musecrossing Everywhere you turn on a cruise ship, the professional photographer is taking your picture.
illuminato Hey single girls! And gay boys! Let's hope this is true :D
Natalie FINALLY! Love Boat theme song

TV Themes - Love Boat Theme

| play
MuddLavoie La toune que j'ai dans la tête en cette soirée d'élections. Pas certaine that I'll get what I need :-)
chrisgriffith It was either this house song or one by Loretta Lynn...
EdOvett Don't bother tryin' to find her.....>>>>
tindle @musecrossing am I getting somewhere near your theme? I wrote this as a little leg pull for someone, by the way..
sandraew @musecrossing I'm here for the party too.

Gretchen Wilson- Here for the Party

| play
AlicialAmericaine Any man who sings this song well makes me melt...
sandraew Still be right here waiting...
gloreebe guess i'm in a red hot & blue mood today..
musecrossing Playing my 'Teensville" ablum caused real scratches in the vinyl. This was one of my favs. 'I roam from town to town...I'm as happy as a clown.'

David Bowie - Let's Dance

| play
musecrossing @urbanpanther So What?

PinkSo What

| play
Jeffie @fernand0 Tus blips de Jesus Christ, Superstar, me recordaron Godspell - parecido tema y época :P


| play
Jeffie Foolish little girl, fickle little girl, you didn't want him when he wanted you. He's found another love, it's her he's dreaming of, and there's not..
musecrossing 'dream dream dream dream dream dream when I want u in my arms when I want u&all ur charms whenever i want u all i have 2 do is dream.when i feel blue.
musecrossing 4th of December. Oh, oh, I promised four Christmas songs for you today. OK, here's #1...
musecrossing Oh what a night... @sandraew, my sentiments exactly. (reblip)
musecrossing Baloney ! When I thought I had lost Baccarat last night I wept like there was no tomorrow.
musecrossing '...well I talk about it, talk about it, talk about it...'
musecrossing '...and when the broken-hearted people in the world agree, there will be an answer...'
musecrossing Does Elvis sound a little inebriated in this song or am I suffering from transference on a Saturday night?


| play
musecrossing '...c'mon, c'mon, c'mon baby now, c'mon and work it on out...'

Beatles - Twist and Shout

| play
musecrossing If we fast forward to December 25th, we have enough snow today for a White Christmas.
Jeffie One, two, three o'clock, four o'clock rock, five, six, seven o'clock, eight o'clock rock, nine, ten, eleven o'clock, twelve o'clock rock...
tindle Love the run down in this..and a real nice nice structure..hasn't she? ;-)
adbert [Honky Tonk Women – The Rolling Stones]
musecrossing @yatpundit Sing along with me :-)


| play
illuminato For the kosher rockers in my listening audience
illuminato @yvonner This goes out to you :-) Hope I see you tomorrow night.
musecrossing RS greatest singers #69 - Ronnie Spector... Be My Baby (Ronettes)... *swoon* (reblip)
randymatheson RS greatest singers #67 - Jerry Lee Lewis... Whole Lot of Shakin' Goin' On... We got kickin' in the barn
randymatheson RS greatest singers #90 - Phil and Don Everly... Crying in the Rain


| play
musecrossing The greatest Rock and Roll intro ever... (reblip)
adbert @juliaroy [Red Red Wine – UB40] You remind me this one. =)
randymatheson RS greatest singers #48 - Buddy Holly... Not Fade Away ...a love for real not fade away
taina me voooyyy! buenas noches blippers! (;
randymatheson RS greatest singers #38 - Elton John ...Tiny Dancer ...count the headlights on the highway ...perfectly played in 'Almost Famous'
randymatheson Xmas raveup ~ Merry Christmas (I Don't Want to Fight Tonight) - Ramones (reblip)
tindle Patient: Doctor, I'm worried.. I feel like I'm a pair of Drapes... Doctor: Don't be an idiot, pull yourself together..
taina ié, ié ié!!!!


