nastysurprise @es_why Wow. Great choice. You pointed a song w/ Nina Persson that I didn't know about. And for that I commend you. Props to your momma. Word! (reblip)
Xemper "Remember, forget". This was given away as an iTunes single of the week ages ago. They're usually pretty rubbish, but this one has something.

YoavBeautiful Lie

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Maedhros @space_cadet, nope, hadn't heard them either. Not bad, gotta get used to that accent. (reblip)
HellenKellersIpod @Maedhros I played this song about 8 times in a row b/c my friend wouldn't shut his mouth and let me listen to it. I'm also a dick
Mathioso RB @SerterP: " "Pale Young Gentlemen" @Mathioso .... oio oio" Essa conheci atraves de ti ... :) (reblip)
indiefriendly @FUZZYFM: This wasn't on the list But THANKS! "What artists are those @indiefriendly ? I bet this sub 2 minute slab of goodliness wasn't on your list" (reblip)
CoSlive @whistlin_indie: "[Eulogies – Two Can Play]" You know I love those Eulogies. :D (reblip)


| play
dochugo fwiw i read that she has the same producer as britney and lily allen. no wonder she's just slightly too poppy
dochugo Apparat Organ Quartet - Romantica filename is all effed


| play

Sweatmaster-Song with No Words

| play
jtabz @TomServo @ElizaHerp--I did indeed! We had an impromptu little party with bocce, bratwurst, and other unintentionally un-American things.
dochugo @daretoeatapeach me too!! well, music crush. he's too gruff for me to man-crush. // "@ dochugo Oh I have a little crushy-crush on Miami Horror. XD"
EarsToTheStreets this album (the sparrow and the crow) is worth every dollar, i suggest everyone gets it
Rbto_ @kaaeyl: "night Johnboy, night Maryellen etc." ||| Great vid (reblip)

The Dysfunctional Psychedelic Waltons featuring kelli ali

| play
midnightwalker If you like this kind of music you should check out this great music blog
HellenKellersIpod There really should be a badge between 1k and 5k in order to keep me interested
jimic79 Finger Eleven was a cover of this..
CoSlive [Oh No Oh My - Be A Star]
AlyG well, it makes having impromptu dinner parties pretty easy. and i'm telling you, i will send them. watch out. :P (reblip)
muzicmajic whatcha think? your guess is as good as" (reblip)
misterscience From Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?
midnightwalker Swedish Hour @nastysurprise72 It's afternoon here ;)

Oh LauraFine Line

| play
midnightwalker Swedish Hour

Jerk It Out by Ceasars Palace

| play
midnightwalker Finnish Hour: Saw them live last weekend. Mindblowing!

Regina "Saanko Jäädä Yöksi?"

| play
nastysurprise @midnightwalker Finnish Hour - Still cheating but finding some interesting stuff. You guys seem to like a lot of metal.
midnightwalker Finnish Hour: One of the best live bands I've seen

Gary Jules- Mad World From Donnie Darko

| play
philkirby lot's off good stuff from all over @Will_the_bloke. Lot's of girl singers. This is one of the best.

Alessi's Ark The Horse Music Video

| play
philkirby it only takes one tree to make a thousand matches, but it only takes one match to burn a thousand trees.
MusicIsMySunshine A great Bob Dylan cover. Worth the whole listen, her voice gets unreal near the end! Ignore the 10 sec intro
digitpt Johnny Pearson – Sleepy Shores
midnightwalker Great singer-songwriter featured on my favourite music blog Let Me Like It

Madi DiazSide

| play
nastysurprise @midnightwalker I'm cheating again, but at least I'm learning.
nastysurprise @midnightwalker Danish Hour - I kind of like these guys. You're stretching me. Good thing.

vetobuilt to fail

| play
midnightwalker Danish Hour: Some Danish electropop @WunDaGround Good afternoon to you too!

