mkhall Brad has a new CD available today. Go buy it!
jetcloud phuck?

Propagandhi Ska Sucks

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kristianc Give me one reason - tracy chapman
jetcloud Look And Feel Years Younger - Brad Sucks (2004 mix)
jetcloud Look And Feel Years Younger - Brad Sucks (2004 mix) (reblip)
verenacascaes Aí de repente, num momento chave, toca essa.
jetcloud Making Me Nervous (Sunken City mix) – Brad Sucks (reblip)
jetcloud Look And Feel Years Younger - Brad Sucks (2004 mix) (reblip)
jetcloud Brad Sucks – I Think I Started A Trend (Nate MC Wearing A Tie Remix) (reblip)
jetcloud MC Frontalot feat. Brad Sucks – Livin' At The Corner Of Dude & Catastrophe (reblip)
neoporcupine Excellent song, everyone should see "Son of Rambow"
jetcloud JET – Move On Mellow rock. (reblip)

JETMove On

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neoporcupine Needs a tonne of bass and volume, and it's just fine, just fine.
jetcloud Mad Professor – Gossiping Tongues K;d (reblip)
mammara my virtual SXSW - fri 19 1:00am The Wrens
mammara my virtual SXSW - fri 20 23:59 The Black Lips
mammara my virtual SXSW - sat 21 1:00pm Jason Lytle
jetcloud Making Me Nervous (The Ways of Re-verb mix) – Brad Sucks (reblip)
jetcloud Making Me Nervous (The Ways of Re-verb mix) – Brad Sucks \Carla (reblip)
jetcloud If I work real hard, I could mow your back yard..." Never Is Enough" (reblip)
jetcloud Spacing-tune for any cutters left-out-there
jencvs And as I try to make my way, to the ordinary world... I will learn to survive
miguesme Enya – Only Time, buenos dias

EnyaOnly Time

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ladypn Yes you do, @Bluespanther ;) (reblip)

Shania Twain - Don't Impress me Much

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DrEdge Prince on Leno this week


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ita___thedjcat House Bill 2929 and Senate Bill 1801 — seeking to “tax and regulate the cannabis industry” have just been introduced in the Massachusetts legisl
ita___thedjcat good evening... nearing 4am USA...
shimonta willie nelson doing elvis, great track to start the day with (reblip)
bryanflurry bryanflurry welcomes the summer! [Astro Nuts – As Strong As The Sun (Milky Remix ) ]
ahoova im going to shine.... but can you read my mind?
bendrix In my world Shame is something to be proud of. I wear shame like a badge of honor in salute of our Mighty Galactic leader Algore. EarGASM 101 (reblip)

its alright ma im only bleeding

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adbert [AC/DC – Highway to Hell] Esta mañana ando con ganas de pastelitos. Capaz que @Nirvana16 tenga uno y me invite. Ayer le invité madrileño...
eraser ..y si a somebody to love de Queen le damos la vuelta queda argo así como los Bee Gees ;-) 2 grandes uno en su género...
Niem ^^


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by_starla @craigz-i know the feeling-blip should give a webinar on strategic props management-i always intend to hang onto a prop for l8r blips, to no avail. :)


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QueenJaneApproximately Not a bad way to start @swilson :) Son House is beautiful. (reblip)
hawaii BNL is known for their "fun" songs, but I love their ballads and more bittersweet, melancholy tunes.
tubilino hello & bye! This's my first & last blip today ...go out ;)

Hydrogyn - You Oughta Know

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u oughta know dance remix (lisa)bit echo

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Fun Q - You oughta know

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Neil Young - Keep on Rockin in the Free World

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Bachman Turner Overdrive - You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet

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jetcloud Money for Nothing - mix


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jetcloud Money for Nothing - mix2


