dochugo you'd like this @Sook

Zeigeist - Humanitarianism (Twelves Remix)

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dochugo off to see diplo w/ matt+kim! thanks @all for good times
dochugo @sarahlovesyou @teffymae gorgeous track, reminds me of phoenix but slightly more uptempo
dochugo really feelin this cover! // much thanks rb@patita rb@RadioFreeIllinois (reblip)
dochugo hawt nintendo. this is one of my fave tracks from 8bit betty
dochugo starts slow, but very phoenix-ey vocals
dochugo i wouldn't mind moving to holland
dochugo @chiron08 thanks for the supermayer reminder!
dochugo rb@Tranquil you know siriusmo is my favorite artist at boyznoise right now (: (reblip)

SiriusmoNights Off

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dochugo nice track! // howdy and thanks rb@ffluxx: "Koop – Come To Me" (reblip)

KoopCome To Me

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dochugo umm, awesome? // rb@photogurrl: "@dochugo you may like this one as well... Cheers!" (reblip)
dochugo green with envy! maybe i should move to scandinavia // rb@zombieFredrik: "@dochugo @Atomik - the parties: great. Both of them :)" (reblip)
dochugo feelin it // rb@toreo: "heard this today for the first time. loved it. @bunq, @Turbolax, @joechapman, @kevtrinh, @El3ctrophile" (reblip)
dochugo i love this track. thanks! rb@katost: "Faded Paper Figures – Logos ..." (reblip)
dochugo thx@CLARITY when i want something cool i'll just mine deep into your bliplist (reblip)
dochugo @sandyriverside and a macbook pro with a 10,000:1 contrast ratio so i can design at the beach // rb@Tranquil you are one of my favorite blippers! (reblip)
dochugo rb@sandyriverside oh snapz. guy sounds cross jens lekman and stephin from magnetic fields. thanks! // "I'm still in inspirationboardland @dochugo" (reblip)
dochugo @sandyriverside i play this as religiously as wuthering heights // @hellerkellersipod are you a music reviewer?
dochugo @sandyriverside wow nice. he looks like jason schwartzman in this // "@dochugo haha this video def. gets played by me religiously. " (reblip)
dochugo rb@jarsen seriously? this is way hawt. // "gotta listen to it again. I love this remix, check it out @claaaaaaire" (reblip)
dochugo @sophie_o wow 14k listeners and nice blips, but i only just saw you in my blip feed. talk about disconnected universe!
dochugo @daretoeatapeach do care! satisfying on so many levels.
dochugo @sandyriverside those are all good product ideas! now i understand why hello kitty's first lucrative product was the "shoulder" massager
dochugo awwwwwesome! // hi and thanks! rb@breze: "i randomly met this amazing man last friday at a local cafe where he gave me a free cd. =] " (reblip)
dochugo thanks rb@antenaweb, i loved the zzz remix of this but never heard the original. it's quite different // heya @seizuresalad it's a disco kinda day (reblip)
dochugo i loves! and first listen for me. thanks @bunq :D // "no matter what kind of mood i'm in, this song always manages to put a smile on my face ❤ :)..." (reblip)
dochugo @bunq: "@dochugo first listen!? :O WAAAH! must listen to this as well ;P..." aww thanks @bunq for lookin out for me :D (reblip)
dochugo first listen! oh mah ceilin cat this is good, very polished and luxe sound, a touch of crazy. :D @bunq: "@dochugo my fav fav fav song from them...." (reblip)
dochugo @brokentv glad you liked that goose flesh remix of hearts on fire.. here's a softercore remix of panther dlx "@dochugo Holy heck, this is brilliant!"
dochugo no cartoons @teffymae, i'll just stick to other than rained on, how are you? // "vi@dochugo: Did you find any acceptable cartoons?"

