| play
ewing2001 best darkstep version of BTN ever ;
DJVee I've blipped this a few times. And I don't care, because it defines DOPE.
mled Xample's got some great tunes, my favourite being "breathe and stop" - sadly not on blip!


| play
nortron ドローン・アンビエント。絶望的に爽やかな休日の朝に。

Sunn O)))NN)))

| play
esehara Good Electro !!

ZZT - The Worm (Database Rework of Erol Alkans Work)

| play
fukami Tequila Fish is taken from "Big Loada". The enhanced version of the CD contains a video of "Come On My Selector" by Chris Cunningham
fukami Taken from "Balance of the Force". Still a great record.
fukami K.J.Z. from Photeks must-have album "Modus Operandi"


| play
fukami Finally, Part 2 of Do Androids Dream Of Electric Beats.

UnkleGi Mix

| play
fukami Booty/Electro mix from DJ Diplo, Brasil. Quite funny with a lot of uncommon combinations. It's, ehm, different :)


| play
der ..mp3s somewhere else...and im very pissed of these originally cool people who made blip...and it was cool...i found a lot of awesome tracks...
Sparko These guys also have a great track on the new Violence EP
Sparko Sucker for the High Contrast remix even more, alas I can't find it
Sparko In a belated recognition to Grooverider leaving Dubai, heres the first track from his fabriclive mix
Sparko New EP out from DJ Die 27th of next month, includes this...


| play
Sparko Another wobble assault, strapped myself in this time...


| play
Sparko Flowing vocals, seen quite a few Zinc tracks blipped today, joining the party!
Sparko Another heavy Dubstep tune, saw this guy last weekend, amazing set.
znt @SquarerootZ So wide you can't get around it / So low you can't get under it...SO HIGH, YOU CAN'T GET ABOVE IT! (reblip)
znt This track slams like Dr Julius Erv!
neozeitgeist seems there's no Modified Toy Orchestra here. so here we go with The Salsoul Orchestra
neozeitgeist neodisco turned tribal. saudades haha

SarajaneA Roda

| play
neozeitgeist Ladies and gentlemen, mister Nile Rodgers.


| play
fukami Dave Simms & Dev Pandya with abstract DnB at it's best. The vinyl cover is a flip-book, showing the animated Reinforced logo.
fukami Jim Baker & Phil Aslett aka Source Direct with "Love & Hate", taken from "Exorcise The Demons".
fukami Quick and short Electro Mix by an unknown DJ


| play
dagfooyo Some electro-tropical music for you from the incredible FPM. Just heard this on soma.fm and it is BRILLIANT
JerzoTheKing My favorite Kanye song! So fly!
davidwatts1978 - - --- - _ _ ______ - - - --- - __ _
davidwatts1978 whats wrong with good morning and a firm handshake (AP)
ita___thedjcat haven't been around lately... work has not stopped... happy happy joy joy
ita___thedjcat sailing the seas of the bliposphere... a very smooth groovy feeling right now
ita___thedjcat Gang Starr Foundation - Afu-Ra, Big Shug, Fabidden, Freddie Foxxx, Gang Starr, Ill Kid Family, Krumbsnatcha, Group Home, Bahamadia, Jeru The Damaja
formalhaut Brighton steppa DJ Youngsta aka Kosine. enjoy. see you.


| play
formalhaut see you later…

Nucleus - Jam On It

| play
ewing2001 best singer ever, beats also Daniel Johnston and GG Allin ;
ewing2001 what ever happened with georg kranz ? ;

382 Din Daa Daa (Trommeltanz)

| play
ewing2001 they should get rid off all starbucks and replace with baskinrobbins ;
ewing2001 original still creep-groovy too ;

Elo-Mr Blue Sky

| play
ewing2001 weirdest ELO track ever, good enuff for Lily Allen ;
ewing2001 it has to become more juicy again..mmmtume ;

