thebloggess A series of songs that I'm a little bit embarrassed that I know all the words to, part 4.
thebloggess School House Rock = a little emo.
thebloggess Most romantic songs don't have enough rogaine in them.
fallingbadgers Then again maybe this is today's sundtrack?
fallingbadgers @negaratduke From over the border but hope it helps with the great flan taisho search


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carlosenrique @miguesme Gracias por los props. "The moonlit wings reflect the stars that guide me towards salvation" Listening: Africa – Toto


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TaylorBarr New Blip Interface? I like it. (reblip)
Ana_Vinagre "All of nature wild and free..."
thebloggess I always listen to this at work too loud and the song right after it on the CD is all "MISSISSIPPI GODDAMN!" Nina Simone is trying to get me fired.
thebloggess I wish I had hands so I could hug you like a man.
thebloggess A series of songs that I'm a little bit embarrassed that I know all the words to, part 1.
thebloggess A series of songs that I'm a little bit embarrassed that I know all the words to, part 3.
thebloggess For years I thought this was sung by a drag queen.
negar @marxculture Griffin wanted me to send you this with a rub against your leg and a meow. (reblip)
Ourkindofart Rain Man Soundtrack auch von Hans Zimmer übrigens ;-)
T_DeBarros BLOSSOM DEARIE. GIVE ME THE Oooh-La-La. ~~~THIS SONG ALWAYS CRACKS ME UP !!!! ROFL !!!! ♥ ♥ IT !! **{how are you?} @Silvirines i am well..u?
T_DeBarros BLOSSOM DEARIE. PEEL ME A GRAPE.JUST LOVIN IT!!~~peel me a the fuzz from the peach..i'm gettin hungry peel me a grape..champagne me~~
T_DeBarros BLOSSOM DEARIE. ALWAYS TRUE 2 U IN MY FASHION. ~i've been asked to have a meal from a big tycoon of steel, if the deal include a meal,i'm game~LOL
T_DeBarros BLOSSOM DEARIE. LIKE SOMEONE IN ♥. ~lately i found myself gazing at stars, hearing guitars, like someone in love~ @santamistura @patita @GR8FL
T_DeBarros BLOSSOM DEARIE. DEVIL & DEEP BLUE SEA~i dont want u,but, hate to loose me in between the devil n the deep blue sea~ *hi @bduubz @bendrix
T_DeBarros BLOSSOM DEARIE. TRY UR WINGS ~if ur hungry for the sound of a lover saying sentimental things,try ur wings...~ *have a good day @adbert @SugarDoggy
T_DeBarros One Self & Little Green. Cupid Smiling The Smile. vi @lub ~nobody knows...nobody knows..cupid smiles n the devil groans..~ *HI @tubilino @babybeluga (reblip)
AllyBSpeakin I like to dance to this song because I'm cool like that...
dublado What do you want from me! "surf music, saudades daquela epoca boa de rotina" (reblip)
T_DeBarros Patty Griffin. Love Throw a Line. ~we run out of love, we run out of gas a 100 miles away..just b4 we cant go any further,love throw me a line~
T_DeBarros Patty Griffin. Top of the World. ~i wish..i wish..i wish..songbird r u gonna fly to the top of the world?~ **GOOD MORN @johnnysmooth ,thx @Blippo
cliffagogo Bound to be in the Smallville or OC credit sequence sadness somewhere...
LittleBells Blind Pilot! My new favorite band. So indie. (reblip)
AllyBSpeakin I can't help it... I love this song...
mgill Thanks for the props @dnya and @RadioFreeIllinois. The time is right for the percussive grooves of Tabla Beat Science.
mgill @negar: "brass band playing 007 tunes" - how I wish I could be there . . . I guess some Bollywood music in a spy flick vein will have to suffice.
SarahLibrarina Go all you whaeas!


