2shy2shoot hehe - ok, i will. until then: me [song titel]

LambchopIs A Woman

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takethesongsandrun I can't help but listen to Barzin, every day.
SoundSystemSDC I'm always in the mood to listen to Jorge Ben.

Jorge BenjorCriola

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SoundSystemSDC Inspired by da hipsters playing this at Soma, but all the other hipsters had their earbuds in and missed it.

05 t rex jeepster

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liltree a little iris for the political season. that seems pretty damned american to me.
SoundSystemSDC ...or as Marcellus Wallace might call it, 'Pretty F**** Far From OK Corral'
SoundSystemSDC I can't believe I haven't gotten around to Os Mutantes until now.

Os Mutantes2001

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arbusecret Thank God, it's happened. Obama/Biden.
SoundSystemSDC Kim Gordon singing about that Starpower
SoundSystemSDC A live version of 'vampire', cuz I like vampires (and Sebadoh)


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latestreleases_dot_net @CargoCulte thanks for intro to Scott Walker. Sounds a lot like Bill C/Smog
NyQuilDriver The saddest song... the pearly gates Had some eloquent graffiti Like 'We'll meet again' And 'Fuck the man' And 'Tell my mother not to worry'
yoyomama If you haven't seen the video, you should.
skeptict Nice atmospheric stuff, loungy lounge keyboards and fun percussion with surf guitar.

Tobin SproutMartini

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liltree grunge fiddler ashley macisaac joined by the vocal stylings of mary jane lamond. i want to go to cape breton.
yoyomama haha. but I wouldn't denounce the gay messiah
yoyomama I love when I find things I wasn't looking for and I've never heard. Sweet.
purplesime Not sure this is really classed as a cover version but @jojofm your Blip made me think of it. Now, take a lungful and hold... :)
yoyomama okay, this is rated R. and awesome.


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yoyomama drink your corn liquor, let the cocaine be...
perrymilo you're the reason i'ma travelin on, but don't think twice, it's alright.
yoyomama I do wish Dylan would have had more accordion songs...that's maybe the only thing I'd change
perrymilo with haunted hearts through the heat and cold- we never much thought we could ever get old.
SoundSystemSDC This is the day of the expanding man...
novalis Rolling Stones Angie

Rolling Stones Angie

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novalis Don't Think Twice, It's All Ri - Bob Dylan
novalis Perfect Day - Lou Reed

Lou ReedPerfect Day

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novalis All Tomorrow's Parties - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
SoundSystemSDC Part 2 of 3, the Clash question

The ClashStay Free

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SylvioMicelli Num CD Micéllico gravado 7 anos atrás... 100% – Sonic Youth

Sonic Youth100%

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purplesime Along with South and Radiohead, Elbow top my list of great bands. And I'm a picky bugger sometimes!

ElbowPicky Bugger

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perrymilo in platform double suede, yeah there she was- like disco lemonade
loriiseclectic 'if you lie to me again, I'll take you closer to god' (reblip)
novalis Country Death Song - Violent Femmes
CargoCulte @by_starla There's just something about his voice. Sort of like a slow melting velvet.

M. WardLet's Dance

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yoyomama eye dee oh lay ee tee eye dee leeldle odle ay oo ee tee
skeptict oh so pleasing to the ear.

Yael NaimNew soul

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skeptict i want you to notice when i'm not here (hey!)
SoundSystemSDC they won't burn down by themselves. not that anybody's advocating arson, that would be wrong. (reblip)
CargoCulte @by_starla The new Giant Sand album is worth the attention. They're completely under appreciated.
yoyomama hey citrus, hey liquor, I love it when you touch each other.
yoyomama you only love cause I'm leaving.
yoyomama I wouldn't mind seducing Mr. Redbone.
loriiseclectic a different version than I'm familiar with, hmmmm.......... (reblip)
perrymilo my landlords say this IS 80s paris. il faut, en fait.
DearPrudns I lost everything I had.


