Ayria, Analog Trash, Outback Lodge, 11.29.2008

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glitterdream I had completely forgotten about this song until a 90s station played it.
glitterdream You HAVE to hear this mash-up! <3

Luxurious Diana

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glitterdream the best SG song, in my opinion.

Candlebox-Far Behind

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glitterdream time for some 90s dance tunes :)

Snap! ~ Rhythm Is A Dancer

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Boy Krazy Thats What Love Can Do

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glitterdream @Totengrber: "rb@die_Kalte: "how many times can this be blipped hmmmmmmm? ^_<" one more apparently.. ;D" (reblip)
glitterdream I must see this! Wonder where i can find it!~ @Ddraig: "This is Machine in the Garden's Miserere Mei set to the rare unreleased OVA to Elfen Lied. (reblip)
glitterdream i like the sound of this one~ @die_Kalte @Ddraig (reblip)

Die Form- Natura Obscura

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glitterdream Nice!~ @Ddraig: "@skunk63 - I been rather struck by this track since you blipped it." (reblip)
glitterdream i hate that soulja boy song but this makes it better.


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glitterdream I love it~ @Silverlake39: "@glitterdream This is amazing spoken word :0)" (reblip)

The LVRS-When You're Dead

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glitterdream FINALLY this song is available!! Looooove it! <3

Joy Electric-You're Material + Lyrics

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glitterdream Wow, that was the best video I've seen in a while!~ @Blackie71: "Fever Ray is truly amazing. This video is like, whoa." (reblip)

Fever Ray 'When I Grow Up'

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KEITH SWEAT twisted BEST REMIX !!!!! Sexual Healing Remix

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glitterdream @Carmilla: "@ngoliveira: "hell, hellll, hell, such a wonderfullll place... The Bastard Fairies – "We're All Going to Hell""" (reblip)
glitterdream Iris - "It Generates" (Darker Days remix)

It Generates

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Gen22 rb.@lilLADYT8845: "Verra nice- thx!! @johnnyb182 @nicaprincess (mashup alert) LOL 0.o.M.G. I can't get enuff 0f this tune~!YEAH YEAH YEAH~! " (reblip)
glitterdream I love the instrumental part in the middle of this song! <3

The Birthday Massacre-Holiday

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glitterdream and i've run out of props for you~ @Carmilla: "@Totengrber: "I'll be here in the rain.." I've run out of props for ya." (reblip)

The Sisters of Mercy- "Lights"

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glitterdream first time hearing this. i like it..


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glitterdream hey, I'm liking this!~ @crowgrrl: "Ha! Awesome." (reblip)

Coin Operated Boy Remix

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glitterdream I'm really liking this song today.

Music Video: Saviour by Lights (With Lyrics)

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Pop Dolls 'Magazines'

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Tori Amos Interview Rosie O Donnell 1999

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hotfuss I love that sound

TigaShoes (HD)

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glitterdream Bow Ever Down - "Silent Walls" !! I know this feeling well.

Ville Valo Bow Ever Down- Silent Walls

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glitterdream thanks, I love Chumbawamba!~ @Model_Daughters: "4 @glitterdream // Chumbawamba - Mary, Mary" (reblip)
Tropicsz4 another Mix @MusicIsMySoul )Me too - :) @verawooten: "Love this thx! :)@GinaDunc: "Thank you! @Greengoblin "Ah-Ha – Take on me (The Twelves Remix)
glitterdream my favorite Roxette song (Wish I Could Fly) with scenes from one of my favorite animes (Shamanic Princess)


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glitterdream 'tis the season.... (:

So Alive-Love & Rockets-A Horror Film Compilation

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glitterdream First heard this in an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I love it and that was a great scene.
glitterdream "I don't need a witness to know that I survived."

Pigface Insect suspect

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glitterdream @DerekFME: "Oh yes very very good. @chiron08: "✪ thx, "@GR8FL love this (rb)@yamamiya: "Röyksopp (featuring Fever Ray) - Tricky Tricky (Salem Remix)" (reblip)

Android Lust Refuse

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glitterdream :) @ThaRocker: "Joy Division - Disorder - 4 @glitterdream - thx 4 props" (reblip)
glitterdream If I owned a club, I'd hire you to spin~ @DJ_Princess_Airoyea_Aurolora: "Tank beats paper...." (reblip)
glitterdream @triplesix: "One of my favorites... It wasn't available so I added it. PLAY IT LOUD!" (reblip)
glitterdream another one i blipped last night but must do again :)
glitterdream The Crüxshadows - "Happy Xmas (War Is Over)"

Happy X.wmv

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Bill Bailey: BBC News & Kraftwerk Homage

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glitterdream first blip of the new decade! Let's make this a better year :) (reblip)

It Generates

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glitterdream I love this song~ @TPJK (reblip)

I'm Going Slightly Mad

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Lolly Jane Blue: "Worms"

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glitterdream i love this person on youtube for making In Tenebris's stuff available :)
glitterdream *blush*!~ @DJ_Princess_Airoyea_Aurora: "From glitterdreams to glitterdreams." (reblip)

Flowing Tears-Merlin (Wednesday Addams tribute AMV)

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star45 Flowing Tears – Sistersun


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glitterdream @Shadowsage: "All my failings exposed...." (reblip)

Love will tear us apart / Susanna and The Magical Orchestra

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glitterdream Wonder how much hate I'll get for this one lol.
glitterdream @Carmilla: "@darkrider1: "@Darklord1: "One of the best bands of their generation" He has such a great voice. I want to sound like that."" (reblip)
glitterdream comforting to me right now, lol.