The SoundsFire

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dochugo i'm keen on this! thanks and 'afternoon @teffymae: "Just paid my credit card bill online.UGH." (reblip)
dochugo sort of lovin this right now @Nymph
dochugo feelin it. even though you're never on you have a pretty good batting average :D rb@claaaaaaire: "take me to LA" (reblip)
dochugo hawt. i won't ever see a copy machine in the same way again :D // stolen from @haizee (reblip)
dochugo @umraojan umm hi your tunes are way cool. i'm out of props for you already. i'll be reblipping u starting here. (reblip)

The xxCrystalised

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dochugo how easy would it be to mashup this track with My Sharona?
dochugo love it @Inge_FS: "ok, lets start the day." (reblip)

ZeigeistGiving You Up

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dochugo @HellenKellersIpod bet gamestop has it for 10 bones. my fave game ever // @okmusic @GrassyKnoll nerd is bomb!!
dochugo <3 this video // @HellenKellersIpod don't think i've ever used "getting drunk" and "i remember" in the same sentence :D
dochugo oh snap. gotta drop it cause it's hawt. thanks @bunq: "@dochugo |||||||" (reblip)
dochugo 've never heard this before. this is way hawt thanks @nvaquero! // "☺so, it´s friday, yeah!" (reblip)
dochugo read that when la roux started touring 4 lily allen, she'd nevr performed in front of a crowd. crazy! @bunq @Inge_FS
dochugo feelin it RB @FunkShoi: "@GrassyKnoll, no 4th fun up here. Just espresso's and crêpes n shit. Which can be kinda fun." (reblip)
dochugo rb@moloko75 i am way way way out of props for you! // " dochugo. Nice! I haven't seen their video yet! "Kicking and Screaming" was uploaded by me :0)" (reblip)
dochugo will see them live in 2hrs for the win :D.. tote a glock boy what what @brokentv: "Casiotone FOR THE WIN, more like. (via @ dochugo @daretoeatapeach)"
dochugo plastic operator good for shittastic weather
dochugo electronic remixes of jamie lidell are so hard to come by but sooo good. hi and thanks rb@linajennette rb@lub @Dturg @DHS @undrgrndman" (reblip)
dochugo hawwwwt!!! rb@headshaker: "you're so cool. can i be your friend?" (reblip)
dochugo outta props for you again @moloko_sp. i'll try to u/l some more morgan geist tracks i think you might like (reblip)

AzotoSoft Emotion

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dochugo @teffymae yea i love her. voice, clean, tight sound. always makes me think of sleater-kinney and le tigre. ah the good days of girl pop.
dochugo @sarahlovesyou tgif get your groove on! // @sandyriverside i can swing that choreography // @Nymph mmm sweet tooth // @FunkShoi hollas // rb self (reblip)
dochugo outta props 4u this is hawt (tm) rb@daretoeatapeach: "Love how instead of taking this fast and hard he drops it low and dirty." (reblip)
dochugo @CLARITY @claaaaaaire you haven't met? you guys are tops.
dochugo wow i love this one @patchit! thanks for the first listen and happy thursday! @teffymae @johno coalition! (reblip)

PsappThe Words

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dochugo zomg i love this song!!!!!!!!!!! vi@PigFluPanic // have a listen @teffymae @patchit @johno (reblip)

Owl CityThe Airway

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dochugo (ballad) thanks for being awesome @teffymae @patchit!

The DoAt Last

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dochugo ahhhhh that hawt 400hz really hits the spot. thanks @bunq! hope you had a great weekend // "@ dochugo :D" (reblip)

The WhipTrash

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dochugo this is a ☀☀☀ deliciously hawt remix
dochugo awesome! wow, not the same justus sound from doppelleben, way better @jarsen this is so good thank you! (reblip)
dochugo i always love your blips @harukb! // rb "イターロ。" (reblip)
dochugo @Sook@bunq@Nymph ♫ thankful for your blips
dochugo ☀nikki beach☀ @headshaker @daretoeatapeach // @sandyriverside well then we'll match. i just scored these shorts

Pacific!Hot Lips

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dochugo @teffymae @patchit @allformat ❤ because melody and electro can live in harmony [pun intended]
dochugo haha even wpahp can't make me blip coldplay :D this rocks though rb@jarsen: "Oh Radiohead. How I love thee. Oh WPAHP" (reblip)
dochugo morning @jarsen @patchit // @sandyriverside whaddup what's oh heavens? a label? your turn to blip nikki beach today

ZeigeistGiving You Up

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dochugo @Tranquil♫ i love this blip :D thanks! (reblip)

LioAmoureux Solitaire

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dochugo hawt. it's nice to have you back vi@brokentv!! (vi@moloko_sp) (reblip)