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sarah__o 'i don't remember losing sight of your needs'.
miguesme Vanessa-Mae – Devil's Trill, comenzando el dia
jetcloud MC Frontalot feat. Brad Sucks – Livin' At The Corner Of Dude & Catastrophe
dean Oh no! I just ate the wrong breakfast and now I'm experiencing an out-of-body experience!
bendrix Hello Toria the Great how's my transatlantic super gal :) => rb@klitoria HELLO....@bendrix... (reblip)
AmbyR00 My son wants to go out. See ya!
jetcloud Guns N' Roses – Knockin' On Heaven's Door
jetcloud Eric Clapton – Knocking on the heaven door
jetcloud Brad Sucks – I Command You to Be My Woman (demo) (reblip)
jetcloud Eric Clapton – Tears In Heaven
adbert [Eddie Hazel – Physical Love] Eddie was not only a funky pioneer. He was also one of the best guitar players ever.
Burgers Morning! @RadioFreeIllinois 'waves & smiles' I'm starting too early yawn...morning blipland @johno (reblip)
80sAirwaves 80s Music ~ Now Playing: The Police - Synchronicity II (from Synchronicity - 1983)
by_starla ok, i have to get some sleep now. goodnight everyone. :)
jetcloud The Airborne Toxic Event – Does This Mean You're Moving On?
jetcloud The Airborne Toxic Event – Gasoline
evablue @ladypn i wouldn't be that silly ;)
sheryonstone I'm just about 15 hours south of Portland :D (reblip)
KiddRock Thnx's @TrainWreckRaido 4 turning me on 2 Gary Hoey - Pipeline
BLUESBOOGIE Guitar Shorty, The Aliens and Found – bulleit_sessions_podcast_episode_02
star45 Queen – Crazy Little Thing Called Love – . . .
BLUESBOOGIE Bulleit Bourbon – bulleit_sessions_podcast_episode_01 #01 long set & #2was long set
ladypn Thank you @ZachsMind for the congrats! Sorry you had to have the surgery, but glad it was minor & you're OK! (reblip)
patch615 Great song as well. Not quite the same mood as the last one, but still.
DJDaleChumbley @KitsapAgent Even though we had a bit of a Manic Monday last week, it all came together! Yeah!
Rainoverlima The city, the home, the street, the busssing, the people, the kids, the posts, the music, the film, ¡all!. Ups, noise. Ups, life, ups, pause.
jetcloud Björk (SomniaK) – An Echo A Stain (Stop This War Mix) (reblip)
jetcloud Björk – Venus as a Boy
jetcloud Björk – Possibly Maybe (Calcutta Cyber Café Mix)
miguesme bonnie_tyler_-_i_need_a_hero.....via....@cjh (reblip)


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jetcloud Björk – Come to Me
De_Ann It's a fun tune...'cuz I'm a gurrlll ...lalala (reblip)
jetcloud Ike & Tina Turner – Nutbush City Limits (reblip)
misslazarou its the vibe: Oasis – Lord Don't Slow Me Down
misslazarou Its all about vibe: Pulp - Babies
jetcloud phil collins – thunder and lightning
jetcloud Depeche Mode – Personal Jesus (Instrumental Mix) (reblip)
Lemon It's the Go-Go Godfather!!! So glad I found this track in the Blip base. "Gimme the beat now"
JamesJoyes23 sunny reflections to all my blipfriends and all my listeners, enjoy your day ;-)
dabnotu have it & eat it, too

CakeArco Arena

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jetcloud Pink Floyd – Another brick in the wall
toddtyrtle Almost time to get ready to take the subway to work...
jetcloud Pink Floyd – Money
DrFloyd °J* bass line °uuuh°

ChicLe Freak

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jetcloud Pink Floyd – Shine On You Crazy Diamond
jetcloud Alanis Morissette – Crazy
jetcloud Alanis Morissette – Hand In My Pocket
jetcloud Alanis Morissette – Head Over Feet
ozymandias I think BNL should adopt the lead singer of Smash Mouth to replace Steven Page.
jetcloud Guitar Shorty, The Aliens and Found – bulleit_sessions_podcast_episode_02 (reblip)
jetcloud Cloud Cult – No One Said It Would Be Easy
jetcloud Cloud Cult – The Tornado Lessons
jetcloud Cloud Cult – Hope

