ogfredmack When I heard this song for the first time as a boy, it was one of the most beautiful selections I ever heard. It still is...

Viva Santana/Blackmagic Woman@Cropredy 2007

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ellendiane one of the best songs ever


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ellendiane that's what I do- dance sistahs- flow& move.....groove
ellendiane I remember when I thought this was by James Taylor-John Denver did the original-hey Nori-ega!
ellendiane to you! peace on!


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ellendiane this seems to be my theme song
ellendiane jungle love!

Steve Miller Band Jungle Love Live From Chicago

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Mas Que Nada In Style Of Sergio Mendez And Black Eyed Peas Karaoke

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ellendiane and you will see something magical
ellendiane holly oak by geggy tah- memories!

singing holly oak by geggy tah

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ellendiane iggy pop -LUST FOR LIFE- thanks bro!
ellendiane General Public-Tenderness
ellendiane wicked game -chris isaak touches me every time- so true
ellendiane Garbage-stupid Girl- I never learn!~!!

GarbageStupid Girl

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ellendiane colbie caillat-bubbly I've been away....
ellendiane Desiree-You Gotta Be! (challenge what the future holds..release your fears- you gotta be cool/calm- ..love will save the day
ellendiane peter gabriel- in your eyes I will hear your silent call- till I am home again
ellendiane morris day & the time-jungle love yeah!!! (reblip)
ellendiane great classic- I want you to want me- cheap trick-
ellendiane NoDoubt-I'm Just a Girl-

NoDoubt I'm Just A Girl

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ellendiane etta James-I just want to make love to you-born to be wild- awesome!
ellendiane tom petty-stevie nicks- Stop draggin' my heart around- f'in great
ellendiane Shania Twain _MAN ! I feel like a WOMAN- lets go girls- have sum phun:)
ellendiane palmer, Robert -Addicted to Love= will we ever learn :)
ellendiane rolling stones- I just want to make love to you!!!
ellendiane Tracy Chapman & Eric Clapton-Give meone reason (I can give you 2:)
ellendiane beatles- 8 days a week! Beatles/Jesse Fulco

Beatles / Eight Days A Week / Beatles / Jesse Fulco

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ellendiane sweet sacrifice-Evanescence "fear is only in our minds but its taking,,,you poor sweet thing dry yr eyes & testify.....
ellendiane u2//4U-U2 Spirit- Hold Me, Thrill Me., Kiss Me, Kill me...... nc
ellendiane JAMES BROWN- I GOT YOU ( i FEEL GOOD) :0
ellendiane SYLVESTER- YOU MAKE ME FEEL (MIGHTY REAL) I wanna go to a disco!!!
ellendiane MARVIN GAYE- SEXUAL HEALING the answer to all problems!
ellendiane Desiree' Bassett- Blazin' Guitar Girl She's awesome- a kid from my hometown!! Played w/ the biggies!
ellendiane JIMI HENDrix-Are You Experienced get your mind together and come home to me..........
ellendiane Rem- End of the World time for something NEW!!!
ellendiane Janice Joplin-Another Piece of My Heart didn't I make you feel......yeah-didn't I give you everything.......

Janice Joplin Another Piece Of My Heart

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ellendiane The Who- Eyesight to the Blind (The Hawker) what can I say! I have opened many people's eyez:)
ellendiane Flobots-Happy Together-
ellendiane flobots-combat we all have our battles to win!


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ellendiane donovan-It is the season of the witch- when is it not?:)
ellendiane Joe Cocker With a littlehelp from my friends Rock in Rio II thank God for loyal friends

JoeCocker With a Little Help from my Friends Rock in Rio II

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ellendiane Traffic- Dear Mr. Fantasy- thankx for making mine come true! be happy!
ellendiane Isaac hayes- The Look of Love there is the look-the eyes...your heart can't disguise!
ellendiane Ramsel Lewis Trio -Wade in the Water- fav. dance instrumental shake it baby--oh yeah!
ellendiane Bob Dylan- Lay-Lady,Lay whatever colours you have in your mind...
ellendiane Arlo Guthrie-Coming into Los Angeles- Don't go today- 4.4 earthquake!
ellendiane Crosby, Stills,Nash&young-That Girl no-one can refuse that girl=me :)
ellendiane talkingheads-Take me to the river- drop me i the water-I can swim miles around u!
ellendiane talking heads- There she was! and she was& still is!!