| play
lilwldchld @musecrossing Love Bing! Especially at Christmas! :) Thanks for blipping this one!! (reblip)
musecrossing And I've got you, Babe ! Happy Anniversary, Ben !!
MyklRoventine Fitting song for today. (This is the one I was talking about @gillianr)
briangreene tnx to @wallyton for the tip. you meet popstars in Spain! we wont give them 10c busking here in Dublin as we fall over the nearly famous :)
Jeffie Off 2 seminar (& coffee & bagels, most importantly at present :P) - see y'all later! "Hand jive, hand jive, hand jive - doing that crazy hand jive!"
briangreene original ~~~ I'm Gonna Be Warm This Winter ~ Connie Francis
musecrossing Doesn't get much more Classic than this.
musecrossing His was one of the Christmas shows Mom and I watched each year. Ah, sweet nostalgia.
musecrossing Got sidetracked looking for a Christmas song by Bruce. Glad I did.
briangreene sublime to the ridiculous spectrum analysis machine [my invention of the week]
Jeffie (Sorry-HAVE to intro it this way :P)"Bom ba ba bom, ba bom ba bom bom, ba ba bom ba ba bom, ba dang a dang dang, a ding a dong ding - BlUE MOON!!!!"
lilwldchld Dream baby, got me dreamin' sweet dreams the whole day through....

Roy Orbison - Dream Baby (How Long Must I Dream)

| play
Jeffie Another folkie - 1 of the earliest songs I remember as a current hit - older brother bought the 45 in '62. ", let your hair hang down..." - !
Jeffie During a spurt of folk-music popularity from the late '50's into the early '60's, this group took an old standard and rode it up the top-40 charts...
MyklRoventine Almost Christmas. Time for a classic to get in the mood.

Barking Dogs - Jingle Bells

| play
90_Angel let's dance around and sing along! ^_^
tindle Sea Cruise..Originally by the Kalin Twins, then covered by Mickie Most, and now by my colleague, Paul.. Yo Paul! I haz made you famuz.. (reblip)

Sea Cruise

| play
milkfish One for @abarbosa's collection. Hard to choose between BB and Little Richard's very dissimilar contributions under this title!

BB KingLucille

| play
Jeffie Oh, this is so beautiful! Takes me back 2 the mid-60's. Mom listened 2 an AM radio station that played songs like this...wham, I'm back 2 the 60's :P)
Jeffie Un saludo a tí también, amigo @miguesme. Me chifla también "The Big O," como le llamaban; tenía voz con una rara calidad, para voz de hombre (reblip)
Jeffie Still ten minutes until midnight here, so still Monday (thankfully not as manic as earlier ;P)
Jeffie Each time we have a quarrel, it almost breaks my heart...each night I ask the stars up above: why must I be a teenager in love?...
lilwldchld Don't you do what your big sister done...
musecrossing He's a bird; no, he's a dog... no, he's a bird dog.
musecrossing @thedaily blonde Don't cry now.
lilwldchld Do I what? Will I what? Oh baby, you know what I like....
musecrossing You know the expression...

buddy holly that' ll be the day

| play
lilwldchld @ShyTrbleMker Hate running out of props! Great song :) (reblip)
Jeffie You're just 2 good 2 B true - can't take my eyes off you - you'd be like Heaven to touch; I want to hold you so much. At long last love has arrived...
musecrossing We're gonna rock all night regardless.
musecrossing Boy, do I remember slow dancing to this in the basement parties as a teen.
lilwldchld Do that to me one more time. Once is never enough.....
lilwldchld Were gonna find out what it is all about.... (reblip)
ernmander And you wondered where De La Soul got their drumbeats from, well here lol
adbert @TheDailyBlonde [Relax (Take It Easy) – Mika] Peace, peace...repeat after me: "Take it easy, take it easy" =)
Jeffie What a day for a daydream; what a day for a daydreaming boy. And I'm lost in a daydream, dreaming 'bout my bundle of joy...
adbert [Addicted to Love – Robert Palmer] Hello, @mrken777, @santamistura and @HopeClary!
briangreene gas pressure is so low the spuds are in the mitre wave as granny used to call it. 40minutes for a pot of spuds is too slow.13m on 1000w in da zapper
lilwldchld @Kershaw Love this and thank you! Hope you have a good night :) (reblip)
Jeffie There's been another man that I've needed & I've loved, but that doesn't mean I love u less. & he knows he can't possess me, & he knows he never will
adbert @BeeRealty [Nobody Does It Better – Carly Simon] Really, how long Lori!
sandraew Put A Little Love In Your Heart - Jackie DeShannon
Jeffie A-well, a-well, a-well the little things you say and do make me want to be with you-who-oo - rave on, it's a crazy feeling...
illuminato I can't get over this perfect 82 degree we've been having in So Cal for the past week!
Jeffie Each time I hear that guitar riff, I'm 16 again - no bald spot, no white in my beard, and I'm gonna live forever :P)))
Jeffie These dreams go on when I close my eyes; every second of the night, I live another life. These dreams that Sleep when it's cold outside...
Jeffie We've already said, "Goodbye." Since you gotta go, oh, you had better go now - go now, go now - go now, before you see me cry...
sandraew Love Child - Diana Ross & the Supremes
musecrossing @tindle You've told me that before (: In any case, I do have a fantastic imagination.
musecrossing Good Sunday morning !

