moldedbytheoldies's so quiet...too quiet. need to have some noise
shannatrenholm To the one I've yet to meet... May I tell you now that life without you is no life at all
JennEJenn 1st I gotta bang bang the boogie to the boogie say up jump the boogie to the bang bang boogie ....
Criggles From favorite album by my favorite artist. Was way before his time. The first bluegrass-hippie hybrid ever and created the genre of newgrass.
lalagator JJ Cale & Eric Clapton -- Heads in Georgia
GR8FL I feel like everything I suggest comes back with why you can't... let's work towards a solution, instead of complaining why you can't. So frustrating.
jfid Blip has a quicker version available, but the words are too good to lose.
Criggles "Red Devil" Best song about a roller coaster since the beatles Helter Skelter. Youtube to watch them in action. Very skilled.
Criggles Deep cut off of 'Guerro'. With the dust brothers.


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GR8FL rb @pinkpolkadots rb @ShiaoMei with thanks to both... one of my favorite GD songs, especially great that Phil sings it (in his unique way). (reblip)
lalagator I couldn't have said it better. Love this song so much.
Chise Emmylou Harris – Wrecking Ball
Chise Neil Young & Crazy Horse – Changing Highways

Al Green "How can you mend a broken heart"

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barry white,kiss and say goodbye

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Criggles Ryan Adams sits in with Cowboy Junkies and completely owns their song.
phletch_inthe_mornin I'll sign off with a Tristan Prettyman tune. . .
jblake @lalagator: "@jblake Is this what you heard in Decatur?"--yes it is! Gonna be a desert island album I can feel it. (reblip)

Stevie Nicks rare 1981 solo "Gold Dust woman" 8 min!!

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lalagator Great movie even better book! rb @Criggles: "Favorite from the 'Into the Wild' soundtrack." (reblip)
ToulouseLatrec at Berklee,Steve said this is scariest song written by Townes
Chise Robert Plant – If I were a Carpenter
Chise Stevie Nicks & Sheryl Crow – Gold Dust Woman - Live
lalagator rb @Chise: "The Jayhawks – I'd Run Away " You're blipin my language this morning!! Love it. (reblip)
lalagator rb @jblake: Oh love, I'm sorry. Wish you were here with us. Missing you. (reblip)

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Music Video

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lalagator rb @carlobraga Everybody's gotta love sometime. (reblip)

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Music Video

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SquirrelBait @MapleLeaves: "such a great track... i don't even mind the extended 4 minute intro (don't worry, this is the abridged version)" (reblip)
lalagator rb @Nicoline: Beautiful song! @jblake @Criggles I could make you happy, make your dreams come true. (reblip)
lalagator rb @rerkaizen: "river, show me how to float. going away, away towards the sea. river deep, can you lift up and carry me. - So romantic. Love it. (reblip)
lalagator Love it! rb vi@struggleville: "*Elvis Costello & Lucinda Williams - Wild Horses*" (reblip)
lalagator Great blip! rb vi@struggleville: "*Johnny Cash & Willie Nelson - I Still Miss Someone*" (reblip)
lalagator "I'm just an f'd up girl looking for some peace of mind."-Clementine c/o Beck @jblake @Criggles

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Music Video

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lalagator @shiner @tubilino @Chise --These feelings won't go away. They been knocking me sideways.
lalagator Wow. rb vi@TakeFive: "@ukgal,,,Jeff Beck - Stratus,,,Brilliant Track !! Viva La UK !!" (reblip)
struggleville *Paul Weller - Thinking Of You (blip.up)*

Modest Mouse-(Ocean Breathes Salty)

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lalagator Great song. BAD blip. - Spoon You Gotta Feel It

You Got To Feel It

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Coldplay-Green Eyes

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jblake these boys are better off in my head...
lalagator One of my fav blips vi@Criggles: "With Emmylou Harris. She has to have the record for duets." (reblip)
DangerousDannyM @lalagator ... maybe REK has the way to approach the day

Robert Earl Keen Whenever Kindness Fails

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FOGGIELOANER @vandaleyes thanks for this one, now back to work :( (reblip)
lalagator rb via@DangerousDannyM How I love this song. His voice. His guitar. (reblip)

Neil Young OLD MAN

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Death Cab For Cutie I Will Follow You Into The Dark lyrics

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jblake blue this morning..:"Wake up naked drinking coffee, Making plans to change the world While the world is changing us..."
TaxiBob In general this is a true statement.
lalagator @jblake It's going to be okay girl. Love you. Ryan will make you feel better. Always works for me.

