leaferi He is a driven, unflinching, calculating machine. (I think I like him.)

Covenant Rising Sun

| play
kameraguy classic.

Seven Red Seven Thinking Of You

| play
leaferi Awesome. I aspire to funniness but it often doesn't work out that way. rb@rafaelladm: "@leaferi HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHA! Holy shit... i'm dying...." (reblip)

Snap! ~ Rhythm Is A Dancer

| play
leaferi A decent corset is mad expensive.

CovenantRitual Noise

| play
leaferi @EddieEntropy Thanks the recommendation. Have a good one.
leaferi Wow. Was almost scared to watch but somehow this really works. rb@kameraguy: "Blank and Jones remix of A Forest with Robert Smith" (reblip)
saint242 more music that is new to me... thanks to @naimadance for v1rtual d3scent
dohie175 cool @leaferi: "rb@F3lixP: "Another one that brings smiles! "" (reblip)

Kylie Minogue: Come Into My World (Fischerspooner Mix) Video

| play
DerekFME This sounds rather Kraftwerk if you ask me. You didn't though, did you?
brokentv Top song, now with a video I'd not seen before...

Tiga // Shoes

| play
DerekFME This track is great when the big drums hit. Implode is my favourite FLA album and also the most mellow.
dbot *gasp* it's radio sensation Derek Williams everyone! @DerekFME: "@dbot if you're gonna blip me, you might as well do it properly.." (reblip)
Nesmee I will walk this ground forever and stand guard against your name. I will give all I can offer, I will shoulder all the blame.


| play
JasMc_ "Real love can't be bought It is wild and it can't be caught Real love can't be sold It's another color than gold"

Stalkers by Mind.In.A.Box

| play
thecurefan Apocalyptica – Helden ♛ thanks @sacrdandprofne! This songs combines a lot of heroes: Till Lindemann singing David Bowie played by Apocalyptica! COOL! (reblip)


| play
DerekFME I'm miserable because I got £300 out of a cash machine yesterday and didn't take it. Still let's have a Human League day. Going chronological. 1979.
leaferi Last one really, I am actually leaving this time. Adieu.

russian radiored flag

| play
die_Kalte @leaferi It's a great group, and an even better song >_^ Make more good mistakes like this!
terrene in my memories, this exactly how cool the 80s sounded
bumble_b greetings @leaferi - this should be the long version:
leaferi Score.

The Human League - Do or Die (Hypnotica's Magnetic Storm Mix)

| play
filterraum Omd - Genetic Engineering
Isolation_FTMLCW Perferct darkness!!!

Lycia-A Presence In The Woods

| play
leaferi Another archetypal number. Love, love, love this song.

Android Lust Refuse

| play
NekoKaiju Another almost forgotten

Abecedarians / Soil

| play
kameraguy these server upgrades are finally done....i just might be able to get some sleep before the sun rises...

Rupesh CartelImperial

| play
NekoKaiju Option 30 /Early cover of After the Fire's hit cover of Falco's hit. I wonder what ever happened to Option 30 and their lead singer Trent.
Fangbaby @Evelyn: "Let my body do the moving, my hands the soothing. Your lips close to my lips. " (reblip)

Depeche Mode World in my Eyes Area 51 Remix

| play
leaferi Definitely last blip here for a while. (and yeah, I know it is a tad over the top)
Harkaway @Barnstormers At some point in the day I will almost certainly listen to this...

The Flower Duet (Lakmé)

| play
RotHorseKid Generation C=64. And proud! (Martin Galway - Wizball)
xyzzytwit haha!

Xyzzy Dances in Undercity!

| play
seizuresalad The Faint – Battlehymn for Children (Tensnake Remix) // thanks for listening @j_p @Morrell @krisp
Hanja I need to wake up...