The Beatles - All My Loving

| play
ShyTrbleMaker I love this song of his. You know, if you drink alone, you don't have to share!
Jeffie ..Come on and TAKE IT! Take another little piece of my heart, now, baby...
Jeffie I took my troubles down 2 Madame Ruth - U know, that gypsy w/the gold-capped tooth. She's got a pad down on 34th & Vine, sellin' little bottles of...


| play
JeanetteJoy Let's dance and celebrate today...
Sally29 It is only fair to warn u all that lack of sleep does not bring out the best in my sharing, caring persona. Be glad u r not my kids! (Sorry kids! x)
Jeffie Go away, little girl; go away, little girl. I'm not supposed to be alone with you...Go away, little girl - before I beg you to stay...
Jeffie My boy Lollipop, you make my heart go giddyap, you R as sweet as candy - you're my sugar dandy. Uh, oh, my boy Lollipop, don't ever, ever leave me...
Jeffie Foolish little girl, fickle little girl, u didn't want him when he wanted u. He's found another love...and there's not a single thing that U can do...
Jeffie Guess mine is not the first heart broken; my eyes are not the first to cry. I'm not the first to know there's just no gettin' over you...
Sally29 You shake my nerves and rattle my brain...yeeeeow!
Sally29 @clarkowitz long time no speak. How are you doing? feeling a little more cheery about life? You sound happier - this should help!
Sally29 Doin' that crazy hand jive (much more my energy level - no need to stand up!)
Sally29 Look at me goin all instrumental...dee dee dee. - still can't keep those feet still tho can you?!
Jeffie I'd sacrifice anything, come what might, 4 the sake of having U near-in spite of the warning voice that comes in the night &repeats&repeats in my ear
musecrossing Music to accompany that glass of Chardonnay. Santé !

Kylie Minogue - Spinning Around

| play
Jeffie Saturday night I was downtown, working for the FBI...She was a long cool woman in a black dress, just a 5'9" beautiful tall...
lilwldchld Be bop a lula, I don't mean maybe.....
lilwldchld A wop bop a loo lop a lop bam boo....
musecrossing New Moon is the best time for wishin & hopin' & plannin' and dreamin'.
tindle I was 18, Mel was 21, Rich was 19..bought this record,rehearsed it at Rich's..gigged it the following Saturday. 1965..her talent never got recognised
tindle this is why I bought the Boston album..nice tune, excellent guitar work..trouble is, it's the only Boston tune that ever gets airplay..
sandraew Mean Woman Blues - Roy Orbison

04 - Mean Woman Blues - Roy Orbison

| play
Jeffie ..But it's a five-o'clock world when the whistle blows - no one owns a piece of my time...
Jeffie Good morning - bom dia - buenos dias - buon giorno - bonjour, everybody! The Hollies: "Look Through Any Window"
linnetwoods Oh The Skipper's on a roll now... the requests are coming in thick and fast! Here's 10cc again with I'm Not In Love

10cc - i'm not in love

| play
Jeffie Woke up this morning feeling fine-there's something special on my mind. Last nite I met a new girl in the neighborhood, whoa yeah. Somethin tells me..
lilwldchld Who's that knocking on my door it's gotta be a quarter to four.....
Jeffie ..Coast to coast, L.A. to Chicago, western male - across the north and south, to Key Largo, love for sale...No need to ask! He's a smooth operator...
Jeffie It's late in the evening; she's wondering what clothes to wear. She puts on her make-up, and brushes her long, blonde hair. And then she asks me...
nancymk Isn't it better than watching as a spectator? (reblip)

Leann Womack - I Hope You Dance

| play
Jeffie ..Oh, I've waited, but I'll wait 4ever,- 4 U 2 come 2 me. Look at some1 who really loves U, yeah loves U; turn around - LOOK. AT. ME!


| play
Sally29 @adbert. I'll keep an eye out on FB! I'm well & a lot more relaxed now car is sorted etc. However, I am not a winter person, so not enjoying the cold!
Jeffie ..Bright are the stars that shine; dark is the sky. I know this love of mine will never die - and I love her...
adbert [Flip The Switch – The Rolling Stones] * * * Everybody dancing * * *
Jeffie ..Her name was Anne, and I'll be damned if I recall her face; she left not knowing what to do. Carefree highway, let me slip away on you...
KathysArt I think I'm fallin'.... in love with you
KathysArt @strictlyanything everybody hurts - REM -LOVE it Strictlyanything-thanks for the reminder.. HUGE smile (reblip)
UKMelia My blue suede shoes. Stay off them.
ShyTrbleMaker "My folks used to blast this over the CB when we caravaned down to Rocky Point." @Lil_P (Yes I still like this one) (reblip)
lizwebpage This is a happy song to make me forget about the snow and my stupid toothache. :)
tindle for a friend..

