Cheap Trick- I Want You To Want Me lyrics

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Judas_Hannibal Pere Ubu. If you've never seen frontman David Thomas you missed insanity in a suit.

Pere Ubu, "Breath"

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koshka42 I would have this track's children. You know, if it were a person. And if I were remotely interested in having kids. #fb
enoramous You're driving me crazy, when are you coming home?


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koshka42 I miss King Apparatus. I wish they'd do a reunion here in Toronto - I need the workout...
koshka42 PLEEZ can haz on CD? Mi tape iz dying...

We Can Walk

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koshka42 Happy memories... Hey!

The GruesomesHey

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koshka42 Michael Jackson + Hank Williams Sr. = The Residents.
koshka42 Sparks on SNL, way back when...


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Stay19 We are all inside our own heads now<><>
koshka42 Sometimes they call me the great unwashed, but I don't mind.


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koshka42 Excellent Steve Hackett solo track - great live performance of The Steppes
koshka42 Music Explosion - remember them?

Music Explosion - Little Bit O' Soul Resample

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koshka42 Dalis Car - His Box - on the Old Grey Whistle Test. Kewl. Love Mick's bass, always have.

Sufjan Stevens-To Be Alone With You

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Dirty Vegas _ Days Go By _ DVDRip

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koshka42 The Ordinaires' amazing interpretation of Led Zeppelin's Kashmir. I had a month-long obsession with this in '89 (I think?)
Thaiangel lovely tune :)-->>@TidyCat: "dont ever ask me why, I never say goodbye to my love ... " (reblip)
koshka42 Busta Rhymes. Gimmie Some More. This man cracks me up. This video cracks me up. I'm just generally cracked.
koshka42 R-A-G-G-M-O-P-P! Check out their flying feet, even the guy on the piano...
koshka42 Are Torontonians the Money City Maniacs? Not sure. Excellent video anyway...
koshka42 Skinny was born in a bathtub...

Hello Skinny by The Residents

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koshka42 Who doesn't love this? Not possible. Shelleyan Orphan...
koshka42 Flight Of The Conchords has a new album out - I Told You I Was Freaky. Bought it on Saturday. Love it to bits. YOU MUST BUY...
koshka42 So Jersey Boys was pretty amazing. Just sayin'. #fb
koshka42 Memories of CityLimits...

Cottage Industry-Timothy Leary Says

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koshka42 I feel very familial about Levon Helm, not sure why. Like he's my uncle or something.
redskyy RB@mark_till: "That's a drop all my shit and reblip tune bro!!! @DirtyUrine: "awesome! ~ Foo Fighters – Band On The Run !!!"" (reblip)
koshka42 The original, for good measure. Band On The Run by Wings.
spacegirlern NYC blipsters - tonight at Otto's Shrunken Head - Copycat De Lux - a tribute to the cramps with lots of great bands!
TroyHolder "Windowlicker" by Aphex Twin (UK)1999
Pink_Viper You beat me to it! Love this!! @flinndc: "Just A Gigolo" (reblip)
koshka42 Quivers down my backbone, shakes in my thighbone, shivers in my kneebone - nope, it's not hamthrax...
lilwldchld Cab Calloway.... classic...

JUMPIN' JIVE, Cab Calloway & Nicholas Brothers (HQ)

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golden earring-twilight zone

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rasputina transylvanian concubine

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koshka42 Greg Laswell's cover of Kristen Hersh's most amazing song ever. They used it on Grey's Anatomy recently, not bad.
MissM773 @WhiteHotMess: "Thx!@ImJustBlue: I've always loved this song and this is a great cover." (reblip)
TMA7 c/o WIRED feature on who'll be the next Rock Band band?
reverendscoot From my Halloween Haunt supervisor days, from The Underground soundtrack, Rob Zombie's Dragula!

Rob ZombieDragula

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Gwen Stefani-Wind It up (Electro Bashment Remix)

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pjhanse @Flintstonegirl zelfde had ik ook vandaag in de trein met een hiphoppende 15 jarige, ben er naast gaan zitten en mijn HTC vol volume ...

"Ich habe genug" BWV 82_Quasthoff,Thomas_Audio

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koshka42 While Hammer Horror is probably a more typical choice, this song is just creepy. And I like this mashup video.
koshka42 Sorry folks, that one just didn't sound right, did it? Here's the real one...

SpecialsGhost Town

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koshka42 What Hallowe'en is complete without Warren Zevon?
koshka42 His Name Is Alive. They have quite a following amongst Mental Health patients, apparently. This one has the best video ever. #fb


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koshka42 Bloodletting - Concrete Blonde. Good time of year for it.
koshka42 Oooh, scary... Japan - Ghosts.