TV on the Radio -- Staring at the Sun (Hollertronix remix)

| play
AlmaDestin @leaferi@ladypm:Music from Hamburg

Happy Happy Remmidemmi

| play
shouxing Interesting video for that last track of yours @Murfy !
leaferi hehe. rb@TheSurlyTMM: "lol! it's not like i'm begging @SSSIXXX. I save that for my long term girlfriends." (reblip)


| play

Rupesh Cartel "Oh No Oh No!"

| play
Vivnsect Best cover/mash-up of this song ever. Ever.
leaferi They've played this every show I've been to. Love it. Go-to song 4 certain moods. But it was weird that this time most of the audience didn't know it.
Surreality hi @by_starla @Epicrates @newnewave Some under-rated shoegazey stuff for you
vgan @leaferi this is a pretty nice version too.
DerekFME Again. Totally love Berserker. I'm so tempted to dress up like Numan here..

Gary Numan My Dying Machine Promo Video 1984

| play
DerekFME Like Empty this is one of the B-sides from the Berserker period. Possibly even better than the album tracks. That synth! It makes me go all funny!

Gary NumanHere Am I

| play
DerekFME Okay this is the last of the Berserker b-sides I'm playing as the last one is actually a bit rubbish and boring. Sorry.

Gary NumanRumour

| play
leaferi Love this video.


| play
DerekFME If there's one thing Numan has always been able to do supremely well, it's the synth ballad. Delightful beautiful stuff from Berserker again.
DerekFME The album of this same name is a terribly overlooked piece of brilliance. One of few to significantly feature the PPG wave. Numan looked great too.

Gary NumanBerserker

| play
lupicoli This song is @ my Laibach top 5 favorite songs

LaibachB Mashina

| play
GoateeGuy42 Yaz & The Plastic Population "The Only Way Is Up" Almighty

Yaz & The Plastic Population "The Only Way Is Up" Almighty

| play
vgan YMO at their Kraftwerkest


| play
DownLow @AnnieLicious: "@DownLow How could I not??" [i totally feel like a smurf at the moment - :D)))))] (reblip)

SmurfsTheme Tune

| play
glitterdream I freakin' love this cover!!!

CylabHeart-Shaped Box

| play
rafagushi take the red carnation...
Isolation_FTMLCW @leaferi - I like the same music stuff basically (H)
die_Kalte @DerekFME: "This one must surely be up @die_Kalte 's alley and @leaferi."...I concur...I_I... (reblip)

Aural VampireBasara

| play
vjdeedee he is watching everything we do...

Anne Clark Full Moon (authorised original version)

| play
Hypnotica Juan – Techno Music (1988). What a classic
leaferi And Peter Heppner, lead singer of Wolfsheim.
wilsoke Another hope feeds another dream,another truth installed by the machine.A secret wish, the marrying of lies today comes true what common sense denies.
leaferi For an "unreleased" song this has been easily found here and there for years. I don't get it. Oh well, cute little video here.

Underworld Beautiful Burnout

| play
BryanViper "I don't know what more to ask for..."

Royksopp-what else is there

| play
leaferi @Totengrber - 4 tonight?? (think this is one of my new favorite songs)
leaferi Didn't want to but I like. rb@davislove "..gonna eat me alive if I stumble. They're gonna eat me alive if they hear my heart beating like a hammer." (reblip)

Help I'm Alive by Metric

| play
AprioriKreuz VNV tonight? Lucky you...@leaferi: "Must go. So much to do before VNV tonight. " (reblip)
ElNito hoping mr Blip.up will soon recover !!! @BlipUp
THX3 @curatEar: yeah did all those even sneakd in Pete and Lenny's when i was younger (first club) (reblip)
catcat But there's no evidence for what I hold inside my heart...
fossa Heppner is a veritable airhead, but he has a nice voice.