Bright Star

| play
musecrossing 1965 I played this over & over. It's Twitter, folks ! (reblip)
JoannaYoung !Reminding myself that I know what I know - and that singing helps the words to flow
JoannaYoung Thinking about making this the theme tune for writing with tenacity
bawldguy Every time I hear a pro stimulus politician speak, this blast from the past starts playin' in my mind.
musecrossing @UrbanPanther @UrbaneLion Awesome party ! So happy you invited us, Elizabeth & Marc. xxx
ShyTrbleMaker @ricewenchie Yay I'm so happy we're together on blip! <hugs>
musecrossing Dedicated to my girlfriend @karenswim. It's a stretch, but she"ll get it 'cause she's one smart lady.

Bobby Darin - Splish Splash

| play
musecrossing You so know it Twitter and !
musecrossing @tindle Good Night ! 'Tis I & my Irish grandmother Eulalia lulling you off to sleep...
Jeffie Roy Orbison - "Crying" (1961) Hola, @miguesme, buenas tardes :P
musecrossing Scottie, can you please beam me up to a beach in Jamaica, mahn ?


| play
musecrossing First flight, first trip to Europe. Yup, '69 rocked !
bawldguy Don't know how many bets I've won with this during karaoke. My buddy and I end up with instant groupies over half the time. :)
lilwldchld I wonder where you are, I wonder if you think about me. Once upon a time In your wildest dreams..... Goodnight :-)
ilawton In the end only kindness matters


| play
FeliciaSlattery sticking w/ the awesome oldies, I Can't Help ... #ILoveYou. The King.
MuddLavoie There's a reason for the sunshine in the sky... and there's a reason why I'm feelin' so high
KimWood -No worries!- It makes me that much stronger, makes me work harder, makes me wiser - thanks for making me a fighter
Jeffie Del Shannon - "Runaway" (spring, 1961) (reblip)
tindle @musecrossing.. oops, there you are, and I'm off to bed.. G'night! :-) (reblip)

Ships In The Night-Be Bop Deluxe

| play
Jeffie Neil Sedaka - "Calendar Girl" (early 1961) ...Going to see Neil this evening at the Grand 1894 Opera House here in Galveston, TX...
PastyD @Waterfront1984 Well, your mate and his band are awesome! Here's one I found. Hopefully everyone will enjoy... :)
Surreality I live in a place even more desolate and just as cold so I identify with this song.
GypsyOwl Songs I Love ... for My Mom [ Seals & Croft _ Hummingbird]
lilwldchld Time to find me some coffee....
winetonite Good mornin'.. here's a little tropical tune from Scottsdale, I think you know it ; )
musecrossing Good morning/afternoon/evening ! How's your bird ?

Rockin' Robin-Bobby Day-original song-1957

| play
RedEyeCon a tune for watching the coffee pot brew it's mornin' elixir . . . .

Chris Rice- Smellin' Coffee

| play
V_Bloomberg It's a plane, no it's a bird, it's a Twitter bird..."I'm like a bird" let's fly people!! W00T W00T! Just call me Twitterbell lol
Tropicsz4 Elton John – I Don't Wanna Go on With You Like That
Tropicsz4 Red Hot Chili Peppers – Under the Bridge
Tropicsz4 Ace Of Base – The Sign
MusicWithMsB @digitpt: "rb @evablue : Madeleine Peyroux - Smile - "Like this rendition. (reblip)
organicsue Thank you everyone for listening and following. Until tomorrow. I leave you with Dreams of the Night - Secret Garden xoxo @>----------
MusicWithMsB ....and now it really is time to go. I hate to leave you but I really must say goodnight sweethearts....
MusicWithMsB @JerryKidd this is actually one of the most heartfelt versions by the late great Jimmy Durante.
musecrossing Mom was right: 'If there's enough blue in the sky to make the baby Jesus a dress, then ...." (Miss you, Mom)

George Harrison Playing Here Comes The Sun

| play
Nani1982 @karolinegalvao No momento sim, hehehehe!!! :-) estou numa wave Doors hoje, hehe! (reblip)
cheerbear Remember the 'Solid Gold Dancers'...

