euge_nomore rb^-^@dANGELofLOVE: "Thanks Bunches For Another RB @straywebsurfer: ♫ Lady Antebellum - "Needy You Now"...TY~ rb@teresa_8888: @dANGELofLOVE" (reblip)
euge_nomore "Vuelas como la risa, como el diente de león. Si yo te miento, tú lo haces mejor."


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euge_nomore HI!Another happy song!!hope..likeit@DJ_DiJo@mozen: "@Hotyoungmom:@JackieYunTweets: "Another happy song for a happy Friday! Hi Junie!! ~rb @junie12e (reblip)
euge_nomore :)@dANGELofLOVE: "♥♥ I'm Proud To Say I Got Y♥u... When Y♥u Need You Need A Place To Run To... For Better Or Worse... I Got Y♥u... ♥♥ #Leona #Lewis" (reblip)

Leona Lewis i got you lyrics

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Kenny Rogers & Sheena Easton (Weve Got Tonight)(vivo)(1982)

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euge_nomore Anyway You Want It/Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin' – Glee Cast ^-^

River Deep, Mountain High (Glee Cast Version) [HQ]

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euge_nomore rb@ladypn: "It brings me down, but I'm the one to blame... :) Belated hello rb@JonathanDune! : " make me fall for YOU..."Over and Over"" (reblip)
euge_nomore "You don't have to feel like a waste of space You're original, cannot be replaced"
euge_nomore "Always looking down at all I see Painted faces, build the places I cant reach " (reblip)
euge_nomore ^-^ RBx10² @dANGELofLOVE: "RB RB RB @TropicsZ4: "Foo Fighters - Best Of You"" (reblip)
euge_nomore rb@romanus: " Primus with Ozzy Osborne :: N.I.B. " (reblip)
euge_nomore "your love Just shouldn't be thrown away. I will be there":(..rb@dANGELofLOVE: "Yes...Wherever They May Be [sigh] RB @Dancer12" (reblip)

Scorpions~Still loving you

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euge_nomore ""it's you i'm thinking of but how we move from A to B? it can't be up to me"" (reblip)

Lykke LiLittle Bit

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euge_nomore ""I wish I was special You're so very special"" (reblip)

CreepKaren Souza

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euge_nomore "Didn't make sense not to live for fun Your brain gets smart but your head gets dumb"

Smash MouthAll Star

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euge_nomore ""Take everything that I know you’ll break And I give my life away So far for you"" (reblip)
euge_nomore "Our eyes connected Nothing's how it used to be Don't second-guess it "

Kylie MinogueSlow

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euge_nomore "There's a name for it There's a phrase that fits But whatever the reason you do it for me"
euge_nomore "Starting from zero got nothing to lose Maybe we'll make something But me myself I got nothing to prove"
euge_nomore Smash Mouth – Can't Get Enough Of You Baby (reblip)
euge_nomore CLOSER

Nine Inch Nails ~ CLOSER ~ LIVE (Lyrics)

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euge_nomore "IN DREAMS TILL MY DEATH I WILL WONDER ON":)rb@parlotte: "rb@Time2Burn: "Audioslave – Like A Stone"" (reblip)
euge_nomore "I just wanna be with you I guess you never felt that way"
euge_nomore "Cause you and I could find a pleasure, no one else has ever known. Feels like it is now or never, don’t want to be alone"
euge_nomore "fall in love with your deep dark sin I am the fallen you are what my sins enclose"
euge_nomore NIGHTWISH – Moondance ^-^ ^-^ ^-^


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euge_nomore ^-^ TY!rb@teresa_8888: "Bonnier-It's A Heartache with Lyrics" (reblip)

