jroack This song is tragic and unfortunately true. My most favorite O.M.D. tune.

Enola Gay

| play
jroack there's some truth to this song
jroack my most favorite Georges Moustaki song.
jroack another Georges Moustaki favorite.


| play
jroack This video matches this song perfectly. war protest

Eve Of Destruction Video

| play
jroack The Boxer with a country beat.
jroack One of my favorites from the 60's. I remember listening to this at a ski lodge in Japan in those days.

Washington Square- The Village Stompers- 1963

| play
jroack Good slide show to watch when you're high and listening to Celestial Soda Pop.

Celestial Soda Pop

| play
jroack Music to mellow out by.

Pachelbel Canon in D Major Perfect Version

| play
jroack My most favorite Andre Bocelli song.
jroack My second most favorite Andrea Bocelli song.

Andrea Bocelli- Con te Partiro

| play
jroack Male version of this great piece from Madama Butterfly.

Pavarotti Luciano witch Bocelli Andrea - Puccini Nessun Dorma

| play
jroack My favorite piece by Deep Purple performed the year I graduated from college.
jroack My very first record album ever.

The Ventures "Walk Don't Run"

| play
jroack I was much younger when this was released. Most listeners at Blip weren't even born then.
jroack Brings back fond memories of the 50's.
jroack In memory of my Nephew, Toby, who was vaporized by an IED in Iraq.
jroack My favorite version of And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda. This was the worst massacre of ANZAC forces ever.
jroack Very melancholic tune. One of my most favorite James Last pieces.

James Last Biscaya

| play
jroack Another magnificent, melancholic tune, especially if you've seen the movie.

The Last of the Mohicans

| play

James Last - Moulin Rouge

| play
jroack Great South African tune from the 50's.

James LastSkokiaan

| play
jroack This song always rings true. Best recorded version.


| play
jroack Probably his best song, although not necessarily his most popular.
jroack my favorite version of Sway...


| play

DICK DALE -"Riders In the Sky" (1963)

| play
jroack Remember all of those Hare Krishna groups at the airports in the 60's and early 70's?
jroack Great song sung by Mitch Miller and his gang. Great movie.

Debbie Reynolds : Tammy

| play
jroack The old cold war. Currently the tune is the same, although the song has been rewritten to suit the new cold war. But Georgia was actually hot.

Soviet/ USSR Anthem [Red Army Choir]!

| play

Led Zeppelin-Stairway to Heaven

| play
jroack There were no communist countries when this was in vogue.

Bozhe Tsarya Khrani! (God, Save the Tsar!). Valaam Ensemble

| play
Dancer12 worth an rb@JDS442: "Gotta blip at least once a week ...cool tune !" (reblip)
jroack From simpler days gone by...Lili Marlene

Marlene Dietrich sings Lili Marleen in German

| play
jroack My most favorite Nancy Sinatra song...duet with Lee Hazlewood.
jroack Subjectively the greatest rendition of Perfidia.

Perfidia - Xavier Cugat

| play
jroack Carla Bruni - The First Lady of France. Nice tune.
jroack One of Edith Piaf's most famous songs...

Edith Piaf L'Hymne à l'amour

| play
jroack Great tune by The Bambi Molesters...

The Bambi Molesters 'As the Dark Wave Swells'

| play
Awannabeangel The Supremes Baby Love**~"" (reblip)

The Supremes Baby Love

| play
Awannabeangel Desmond Dekker – The Israelites" (reblip)
jroack 2000 must be around when Vladimir Putin re-introduced the form Soviet anthem but with different wording, obviously.
jroack Journey – Who's Crying Now.
jroack Queen-We Will Rock You - and rock you some more if you persist

Queen-We Will Rock You

| play
jroack Dick Dale - King of Surf Guitar...Pulp Fiction - 01 - Pumpkin and Honey Bunny (Dialogue) - Misirlou
jroack Now we go back 59 years to this: Tzena, Tzena, Tzena – The Weavers
jroack More French pop from the 60's by my favorite, Francoise Hardy - Le temps de l'amour
jroack By Kyu Sakamoto, who was one of the 520 people who died in the crash of Japan Airlines Flight 123 in Gunma Prefecture on August 12, 1985. He was 43.

Sukiyaki Song Japan

| play
avard @avard: "janis" (reblip)

janis joplin me and bobby mc gee

| play
scotlandlover tyvm~ rb @JosieMK: "just 1 more......forgot to thank @dANGELofLOVE @jennyleepenny @scotlandlover @sheryonstone Sleep well everyone! ; )" (reblip)

Come Softly To Me-The Fleetwoods-1959

| play
jroack Rhythm Of The Rain - nice instrumental version...

Rhythm Of The Rain

| play
jroack Authentic original version - The Cascades - Rhythm of the Rain
jroack I've never heard this famous song in Greek before...Pearl Fishers


| play
jroack ***A dying protagonist's farewell to relatives and friends - Seasons in the Sun, by Terry Jacks

Terry Jacks Seasons in the Sun

| play
jroack Modernized version with a lot of punch...
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Lake of Tears - "So Fell Autumn Rain" ♥ [.."So fell autumn rain; Blinded by dawning so you would take me further away, away from the fall"..]
jroack Wednesday's Child by John Barry (the composer of most if not all music for the James Bond movies...