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AllyBSpeakin I love when she says "peculiar"... I have no idea why.
cosita @francisrivilla no, nunca! en especial este tema xDDD no tienen still, eso es el que mas me gustaba.
RamonaOh should have picked the audrey version!!! (reblip)

Audrey Hepburn - Moonriver

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thebloggess "or pass a house that you've been in, sometime or another."
Marcus22 Ahhh nice one @28apple_chic! Funny really you went to Turkey and i went to where Bernard matthews is from!:O

BentTo Be Loved

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fallingbadgers @negaratduke Have a great day :)
T_DeBarros Nitin Sawhney.Nadia.{This song is WOW-its absolutely incredible have either of U heard this?} @bendrix *1st time & i ♥ it! In my Favs now! THX ☺ (reblip)

Nitin SawhneyNadia

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T_DeBarros vi @Karuna@santamistura great blip! **{when we do the double blip where just commie fist bumping} @RadioFreeIllinois UR 2 FUNNY :P :P :P (reblip)
T_DeBarros Basia. Ordinary People. ~We, ordinary people, sometimes frightened a little..hiding our secret hopes..~ *hello @ZONE
T_DeBarros Basia. Take Him Back, Rachel. ~shooba doo ba doo..take him back,rachel..he was never truly happy in my arms~ GOTTA RUN..CATCHA LTR MY BLIP FAMILIA
T_DeBarros MEN & MASCARA ALWAYS RUN..hah hah...i just ♥ that line !! it made me laugh from the 1st n it still does today !! LOL LOL ☺ ☺ ☺
thebloggess We're not unreasonable. I mean, no one's gonna eat your eyes. (reblip)
LittleBells Daydreaming, bed scenes in the corner café and then I'm left in bits recovering tectonic tremblings. You get me every time.
Yessy Escuchando algo de garbage..
ladypn Swimming sea of stars, hmmm rb@yuuya (reblip)
DJRadius One of my all-time fav songs from an all-time fav album (reblip)
DJRadius On a rooftop in Brooklyn, I once fell in love...
DJRadius sound of an invasion! shout out to my bro. 1988, yo
DJRadius switching it up, but still, well, you know...


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fallingbadgers @negaratduke In the absence of niece based iT support :)

Anna DominoRhythm

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DJRadius I wish I had a ladder to the sun today... (thx @mn_aliali) (reblip)

Yeah Yeah YeahsZero

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AlyG ohhh thanks for getting me there @SylentSyd!!!! and everyone else too :)
simplesmente Hello querida @Nani1982 ...tudo joinha sim e vc ? Ok vou passar o meu email para Duda =)
reverb Just heard this playing in my office
mmemaledicta gotta drive to the ol' office today. right now, calculating timecards.
mgill Thanks @justG. I'm quite enjoying this one and have to reblip. From "Barsaat" (2005), "Days of Rain Came," and it won't stop raining in NYC. (reblip)

01 - Barsaat Ke Din Aaye

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DJRadius oh! i like geometry. reminds me of THE RADIUS!
DJRadius 1. underworld in the afternoon


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DJRadius 2.5. underworld in the afternoon


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LittleBells The last episode of How I Met Your Mother mentioned this song in a hilarious way. Loves it.
birdgirl @mgill so don't even think about tangoing to it!
KristaDarling I adore this.

Mills Brothers - Paper Doll

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KristaDarling @DecoDelight; I hardly know you but, seeing as we have such similar musical taste, I'll give you permission to call me baby. :D :P

Ink Spots - Maybe

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avivajazz Vanessa Daou / My Love is Too Much / One of her best. Thus, reblippable. Tho' my love is also too much, my reblipmania is....not. Right, vi@bendrix ? (reblip)
avivajazz Zimpala | Adios // Thanks, vi@Kingsalien (reblip)


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avivajazz Eddie Vedder | Long Nights | Thanks, vi@m0nad: "" (reblip)
fallingbadgers @negaratduke We treasure the gifts of others and suddenly find that are a word for life, our life :)
fallingbadgers @negaratduke For every butterfly, a new dream :)
avivajazz Vusi Mahlasela | Moleko // Born 1965 in South Africa, folk singer-songwriter, inspirational to many during the anti-apartheid movement // vi@KathysArt
avivajazz Sarah McLachian | Angel // Thanks, vi@doczok and vi@zamfir, who wrote: "A song that makes you happy to be sad." (reblip)
avivajazz Dhol Foundation | Ishtar // A dhol is a stick drum of India (and Pakistan), often played in large baterias // Thanks, vi@DesertLily (reblip)
avivajazz Wendy McNeill | The Sad Sad Story of Rosa Rabbit and Sasha Snake
aliali the charm belies the lyrics...
T_DeBarros Peggy Lee.Black Coffee~black coffee luvs a hand me down brew..i'm talkin to the shadows 1 o'clock to coffee,since the blues caught my eye
KristaDarling ADORE this. I've been looking for it for awhile now.
KristaDarling Okay kids, gotta get a shower and such, be back later on--and, you're welcome for that picture.-- HAHAHA
avivajazz Richard Bona | Kalabancoro / Check out the wild and beautiful "fula flute," or tambin, spicing up this song. Not that it needs more than Bona's voice
T_DeBarros Trina & Keyshia Cole. I Gotta Thang 4 U. ~i gotta thang 4 u baby..but, i'm holding back cuz i'm soo thristy..~*Hi @kevster @diva42 @QUEENRO @negar
KristaDarling from Little Shop of Horrors-- We snuggle watching Lucy on a big, enormous 12 inch screen..
avivajazz Rabih Abou-Khalil | Blue Camel // Rabih Abou-Khalil (Arabic: ربيع أبو خليل‎, born August 17, 1957 in Lebanon) is an oud player and composer.
avivajazz Charlie Mariano – Bess You Is My Woman Now
avivajazz Soweto Gospel Choir – Bayete
fallingbadgers @negaratduke cough, cough


