Sprezzatura Birds flyin' high. Sun in the sky. Reeds driftin' on by. And I'm feelin' good.
ladypn rb@2HandedJam & @LatexPope. This is just beautiful! (reblip)


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2HandedJam Artists take note: Video is so so much more effective in black n white! Thanks @Inesobjetsmart: "was another Monday morning song she kept humming. " (reblip)
cloudchair Perfect Day / Lou Reed

Michael Jackson-The Way You Make Me Feel Lyrics

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lordremo And another good one from Stevie
StreamingMimi Dean Martin – Return To Me
finchbeak gender or sex? = D jk. male on both counts. (just so you know!) ; ) @KristaDarling: "...female or male" just so i know. :)" (reblip)
charmstep Barry White – I've Got So Much to Give - It's gonna take my lifetime. It's gonna take years and years and years ...
charmstep @rubikoO You're in a nice Stevie groove. Not a bad place to be.
charmstep Whatever Happens don't let go of my hand. Fantastic music & lyrics. Thx @Bakojo. Big Hugs & Hello to @Tjeerd @mariemoi and @dionroy-what's new, Star?
StreamingMimi Hi! So good to 'see' you again! Hope you are having a great day! RB @indyh: "hello @StreamingMimi :-) ~✿*~✿*~*✿~" (reblip)

Nina Simone, "Gimme Some" (remix)

| play
bendrix I love me some Marvin. "Wo ai ni de er duo" = I love U'r ears. Bad translation but U get my meaning haha=> rb@ShiaoMei: "@bendrix..wo de __ ears?" (reblip)
bendrix I can't believe I haven't introduced ya'll to 1 of my all time fave artists. I promise all her tracks R YUM!!!=> @TarinnAdaria @ShiaoMei
bendrix How did U do this WOW ;) => rb@kaerolina: " ▁ ▂ ▃ ▄ ▆ ▇ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▃ ▂ ▁ ▂ ▃ ▄ ▆ ▇ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▃ ▂ ▁ ▂ ▃ ▄ ▆ ▇ █ █ █ █ █" (reblip)
bendrix This track is especially FRESH - I think U will really dig this=> @chiiQ
cagey2519 Nice, @OldSchoolBill, very nice indeed. Thanks for listening! (reblip)
bendrix I do not exaggerate when I say I love almost every single song that Vanessa has ever made=> rb@ShiaoMei:"A beautiful peice 4: @broadwayg &@Fangbaby" (reblip)
pamplays Because we all need a break...

Sia Sunday

| play
pamplays For FM

Soulstice ~ Fall into you

| play
pamplays There comes a time to hope...and that time is now...

Vargo The Moment Original Mix

| play
pamplays For FM.....like waves to the shore...stars up above...

Bliss wish you were here

| play
pamplays There is love in this world...
pamplays I would give you what you need to smile today...

If This World Were Mine

| play
Flames Luther Vandross - Love Me Again

Luther Vandross Love Me Again

| play

Luther Vandross-The Lady Is A Tramp(Duet With Frank Sinatra)

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pamplays @bendrix: "This track is especially FRESH - I think U will really dig this=> @chiiQ " Sweet... (reblip)
EFR56 Carlos Santana & Alice Coltrane (wife of John) "Angel of Air & Angel of Water" from the Santana album "Illuminations" (1974)

Carlos Santana & Alice Coltrane Angel of Air & Angel of Water

| play
EFR56 Thank you again. @thelema2009: "***" (reblip)

Bird York / In the Deep

| play
EFR56 A another sweet sound. Thanks for the props too. ;- ) @clairetheloon (reblip)
2HandedJam *** Vaughn Mason & The Crew - Jammin' Big Guitar" (reblip)

Vaughn Mason-Jammin' big guitar

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pamplays @Atomik: "Hiya! Hope you have a great weekend @Siberia " Nice... (reblip)
pamplays electronica with latin influence...interesting.