Wednesdays Child( MP3 )-John Barry

| play
jroack Morbid and appropriately melancholic...
jroack The music that terrified the enemy in the days of old...

Scotland the Brave

| play
jroack Fife & Drum followed by full John Phillip Sousa Marine Corps Band...
jroack My favorite trumpet piece ever...


| play
jroack Time to mellow out. Listen to this...

Mythos "Kaleidoscope"

| play
tartangirlali And he WILL be back at Xmas time!@HettyElibet: "Ta Da!!!! Better by far." (reblip)

The Pretenders ~ 2000 Miles

| play
tartangirlali @nicklokes: "keep them coming~@GimmeSomeTruth(1hit1der) Norman Greenbaum Spirit In The Sky (reblip)
naharuddin To the beautiful Brazilan @biancapalaci

Rock History: The Police "Message in a Bottle" 1st time live

| play
eLi182 they don't even care at all!

MuttBlink 182

| play
leffi333 she's got a mango in her garden, full of mystery
jroack One of my favorites from the 60's...RED RUBBER BALL by the Cyrkle (spelled with a K)...

red rubber ball The Cyrcle

| play
suckmydeck "I Believe In Angels..." :)@devlps: "RB@Dancer12 Nana Mouskouri - I have a dream" (reblip)
jroack My most favorite version of this famous song...
jroack Sasha Lazard is one of the most innovative and extraordinary talents on the international music scene..

AngeliSasha Lazard

| play
jroack Sultry song from World War II by Marlene Dietrich...

Marlene Dietrich "Johnny, Wenn Du Geburstag Hast"

| play
jroack Marlene Dietrich's most famous song of all - Lili Marlene
jroack Deano Martino's version of Sway is the best...


| play
jroack Imperial Japanese Naval Hymn. associated combat scenes are of their Imperial ground forces conquering Malaya and Singapore..
jroack Jesus Christ Superstar...a classic. Great performance, although the video could have been a bit better.
jroack My most favorite Beach Boys song. I've probably blipped this before, but I just couldn't resist...
jroack Gregory Peck, David Niven, Anthony Quinn depicted in the accompanying trailer for this flick. Memorable tune.
Djfunkysounds Can't forget this one.


| play
jroack Sunless Sea. Powerful new age by Mythos...one of his most popular.

..(music:Mythos-Sunless sea).......''.BOOK OF DREAMS''..

| play
daynaRT It's Friday - sing along with me!

"The Thing"- PHIL HARRIS

| play
jroack Eurovision 1990 Israel Rita Time For Peace. Very moving tune...

Eurovision 1990 Israel Rita Time For Peace (2000) HDTV ריטה

| play

Johnny Cash-Walk The Line

| play
jroack Tranquil and almost sedating - music to relax by...

Tears of the Ocean by Keiko Matsui

| play
peplau @Epicrates This is their strongest track, IMO. Not quite "Vapour Trail" or "When You Sleep", but it's epic nevertheless. cc @newNEWwave.
jroack Tragic. Incredibly tragic...

coro a bocca chiusa  da"Madama Butterfly" by Giacomo Puccini

| play
jroack Marty Friedman - brilliant alternative guitarist - somewhat new ageish...
grantimatter Problem: Have laryngitis, needed to record vocal track. Solution: Listen here. More info: http://guildofscientifictroubadours.com/song-dear-winter/
peplau Re-blipping your entire playlist tonight, @newNEWwave (more or less). Imitation is the sincerest... (reblip)
jroack A nice tune to whistle for those far enough over the hill to remember...
jroack I haven't the slightest as to where this album originates. Maybe you can tell from the slide show???

Duffy Power - What Now

| play
krystalmystic RB@Schoork: "is that early..someone have to cut my eyes...ADRIAAAAAANN!" (reblip)
hipEchik @hipEchik For Landrieu A rich old man, and she won't have to worry...LYIN' EYES ..I guess every porno refuge has it's price...
jroack Cool tune with catchy beat if you're into surf rock and surf guitar. Good drum piece too...
avivajazz Jo Basile & Orchestra | Jalousie | Tango
avivajazz Jo Basile & Orchestra | La Cumparsita
jroack Time to chill out and meditate...

"Dawn of Time" from the CD "East Wind" by Timothy Cooper

| play
avivajazz Jonathan Borofsky | The Standard Chant (Part II) 1983
RocRadio This is the original

Pachelbel Canon in D Major Perfect Version

| play
jroack Catchy Middle Eastern tune with good rhythm and beat...

David Weiss & Friends: Middle Eastern Dawn

| play
jroack Great reggae roots tune with moving beat. Where's my gonja?

Tribal Seeds-Dawn Of Time

| play
jroack Moonlight sonata gone metal with a twist...
hipEchik @hipEchik Witchy Woman - Eagles - Raven Hair, Ruby Lips, Sparks fly from her fingertips....
jroack and this is the most famous version of this classy tune from the 50's...

John Butler Trio -What you want ( best version )

| play
jroack A sexier version of this tune by Connie Francis...
jroack I wasn't around in the 30's, but this is a great tune by Django Reinhardt...

Nana Mouskouri "Only Love"

| play
jroack Donovan with Nana Mouskouri in France...
jroack Music and video clip from Massive Intent Future Fest 2009...