"So Much Wine" -- The Handsome Family

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Chise susan tedeschi angel from montgomery RB .@Shaman777 (reblip)

susan tedeschi angel from montgomery

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BerryTown @jennyleepenny Haven't been able to see them live but I don't doubt it. They've got a great sound, and still make each song unique. Good stuff.
lalagator One of my favorite Petty tunes. rb vi@ligz: "Sleep tight. Sweet dreams, bliparoos." (reblip)
lalagator Ditto. @megg: "@s0ak god i love this tune. thx, dude!" (reblip)
Criggles Just heard this for the first time.
lalagator "I've got a heart of darkness" rb vi @loriiseclectic (reblip)

Sparklehorse "Heart Of Darkness"

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lalagator Wow. That was great! Thx. rb @RadioFreeIllinois: "JEff Twedy and Jay Bennettt gorgeous video with the late JB on piano" (reblip)

Jeff Tweedy & Jay Bennett of Wilco on the Austin Music Network 1999

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jblake @lalagator@z_rex:"I think you're pretty swell, can't you tell?"

Meg White-Ray LaMontagne

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Sicrowe Costello does a great cover of this...
Georges he who forgets will be destined to remember...
ladypn So tired of feeling blue, such a heavy weight on you...


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aliciadizzy "i need some fine wine and you, you need to be nicer" - the cardigans
Gypsylyn Good Morning!@b_s_lynn: "(Ut) Ryan Adams & The Cardinals-Fix It [ @Gypsylyn" (reblip)
lalagator Ditto. So is your playlist! Great blips. @djnog: "The Avetts are just crazy good." (reblip)
Criggles @lalagator This song (melody) is ancient. Best version ever. Listen with headphones and drift into lala land.
lalagator Only if you join me. rb @Criggles: "@lalagator This song (melody) is ancient. Best version ever. Listen with headphones and drift into lala land." (reblip)
zamfir Tyrone Wells - No Good Without You
DJIrishboy I'd drown my beliefs to have your babies...
Keltois just looking

stereophonics, just looking

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GR8FL riding crop @Atomik? Is this some boy thing? - stop, I am not sure I want to know!
lalagator rb @djnog: "Goodnight, moon. Goodnight, stars. Goodnight, old broke-down cars." I've run outta blips for ya,damn. Love the mood you're in tonight. (reblip)
lalagator rb @YourMusicAlly: ""True love ain't that hard to find, not that either one of us will ever know." what a killer line." Oh God,that's awesome. Agreed. (reblip)
lalagator rb @mammara: "oh, very nice." -- Très bon français Beck! (reblip)
lalagator rb @YourMusicAlly: "rb @lalagator: Good times are killing me."" -- thanks for the blips!! (reblip)
lalagator @megg - Won't you let me walk you home from school. Won't you let me meet you at the pool. Maybe Fri. I can get tix for the dance and I'll take you.


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megg shit...this is great! thx again! @midnightwalker: "@megg I'm addicted to this song!" (reblip)
AlyG so you were thinking what i was thinking and i was thinking what you were thinking
cdub goodnight good blippers - here's my elvis playing with my beatles - hope y'all keep blipping so hard the world changes!
lalagator Last dream before I woke; Eddie was there. Thank you Lord...
lalagator Just in the mood to hear BOH this morning. Words...lyrics...and voice sound so right.
djnog @megg: "Yeah, I haven't heard them playing with Bird. Cool! Impressive Ritter show last night, eh?! (reblip)

Wilco "Forget the Flowers" (with Andrew Bird)

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djnog @ChakraPennywhistle: "Wow! This is pretty." Yes, these guys have a few amazing songs. (reblip)
Chise Johnny Cash – No Expectations
ladypn Loving you is easy, playing by the rules but you said love tastes so much better when its cruel...
FerrMama I have had her singing this song in my head all freaking day !