WolfsheimKein Zurück

| play
fossa not the only reason, why I wanna go to Beirut
Will_the_bloke The Shamen – L S I Love Sex Intelligence ... dancin around stonehenge, ooh yeah! ... inspired by your Depeche Mode blip @leareri :)
leaferi Your taste in music is impeccable. rb@MWeezles: "Cubik - 808 State (remember when this was state of the art dance music???)" (reblip)

"Cubik" by 808 State

| play
SpiffGoodall Mmm ... Vitas. His voice gives me chills each time.


| play
SweetAmmonia Hexstatic – Perfect bird

HexstaticPerfect bird

| play
SoYeah This symphonic techno stuff is sick.
leaferi Nice, I remember this. From @Dark80s. (reblip)

1000 Ohm:A.g.n.e.s.(normal version)

| play
DerekFME You can't blip Toyah without this super-hit. Inspired my entire life really this track. Just in terms of being individual in life.
DerekFME Are lasers interfering? Awesome. Some of the settings for this vid are a bit dull. But the track is super excitind the vid is of the time.


| play
DerekFME Much more obscure now and very sci fi. I want more sci fi music. I want sci fi dreams and laser beams!


| play
DerekFME Borrowing from David Bowie a bit? Who cares I love this to bits. It's like the inside of my head. Toyah had trouble with this as she fraid o horses.

ToyahBrave New World

| play
leaferi Tis a good one. rb@Hypnotica: "B MOVIE – nowhere girl (maxi vesion 1982). Love this tune @THX3!" (reblip)
FLXDLX usually drink, usually dance, usually babble.. :D

Thom Yorke "Harrowdown Hill"

| play
xxSCHADENFREUDExx @bluejeans: "@krautmilk: " where is this band come from?". it's from Florida. :)" I likey. Usually bands from Florida suck. Trust me I know.. (reblip)

Mira-When You Sleep

| play
Maroba Madonna – The power of goodbye official video clip

Blue Night Shadow by Two of Us

| play
leaferi Gorgeous ballad (right word here?? oh well) from the greatest of all albums (sorry VNV & DM) released in the last couple of years. (Skyshaper)

covenantthe men

| play
DarkMuse "Come on Humans... let's DO the Twist!!! Take me by the little hand... and go like this..." ~X~X~X~

Klaus NomiThe Twist

| play
DerekFME @leaferi It was Denki Groove that you didn't know. Here they are again. I wanted to blip Shonen Young but didn't seem to be here. http://is.gd/1D9UX
leaferi love this one. rb@DerekFME: "It's great when Grace Jones hits the mark like this. rb @bluetyson" (reblip)
Ddraig I need sum sleepz. Ciao!

Dioramasynthesize me

| play
DerekFME I remember this being on Skinny Ties. Not completely my favourite. I so wish I could remember some of the other stuff.
DerekFME Another one from Skinny Ties. I wish I could remember all the tracks. It's been too long since I listened. Only certain ones stick in memory.
DerekFME This daughter of Bob Holness was the founder member of Toto Coelo along with her sister. She went solo, flopped in uk. I've done a remix for her.
Ddraig One of my all time favs by Pride and Fall!! Doesn't come up in search here.
Lady_Frostbite does not think that word means what you think it means.
fossa I guess I should not have gone here, a 3 hour set only based around Hugh Cornwell's voice sounds pretty boring, doesn't it?
leaferi Haha. Tis true. This is great, will have to send to Y. rb@dochugo: "ahhhh wilmington de, land of thousand banks, credit bursars... " (reblip)
Hypnotica Mind in a Box – What Used To Be (Long Storm)
Hypnotica Mind.In.A.Box – Light and Dark. Awesome
Ddraig What?? I jammed Reaper in here yet again?? Jeez...


| play
leaferi Love this one. So very, very pretty. Think I'll even dare label it "timeless"
SylentSyd ...ah, classic...