Bonnie Tyler It's A Heartache with Lyrics Text

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euge_nomore Good night!@teresa_8888 thax4rb!Wish Me Sleep Tight!Chiao@euge_nomore: "^-^ TY!rb
euge_nomore rb^-^@teresa_8888: "We Celebrate4about2months at Lunar New Year,i can't wait2work!giggles@PabloM: "holidays!!! excellent! hugs! :)@teresa_8888:"" (reblip)
euge_nomore "you don't know how far i'd go to ease this precious ache you don't know how much i'd give or how much i can take just to reach you"
euge_nomore rb @alexparr: "Sweet dreams & hope 2CU soon! @traceyr: "good night everyone....big hugs for @Dawnrazor @gpharley @alexparr @mizhelena @dANGELofLOVE" (reblip)
euge_nomore rb@ankita_gaur: "hey!@rockinb: ":)rb#ankita.Don't remember where I was,I realized life was a game,The more seriously I took ....A Tout Le Monde"" (reblip)
euge_nomore rb@romanus: "Nicely Done! Hasta Luego!! xo@blipstarz: ~ Never Say Goodbye ~ Wrapping up the show peeps! Have a great Sunday! vi@donnadontplay" (reblip)
euge_nomore "Is this love at first sight Please don't make it wrong, Just stay for the night"
euge_nomore ^-^rb@dawnie22: "P.S. U & @stagemonkee should meet LOL (couldn't resist:)) Boss Luv TY rb @JustLooking: "Bruce Springsteen -Dancing in the Dark"" (reblip)
euge_nomore "I hear the laughter, I taste the tears But I can't get near you now"
euge_nomore rb@TropicsZ4: "Hi, ty :) @ClassicalAct: "rb @TropicsZ4: "Franck Sinatra – Fly Me To The Moon""" (reblip)
euge_nomore "A look from you and I would fall from grace And it would wipe the smile right from my face"
euge_nomore "We will find you Acting on your best behaviour Turn your back on mother nature Everybody wants to rule the world"
euge_nomore rb:)@Spiderfairy: ";)@eraser: "Everytime You Go Away <<Paul Young>> ◢◣█████████████▶██ ◢◣████████████▶██ ◢◣█████████████▶███ ◢◣█████████"" (reblip)
euge_nomore rb^-^@dANGELofLOVE: "♥♥ Some People Wait A Lifetime For A Moment Like This ♥♥ #Thanks #Listeners 4 #Music And #Messages♥♥ #Generous #RBS/RPS/PROPS ♥♥" (reblip)

Leona Lewis • A moment like this

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euge_nomore Hi!thx for listen@sohodeluxe: "@WildNights: "@DJAngelique: "Hi :) & RB@WildNights: "@PabloM: "rb! :)@muso: "Coldplay Fix You – lyrics"""""" (reblip)
euge_nomore "In the middle of the night I go walking in my sleep Through the jungle of doubt To a river so deep "
euge_nomore rb@SandroC: "At least, we inherited his music... @ShantiBaba: "So passeth Gary Moore.Hell of a loss!R.I.P Gary...."" (reblip)
euge_nomore "You're a loaded gun There's nowhere to run No one can save me The damage is done"
euge_nomore "don't you dare blur my vision Let me be all that I can be" thx for props and listen:)@dragonflytunes@ DJRosaNava@pitbullsrok@hairgirl@Skull_300
euge_nomore "So much time wasted Playing games with love"@akacarol: "RB Same to you, Missed YOU>>@LacedRadio: ""Lenny Kravitz"It Ain't Over'" rb @akacarol:"" (reblip)
euge_nomore "Say it ain't so, I will not go Turn the lights off, carry me home"
euge_nomore "I wish I was special You're so very special"

CreepKaren Souza

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euge_nomore "Dedication, devotion Turning all the night time into the day"rb@TropicsZ4: "I did walk 5 miles, was nice and brisk :) @Dancer12: Ty♥Rb@TropicsZ4" (reblip)
Dancer12 [Lara Fabian and Phil Collins – True Colors] I see your true colors shining through . . . that's why I love you . . . ♥ (reblip)
Dancer12 [James Blunt VS Kenny G – You Are Beautiful ( Saxophone Mix )] You All Are So Beautiful in my life - like the Video, all different/Same ♥s XOXO BBL♥ (reblip)
euge_nomore "When I'm alone, all by myself You're out with someone else":):)rb@TropicsZ4: "Journey - Lovin', touchin, squeezin'" (reblip)
euge_nomore "With no one here but me More loneliness Than any man could bear"
euge_nomore Another TV show opening :)@MrsASoprano LOL!!! @Hefalicious: "Schnarf, schnarf! @Flavoured: "@MrsASoprano: "Thundercats - HO! vi@Hefalicious"""
euge_nomore "Sing once again with me Our strange duet"rb:)@antoforever: "great@birgitzz: "welcome to my station. @nadastressed: "Thanks @ReflectionSymmetryFilms"" (reblip)
euge_nomore "Happiness hit her like a train on a track" in my case 25 hit me a few days ago..@Hefalicious Heading to 31 in Febr. @MrsASoprano@Flavoured" (reblip)
euge_nomore "Take everything that I know you’ll break And I give my life away So far for you"
euge_nomore "it's you i'm thinking of but how we move from A to B? it can't be up to me"