Notorious BIGJuicy

| play
ewing2001 or : fuk the MTA and their 2005 contractor Lockheed !! ;
ewing2001 A tribute to all those who got ripped off from pyramid- or ponzi schemes ;
ewing2001 if nyc goes 70s again, we need SLF back ;
ewing2001 not enuff tracks of severed heads at blip.fm ;


| play
ewing2001 papa's still got a brandnew pigbag too ;


| play
ewing2001 fight bionic fascism too and all e/tech musicians, who sold out for boxcutters, darfur, globalwarming and other 9/11 cross-scams ;

Heaven 17 - Fascist groove thang

| play
ewing2001 lol in hindsight ; This was actually Special AKA and Mandela hugs Planes too ;
ewing2001 good ole NME "C85" band

BogshedOily Stack

| play
ewing2001 got m.. cookie ? ;

cookie crew born this way lets dance

| play
ewing2001 en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stump_(band)
ewing2001 ****000010110101001010010000****

NewcleusJam On It

| play
ewing2001 its getting dark again 11 years later ;


| play
ewing2001 @@@@@#####*****!!!!!;


| play
ewing2001 ^^^^


| play
ewing2001 ))---**001010****$$$***[[^100011**--((


| play
ewing2001 always underestimated tackyPop tech band from spain ;

Dyno - Koffie

| play
ewing2001 hope it's from germany or east europe ;
ewing2001 iPod Hit of the year - no shoes hit the towers ;

MIA Paper Planes Feeniks Remix

| play
ewing2001 9/11 was a false flag -watch "September Clues"
ewing2001 it's called "9/11 air" nowaday's ;
ewing2001 Ultimate Hymn when "Green Peril" by megashill Daniel Pipes was still 6 years away ... ;
ewing2001 '87 was the real breakthrough for human beat boxes and IbizaGrunge ;
ewing2001 if ....fuzzbox had hot chicks so had "God is my co-Pilot" ;
ewing2001 wq2rx and all the best to Warren Cuccurullo PS: No shoes hit the Towers ;
ewing2001 wq2rx and all the best to Warren Cuccurullo PS: No shoes hit the Towers ; (reblip)
tanzbunny @chiron08....in arbeit.....zigaretten pröseccochen?!
tanzbunny again.........but it s soooooooo ahhhhhhh
ewing2001 People are trying to sabotage the truth about tv fakery on 911 youtube com/watch?v=TdKcv6TaEvc
ewing2001 nice ketafloor ; is wq2rx in da house? ; (reblip)
ewing2001 9/11 : No Shoes hit the Towers [this here is for clikclit ;]

Adam Ant_Goody Two Shoes

| play
ewing2001 9/11 : No Shoes hit the Towers [this here is for the greatbenwa ;]
ewing2001 theme from PATRIOT BAR , NYC ;
ewing2001 cutsalotsaloopsa80sveteran style feat. "NETWORK" [sidney lumet] and Bu$hCo ;
ewing2001 God watched only W-ABC7 on the morning of 9/11 ;
ewing2001 retrokewl tackyScratcHHhouse from Skeewiff ;
ewing2001 ladies and gentleman - the one and only Scratch Perverts !! ;***(*((***)))**;
BigFatPaul Roller Disco.. either on my arse or getting up off my arse!.. still can't skate
ewing2001 Nintendo-ATARI retro"rock" ;
ewing2001 )))))0000((((more of Neo-Nintendo/Atari-Hackzzz ;
ewing2001 schmilzt in deinem mund, nicht in der hand ;
ewing2001 if we had jamaica or cuba in space it would sound like this ;
ewing2001 ALERT, no joke: watch u ears and earset ! this is an xtreme sample source ;
ewing2001 ...when spanish harlem still looked like it and no realEstateNazi$$ took over ;
ewing2001 The grandfather of electronic music at all ; 1883 – 1965
DJ_Rob even jack + meg can whip up some sexy xmas rock!