Dj Sasha-Xpander(extended version)

| play
thscrv RB @leaferi: "Nice, only ever heard this beginning well after the excellent intro. rb@28apple_chic" nice one! (reblip)


| play
fossa Don''t get irritated by the slow and boring beginning, this one is a grower. (reblip)


| play
fossa @leaferi: "Not the version I want, oh well. " Good, i.e. bad, choice of version and song, liked your older avatar better, but nobody's perfect. (reblip)
fossa Sendeschluß Radio Chill Bosphorus ends its program. Tune in one of these days.
fossa Moving up the ladder of Hamburger Schule, do get a way out from this crap.
fossa I am sure New Order aficionados also got this message.


| play
GroovyMonster Cujo (Amon Tobin) – Cat People

CujoCat People

| play
GroovyMonster Kerosene Club - Haunted Civilizations
MarquisDeOdde Can not get enough of the amazin synthesizers in this song!
TWBuddha @feast Burial. Belong. Excellent taste. Thanks for the props.
Ddraig @leaferi I see Heimataerde as "harsh elektro" generally however, Ash uses an old style of methodolgy to approach. Not EBM, not Synthpop, or darkwave

Heimatærde-O Grosse Lieb

| play
Ddraig @Totengrber, @MWeezles, & @leaferi Ash has a concept running. A Templar Knight that was turned Vampire and hunted by his brothers.
leaferi Really liking this one right now. (reblip)
MWeezles blipped this mix a few weeks back. Like it a lot and definitely worth a RB! Thx @Highena (reblip)
Faddic .

Anathema ~ Regret (Alternative 4)

| play

Covenant Figurehead

| play
leaferi This is the full deal. A fave even among faves. Listened while getting stuff together to get out the door. Laters alligators.

Tour De Force

| play
leaferi Shoot, I have to be careful. A lot of the Covenant tracks on here are not full songs. Blipped this one enough before (if same one) should be safe.


| play
leaferi Tis Covenant.

Brave New World

| play
leaferi Could go on a Covenant bender easily enough


| play
leaferi Don't mind me... just suffering minor heart attack (re "what is VNV"?)

VNV NationChrome

| play
Isolation_FTMLCW @leaferi - Great then, i think Leeb and Fulber are genius!, i adore all from them, this one also is another side project from FLA ;)

Conjure One- Endless Dream

| play
leaferi @bluetyson Kingdom has long been a favorite song of mine. Think this is an interesting Rolling Stones cover.
bluetyson @leaferi : RYMers rate 'Empires' highest, and Praise the Fallen with Futureperfect pretty much the same, next. (This song is good)

VNV NationKingdom

| play
bluetyson @leaferi : and along the same lines, and of similar vintage, one I hadn't heard for a long, long time (Player One – Space Invaders (1980))
bluetyson @leaferi : Doctorin' the Tardis – Doctor Who Music Video (Timelords)
CHaDmAn (David Byrne ROCKS! Check out those moves!!!) [Kraftwerk - cover] (reblip)
maniac1893 das fragt sich hamburg jeden sonntag...

Scooter-how much is the fish

| play
zombieFredrik hello @MsAineseY I'm up late / early depending on how you look at it. (reblip)

And One-Love you to the end

| play
Ddraig Oh well, one more. This one is carnival-like fun!!


| play
leaferi Taking it down a notch... (mainly because where else can you really go after Scooter?) Drink some water. (reblip)
leaferi Excellent. Not familiar (but all things from '79 rock) rb@bluetyson: "... and the evolution of computer game songs (Mi-Sex – Computer Games (1979))" (reblip)
leaferi At what age does senility generally begin to set in?

VNV NationAirships

| play
leaferi @Isolation_FTMLCW No idea. And I adore them both. Doh. Then again, I just couldn't remember the last little bit from the end of Forsaken either.