Cloud CultHope

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jetcloud Leonard Cohen – Famous Blue Raincoat
jetcloud Bring Me The Horizon – Black & Blue
jetcloud Gretchen Peters – England Blues
jetcloud Blu Bones – Blu Bones - Once In A While
jetcloud Blu Bones – Blu Bones - Animal
jetcloud GTO's – The Eureka Springs Garbage Lady
jetcloud Blue October – 18th Floor Balcony
jetcloud Blue October – Schizophrenia - K.d
jetcloud Roy Orbison – California Blue
MaddMatt Blip'd this in the past. Had to hear it again!
jetcloud Megadeth – Kick The Chair
RussEl "There's a hole in my pocket, that's about her size."
jencvs follow up: You need to find someone to love, 'cause someday you'll be loved
jetcloud French Kicks – Knee High
threebears A good morning to you all after a very restless night ..quote'n'rblip @linjea ^_^ thanks! (reblip)
you999 Manfred Mann - Mighty Quinn
you999 Shadows of Knight - Light Bulb Blues
GeryDiMarco Oh oh @lilwldchld burning down the house might mean I'm on fire - G'night!
Chili Buenos días! good mornig! concierto el 25 de abril, podiamos ir...
jetcloud U2 – Out Of Control
jetcloud Bob Dylan – Simple Twist of Fate (reblip)
CargoCulte I'll catch all you blippers in the morning. Pacific time!
tubilino hello blipworld! Weekend's hereeeee... ;)
jetcloud The Tokens – The Lion Sleeps Tonight (reblip)
jetcloud Turzi – Acid Taste
jetcloud Bruce Springsteen – I'm on Fire (reblip)
jetcloud Diana Krall - Stop This World

Diana Krall - Stop This World

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X0rz GiTS SAC 1st season opening song ;)
jetcloud Billy Bragg & Wilco – Airline To Heaven (LP Version)
BLUESBOOGIE Lowell Fulson – Reconsider Baby
jencvs Reblippin' night // A hundred days have made me older...since the last time I saw your pretty face... (reblip)
jetcloud Lowell Fulson – Reconsider Baby (reblip)
jetcloud The Rolling Stones – Its Only Rock N Roll (But I Like It) (reblip)
ladypn Goodnight @threebears!! You'll have to make it to the next one! ;) (reblip)
patch615 Great lovesong. Actually it fits the bill of infatuation a bit better than many of the others I've been blipping, and so fits my situation better.
jetcloud Mind Destruction – Run Machine
jetcloud Bishop Allen – Eve Of Destruction
jetcloud Five Starcle Men – Donavon Palsy Master Ward
jetcloud Bryan Adams - Please Forgive Me

Bryan Adams - Please Forgive Me

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TaxiBob This one is for @shootingstar.... thank you for the Jeff Buckley song!
jetcloud Suicidal Tendencies – Institutionalized k:D (reblip)
jetcloud Jeff Buckley – Be Your Husband
jetcloud Avril Lavigne – Knocking on heavens door
jetcloud Neil Young – Helpless
jetcloud Neil Young - Keep on Rockin in the Free World

Neil Young - Keep on Rockin in the Free World

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jetcloud ABBA Teens – Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!
jetcloud Abba – Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) K8d
jetcloud Erasure – Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!
jetcloud VANGUARDE – Gimme Gimme Gimme (Royal Gigolos Club Mix)
jetcloud Sinergy – Gimme! Gimme Gimme
jetcloud ZZ Top – Gimme All Your Lovin
jetcloud Endless Boogie – Gimme The Awesome
jetcloud Sisters of Mercy – Cry Little Sister
jetcloud Gerard Mcmann – Cry Little Sister
jetcloud The_Lost_Brothers_feat._G_Tom_Mac_-_Cry_Little_Sister_(I_Need_You_Now)_Sunloverz_Mix


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Joy_Joy Everybody's so full of shit!


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Paisano the atmospheric Roxy Music....
SlipperyDistortion Hi @sandraew. Still sick. Flu. Trying to catch up on work regardless. Thanks! (reblip)
crowjane @mushka sez: if it were up to me id have more props for uze guys ICEGIRL152 rogue_fm crowjane im out and outa' here~.I always have fun when URhere bye (reblip)
adbert [Rolling Stones – Little Red Rooster] "Soy el pequeño gallito rojo..." Esto es otra milonga, @Flower! ;-)
ScottGentzen @jfavreau YTCracker's also nerdcore. The Warez Loader.
FranciscoIV Ladies Night @MerlottesBar The Weather Girls – Its Raining Men (reblip)
Jeffie Cream - "Sunshine Of Your Love" (1968)
yakbuttersupply //////////////////////////////////////
jetcloud Slade - Rock And Roll Preacher
sheryonstone Hi @Cler. Yep, it's a good version too. Im pretty sure my son has it either on CD or something as he has most U2. I will try to get it up and letuno (reblip)
belitcha @Cler Pois é, tô aqui consertando um erro.Tava meio enjoada dessa música e n escutei o Rufus por causa dela.Agora tô aqui escutando ele, arrependi (reblip)
jetcloud Bob Dylan – Queen Jane Approximately
fbrahimi Restless_Soul_feat._Shea_Soul-Tricks_(Main_Vocal)-SU64D-1(320k) (reblip)