Tanto Tempo, Bebel Gilberto (Peter Kruder mix)

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pamplays Gracias por eso, senor. (reblip)

Over and Over-Nana Mouskouri

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pamplays @miguesme: "Carlos Baute & Marta Sánchez – Colgando En Tus Manos"...en los manos de quien? (reblip)
ChordOnBlue RB@lovethemusic: "- Tony Bennett with John Legend- Sing, You Sinners@ChordOnBlue@BleakMouse@amphore@0_0@ShiaoMei" (reblip)

Tony Bennett "Sing, You Sinners" with John Legend

| play
pamplays @miguesme: "Carlos Baute & Marta Sánchez – Colgando En Tus Manos"...en los manos de quien? (reblip)

So What by.Miles Davis

| play
ChordOnBlue RB@MonkeyMadeofSockies: ":) My favorite song." (reblip)

Double Bogey Blues

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pamplays This is a great tongue-in-cheek piece..watch the youtube of it

Mack the Knife (Michael Buble/Frank Sinatra/Dean Martin/Rat Pack/Bobby Darin Cover)

| play
ChordOnBlue RB@0_0: "Toccata And Fugue In D Minor Bedankt voor de propsjes : ) @mamamiaellen " (reblip)
pamplays @BleakMouse: "...a curiously neglected late-Miles recording..." (reblip)

Miles Davis Sonningpris 1984

| play
pamplays If I could go back in time....I'd want to be in his recording studio...and then a coffee for a dime.


| play


| play
pamplays she is like a dark glass on wine...on a summer night..
EFR56 André Previn/London Symphony Orchestra; Rhapsody in Blue (G. Gershwin, Orch by Ferde Greofé) (1998)@rockchalk75@pamplays @digitpt@ShiaoMei
pamplays I would sail you to the shore...if you were a river I would swim you...
EFR56 Astor Piazzolla: Libertango (Buenos Aires 2006 Daniel Barenboim)

Piazzolla: Libertango (Buenos Aires 2006 Barenboim)

| play
charmstep Smokey Robinson & The Miracles – Whatever Makes You Happy
pamplays @EFR56: "Astor Piazzolla: Libertango (Buenos Aires 2006 Daniel Barenboim)" (reblip)

Piazzolla: Libertango (Buenos Aires 2006 Barenboim)

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pamplays @EFR56: "Carlos Santana & Alice Coltrane (wife of John) "Angel of Air & Angel of Water" from the Santana album "Illuminations" (1974)" (reblip)

Carlos Santana & Alice Coltrane Angel of Air & Angel of Water

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pamplays @EFR56: "A another sweet sound. Thanks for the props too. ;- ) @clairetheloon" (reblip)
EFR56 Gal Costa Ao Vivo – Feitio de Oração
BleakMouse Thanks @OldSchoolBill: "@BleakMouse Thxs for the RB & props. @ChordOnBlue @tbell Thxs 4 he props. Here's Joe Pass" (reblip)

Joe Pass & NHOP

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pamplays @jorgetobon: "Gotan Project – La Viguela ", linda musica (reblip)
EFR56 Steve Davis Quintet: "Shadows" from CD "Portrait In Sound"

Charles Aznavour-Que c'est triste Venise

| play


| play

jacques Brel _ La Chanson des Vieux Amants

| play
pamplays My daughter's favorite song....this is for you honey..
pamplays Delicious video...two outstanding vocalists

Eva Cassidy 02 Duet with Katie Melua

| play
pamplays My hands down favorite version of this song...
EFR56 Lots surprise props & RBs from many today. U never know who will like what. Thats part of the fun here. & so I leave with a BIG THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!
broadwayg "At night these BlipStarz put on a show for free...Up on the Roof @mizhelena@artgallerylink@LisaWorld@djLop @c3p0@DirtyUrine hi and good mornin all (reblip)
bendrix Glad U dig that Soulstice. unfortunately i don't have any more so I hope this will fulfill you like ice cream on a scorching Aussie summer=> rb@VayVay
pamplays @verawooten: "@KristyRNinAZ: "Aretha Franklin – Through the Storm (Duet With Elton John)"" (reblip)
pamplays In the 70's I drove round and round SF looking for parking while listening to Smokey....the fog hanging over Twin Peaks...nice memory
pamplays Congrats go out to Camille and Franky...cute...
pamplays LIke I heard at the wedding today...let's strive to be always be just and kind...good place to start!
BleakMouse Thanks @iddybud: "(LIVE) F Kummer cello duet 4 Bozidar Pejic Aleksandar Kotevski" (reblip)

F Kummer cello duet 4 Bozidar Pejic Aleksandar Kotevski

| play
pamplays I love this movie soundtrack "Return to me"....and the movie too
avivajazz Dexter Gordon ◈» Blue Bossa ◈» Biting the Apple (1976)