VETOYou Are A Knife

| play
midnightwalker Danish Hour : More Danish electropop

Carpark North -"Human"

| play
nastysurprise Danish Hour. New to me, kind of cool. I hope their other stuff is good, too @midnightwalker

SaybiaI Surrender

| play
philkirby certainly having crash overload this evening.
nastysurprise Icelandic Hour - Forgot about this guy because it's hard to find his music here, but I really like him @midnightwalker
midnightwalker Icelandic Hour : Very similar to Sigur Ros
redheadedgreengirl I am really enjoying icelandic hour thanks a la@midnightwalker: "Due to the request from @nastysurprise72 I'm beginning Icelandic Hour (reblip)

sigur rosstaralfur

| play
nastysurprise Icelandic Hour - @midnightwalker must have lost internet again. I'll try to carry the torch. Hurry back, midnight...
nastysurprise Icelandic Hour

Sin Fang Bous: clangour and flutes

| play
nastysurprise Icelandic Hour extended

Hafdis HuldTomoko

| play
midnightwalker Icelandic Hour @nastysurprise72 I'm also blipping away with some of these songs but who care's as long as the music's good ;)

Lay LowBy and By

| play
nastysurprise Icelandic Hour - Had this album for years, had no idea they were Icelandic @midnightwalker

LeavesI Go Down

| play
nastysurprise @lolcatpower @midnightwalker "Thanks for "Please Don't Hate Me" I can't take all the credit. Midnight is making me find all sorts of great new music.
Sook luv it when bands try to interpret Vlad
newNEWwave This is a great track I got for free somewhere.
midnightwalker Hope you're not having Ane Brun overload ;)

Ane Brun "Song No. 6 (Featuring Ron Sexsmith)"

| play

Ane Brun & Nina Kinert @Behind Closed Doors Roots of Heaven

| play
nastysurprise Just discovered the 1 year old reacts to oatmeal the same way he reacts to electric eels when put in his mouth. Can't stop laughing.
newNEWwave A great track from a great gazy Canadian band. I think they broke up.
Atomik @jennyleepenny -"No worries, Im yours!"

Kasper Bjørke: Back & Spine feat. Fm Belfast

| play
newNEWwave You've been blipping some great tracks today @nastysurprise72. You'll be at 100 in no time!

Sonic Youth100%

| play
nastysurprise @jennyleepenny @Koshka @flinndc And some Ladytron, but just a hair less than Great Northern


| play
aebar Beautiful! Thanks @Ira_0 :) (reblip)

Ludovico Einaudi Le Onde The Waves

| play
UncleRay @avivamagnolia - Here's one of my fave SRV tracks. Beautiful music. Expresses what words cannot.
MusicIsMySunshine nice song for this fog and torrential rain.. Happy Monday All

Cat PowerWillie

| play
philkirby I've just been stood up for lunch! Anybody in Leeds fancy a pint? The Cuthbert? I'll be upstairs in the comfy chairs. Nice view.
jtabz @daretoeatapeach--hehe. maybe if @sandyriverside shaves his head, the hair will displace to his chin? (reblip)
indieearcandyforeveryone takes a little bit to load for some reason.. haven't listened to them in awhile. good call. @katost
midnightwalker @nastysurprise72 This is one of my Canadian favourites. This song is catchy as hell!
nastysurprise I have a fever and the only prescription is more Canada.
spacespencer @DChain *gold-competition* ...auch gutes Lied!


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nastysurprise @Leftfield: "Please reblip this if you like it!" Why haven't I heard this before... (reblip)
squidbrain I'm in a cubicle this week. That's different.
nastysurprise @CreepingElm @toi_et_moi Creeping, I'm reblipping your reblip. Rebliptastic. (reblip)
nastysurprise @MusicIsMySunshine And good morning to you. If I remember correctly, this song is for you. I have no idea who these guys are.
revbeatman The UPS guy was listening to this yesterday. It was really good, so I had to look it up
angelheart FLOGGING MOLLY!!!!@LikeAnAngel: "this is a great one too, thor. @NotAsPunkAsYou: "@nastysurprise72 you got mad skills kid"" (reblip)
nastysurprise I have to go to the bathroom. BRB.
nastysurprise @MusicIsMySunshine Right about this time every night all the replies and props stop for me. I guess most of my listeners are go out or they're elderly
nastysurprise @MusicIsMySunshine I can't believe you'll eventually ditch me, too. Isn't the sun out like 20 hours in Nova Scotia in the summer?
nastysurprise @MusicIsMySunshine 'I think I saw you blip Barrington earlier?" Nope, you're good. Never heard of him. I was close-minded to reggae until recently. (reblip)
squidbrain @Karuna see your Dizzee Rascal and I'll raise you this. What's happenin. RIP Walter Kronkite. Passin the torch to you now.
nastysurprise Forgive me for saying so, but I thought Walter Kronkite was already dead. Wow. 92. Really makes you think <-- name the reference.
UncleRay my one fun, frivolous, guilty ok pleasure blip for that tonight :)
nastysurprise @dochugo Just missed. You even had the same time stamp. Thx regardless, bro.