Ingrid Michaelson covering Bon Iver ~Skinny Love

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Cold Hands (Warm Heart)

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Chise The Ting Tings – Shut Up And Let Me Go
megg @lalagator When I', not flirting/blipping I work on laptops, I work KU's writing center, and I take classes at KU for a masters...2b cont. (reblip)
lalagator @djnog: ""We're not the jet set, we're the old Chevro-let set, our steak and martini is draft beers and wienies." God I love your blips. :-) (reblip)
lalagator @djnog: "@megg@lalagator: A friend recently passed along a CD of this band to me.Heard much?"-No, but I likey! Hey, what u trying to say there Nog? (reblip)
megg @wetfootblues: "@sydmusic: "ok, i get it. grizzly bear=the future, the past and the SHIT." lol, amen!" I wish i could give mine... (reblip)
ladypn I lost a piece of me in you... I think I left it in your arms. I forget the reasons I got scared but remember that I cared quite a lot.
djnog Title of the day! (and a rollicking band..,why won't they come back to Larryville?!)
djnog @space_cadet: 69 Love Songs! And this is one of the best ones. (reblip)
djnog Another one for that love song mixtape you're all constructing! (and read Nick Hornby's thoughts on this one in Songbook!).
cdub rb'n my favorite blippers today like @rkmonkey: "feedback and screaming.." - mudhoney! nicely played rk, nicely played (reblip)

Mudhoney with Kurt Cobain

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kqrpnb @megg: "love-this-effin-song!! =]] @h2theeidi: "RB @evablue: "and then someone like sia will step up to take tori's place""" (reblip)
lalagator rb vi@erin426: "@lalagator- finally found it SMILE!"--LOL. Yeah. Needed this. Hard day already. But ready, willing and able to laugh ASAP! Thx. :-) (reblip)
lalagator @djnog: "@megg@lalagator: I'll leave you kids with a little Tengo till the afternoon! Be good!" CYA later Noggie Nog. (reblip)
lalagator rb@FerrMama: "@megg this one is for you !! you know you're my favorite :) " -- LOL. (reblip)
lalagator My guilty pleasure...Rob Thomas. I didn't think you'd ever get tired of me and leave.
djnog @lalagator: Heard these North Carolina kids yet?
lalagator rb@djnog: "@lalagator: Heard these North Carolina kids yet?"-What a great sound. I'm about to Google to see if they're headed this way. :o) thx NOG (reblip)
joiezabel you can hear the sufjan all over this imho
joiezabel i control what my heart thinks or is it just like gunpowder?
joiezabel sober, life is a prison; shitfaced, it is a blessing; sober, nobody wants you; shitfaced, they're all undressing
joiezabel there's some eerie banjo in this tune
djnog @lalagator: Haha...listen to this old classic in Greg Brown's gruff voice!
nastysurprise @lalagator I can't believe you weren't following me before... :(
HermanBlume Ok I've waited until my 1693rd blip to blip the greatest rock and roll song ever...well, at least the greatest rock and roll song of 1998.
lalagator I wanna be YOW lover...LOL.
lalagator rb@CreepingElm: "@toi_et_moi reblip " I like this alot! Great blip! (reblip)

Coconut Records "West Coast"

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lalagator Not the JD blip I was looking for, but this will do. SWEET.
lalagator I'm all over the place this morning. Time to get focused. See you blippers in a bit!
djnog @FireCrotch: " Maybe I should just move to Austin?"/ Yeah, this band ventured up to Larryville, KS a few years back. Good stuff. (reblip)
FireCrotch Love this Ryan Bingham song, just listen.
lalagator I totally forgot about you being in a college town @djnog. Duh...yeah, that is an added bonus as are all the pretty, young girls!

