and it's a mystery???

DevoGirl U Want

| play
djsurfsgf this is friggin cool...bootlegg Krokus!
djsurfsgf Jack's mo better with a WHOLE lotta G-Love & Krew... jus sayin~!
djsurfsgf underground sound from the...New Ro' days!
djsurfsgf killer for those who digg da Puppy.

Skinny PuppyRemix

| play
djsurfsgf humm...I KNOW way more music that you might never have thunk. Im not a follower when it comes to music, Im just a fan!
djsurfsgf rated xxx...but not banned! skywalker retro.
djsurfsgf NOT a radio edit...anyone want to remake this???

Aldo NovaFantasy

| play
djsurfsgf never hinder my walk, touch my shoulder
djsurfsgf graduation year from HS
djsurfsgf Styx only "REAL" rock song...

Styx 81Miss America

| play
djsurfsgf same time zone...Queen goes rockstar party on Garth~
djsurfsgf somewhere...somewho & somehow.
backseatsurfer Bad, bad, bad, bad boys, you make me feel so gooooooood...

Mase- Feel So Good (HD)

| play
djsurfsgf friday end the funk...sunshine music
djsurfsgf tasty re-mix for the hallo "of soon to come" ween warm up...cause it's gettin cold outside.
djsurfsgf for all you yipp'sters who dont really know Boingo...the radio stations played the CRAP out of this. Everything else Boingo? Danny say's...your loss!
djsurfsgf bet ya never thought this...

The BreedersThe She

| play
djsurfsgf further outside the radio edit....
djsurfsgf underground dub-sound...not new? not mainstream~ I'd be mixin this at my local java jungle.
djsurfsgf rock-on Pete...the inventer of the tube/master old but not crusty~
djsurfsgf evar...fitting for the mood

Dj IceySailing

| play
djsurfsgf more bad ass jump/funk/ska from the 80's... someyaall might remember. Belly-Up Tavern in Solana Beach? Been there...80's baby!
djsurfsgf outtake...sweetdreams of the partial full moon & it's hallo's!
djsurfsgf Oh yeah...I predict a full moon on Saturday. LOL!

SparksI Predict

| play
djsurfsgf if only???

Foreigner- Feels like the First Time

| play
djsurfsgf ready to do this...just add a dope pt. break w/tasty rights. YEAH!
djsurfsgf destined to do Vegas until retirement...special :)
djsurfsgf yes these clowns have a place in my MI. does Eminem. hoodsters...
djsurfsgf Question #1...Ice T, how do feel about the job Pres. Obama done? Question #2 "Pres. Obama" who is Ice T? & please deliver some to the garden ASAP.
djsurfsgf outro: I still worship this guy...indie for life!
djsurfsgf another great classic from irish hip-hoppers
djsurfsgf back with NJS you dont hear on the radio.
djsurfsgf @djsurfsgf: "back with NJS you dont hear on the radio." (reblip)
djsurfsgf Pharrell & da Dogg Pound...beatzX

Cheat Feat. The Dogg Pound

| play
djsurfsgf some of you just might remember this :)
djsurfsgf live & kinda doing the Tom Petty look. Live & large.
djsurfsgf another classic Halloween warm-up...
djsurfsgf Live 11+ years old...sorry but I still digg this st*t!
djsurfsgf I need some black eyed pea/grits dip for my cracker...hahahaLOL!

Chris RockCrackers

| play
djsurfsgf the laundrymat...small town usa, still makes me want to roller rink disco
djsurfsgf Live??? If you wanna laugh you gotta see this. FF!
djsurfsgf I think im too young to know this...ha

Petula ClarkDowntown

| play
djsurfsgf much fun with no sun! but check the sky for a full moon :()
djsurfsgf live version audio og


| play
djsurfsgf Scoots about it.
djsurfsgf past midnight...full moon blues & it's raining
djsurfsgf dont forget music to get buzy yo.....

GBHTime Bomb

| play
djsurfsgf thrills here just sick deephouse/javamon

Dj IceyThe One.mpg

| play
djsurfsgf J5...sweet up in da NW, via MT.