| play
squidbrain Well I had a pretty good weekend so I'm not going to complain that there's nothing going on today. Instead I'm going to get crunk. In space.

EmalkayCrunk in Space

| play
dochugo you sick sick man with your sick sick remix rb@sandyriverside (reblip)

A Place In My Heart f. Erlend Oye (Jori Hulkkonen rmx)

| play
nastysurprise I have to take a break from blip or I'll be looking for a new job on Tuesday. See you guys later.
nastysurprise This is for my daughter. She requested it after seeing Flushed Away.
TundraConundra Time to chunk endless quarters into large metal machines... later, blipsters.
dochugo @zombieFredrik been a while man! too many parties and ladies for blip? :D
MissDiggity lisa germano is kinda sorta along the lines of stith @nastysurprise72 maybe?

Lisa GermanoSlide

| play
Maedhros I got way up front for the Antlers. Loved it when they played this. Honestly, these guys are going to get real big real soon.

The AntlersBear

| play
sandyriverside I vote for to be the 12th @Twiistup Showoff"<tweet this 3 times if you blip or sign this petition at

Porno For Pyros "Pets"

| play
nastysurprise @CoSlive: "Check Out: Muse’s “United States of Eurasia”" I think this is pretty damn good, even if it sounds a little like Queen. (reblip)
nastysurprise I've never heard of this. I can't help but reblip a band called Pugwash. Song is good, too. (reblip)
CoSlive Apse Climp Up for new album


| play
CreepingElm I'm done laughing. Serious sounds are back!
midnightwalker @sandra__: "hey @midnightwalker Good friend yes but no bad habits! :-))" You don't have any bad habits? ;) (reblip)
nastysurprise @MusicIsMySunshine: "Anyone know the real deal with this song?" Actually, it's directed at Oprah. (reblip)

EstheroO.G. Bitch

| play

Noah And The Whale Blue Skies

| play
indieearcandyforeveryone sad song about a space shuttle crash -- that's where the seemingly outlandlish lyrics come from..
sandra__ @nastysurprise72 Oh ok, now I know how you lived to tell the tale.
dailystendhal :) @lovely_london: "Take Off Your Clothes" (reblip)

Take Off Your Clothes Video by Morningwood

| play
dailystendhal nice! thanks @Cysquatch Actual track is "Bloodletting". Dillinger, Made out of Babies, Isis, Chiodos supergroup." (reblip)


| play
anothercraze ....just this ONE more. Mmmm yeah, that's the spot.

Starfucker Music Video for Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second

| play
rojdoj Queens of the Stone Age @nastysurprise72 perhaps the best band in the world at the present. They've been making us their bitches since 1997.
nastysurprise @okmusic: "@FunkShoi New to me, lovin, thx!" New to me, too. Sounds like Sondre Lerche singing a little bit. (reblip)
rojdoj What?! @nastysurprise72 You need all albums via itunes STAT! Actually I hear a lot of peeps say that. Their last 3 albums = Magnificent
midnightwalker Just ate so I'm not hungry anymore ;)
nastysurprise @teffymae: "@dochugo @sandyriverside You boys sure like to talk about skinny jeans a lot. @MissDiggity " Haha. I dodged that one. (reblip)

PictureplaneGoth Star

| play
nastysurprise Want FREE MUSIC? Nylon mag giving away 21 FREE songs. Check it out. Reblip.

The VinesGet Free

| play
nastysurprise Who's going to be my 300th listener? The prize will be a personalized photoshopping of your face or head in a humorous situation of my choosing. Hurry
nastysurprise I wish Blip would let me blip myself. How did the pope get involved?
AntonioAJ Stealing...