Future Fest 2009 @ TCEC

| play
Greenfields47 @Thaiangel Have a nice time for Christmas and New Year 2010 (reblip)
jroack My most favorite Leonard Cohen song. Listen to the words if you've never heard this song...
Greenfields47 @MONIKKA Have a merry christmas and a happy new year (reblip)
lantz45 @jroack: "my favorite Francoise tune" welcome-thanks! (reblip)

Mon amie la rose, Francoise Hardy

| play

Toto - A Thousand Years

| play
jroack This is a hauntingly eerie tune by Antonio Vivaldi...
jroack Le facteur (est mort) by Georges Moustaki...

le facteur de Georges Moustaki

| play
jroack A famous Belgian performing 'Waltzing Matilda', but at least he's performing in Australia...
jroack I'm not sure who this is, but this song has a really cool beat...
jroack A photographic trip to Japan's famous Himeji jo. It's a really impressive castle.

Himeji Castle in four seasons

| play
jroack This blip is just for me 'cause I've never hear one of Japan's most famous songs performed by a Jewish group before, and it's a very good rendition.
avivajazz Gerry Mulligan Quartet / I May Be Wrong (1953) / Gerry Mulligan (baritone sax), Chet Baker (trumpet), Carson Smith (b), Larry Bunker (d)
jroack Koto and flute version of Kojo No Tsuki accompanied by a spectacular slide show featuring a variety of beautiful Japanese ojosans...

Kojo no tsuki

| play
jroack A tragic tale about a magnificent Japanese castle and the fate of its young samurai, performed here by the Scorpions (also by Metallica) in metal form
jroack The Ventures - "Walk Don't Run '64".............my first vinyl record ever..................and I still have it.
Thaiangel practicing my Voodoo now!!@TidyCat:"uh-oh! you might be in on the Santana dance party now (^-~)@jesseluna: "Magic sticks?Thaiangel @iReignMusic" (reblip)
jroack Harry performs with Odetta - There's a Hole in the Bucket. It's hilarious. Listen to the words...
avivajazz Sun Ra and His Myth Science Arkestra / Plutonian Nights

Plutonian Nights by Sun Ra amv Galaxy Express 999

| play
jroack Time to pick up the beat with "If you Want to Be Happy"...this is a great song.
jroack Nice French song by Coralie Clement...
Thaiangel haha@lillianwong:"& some kung fu! RB@TidyCat: "(^o^)/ ouch! Thaiangel: "practicing my Voodoo now!!TidyCat @jesseluna: Magic sticks? angel @iReignMusic (reblip)
avivajazz Clogs | 5/4 | Lantern (2006) | Very, very...Well, very! Thank you, RB@EFR56 (reblip)


| play
jroack Harry Belafonte - Matilda...
caporal_chief indeed my friend, nice@Tortster: "@caporal_chief thought you would like this...." (reblip)

MASTEDON L01 holiest one

| play
harmony60 Petula Clark { DownTown} Just love this one, Please enjoy, Thanks~=]
jroack Puff the Magic Dragon in a land called Hana Lei

Peter, Paul and Mary -Puff The Magic Dragon

| play
jroack Nice Latin medley by Liberace.

1969 Liberace Show El Cumbanchero/Cumana/Malaguena

| play
jroack The Alamo is just a few blocks from me, although I wasn't there when it happened...
jroack The Death Scene of Cho Cho San from Madame Butterfly. This is a very different version of Madama Butterfly with narration by The Malcolm McLaren.
jroack Excellent percussion piece...


| play
jroack New York Philharmonic invades North Korea and performs ARIRANG...

NY Philharmonic performs Arirang in N. Korea

| play
jroack Nice rendition of Flower Duet by Leo Delibes featuring Katherine Jenkins and Kiri Te Kanawa.
jroack Great footage of Benny Goodman and His Orchestra performing Sing, Sing, Sing at the Hollywood Hotel...

Benny Goodman Orchestra Sing Sing Sing from Hollywood Hotel

| play
jroack Great rendition of Siboney by Connie Francis...


| play
jroack Connie Francis sings Lipstick On Your Collar (1959). *the photo is of Marilyn Monroe

Good Day Sunshine

| play
MusicWithMsB Thought I recognized your music@Kingsofdabeatz Couldn't resist. X-mas is over but there still are little snowflakes. Cute song.@28apple_chic: (reblip)
randymatheson Moment of Surrender - U2... #36 RS top 100 songs of the decade

U2 Moment Of Surrender 360 World Tour Live in 3D Dublin New Album HD

| play
avivajazz Art Tatum | Art's Blues | Jam session from the film, Fabulous Dorseys (1947) | Tommy Dorsey (tb), Jimmie Dorsey (cl), Charlie Barnet (sax)

Art Tatum : Art's Blues ( 1947 ) ( Fabulous Dorseys )

| play
jroack Moscau, an awesome piece by the group Dschinghis Khan, is accompanied by a good video of the group in performance...
jroack Nice tune

(中文) 加藤ミリヤ SAYONARAベイベー

| play
jroack HaTikvah - The Hope (Israeli National Anthem)

Hatikvah (National Isralian Anthem - Hatikva

| play
jroack @avivamagnolia: "Marcin Wasilewski Trio | Vignette | January (ECM 2008) | for @BleakMouse - pleasantly soothing for middle of the night tranquility... (reblip)
jroack My most favorite Neil Diamond song. This also happens to be the best version of Solitary Man...
jroack From my home state of Hawaii...this was the song that made Liz Damon's Orient Express a one hit wonder.
jroack @LeParadis: "avec élégance..." >>>I haven't heard this in ages. Thanks. (reblip)
jroack Neun und Neuntzig Luftballoon auf English by Nena. Great song.

