jane_bot Perfect pajama dancing music. I'm jumpin on the bed too.
jane_bot If you won't shake, we can't be friends.
toddaldous this song has some amazing progressions. sheer genius
toddaldous one the greatest of our time, people. so much creative inspiration. Electric Six keepin it real with "Down at McDonnelzzz"

Electric Six "Down at McDonnelzzz"

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toddaldous my mentor, my inspiration and the one man who makes me never stop wanting to create. thx, mike.
jane_bot "I'm not in love. I just wanna be touched. I just want your kiss boy."
jane_bot Getting this shower started right.
DadsUpLate Van Morrison – Tupelo Honey.
DadsUpLate David Gray – Lately.

David GrayLately

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DadsUpLate Van Morrison – Georgia on My Mind. Perfect.
DadsUpLate The Black Crowes – She Talks to Angels.
toddaldous you are the griddle...i am the meat
toddaldous something to think about.
toddaldous moments we wish were just frozen in time. i had 31 years, that led me to here.

Todd AldousSpaceships

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toddaldous greatest grouping of musicians of all time. "remind me I am not alone. pain is an illusion."


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toddaldous damn, these dudes were great....11 yrs is a long time. im afraid the world misses u, refused.

RefusedNew Noise

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kristi_gail this fucking song blows my mind...so sick.

Wax TailorQue Sera

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kristi_gail dear God, sorry to disturb you...

TrickyDear God

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cpcdiniz rb...@LOR3N: "The female singer in this reminds me of Dolly Parton. Still a great song." (reblip)
CherryGhost GirlScouts is backfiring. Maybe I should let her quit now....

the Magnetic Fields- All my Little Words

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DareToEatAPeach I was just telling @GR8FL the exact same thing! @threebears@space_cadet: "I sometimes accidentally type -imeem in google searches." (reblip)
Shukitty anyone else ever have a song finish playing and blip randomly scrolls to page 12 or something, playing songs from there?
kristi_gail for someone having a hard time today: this song is what you needed to hear.
kristi_gail be patient...it's worth it! IMO, this is perfect! ...maybe one day.... : ) *i dare u NOT to smile!*

JK Wedding Entrance Dance

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CLARITY @everythingispop I was literally just typing this into the search engine when I saw it pop up. Adorable! (reblip)
jane_bot "In my mind these lips are all over you."

Joss StoneLady

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jane_bot "And I woke up beside the ocean and I realized I must be in California."
Atomik But $100 in comics is a horse of a different color! :P @GarlandGrey (reblip)
kristi_gail To look at her- She is good to me- And there's nothing she doesn't see- She knows where I'd like to be- But it doesn't matter.. I want you.
kristi_gail She takes just like a woman, She makes love just like a woman, And she aches just like a woman....But she breaks just like a little girl.
kristi_gail I can't take what's going on With my friends and family I can't take what's going on Baby, with you and me
kristi_gail He ain't got laid ina month of Sundays-caught him once & was sniffin' my undies-He ain't 2 sharp but gets things done Drinks his beer like it's oxygen
kristi_gail I've looked at love from both sides now. From give and take, and still somehow- It's love's illusions I recall-- I really don't know love at all.
kristi_gail this song is pretty much how you would picture all the women in my family...so sweet n' southern. i'll fly away...
kristi_gail With your hand on my shoulders, a meaningless movement... a moviescript ending.
kristi_gail this is seriously one of my favs of ALL time... just bc: I'm so scared in case I fall off my chair, And I'm wondering how I'll get down the stairs...
kristi_gail Girl,u look fine,like a windface Rolex, u just shine-I like that waistline-Let me hit that fm behind, My styles genuine, girl I love you long time
kristi_gail ok, here's my alternative personality...i'm black on the inside. AND jamaican.

Sister NancyBam Bam

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kristi_gail my fav reggae song of ALL TIME..try moving it like a snake and NOT mesmorizing dem boys *gotta drop it on the low bass line & pop it ; )
kristi_gail and rub your booty on him to this ; )
kristi_gail lorda mercy! bomba-clot! hahaha! .....i am so white.

Buju BantonChampion

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kristi_gail the ORIGINAL " If i was I was a rich girl"

original rich girl (reggae) lyrics

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kristi_gail i know EVERY WORD OF THIS SONG BY HEART...oh, yeah, be impressed.