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koshka42 There's nothing like an exquisite dead guy by They Might Be Giants to get you in the mood for Hallowe'en.
koshka42 Okay, I avoided posting Ministry all day yesterday, but it's time...
koshka42 Kristin Hersh - Your Ghost. Beautiful. There are a few interesting covers out there too.
wire_mother They were really thinking of all the ham and cheese sandwiches in the next room.
koshka42 Can't believe I forgot about Scary Monsters...
koshka42 in the velvet darkness of the blackest night, burning bright, there's a guiding star...
adasa good morning! happy all hallow's eve!
westham999 Special #FF PPL @AlanCorrea @TexasFella68 @Muffineata @madiealford @ReadyAndAble @TMANN1 @ArtOfFaces @Bobproctor2 @Kpenrose @NRGJim @GuruOpinion (reblip)

April Come She Will--Simon & Garfunkel

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koshka42 And all at once I knew, I knew at once, I knew he needed meeeee...
koshka42 And again - this is the one from the actual soundtrack. Love it...
MONIKKA I'm fine @GidgetTheGizmo !! A holiday here today, so I'm home :) (reblip)

JapanAdolescent Sex

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stena [Sigh No More Ladies – Much Ado About Nothing] "Hey, nonny, nonny . . ."
koshka42 ...but I like this version of Sigh No More Ladies better, from the beginning of the movie...


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koshka42 prog day here. Danger Money by UK

Danger MoneyUK

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koshka42 Blind, blind, blind, blind, blind...
koshka42 At work. No access. Have to sneak in via Feeling Top Secret... #fb
deo 'let's get away from here, escape from this dull reality'
koshka42 Why have I never heard this at a wedding reception? Seems a perfect choice to me.
koshka42 Flunk. Blue Monday. Yes, I know it's Thursday.

Blue MondayFlunk

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koshka42 What do you do? I do the rock, myself... Tim Curry. Yes, he was sexy once.


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koshka42 Nostalgic prog. Jethro Tull - Living In The Past. Dig that one-foot-standing, flute-playing freak!
ElDrBoris Y todo de repente se vuelve monocromático... #borisradio
koshka42 Aw, Cy, you're so dramatic. Come back to Toronto! (The Fixx - In Suspense)

The FixxIn Suspense

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koshka42 Listening to Undercover Brother on - good work day!
musictomakehappyto Love this man ... Ben Harper "Burn one down"
str8jgirl Sweet!!! @RunswithCizers: "@str8jgirl and of course we have to slow it down, come on in close so I can feel your heart beating against my chest.." (reblip)

Johnny Rivers , Slow Dancing

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koshka42 Summertime, that's what this song is to me.
jeff Watching the RealTime Crunch Up - some pretty cool insights. Take some time out of your day to watch LIVE

Pink FloydTime

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koshka42 Flakey Jakey - off New Pants by Flim & The BBs. I bought this cassette on the strength of the cover art alone.

flim and the bb's

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koshka42 I'm not sleepy, and there is no place I'm going to.
koshka42 Had an obsession with this song when I was 10. Rockpile - Teacher Teacher. Bop away!
koshka42 Always makes me think of Hilarious House of Frightenstein.
Cruzito Joe Strummer - Love Kills...brilliant video, Sid Vicious (Oldman) busting out of a Mexican prison.
koshka42 I'm lookin' away, are you?
koshka42 It's always been an easy way out. (via @mammara) (reblip)

Tones On TailLions

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koshka42 Steve Hackett - The Steppes - man, look how young he was...
koshka42 I could be wrong, I could be right. (via @briangreene) (reblip)
koshka42 Reminds me of living in Vancouver. Cyberaktif - Nothing Stays...

CYBERAKTIF B1 Nothing Stays (Version)

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koshka42 A bit of Joe for our Thursday morning.
koshka42 Kinda like a cloud, I was up, way up in the sky. (via @MmePaulita) (reblip)
koshka42 Wake up, Maggie...

Rod Stewart - Maggie May Original

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koshka42 Sorry, ignore that one - weirdly edited for some reason! Go downtown with the FBI with this one instead...
koshka42 She said 'look, what's your game, baby?"

Free - All Right Now (1)

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koshka42 "Thinkin' one thought only - where is she, tell me where?"
koshka42 Derek & The Dominos - Layla. Always loved it.
koshka42 Never was too much a fan of Chad & Jeremy, but I'm being completist here. Formula 30, my edition.
koshka42 Another song that was overplayed but was fun anyway...
koshka42 I lost at love before...