Talking Heads - There She Was

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ellendiane Staying Alive-Bee Gees 100 bpm- use this song doing cpr!!!
ellendiane Another one Bites the Dust-Queen Also for CPR 100 beats per minute-both songs from Radio Lab.org
ellendiane Stevie Wonder- I believe when I fall in Love it will be forever! some songs from the past- enjoy!
ellendiane Michael Franks-Somehow our Love Survives the lyrics are excellent
ellendiane Salsation I salsated this morning!!!!:)


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ellendiane Chuck Berry-Brown Eyed Handsome Man "free that brown eyed man!""
ellendiane Calypso Breakdown if you're gonna break down -do it to this!!:) shake it!!

Calypso Breakdown

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ellendiane Stephanie Mills-Pilot Error too much of this lately- better not happen tomorrow!!
ellendiane @MPT: ":) "reblipped- Dire Straits- Money for Nothing (reblip)
ellendiane @edley: "I can hear her heart beat from TEN thousand miles! @psychedout x" cool beans! (reblip)
ellendiane @Zubenelgenubi: "I just remembered how infectious this song is. Time to get it stuck in my head!" KT Tunstall-Suddenly i See (reblip)
ellendiane @edley: "I LOVE this... and I think you will too! @thedigitalbee54 xx" Bobby Womack- Love Ain't Something You can Get for Free :) $$$:) (reblip)
ellendiane Liquid Love-Sweet Harmony :) :) :)
ellendiane The Lovin'Spoonful-Darling Be Home Soon soon come??????????????//
ellendiane prince-I would die for u,Baby I'm a Star& lyrics I remember when this first came out -taught 80's aerobics to it!
ellendiane Sylvester- Do you wanna Funk remix always!
ellendiane Desiree- You gotta be (what you believe you can be!)
ellendiane toots&the maytals-54-46 was my number-Trojan Reggae 45rpm I was on stage for this:)
ellendiane Santana Evil Ways (1969) Rock Latino My evil ways are a part ofme :)
ellendiane Fleetwood mac- the Chain we all have 'em!! break loose!! :)
ellendiane mose allison-Hey Good lookin He's got a new one out The Way of the World!!!!
ellendiane @JeanneBehr: "Don't make me angry with the games that you play..."excellent song-traffic-Light Up or Leave me alone! (reblip)
ellendiane @iHOLLYWOODi :Eminem-The Way I AM!!!! thehellw/ those who don't like it! (reblip)

Eminem: The Way I Am (lyrics)

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ellendiane @abarbosa: The Police-Message in a bottle w/some it's the only way to communicate!let the sirens blow (reblip)
ellendiane @JeanneBehr: "rb :) @backtoback: "...""collective soul- SHINE (baby shine:) (reblip)
ellendiane don't go breakin'my heart

Don't Go Breakin' My Heart

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ellendiane @thegoddess: "reminds me of spring =) [The House of Love - Love You Too Much]" & other things:) (reblip)
ellendiane BB KING Stevie Ray Vaughan Etta James-Midnight Hour dreamtime!!!
ellendiane BB King & david gilmour- EYESIGHT TO THE BLIND thank u veddy much!! :)
ellendiane Project Pitchfork-Karma Monster Good Karma to you all! (reblip)
ellendiane @mark_till: "Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs - I've Seen All Good People/Your Move (Yes cover)" I'm on my way-good people! (reblip)
ellendiane @yesguv2: "Bitch"-eredith Brooks- I've been called worse! (reblip)
ellendiane @r0bb3rt: "The Animals Please ~ Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" looks like I already am! & u? (reblip)

The Animals Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood W/ Lyrics

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ellendiane Alanis Morisette- I'm a bitch I'm a LOVER what else is new- deal!!!

Alanis Morisette - Im a Bitch Im a Lover

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ellendiane @Chow322: pink who knew- you said you'd be around that's right (reblip)

PinkWho Knew

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ellendiane Buffalo Springfield- I am a Child and always will be!!!:) (reblip)
ellendiane @DirtyUrine: "Great Smackage !! \m/ rb@Louden: "Godsmack – I Stand Alone"" (reblip)
ellendiane @mark_till: You'd like to think you're immune to this stuff...Florence + The Machine - Addicted To Love (Robert Palmer Cover)" oh yes indeed (reblip)
ellendiane @abarbosa: "Ouch I have lost myself again "sia-breathe me (reblip)

sia - breathe me

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ellendiane love hurts-Nazareth -Karaoke_original footage :( :( :(
ellendiane lotus blossom-stupid girl

lotus blossom (stupid girl)