Front Line Assembly "Silent Ceremony"

| play
leaferi Perfect! rb@TheSurlyTMM: "ok, that last song was a bit too long. hi @leaferi... and thanks!" (reblip)
leaferi Ah, excellent. Thanks @Ddraig. Have to wake up here & make myself go to the gym soon. Sleeping in 40 hour segments every few days really messes me up
leaferi This was Brightman too wasn't it? (btw ---love this movie too)
leaferi Think I like this with the female vocals. (reblip)
leaferi Bacon strip? Ahh, think I got it. Really digging Miss Kittin (new to me). rb@cupcakke: "i once did a performance to this song for bacon strip. (reblip)
LikeAnAngel @leaferi i can't see filter w/o wanting...no, needing to hear this song.
DuncanDogg after all, i have to support efforts by ANYONE named Duncan....

David BowieTVC15

| play
leaferi I'm long out of props for you ('til midnight at least). These Cruxshadows videos are great. rb@paulikeloa: "CruxShadows - DragonFly"" (reblip)


| play
elocio Man or Astro-Man? – Theme from Eeviac
vjdeedee Wagner – Lohengrin Prelude - Wilhelm Furtwängler

They are coming to take me away-Neuroticfish

| play
saint242 Cry "Havoc," and let slip the dogs of war; That this foul deed shall smell above the earth With carrion men, groaning for burial.

Juno ReactorWar Dogs

| play
asterion sweet, i finally found this song!!! ive been listening to this @Work for days (not quite the same version, but)...

Miss kitten- Love is stronger than pride

| play
asterion ...

Miss Kitten @ BRAVO

| play
NekoKaiju And One....


| play
carsmile Definitely one of the albums of the year.
leaferi Whoo hoo! You're back =) rb@Ms_AineseY: "@skunk63 I haven't hear or see this before! I love it.. and I totally agree, excellent video! " (reblip)


| play
leaferi "ahem" (reblip)

Attention Earth People

| play
technosomething I leave you with this - "Over thinking, over analyzing separates the body from the mind." - GOOD NIGHT cool peeps! - see ya on the flip-side - latenit

The Fibonacci in Lateralus

| play
leaferi Like a lot of Razormaid remixes...
leaferi Thank you, very pleased to have this one. rb@Snuff_D_Rooster: "." (reblip)


| play
leaferi You're right --not going to worry about it. Like this song. Don't want my usual synth beats right now. rb@Faddic (reblip)
leaferi Some great moody vocals on here. I don't know that I've heard this one before.
bubblegumjo Enjoy via @leaferi: "This is pretty sweet. Never heard before. rb@vincentmonika: "nice sunday everybody..."" (reblip)


| play
amphore RB @ohlala: "Stories of China with wonderful slide shows in MV............Enjoy!" thank you for this NICE (reblip)

JAPANSons of Pioneers

| play
Cephy Qntal – Ad Mortem Festinamus (love the beat on this one)
dESAH This is first song did I ever hear from Laibach! @marijaanadj
Ddraig Here is some party stuff for everyone.

X-RXparty stuff

| play
DJEmpire1 This sounds better every time I hear it. Menacing is the word :)
DerekFME @leaferi @terrene still a fair few years old this one by now but not bad.
DerekFME @leaferi this is one of my personal favourites and one that Shikhee liked. D.Timiney on vocals+drummach. Me re: arrangeement and keyboards.

Jan Doyle BandGun

| play
DerekFME @leaferi did you get this one a week or so ago? More Duncan on vocals. I like his vocals. The music's all mine though here.
BlooDyJ Komor Kommando – Love Your Neighbour ... This should be played at high volume, preferably in a residential area ...
DJEmpire1 Pretty balanced offer so much to me musically. I really feel this one.

Pretty Balanced -Simon's sleeping

| play
doublethumb wonderful remix of "Teadrop" and "Persian Love Song". Liz Fraser and Lisa Gerrard duetting in this Massive Attack remix
klitoria ich bin der Musikant mit Taschenrechner in der Hand
leaferi Excellent. I need to raid your bliplist more often. =P rb@cupcakke: "thresome makes it a tricycle" (reblip)

Sexy Sexy Bicycle

| play
leaferi Liking this OK. Haven't heard before.