Jesus, Etc. by Wilco with Andrew Bird

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lalagator rb @djnog: "@lalagator: From back before the Punch Bros days...a Wilco cover!" --Wow. Great, great blip. Adding to playlist as we speak... (reblip)
lalagator I dig guys who dig music so much so that I'd rather know what they're listening to instead of what they're wearing. God bless blip...
lalagator @kqrpnb My FAVORITE Lucero...he's a bit softer in this one. And I love being someone's "sweet little thing". *wink*
djnog For that "get funky" mix that all you blippers are surely constructing!
lalagator Thanks @djnog: "@lalagator: Here's some cool stuff for you. I'm signing off for the evening!" --I'm right behind ya! Class tomorrow, right? (reblip)
HermanBlume Time comes and goes, all the while, I still think of you, some things last a long time
lalagator Inside your chest your heart is just hurt. Behind your eyes a need replaced a want...stop.
lalagator I really, really hope to catch these guys live SOON. I keep checking...hurry FF!
lalagator Ha. I would love one at least once and a while...
lalagator "I wanna know how it all works out..." Won't you tell me? Write me a letter, please.
lalagator Reblippin my blip cause I'm crazy about this Elton cover. :)~ (reblip)

My Morning Jacket -- Rocket Man

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lalagator Holy moly me-oh-my, you're the apple of my eye.
Chise Muse – Can't Take My Eyes Off You
lalagator rb@coldandblank: "I can’t find my joy anywhere all the magic vanished into the misty air and I can’t find my joy anywhere "-- Ditto. (reblip)
comawhite They say everything happens for a reason Not all of it is needed And why do I feel so defeated?
lalagator Come out from the world and into my arms like wind on the water with me.
sandyriverside What do you think @all this version or Feist's?
djnog @lalagator: Why don't I blip Jolie Holland more often? (that's a mistake!). Have fun. I'm headed out and about.
MDJMER I would be powerless under the spell of this song. Also, goodnight peeps!
lalagator rb@zamfir: Sometimes its hard to tell the truth from a lie. (reblip)
lalagator @djnog I would love to go see "9". Maybe soon...What about you? What's on tap for my Music Man this weekend?
CreepingElm JusticeSmithers I played this version when I started on blip! (reblip)
lalagator @djnog I forgot how badly a toothache hurts and how good Vicodin feels. Root canals SUCK. Missed you today. Hope the midwest is treatin you right!
lalagator rb @girlxxx Love this funky Feist ditty. Excellent playlist btw. Welcome to blip! (reblip)
lalagator rb@girlxxx: "'i just wanna be your insignificant other.'" --Another great blip! Thanks. (reblip)
lalagator @RadioFreeIllinois I'm here Radio. Been busy with life. How ya been?
lalagator @djnog These guys opened for the Avetts. I only heard a song or two but liked what I heard.
jccunningham this is great.... @MDJMER: "she breaks just like a little girl + charlotte Gainsbourg (love.)" (reblip)
lalagator @nastysurprise72 Sweetie...I rarely hold a grudge. Just messin with ya. :)
lalagator @erin426 I want to drink him. Every. Single. Ounce. Of. Him.
lalagator rb@anothercraze: "Wilco Wednesday // Snowscape lovesong from "Being There""--Missing you Jay! (reblip)
lalagator I so wanna make out with you right now.

BeckMake Out City

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m_hayhurst Neutral Milk Hotel – Two-Headed Boy Part 2 @HermanBlume: "Does songwriting get better than this?" ...short :) (reblip)
Shaman777 RB@mark_till: "de-groovious @DirtyUrine Feckin' A@mark_till: "Social D doing that Man in Black Thang.@buzbom Social Distortion Ring of Fire (reblip) (reblip)

Social Distortion-Ring of Fire

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djnog @lalagator: Maybe my favorite Oberst tune. (disturbing stuff, though!).
djnog @lalagator: In Larryville, we have a "Range Life" records (our own hipster record label!).
c_vanoverbeke Yay! This little video makes me a little weepie, too. @Goul: "Perfect love song!!!" (reblip)
lalagator It's true, I've become a skeptic. How many couples really love? Just wish I had a crystal ball to show me, if it's worth it all.

Jem -Falling for You

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lalagator @SevenTenths I bet it's QUIET where you are. Nice.