Candy Cane Children (Merry Christmas From the White Stripes)

| play
Duel Now, this Party didn't start til I walked in & I probably won't leave until the thing ends... nice one nyeeacc! (reblip)
listenup This reminds me of fantasia (reblip)

EggFugue In D Minor

| play
ewing2001 If James Bond would be 4 russian persons, it would have been LAIBACH ;


| play
ewing2001 ....the latest bond movie s$$ked big time !!!
ewing2001 ...everyone who pretended they hated this track, jerked off on her secretly ;
ewing2001 ...more tackyHouse from the S-A-W- era with the hilarious NewOrder ripoff ;
ewing2001 ...final StockAitkenwaterMan before u get ear cancer ;
ewing2001 ...wasn't Debbie Harry the first victim of "TortureTV" ? [Cronenberg ; ]
ewing2001 ...yo there really was a track with that name before it went dope ;
ewing2001 ...now that's some heads up for blip ;
ewing2001 ...but where's "the real roxanne", Adelaida Martinez? lol ;
ewing2001 logical finale ; but U.T.F.O. was jammed ;
ewing2001 ...from his xcellent DAF-solo album, nothing was ever so weird-groovey ...
ewing2001 ...w*thell is this 97deutschHop on blip too, lol and kewlll ;
ewing2001 ...first antimatter weaponry band ever ;


| play
ewing2001 ...in the 90s u got kewl chicks if u had a nice couch with lotsa DVDs on it ;
ewing2001 ...hope in 2009 chicks blink on the streets if they have this on their iPod ;
ewing2001 yo mothafo*a Kanye...i don't care if u used lipsynch ADR on SNL, coz ya know, no shoes hit da towers !!! ;

M,I,A, Lil Wayne & Kanye West A Millie Paper Planes

| play
ewing2001 one of my fave mini mixes of "paper planes" - watch SeptemberClues ;
ewing2001 ...oh my god, no shoes hit the Towerss$$$zzz .... oh my god, no shoes hit WallStreet ;
ewing2001 today that would be U.S. and China....yeaaaah with eurotrash beats...

frankie goes to hollywood two tribes legend mix

| play
ewing2001 ...do it, no more bullsh*it any longa ; !!

NWAExpress Yourself

| play
liprap Gots to have some Dap-Kings
TacoKid "Party All The Time" – Sharam
Cheaney ATHF WTF!


| play
GabriL "Lost in Ogerman" Ok There is some Georges Benson with Ogerma arrgt here... Well...

the world is a ghetto

| play
ewing2001 ...yes i'm also one of the few who say that Q-Tip's last album suKed !
ewing2001 ...just **don't stop* ;))000101011001))) ;
ewing2001 ...and now for some illegal drinks at the mexican border of 1965 ;
djwashingtonson My Sharona - The Knack (ooo my little pretty one
ewing2001 ...this goes to fred and the wq2rx crew...dunno why but that was the first track i found for him, lol ; ...
formalhaut mmmmmmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhh……………


| play
ewing2001 ...didn't even have a coffee here yet ;
ewing2001 ...let's rewind first to the beginning of mark stewart aka Mark Molesey ;
ewing2001 ...then fast forward to On-U-Sound ;

(donnaslut.com) African Head Charge - Family Doctoring

| play
ewing2001 ...then switch back to Dub Syndicate ;
ewing2001 ...and back to Fats Comet aka ....

Tackhead - stormy weather live

| play
ewing2001 ...The Chemical Brothers once ripped their bass line for "Block Rockin' Beats" ;

23 skidooTrack 1

| play
ewing2001 ...one more of 23skidoo, btw. 'coup' is jammed at blip ;
ewing2001 ...one more breath away from Throbbing Gristle and Cabaret Voltaire ;
ewing2001 ...trying some ska history now ;
ewing2001 ...the one and only original ;
ewing2001 ...the great Ranking Roger from Birmingham ;
ewing2001 ...no "TheBeat" session without 'twist + crawl' !! ;
ewing2001 ...some goodie from their follow-up albums ;
ewing2001 ...that's almost 90% of the PMC run-'governments' of this world ;
LoopZilla A Lover's Holiday – Change
ewing2001 ...36 years old? you're lying ;
ewing2001 ......and if noone and nothing is laying there, it's at least still Barry only ;
ewing2001 ...this here is for warren cuccurullo who deserves some peace nobel ;
ewing2001 ...why the hell i play *this* now? ;
ewing2001 ...she went through a lot of weird periods, but the 'MiamiVice' stuff was kinda kewl, lol ;
ewing2001 ...the one and only "Godfather of House" from NYC, paving it in Chicago ;
chicklitgurrl I'm fairly sure D'Angelo used me as his muse for this joint, *smirk*