Fantastic Plastic Machine - I'm Bruce

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dochugo this does sound like the original... it sounds better!
dochugo @leaferi werd. if by a few you mean 2-3 then we could be astro twins
dochugo see? i'm doing listening homework too. fantastic find! rb@MusicIsMySunshine: "@ dochugo A Jenny Wilson remix I've never heard! " (reblip)
dochugo @1001queen your name is synthia?!! spelled with an s or c? do your parents like synthpop?
dochugo thanks @lipsync! @nvaquero and i just want to make you go bump bump bump boom boom boom
dochugo pleasure to hear this again :D thanks rb@noochi // @leaferi oh yea u blipped kmfdm did u get de-listens? :D (reblip)
dochugo @leaferi haha i saw "XP8" and thought windows xp service pack 8. i think i need to floss my brain!
dochugo @leaferi i listen to a lot of "necro"-folk.. don't have the balls to blip any of it tho :D check out "sturm"
dochugo @sandyriverside dude man we're just rehearsing for nikki beach. can't hit that without s-t-a-m-i-n-a
dochugo heyyyy rb@RHYTHMjunkie nice blip man! a few more of these and maybe i can like her. @leaferi (reblip)

Lily AllenThe Fear

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dochugo @teffymae i'm not gonna lie. i felt violated watching your friend pfunkt shake his junk. @patchit

PeachesSet It Off

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dochugo it's ❀@leaferi music (tm)❀ // you're a youngin'. i celebrate mine in october. :D
dochugo @patchit i missed the concert report.. how was it? // @moloko_sp @nvaquero
dochugo always out of props for you friend. rb@moloko_sp: "@ dochugo He remixed the whole Lily's album." (reblip)
dochugo @claaaaaaire i can suuuuuuuure use a copy of your roadtrip (to where?) playlist
dochugo @Sook see? you should thank me for lowering your expectations.
dochugo @leaferi LMAO i can't believe that was traci lords the porn star!
dochugo @teffymae for u :D // @zombieFredrik @sandyriverside when my pc broke i'd say, i quit u pc. when my mac breaks, i go out and buy 1 or 3 more. :D
dochugo @Inge_FS you go to copenhagen for a week and you are full of amazing tunes! maybe i should just buy a one-way ticket :D
dochugo i'd prefer not to reblip you again tonight, but this song is really nice // rb@Inge_FS (reblip)
dochugo LOVE THIS. but i'm confused... calvin harris remixed both sophie ellis-bextor AND roisin murphy's versions of the same song? rb@dricow (reblip)
dochugo rb@THX3 "get drunk. get down. take drugs. get fucked. and we're gonna do it all tonight" :D (reblip)
dochugo my friend, excellent! rb@brokentv: "@es_why Great band, great tune. I do prefer this version of it though." (reblip)
dochugo wait a minute...i don't recogn... ZOMG it's new kings!! after all these years. big thanks @Ldubya (reblip)
dochugo @fabuleuxfab @leaferi totally agree amazing amazing mylo remix of guns'n'roses cover. i've been addicted to blipping it!
dochugo i will check out antony.. will be in cph 8/8 and 8/9 so won't make that show :\ @Inge_FS
dochugo going rollerblading by the river. outtie 9000!!
dochugo NICE! rb@moloko_sp haha i like all coffee.. wink on ice coffee because @nvaquero likes it (reblip)
dochugo @Inge_FS but that's alexander robotnick himself!! 40 years of smoking will do that to a man :D
dochugo heyyy read my lips / coz all they say is kiss kiss kiss // nice remix rb@limeroyalty (reblip)
dochugo rb@Inge_FS: "@ dochugo me like, you?" ❤ I LOVE IT ❤ and i'm going to play it over and over until my ears bleed!! (reblip)
dochugo @axefield i'm with you re minimal metro. // @dricow and porno shades // rb@moloko_sp (reblip)
dochugo rb@daretoeatapeach: "NEW TWELVES!" sweet baby jesus is it christmas already? (reblip)
dochugo nice one! quack quack rb@haizee: "Frankmusik + Russ Chimes = Confusion Girl @bduubz @Nymph @kooi @duchugo @bunq" (reblip)
dochugo mothers lock up your daughters because rb@haizee is out to kill it! (reblip)
dochugo ☀bmxmas☀ // rb@haizee: "the BMX mutual appreciation society is officially launched @ dochugo" (reblip)


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dochugo @claaaaaaire listening to this again. thanks!