Hooverphonic ::: 2Wicky

| play
midnightwalker @CreepyGirl Is The Drones worth checking out live? They're coming to Finland in September

The DronesMinotaur

| play
CreepyGirl @FunkShoi so that's how we roll? Never thought to check history. Top tip, thanks lovely!
nastysurprise @CreepyGirl My 1st challenge of the day–find a place to download this song. Not in my usual spots. (reblip)


| play
FunkShoi Crack back track!(wtf?) Gonna play all my blips starting from numba one today. #meaninglessfridayretrospective ... right after some hello's
PigFluPanic i havent seen arctic monkeys live... i wish i had! check out these guys too :) @megg @emdeejay @teffmae @Maedhros @nothingcorporate @nastysurprise72
superstarfighter Rusting, sliding, sliding // Sliding //// Endless
nastysurprise @CreepyGirl: "Ooh, another freebie! Only available on blip to the best of my efforts." Me likey. Thx. You're way out of props BTW. (reblip)
AntonioAJ If you don´t eat yourself...

GoldfrappEat Yourself

| play
lilyetc gomez ~ miles end

GomezMiles End

| play
nastysurprise @Deoxy I have a few cousins up your way. I might look there, too. Need something new.


| play
lilyetc M83 ~ we own the sky

M83- We Own the Sky

| play
nastysurprise @meleficent Happens to be my favorite Disney villain and cartoon. Love the art direction.

AshEvil Eye

| play
nastysurprise @prettyfnmess OK, this is awesome. Love your flickr page, BTW. The people set especially. Who is shooting the pics? (reblip)
nastysurprise @mister_e They have a heavy Scottish accent. Maybe you'll like them since you seem to like Frightened Rabbit a little bit.
teffymae @dochugo I'm convinced #1 you don't sleep and #2 you live in a non-stop Ipod commercial @sandyriverside

The faders- No Sleep Tonight

| play
nastysurprise More new (to me) tunes. Check it out.

Lou BarlowGravitate

| play
nastysurprise Some people don't want me on blip because you all are bad influences on me. Back under my rock... umm, not.

Cat PowerHate

| play
nastysurprise And with this song I must say goodnight. You lead me down to the ocean...
nastysurprise OK, one more, but that's it. I have to go to bed.
nastysurprise @MusicIsMySunshine This is pretty cool even though I don't usually like songs with all the sound effects. (reblip)
MusicIsMySunshine New video for this song at .. not on youtube yet. Have watched it 500 times!!
nastysurprise Feeling musically manic-depressive today

Nina KinertBeast

| play
nastysurprise Speaking of which, I better get some done today, dammit.

Nine Inch Nails: Live From Rehearsals: 1,000,000

| play
nastysurprise My theme is apparently "bipolar". This is NOT the perfect follow up to Spank Rock.
mister_e @nastysurprise72: It's true. You're responsible for all the w.w.p.j. songs I'll be playing in the next few weeks.
dochugo #3 ♡ set of 14 love songs ♡
dochugo #5 ♡ set of 14 love songs ♡
nastysurprise @aebar @midnightwalker "Singer/songwriter afternoon" I can definitely get into this mood. I guess I'm there already.
Stay19 Chessie – Eyes & Smiles (Dntel Remix)<><>
midnightwalker Singer-songwriter Afternoon

Lay LowBy and By

| play

Damien Rice & Lisa Hannigan : Unplayed Piano ( Live Oslo) [Widescreen]

| play
nastysurprise @aebar @midnightwalker You're both out of props already, but I'm loving your picks this morning... @ph111 (reblip)
nastysurprise @midnightwalker @aebar She gets better and better every time I hear another song by her. (reblip)
midnightwalker Singer-songwriter Afternoon via@aebar @nastysurprise72 Out of props for you too! (reblip)
nastysurprise You all go over the Etsy and vote for @DJFrankie 's video to help him win $3250. He'll buy us stuff:
dailystendhal it lives n your bliplist now! :) @nastysurprise72: "@dailystendhal @msbojangles This song is BRILLIANT. Why can I not find it. Where does it live?" (reblip)
DJ_HeckaCool new song from Radiohead memorializes 111 year old, WWI veteran, Harry Patch
nastysurprise New from Interpol's frontman. Check it out.
nastysurprise More from Interpol's frontman, Paul Banks. Really good. Check it out.