Mediengruppe Telekommander -Loft oder Liebe-

| play
Inge_FS @dochugo your (soon to be) welcome back song
octoberland for @leaferi -- thought you might like this.
leaferi Me too. 36 hour internal clock. rb@Ddraig: "@leaferi I tired to get sleep, but failed. Nap later I spoze" (reblip)


| play
BlooDyJ The Southern Death Cult - MOYA ... They Originally called themselves the Southern Death Cult ....
Si_za Roscoe by midlake ☺♥☺♥☺►

Roscoe by midlake

| play
Tolis_V I don't wanna b another page in your diary! #musicmonday Yazoo – Nobody's Diary

Yazoo'Nobody's Diary'

| play
leaferi No, I was just ignoring the racket. rb@skunk63: " Couldn't hear my SCREAM? I had blood in my throat" (reblip)


| play
peterprivat perfect for wednesday (when your Peugeot 304 is sunbathing): Mum's strange clip!

Múm "They Made Frogs Smoke Til They Exploded" Fatcat Records

| play
EddieEntropy I'm in paradise now and I plan to stay here.
leaferi Like this one. rb@cremeweiss (reblip)

Xinobi mix

| play
bendrix This is the sound of Bendrix borrowing @ZOEBOE's & @djilo's Delicious music & feedN all the blip heads seekN cream filled NYC night time yumminess (reblip)
bumble_b dankend erhalten @cremeweiss: "für @bumble_b mein lieblingstitel von Blancmange" (reblip)

Nouvelle VagueWaves

| play
stena [The Dot and the Line: A Romance in Lower Mathematics] posting this "classic" then out the door. good luck with monday, everyone! ^_^/

The Dot and the Line: A Romance in Lower Mathematics

| play
leaferi Holy ???? Don't know where my morning much less afternoon went. I've got to be going. Cheerio.
leaferi Sorry, last Moby blip cut out early. Don't want to delete though as one or two of the accompanying photographs are pretty stunning.

MobyHymn [01-1994]

| play
dbot There's something something of an education theme in BBR's best songs : pt1 The Facts Of Life
sandyriverside Thanks rb@teffymae / @axefield like PSFK? Coolhunting? Mokoloko? Lost at E minor? Send away please / Hey hey international blip friend @anebulosa (reblip)
4zap @all have to leave for today. blip my favorite spk video at least....
leaferi rb@glitterdream: "FINALLY this song is available!! Looooove it! <3" (reblip)

Joy Electric-You're Material + Lyrics

| play
DuncanDogg Which Do You Prefer? 24C?

The CurePurple Haze

| play
Atomik Here I am! Getting my blip life back to normal here...you'll see me this weekend a lot for sure @LexiePixie (reblip)

Erasure Always

| play
amphore dead.circuit - metrum -x-
leaferi Need to go work out. Cheerio. (And my apologies for the mispelling @Mysterymix)
leaferi Old favorite.

Praga Khan Luv U Still

| play
stena [Kings Of Convenience – I Don't Know What I Can Save You From (Röyksopp Remix)]
Lady_Frostbite stared at the dolphins surfing this morning, their playground covered in rain, 5-9 overhead, & thought about her childhood.


| play
leaferi Oooh, Egyptians are stunning & cunning lithe things. Was hoping to get kittens right away but would have to wait w/ Bengals. hmmm. rb@Ddraig: (reblip)


| play
leaferi Must sleep... Parents are approximately double as many year's old as I am & they nearly killed me cycling today.
leaferi Took a while to feel in sync w/ song's ethos but once there -amazing. @subplutonic: "i like this remix more than original...didn't think...possible." (reblip)

Caribou- Melody day (four tet remix)

| play
leaferi Like this one. rb@CHaDmAn: ""No one's gonna take me alive!"" (reblip)
DerekFME @leaferi did you know this is FLA as well? From this: http://is.gd/2KSx6
leaferi Excellent! Thanks @DerekFME. Need a pause button for Blip --don't want to miss stuff but want to just listen for a week or so to some of these. (reblip)

Pro TechThread-Dead

| play
RAW1963 thanks @leaferi this one helps me relax...