Solid Gold Physical Olivia Newton-John

| play
acanuckfan Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ♫•*¨`*❀¸.•*✶.*✮♥Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ♫•*¨`*❀¸.•*✶.*✮♥ (reblip)
SolaceCliff It´s for sure a happy day :-)
polarkat "Heart – Dog And Butterfly"" (reblip)
DonnyVanGo Inspired by @musecrossing Thanks...Tommy James & The Shondells – I Think We're Alone Now
Atomik @tubilino: "G00d m0rning pe0ple! :)" good morning! (reblip)
musecrossing @karenswim Not.

Beyonce-Naughty Girl

| play
Annimallover I love when I talk to the angels- it opens heaven up so that I may get a breathe taking view. Morning blippers & tweeters!
musecrossing @moonstruckmania Sharing my moment with you.
PastyD Love Jim Croce. His songs say a lot. I have a name too, and it suits me. Now the names some others may call me... maybe not so (reblip)
V_Bloomberg Just finished my workout and I'm "Feeling Good"!!!
CarolannB Got cloudy skies this a.m. Wishing 4 the sun 2 make its appearance... "Here comes the Sun" (George Harrison)
Lobsterdemon One of the best Videos of all time.BEASTIE BOYS – SABOTAGE
alexzimmer Wooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!! Come on, Tommy!!!!
DJ_VA "Get Down On It" - Kool and the Gang ;)

Cat Stevens- Peace Train

| play

Elvis Presley- Can't Help Falling in Love (With lyrics)

| play
CharDaugherty Don't ask me why, but I really like this good night lullaby.

Jerry Lewis "Dormi, Dormi, Dormi"

| play
CharDaugherty Almost forgot how good-looking Rick was,almost forgot to listen, almost. Thanks. @coolsiang: "Listening to the song....... a classic... Enjoy...:D" (reblip)
CharDaugherty A Beatles "Good Night" to all who Blip.

The Beatles 'Good Night'

| play
CharDaugherty A sweet and beautiful Good Night.

Elmo and Andrea Bocelli

| play
organicsue You're all my BF.......... @>---------
lizwebpage @LorettaK I swear, I will CUTCHOO for this!

You fill up my senses- John Denver (Annie's Song)

| play
adbert [Cake – Love You Madly] Last song!!! See you tomorrow, have fun on Friday night!!!
jpeiv4 "Black Eyed Peas – I Gotta Feeling" Auto-tune filled repetitive pop/dance song... but I like it. Me thinks it has a good vibe. :)
sandraew Hey blippers. Thanks for the props, blips & reblips! I killed another set of headphones so off to find some new ones.
bowleggedandstarving "Though I may be all wrong for the guy, I'm good for a laugh. I guess it's not funny." So sad.
bowleggedandstarving "Think of the songs that will whither and die if you don't get up there and sing them." The late great Jerry Orbach.

Tony Awards : 42nd Street " Lullaby of Broadway " HD

| play
musecrossing The greatest gift I ever had Came from God; I call him Dad! ~Author Unknown
GypsyOwl La La La its a BEAUTIFUL Day!! [Natalie Brown – It's a Beautiful Day] ...baskin' in the warmth of the sun rays today"
V_Bloomberg Everly Brothers – Bird Dog
musecrossing Don't try, just do. And you really did, Janis; we miss you. Thank you for your legacy.
musecrossing Going out to @sayitwithecards.

Dirty Dancing Music Video "(I've Had) The Time Of My Life" by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes (1987)

| play
LunaJune @JimmyHank: "Bet your mama don't know you scratch my back..." (reblip)
GypsyOwl Chicago- Colour My World- "Live" 1977

Chicago- Colour My World- "Live" 1977

| play

Gallery-" It's So Nice To Be With You "1972

| play
karma_musings KT Tunstall is 34 today - happy b'day to a lovely voice.
Starbucker Man, did this one get in my head back in '80. I couldn't get out of bed w/o this ringing in my ears. The Stones at their absolute messy best.
Jeffie Terry Jacks - "Seasons In The Sun" (1974) (reblip)
Jeffie Lee Andrews & The Hearts - "Try The Impossible" (1958)
Jeffie The Dubs - "Could This Be Magic?" (late 1957)
Jeffie Big Joe Turner - "Shake, Rattle And Roll" ...I can look at you and tell you ain't no child no more...
karma_musings @Blippo: "Every morning the same crumpled, feathered look - it takes hours to become a person again;)" Precisely!! ;-) (reblip)
Jeffie The Platters - "Twilight Time" (spring, 1958)
lilwldchld Sweet dreams 'til sunbeams find you..... Goodnight :-)
lilwldchld There's a crazy little shack beyond the tracks..... back later :-)
Jeffie Sheena Easton - "Morning Train (Nine To Five)" (1981)
DJ_VA My fav birthday song for @BigDogJonathan today!! ROCK 'N ROLLLLLL!!!! "Birthday" - The Beatles #beatlesforever ;)

