lausen Time after time - Eva Cassidy
sheryonstone @santamistura - wow, you are doing it again with this Zen :) I really enjoy this, thank you so much (reblip)
santamistura I love Crosby, I love Nash, I love Stills and I love Young @washingtonson thanksssssssssss (reblip)
santamistura cure with love love love

Jah Cure Love Is (Seasons riddim)

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sheryonstone @mystwitch I just reblipped KC but spelled your name wrong. Do you remember this one ?
JRex [02 The Association - Never My Love]

02 The Association - Never My Love

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JRex BristolStomp – TheDovells
sistema428 You know this boogie is for real // A blip when almost nobody hears me! (reblip)
mystwitch @djwttw froze had to reboot-thnx for Chinatown! Night all, great blips this evening, too many to mention!
lilwldchld Cuz dancin' gets her higher than anything else she knows.....
FishCo as a kid (British), growing up in Caribbean this was on the radio every day at 12: Mary's Notebook. Has bcum my theme.
FishCo Oooh . . . Diamonds on the soles of her shoes . . .
santamistura yessssssssss here comes the sun @gitargirl good morninggggggggg (reblip)

Here Comes the Sun

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GR8FL !! [@cocgshifter love this Moments with Art of Noise] @davidwatts1978 so do I (reblip)
mystwitch via @Fraueva-I like to move it move it MOVE IT -LOVE IT! (reblip)
JRex Goodnight & sweet dreams @mystwitch ... :)
Radiobread @lpl やっぱこれだろ。イントロ以降の方がむしろカッコいい。mmmm Tubular Bells - Part 1 - Mike Oldfield.. hey thanks for this, (reblip)
GR8FL Need to focus on work... hence this long one which nice in the background. Hope you enjoy it with me.
schizophonic "I always walk without rhythm, so as not to attract the worm." -- Is it just me being nerd, or is Fatboy Slim quoting "Dune"? (reblip)
BarrysLounge @GR8FL Boy George just got a 15 month term - check out the BBC Website.BTW What do you mean by "Blip Rotation" - I'm stlii learning !
ckras only bleeding gums murphey can play sax better than Gerry Rafferty - Baker Street
Radiobread @LucyGrace .. Lowdown - Boz Scaggs..mmm thanks for this song.. (reblip)
GR8FL yes @patita, @fbrahimi is on my list, but I missed her blip and caught your reblip. Her music taste is most excellent - this is one of hers too.

Gypsy Kings - Salsa latino

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FishCo Early 60's hit "Hey Paula" was # 1 on the charts for the ENTIRE month of February in 1963.
mystwitch @Radiobread awesome, so much music so little time! .. Dream Academy - Life In A Northern Town..mmmm I like this band, thanks.. (reblip)