Brand New Colony-Postal Service

| play
speculoos due to a lack of competition on the Belgian market of internet providers, I'm on smallband now because I exceeded my download limit :-(
quicquid ... or electronics? i'm damn moody today...


| play
MuzanE I might very well have blipped this just for the video alone..which is some slick, lovely work :) but it's Audiopathik! With a new darkpsy nightmare.
WREXX A great classic from a darker EBM type electro-goth band. Thanx to Grace.fell

Click ClickThe Sack

| play
Ramon1974 Very old song ;) OMD - Forever live and die.
MuzanE Tactical Sekt were all over the place yesterday! Which is not a complaint :) Electro-industrial with an edge, reminiscent of Freak Xxi..
tabike Waking up (reblip)

Barbarella Theme Song

| play
leaferi rb@newwaveclassics: "The Stranglers - All Roads Lead to Rome" (reblip)

The Stranglers - All Roads Lead to Rome

| play

Depeche Mode To Have And To Hold (Remix)

| play
ninhurt remixes dont come much better than this.
philkirby Aw, such a lot of bonkers twaddle, but quite glorious.
Jazzhole Oh hell yeah! Rb thanks to @krisp: "I love angry synths!!!" (reblip)

DevoRed-Eye Express

| play
natalichka from @DownLow.......... this song is always brilliant! (reblip)
dbot Dirty Etienne

saint etienne - like a motorway (chekov warp vocal mix)

| play

Allt fyrir ástina Páll Óskar Paul Oscar

| play
Trollgod I want to take Diane to Kokomo.

Kokomo by The Muppets

| play
carsmile I say goodnight with a true Eurotrash masterpiece.

BWOKings Of Tomorrow

| play
4zap teen sex transfusion (80's) (reblip)

The Multicoloured Shades

| play
leaferi I adore Heppner's singing & voice but I'm not quite sure about this one. Think I need to give it a few more listens. rb@quicquid (reblip)

Alice 2 feat. Peter Heppner In My Life

| play
leaferi Always thought this was fairly chipper for A23. Odd to see it paired w/ photo montage from Hurricane Katrina.
Fondello Shaaman – More (The Sisters of Mercy cover)
axefield Ok lets get this set right

FontanNeon Snakes

| play
leaferi Awesome. I need to clear more room in my playlist. rb@die_Kalte: "@leaferi - here is one i enjoy tooo >_^ sharing sharing sharing U_U" (reblip)
quorum [791/5300] :: Why do we have two eyes? To watch 3-D movies with.
bumble_b auf wiederhören @Raha bis bald /// schöne grüße @QuicksandRangero

FeltRed Indians

| play
leaferi Agreed, great indeed. rb@thecurefan: "Joachim Witt / Heppner - Die Flut ★ 2 very different voices combined in a great song" (reblip)

Die Flut

| play
infpBlog Welcome to my retro weekend part 2. An oldie from my past.
DerekFME @brokentv we expect the future to be like a wave. And lo it is google wave with exciting non linear conversations!
atank rb vi@die_Kalte: "rb@leaferi: "Raiding Y's music collection. A lot of neat stuff I'd forgotten about or not heard in a long while."" (reblip)

The Dresden Dolls 'Girl Anachronism' music video

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psychopompous sometimes i forget how much i love autechre. and then i remember.