The Beatles-Birthday

| play
Jeffie Pat Benatar - "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" (late 1980)
KayBallard @lizstrauss This comes with every good wish and a fluffy pink cupcake!
KathysArt @organicsue: "Leonard Cohen – A Thousand Kisses Deep" (reblip)
CoachCharrise Bob Marley – Three Little Birds - Every little thing is gonna be alright...
musecrossing I know the feeling, having been the apple of my daddy's eye.
organicsue Good Morning everyone. Another beautiful day! Let's start with Fleetwood Mac – Monday Morning
musecrossing One rainbow and a canary couple were my gifts on my walk this morning. Invaluable.
musecrossing OMG, did I ever dance to this song up close and personal-like as a teen in those basement parties we used to have. Conway, you on Twitter? Muwah !
marcapitman Fun way to start my vacation: The Go-Go's - Vacation (all I've ever wanted) :)
CarolannB #SaturdaySongs ♫☯ "You can call me Al - Paul Simon" (Love this song/video featuring Chevy Chase)
musecrossing Via @RockItRadio: "Give A Little Bit - Goo Goo Dolls...Take some time to give to those in to make it a better world." (reblip)

Goo Goo Dolls Give a Little Bit

| play
musecrossing Ringo, always my favourite Beatle. (reblip)
organicsue Count Basie – Lullaby of Birdland
karma_musings @MikeattheMike: The refrain of that Melanie song (great vers, btw) made me have to blip this for you :-)
Jeffie Jimmie Rodgers - "Kisses Sweeter Than Wine" (late 1957)
musicsinmyveins Another Beatles tune brought to life after Lennons passing... Thank you Paul, George & Ringo!
musecrossing Via @musicsinmyveins: "Roy... Rocking with Bruce Springsteen & Jackson Browne... Mercy!" (reblip)

Oh, Pretty Woman

| play
musecrossing Via @acanuckfan: "~~ ♫•*¨`*❀ ~~" (reblip)

Gallery-" It's So Nice To Be With You "1972

| play
musecrossing @organicsue Thx for asking. :-) How are you, Sue ? Beatles forever !
teambudd1 For everyone who is lucky enough to be with their best friend...
musecrossing Spinning this for @carocat Your muse delivers. :-)

Muse-Feeling good OFFICIAL VIDEO

| play
LunaJune my hero Steve Goodman Red Red Robin... man I wish I got to see him befor he left

Steve Goodman/Red Red Robin

| play
paulbritphoto Enjoy your "Tuesday" everyone ... dashing out for 2 appointments, wish me luck / ox
musecrossing Good morning-afternoon-evening all ! How's our bird? :-)

Nelly Furtado I'm Like a Bird

| play
KayBallard @zachflauaus So many happy wishes and a chocolate cupcake with fluffy raspberry icing--all yours from me!
paulbritphoto Smile at a neighbor, love ur friends ... most of all ... cause trouble! CYAz! /oxo

Rebel Rouser -- Duane Eddy

| play
musecrossing Via @paulbritphoto: "Can Ya Sister Twist? Can She? HAPPY SATURDAY ...." [We can do both, can't we, Paul -- blindfolded evan! ;-)] (reblip)
DaveDoyle Lesley Gore – It's My Party
DaveDoyle Bill Haley – Rock Around The Clock
DaveDoyle Bill Haley – Shake, Rattle and Roll
musecrossing Via @Jeffie: "Happy birthday, @musecrossing!" [To think I first heard this song when I was 8 ! ;-)] (reblip)
Tropicsz4 The Lovin' Spoonful – You Didn't Have to Be So Nice
DaveDoyle Bob Marley – Three Little Birds...thanks for rb rb@BunnyJeanCook (reblip)
DaveDoyle Manfred Mann – If you gotta go go now...and I gotta go now...let me know if u like Lindisfarne...@NicoleVSanchez
organicsue Gone at 94 - Les Paul – Guitar Boogie
Tropicsz4 The Hollies – Carrie Anne
lilwldchld 'Lord God Bird' is the name (if no one has said yet) @lilyetc: "sufjan stevens ~ if anyone knows the name of this song,please reblip with the name (reblip)