You've made me so very happy by Blood, Sweat and Tears with lyrics

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koshka42 Is she here? 'Cos she's not there, that's for sure.
koshka42 We skipped the light fandango, turned cartwheels 'cross the floor...
koshka42 !...except you can beat it, as it was a sucky file. This one's better - the sunshine's coming through the window more softly *grin*

Sunshine Superman- Donovan

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koshka42 This man is so odd to watch, but I do like to listen to him. She said she'd always been a dancer...

022 Joe Cocker She came in through the bathroom window

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koshka42 Who's the lovely daddy with the beautiful eyes?
koshka42 You should listen to more Gresham Flyers. Just saying.
koshka42 There's definitely, definitely, definitely no logic to human behaviour...


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Gen22 rb.@shiverspt: ""Thx!!!:) The Antlers - Sylvia" check it out @ Gen22" (reblip)

the antlers : sylvia

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koshka42 That? Is one twisted video.
koshka42 Love this era of Genesis. Look how young everyone was!
koshka42 Love this song. Love this video. Favourite version.
koshka42 wow, haven't thought of them in years... (via @Toujours_Diva) (reblip)

Rosetta Stone Come Hell Or High Water

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LapsusCalami Poderosa canción y tal vez mi favorita de Nick Cave y su mala semilla.

Nick CaveInto My Arms

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koshka42 They're in flavour country...

Fetch My Cigarettes

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koshka42 There's a farm called Misery, but of that we'll have none...
koshka42 Nothing creepier than a foursome of eyeballs singing James Brown.
koshka42 I'm sure you all know me.

The Rutles Joe Public

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koshka42 Je suis enchanter. Ou est le bibliotheque?
Stay19 Timmy Thomas – Why Can't we live together (Luke Solomon's re-edimix)<><>
koshka42 What do you need to succeed? Apparently, it's Balls.
koshka42 and from the same night - the Bronx ain't fit for a kid to grow up in...
koshka42 I never thought he'd have a gun, but now it seems more than likely that he certainly had one!
koshka42 Sorry, that one had a weird skip in the middle - this is the full song...
koshka42 Here's an oldie! She's got the cutest little-girl voice...


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koshka42 Just when I think I'm winning...

Japan: Ghosts

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koshka42 Leon Redbone. Ah, my heart melts...

Leon Redbone: Harvest Moon

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koshka42 Nick the stripper, hideous to the eye...
koshka42 There was a boy, a very strange enchanted boy.

David Bowie performs Nature Boy

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koshka42 I think CityTV played this movie a few dozen times a year when I was growing up...
koshka42 Is she weird? Is she white? Is she promised to the night? (via @renegadegirl) (reblip)

PixiesIs She Weird

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koshka42 Pour yourself a cup of tea, and think about the bubbles.
koshka42 Saw these guys at the Trasheteria in Guelph in 1991 (?)

New Model ArmyPurity

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koshka42 Sisters of Mercy. Jolene. From, what was it, 1990ish?

The Sisters Of Mercy Jolene

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koshka42 Really wanted the Violent Femmes version, but can't get it on here for some reason...

T.Rex 'Children Of The Revolution'

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koshka42 What guides me through this moon life?

Dalis CarMoonlife

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koshka42 I was looking for Cinder Road, but this'll do in a pinch.
koshka42 Does everyone remember Don't Ask Me? So loved the theme. This is it.
koshka42 My favourite Midnight Oil song. You know, they really weren't a 'fluffy songs' band, were they?

Short Memory

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koshka42 As a shorty I was playing in the front yard of the crib...
koshka42 Sorry, ignore that one - these tontos are better.
koshka42 She likes it that I like it that she likes it like that.

Big Rude Jake: Queer for Cat

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koshka42 I'm totally loving Rayman Raving Rabbids...
koshka42 I didn't even know about this one. It's beautiful...

Dalis Car " Lifelong Moment " DOX 1-12

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koshka42 Have I mentioned I'm a recovering goth?
koshka42 Greatly prefer this older one to that touch myself song...
koshka42 It'll be alright... (via @TheSurlyTMM) (reblip)

David Bowie Up the Hill Backwards

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koshka42 And the churchbells softly chime...
koshka42 Wow, young Jerry Reed, love it...