D'AngeloBrown Sugar

| play
chicklitgurrl @C2C_STAR_STATUS, sometimes, I have to remember you are my child and not my age with these songs you picking, LOL (reblip)


| play
chicklitgurrl OK, Smokey's joint is hot, but D'Angelo's is blazing. I'd cruise anywhere with that sexy voice, LOL


| play
ewing2001 ...when he moved to the angles in 2005, it should have made Page 1 in NY Times...since then u know these CultureKillers are full of sh*t ;
chicklitgurrl I always thought Earth, Wind and Fire created this song because my birthday was in September, LOL SO silly as a kid! (reblip)
chicklitgurrl This is one of my fave songs of EWF, @OozzeyAlley. Thanks for blipping it! (reblip)
stopmatthew Now I am on blip.fm, so here is a pretty song and goodnight.
ewing2001 ...god bless her, long live catwoman ;
ewing2001 ...bloedel house from germany is still better than a stale beer at the 'patriot' ;
ewing2001 ...this here is for the wq2rx viralism crew, coz they need a porn bailout too ;


| play
ewing2001 ...someone must have left his drill on his couch ;
ewing2001 ...some claim he was the hottest shit from canada ever ;
ewing2001 ...dual perspective is when you have perceived world vs. impercetible world [friendfeed.com/ewing2001 ]
ewing2001 ...there should be some border between 106th and 138th to get da stupeedzz out! ;((**
ewing2001 ...the unkewl pronoids are those who can't reflect paranoia ;
ewing2001 ...again, tacky hardstep is betta than no step forwards at all ; (( and F*k Bloomberg!!
Atomik @PlasticRobot - thanks for the Nomi. (reblip)

Klaus Nomi_Total Eclipse

| play
ewing2001 ((<<((>>>>....oolloo...<<<<))<<))

Nesha TehnikaPolice

| play
ewing2001 ...i must have inhaled the tackyViruz today, lol -- > get it too ;
ewing2001 ...daz geebs here doch garneech ;
ewing2001 ...if you remove all the walls, the wind comes through...
ewing2001 ...i got my ocean property at larry's ona ;

SCSI-9Tu Eres Mas

| play
ewing2001 ...they never give me the mustard sauce ;
ewing2001 ...my yogurt was strawberry, must have had to do with the co-driver ;
ewing2001 ...EurObama wants to delay the end of analog TVeeeeeeeeew ;
ewing2001 for sussex: ...flattened with Directed Energy Weaponzzz ;
ewing2001 ...need anotha jumpa before i lose my styel ... ;
chicklitgurrl Concluding my ladies of the 80s with a bad little drummer girl...
ewing2001 ...couldnt find original from Apollonia Six, but this worxx too lol ;

FirefoxSex Shooter

| play
ewing2001 ...neva heard on da iFone on sub ' ;

Kid Creole - I'm a Wonderful Thing Baby - 16note

| play
ewing2001 ...k i start to kick myself out with this, gonna go soon ;
rollovellocet I think she was probably a singer first too.....I'm not very good at this actor turned singer challenge that I set myself lol!!
ewing2001 ...only one city has 'jumbo pizzas' for $4.50 which are bigger than the hips of britney spears ; ...
ewing2001 ...where is 'shroud of new york' from cravats at blip? ;;

The CravatsStill

| play
ewing2001 ....very underrated band..kewl cover ;
ewing2001 ...from higsons i always end up with the toy dolls and can't find my chair now to bang up my head ;
ewing2001 ...but i was looking for 'who killed bamby' from sid v. ;
ewing2001 ...best nite at 'patriot' is when all bartenders start with a j. ;