Blue Bossa -Dexter Gordon

| play
avivajazz Paco de Lucia Sextet ◈» 2 ◈» Pepe de Lucia (cantaor), Jorge Pardo (flute), Ramon de Algecaris (guitar), Carlos Benavent (bass), Ruben Dantas (cajon) (reblip)

PACO DE LUCIA,la cañada, flamenco carlos saura

| play
avivajazz Clark Terry + Red Mitchell ◈» It Don't Mean a Thing ◈» Clark Terry (trumpet) + Red Mitchell (double bass)
avivajazz Zoot Sims (tenor sax) + Red Mitchell (double bass) ◈» Autumn Leaves
S75_BigBandEraRadio BIG BAND RADIO: - Paul McCartney - Summertime
S75_BigBandEraRadio BIG BAND RADIO; - Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons - Stay

Dulce Pontes _ Os Amantes _ 2006

| play
BleakMouse Thanks @amphore: "Pierre Barouh et Sacha Distel – Ce n'€™est que de l'eau (Agua de beber) - 1966" (reblip)
broadwayg Daddy's just like coltrane, Baby's just like Miles.... Michela Franks "Lady wants to know.."@ChordOnBlue Ladypn@LadyFox@amphore@artlinkgallery
pamplays I like this version better than Smokey's...
pamplays @pamplays: "I would sail you to the shore...if you were a river I would swim you..." (reblip)
pamplays My momma used to play this when I was a kid...I remember my parents dancing to this
pamplays mmmm...I do

Etta James I just wanna make love to you

| play

New York New York by Frank Sinatra

| play
avivajazz ~≈✺John McLaughlin & Carlos Santana ✺≈~ .:✺:. Canto de Xangô
avivajazz ◘:: Mongo Santamaria •●: Yemaya Olodo for Olla
pamplays @avivamagnolia: "~≈✺John McLaughlin & Carlos Santana ✺≈~ .:✺:. Canto de Xangô" (reblip)
pamplays @S75: "BIG BAND RADIO: - Glenn Miller - American Patrol ------Good Night to all who are listening! ----" (reblip)
EFR56 Melody Gardot: Love Me Like A River Does

love me like a river does

| play
pamplays ...I remember my parents dancing to this" @2HandedJam (reblip)
pamplays In the arms of angels ..may you find some comfort here
pamplays Shower the people you love with love and show them the way that you feel...@2HandedJam
pamplays well suited...together

Dixie Chicks & James Taylor -Sweetbaby James

| play
pamplays This is for you daddy...i miss you..
pamplays In your hours of uncertainty I will be your solid ground...
avivajazz Black Sugar Sextet ~:~ El Condor Pasa ~:~ Jazzy, with silver flute, Latin percussion
avivajazz Black Sugar Sextet ~:~ My Funny Zule ~:~ Latin jazz piano

George Benson, Diana Krall and Erykah Badu

| play

Poindexter Brothers -Backfield in Motion

| play
EFR56 @EFR56: "Gene Ammons: "Angel Eyes" Another fav on tenor sax especially this number." (reblip)
pamplays I love watching these kids rock it with cellos...A gifted cellist...@carlosvferreira, @BleakMouse, @2HandedJam

Final Countdown cello and orchestra

| play
BleakMouse Study music? Sounds headache inducing. Examination tomorrow. Thx@peasandcarrots: "@BleakMouse thanks for all the great study music!" (reblip)

Zero 7 "Destiny"

| play
pamplays @GR8FL: "chillin'" Thank you for this. It's beautiful. (reblip)
pamplays @GR8FL: "chillin'"..Thank you for this. It's beautiful. (reblip)
pamplays Is that a piece of steel being played?
pamplays Love the jazz piano on this one..
pamplays @CrescentMoonglow: "One of my favorite songs. How comforting..." Thanks.... (reblip)
pamplays @pauldale: "More 1 touch...love this song. Delicious sexiness....fills me with longing... (reblip)


| play
avivajazz Roland Kirk ::◈::: ◘.●•~» Tribute to John Coltrane vi@pauldale (reblip)
pamplays @BleakMouse: "...this is lovely..thank you. Haunting flute (reblip)
pamplays create...an inner sense of wonder...
BleakMouse I thank you, madam. @tbell: "from earlier @tbell: "thank you, dear sir. dedicated @BleakMouse"" (reblip)
pamplays Thank you mama...I'm alive...and I'm making a wish...to make my life some positive force...thanks for the reminder
pamplays No one does this better than the Chipmunks!
pamplays She does this raw and personal..
pamplays loco y loco para tu piel...con miel en mis labios ...ah loca mas
pamplays Ohmigod...this woman has pipes...best version of this song I've heard...makes me weak@2HandedJam (reblip)

Minnie Riperton 明妮 1975 loving you

| play
EFR56 Thelonious Monk Quartet – Straight, No Chaser - Paris, 1969
pamplays @GR8FL: "besame mucho ...great piece..thanks..amazingly sexy (reblip)
pamplays Great intro...I'm a sparrow on the roof
pamplays ...you are the rhythm of my bloodstream...will I find you there?