Dan Black- Symphonies (Passion Pit Remix)

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dochugo @Nymph thought you might like the caspa remix
dochugo @Sook this is fantastic! thank you :D // rb "my new fever ray favorite @ dochugo @MusicIsMySunshine @samodiva" (reblip)
dochugo this is great. rb@Inge_FS: "@dochugo well, now i feel honored and under pressure;)" but don't mess it up... :D kidding. (reblip)
dochugo hawt. per usual from you though. rb@bunq: "LOVE @dochugo @Inge_FS" (reblip)
dochugo rb@Inge_FS ✞ i think you know what i like better than anyone else on blip ✞ (reblip)
dochugo ✞ hawt music is church ✞ // g'night @Inge_FS @bunq @Sook @Nymph (ah fug last track was truncated)
dochugo rb@Nymph there is no reason for hipsters to wear skinny jeans in humidity, imo. boys have plaid shorts and girls have american apparel short shorts. (reblip)
dochugo ✰hawt cover✰ // @teffymae i was looking for a track called "hipster dialectics" to reply but alas, no dice @sandyriverside @FunkShoi @Nymph
dochugo HAWT. almost burned my fingers blipping this :D rb@nvaquero rb→@retrobeat (reblip)
dochugo there's something disturbing about searching 'phoenix' and finding that most results are 'fall out boy' @nastysurprise72 @bunq @THX3 @jtabz @bduubz
dochugo hawt // grato! rb@moloko_sp: "@ dochugo From Brazil for u!" (reblip)
dochugo awwwesome. thanks! rb@axefield: "@ dochugo you'll MIGHT like this, idk. @leaferi thanks! @ everyone your awesome." (reblip)
dochugo @nvaquero :D are you kidding me? i live off white gazpacho. also love black bean soup and garlic soup in the madrid style, nice and sour!!!
THX3 rb@dochugo: "☃hawt☃ ☾houseset☾ // i agree! breakbot is so awesome!!" need to learn to play bass guitar to come up with these sick disco bass lines (reblip)
dochugo great track. love buffetlibre and wish there was more on blip rb@nvaquero: "ღ" (reblip)
dochugo ☾houseset☾ // @nvaquero ah thx for the info. but sopa castellana another great one is madrid no?
dochugo ♫ in the french house style very much like le knight club and icube @bunq @ArthrReeeeD @FunkShoi @THX3 @antenaweb @bduubz @jtabz @axefield ☾houseset☾
dochugo ☾houseset☾ if need to find hawt house djs just look at erlend oye's dj.kicks
dochugo ☃hawt☃ ☾houseset☾ // @THX3 i agree! breakbot is so awesome!!
dochugo @nvaquero man, i could really use some ♨sopa de ajo♨ right now from (100m from my apt) they use a 1950s recipe!!!

BMXRefero Beach

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dochugo thanks @carsmile! there are a lot of treasures in your playlist. i'll need some days to go through it all :D


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dochugo i don't understand how/why empire of the sun is everywhere all of a sudden. i don't particularly love them. but i do love golden filter. @claaaaaaire
dochugo ☠hawwwwt☠ thanks miss rb@toreo: "this song and my next song, amaaazin'." (reblip)
dochugo ✪feel good set✪ for the sexual healing bunch @Inge_FS @Sook @samodiva // thanks! rb@SNIZWHIZ (reblip)
dochugo ✪feel good set✪ // @sandyriverside nice! i'm also headed to wilderness aka connecticut to taste cows and roll around in mud
dochugo ✪feel good set✪ // thanks!! ✰rb@moloko_sp: "@ dochugo :0)" (reblip)
dochugo sick. thanks for this track @FunkShoi // @GrassyKnoll crap i hope it doesn't rain on my guns and roses cruise (reblip)
dochugo ☀☠☕ goooood mooooorning bliiiiiiipnaaaaam ☀☠☕
dochugo hahahaha i admire your lyrical memory miss @teffymae. maybe you should work for baz luhrmann on his next musical :D