DevoGirl U Want

| play
ewing2001 ...everyone who doesn't like oizo must be a looza ;
ewing2001 ...lookin for the original oizo clanks ; ...
ewing2001 ...i hate 'how many sugar into the coffee'-questions ;
ewing2001 ...sure i play the original too while daft P. has to wait ; da Hill District, da Hill District ;
ewing2001 ...these are the unbelievable blip moments, benson in his best, wow ;
ewing2001 ...mashing the 70s is always groovey ;
ewing2001 ...good track to mix a quick drink in between ;
adamkristo I would like it if you all would start dancing right now. @Starfighter1479 OK! (reblip)
ewing2001 ...try and error bar-keys song, sometimes its more kewl not to 'preview' ;

Bar-KaysLast Night

| play
ewing2001 ....now i'm really gettin nuts ;
ewing2001 ...we need more edgar wallace- songs, rofl ;

Peter Thomas Orchestra - Verraeter

| play
ewing2001 ...notha slowa to warm up again ;
ewing2001 ...coz i need a cigarette now and adamkristo roxxx too ;

DJ M.i.F - Papa was like a rolling stone in love (Temptations Vs. Teamsters mashup)

| play
ewing2001 ...dunno, but maybe this is for adamkristo ;
ewing2001 ...did i say that the new q-tip album is really disappointing?? ;
ewing2001 ...okay party people in the house ... ;
ewing2001 ...Blue Magic missing from 2008 ;


| play
tanzbunny .........jaaaaaa und die sonne scheint............@formalhaut :))

StereolabPing Pong

| play
pensato Do I want New Wave? Nope. I want the Soft Pink Truth.
pensato @iaintait Never heard Fujiya & Miyagi before. Very nice. I'll be looking for it in my local record shop.

CorneliusFit Song

| play
ewing2001 tribute listening - R.I.P 01/15/09 ; ( - hey they removed the negativland cut here ) ...

Theme - 2001 A Space Odyssey

| play
ewing2001 ...start doing a playlist, call paulagloria, she's hot rofl ;
ewing2001 ...la la la boys watch girlsssss ;
ewing2001 ... )))) ;; .,..,.,.,..,..,.,..,.,.... ooo ; more o-o o-o ;
ewing2001 ....for warren,my best friend ever ... and for truthsleuth [rofl;] and for dr. dot [hah ;] ...
ewing2001 purdue hudson river ;

Hot ButterPopcorn

| play
ewing2001 ....gary welz 1-3 is a fu*in red herring !!! ; wq2rx please go back on central !! ; -

Gary NumanFilms

| play
ewing2001 ... pronoia is betta than para-freaks !!! ;
ewing2001 ...thats all i' m sayin ;
manip_ Dexter (Two Lone Swordsmen Remix) – Ricardo Villalobos
ewing2001 ...proxy no-planer B.I.G. was killed from the euro-transnational 9/11 planners ! *^^ << ;


| play
ewing2001 ...stop inauguruation day and more aspen/scowcroft/boeing-SDI- bullsh$t !! ; friendfeed.com/rooms/obamawatch

Notorious BIG - Hypnotize

| play
ewing2001 ...95% of all noPlaners are unpolitical Kowards and mashlivIsm blockers, especially Killtown ! (--;

NOTORIOUS BIG - Thing done changed

| play
ewing2001 see also friendfeed.com/ewing2001 web2.0 VirOmania RE: obama plus TimExile ObaMashing ;


| play
Pichi via @ABoyNamedSue Oh man there is going to be a million remixes of this song before summer. (reblip)
formalhaut a sweet Télépopmusik vs Temptations mashup…
formalhaut recharging myself with this slick tune!
ewing2001 "...Time to get paid, blow up like the World Trade..." [1994]