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SoundSystemSDC I don't understand what they mean, and I could really give a f*$(*($$#

PavementRange Life

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SofiaFada conheci essa banda há pouco tempo e cada vez gosto mais... (reblip)
novalis Hard Sun - Eddie Vedder
novalis Pitseleh - Elliott Smith
Gaspar @duduFraga não podia ter definido melhor! Fechado então. Vamos acabar com a hegemonia eletrônica-indie da Box! hahahaha

Os Incríveis Vendedor de Bananas

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DJRodneyKing [Good people – Jack Johnson] Thanks for the prop @coffeebreath !! Nice blips ... Enjoy it !!
DJRodneyKing Representando a firma em grande estilo !!! Valeuuuuu cumpadi (reblip)


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liltree i love the breakdown at the end of the song. the duhks are awesome. still don't know how to pronounce their name.
kuromimi Let there be love! (愛あれ!)
kuromimi 月が綺麗な夜に空を見上げて聴いてほしい
DearPrudns in between molecules of oxygen and carbon dioxide, Weezer will save your life, for realz.
DJRodneyKing [I Can't Quit You Baby - Otis Rush] West Side Style Blues !!!
kuromimi シャンパンなんかじゃときめかない。お酒なんかじゃワクワクしない。なのにどうして君のことを考えるとこん
kuromimi "I'm A Fool to Want You" 壮絶なタイトルだなぁ・・・いかす!
DJRodneyKing "You better hope you're not alone...You better hope you're not alone..."

Jack JohnsonHope

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purplesime Otis takes up the O position in today's Blip medley.
Gaspar Agora que minha internet voltou ao normal, continuo a sessão de "músicas de bem com a vida".
liltree does it matter that what i remember might be just my own imagination painting scenes more pretty?
skeptict None o' my women have tears in their eyes You can ask 'em about me I swear
skeptict I'd rather see you dead, little BOY, than to be with another GIRL
skeptict "Heavy hung the canopy of blue Shade my eyes and I can see you" I love this song - "Many is the bond between the hopeful and the damned"
ZachsMind Tho it'd be hard to prove this woman was the first to combine folk music with electronica, I could argue she's the first to get it right.
jocax B. Box full of letters ~ Wilco.
indyish what a great voice! hello and thanks and rereblip @klitoria @derhatnerven (reblip)

Micky GreenOh!

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purplesime Time to get a little Nina on the Blip machine.
yoyomama best of beck...imo.


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NyQuilDriver I'll bet your friends all hate me now, I get the strangest looks from that bitchy crowd.
yoyomama well, eff it. I can't wait ti-ill 12:59.
yoyomama ok. that's it. really. I'm blippin' sleepy; checking out.
perrymilo nothing else will fit right, or seem so directly applied
Gaspar @dudufraga então vão ter duas deles! Separei Swinga Sambaby pra tocar entre "vendedor de bananas" d'Os Incríveis e e Mosquito do João Donato
7zZ Re: 口笛、超有名曲。エリック・アイドルだー!(今日はモンティ・パイソン・デー)
yoyomama using scissors is the one thing I do right-handed, in case you were wondering.
julimello Money can't buy back your youth when you're old, or a friend when you're lonely .. or a love that's grown cold
jocax nice guy this sondre lerche...
pipercarter man oh man goodie mob outkast what great memories
Heike Jetzt wird's ein wenig verwirrend... (reblip)
Gaspar "I may not know / How to treat or give you what you need / But I am a gentleman who says what he means now"
DearPrudns anyone who ever had a heart wouldn't turn around and break it.
yoyomama I'm starting a new religion based on the teachings of this JC.
yoyomama I don't need to take no trip to outer space.
kuromimi これはウクレレかな?綺麗な響き。
NyQuilDriver This song samples my last blip. Gotta love nerdcore. Who else would sample the Muppets?

Caetano Veloso - Jokerman

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julimello pois é @tommymolto ... e eu escutei muito Jeff Buckley esse fim de semana, pois baixei o cd ... bem bom :P (reblip)
mian well, it takes one to know one, kid, i think you've got it bad.

Bright EyesLua

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purplesime @mmemaledicta This is an amazing Siouxsie song IMHO. I'm also a huge fan, seen her loads. Still going strong!
Jerronimo If you've never heard of Jackson C Frank check out his amazing story http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jackson_c_frank
Gaspar Engraçado. Quando eu tava estressado e fudido de trabalho eu blipava mais que agora, que tá tudo lindo. O Blip é uma terapia mesmo...
LakeBass Get the F@#K off the couch!