Chew LipsSalt Air

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dochugo lol @sandyriverside. 0.25" repeat microprint macintosh. can i get a shirt with that print @sarahlovesyou? :D (reblip)
dochugo pardon will i de-imeemify my playlist. any nice blip sequences are just in your imagination :D

BMXRefero Beach

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dochugo @asterion ah so you're up for the european blippers' morning session :D
dochugo whoever posted most of the 320bitrate files of my faves... THANK YOU :DDD
dochugo so sad how few songs could be heard without imeem and youtube :(
dochugo seriously, kids. go to bed.
dochugo non-youtube let my shoes lead me forward, and for the win, in 320bitrate
dochugo i know i'm tired because the best pop artist ever comes to mind and somehow i know that's way overreaaching
dochugo you wake up my ears nicely, thanks! rb@moloko_sp: "@ dochugo Hello!" (reblip)
dochugo @Inge_FS why look for remedy when you can have medicine? ;D


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dochugo ✰hawt✰ // @leaferi hahah., yes i remember when it came out in the mid 80s :D didn't understand it then, though. (reblip)
dochugo EXCELLENT good morning! rb@moloko_sp: "Morning!" (reblip)
leaferi *✶*@dochugo Live show? Never heard this before but am definitely diggin'. Congratulations on your gold star! ✮ (*puts on @dochugo's forehead*)

Miss Kittin feat sven vath

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dochugo so. good. :D rb@claaaaaaire: "ahahaha i take it you liked it?! :)@ dochugo"
dochugo :D thanks rb@Inge_FS: "you were missed sir @ dochugo :)" (reblip)
dochugo @Atomik thanks! busy w work per usual. have blips queued 100 deep :D
dochugo ☆ songs for hot august evenings 4 of 13 ☆ // love this. thank you rb@MusicIsMySunshine (reblip)
CLARITY @dochugo it's a few minutes passed midnight here but this is for your mash up monday :) .. I probably still have the ps1 AND that game..nikki beach??
dochugo @haizee wow that's huge hearing it from you. thank you. also lovin first aid kit from karin dreijer's label @MusicIsMySunshine @Sook @Nymph
dochugo brilliant. that 'splains it thx rb@haizee: "Pegase = Minitel Rose lead singer -- Super Epic Stuff! @ dochugo" (reblip)
dochugo don't know pegase but love dream electro aesthetic. thanks! rb@haizee: "spellbound = @ dochugo @Nymph @MusicIsMySunshine" (reblip)

The Sounds "My Lover"

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dochugo @daretoeatapeach @icelandelf love this new band opening for erlend oye. first time blipping them here


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dochugo erlend oye fans check out the new wine. just added this new single and look for more. @CLARITY @Atomik @Nymph @daretoeatapeach @haizee @sandyriverside

The New WineDragon

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dochugo another The New Wine u/l. wow i love. this. sound. it's like christmas @CLARITY @sandyriverside @Atomik
dochugo another The New Wine u/l. love LOVE @sandyriverside you been holdin out! can't believe no one u/l'ed this awesomeness


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dochugo ok the last The New Wine u/l for now.


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dochugo @bduubz this track is why i want to see wba! so new so good. enjoy the u/l! @Atomik @Nymph

the whitest boy alive - courage jack tennis edit

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dochugo @Vacuum_Boots love can. this is my favorite song (reblip)

CanVitamin C

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dochugo @Nymph @blackittyblack this song always reminds me of bon iver
dochugo tonight was a pleasure thank you and goodnight @Nymph @Atomik @blackittyblack @haizee

"The Modern" by Frida Hyvonen

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dochugo nice blips. you have my ears now goodnight rb@user_name (reblip)
dochugo haven't heard this in a year thx rb@DJMORI // i just added all the new wine tracks to blip so have at it (reblip)
dochugo awesome and low key too thanks rb@haizee: "@Nymph @ dochugo" (reblip)
dochugo you had me at kierkegaard ^.^ great diddy thanks rb@Atomik (reblip)

Just you & meZee Avi

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dochugo love it. i thought chelonis only produced. big thanks! rb@Atomik: "I love anythign Chelonis touches @ dochugo - hope you like" (reblip)

Thriller by Michael Jackson in Mario Paint Composer

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