Jerry Reed-Amos Moses (1973)

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koshka42 Was looking for Get Out Of The Grave Alan, found this one instead. Forgot all about it...
koshka42 Had this stuck in my head for a couple of days now, no idea why. Now you will too. You're welcome. #fb
BerniNL New Order – True Faith

New OrderTrue Faith

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koshka42 Oooh, I'd forgotten about this one. Haven't heard it in years...
koshka42 Gresham Flyers - rock on, friends.
koshka42 Happy St Patrick's day everyone! (via @Nielsvandemond) (reblip)

The PoguesFiesta

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koshka42 Are you gonna be the one that saves me? Maybe...
koshka42 Hrm. Seems like a Steve Hackett day today.

Steve HackettEveryday

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koshka42 Okay, last Steve Hackett. Clocks.

Steve HackettClocks

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koshka42 I could be wrong, I could be right.


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consu_l Como me gusto lo que has dicho @cayoyin! "subamos el volúmen y bajemos un cambio..." (reblip)
TheKings "aint listened to this in a wile xD EVERYBODY GET UP SINGING 1,2,3,4, FIVE'L MAKE YA GET DOWN NOWW!!!!" (reblip)
koshka42 You know when I'm down to just my socks, it's time for business - that's why they're called business socks.
KayceeDee Residence Deejays - Sexy Love (Thought I had a good mix for this....looking....)
koshka42 I got sunshine in a bag.
koshka42 Come with me to my church on the corner - the Hop

XTC Life Begins At The Hop

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koshka42 Ah, 1981. Loved this song.
koshka42 I'm the kid in the video, fallin' down and bumpin' my head...
koshka42 When the world and his wife are on my back again...
koshka42 The earth can be any shape you want...
koshka42 Mississippi moon, won't you keep on shining on me...
koshka42 Captain - Glorious. 3-1/2 years later and I still adore it.


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koshka42 Keep an open mind - I know you will
koshka42 You leave me dry, you leave me dry

CarmelMore More More

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koshka42 Pretty good cover of Hall & Oates' original - and also? Love that dress.

The Bird and the Bee-"I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)" @ Natural History Museum 2-06-09

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koshka42 Ah, memories. I turned my ankle so bad at one of their gigs. And kept skanking on it all night.
koshka42 Paul Simon on Sesame Street. Does it get any better?

Sesame Street: Paul Simon Sings Me & Julio

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koshka42 What guides me to this moonlife?

Dalis CarMoonlife

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koshka42 One of the more interesting collectives out of Toronto.
koshka42 I had a big crush on Mickey Dolenz when I was little.

The MonkeesGoin' Down

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koshka42 Okay, last Monkees tune, I promise.
koshka42 Such a great piece. And you all know what show used it as its theme...

The Eagles-Journey of the Sorcerer ( Long Version)

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koshka42 Disturbing. Also, apparently, mental health patients really like His Name Is Alive.


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koshka42 So whatcha, whatcha, whatcha want?
TheSplit This was my next song "Bad Habits" @ Lyrical_jo (reblip)

MaxwellBad Habits

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koshka42 If you wanna know about the gay politicians...
koshka42 Remember this album? It was a monster...
koshka42 Is it just me, or could Bruce McCullogh EASILY play Neil Osborne ?

54-40 Baby Ran

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koshka42 Instructions: NEVER listen to the Hootie version. ONLY listen to THIS version. EVER.

54-40 I Go Blind

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koshka42 What's the word? Grease is the word.
koshka42 More summer-summoning songs...

Gary NumanCars

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koshka42 Homosuperior in my interior, but from the skin out I'm...

"Homosapien" by Pete Shelly

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koshka42 When we met, I was sure out to lunch!
koshka42 Fabulous.

The Puppini Sisters, "Jilted" (dir. Alex de Campi)

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koshka42 Christopher Eccleston is amazing.

ProofI Am Kloot

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koshka42 I look to iPod and Wii commercials to tell me what music to listen to.
koshka42 Do it again...

The Bird And The Bee-Again And Again

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koshka42 Yep, Saga again - Don't Be Late.

Saga Don't Be Late Original 1980 Video

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koshka42 OMG, remember the CNE?

Idle Eyes"All Day"

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acanuckfan ☆═══ @Condor@dawnie22@kimme23 ═══☆

Electric Light Orchestra- Evil Woman

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koshka42 I always thought this was Pukka Orchestra...
koshka42 How could I forget about such a perfect song? Doot Doot by Freur, 1983.

Freur Doot Doot 1983 HQ Lyrics

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koshka42 Meanwhile, back in India...

Hawaiian Pups - Baby Judy

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koshka42 Okay, had to hear the original too.
koshka42 A bit of psychotic loveliness for a Thursday. Welcome new listeners, I passed 50!
koshka42 Toronto folks, it's Tavern night, come on out! Now, enjoy Orbital's take on the classic theme...