Notorious BIGJuicy

| play
formalhaut Ladies & gentlemen, it's boarding time! @chiron08 @klitoria @tanzbunny @pappwixe @JamesJoyes23 @driczz @melpimenta @magali @all have a nice friday


| play
ewing2001 ...back to the ole pizza house ;

rococo italo house mix

| play
eIIe Does anyone know if there's a way to add a song to my playlist w/out blipping it all over the internet?
ewing2001 ...dunno if its tacky or not, but its maybe creepy-NWA-kewl, lol ;
ewing2001 ... one of the final real club tropicanas ; ...
chicklitgurrl @DJ_Pmal03 I'd take the mo money, but I would know how to get out of the way of the problems, :-) (reblip)
ewing2001 1 year is 12 years on the net ... 1 web2.0. years is .... ;
Devo_ When I was 12, I thought no one understood me better than a black hip hop artist living on the West Coast...
ewing2001 get rid of Bloomberg - B.I.G. for NY Prez ;
ewing2001 :((electro-asphalts in afghanistan )):
ewing2001 unions, steel, machine and brothers of the 80s ...
ewing2001 ...happy valentinezzzz, mashup electro-punk foreva !! ;


| play
ewing2001 retro latino smoothie for the weekend ;
ewing2001 goodbye to muzak ; Muzak recently filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy papers after missing a $105 million payment to creditors
ewing2001 ...hi to Auburn, Alabama ; i met them in the early 90s in cologne [?] ;
ewing2001 ...bloomberg nyc first killed tower records, then tonic club, which is unexcusable !!
jozeluiz La vida es fluir.... yo persigo lo imposible... recuerdo haber escrito para ahuyentar el dolor ...
ewing2001 ...not sure if it's the samedaedalus from Los Angeles, California [myspace.com/daedelusdarling] ;


| play
ewing2001 ...dub zoop beep mini clink wock doooob ; - )

CantomaMaja (Dub)

| play
ewing2001 ...more of ruckspin and friends , see also archives of http://bunzer0.blogspot.com/
ewing2001 ....glasgow must have taken completely the red or blue pill since then ; (
ewing2001 ...i try to blip this for months ... here in'a reeemixx ;
ewing2001 moving more turntables around again...
ewing2001 bass-chase-mazeline, so what ... ? ;
ewing2001 da trick is to cut, scratch into *this ; ...
ewing2001 ....time to find some deli ; protect harlem and ave D ... l9r ;
ewing2001 ...needs to follow the otha MP trakk ;
ewing2001 ...now to something completely different ... ;
Shukitty @jaxbee @potele @DownLow Everybody shake it like a polaroid picture!

OutkastHey Ya

| play
GR8FL @klitoria @pappwixe .. noch ein neuer von @JosephDisco good evening to the top of the probs blippet thanks @chiron08 (reblip)
ewing2001 ...after watching "Summer of Sam" again, fresh memories on da kewl past when disco met punk...
ewing2001 ...never too old for this diskkko classiK ;
ewing2001 ...perfect breakfast music from bedroom research ; )) -
ewing2001 *(((abstractonetic)))*


| play
ewing2001 ...lectro-salad with midi-dressing...
ewing2001 [[[now for some ultraRetro]]]


| play
ewing2001 ...final bedroom research for now ;


| play
johnnysmooth aiiiiiiii

aphex twin - xtal

| play
lilwldchld He came from somewhere back in her long ago...
molier Lang vervlogen tijden herleven!
tokno This is definitely Hednodic! Blackalicious – Alphabet Aerobics |
Blippo Schwule Mädchen shacked up with the lovely B-52's ... not bad at all!
ewing2001 ...anotha one by Animal Collective ; busy now here, l8r ;
ninahpixie long live the Kings of Absurdity
DJVee This song is smokin. Wait a minute. Mary Jane Girls? Are they talking about...weed??
ewing2001 [[always worth a reblip; best to DJVee]] This song is smokin. Wait a minute. Mary Jane Girls? Are they talking about...weed?? (reblip)
SJB666 @swinchester583 this is all your fault ;) (reblip)

DevoWhip It

| play
ewing2001 ...last **black** album of MJ ;
ewing2001 ...bedroom research for a reBlip ; (reblip)


| play
ewing2001 ...lol alice-in wonderlandIsh-version of MJ's rockWithyou ;
plasticsounds Danny Breaks – Zooloo Nation
plasticsounds Bang The Floor feat. Danny Breaks

Bang The Floor feat. Danny Breaks