AKIL OF JURASSIC5 2008 hiphop tour Bozeman

| play
djsurfsgf like a Giant fan...yahooooooooooooo!
djsurfsgf NewRo 80's flashback...Balboa Isle, Ca (Newport Beach)
djsurfsgf good stuff as I like it all!
djsurfsgf nothing changed...the past becomes NOW
djsurfsgf trust me, all real Men wish for one...
djsurfsgf also notice the bare footed Elfman...coolness :)
djsurfsgf yes good stuff from the wayback...
djsurfsgf brings back sweet memories of surfing a secret spot in S Newport, aka the OC
djsurfsgf ****four solid star remake...nice
djsurfsgf studio version...whats up? better music on the disc than the media HAMMERS you with...jus sayin.
djsurfsgf Pasha's? NO...but still way cool to see & hear Rob & Danyel! where is the bootlegg from d-town Bend...then? damn smartphones. Oh the memories :)
djsurfsgf more from before the other JJ...another that rocked the bare feet no-matter what gig!
djsurfsgf there you have it Gary...I think that is a Stephanie S. cameo to hold it true
djsurfsgf cover the ears if ya cant handle the WORDS...B***H...weessidddee
djsurfsgf from da underground soundz...

MinistryBang a Gong

| play
djsurfsgf fitting for the weekend event safe out there!
djsurfsgf add this this to the bestest EVER!
djsurfsgf soo way past the whole Mexi-radio thing
djsurfsgf yeah...hooks N ladders. steppingstone to positivity :)
djsurfsgf In Dedication the to the SF Giants 2010 World Series Win... Answer? To Kick some TX Ranger ass. fear IT!
djsurfsgf who said? I dont appreciate music. Little do you know! YO! lol!
djsurfsgf OVER & OUT...safu!!! May tomorrow be politically POSITIVE...for WE the people.

Election DayArcadia

| play
djsurfsgf O the 80's ants eat sheep ya know!!!

Adam AntAntMusic

| play
djsurfsgf cleaned up...would love to go back to **f-bomb** Metallica, cause they ROCKED it? Ya think?............................!
djsurfsgf #1 remix doc funkinstein...put forth your best foot...embrace Ole man Winter!!!
djsurfsgf memories...SNL has been with me since 1975. PJ tore down the house that night.
djsurfsgf back that with this voice? damn...Disney brought some underground talent, mouse ears or not!!!
djsurfsgf lil old school...goddess and Janet J mentor. Supreme Di

Diana RossUpside Down

| play
djsurfsgf rain brings snow at higher elevations...fall forward into WINTER
djsurfsgf and then you...just might have a clue. what happened??? Gaga? remix this with "______"
djsurfsgf classic...steer clear from those bleeders(sic)
djsurfsgf another relationship song? Gaga? jus sayin...
djsurfsgf 3-hit wonder zone...on a roll cause it's my friday.
djsurfsgf for the inside: the box krew...dont strain yur brain. commercial edit type? no need to apply here! luv
djsurfsgf and you forgot to hate the underground 90's? remember it now.
djsurfsgf flip back to the underground hip-hop zone...
djsurfsgf J5 in da casa

Jurassic5 The Influence Remix

| play
djsurfsgf hand picked from the dark "hair" dayz...Gina? Loveya!
djsurfsgf kind of like politics...nothing like CHANGE soon too...ring real against the POWER MORE cowbell...
djsurfsgf lyrics for those who are impared/annoyed by the MUSIC sometimes the music has meaning
djsurfsgf d-o-p-e for the wayback...and fans of?

beastie boysbeastie

| play
djsurfsgf in between days from the wayback...KROQ & 91X from the OC & SD
djsurfsgf wind down...or wind it up? if ya were clubbin back then? if not...we been there & you WERE NOT!!!

Klymaxx Live Meeting In The Ladies Room

| play
djsurfsgf yeeha...along with the time!!! @ 4:20pm

John Fogerty and the Blue Ridge Rangers Change in the Weather

| play
djsurfsgf lookin to co-op some re-make tunes?...1-2-3 lets GO to the studio! Anthem...

The Bay City Rollers- Saturday Nigth.flv

| play
djsurfsgf another groovy classic...I think he's older here?...LOL!
djsurfsgf yeah...just like your first love...lust? whatever.

PilotIt's Magic

| play
djsurfsgf lil ditty for the Lilly@ 40. welcome to whatever mid life control dude!
djsurfsgf another outside "tb" cover check it...violin? sick!
djsurfsgf one of the few songs that I enjoyed from these cats...
djsurfsgf for all the Female Vets...blast from the past. Music for kudos...
djsurfsgf thinking karaoke? humm....still was cavewomen/rockabilly/silly to me & damn fun to dance to :)

BowwowwowI Want Candy

| play
djsurfsgf sticks &'s just another form of music
djsurfsgf lil sumtin to chill inda casa...the creek sayin so
djsurfsgf as the song title reads...Del inda mob


| play
djsurfsgf old school/new school...underground sound still Del zone + all star players.


| play

Kanye, Kid Cudi, Qtip surprise appearance Knitting Factory

| play
djsurfsgf #1 as it ever was...favorite cause it still rings the BELLS
djsurfsgf back that rock up w/da hiphop D
djsurfsgf F Zappa can only continue to appreciate Les...let the music play :)
djsurfsgf just what da Dr. ordered...friday night live!