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LakeBass @warhorus This may have been a better sleepy time Smiths choice my friend!
mian and i walked away from everything that's good.
mian you gotta fight! for your right! to paaaaaaaaaaarty! </3ºcolegial>

Jim Carroll Band - People Who Died

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purplesime A little bit of Okkervil River? Good request, let me oblige.
purplesime Email, that's the revolution I refer to. Without it (and IM) I'd be out tonight, enjoying myself. Ho hum. *thinks of the income*
7zZ Now listening to my fav "Loose" in my room, which however doesn't contain this song.
DJRodneyKing Essa é da cabeça gorda tb viu @Murfy !! Ja viajei mto nesse som ... hehe
SoundSystemSDC Baby Consuelo + acoustic guitar goodness
rolhem Skint and going for a ride to the ocean ,and obviously full of it.

OpalEmpty Box Blues

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yoyomama this has nothing to do w Thanksgiving; I just freakin' love this song.
yoyomama so, ignore Johnny's facetiousness in this tune and focus on the title...
BeamonMusic It's cold... it rains.... and it's dark... what a better place to be than my bed??? Well... off I am.... sweet dreams!
elfgirl @Anomaly 6 looks or 8? we got a full plate!
DJRodneyKing Cheguei atrasado mas to aqui !! Boa sorte @larajanuario !! Bom dia a Todos !!
purplesime I just want to hear this and don't want to get up and put my iPod on, find the song and play it. Wish there was more South on Blip.

SouthNine Lives

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LakeBass Lovage - Everyone has a summer


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DJRodneyKing Eu Quero Ver Gol !!! Domingão é Tricoloooooooooooor
purplesime On a day like this, what else to do but Blip?
purplesime @jojofm I had to give lots of props to you for this choice. Fan-bloody-tastic. (reblip)
polie You make me lose my buttons, oh yeah, you make me spit. I don't like my clothes anymore.


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purplesime Reaching a Blip plateau. Gonna get some work done for a while :)

Meat PuppetsPlateau

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mian ça doit arriver un jour me redit-on depuis toujours
DearPrudns we were goin somewhere.

Old 97'sOppenheimer

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polie Será que você já sacou meu gosto musical, @Diordan ? hehehehe (reblip)
7zZ この曲を誰かさんに捧げたいw
polie @Diordan E viva essas notas que embalam esses amores&desencantos femininos. hahahaha ;) Bom sábado pra você, também!
polie Sessão Música de Comercial de Perfume - Parte I [Kenzo Amour, by Kenzo]
NyQuilDriver But I couldn't help but notice how the little things that used to make us happy made us sad.
DJRodneyKing Essa também dr. !! Muito incrível ... @Diordan
elfgirl @gigia hey! will post as soon as i can :) @by_starla i hope you had fun in the city last nite! and @Anomaly i'm bored, let's go see the rosebuds!
HappyInBag "I'd really like to stay here all night."
Tsadi Going to the past...

NIGHT AND DAY Billie Holiday

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idreamedmusic one of the best live bands out there
Merlene The Frames "People Get Ready" - I love how this song builds up.
megmagdah This song really makes me so happy. I'll probably blip it a bunch.
perrymilo lo de ella es playa y arena - se excita cuando el sol la quema
Acidoriccio I fought in a war, and I didn't know where it would end...
Gaspar Mais uma, a pedido e em sintonia.
Gaspar Pra continuar nos vocais bonitos. Achar uma dona com essa voz é sonho de vida.
headphone @ricricardo, é suficiente sim, não precisa das antenas, hehehe.
purplesime @secretsquirrel That's one fine Willy Mason song you Blip'd there. Props. (reblip)

Willy MasonOxygen

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NyQuilDriver Reblipping myself in the hopes that I don't forget about this band again (rediscovered them last night) :P
polie I've never known a girl like you before.
DearPrudns @ashpat12 easy elliott to love.
purplesime Okay, time to end this armed forced theme with one last song. It's about snipers.
headphone do Awake is the New Sleep de 2003
headphone But if you want me to I could be with you now Come the light of dawn I’m movin’ on

Dead MeadowI'm Gone

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NyQuilDriver @daretoeatapeach That's all I have sadly. Could never find anything else. His backing band is called the Awkwardstra :) (reblip)

Bedroom Philosopher I'm So Postmodern

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headphone Mullet Man by Pipodélica. "Hey Mullet Man, Living in the 80's, Mullet Man. Wearing OP shirts, Mullet Man. Using rubbered wallets, Mullet Man."
headphone O achado do dia. Superguidis tocando Natal junto com o El Mató... muito do caralho.
headphone a música "nova" até que é boua...