Lykke LiLittle Bit

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euge_nomore :):)rb@toni_kejr: "Hi :-) Gerne ! @Gr8tune: "Hallo! Danke!!:)@toni_kejr: "4 Non Blondes – Whats Up (1993)""" (reblip)
euge_nomore rb:)@Bustinha: "@eraser: "☺㎱☻ ojos de bette davis ☺㎱☻ ░▐██▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▐━━▌░ ░▐██▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▐━━▌░ ░▐██▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▐━━▌░ Kim Carnes"" (reblip)
euge_nomore :)rb@Hotyoungmom: "Cheers! enjoy the day:)@Djfunkysounds: "YVW ; ) @Hotyoungmom: "Hi Morning Tnx 4allthe props&rb's :)@Djfunkysounds: """ (reblip)
euge_nomore is it me or this song it's very Thursday??:):)@dirtylittlesecret" :(..thanks, you too! :)@TropicsZ4: "have a great Thursday :) RB @dirtylittlesecret"" (reblip)
euge_nomore :):)rb@pitbullsrok: "Oooo another good one! @kimme23: "Heart (Ann & Nancy Wilson) – "Never""" (reblip)
euge_nomore 90's dance 'cause its friday:)

Rozalla Everybody s Free

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euge_nomore "If I could buy my reasoning I'd pay to lose One half won't do":)@lisettesalamanca: "ty rb@pambo117: "@Dj_Edurock: "No Doubt – No Doubt Its My Life""" (reblip)
euge_nomore "She'll turn her music on You won't have to think twice She's pure as New York snow "
euge_nomore rb@JacoLovesMusic: "rb@blipstarz: "Linkin Park – Faint ~ Don't turn your back on me, I WON'T be ignored!"" (reblip)

Linkin ParkFaint

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euge_nomore ""comin' down on a sunny day?Yesterday, and days before, sun is cold and rain is hard, i know; been that way for all my time."" (reblip)
euge_nomore Sultans of Swing – Dire Straits
euge_nomore "I may be a fool But till then, darling, you'll, never see me complain"
euge_nomore "you'll never see the end of the road while you're travelling with me "
euge_nomore "Concrete jungle where dreams are made of" rb@ungaro99: "I miss NYC sooo much rb @MerryM" (reblip)
euge_nomore Still Loving You – Scorpions with The Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra
euge_nomore Scorpions - Rock You Like a Hurricane - Berlin Philarmonic Orchestra
euge_nomore ADELE 'Rolling In The Deep'

ADELE 'Rolling In The Deep' (Studio Footage)

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euge_nomore rb :) @wild_divine: "~ YAY I'M FEELING SOOOO GOOD ~ muuuuah (*_~) ~" (reblip)
euge_nomore rb ty :)@dirtylittlesecret: "just like a flower pokin' through the sidewalk crack" (reblip)

Uncle KrackerSmile

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ditisConny EROS & ANASTACIA – I ask of you
ditisConny Props op! rb! @JacoLovesMusic: "♫♪♫ U2 – All I Want Is You (Live) ♫♪♫" (reblip)
euge_nomore On The Floor

Jennifer Lopez- On The Floor ft. Pitbull (Final 2011 Version)

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qvigear Living Large .. Euge Groove
euge_nomore holy cheesus... nice movie! ty@traumaguy: ":)))))) @eNVy: ":))...*blush...blush*@traumaguy: "@eNVy""" (reblip)
euge_nomore "Things aren't the way they were before You wouldn't even recognize me anymore"@luka2810: "ty @be_wizard: ♪♫ ty RB @Rue_d_Albert: @Xponk In The End" (reblip)
euge_nomore Like A Virgin Bossa

Like A Virgin Bossa N´Jazz and 80s

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euge_nomore @LadyFox: "I like this song, So Wicked ;-) ->rb@TropicsZ4: "Chris Issak - Wicked Game"" (reblip)
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