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leaferi Likewise. Need to make myself to listen to new stuff --though good blippers make it palatable, even exciting. rb@inavision: "Unreadable CommunicatioN" (reblip)
leaferi Nice, not familiar w/ this vers either. rb@inavision: "The Perfect Drug [overdrive and red lights] [myfav]" (reblip)
skunk63 last of 40 tracks suicide commando special

Suicide Commando-See You In Hell

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leaferi New and notable (to me at least) - Iszoloscope. Thnx. rb@MonstrM: "maschinenfest" (reblip)
KOS_T @Vilesy -- hey dear - was not on 4 awhile --- hope ur fine ... love 2 the uk
leaferi I like this version. (reblip)

fade to grey / visage / monumentum

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leaferi Very nice! (finally catching up listening to some of the blipped songs found in my reply box). rb@DerekFME: "Discovered this via Diva X Machina 2." (reblip)

MagentaOne Mind

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obz cool track only good one on the album
DerekFME @leaferi Vice Versa you say..? (yes I'm twisting your words). ABC before they became crap (and really successful).

Groove is in the heart music video

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GR8FL nice cover via @4Fl: "[ ♫ ] JAPAN - All Tomorrows Parties (The Velvet Underground cover) " (reblip)

Nitzer EBB and Die Krupps -The Machineries of Joy

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Bauhaus -Stigmata Martyr (Dance mix)

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thecurefan ASP – Sing Child ★ OK, get back a little more serious

ASPSing Child

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ThorbenThobias Also a good morning to you @cremeweiss @taniasonnenfeld

Nostalgia by MIRROR (starring Dave Gahan)

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BinaryAudio My NIN Remix: The Perfect Drug (Binary Audio Mix) Download it here: http://bit.ly/8RpO36 (reblip)


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BinaryAudio My NIN remix: The Great Destroyer (Dark Star Mix 09) (reblip)
infpBlog Still my favorite song by Melotron. I like all the remixes but the Maxiversion is the most danceable.


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BinaryAudio THX @simplemindsfan: "Morning, fellow blippers! Trying to wake up and rock the day!" (reblip)
Lady_Frostbite [Flashback] One of my all time favorites: #Manufacture full of industrial stompy 80's retro goodness. *gush*
SecretAngel "Razed In Black – Erotica"" (reblip)

Razed In BlackErotica

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bendrix It took me 16 months to do it but U R finally my 8000th Blip - I just uploaded a Fresh Blue Six Track just for U - happy holiday=> @BlessedBea
leaferi Really like this version. Probably my favorite from Blutengel.

Blutengel-Vampire Romance (Solitary Experiments Remix)

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leaferi Cool. @hypno5ive has a fabulous last.fm radio station going --hearing a lot of neat stuff that is all new me
kiddo84 wow another NIИ addict. happy2 meet you ;) @70_r01_xZ (reblip)

Nine Inch Nails -- Even Deeper Shades (Remix)

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OcasoProtal Do you think our desires still burn? I guess it was desires that tore us apart
TweakerRay Great Mix ! @BinaryAudio: "My remix: Celldweller - "Louder Than Words" (Binary Audio Mix). Download it here: http://bit.ly/5zPxMt thx" (reblip)
leaferi Sweet. This constitutes one of the better parts of Paul Oakenfold's Goa Mix Silver set but I had no idea what it was. rb@AutoCasual: "Grace – Orange" (reblip)
TweakerRay Just awesome... I love those synths... and the whole masterpiece - taken from the album "Intelligence and Sacrifice" - BUY !!! You won't regrett...

Alec EmpireThe Ride

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leaferi (rb)@atank Sweet! I liked that remix. Hydroxie is a new name to me --liking this. (reblip)

HydroxieA Fool

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BinaryAudio Great production...love this. Hybrid - Last man Standing (reblip)
leaferi @hawk_pl Lots of interesting looking goodies I want to hear on your bliplist. Have a good one! // rb@hawk_pl: "how about some psybient?" (reblip)
leaferi been all sad thinking about New Years 10 years ago for whatever reason ---definitely the year of Sasha & Digweed in music
brokentv Hey all. Dear gosh, the Buffet Libre cover versions section is good.(http://is.gd/5KC7j)