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avivajazz Zoe Pearce – Lullaby for Tired Eyes // Unusual, haunting voice; unusual singer-songwriter. Thanks, vi@SevenTenths (reblip)
stena looked for "yoda" but all greylined! your blips make me happy-glad 2return the favour 4once. *^_^* rbthx!@Karuna: "Flying out on Air Batucada..." (reblip)
aliali though i don't know what comes next i will not hold my horses


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KristaDarling she isn't the best at delivering lines..has anyone else noticed this?


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DJRadius on a train, reading, writing...


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DJRadius there might not be any chickens involved, but i wanna jack these cats' style
yoda8myhead Discovered this song recently. I really like it.
fallingbadgers Harissa!

Fill Up Mi Portion

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thebloggess It pisses me off when 8 year olds are more talented than me.

zee avi-Honey Bee

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thebloggess I love this song and not just because me and @DrPants are tight like OJ's glove. (reblip)
thebloggess Why I adore @LauraMayes: "This song is like the suburbs of my imagination. Shiny, happy on the melodic exterior, with twisty, dark lyrics inside." (reblip)
birdgirl @djilo oops--so that last one was the first half of the answer--So that's where he is; I'm home making a new futon cover. And blipping :)
DUBODUB my spin instructor always finishes with this song. she didn't know where she got it and here it is.

DJ KARDA-Mozart techno remix

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KristaDarling This is darling. I love Debbie Reynolds. :)
DJRadius Writing music, track 01. Or, "The advance of the massage therapists"
fallingbadgers d negaratduke helps if I click on right link!

The CureThe Love Cats

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cArtPhotography Pink – I'm Not Dead (blip.up)
cArtPhotography Hey Ya - Oh thank you my new listener!!

OutkastHey Ya

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KristaDarling @TrainWreckRadio; HAHAHA. Good excuse, dude. ;) -- @epiq; Of course you aren't alone. Good comedy is ageless!--
cArtPhotography thanks for the props @negar @ladystyx "Who Knew" I'd be up this late? =)

PinkWho Knew

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KristaDarling from the Mona Lisa Smile Soundtrack. :)
KristaDarling ffrom the Original Broadway Cast of Cabaret.

Don't Tell Mama (Cabaret OBC)

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Junchai Here is what I would say Cole Porter's song presented well by sweet Ella.
DJRadius and just a little whup-peesht/whup-peesht-peesht to keep it real. captain of the poets, i'm the #7 pick. bust on that, Nio.
srharris19 @srharris19: "Link it to the world; link it to yourself!" Muse (reblip)

MuseNew Born

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Daren140 I really love love love this mix
Junchai I am trying to appreciate her way of singing. This one is good for me to start. Thanks to@alessavalentine: "Vocal acrobatics for the win." (reblip)
fallingbadgers When you have the flu, everything sounds like this


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Groovedog Classic! @CoachCharrise: " Papa Can you Hear Me? - Barbara Streisand" (reblip)
Groovedog Oh yeah baby--welcome to summer! @janetyelplanety: Summertime... and the livin' is easy." (reblip)
Groovedog Don't be just another brick in the wall. Find your own groove. (reblip)
Groovedog To my tweeps. You've got a friend--in fact lots of them. Hope your day is bright. (reblip)

You've Got A Friend---carole King,Celine,Gloria,Shania

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Daren140 World 2.0 ? Bring it on ... its about bloody time huh ?