Easy E-give me that nut

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kristi_gail my fav song to dance to in the bar ; )
fxp123 laughing at you Kristy @KristyRNinAZ: "Snow Patrol – Shut Your Eyes ( @fxp123 - Goodnight! )" thanks so much I'm going to bed thanks (reblip)
kristi_gail its the 10 crack commandments : Number four: know you heard this before -- Never get high, on your own supply

10 crack commandments biggie smalls

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kristi_gail this is my fav lil wayne song...never fails to get me shakin my booty on the dance floor. lil wayne is like foreplay for me.

Lil WayneA Milli

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kristi_gail reminds me of my fav movie: Shag (filmed in Myrtle Beach)
kristi_gail Ally oop,op..oop...oop..op.op.op.
kristi_gail oh, will someone PLEASE come dance with me????
kristi_gail Cupid, draw back your bow and let your arrow go...straight to my lover's heart for me...
kristi_gail Cuz it's her you'll always love and it's her I'll always envy. I want to end this now so dreams of you won't keep me up. (reblip)

Gregory and the Hawk / A Wish

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kristi_gail i love me some old country...not new country...old country.
matwater213 Love Vigilantes... New Order Cover...

Iron & Wine , Love Vigilantes

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medianaranja @musiucachimbo those dudes have come a long way. i particularly like this song.

Blink 182-I miss you

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medianaranja @musiucachimbo one last one. thanks, same here. :) no, thank you! good night and sleep well.
kristi_gail this was the song that was playin when i last saw your face. (reblip)
kristi_gail Send me dead flowers every morning.Send me dead flowers by the USmail.Say it with dead flowers at my wedding.I won't forget to put roses on your grave
kristi_gail Waist deep in thought-because when I think of you, I don't feel so alone..::::::::::::::::::..As many times as I blink, I'll think of you... tonight.
kristi_gail If my heart was a compass, you'd be North. Risk it all cause I'll catch you if you fall. (Wherever you go) If my heart was a house, you'd be home.

if my heart was a house-owl city music video w/ lyrics

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kristi_gail She's got a smile that heals me. I don't know what it is - But I have to laugh when she reveals me.
kristi_gail Waiting on an angel. One to carry me home.
kristi_gail So give me your forever. Please, your forever. Not a day less will do. From you.

Forever by Ben Harper

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kristi_gail But true love is priceless. For true love you pay a price. But there's nothing can keep me from loving you. Not fire, no, not ice.

Not Fire, Not Ice

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kristi_gail Porque me estoy enamorando de ti, jamas por nadie habia sentido algo asi, y esto me asusta, me hace sufrir. Porque me estoy volviendo loco por ti.

Jerry Rivera -Me Estoy Enamorando

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kristi_gail sintiendo lo que nunca senti / feeling what i've never felt before.


| play
kristi_gail Don't second guess your feelings you were right from the start & i notice she's your lover, but she's nowhere near your heart.

Jaymay Gray Or Blue

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kristi_gail Oh what I wouldn't do If I had you, babe, if I had you.
kristi_gail "If your wandering ever leads you to a place where you dont know which road to choose: Leave your worries behind - Take the road that leads to mine."
kristi_gail Everyday I bite my tongue.If you only knew my mind was full of razors.Im not sure I can take it.Im nothing strong to hold to.Ill wait to only hate you

Brandi Carlile: My Song

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kristi_gail "And it gets harder and harder, to believe in magic-- When what came before you is so very tragic."
kristi_gail "I must confess there appears to be way more darkness than light. Tonight, It might look pretty bad. We might lose everything we thought that we had."
kristi_gail "Here I am, with my heart on the floor, and my love out the door you should be knocking on."

MeikoUnder My Bed

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kristi_gail "i've never been so deep inside a shadow. i've never been so insecure of what I know."
kristi_gail Cuz love songs and poems have all lead, they've led me to this.It's dangerous, to be sleepin alone.And it's way way way it's way to cold To be at home

Joshua JamesDangerous

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kristi_gail "Soothing rhythms stoked the fire in my belly. Music is the man that made a woman out of me. Music was the lamb that made a lion out of me."

Esthero-Swallow me

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kristi_gail I couldn't find a better man to let me go....
kristi_gail He loves w/ rhythm. And paints w/ flame. He comes in pieces w/ no name. I won't need answers, I'll just know-Cause I've read sonnets about his soul.