Russ Garcia Lost Souls of Saturn

| play
nastysurprise @midnightwalker: "@nastysurprise72 I found it from iTunes. Don't know if it can be found from American iTunes" It is not here. (reblip)

KashmirThe Aftermath

| play
nastysurprise Check it out. New to me but really digging it.
anothercraze Good call @squidbrain. I feel like you'd make a good henchman. I think ONE of us (ahum) should start @sandyriverside out softly, gently. With MSG?
squidbrain @spinecut you always find the noisiest stuff for me. you. are. rad.

Dj Spooky's Abstrakt Blowback Mix

| play
MuzanE Oh, look who's finally shown up on YouTube. I won't call them the new Muse. The comparison's too obvious, the sound's too different. Blue Paranoïa!
nastysurprise Final blip for this afternoon. Maybe I'll see some of you later tonight.
midnightwalker @nastysurprise72 You MUST check out band called Dear Reader. Found it today and I'm loving it already
nastysurprise Last one from (500) Days of Summer.

Regina SpektorUs

| play
nastysurprise OK, one more from (500) Days of Summer, but this is really it.


| play
nastysurprise I hardly see your face now

Loney, DearHarm

| play
nastysurprise @anothercraze You found the song that gave me "nasty surprise" in the original cut found on Meeting People is Easy. (reblip)

RadioheadBig Boots

| play
OKnightmare I'M SEEING RED: Wilco-Red-Eyed and Blue
nastysurprise Thank you everyone for getting me to 500. You're all my new best friends. Thanks for entertaining my shameless pleas. It's all for fun. You guys rock.
anothercraze Trying not to run out of props for you before noon today @nastysurprise72 @QuailAndQuasar @Perotin
Shukitty @NotAsPunkAsYou I won't tell no one your name


| play
nastysurprise New Sondre Lerche. Comes out September.
nastysurprise More new tunes I'm checking out. This one has some serious potential.


| play
nastysurprise I typed in some nonsense words and ended up with this cool song. Just kidding. I'm apparently fluent in German. News to me.
nastysurprise OK, I like this band. I don't even care that I have no idea what they're saying.
tuatara Well, all right. :) @gretton: "@tuatara: "This makes me think of you. @gretton" I got a new car at least?" (reblip)
nastysurprise Digging it. In German it's probably translated "digein schnit".
megg @lalagator: "I got a really good heart. I just can't catch a break...I'm fractured." Perhaps my favorite RA song. This is a great video/version. Thx!! (reblip)
sandyriverside @GrassyKnoll: "Chris Matthews of MSNBC Vs Bill O'Reilly of FOX? " I believe O'Reilly's anal cavity is located where his mouth should be. (reblip)

AutoluxAngry Candy

| play
AlyG that was a loooooot of props for one song ;) (reblip)

Jose GonzalezHints

| play
TundraConundra One of my favorite lines of all time: Will the mountain last as long as i can wait -- wait like the dawn how it aches to meet the day?
nastysurprise @Shukitty Wow, this is awkward. Are we working on the same project?
squidbrain @sandyriverside ahhh dubstep. it is you who give my life meaning.
indieearcandyforeveryone haha, hilarious! just what i needed for a little post-lunch boost.. ;) @nastysurprise72 (reblip)
lalagator rb vi@evablue: "actually, i am an eskimo, have pocahontas braids, live in an igloo and have a pet polar bear."--EXCELLENT BLIP! Thanks!! (reblip)
Fated I am not enjoying all these ads for twitter moms I keep seeing on here. I have no youngin's! (say hi to your mom-the forest scares the hell out of me)
everythingispop Everyone should own this album... Great from start to finish. Greetings @badtemperedzombie @by_starla

Jelonek- Beech Forest

| play
lalagator I could listen to him forever.
nastysurprise OK, best find of the day so far. She's great.
nastysurprise Starting to get into this album

The DodosFables

| play
nastysurprise @OKnightmare: "Soooooooooo good" Soooooo right. (reblip)


| play
mteric Sweet, @jennyleepenny! Was that last Friday of this Friday? :) I'm doing pretty good.

The Big Pink-Too young to love

| play

The Shore -The Hard Road

| play