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teequu Fans of this group should enjoy this version.
jetcloud The Tragically Hip – 'It's a Good Life If You Don't Weaken'
Miss_Bella we apologize with roses, we never stop to smell on the way! (reblip)
Yan @Miss_Bella you mean the b-sides album? if so, not yet, but i've heard some of the tracks before, like this one
krazykeith64 extreme...good song

Extreme - Hole Hearted

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jetcloud Motley Crue – Hotter Than Hell
heikomania Foooooooooooooooox on the run
jetcloud God Is An Astronaut – New Years End (reblip)
cjh Take Me Home - Country Roads


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jetcloud Take Me Home - Country Roads (reblip)


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jetcloud Van Halen – Baluchitherium
aussiemush87 Memories are made of this.


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Sally29 @mammara Horrid news from Italy. I hope that you and the family are all safe and well?
Nelson02 h8 rolling into work 30 mins late, but <3 morning runs.

A Day In The Life

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dickadcock Thank you, I did! & marked to hear when I am more awake. @ladypn Lend an ear @dickadcock! I think you might like. ;) (reblip)
ladypn Goodnight/morning to you @Zadecka! Welcome again to BLIP! (reblip)
wordcore Working on an apology

MirahThe Sun

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toosweet4rnr [Iggy Pop – Nightclubbing]
ladypn @MaddMatt Given your spelling of your DJ name, its obvious-trouble x2... :) Its cold tonight, we had summer over weekend, back to winter now.. :( (reblip)
ladypn rb @jerrycurl I'm interrupting your dedication to @kimmie (you're lucky@kimmie! Such a romantic dedication!) to steal this beautiful song! ;) (reblip)
BLUESBOOGIE I'm just going to keep blipping until everyone appreciates its brilliance...THX @ladypn You go GIRL, I'm listenin' :) (reblip)
ladypn Stumble blip find which I adore! Feels like a surreal representation of Manhattan's upper East side. Have a listen @LYRIC @lub@bendrix... ;)
ladypn Hi @jetcloud! Thanks for the props & reblip! By the way, I love your profile picture! ;)
jetcloud swimming in speakers – in knowing (reblip)
toosweet4rnr [X – White Girl] leave a trail of blue and black up to you
eraser de nuevo Nino Rota... la notti di cabiria... excelente...
eraser cambiamos un poquillo de la italia rota ... a la alemania rompiéndose ... Lili Marlene... de la dietrich ...
NemesisVex came with skepticism, picking testing her precision. (This remix is kind of crude.)
PeterJM I should have changed my f*cking lock...
jetcloud swimming in speakers – near my ear
jetcloud The Orb – Little Fluffy Clouds (Cumulonimbus Mix)k;D (reblip)
ghost_mutt could be my favorite song from 2009 from at least a top 5 album of 2005
ghost_mutt i cant say enough about this guy
jetcloud Matt "Guitar" Murphy – The Blues Don't Bother Me k;D (reblip)
crowjane est-ce que vous aimez le français crowjane?@ptneves baby those words could mean take out the garbage and you could still have your way with me.lolol (reblip)
BLUESBOOGIE Buddy Guy - Every girl I see (UK Chess EP)

Buddy Guy - Every girl I see (UK Chess EP)

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Stay19 Ulrich Schnauss – Gone Forever (Robin Guthrie Version)<><>
homerjay Barbra Streisand – Children Will Listen , when you talk with them
jetcloud Brad Sucks – Time to Take Out the Trash
2fast4u @Edainsmom Have you heard this one? Clint Homes Playground in my mind ~~~~~ My name Michael I got a nickel


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secretagentmama I've got this feeling that there's something that I missed (I could do most anything to you...)
jetcloud Brad Sucks – Time to Take Out the Trash (The Recycled Remix)


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