99 red ballonsNena

| play
jroack Not the 1956 version...

City Breathing: Theme Song For The Red Balloon

| play
jroack Les Ballons Rouge.

les ballons rouges

| play
jroack Harry Belafonte - Island In The Sun (best version)...

Harry Belafonte - Island In The Sun

| play
SuperSpaceAngel ♥ Ace of Base ~ Happy Nation // Don't know if you've heard this one before... @rachidkas

ace of base happy nation

| play
jroack Great piano rendition of Jeannie with the Light Brown Hair. Wi lyrics.

Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair

| play
jroack @SuperSpaceAngel: "♥ Ace of Base ~ Happy Nation // Don't know if you've heard this one before... @rachidkas" >>>Great song - thanks... (reblip)

ace of base happy nation

| play
jroack Seven Tears - a great song by the Goombay Dance Band, a German based Caribbean-like band...
jroack Another version of Seven Tears by the Goombay Dance Band. This is a much better version, but the song doesn't start until 30 seconds into the video.
jroack 'Lay Back in The Arms of Someone' - a nice tune by the British rock band, Smokie, from 1977. Mellow rock...
jroack 'I Will Survive' sung enthusiastically in its original form by the great Gloria Gaynor...

I Will Survive

| play
jroack Luna Dance - Reel Arabesque 2007...Middle Eastern dance and music montage...
jroack Arabesque - Midnight Dancer ... nice tune with disco beat by this European pop trio...
jroack A really pleasant, romantic tune called, Darling, by the popular 70's Spanish duo - Baccara.


| play
cpcdiniz rb@crasin2me: "Black Sabbath – "Sleeping Village" <--heading this way. Good night, tweeps and blippers!" (reblip)

Can't fight the moonlight

| play
jroack For you H's Hermits fans...NO MILK TODAY...this is absolutely my most favorite Herman's Hermits song.
jroack LAMBADA - there's something about this song that just makes you want to dance and dance and dance some more...


| play
Greenfields47 "Happy and prosperous new year@MONIKKA (reblip)

Happy New Year (ABBA)

| play
Mysterymix greets @weiiis: "The summer sun is fading as the year grows old" (reblip)

Forever Autumn N-Trance Mix

| play
Thaiangel oh night night :)>>@TidyCat: "Thaiangel 'night angel (=^..^=) (reblip)
Thaiangel my life without you ..I don't know ...
harmony60 aww mark,How sweet, Happy New year to you. Ty for sharing, =] @mark_till: "@harmony60 All Angels – Nothing Compares 2 U" (reblip)
jroack Leonard Cohen - The Future. Is Leonard right? What does the future hold?...
Mysterymix thanks @liminal: "Toshinori Kondo + Sugizo / Tears for Mother Earth / Toshinori Kondo (trumpet, electronics) / ( #jazztronica #jazz #electronica )" (reblip)
jroack John Denver - Perhaps Love (This is Annie's favorite song. She favors it over Annie's Song. So do I.
Angeladtao Thanks for the lovely reminder. @Unaturalsoul: "Relive the movie, including the gorgeous Jennifer O'Neill"" (reblip)
jroack Engelbert Humperdinck (Arnold George Dorsey) sings Quando, Quando, Quando...

quando quando quando-engelbert humperdinck

| play
jroack @Angeladtao: I saw it when it was released in '71. CONUS circa WWII setting. Great film. (reblip)
digitpt Tristeza do Jeca (the sadness of Jeca)
jroack @Angeladtao: "Thanks for the lovely reminder. @Unaturalsoul: "Relive the movie, including the gorgeous Jennifer O'Neill""" (reblip)
Tsauro Heard her on an NPR interview this week. Had forgotten how great Dream of Life & Horses really were.
Tsauro Yay, there is singing. RB vi@ilklovn: "just came to mind. I will take advantage of the karaoke thing and sing here :P" (reblip)

Billy Joel-Uptown Girl

| play
jroack My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean - A great oldie from way back when...
Tsauro Not quite sure who led me to this great band. So, assuming it was @by_starla
avivajazz Arleta / Mia Fora Thimamai // Beautiful! Thanks, RB@Daeflyn: "@Eri_Z: "once upon a time ;=)@CloudsNmyCoffee"" (reblip)
jroack Ooh La La - by Peter Gabriel's former songwriter, Alison Goldfrapp, and her group GOLDFRAPP. Happy New Year!
jroack @avivamagnolia: "Arleta / Mia Fora Thimamai // Beautiful! Thanks, RB@Daeflyn: ***A beautiful, dreamy song. Thanks. cc @Angeladtao (reblip)
jroack They Are Calling Us to Go...