Ayriasuck it up

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glitterdream Great!!~ @Totengrber: "@razorfire More like a guitar, bass, drum machine and a SOM song lately.." (reblip)
glitterdream LOVE it!!~ @westham999: "Sweet!!! rb @Awannabeangel: "Police vs Ben E. King (CCC Mashup) – Stand By Me (Every Breath You Take)"" (reblip)
razorfire Synthtastic!! @EFR56: "Turquoise Days: Alternative Strategies / Recently reissued '80s underground synth pop @leaferi (reblip)
glitterdream it finally has a video!! <3

Feeding Fingers: "Fireflies Make Us Sick" Official Music Video Dir. by Steven Lapcevic

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glitterdream nice! very soothing which i need right now. @violenced (reblip)
glitterdream lol, wtf??~ @Totengrber: "rb@DJSwineFlu: "I feel guilty about liking this song"" (reblip)

LMFAO- I am not a whore

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glitterdream I love this mix.


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BiPoLar_BEaR LOL I followed the Youtube link on this.All the comments were "YES!"I guess the people have spoken.Great song (reblip)
glitterdream Very nice!~ @Totengrber: "still synth nerding around.. more later when I can twiddle a bit with monitors on instead of headphones.." (reblip)
BiPoLar_BEaR Its like Tori Amos if she got a bad bump on the head and could only speak jibberish @glitterdream (reblip)


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LikeAnAngel my daughter just went, "Mommmayyyy" and i heard this in my head.


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glitterdream <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 !!!!!!!! sorry, i just really love this. best In Tenebris song if you ask me ;)
glitterdream Ah, finally :) Love this cover.

Switchblade Symphony- Lucky Star (Madonna Cover)

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glitterdream I like this.

Celina Jade セリナ 光影之間 Feat :Tetsuya Komuro 小室哲哉

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glitterdream I'm liking this song~ @LikeAnAngel: "on the plus side, i stopped for frozen yogurt on the way back. This Yogurt Is Fucking Right!" (reblip)
glitterdream thank you listener number 2000! <3 ~ @doctortrustme (reblip)

Crackerthe Low DJ

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glitterdream I can't get any youtube videos to work on here. Anyone else having this problem?
glitterdream LOL!!~ @bipolar_bear: ""LOL! What the HELL'S Goin' on here?!! hahah! @glitterdream" (reblip)
StarFighter it just sounded pretty and had to post it...
proxility "Love, love will tears us apart...again"

Love will tear us apart / Susanna and The Magical Orchestra

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glitterdream Another great blip!~ @Stef16: "YW! :)@romanus: "=D ~ tY (((@Stef16:))) "The Offspring...YESSS! "Self Esteem :: The Offspring"""" (reblip)
proxility Front 242 – Headhunter (Apoptygma Berzerk Mix)
glitterdream You blip good stuff~ @DJ_Princess_Airoyea_Aurora: "Two rope ends with a warning label: Do not pull..." (reblip)

Madonna-Revenge (Extended Remix)

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glitterdream AT LAST this song is available <3


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glitterdream Beborn Beton - "Another World" (cookie monster mix) ..so happy this is finally up!! :D

c is for cookie mix

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glitterdream I'm liking this. @Totengrber: "poison in soul sized packages.." (reblip)
musicalmind I don't even like Christina as a rule, but I do like this remix. :) rb@letitride2: "@bexible" (reblip)

Corvus Corax "Filii Neidhardi"

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glitterdream <3 this!!!!!!~ @DJCZ: "It Generates (Darker Days V2)" (reblip)

Iris- It Generates (Darker Days V2)

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glitterdream been a while since I heard this.. :)
glitterdream @Grayfox: "Roxette vs. Ginuwine: Ride my pony" (reblip)

Roxette vs. Ginuwine: Ride my pony

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glitterdream @Carmilla: "Gets the popcorn, then throws popcorn on floor and joins you on the dancefloor. :D @die_Kalte: "/me that dance V_V"" (reblip)

die form / transgressions1

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glitterdream Wow. good song :)

Mesh You'll Never Understand Harder

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glitterdream hey, this sounds awesome :) @DJKatalina: "Still chillin'... #necessario" (reblip)
glitterdream liking this too, thanks!~ @ifckdup: "Like this. RB!" (reblip)
glitterdream heard this start playing & couldnt help moving in my chair. lol. Nice~ @DJ_EstherSterre: "Hot Butter - Popcorn (1972)" (reblip)

Hot Butter Popcorn 1972

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Sigur Ros- Saeglopur (Crash Overdrive Remix)

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mmemaledicta found this on accident #shoegazewednesday and the PL is up at: http://bit.ly/2nbp50E goodnight world, join me for postpunkthursday, outty, seeya nexxy
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