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GR8FL @ladypn Good afternoon on this sunny, but very cold day... how are you doing? I see you've been on an uploading frenzy too.
fbrahimi You Don't Know Me (with Diana – Ray Charles, V (reblip)
Biznaz Tiki Lounge Music for your Hawaii Dreams! We natives are restless!
Radiobread mmmmm Too Rolling Stoned - Robin Trower..
CarolannB An angel would be about "Send me an angel" (Scorpions)
adbert @maiysha [Handle With Care – The Traveling Wilburys] Take care. ;-)
2liveis2fly okay, enough politics. How about a little up-tempo bluegrass?
bendrix damn I miss you @Chickee - Its been a while since we blipD each other. Come back soon. I have a special blip waiting just for you haha (reblip)
nitetalker Mornin' @Jeffie, @lilwldchld, @mystwitch, and all listeners. Now 'scuse me while I pause to admire my new star :)
BarrysLounge I remember Candid Camera @pumpkinshellz but not Love American Style - we never got it here in Blighty !
FishCo Actually, a little Gin with the Coconut sounds pretty good... save the lime for a rum and coke. (reblip)
omgfree This is it for me Twitter-ites. Night and stay as you are.
mystwitch @SevenTenths And you are right-I do like this-;0)[about to smack my puter-blip/fm is giving me fits!] (reblip)
mystwitch Good Morning @GR8FL-this is wonderful, thanks for always sharing such wonderful tunes! (reblip)
mystwitch @GR8FL @Musing -loved that video but really happy to now know music! Thanks (reblip)
mystwitch @GR8FL didn't know this one but consider myself "Lucky" to have a friend like you! (reblip)
mystwitch vi@dhair- [I like this] where'd ya get that red dress? (reblip)
mystwitch If it don't matter to you, it don't matter to me!
mystwitch In concert are amazing...(^_^)vi@Lavoladaperdida-love hearing new (to me) music-thanks for this blip! (reblip)
mystwitch vi@SugarDoggy-[nice on Fri. afternoon!]Billy Ocean set - Caribbean Queen. "Now we're sharing the same dream." (reblip)
mystwitch vi@GR8FL so smooth..........You blip the best tunes, I like this [tried to RB Jakatta – American Dream no go ;0(] (reblip)
mystwitch vi@lub [nice song to wind down with]something soft b4 sleeping....... (reblip)
mystwitch goodnight vi@lub have really enjoyed your blips ;0) (reblip)


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mystwitch vi@KiddRock-un huh JackieBlueRock (reblip)


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mystwitch G'night blip family, need to sleep earlier tonight- O Siem-we are all family
mystwitch @RadioRider-this is wonderful-fits my mood. (reblip)

Madi DiazSide

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mystwitch vi@dickadcock @jerrycurl... "wanna go home with the armadillo... the friendliest people and the prettiest women you've ever seen" [love this song] (reblip)
mystwitch vi@GR8FL this is beautiful-@SugarDoggy you'll appreciate this one. (reblip)
mystwitch @SugarDoggy [this is a favorite!]Russ Freeman w/ The Rippingtons – Bella Luna. Modern latin feel, just for @djwttw. (reblip)
mystwitch @SugarDoggy [wonderful way to begin or end a day!]Celtic Woman - May It Be. Presenting the magnificent miss Hayley Westenra. (reblip)

celtic woman - may it be

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mystwitch @JLW [wonderful!]A Thousand Kisses Deep, for anyone who remembers Leonard Cohen reciting this from memory at the Barbican, (reblip)
mystwitch @MStimson [you have some great blips!]Stairway to Heaven (reblip)
mystwitch Thanks to @WhiteCranes for this blip-theme from one of my all time favorite movies! (reblip)
star45 Copeland – No One Really Wins – to via@nicavieira it's so true!! - hi @Crystalclear thank you! - @Godfather thanks! - @djwttw hi! - @Flower hola!
mystwitch one more from @johnnysmooth [check out his blips-nice stuff!]@djwttw you might like this as well friend. (reblip)
mystwitch vi@johnnysmooth-nice way to start the day! (unfortunately off to work I go) (reblip)
mystwitch vi@patita [aren't they great!]@stustevens. this is Traveling Wilburys,a band w/Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, George Harrison,Roy Orbison.... it' great! (reblip)


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mystwitch vi@SugarDoggy [love it-look 1 more listener=250! for you]GREGG KOFI BROWN w/Airto – AYA A. For @patricia_coelho @djwttw and @mystwitch (reblip)
mystwitch vi@rottgutt @RonnieBebop...I've been looking for this for WEEKS! Thanks.[RB b/c out of props for U-isn't she grand] (reblip)
mystwitch vi@PrisHayes [play list ;0)]okay, here it is. @@MCMightyWhitey & @T_DeBarros (reblip)