Sara BareillesMy Love

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kristi_gail And all I can say... Is you blow me away.
kristi_gail Just to put your mind at ease- You don't owe me anything. You paid me well in memories...
kristi_gail Don't know what to do anymore.I've lost the only love worth fighting for.I'll drown n my tear storming sea.That would show you, make you hurt like me.
kristi_gail Such pain as this. Shouldn't have to be experienced...I'm still reeling from the loss,...Still a little bit delirious.
Dancer12 LUV U>@nosetu: @ShannonGrissom: "Good Morning and I say "whoooooooooo do you surprise" :) @nosetu @c3p0" /// and our lovely @Dancer12 :) " (reblip)

Norah Jones-Sunrise (with Lyrics)

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kristi_gail RB @lollydaskal: "what do i have to do to make you love me. what have to do to make you care. what have to do to make you want me. " (reblip)
kristi_gail amazing. RB @lollydaskal: "you do not want its like to love somebody the way i love you. " (reblip)
ThrillKill I like this, so shudd it.

Sleigh Ride By Arthur Fiedler

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kristi_gail "Can’t say that i’ve been good all year, But I've been making resolutions to get you here-- And if it means being better than whatever, no sweat."

jason mraz -all i want for christmas is us (Feat. Tristan Prettyman)

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Coffeenuts a collector of fine antiques knows where 2 find the gud stuff @space_cadet: "@Coffeenuts you are digging through my dusty closets? How embarrassing ;) (reblip)
pbriggsiam Such a very listenable hook-laden group!
DamnTheMan Man, I'm gonna send you something special for Christmas. Which Jonas brother do you want to torture for eternity Satan? @TPJK: ""When the dog bites (reblip)

My Favourite Things from The Sound of Music

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fxp123 hi @lisa_michele: "Hi fellow Air Force!!! Aim High and TY for the props. :-)@fxp123: "Sam Cooke - Wonderful World"" (reblip)
cpcdiniz @bestblips: "Bob Dylan - It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)" (reblip)
asterion @BohlianSunshine: "Hugs>@kellyhunts: "TYVM @BohlianSunshine: 3timesHooray!@kellyhunts: I am calling angels 2 watch over my brother, Keifer & my ex hus (reblip)
solecist @anartmaker: "boy does this bring back memories...Hey Pretty! Enjoy some POE" (reblip)

Wax Tailor "Our Dance"

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DuncanDogg @kidkilowatt: Take care...Heading off here, too. See you soon. Night to both you, SurlyTMM and WakeApp....thanks (reblip)
77ozzie @indyh: "ty you can dance every dance with a guy that gives you the eye...but don't forget who's taking you home...so save the last dance for me"" (reblip)
its4am Good morning! :) "crack the shutters open wide..." 0/* via@rerkaizen with many thanks. (reblip)
kristi_gail I don't know you- But I want you- All the more for that- Words fall through me- And always fool me- And I can't react.
kristi_gail "You're so gangsta, I'm so thug, you're the only one I'm dreaming of."

TrainHey, Soul Sister

| play
kristi_gail "oh, you're very charming, Sir... now here's to you. i don't want to know your name or what you do."
kristi_gail this is such a hot song : )

MirahThe Garden

| play
kristi_gail "I can't keep staring at your mouth without wondering how it tastes. And I'm winning you with words because I have no other way."

Jaymay Gray Or Blue

| play
pixelmongress A little Muse/N.E.R.D. mash to get me moving..."Her off beat dance makes me fantasize...."

Amy Winehouse-Fuck Me Pumps

| play
kristi_gail "Because I never knew a home, until I found your hands."
kristi_gail "There's a picture of a Hollywood sign, reflecting off your skin.... I Don't want to live another day without you."
kristi_gail "I had a dream I stood beneath an orange sky with my brother standing by. And when I've lost all care for the things I own, that's when I miss you."

Alexi Murdoch Orange Sky

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Songbird_ guess another day has slipped away leaving you with Nick Drake songwriting genius "Northern Sky" per thank you for sharing :)@procphil
Coffeenuts @Nicolex2: "Norah Jones With Wax Poetic ~*~Angels~*~" (reblip)
backasswards @DirtyUrine: "RB!! @DeAnn: "The Jimi Hendrix Experience – Love Or Confusion"" (reblip)
Coffeenuts @lilwldchld: A Fine Frenzy – Almost Lover "I never want to see you unhappy.... " (reblip)
Coffeenuts Somebody Loved – The Weepies
Coffeenuts Rosie Thomas – Farewell
ShiaoMei @TidyCat...So glad to see you...was beginning to worry:( Have a great day and hasn't been the same without ya!!
kristi_gail yowsa.