Sufjan Stevens

| play
musecrossing Via @kolorize: "Thanks!and u were #100..checked my email..:)@musecrossing: "Happy to add a fellow canadian to my fav dj's, eh !:-)"Yay!Thx 4 the song. (reblip)

Three Little Birds

| play
mnelson The Beatles - Mean Mr. Mustard
HipMama Real Real Gone Van Morrison.
KayBallard @amoyal You are my very favorite dance partner. No question! (reblip)
Punched Good Afternoon to everyone here, there and everywhere. :)
Tropicsz4 Hall and Oates – Out of Touch
linnetwoods @TheHeartSleeves Here's a track from one of my favourite tweeters @BingFutch entitled Sunday Morning :-) (reblip)
Tropicsz4 Bob Dylan – One More Cup Of Coffee
StreamingMimi Perry Como – Temptation
Bubbly3 @djsurfer I Need You – Tim McGraw Ft. Faith Hill
musecrossing Good morning,afternoon,evening Twitterverse. How's your bird?

The Trashmen : Surfin' Bird ( 1963 )

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lilwldchld I wanna be your cocktail, baby, when you're sippin'...
DaveDoyle Roy Orbison – Running Scared...many thanks @MarcusDeSouza @RoxUranus @MarcelSoSwell @matriax at the Palais of course@Bubbly3
musecrossing Are you awake yet? If not ...

kc and the sunshine band shake, shake, shake

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Tropicsz4 Bye, Have a Gr8 day @polarkat: "Goodbye I have to sign off have a field trip to go on today, I'll be back later" (reblip)
organicsue Queen – Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon
PAMsLOvE Bob Dylan - Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I'll Go Mine)
PAMsLOvE DJ Tatana - Autumn Sun
Tropicsz4 Missed you by 5 minutes,Happy Tuesday :-)@ShiaoMei: "@TropicsZ4~~ @----)--" (reblip)

Je t'aime quand même

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lilwldchld Love this... sigh... @Awannabeangel: "Cherokee Morning Song – I am of the Great Spirit" (reblip)
Annimallover Such a FUN song- danced a few to this- just makes you want to move! (reblip)
musecrossing Amen.

celine dion ft. josh groban, the prayer

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musecrossing Adding to my playlist for my Super Seventies Saturday Night party #sssn :-)

heart- heartless

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musicsinmyveins Walk with me .. Stand by me. Thanks

John Lennon stand by me

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musecrossing Added to my playlist for my Super Seventies Saturday Night party #ssnp

Minnie Riperton 明妮 1975 loving you

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musecrossing Good morning-afternoon-evening every one ! How's your bird?
MusicWithMsB Time to say bye bye. Hope to see you later. (reblip)
musecrossing Be authentic. Beatles Forever.
musecrossing @paulbritphoto Grateful for the mention, Paul. In Light and Love.
musecrossing About to face the drive home. L8r from a turret in my castle.

Simon and Garfunkel-Homeward Bound

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Jim Brickman "Beautiful World (We're All Here)" Live In Concert

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musecrossing Truly the voice of an angel.

Plaisir d'Amour by Catherine McKinnon

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musecrossing Hope you enjoyed today's Beatles Brunch #bb. See you next week.
kolorize You make me feel, Like I've never felt..Thank You♥
musecrossing Give up.

Surrender- Laura Pausini

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Starbucker Now who wouldn't want to shake their pom pom in a funked up version of a Thanksgiving trot!! :-)

missy elliot -shake your pom pom

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Starbucker And my #1 "Thank You" song of all time is............Thank you, providence.
musecrossing Where are all the beautiful people? Why they're all on Twitter that's where !
musecrossing Maybe silent tweets are really best.

when you say nothing at all- Ronan Keating

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Jeffie Ricky Nelson - "Travelin' Man" (spring and summer, 1961)
musecrossing Good morning/afternoon/evening all ! How's your bird ?

Brian Adams-Something about christmas time

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musecrossing Dedicated to all the mothers and mothers-to-be, that includes you #madnessisay *hugs*
musecrossing Via @GR8FL: "for your holiday music collection @impossiblewmn " TY for your healing thoughts; I will. *hug* (reblip)
hjshorter Needed this. @GR8FL: "Just a box of rain - wind and water - believe it if you need it, if you don't just pass it on " (reblip)
kolorize Good Night...i meet you in your Wildest Dreams..

carol douglas doctor's order

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musecrossing Bookmarking this for next weekend's Super Seventies Saturday Night partee ! #sssn
musecrossing Get out your old leg warmers and fluo tops. Retrocizing is all the rage !
musecrossing GR8 to hear that Nathalie is doing well with her donated kidney.