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ellendiane the house of love-love you toomuch- amen
ellendiane AND SHE- WA Talking Heads
ellendiane Van Morrison-Moon Dance- full moon tonite (reblip)
ellendiane Its Raining Men-Weather Girls
ellendiane muse Uprising can't keep a good MUSE down! (reblip)
ellendiane @mark_till: "2. Wearing Nothing is divine. Naked is a state of mind... Luscious Jackson - Naked Eye" lunges,squats&bench press-SPEAK OUT LOUD (reblip)
ellendiane @StarGLazyLady: Joe South -Mirror of your Mind It's all in perception! (reblip)
ellendiane black water-The Doobie Brothers keep on rollin'- miss.moon keep on shining on ME:)
ellendiane Magic Wands-Black Magic look for the key- to the puzzle-
ellendiane @edurrosa: "":-)) ":-))))))))" - Joss Stone - Put Your Hands On Me "" (reblip)
ellendiane prince-baby I'm a star thanx for helping me:)
ellendiane sweet caroline-victor wood Go Red Sox! Go UConn husky Women & go my sweet Caroline!
ellendiane It's a Beautiful Day!-Good Lovin" solves all probs!
ellendiane U2 Beautiful Day - Live@Slane Castle ooooh - I can't get enuff! Have a beautiful day!!!!!!
ellendiane You keep me hanging on-Blue Ice Remix- I may turn into blue ice!!!
ellendiane tom petty & the heartbreakers-Runnin'Down a Dream It WAS a beautiful day ...:(running down the drain...working on a mystery
ellendiane bad company- Feel Like Makin'Love I think about............oh yes please
ellendiane Bad Company-Good Lovin'Gone Bad ???@#$$%69 it all-What makes a woman do the things she does!!!
ellendiane @Echo_L: Ego Likeness -Drown Like you dedicated to d- whatta turd (reblip)

Ego Likeness-Drown Like You

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ellendiane @22Crystal22: "@JIDF: "Dedicated to David Duke's antisemitic YouTube Channel (read more here: http://is.gd/biRfF) - "Hit The Road Jack" Ray Charles (reblip)
ellendiane slick rick-snoop dogg-sexual healing remix I am one of the tribe- Buddhist is my practice-Judaism is my birthright (reblip)
ellendiane powered by love, powered by love, powered by love love u
ellendiane @SexyMinions: "I like this cover they did of this song it's fun with the Celtic feel and it gets really fast lol hope you like it @ellendiane" thanxx (reblip)
ellendiane @patinanni: "thx guys =) @jontanner @devlps @acdobbie @GGDANCE @ShannonGrissom @ jontanner @chow- Third Day – That's How the Story Goes" 3rd day! (reblip)
ellendiane Toots& the Maytals-54-46 was my # come back to NEW ENGLAND!
ellendiane buddha bomb one world prayer for peace
ellendiane @dahaze: "Light It Up" Curtis Young go 4 it! (reblip)

Curtis Young " Light It Up "

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ellendiane @dahaze: "marijuana" Alpha Blondy- they need to legalize in the us! (reblip)
ellendiane Driis- Best I can- dj Derezon remix) driis-gt back on twitter- we miss u!!
ellendiane @abarbosa: "Sing it loud so I can hear you, make it easy to be near you :)"Ben Taylor Band-I WIll sounds like his dad! (reblip)
ellendiane @abarbosa: "In this world where many, many play at love and hardly any stay in love..." Jane Monheit-I'm glad there is you! (reblip)
ellendiane @mark_till: "Will you still love me tomorrow - Amy Winehouse" very nicely done! (reblip)
ellendiane Art Garfunkel- i believe( when I fall i love w/ you it will be forever0
ellendiane satans sign of war-our war is satans war don't mess w/ me!!!!
ellendiane the HEAVY- how you likeme now??? (reblip)
ellendiane @Bosmasan: "Sleeping To Dream" Jason Mraz - sleep-sweet sleep (reblip)
ellendiane @Bosmasan: "I Want You-Savage Garden -" (reblip)

I Want You-Savage Garden

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ellendiane Bob Marley- Get Up Stand Up- that's what I do!!fugly lying people (reblip)
ellendiane pavarrotti&friends-Little help from my friends 2002
ellendiane @ellendiane: "Switchfoot-Dancin'in the Moonlight It was cool dancing in boulder w/ the moon and mountains-surreal!" (reblip)
ellendiane @ellendiane: "toots&the maytals in Boulder next weekend- I am so jealous-- Keep it real toots!!!! take me home Country Roads-reggae reggae" (reblip)
ellendiane @mark_till: "@Santosbaby Theory Of A Deadman - Make Up Your Mind" WISH I HADN'T MET YOU AT ALL K TO SHHHHHHHHHH (reblip)
ellendiane @keithold: " For all my fellow blondes...eerie how Michael says "got a death wish" in this one isn't it? Tragic...Later :)"" we blondes rock 4ever (reblip)
ellendiane @keithold: "You cut me to the bone. Step on it #90s@allboutGuitar: "Musik Karlsruhe :"Robben Ford&the blue line---You cut me to the bone (again) (reblip)
ellendiane @Bosmasan: "Inside out"thanx man- I haven't heard this song in years- great tune! Diana Ross-Upside Down kinda how i am feelin' right now (reblip)
ellendiane WAR-Cinco De Mayo!!! celebrate!!!
GinaGirl Nice!!! @ellendiane: "WAR-Cinco De Mayo!!! celebrate!!!" (reblip)
ellendiane @GinaGirl: "The Who - The Seeker... THE SAGE TEACHES THE SEEKER! (reblip)
ellendiane @blakehavard: "Good vibes out to you all on cinco DE mayo!!:) NO MISTAKING IT!! NICE.............. (reblip)