Oooh Aaah ~Jakki

| play
DirtyUrine Johnny Cash – Folsom Prison Blues (live) !! ~ "Hello, I'm Johnny Cash!" ... I shot a man In Reno just to watch him die ...
kristi_gail "in all of my dreams i never thought i'd see a face that could launch a thousand ships."
jOrgeAlmeYda #musicmonday The Raconteurs -Carolina Drama ( From The Basement)

-The Raconteurs -Carolina Drama ( From The Basement)

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kristi_gail "And if you tell me yours I'll tell you mine And we will clean the cobwebs out of one another's minds."
kristi_gail Eager to please, "Trying to be what they need But I'm so very tired I've stopped trying to find Any peace in my mind"

A Fine FrenzyWhisper

| play
kristi_gail a old .... old ... fav. still as much a favorite as ever...
kristi_gail Ain't got laid ina month of Sundays.Caught him once & he was sniffin' my undies.Ain't 2 sharp but he gets things done.Drinks his beer like it's oxygen
amberchagrined someone spill. I wanna know what is in the video they show boys that teaches 'em to sweet talk the same.

She Talks to Angels (Acoustic...Rare)

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kristi_gail "I don't care what nobody says, no I'm going to be her lover-- Always mad and usually drunk But I love her like no other."
soniktruth Elliott Smith's "Everything Means Nothing To Me"

Elliott Smith's "Everything Means Nothing To Me"

| play
alteresse Junior Jack ft. Robert Smith " Da hype

Junior Jack ft. Robert Smith- Da Hype

| play
StreamingMimi Herb Alpert – This Guy's In Love With You
dickadcock G' Mornin'. Albin de la Simone et Yaël Naïm – What a wonderful world
Coffeenuts Iron & Wine – The Trapeze Swinger
kristi_gail oooh! a new discovery! LOVE it!

Amy WinehouseCupid

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kristi_gail i need way more than 140 characters to describe how awesome this is!
kristi_gail "This is a song for anyone With a broken heart - This is a song for anyone Who can't get out of bed."

Noah And The Whale Blue Skies

| play
kristi_gail "I am getting closer To finding out just who I am Without you in the way."

Hank Williams I´m so lonesome I could cry

| play
Coffeenuts Angus & Julia Stone – What You Wanted
detroitfan Into the Mystic - Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova (Studio Version)
kristi_gail i know EVERY word to this song...am i proud of it??...um, yes. college does wonders.

Eazy-E Gimme Dat Nut

| play
kristi_gail one of my favs right now. check it....warning: it's a little morbid.
kristi_gail seriously the sexiest band of ALL TIME.


| play
kristi_gail Feeling real tan/I could take you places/Do you need a new man?/Wipe the pollen from the faces Make revision to a dream while you wait in the van


| play
kristi_gail "how are things on the west coast??"
kristi_gail "so let me thank you for your time, and try not to waste anymore of mine."

The Beatles (not) Locomotion

| play
kristi_gail her voice is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! gives me goosebumps...
kristi_gail THIS, my friends, is my absolute best friend. I was filming her! She writes/sings/plays all of her own songs! (that's my laugh at the end, btw!) haha!

this is my very amazingly talented BF, Chelsea singing a song she wrote. love this song!

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kristi_gail my best friend @chelsroxguitar wrote this song for me!! :) ...well, me AND my tattoo....hahaha!!
kristi_gail He and I, it's somethin' beautiful- But so dysfunctional, it couldn't last- Loved him so but I let him go- Cause I knew he'd never love me back.

Griffin House "The Guy That Says Goodbye To You Is Out Of His Mind" [music video]

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kristi_gail i miss you too. more than 8 bars of a rhyme could describe.... (@FranklinEffect) ...miss your face : (

Todd AldousSpaceships

| play
dANGELofLOVE ♥♥~♥♥ I Could Offer You A Warm Embrace To [[Make You Feel My L♥ve]] ♥♥~♥♥ (((♥Bella♥))) (reblip)
kimme23 thanx sweetie~same to you =))@sandiegogil: "muuaaah thx 4 the gr8 songs@kimme23: ""....timeless classic..LOL""" (reblip)

Great White-Once Bitten Twice Shy

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solecist "tune my heart to sing thy praise" :::: oh that the fount were other than my own tears...
solecist from the flute riff opening to the mid-eastern drop beat - I"M IN LOVE
Coffeenuts ►GN◄ ~ Say Hello Wave Goodbye
Alvaroxx Grizzly Bear – Two Weeks...
mrrodd Hey @KWright you don't even need a number! :)) "steppin...Hey hun!:) @ mrrodd: "Step right up, you're the next contestant..."" (reblip)

Further from You, by William Fitzsimmons

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TonyLetts Hits of 1969 - The Archies - Sugar, sugar

Florence + the Machine Shake It Out lyrics

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