lofolulu So excited to see 'The Watson Twins' tonight!!!
lofolulu Listening to Peter Gabriel with Afro Celt Sound System....Sweet!!!
lofolulu "I see the difference and its getting better..." Classy Modern English remake.
lofolulu @melodyofyourlife Got it 2! LOL! This song is one of my top 10. With Laura Marling.
lofolulu Flying with Mystery Jets &(darling) Laura Marling "You wrote ur number on my hand, it came off in the rain..."
lofolulu @melodyofyourlife AWZUM!!! Such a genuine band. Even mingled w/ the crowd. Bishop Allen, perhaps?
christinamcc we'll fight for new musicals and dying cities
lofolulu One of my top 10 bands!! Indie pop. Great live!!
melodyofurlife Bishop Allen - Dimmer


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lofolulu Touching song! Grandpa taught me "Where I am and where I've been is THE show."
lofolulu @melodyofyourlife Way cool! Saw "Dimmer" song live 2 months ago. Olyoxenfree!! U from OK?
lofolulu Oklahoma- Home to Flaming Lips, Starlight Mints, Colourmusic...


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lofolulu Feeling like a polka...indie style!!! "Click your heels and dance dance!" = )
lofolulu and another Johnny Foreigner....like Los Campesinos. Indie pop
lofolulu Listening to Pictures & Sound's sweet love song.
lofolulu Great song- Incredible 19 year old singer/songwriter Indie pOp!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VYTmEdBWDRY

Laura MarlingGhosts

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lofolulu Anxiously awaiting for Peter Bjorn & John's new release....indie pOp!!!
lofolulu What a voice, what lyrics! Love **Okkervil River**!! InDiE pOp!
lofolulu @$#%& right, it's a beeeeeutiful day!!!
lofolulu Sadly, they only produced one album before breaking up. iNdIe *pOp*!
lofolulu ~SHAKE~SHAKE~SHAKE~ the frame of this house!!!....soothes you like a lick of ice cream!! :P

ThaoBag Of Hammers

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lofolulu @melodyofyourlife No I haven't but I WILL (Sherf)!!! Her Space Holiday= similar to Bishop Allen! Love my iNdIe pOp! U make bisuits and I'll make tea!
lofolulu *fun*fun*fun!! Ukelelle & handclaps!!! Laura Marling when she was with Noah and the Whale. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8YCSJpF4g4&NR=1
lofolulu Don't walk the same street every time.

The DodosWalking

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lofolulu "I'm laughing at you, you are shooting at me!" ~InDiE PoP~
lofolulu Well??? What else could it be? :P Band also known as Chk Chk Chk.

!!!Must Be The Moon

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lofolulu Fresh new talent from Portland OR. InDiE PoP! Git ya sum!

Wild LightRed House

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lofolulu Gorgeous mellow acoustic InDiE PoP! "I've been so damn sure that I've been here before...I'll give back what I borrowed and start today tomorrow..."
lofolulu Uni-Que song...King of the Bongo! *InDiE French Latin Lolk*
lofolulu Ahhhh....what a classic!! Let's run away, baby!!! (reblip)
lofolulu @melodyofyourlife LOL! Not surprised that you would have an appropriate tune.
lofolulu I think it is cute that most men nickname me sunshine. I like it!

Matt CostaSunshine

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lofolulu Like this gorgeous mellow song-Band of Horses."I can't look at U any other way." Great harmony! Don't know it is named after the basketball player.
lofolulu Precious song. =) Reminds me of my ♥♥♥daughter♥♥♥ when she gets older. Okkervil River- Savannah Smiles
lofolulu Great song! Mellow...a blue Wednesday.
lofolulu Apples in Stereo *Strawberryfire* Trippy song!