Rock OnDavid Essex

| play
djsurfsgf still young...and all about the music. it's that time of the year...again
djsurfsgf we have a few of these "round" here
djsurfsgf here ya go kiddos...motoring with a mullet!
djsurfsgf thought I was just goin to rock & roll...dream ON!
djsurfsgf like I said...dream-ON outside that box
djsurfsgf Detroit hiphoprap from da underground...ICP from a 9-mile so near my Gross Point Blank hood.
djsurfsgf humm? you find the dude on GMA I only can rock this jam...the BJ zone was OVERcommercialized hence...this is #1 for me
djsurfsgf at times we ALL could use ONE of these...helps relieve stress! lol :)
djsurfsgf TipTap...underground HH if your in the know

Qtip- A Remix Called "Dance On Glass" by Circa 94 Beats

| play
djsurfsgf all bout da hiphop...I dont make es'cuses for the Kanye? Talib Q sat night...Westside Bend'er
djsurfsgf I still so jive the Motown sound...old is new again.
djsurfsgf wedding singer flashback...cheesy? sure but most chicks digg-it :) twas the 80's
djsurfsgf America needs one of these sooner than later. jus sayin
djsurfsgf just another Steph side project? amazing talent. good T-day eve spiritual jive zonal nw

Portland Cello Project and Stephanie Schneiderman

| play
djsurfsgf you betcha...bring it Deano!
djsurfsgf in the mood for starting something (like more SNOW/Never enough it's almost December)
djsurfsgf thanks KLCC...the Colombian underground sound, sweet hip-hop-jazz-funk coffee house = world beats!

Paloma by Sidestepper

| play
djsurfsgf as the world beats...Im all in!
djsurfsgf uha...blast from the past...Bass beats from the 80's (reblip)

JJ FADSupersonic

| play
djsurfsgf meditational music for a buzy day at work...after work. BREATHE...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :)
djsurfsgf wonder where Adam Ant got some of his flair? nice~

Paul Revere and the Raiders.....KICKS

| play
djsurfsgf 20+ years later...nice og rockabillity!
djsurfsgf NewRo 80's...If emo were COOL back then??? Twas all about the DANCE FLOOR! rock-ON!
djsurfsgf lil Re-Mixxx early...Xmas out to all the SASSY ladies.
djsurfsgf Yo Thumper? A B-Day song for you!!! Hope you have an awesome day!
djsurfsgf dedicated to long days gone by...& birthdays today
djsurfsgf EzE-Xmas

easy E-merry christmes

| play
djsurfsgf you betcha from da underground...

Sir Mix AlotSeminar

| play
djsurfsgf Lil blast from da past

Areosmith-Back in the Saddle

| play
djsurfsgf bonus for those who digg'da'gang!

The Peanuts gang dances to Xmas music

| play
djsurfsgf time for that good old "TGIF" weekend vibe
djsurfsgf Motown...OG gospel = worship dat tree!
djsurfsgf already tired of re-makes of the ORIGINAL mix. Sometimes let well enough alone.
djsurfsgf right on in the x-mas groove...beat this up?
djsurfsgf tonight...I leave you with this. been there? DO that!

dream weaver gary wright

| play
djsurfsgf timeless classic from our past...with a guest YO!
djsurfsgf ok...Im laughing loudly now/chuckle/hahahaha :)
djsurfsgf comment if you must but...fanfare? Celebrate no-matter your dance!
djsurfsgf outro...digg da Cube & WSC

Ice Cube After Next Friday Soundtrack

| play
djsurfsgf you can only be sooooooooo cool when ya "rock dis shit" Yeah...Im cool ya know
djsurfsgf and then there was these guys...ROCK ON~~~~~~~~
djsurfsgf ooh yeah...Pandora x-mas overload? I know my roots kiddo's!!!

Black SabbathVoodoo

| play
djsurfsgf gone crazy...getz buzy pre-xmas overload/tgit~
djsurfsgf Rock-on: Celebrate the Stone & The Wood :) Xmas/Festivus classic to us big kids!!!