John Lennon Imagine

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srharris19 bump bump bump bump bump bump I feel free mmmmmmmm

CreamI Feel Free

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DJRadius Acron says he met 'em on a walkway. So did I! Then she started singin' an old Kenyan hit...
DJRadius she's pushes triggers and not people-buttons. right. who doesn't, that's what I wanna know? @niohokusai, don't try and put me in a fridge!
DJRadius i'm straight up addicted to this joint. i love it when you're skankin' with me, baby.

Fat Freddy's Drop 'Roady'

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DJRadius scratch it up. trace it out. impossible. (another @mn_aliali good one)
aliali come on @DJRadius, you gotta share the original!! rayando el sol... no creo que es imposible...

MANARayando el sol

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lksriv Love this @Sophizz: "✿~♥~✿" (reblip)

Elissa..... Betmoun

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lauren hill - fugees - cant take my eyes off of you

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KristaDarling stupid video, great song.

Baby Jesus-Regina Spektor

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Quimper Sing along, you know the words. LALALALALALALA

Gobbledigook (Live With Bjork at Naturra)

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pix4pix Männer aufgepasst! Dieses Lied hilft euch Frauen bessser zu verstehen. Annett Louisan – Ausgesprochen unausgesprochen - (reblip)
Junchai @WebGyver: "Italian soft pop rock at its best by Drupi, the Italian "Rod Stewart" from way back when . . . with attitude, of course!" (reblip)
Junchai Cocoa tea time is in the evening, right? @lemon_jelly :-) @PavlovsStepson
Junchai This is nice! Thanks! @TrixieMoon (reblip)

Saint Etienne 'Side Streets'

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DJRadius After one smoothie and one coffee, Gonzales and I are writing a book.


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DJRadius For the past week, a top secret, 2 a.m. live recording of @lukeslott has kept me going. His album "for solo piano" is just out!
DJRadius Gonzales and I are start working on that book again. Such a good collaborator. Thanks, man.


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DJRadius I feel like a taking a stroll along the Champ de Mars...


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DJRadius I don't know what she's singing about, but I still want to sit and listen that voice for hours...


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gendercontrol this is what happens when George Clinton gets into psychoanaylsis. anyway, a good little funk-disco number.

PARLET/ pleasure principle/ 1978

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DJRadius *****


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sarahksilverman Hindsight is a gift- I now giggle when recalling that this was my song with a person who let me think I was crazy while he lied to my teary face.
MXML Soapkills - Tango ܍ #lebanon


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Goldfrapp-It's Not Over Yet(Grace & Klaxons Cover)

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DJRadius Kanye is a painter in this video. Hmm. Nio? Comment.

Keri Hilson ft. Kanye West & Ne-Yo "Knock You Down"

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DJRadius i'm still so 3008

Satisfaction vs Boom Boom Pow Club Mix Rick Edit

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A Lazy Trip Down Easy Street

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mgill And closing with some mellow from Adham Shaikh.

Adham ShaikhDubfire

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MXML "Eh is-sonf iz-zifti da?" ☢ Y.A.S. - Da ☢ #arabology


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DJRadius i said, i wanna love; i don't wanna fight!
DJRadius where did the summer go?
DJRadius that's right. hutru horas, yo!

Orchestra Baobab Live, Hutru horas

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jodim i'll stop the world and melt with you...
lola_spinsupreme Settling in. Sitting back and reading for pleasure.
bthecat nice@fluffyboots: "@Kingsofdabeatz: "Boca 45 – La Bombanera"-v good tx!!" (reblip)

Boca 45La Bombanera

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aj18787 wise men say only fools rush in but i cant help falling in love with you <3

Elvis Presley- Can't Help Falling in Love (With lyrics)

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lksriv for @negar... some more dancing music for you (and for @mgill too)


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puravida26 It's all about the makeup and the dancing.
lola_spinsupreme Iron & Wine from the Swell Season Tour: amazing, amazing concert.
lola_spinsupreme Summer dreaming and sunshine in a cup.
lola_spinsupreme Girl talkin... listen closely.

Girl TalkLike This

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amphore Polka Dots And Moonbeams By Enoch Light

Polka Dots And Moonbeams By Enoch Light

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mgill Great blip to wake up to, thank you both, @dnya, @DesertLily: "Qalandariyah, or "kalandar" is a free spirit who has no wordly shackles ~"" (reblip)
thebloggess It's the perfect song to clean bloody knives to.

Lenka- Trouble is a Friend (Lyrics easy sing-a-long)

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thebloggess I can't find the original but the cover has a certain charm itself...
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