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mystwitch viarottgutt [sleep well-nite!-love joss!]think jack and meg were pissed at this...joss put some stank on it...nite nite yall. (reblip)
mystwitch vi@thrak [so easy to get wrapped up in music!]Beirut – Brandenburg (reblip)
mystwitch vi@Oldies [love Keb' Mo'-can't stay friends off to a meeting-blip on!]Keb' Mo' – I'll Be Your Water (reblip)
mystwitch vi@rottgutt [where do you find such wonderful blips?]saa magni. (reblip)
mystwitch vi@rottgutt hey there! [not even dark and out of props for you! What's a girl to do?] (reblip)
mystwitch vi@aloudhendo [me too!]I do like this. rb@GiantPimpslapper Ozomatli - Saturday Night {just added} ...enjoy Saturday Night blippers... (reblip)
mystwitch vi@thrak [awesomeness!]HADOUK TRIO – BALDAMORE (reblip)
mystwitch vi@thrak [^0^]Squirrel Nut Zippers – Put A Lid On It (reblip)
mystwitch vi@playalongjon [must RB-swoon for flutes!]This one you can blip, 'C'mon Try' @Flower (reblip)
mystwitch vi@star45 [I like! ;0)]Dream Theater – Any Colour You Like – . . . thanks to @coloured @muserine @tintinabulation @paola1311 (reblip)
mystwitch vi@Somerset08873 [beautiful way to end the evening]Sleep well blipville. Later my peeps. (reblip)
mystwitch vi@tubilino [love this-so smooth (sexy)]Slip Into Something More Comfortable (reblip)


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mystwitch vi@Babuxoxoxo !!!♥♥♥!!! Thanks for this one! rb@DJstromer19 & ♥♥♥Keith you always do, Love you!♥♥♥ [we could all use a little help!] (reblip)

0184 - Billy Swan - I Can Help

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mystwitch vi@SevenTenths ... Rolling with Sunday Afternoon [did I ever tell you-I love your blips? well.....] (reblip)
mystwitch vi@dickadcock [a keeper!] After I went back and played this for a 2nd time I realized I should do more than mark it! Great song Thx - RB @haraya (reblip)
mystwitch @NickN remember this one?[yes I do and it's a favorite-thanks] (reblip)
mystwitch vi@NeedBlues2Live Heaven done called....another Blues stringer back home.....check this out Baby@GoodByeBlueSky [dedicated to Stevie Ray!] (reblip)
mystwitch @ladypn gonna crawl through your blips more later-now off to work with the kidlets at school-have a good day! (reblip)
mystwitch @KiddRock and I don't usually care for covers! this is great...... (reblip)
mystwitch too early for me but I missed this last night-goes on my list vi@seamuse, @Edainsmom rb@BigBadMike_CanadaFirst777 [special thanks!] (reblip)
mystwitch another repeat here vi@mammara-Larkin Grimm-Dominican Rum thanks! (reblip)
mystwitch RB@liminal: your workin' it today my dear-and now I am "poof" gone~~~~~~~~~~ (reblip)
mystwitch vi@cagey2519: "Relax, it's Friday and all is well (for me, and I hope for you)@yggoDraguS " [this is wonderful!] (reblip)
mystwitch Excellent, you always blip the greatest tunes vi@GR8FL: "surround me with your love... yum" (reblip)
mystwitch And I like it! vi@VinTriste: "Kick off song! Hi (reblip)
mystwitch I can see why, this is wonderful vi@Edainsmom: "one more piano writing music..." (reblip)
mystwitch Indeed TY@ambit: "Enjoy the beauty of each and every morning!!! Loreena McKennitt – La Serenissima!" (reblip)
mystwitch Indeed! Our Love will never die!RB@woow: @me. i think you will really like this, K. [aaahhh ... it's sleepy saturday.] ; )" (reblip)

Maria Taylor (Azure Ray) / Cartoons and Forever Plans / The Travellin' Light Sessions

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mystwitch @CynDyn: "Thanks for the prop that lead me to this, must pass >>>> to @woow (reblip)

Caoineadh cu Chulainn

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