Jim James & M. Ward at St. David's Church

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lalagator Maybe if I lay real still it will go away...
OKnightmare Music of my 1/4 century : 1998. In Jr. High I cared about three things: electronic music, Kevin Smith and The Chicago Bulls

AirSexy Boy

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nastysurprise @NikolSpencer I know you like stuff like Molina & Johnson, too, but it's not a song that I would use to define your taste, at least not lately.
lalagator rb @jodielovescolor: "A definite finger-tapper, love Glen Hansard's voice..." Absolutely! Love him so much. (reblip)
lalagator rb @bakinrapscallion: "@lalagator gals and gators." -- YAY!!! Thanks so much!! I love it. :) (reblip)
JohnnyJohn @LaMission: "This is the only song I have been listening to recently. Stuck in me biscuit it be." (reblip)
lalagator Thanks for the heads up on these guys @MyHeartsBeat :)
CreepingElm @nastysurprise72: "@CreepingElm Scariest Listen w/ headphones in dark,especially if u r alone."Sure, I will need to wait until dark u scary thing u (reblip)
lalagator rb @emdeejay: "if i could you know i would just hold your hand, then you'd understand" / I love this. Thanks! (reblip)

Michelle Branch = Til i get over you

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nastysurprise @midas22: "What can I say, I'm a sucker for symphonic rock..." That makes two of us. (reblip)
lalagator rb @megg: "oh my"/ "Oh my" is right. Sweet blip Megg. (reblip)

She & Him ~ I Put a Spell On You

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lalagator I'll belong to you, it's how it's meant to be.
lalagator rb @YourMusicAlly: "i sleep by the window sill "sounding out and dream for real of simple times of hands in tangle, fingers engaged" " (reblip)

Ryan Adams & The Cardinals "Memory Lane"

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lalagator rb @YourMusicAlly: "utter simplicity, utter sadness, and complete beauty. genius." / He rips out my heart only to put it back together again. Love RA. (reblip)
lalagator @djnog Winter?LOL.Yeah.No. We don't get "winter" until after Christmas really. It gets cold but we're not lucky enough for snow. What's up in L'ville? (reblip)
lalagator Morning @djnog Hope you had a great holiday and ate LOTS of turkey. Mine was busy, as usual. Cooked a flawless bird! Office blips work for me. :)
lalagator @nastysurprise72 Long time no see. You in Omaha yet?

Merc Sessions: The Mumlers perform "Hush"

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lalagator @djnog Kinda gettin into these guys...what do ya think?

Dawes "Love is All I Am"

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JeffreyMarsh haven't blipped this one in a bit...
VeryEmerald love it :) @megg: "perhaps my favorite cover of all times" (reblip)
lalagator @djnog Ohhhh...yeah...I'll geek out right with you. SO excited about "LOST" tonight! Cheers.

BeckLost Cause

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lalagator I'm so tired of being here...

Evanecense-my immortal

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Flying_Roundhouse Ryan Adams - AMY (Heartbreaker) ~ Nice one ~ RB @lalagator: "And I love you, again..." (reblip)
lalagator @megg LOL. Crazy like non stop work and mommy duty. So, I'm guessing crazy like @kegg with no soap crazy. Yo mamma crazy @megg?

The Black Keys feat. Mos Def and Jim Jones "Ain't Nothing Like You (Hoochie Coo)" w/ lyrics

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Aluciel I claim today in the name of the Pixies. Pixies Day for all!
lalagator I'm soooo crazy about Glen. Thanks! RB@Hellofacey: "Never get tired of this even when I'm dog dead tired." (reblip)
lalagator Oh my...she's blippin FERGIE?
lalagator RB @Shaman777... Fantastic. Thx. (reblip)

The Black Keys- Never Gonna Give You Up

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lalagator Just gettin into these guys. Check 'em out!
lalagator RB@VeryEmerald: "@leffi333 inspired :) // Good day to you, sir! @nastysurprise- Among my favorite blippers. :) Great one! (reblip)
lalagator Hey boys! How's the heart land? RB@djnog: "@megg What have I missed in blipland? Is this the hipster band of the moment?" (reblip)
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