David Guetta & Joachim Garraud au RedLight fevrier 2005

| play
PilarVence Enjoy the music! Good night and thank you to all my listeners.
ladypn Goodnight @muzicmajic! Pleasant dreams to you! : "yes, alive, but slowly losing consciousness! I'm outta here! Have a great weekend..." (reblip)
jroack Let's Live for Today - The Grass Roots
jroack A much better version of "Let's Live for Today"

The Grass Roots- Let's Live For Today

| play
DjDiddlesSkittle @Angie74: "I agree! @Louden: "ADD THIS DJ ====> @DJLifesGood <==== Only needs 4 for 250 badge. Plays great tunes. GO GO GADGET ADD BUTTON"" (reblip)

RancidRuby Soho

| play
ShiaoMei Deal! :)@charmstep:"@ShiaoMei: "Amei~ FroM my land 2yours You r too Fabulous&too Kind for words. So I'll try2 find a song. How 'bout that? (reblip)

Taiwan touch your heart ( Amei )

| play
GabrielUriDugal Five Finger Death Punch- Bad Company (reblip)

Five Finger Death Punch- Bad Company (Official song)

| play
jroack EVA - Fly Me to the Moon
MrsASoprano Very nice - never heard it before. @Saltydog: " White Hot" (reblip)

Red RiderWhite Hot

| play
jroack Don McLean- American Pie (with Lyrics)

Don McLean- American Pie (with Lyrics)

| play
StreamingMimi I love all of you, too! Thank-you my sweet friend! @Dancer12: "We'll love you 4ever, Mimi, 4 sweet you and your great lists! rb@StreamingMimi: "..."" (reblip)


| play
StreamingMimi And that's supposed to be a problem??? LOL rb@scotlandlover: "well, what about this? LM*O @StreamingMimi" (reblip)

Torn Between Two Lovers

| play
StreamingMimi Captain and Tennille -- Love Will Keep Us Together...or not

Captain and Tennille- Love Will Keep Us Together

| play
StreamingMimi The Exciters – Tell Him (1962)
jroack beautiful, relaxing piano piece for @Angeladtao
jroack Jennifer Thomas w/ Joe Bongiorno - You By My Side...Jennifer's composition - piano duet.

Jennifer Thomas LIVE in concert with Joe Bongiorno

| play
StreamingMimi The Lettermen – The Way You Look Tonight
StreamingMimi The Fireflies -- You Were Mine


| play
StreamingMimi Blood Sweat And Tears -- You've Made Me So Very Happy (1969)

You've Made Me So Very Happy-Blood Sweat And Tears 1969

| play
jroack @StreamingMimi: "The Fireflies -- You Were Mine" ***haven't heard this since long ago, when I used to actually catch Fireflies...Thanks. (reblip)


| play
StreamingMimi Peter & Gordon -- World Without Love

Peter & Gordon World Without Love

| play
jroack @StreamingMimi: "The Exciters – Tell Him (1962)" ***another great song from the past... (reblip)
StreamingMimi The Searchers -- Needles And Pins


| play
jroack Peter & Gordon- A World Without Love w/ enhanced sterophonic sound...

Peter & Gordon- A World Without Love

| play

Perry Como Round and Round

| play
BestYet2B Rosanne Cash- Rules of Travel

Rosanne Cash- Rules of Travel

| play
jroack Carrie Underwood – Cowboy Casanova (Official Music Video)
jroack Ben E King's best song ever...
jroack @FreakinFrog: "Thank's... vi@Dancer12" ***Thnx for my most favorite song by The Police. (reblip)
Angeladtao Thanks, I love this kind of music. @jroack: "beautiful, relaxing piano piece for @Angeladtao" (reblip)
doggymank Nice!@jroack: "@FreakinFrog: "Thank's... vi@Dancer12" ***Thnx for my most favorite song by The Police." (reblip)
rico covering chris murray now
makinloverite okay..had to get the badge out of my mouth in this pic..

Collide w/ lyrics by Howie Day

| play
makinloverite Agreed!@katost: "Midlake – Roscoe inspired by @nastysurprise72...I can't help myself --- I need to hear this again ... perfection" (reblip)


| play
makinloverite FUN!sorry got your name wrong earlier today@sheryonstone: "after being away from home for the past month, perhaps this should be my next step :D" (reblip)
makinloverite YWVM! ;)@Time2Burn: "TYVM for the compliment! sweetie ;-) *blushing* lol@makinitrite: "@Time@Burn ..you are always such a sweetheart.. (reblip)

I Don't Like -- Anouk

| play

carry go bring come (cover) The Ivy Jackets & Anouk

| play

Longshot Kick The Bucket ( SKA Cover) The Ivy Jackets

| play
jroack The Singing Nun - DOMINIQUE

The Singing Nun- Dominique

| play
jroack @Curacao58: Mesmerizing tune. Thanks. (reblip)

Coldplay-Viva la Vida

| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ OTEP - "Ghost Flowers" ♥ #metal (numetal) ["You want to see me burn, I am living fire ./. You will know me by the scars I bare"] Love Otep! :D
jroack @Angeladtao: "Thanks, I love this kind of music. @jroack: "beautiful, relaxing piano piece for @Angeladtao"" ***I know. You're welcome. (reblip)
ladypn Thanks @jroack! & thank YOU for being 1 of them! : "@ladypn: *** 39K+ listeners. That's awesome. Congrats. cc: @Angeladtao" (reblip)
jroack Frank Sinatra reminisces...