PixiesBam Thwok

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Foucault Reblipping @QueenJaneApproximately Paupers and peasants and princes and kings (reblip)
moonshiner 2008 in 10 songs. part ten: astonishingly good old school rock band re-emerges from the dustbin of history.
Luckige Hotel's connection sucks, so this is only to say I'm alive

Nick CaveDisco 2000

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claudix cortado o cacete, guri! @luiz_com_z tá doido? sao americanos - e seria um John sem gripe mesmo :)


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purplesime Have a hug from It Hugs Back.
mian and it tastes so real i can taste it
headphone Trilha perfeita para essa chuvinha torrencial. Wandula, ótima banda de Curitiba que conheci há apenas alguns meses, com a canção Moedas de Açúca

WandulaMoedas de a

| play
Gaspar Primeiro espólio! Toquinho & Vinicius numa sonzera em homenagem a Emmet Till, negro americano assassinado por assobiar para uma mulher branca.
schizophonic MAS LENDO ATINGIIIIII O BOM SENSO... MAS LENDO ANTIGI... A IMUNIZAÇAAAAO.... RACIONAAAAAL (Porra, o cara tava doidão.) (Novidade...) (Mas é foda!)

Tim MaiaBom senso

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Figgywithit Trying to find "Sony Lou" to blip and do not see it. Track down that song!
santamistura Concret Jungle by Céu! @DJRodneyKing thanksssssssss (reblip)

CConcret Jungle

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santamistura yes @GAT the christmas come ;)) thanksssssss
headphone groovin'. essa música parece saída do fundo de um bar escuro em uma cena do seriado casal 20.
sisyphus Son, this ain't a dream no more, it's the real thing. (reblip)
Figgywithit Discovered this album after I had already voted for my top ten of the year at npr.org. And it's now my favorite this year...
colocoowl i like to keep my cards so close
colocoowl ....leaving without a fight
CargoCulte This song will never get old...
pipercarter she's so tough (reblip)

Sneaker Pimps Low Place Like Home

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schizophonic There's something dark and gloomy about some soft songs...


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briangreene [-_-] too much good french wine is bad for you. so intoxicate me with your music.
TheUnwelcomeGuest @briangreene, I actually saw Bic Runga @ Oxegen in, I think it was 2004... Sandwiched in between Devlins & Wilco... Not literally o'course... (reblip)

Bic RungaSway

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colocoowl four beats from the parting lungs and mind ...
colocoowl when the fancy meets the phrase
Figgywithit Bukowski's book Women is a must-read (reblip)
dymphie ~ I can live with all the stupid things you do. ~
Jerronimo Time for bed

12 - MICAH P. HINSON & T.G.O.P. - Caught In Between

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nerdybirdie it ain't no use in turnin on your light babe -HANDS DOWN FAVORITE DYLAN SONG!
colocoowl ich hätte gerne ein musikschulung;-) @buchmamsell

CapercaillieM Ionam

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TheUnwelcomeGuest Best single from an Irish artist in many a year...
DownLow Here is another one from Kerli, enjoy! @cramthisinyourear

KerliLove Is Dead

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colocoowl we have got to take cover

The OrganBrother

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ndbob Congratulations @RamblinMan on 200+ props!
santamistura (out control) i loveeeeeeeeeeee this blip @SevenTenths thanks (reblip)

02 - Fire Shots

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purplesime Thanks @Aluciel - this is a great, great band. Hope you feel more awake soon, too :) (reblip)
HappyInBag My New Year's resolution is a simple one- more accordion! (reblip)
SoundSystemSDC Happy New Year, all'o'y'all!

Nu Yorican Soul - I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun (4 Hero Remix)

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HappyInBag Have you heard Ledisi? What a voice!