My Grown Up Christmas List

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musecrossing If I had had a girl, I would've called her Jessie. Such a pretty name.

Rick Springfield Jessie's Girl Music Video

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Candy Cane Christmas- Darius Rucker

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musecrossing Via @tindle: "I've absolutely loved this song since I first heard this it's own way, (second last verse), a Christmas song.." (reblip)

Carpenters -- Do You Hear What I Hear? (25th Anniversary)

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Jeffie The Moody Blues - "Go Now!" (spring, 1965)
musecrossing @eljefetwisted

Sarah McLachlan- "Don't Give Up On Us" Music Video

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musecrossing Don't let your head get in the way.

Roxette- Listen to your heart -first video

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musecrossing Travelling incognito.

Where No One Knows Me

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musecrossing It wouldn't be Chanukah without Adam Sandler's modern classic in which he reminds the world about prominent Jews in movies, music and sports.
musecrossing One of the most famous songs associated with the Chanukah holiday.

Handel: Judas Maccabeus Overture

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musecrossing @DannyBrown Cuz I'm a sucker for a compliment ;/
musecrossing >3 Sarah's cover, but this one is GR8 too.


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kolorize CLOSE YOUR EYES...♥

All My Loving- The Beatles

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All I Want For Christmas Is You Vince Vance and the Valiants

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I'll Be Home For Christmas-Johnny Reid (Johnny Reid-Christmas).wmv

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musecrossing Love Loreena.

Loreena McKennitt- God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen

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musecrossing Maybe. Let's hope.

Maybe This Christmas

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Get Me Through December

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boney m marys boy child

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musecrossing Pretty. First time I've hear this.
musecrossing Some day...

Someday At Christmas- Stevie Wonder- 1967

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musecrossing An 80's Christmas song.

The Pretenders ~ 2000 Miles

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musecrossing Add another reindeer to the list -- @gloreebe88 !
musecrossing How sad such a sweet voice was hushed way too soon.
musecrossing Sing it, Celine.

Celine Dion Christmas Eve

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musecrossing @rosyblue Get out your handkerchief.

The Christmas Shoes

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musecrossing I really like this.

Christmas must be tonight~Robbie Robertson~.

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musecrossing @organicsue Good morning ! Snow can be a gift.

This Gift by 98 Degrees

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musecrossing Via @knealemann: "Someday at Christmas. Jack Johnson covers Stevie." (reblip)

Jack Johnson SOMEDAY AT CHRISMAS with Lyrics

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musecrossing Via @tindle: We'll be starting with this Christmas Eve.. 'and away went Rudolph, whizzing like a shooting star..' (reblip)

Run Rudolph Run-Chuck Berry

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flipchickmom Here's to real Christmas trees..Daughter has allergies, so always had 'fake' but it's evergreen!

Susan Jacks Evergreen

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musecrossing Dear Twitter:

The Whispers: It's a Love Thing

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musecrossing @Astrology_CA TY for the #ASOTD. Happy Yuletide-type blessings !
musecrossing Via @musicsinmyveins: "This video is worth watching just to see Paul McCartney at Brian Wilsons Birthday party." [Here he is !] (reblip)

The beach boys -good vibrations

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kolorize Good Night ,♥i want to say more ,but you know my heart and soul.its with you always..

Merry Christmas and Goodnight

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musecrossing Get out the tissues.


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musecrossing @robynmcintyre TY, Robyn. Happy Christmas !

Tara MacLean "Light of the Stable"

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musecrossing Ringo, you were always my favourite Beatle, and look how well you've aged. *sigh* Beatles Forever !

Ringo Starr / Paul McCartney: "Walk With You" Duet

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musecrossing Via @BubblesToGo: "One of my favorite songs going out to some of my fav. DJ's @musecrossing ..." Fanx ! (reblip)
musecrossing Beautiful.

The holly & the ivy Loreena Mckennitt

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musecrossing Via @tindle: "'s not a Christmas song, but who cares, I like it..and, if I wrote one, it would sound rather like this" (reblip)
musecrossing Via @NicoleVSanchez: Merry Christmas, Nicole ! (reblip)

My Wish Lyrics | Rascal Flatts

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musecrossing If I had to choose the quintessential Christmas song, I guess this would be it for me. Merry Christmas !


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musecrossing Via @Jeffie: "Burl Ives - "Holly, Jolly Christmas" [Billboard rated #1 Christmas song; Merry Christmas Jeffie !] (reblip)
musecrossing Spread the spirit of Christmas, Love !
musecrossing @roberthruzek @acowboyswive Merry Christmas !