| play

Barbara Bonney Angelika Kirchschlager "Aus meinen Tränen sprießen" Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel

| play
jroack Euthanasia theme from Soylent Green...
jroack Death Cab For Cutie - Soul Meets Body

Death Cab For Cutie "Soul Meets Body"

| play

The Ventures.....Perfidia

| play
jroack Richard Marx – Right Here Waiting (For You). This is incredibly moving...
TrainWreckRadio @nbztunes I never get sick of Monte's pure virtuosity and how he puts his own stamp on this standard (reblip)

Little Wing by Monte Montgomery

| play
jroack @TrainWreckRadio: "@nbztunes I never get sick of Monte's pure virtuosity and how he puts his own stamp on this standard" ***nice... (reblip)

Little Wing by Monte Montgomery

| play
jroack Great song by The Trio _ The Trio : Emmylou Harris, Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt : To know Him Is To Love Him

Burn Lyrics by Jo Dee Messina

| play
jroack OMD – Maid of Orleans (The Waltz Joan of Arc) 1982 - my second most favorite OMD song after Enola Gay.
jroack Connie Francis just as sultry and sexy as ever...
quorum Pure Songs ONLY! P2 - [590/1173] :: Just because you like my stuff doesn't mean I owe you anything. -- Bob Dylan


| play
jroack Ernesto Pomareda Friends of the Andes #3

Ernesto Pomareda Friends of the Andes #3

| play
jroack Terry Jacks-Seasons in the Sun

Terry Jacks-Seasons in the Sun

| play
jroack Jeanne Mas – Johnny Johnny
BluJulius GOODNIGHT BLIPPERSappealing to your sense of humanity((RED+Haiti~Text 90999>$10 donate))show your compassion through whatever means available/possible (reblip)
amphore Lemongrass – Ocean Kisses ..... inspired by @klitoria :)
jroack @chickenkatsu *Tribute to the Makaha Sons of Ni'ihau – I'll Remember You (song and words composed by Kui Lee)...
amphore Rahat Fateh Ali Khan – Zindagi
lantz45 Scarlett Johansson "Never take counsel of your fears." lantz45
jroack Biscaya

James Last Biscaya

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lantz45 Scarlett Johansson "Never take counsel of your fears." lantz45

Jürgen Paape- Mit Dir

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jroack THE END OF THE WORLD by Skeeter Davis

THE END OF THE WORLD by Skeeter Davis

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jroack Hawaiian Music – Kaleohano Israel Kamakawiwo'ole. In memory of IZ.
jroack Spectacular views of Honolulu at night. Keola and Kapono Beamer – Honolulu City Lights.
ladypn Hi @dd03!! Good to see you!: "late #FF /Thx 4 props & RBs @ladypn" (reblip)
jroack Incredible slide show accompanies by Vangelis - La Petite Fille De La Mer
jroack Mesmerizing song. This is not the traditional La Mer from the 50's. Sarah Brightman – La Mer
lilLADYT8845 0myams~!just Dance~!LoL


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jroack La Mer - Charles Trénet --- The classic French version...

La Mer. Charles Trénet

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jroack JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR – I Don't Know How To Love Him - Sung by original cast member, Hawaii's own Yvonne Elliman...

Tiger Army: Through The Darkness

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jroack Dolly Parton – Jolene (High Quality) sound
jroack The Creepshow - Long Way Down

the creepshow long way down

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jroack The Bambi Molesters, Theme From Slaying Beauty

The Bambi Molesters, Theme From Slaying Beauty

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jroack Last Ride by The Bambi Molesters...


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Accept "Aiming High"

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jroack The Bambi Molesters, Bikini Machines

The Bambi Molesters, Bikini Machines

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chubay 江川事件の翌年の巨人戦(特に甲子園の)は、本当によく沸かしてくれたと、感謝しとります。一阪神ファンとして、縦縞の小林繁に哀悼。

【MikuMikuDance】 Hatsune Miku imitate Hanshin Tigers Shigeru-Kobayashi's Sidearmed Pitch

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Hiru no Tsuki

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jroack Scorpions - Kojo No Tsuki

Scorpions Kojo No Tsuki

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jroack The Bambi Molesters – The Wedge
technogiant OMD – If You Leave

OMDIf You Leave

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CosmUnity Gigi D'Agostino - I 'll fly with you - L'amour Toujours (reblip)
BakingMan @1980s: ""Do a dance with me to a love fantasy that for one precious moment was mine" ♫" (reblip)
jroack Satan's Pilgrim – Ginza Lights
Eri_Z love this!@StanFrancisco: "The Muppets: Bohemian Rhapsody" (reblip)

The Muppets: Bohemian Rhapsody

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jroack @BakingMan ***Kid Creole was OK but I think Lambada by Kaoma is better...


