midnightwalker The best cover song I've ever heard!

Kings Of Leon- Frontier City Music Video

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midnightwalker I'll be seeing PTM live tomorrow!
midnightwalker Norwegian Hour

Kate Havnevik-New day

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midnightwalker Not very traditional Icelandic music ;)
midnightwalker Seeing Viola live tonight!


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little boots TIME TO PRETEND (WE'RE HAVING FUN!) funtimes cover of MGMT

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midnightwalker Sia - Playground


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Alice In Chains Don't Follow

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midnightwalker Nancy Sinatra cover

Raconteurs Bang Bang

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midnightwalker Amazing song!

Paper Route- Second Chances with lyrics

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midnightwalker This Danish band seems to be getting better with every album!

Grand Avenue "Almost Gone" from the forthcoming album "Place To Fall"

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midnightwalker You Say France & I Whistle - When Lovers Die
midnightwalker The Good Natured - Curious Eyes

the good natured curious eyes

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Meiko - Reasons To Love You

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midnightwalker Acoustic version of Awake. Brilliant!


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midnightwalker Really nice folk! Listen to this!
midnightwalker My musical discovery of the day. Beautiful!
midnightwalker Very nice Swedish folk/country (Band of two members from The Cardigans)

Brothers Of EndWhy

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midnightwalker Eskobar feat. Heather Nova - Someone New

EskobarSomeone New

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midnightwalker Amanda Blank feat. Lykke Li - Leaving You Behind
midnightwalker New to me. The artist name looked so strange I thought it must be good and this is good! A bit like Portugal. The Man. TYVM@nastysurprise72 (reblip)
midnightwalker @nastysurprise72 Yet another new BRS song (album released March 1st) This is best so far imo

A.M. Pacific -"11:11"

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Kitty Wu "Arms raised".

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midnightwalker This band features members from The Decemberists and Blind Pilot so this can't be bad :)
midnightwalker Here's the original. That other clip sounded like a Kermit version

Alice In Chains- Don't Follow

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midnightwalker Francis is one of those bands that definitely doesn't leave you bored live
midnightwalker Nice folk(ish) song! New to me
midnightwalker #spotifyplaylist Really glad most of you don't know what the title means. But I can tell you shouldn't be using this phrase in Finland ;)

Don Huonot: Vedä käteen

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midnightwalker Mindblowing Ramones cover! Check this out!

The TinyPet Sematary

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midnightwalker Nice! Thanks!@snapbadger: "NOT from Oregon. Found by accident. British, but I likey like ;)" (reblip)
midnightwalker One of those artists I've blipped but I should listen more. Nice song!
midnightwalker @Stedwar I Couldn't have said it better myself :) Heartbreakingly beautiful!
midnightwalker @steveking Have you listened to their new stuff? The new album is going to be wicked!
midnightwalker So in love with FW! Thanks@kittyluvsmusic: "Do you ever play with kids in the basement Soot upon your face so you were a hot mess" (reblip)
midnightwalker Nice! I can very well picture them supportin Blood Red Shoes! Thanks!@steveking: "Good Example Here Quite Old Track But See WhAT i mean" (reblip)
midnightwalker Got too tempted to blip this ;) Goes to my "huge" gambling losses lost 7€ and won 3€ ;)
midnightwalker @snapbadger I haven't studied at all since November but I still have my study rights so I could start again anytime if I wanted
midnightwalker Unbelievably beautiful song from Bon Iver frontman
midnightwalker Really nice! Thank you!@katiecakes: "its different but you might like this @midnightwalker" (reblip)
midnightwalker She can sing well in addition to her acting. And she's got the looks ;)
midnightwalker @Dolittle @midnightwalker you might already know these but just incase" I've heard of them many times I guess but haven't given them a proper listen;) (reblip)
midnightwalker No wonder the vocals sounded like Mew :D This is a new sideproject of Jonas Bjerre from Mew. Also members from Coldplay and A-ha :)


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midnightwalker Nice! rb@joannagawell: "You surfaced face-first and we'd share thought bubbles" (reblip)
indieearcandyforeveryone check this one out @designcrush stole it off of @Indie_Tunes earlier. fav new song of the day i'd say. (reblip)
midnightwalker Touring with Matt Pond PA next month
midnightwalker Trying hard to find the motivation to write some nonsense in German
midnightwalker tyrb@derkrauss: "// The Horrors – Still Life // new stuff!!! " (reblip)
RafaelCortines [The Statler Brothers - Flowers On The Wall]
MrsStonebreaker Matty Pop Chart – The World Out There
midnightwalker tyrb@TheFireSwamp: "gotta run for a bit, but thanks for the love! you're all in my heart haha" (reblip)
outofpurelove Thanks rb@Falainix via@2Tall "i really enjoyed that Clockwork remix, one of the best tunes i have heard in awhile :)" Ghosts In Disguise – Odenwald (reblip)
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