johno i hate my job. this makes me feel a bit better
johno because they build buildings sooo tall these days (reblip)
johno his name means student in arabic. his name means bad ass in hip hop.

Talib KweliGet By

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johno great stuff. reminds me of wilmington nc.
johno twofer thursday -- john covers jimi
Chill_Mixer_Sly yes them and these guys made a label together new line media @johno, @MapleLeaves... how about pianos and mc's? (reblip)
Chill_Mixer_Sly crap g2g do wedding stuff haha looking forward to future blips @johno, @drewballs, @MapleLeaves, @Jennaharg
dcrebekah It's a radiation vibe I'm groovin on
The_Kraken One of the best Nirvana cover versions I've far
Chill_Mixer_Sly Pink Martini - Hey Eugene! I like this song soul and trumpet


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johno north carolina come on and raise up

Open Doors

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johno finally someone added my favorite james taylor song. yesssssss.
Greenie @amanda8923.... maybe ill get my vaco CD back tonight! haha
johno high school mixtape track 4.
johno high school cassette mixtape track 3 Little known fountains fact: Adam Schlesinger, lead singer also wrote "That Thing You Do" for movie of same name.
johno high school cassette mixtape...Go!
johno @DeeWall , that vamp track was new to me. look at you being all musically badass.
johno this one is for all of the sas alum out there. esp @drewballs @jsikro @BarryJive
dcrebekah seriously.. and it is only 8:30 am.... might as well go back to bed..
johno twofer tuesday jamie lidell 2/2
johno twofer tuesday jim croce 2/2
johno twofer tuesday wilcoish 2/2
QuelWilson Want a song to sit in a daze to? This one always does that to fluid {Quel*Radio}
DeeWall bonnie raitt. yep, that just happened. first concert i ever remember seeing. i was so young. (reblip)


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jsikro @BarryJive, @johno another one to tickle your bum holes. matticus- this one goes out to your pending hawai'i vacation.
merryharkin just reminds me of times gone by
melodyofurlife The Avett Brothers, My Last Song To Jenny
johno holy lord, that is awesome @Chill_Mixer_Sly . this is old school clear run jammin. (reblip)
CraigSparks @LEM_40 -- I really liked this one. Her voice reminds me of an indie-folk version of Charlotte Sometimes. (reblip)
DJHamnbeats Caleb Followill (lead vocals/guitar) shows off his complex and technical vocal skills, while at the same time maintaing a pure, clear tone. Overall A+
johno i am so glad this song is finally on blip.

MirahEngine Heart

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johno great one.

Martin Sexton-Hallelujah

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megg If any of you blippers were at this show, please don't tell me. I might die of jealousy. Wowsers.
johno wow this song takes me back.


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johno my favorite eric hutch track. reminds me of @BarryJive

Eric Hutchinson- Modern Age

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johno taking a break from the playlist to reblip this one vi@Maedhros . great stuff! (reblip)
johno i trust as far as i can spit.
natalynha @melodyofyourlife: "I am really digging Florence and The Machine these days" (reblip)
LS22 there's a meteor shower happening tonight (/this morning)
johno great dc piano rock...

Jukebox the Ghost "Hold It In" OFFICIAL

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Nyle "Let The Beat Build"

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Owl City The Saltwater Room

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johno i got a woman, who i put no one above
teffymae rb@johno: "rb@FerrMam vi@LP33" Great blips today!!! :) (reblip)

Passion Pit- Little Secrets (Manners)

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johno as can i. great blips today by the way @secretlycrafty: "I can stand behind this. " (reblip)

SonosRe: Stacks

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johno maybe the best recording of any song of all time. seriously.
megg Perhaps my favorite song right now. There are so many, but this one gets a lot of play.
LS22 be prepared for ridiculous heartache when the bass drum kicks in
johno another awesome version of this song...
johno i am going to the store to buy school of rock right now. back soon blippers.
bruss @NurseSpunk: "i have a feeling as i'm closer to his age then i want to be i'm never gonna be that cool ever again..lmfao (reblip)

Dave Matthews Band Song That Jane Likes Van Ryper 04/05/1992

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fun. -Barlights [AUDIO]

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johno rb@FireCrotch: "100 Listeners! - Thanks everyone" (reblip)


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Ernie Halter "Love in LA" Live

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The Thermals "Now We Can See"

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LS22 mega mash-up of the big commercial pop hits of 2009... I think @johno @Jennaharg and @RobGoblin should dig it. It has dance party written all over it

DJ Earworm United States Of Pop 2009

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johno rb@CTull13: "Also played on Sat night? Darwin Deez... awesome part deux." (reblip)
johno dangermouse and jemini

The Only One

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johno this one is always stuck in my head thanks to @Jennaharg

Matt CostaMr. Pitiful

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Foolish rb@the_drama_queen: Ah, that organ. Miss the violins in this version. (reblip)

WilcoJesus, Etc.

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johno hello 1995!


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johno i want this to be my Z. damn you @EKtheDJ: "Numba 1 @RobGoblin" (reblip)
johno holy shit good. this album released late in the year, so most wont have it on their "top albums of the year" lists. what a shame, beacause its a gem.
johno out of lexington kentucky
johno reblipping again! @Zubenelgenubi: "I'm not comfortable with how we never talk" (reblip)
johno I will now sell five copies of ‘The Three E.P.’s’ by the Beta Band. reblipping @MsBee as rob gordon would. (reblip)
johno liking this one thanks to @cagey2519: "@senoa - Thanks for listening! A nice Good Morning blip..." (reblip)
johno my main man ray

Ray Lamontagne How Come and Shelter...London Live

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johno ingram hill -- cold in california

Cold In California

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johno this is off their Behave Yourself EP.
johno rb@gonequiet: "@LP33 I'm going to have to look up between one and three of those words." (reblip)
johno skybox is opening for jukebox and the ghost tonight, so pumped. going for someone's bday --->@DeeWall . @PeteyThreePointOh will be there too.

SkyboxIn a Dream

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johno i stand uber corrected thanks to @chelseagirl19 . THIS is the best hall and oats cover ever. (reblip)

Go Outside by Cults

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johno i love this skit from tim&eric
johno @wickawickawhat is pumping out the jams this morning! props! (reblip)


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Heavy by Skylar Grey ('Holly Brook')

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Ryan Adams--Answering Bell

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johno i am not proud of it, but i really like this song.

Hot Chelle Rae-Tonight Tonight

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johno rb @RadioFreeIllinois: "RB@DJBadBilly: ty! "@ RadioFreeIllinois lookin' forward to this show @highnoonsaloon w/ DJ @BluJulius"AA Bondy – Surfer King"" (reblip)

AA BondySurfer King

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johno reblipping my favorite new dj discovery --> @PositiveTension (reblip)

bishop allen people you meet

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Fast car -Tracy Chapman

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