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Firecracker16 Thanks 4the RB @ChadThomas: "Awesome tune! thx!rb@Firecracker16: To ALL my boys at the BIG BALL party! "You're dedicated to how I'm killing you...""" (reblip)
jroack Washington Square by the Village Stompers circa 1963

The Village Stompers Washington Square

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jroack The Attic Boys – Mambo Tango (surf guitar ballroom instrumental) - a little scratch - sorry...
jroack Moonspell – EuroticA...found this while hunting for Eurotica 9 by David and the High Spirit


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jroack The Kendalls – Heaven's Just A Sin Away (so is Hell for that matter)
77ozzie Yes, yes, yes.. when you're with me ..I am smiling (reblip)


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jroack David Soul – Don't Give Up On Us (of Starsky and Hutch fame)
jroack The Godfather – Satan`s Pilgrims
jroack Poppy Family – Which Way You Goin' Billy, Apr '70 - HQ stereo dub
jroack THE POPPY FAMILY – "That's Where I Went Wrong" (1970)
jroack Simon & Garfunkel – Sound Of Silence ***time to sleep...
jroack Marlene Dietrich Sag mir wo die blumen sind - Same vicious cycle...every war the same.

Marlene Dietrich Sag mir wo die blumen sind

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derkrauss what a voice..uhhh shiver@jroack: "Marlene Dietrich Sag mir wo die blumen sind - Same vicious cycle...every war the same." (reblip)

Marlene Dietrich Sag mir wo die blumen sind

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jroack Mon amie la rose, Francoise Hardy

Mon amie la rose, Francoise Hardy

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leaferi One of those I go back to over and over throughout the years. -- "BT - Firewater " (reblip)


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jroack Françoise Hardy 60's

Françoise Hardy 60's

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jroack Roger McGuinn singing the lead ----- The Byrds – "Turn Turn Turn"
ladypn Hello @rerkaizen Nice remix! : "." (reblip)

Dj Rui Da Silva- Touch Me (DJ TIESTO REMIX)

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jroack Delilah – Tom Jones (1968)
ckafadar2 GR8 Song:) rb@jroack: "Delilah – Tom Jones (1968)" (reblip)
jroack Peaceful Japanese Music to doze by.

Peaceful Japanese Music

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jroack @hawaiibuzz: "cute fishies! @1980s: ***my most favorite song from the summer of '70. great tune. Mahalo nui loa. (reblip)
jroack Eddie Calvert – Oh Mein Papa (aka Dad)
cjh So What – P!NK @Entergan Like the last Gaga-song best
jroack Rolling Stones – Paint it Black (live)
jroack The Bambi Molesters - Last Ride


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jroack Laika and the Cosmonauts – "Fadeaway" (Finnish new wave surf rock)


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jroack I agree. Thanks...@ckafadar2: "GR8 Song:) rb@jroack: "Delilah – Tom Jones (1968)"" (reblip)
jroack I concur. Thanks...@derkrauss: "what a voice..uhhh shiver@jroack: "Marlene Dietrich Sag mir wo die blumen sind - (reblip)

Marlene Dietrich Sag mir wo die blumen sind

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CosmUnity Allison Crowe - Time After Time - Allison Crowe (reblip)
jroack GERRY RAFFERTY – RIGHT DOWN THE LINE ***Turn up the volume. Great tune from a few decades back...
jroack Bread – Baby I'm A Want You w/Lyrics
CosmUnity Israel Kamakawiwo'ole - Somewhere Over The Rainbow/What A Wonderful World (reblip)
jroack Daniel Bautista – Intro Aranjuez ***Classical Guitar
Lollyblop almaz...randy crawford

almaz...randy crawford

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Los Twang Marvels: Return of the Space Cossack w. Fender Jaguar & Stratocaster

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jroack The Singaia – Ghost Riders In The Sky
jroack The Singaia – Misirlou
jroack Effi Netzer Singers Korovushka

Effi Netzer Singers Korovushka

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SuperSpaceAngel ♥ Don Henley ~ Boys of Summer (insp by @Paris49) (Better sound) Sorry 'bout the last one! :)
jroack Forever More - Joe Bongiorno (piano solo)

Stones Neil Diamond ('Stones' album 1971)

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harmony60 Love Me Two Times - The Doors = Awesome! Enjoy =]
S75_BigBandEraRadio Sid's Big Band Radio: - Frank Sinatra Medley - The Let's Be Frank Orchestra
jroack Tom Jones – She's a lady
Angeladtao @jroack Thanks for this lovely song. You do realize it means hope? (reblip)
jroack @Angeladtao: "@jroack: "What a Wonderful World"" ***Both are great songs. Iz had a great voice. Too bad he's gone. (reblip)
jroack @Angeladtao: "@jroack Thanks for this lovely song. You do realize it means hope?" ***So that's what it means. Never knew that. Thanks. (reblip)
jroack Nice song. Thank you very much. rb @christy_of_beaumetz: "Hello avec ce super groupe "Green Day" (reblip)

21 GunsGreen Day

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jroack Great song. Thanks. rb @TheTAZZone: "This song was written by John Philips of the mama's and papa's" (reblip)
jroack Frankie Lane - ["Do Not Forsake Me" (Oh My Darling)] - from the film classic, High Noon.
jroack Johnny Horton – Sink The Bismark - 1959 (the largest battleship in the world at the time)
jroack This is a great song: The Royal Guardsmen -- Snoopy Vs. The Red Baron

The Royal Guardsmen -- Snoopy Vs. The Red Baron

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jroack The Bambi Molesters-Malaguena