Blake Havard "No Mistaking It"

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ellendiane @greentrees: "props/hellos/allthatshit@droolius" D'Angelo- Brown Sugar (reblip)
katterfelto @ellendiane: "@sir_edward_ross: "RB @Vanzetti ...The Troggs – Love Is All Around" love it- takes you back..." (reblip)
ellendiane @katterfelto: "@themadfad: "Back at home thinking it over. Oh well next time.""sittingon the dock of the bay yup-I remember doing just that..nice (reblip)
ellendiane @lostndanet: ";)justin timberlake vs coldplay-clocks (reblip)

Justin Timberlake "My Love" vs. Coldplay "Clocks"

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opus111 Part 1 - Confused as to why some DJs reblip without discretion but keep a dozen names in the blip (while deleting the original comment just to do so!)
boydhs @junie12e: "Well it's a marvelous night ~ supposed to be full moon tonight! have a good one! @lillianwong" (reblip)
ShiaoMei ((((:@BarbieRay:)))) "Hugs Jeannie!! xoxoxo vi@GlobalJammerz: "~Welcome to Jazzin By the Bay w/ShiaoMei~Here's a great tune inspired by @iMickeyD :-)" (reblip)

The Tide / Nando Lauria

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ellendiane @ellendiane: is dancing at 7 pm tonite to her playlist! Additions welcome!(.@straywebsurfer: Underworld PUSH upstairs" (reblip)
innoutwindows To my top 5 Prop-Stars this past week! U all make me look good! Thank You!!@ellendiane @lostndanet @Hotyoungmom @junie12e @sassikassi
Meggie41 it was awesome to hear this song live, especially because Billie Joe dedicated it to all females in the house!
innoutwindows Oh! u too? Ok...no it's alright c'mon n!@lostndanet: "knocking at your window ;) @innoutwindows: "i'll give ya 3 more if it puts ya at my window!! ;o) (reblip)
Tropicsz4 Pats ahead 3-0 :-) RB @ellendiane: "The white rabbit is w/ Alice- Let's try another Jefferson Airplane- Somebody to Love- The PATRIOTS!!!" (reblip)
GypsyFM Dinner. Hungry...@ellendiane: "what you doin' w/ Bobby MCGee:)xo@GypsyFM: "RB@amphore: "Chet Atkins "Me and Bobby McGee"""" (reblip)

Chet Atkins "Me and Bobby McGee"

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innoutwindows *grabs* @lostndanet: "*pounces* @innoutwindows: "Deal :) :) @lostndanet: "Try me ;) @innoutwind: "can u handle it all??? :) @lostndanet" (reblip)
adrift @The101HiWay: "@avivajazz: "Just promise me that neither of you will abandon me here.cuz I'm not giving up on Blip yet, okay? @Snoooze: @bytera""" (reblip)

Eric Clapton — Autumn Leaves | HD bytera [New 2010]

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fxp123 Paul Simon - So beautiful or so what - VIDEO
ellendiane back at you@Zorg: "Stay safe you beautiful people....Shanti loves you all : )Much love x" (reblip)

Shanti Mantra by Ravi Shankar

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soulzzz_of_the_knight songs4u ... truths4me ...?!

James Morrison-You make it real (live@Kuschelrock Show 2008)

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DJ_Hellsballs "Extrabreit - Polizisten, Bulleristen, Staatsfaschisten

Extrabreit Polizisten

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scotlandlover sorry, was my computer...:) works now @ellendiane: "you know I had to do this 1 @ scotlandlover @LetMeBeClear :):) timbuk 3 #TweetBlip" (reblip)
ndude oy vey ~ Commodores - Night Shift (1985)

Commodores- Night Shift (1985)

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djilo Nao – Inhale Exhale

NaoInhale Exhale

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77ozzie oh - shameless" (reblip)

Groove Armada feat Bryan Ferry-Shameless

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