Orbital Glastonbury Doctor Who Theme

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koshka42 Pour yourself a cup of tea, and think about the bubbles.
koshka42 This is summer for me. I think it's gonna be a summery day, folks!

OutKastHey Ya!

| play
koshka42 Goofy fun from one of the greats


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koshka42 Damn. Since that last one didn't work - What do you need to succeed? BALLS.
koshka42 It was so freakin' windy over the weekend...
koshka42 Mickey's a madman. Dig the pants. Live performance. Can you do that? I can't.

The MonkeesGoin' Down

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koshka42 I do all I can for an ideal world. Well, okay, not really.
koshka42 "Don't send any vermouth, it makes my wife sick. She's outta town but I'm doing this in her memory."

Ajax Liquor Store -- Hudson and Landry

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koshka42 My favourite movie theme ever. And you didn't get it until the end credits.
koshka42 Love this song. Love it so much. I may have been born in Toronto but the Maritimes are in my blood.
koshka42 Feeling loungey today. Here's Deano.
koshka42 These were such good albums. More lounge for you...
koshka42 Didn't know this one before, liking it!

Les BaxterAtlantis

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koshka42 Groovy baby - Link had the best hair.
koshka42 hrm. Not sure about this one. But it's interesting in any case...
koshka42 One last lounge item for the morning, now that it's after Noon!
koshka42 What I feel, I can't say...
InnocentVoices metric on the eclipse soundtrack! not this song =) Metric – Twilight Galaxy
koshka42 We are old, we are young...
koshka42 When you were young, and your heart was an open book, you used to say 'live and let live'
koshka42 Tomorrow, Wendy. The original version. Jeanette Napolitano still sings on it, but it's all Andy's.
koshka42 I really wanted that thing.

Mirah-The Garden

| play
koshka42 Bonjour aux amis de malheur nous sommes fous
koshka42 Harry Nilsson was happiness wrapped in a housecoat.

Harry Nilsson--The Moonbeam Song [ Demo Version ]

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koshka42 I sang this for Rock Band once. I forgot how low you have to sing. And I did it with the accent. And no one else had ever heard of it. Fun night!

SqueezeCool For Cats

| play
koshka42 This song doesn't work if you include an area code.
koshka42 The best Father's Day song ever written.
koshka42 Anyone can, anyone can, nobody does, nobody does, somebody should...
koshka42 And for contrast, the original version.

Led Zeppelinkashmir

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koshka42 Feeling summery. This one makes me think of drive-ins.
koshka42 Is there a more summery song? Perhaps. I shall investigate. In the meantime...
koshka42 The song that played at the end of Vincent And The Doctor this weekend. Made me cry, the whole episode.


| play
koshka42 You're breaking my heart!
koshka42 Suckin' in laughin' gas, havin' a ball...
koshka42 Another class act, these boys.
koshka42 Squeeze and XTC must always play in succession.

XTCMayor of Simpleton

| play
koshka42 I love a good conspiracy theory, don't you?

GenesisKeep It Dark

| play
koshka42 For Diana, who doesn't know who they are.
koshka42 I'm friends with Pete, does that count?
koshka42 My old roomie had a lot of fun making Victoria High Quality read this out on my Mac.
koshka42 Victory - Pauper's will help a sister out! In celebration, I've made plans for JD...

BrufordPlans for J D

| play
koshka42 The most negative song they ever made. And one of my faves.
koshka42 Frightening woman. Cool cover.
koshka42 My theme song, for many years.
koshka42 Je suis enchante. Ou est le bibliotheque? Voila mon passport. Ah, Gerard Depardieu!
koshka42 I remember seagulls walking on the roof of the tent in the sunshine, all you could see were their triangular feet appearing and disappearing...
koshka42 I wish life could be sweet as magazines. Ah well.
koshka42 Was this not called Levolor when it first came out? Did Levolor sue them?
koshka42 Haven't heard this one in a while. Feeling like this today.
koshka42 It could just go on forever.

anne dudley jaz coleman endless festival

| play
koshka42 Oh, I didn't know this version, I like it!
koshka42 How do bats sleep? Hanging from the ceiling of course.
koshka42 You know, throw some strings into a song and I suddenly get weepy. Case in point: Peter Murphy's "God Sends"

God sends

| play
koshka42 It's been a Peter Murphy day today.

Big love of a tiny fool-Peter Murphy

| play
koshka42 Holy crap, I totally forgot about this song, and I NEVER KNEW who did it - I LOVE the internet *grin*
koshka42 Never had such a hard time finding a song. This single song is better than anything she did with ABBA.


| play
koshka42 My original Friday song, going back about 10 years.
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