The Bambi Molesters-Malaguena

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jroack Connie Francis – Hold me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me
jroack In memory of Buddy Holly, the Big Bopper, and Ritchie Valens - American Pie
SuperSpaceAngel ♥ Hello Beautiful! I've been pretty much ok... How are you, Sweetie!? PM me on ning if that's easier! *eHugs* RB@NicoleVSanchez: "How have you been?" (reblip)
jroack Tommy Roe – Sheila

Tommy RoeSheila

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jroack Dale, Dick – Night Rider
jroack Please Don't Ever Leave Me – The Cyrkle
jroack Music Tribute To The Bands Of The 60s & 70s Part 5 of 7

Music Tribute To The Bands Of The 60s & 70s Part 5 of 7

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jroack Creedence Clearwater Revival – I Heard It Through the Grapevine
jroack The Red Rubber Ball by The Cyrkle


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jroack Somewhere In Time – the soundtrack to the movie """ Somewhere in Time"""
jroack Somewhere – Matt Monro
VonD Bob Dylan ~ Rollin' And Tumblin" (reblip)
jroack Great song by Herman's Hermits – No milk today
jroack Herman's Hermits – No milk today

Engelbert Humperdinck Please Release Me HQ Lyrics

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jroack Gerry Rafferty – Baker Street
jroack Russian Red Army Choir – Kalinka (w/ the Leningrad Cowboys)


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jroack Boney M – Rivers Of Babylon
jroack Summer Wine – Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood
jroack Ed Ames - When The Snow Is On The Roses

Ed Ames When The Snow Is On The Roses

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jroack Rednex – Hold Me For A While (Rednex is a Swedish pop/country group)
tartangirlali @clingwrap: "@ jommie, the 80's called they want there hair back!!!" (reblip)

Cindy Lauper-Girls just wanna have fun (Lyrics)

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jroack The First Lady of France, Carla Bruni – Quelqu'un m'a dit
jroack Slaughter on Tenth Avenue – The Ventures
harmony60 Love this! tyvm @ShiaoMei: "@ harmony60 ~~ Candlelight....Imogen Heap >> TY: @DesertLily!" (reblip)
jroack Neil Diamond-Pretty Amazing Grace

Neil Diamond-Pretty amazing grace w/ lyrics (HQ)

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jroack East of Eden(1955) – Theme Music

"Maui Waltz", a classic hapahaole song from Bob Nelson

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jroack Don't Mess with my TOOT-TOOT by Buckwheat Zydeco

Don't Mess with my TOOT-TOOT.wmv

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jroack Sasha Lazard - Awakening (featuring Lili Hayden) (reblip)
jroack Angeli – Sasha Lazard

AngeliSasha Lazard

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jroack Angeli – Sasha Lazard .... for @Angeladtao

AngeliSasha Lazard

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jroack Carla Bruni – L'Amoureuse
jroack Carla Bruni - Chanson Triste

Carla Bruni Chanson Triste

| play
jroack You Belong To Me – Dean Martin
jroack Patsy Cline – You Belong To Me
jroack 2002 – Summer of 300 Years (w/ magnificent slide show)
jroack Francis Goya – La Playa
jroack Quarterflash – Harden My Heart
jroack Bonnie Tyler – Total Eclipse of the Heart
jroack Hold Me For A While - a beautiful song from Sweden
jroack Eve of Destruction – Barry McGuire
jroack Anita O'Day – Sing, Sing, Sing (RSL Remix)
jroack Sing, Sing, Sing – Chris Tomlin
jroack Yuuyake Koyake

Japanese nursery rhyme 1 ~yuuyake koyake~

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sbitulazia le scogliere d moher

Loreena McKennit "Penelope's song"

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MikeattheMike "Been backstage with The Doors? Blue Jean Baby has. http://bit.ly/118X3b" (reblip)

The DoorsTouch Me

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jroack Fleetwood Mac – You Make Loving Fun
MikeattheMike @jroack: "Eve of Destruction – Barry McGuire" (reblip)
DareToEatAPeach Reminds me of The Postal Service. Like how fast the vocals are. #likethisrightaway Thanks @by_starla: "[Freelance Whales – Hannah] (reblip)
jroack Neil Diamond- Love On The Rocks

Neil Diamond- Love On The Rocks

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Spider_Dude been day dreamy this past rainy week. Hope i can hold on to something dear when its all said and done. (reblip)

These DaysNico

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pablojuan PARTY!!!! BEER!!!


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jroack Three Dog Night – Black and White
DareToEatAPeach Crap I can't believe it's after 2 already!
jroack Now I Need You / Working The Midnight Shift – Donna Summer


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CosmUnity Tord Gustavsen Ensemble.mov (reblip)

Tord Gustavsen Ensemble.mov

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jroack X Japan – Rose of Pain - Part 1 - Live 1991 (With Orchestra)
jroack And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda - the annihilation of ANZAC forces at Gallipoli
jroack Indian ska

Indian ska

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brexians George Dalaras- Georges Moustaki: En Méditerranée >>θαλασσα ειρηνης<<

George Dalaras- Georges Moustaki: En Méditerranée -Μεσόγειος

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jroack New Horizons ~ Moody Blues

New Horizons ~ Moody Blues

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jroack Don McLean – 1967 Nineteensixtyseven - A song against war
backasswards lets do the time waaaaaaaaaaaaaarp again! im so lame i have 3 copies of the movie..rofl@NikkiPixel: "Yessssssss TY Boom Boom! (reblip)