Hair of the dog Nazerath concert

| play
djsurfsgf down with the remash/hash...Sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
djsurfsgf what would rock-N-roll Christmas be with-out Elvis?
djsurfsgf a lil kick start for "tgifnye"...Tin Can Trust" me it ROCKS!
djsurfsgf A good day made better with a LIl Dr. Dre...
djsurfsgf I know this will refresh some past teen-spirit!!!
djsurfsgf Still one "bad ass" ballad...remind's me of the crusin day's in the OC/Riverside Co/San Diego 80's! Surf's UP!!!
djsurfsgf won this CD last night...I think I like em (kinda Depeche/Cure/Nin light)
djsurfsgf Og live...going out to the man :)

stuck in the middle , Garry Rafferty

| play
djsurfsgf random beats...rap & hip~hop are not noise pollution
djsurfsgf and something to induce sleep with tonight...loud & LIVE
djsurfsgf give the man a fish...Claypool is the bass bait
djsurfsgf when music from the past comes into play today...Motown gets it done LISTEN to the words
djsurfsgf ya...beatz from the Q-T -N- Krew...wreck-steady w/da hip'pity HOP
djsurfsgf live...loud...amazing what you can find on
djsurfsgf Hitch...humpday :)


| play
djsurfsgf workin my way around da beatz...lots of music' lil time to digg-in
djsurfsgf DJ Chicks in da mix...that's HoTT!
djsurfsgf Roller disco...flashback to the romo/emo roller rink days of the 80's
djsurfsgf another day in the dirty sis....Djk says my "drs" is better than yours :)
djsurfsgf rap the past...tadow' into today...dow? ya!

NWAChin Check

| play
djsurfsgf Social D...still rockin in 2011 and may it never end
djsurfsgf back to the days in a pit...friendly dancing in an angry fashion :)

The Adolesents-Amoeba(LIVE)

| play
djsurfsgf never underestimate the music knowledge of a modern day/hip-hopper who was born in 62...rock-on!!!
djsurfsgf on a roll...WOW these guys still ROCK? why...yes they do!!!
djsurfsgf trust me on this one...Danny made the "pit" happen. Good Times!
djsurfsgf sweet beats to end the night from dis Dj...keep yur groove tight!
djsurfsgf last live tonight...keep yur groove tight. Dj out~
djsurfsgf from the along with Mr. D Miller...the Y&T was sick live!
djsurfsgf missed this one & dont know a wild child~~~~~

Y&TWild Child

| play
djsurfsgf flashback...Mr. Smith = still #1 role model on that side the tracks> That's my OPINION~
djsurfsgf after many version/venison options? Ted ROCKS ya all!!!
djsurfsgf loves Ted?
djsurfsgf tap de Pulse...Rasta outside/inside da' Adam Ja" GBH~:O)
djsurfsgf 1982...take notice of the "Hair", Legs...hott dance moves :)
djsurfsgf wanna compare "Band Of Horses" to Adam Ant??? I would rather go back to the 80's...cause I was there!!!
djsurfsgf BC mix...sharin cause tis wat I doo...dat...Props :)
djsurfsgf sweet Mandy...another low-key TALENT :) yeah...Im a fan cause I like CANDY'
djsurfsgf Amazing Americana each?& to see em LIVE? priceless...Trust ME!!!
djsurfsgf awesome...MF's yeah Madonna play's a electric guitar...duh
djsurfsgf SICK..................................................................tgif :)


| play
djsurfsgf awesome live & LOUD...Q fights the Foo!!! SICK!!!
djsurfsgf not to be shy...but Im taking application's/resume's for one of these. hahaha...NOT
djsurfsgf going deep into the roots...80's shout out. Live'''''''Loud''''''SICK!!!
djsurfsgf Styx...unleashed & raw/LIVE no commercial/management & F-U :)

Styx 81Miss America

| play
djsurfsgf 10pm...tgif :)

mettalica for whom the bell tolls

| play
djsurfsgf missing my LP' I see more i'll youth dj's are deepin da roots of the dance floor underground sound...80's.
djsurfsgf I'll finish my MM fetish...OG Vid. Approved by Tony Hawk...yaya!!!
djsurfsgf Christina is yet another talent way above the "ears"...
djsurfsgf check this out...for if you ever loved Britney S? You SUCK!!!
djsurfsgf tonight I give kudos to the newer Female Artist's who Rock the Vibe...heart to HEART & SOUL to soul :)
djsurfsgf kudos to another re-dish-up with slick beats...the Dj's slice of life~!
djsurfsgf Im back...all ya night owls...LIVE/LOUD I like these guys!!!


| play
djsurfsgf Blippin for the Suz...New year...fresh start! Do It NOW...wake up tomorrow back IN THE SADDLE!!!
djsurfsgf call it what you want...arm yourself with knowledge to rise ABOVE!
djsurfsgf getting a LiL tired of this in CO...bring back da SNOW!!!
djsurfsgf music to soothe an angry creek....hahahahaa
djsurfsgf these guy's will be alot of PARTY 2/2011