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lofolulu Scottish Indie tune....swwwweeeeeetttt! Ba ba ba da ba ba~~~~~
lofolulu @DJstromer19 Vintage Ethiopian Jazz!! (Since you liked the last one)

Fela KutiBonfo

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Stay19 Oko (range) – Rex Lawson and His Rivers Men<><> vi@lofolulu (reblip)
lofolulu MMmmm....I'm lovin sexy Ray LaMontagne's voice....You are the BEST thing!
lofolulu One more jazzy song before heading to the kitchen... *clap*clap*clap* Broken Social Scene presents Kevin Drew- Stars & Sons
lofolulu I am craving Cattlemen's coconut meringue pie!! (Please don't tell me about rats in the kitchen!!!)
ShyTrbleMaker Okay I like these guys. No, it's not a cover of the other song. And wow, it's naughty!
lofolulu Is this a school house rock song?? LOL!
lofolulu ~~HILARIOUS SONG!!~~ *Rockabilly* "The way you eat that oatmeal pie just makes me wanna die. Baby, you make me wanna walk like a camel!" =)
lofolulu Hey la-la, hey la-low! Hey Wednesday Blippers!!
lofolulu @maryegilmore Another new tune: Bishop Allen's Dimmer- Olly-Olly Oxen-Free!! Love it!!

Bishop AllenDimmer

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lofolulu *swoon* Pete Yorn. What a great song!! Take my hand...come with me...into this Crystal Village.
lofolulu I think about you everyday.....you hit my heart with a harpoon. = )
lofolulu Leave me whole...leave me...nothing I don't need at all!!!

Johnny FlynnThe Box

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lofolulu Today I am a ghost buster! Bring in the magic!!!
lofolulu Happy Friday the 13th, Blippers! Today is full of delicious potential! ;)
lofolulu Look into my crystal ball....and buy this CD!!!!!!!!
melodyofurlife Here is one for all you Blip'ers!
lofolulu Happy Sunday world! Let the Sun shine inside and out! =) Fun fun song!!! Harlem Shakes- Sunlight
lofolulu @SlipperyDistortion ~~~Another cute duet~~~ Ben Folds w/Regina Specktor
lofolulu Welcome to my Oklahoma neighbor @FunkmeisterL !!!! Have fun!!

The KinksDestroyer

| play
lofolulu "When you're falling, how can you tell which way is down?" Afro Celt Sound System ft. Peter Gabriel
lofolulu Sink to the bottom of the big blue sea- just you and me. Bod Schneider, Sandra Bullocks' X-BF, Austin, TX.
lofolulu Youth Group again... Compression,sustain,impression,remain. I am not a guilty sentence. No I, Feel like a winner....
lofolulu Thinking of my favourite book
lofolulu Lofo's song of the day: Bell X1- Rocky took a love. Love my indie pop!
lofolulu 60's lounge music: sexy Ann Margret w/Elvis. Baby, you're the boss!

Elvis Presley & Ann Margret -You`re The Boss

| play
lofolulu 60's lounge music: Now it is time for the sun to shine, doesn't it feel good! Margo Guryan- Sun

Margo GuryanSun

| play
lofolulu Retro baby, retro! Combustible Edison!
lofolulu Straight from a 1969 8-track! Masquerade *~)

ARMANDO TROVAIOLI-"Masquerade" (1969)

| play
lofolulu A great Ann Margret tune for @lesliespears. Someday Soon! Hey hey HO, hey hey!
lofolulu Are you sleeping? I'll slip into your dream.
lofolulu ::: A smile in a song ::: Lusine- Two Dots

LusineTwo Dots

| play
lofolulu Get me some cheer this A.M.!! Gomez---Coming to Oklahoma soon!! = )
lofolulu What are you saving for? What are we waiting for? Give me something to believe. The Bravery

The BraveryBelieve

| play
lofolulu Oh, I <3 this version of Tom's Diner!! *fun reggae*
lofolulu I traded my Barbie heads with my other other Barbies' bodies. Wish I could do that with men. LOL! Bachelorette- Her Rotating Head.
lofolulu Beautifully sweet song- reminds me of my little girl & heartache I will bear in future. Okkervil River
lofolulu Wake up Wednesday with Fanfarlo! : )
lofolulu Circa 1966, Love- A house is not a motel. I heart Love!
lofolulu There's a place I dream about where the ~sun~ never goes out. Ivy- The Edge of the Ocean

IvyEdge of the Ocean

| play
lofolulu First listen....Body Language- Huffy Ten Speed. Back up band to Passion Pit. I like!!... #musicshare #musicmonday
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