Up The Ladder To The Roof

| play
pamplays Get's you up dancing..

Eva Cassidy-God Bless The Child

| play
pamplays learned a lot of tricks for my life..
pamplays hoping you'll find love...
luisinha Diva!! @ChordOnBlue: "Bebel is from Brazil, go 2 YouTube. RB@pamplays: "Where is this from? I've never heard of it. Thanks."" (reblip)
pamplays God I love this intro....haunts me
pamplays @lordremo: "And another good one from Stevie" Thanks. This is a delightful ballad (reblip)
GR8FL @briangreene I am agreeing re privacy, but more important issues for ME exist.. what others say is for them.
GR8FL indeed! rb@amphore: "this is a very nice erotic blip :)))) Sven van Hees (bendrix) – Serrano Anthem (Amor/Amor)" (reblip)
rguimaslima Bliped by @rebekaj: "awesome! ten million props @Subjugator: "remember this one becky?"" (reblip)


| play
pamplays From Senegal, West Africa...carried me along his journey. Nice piece

Ismael LoNabou

| play

Ismaël Lô: Jammu Africa

| play
DJgaryb_Cafedelmar OK i am of to bed now, thanks everone for listening and proping. I will leave you with this, a perfect track for the sunset
texman2 Donovannnn thks @iReignMusic and thks for this song @comicmama: "@nanasforcast: ""thanks for the love @comicmama"" (reblip)
avivajazz Joan Baez y Mercedes Sosa ● Gracias a la Vida ● My favorite; the most heart-rending version...

Joan Baez & Mercedes Sosa "Gracias A La Vida"

| play
avivajazz Jane Bunnett (flute) + Cuban piano masters Hilario Durán + Frank Emilio ●»► Afro-Cuban Melody

Jane Bunnett & Cuban Piano Masters

| play
avivajazz Tony Scott ~:~ Satori (Enlightenment)
AECullen_ awww, this one's so cuteee! "Smile" by Uncle Kracker
ChordOnBlue Thx. RB@Crashlndin: "Toni Braxton – Spanish Guitar " (reblip)
pamplays India Arie with her momma...love that guitar...now that is SOUL
pamplays Sarah Mclachlan--I will remember you

Ella sings "Stormy Weather" with Joe Pass, Hannover 1975

| play
S75_BigBandEraRadio BIG BAND RADIO: - Muddy Waters - Baby Please Don't Go @BarbieRay - I think you are a good looking woman.
pamplays I love my Zero 7 CD...play it in my car ....this song makes me think of you..@2HandedJam

Zero 7Home

| play
pamplays Boz Scaggs...lowdown...thanks for reminding me what a great song this is.. (reblip)
pamplays Boz Scaggs...could not resist the title of this...funny memory@bendrix
pamplays @Jeffie: "The Spinners - "It's A Shame" (late summer and early autumn, 1970)"...great tune (reblip)
pamplays Spinners-I'll be around...what a great tune
pamplays @S75: "BIG BAND RADIO: - Billie Holiday, "I get along without you very well"." Sweet misery... (reblip)

Billie Holiday, "I get along without you very well".

| play
pamplays @GR8FL: "I go to sleep, sleep and imagine that you're there with me"....great cover!!!! (reblip)
pamplays Foo Fighters and Norah jones--Virginia moon....great vocals
pamplays Mithoven sykehus--sobre la mar (over the sea)...great youtube in memory of the greats of music
pamplays Foo fighters--what if I do? "help me to find the words that eat you up inside"...@2HandedJam
pamplays Norah Jones--Love me Tender...sweet cover
pamplays Norah Jones-Will you still love me tomorrow?
DJMees Love this song :) @scotlandlover (reblip)

Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush -Don't Give Up

| play
pamplays Marilyn Monroe and Nat King Cole--When I fall in love...doesn't get much silkier than this
S75_BigBandEraRadio BIG BAND RADIO: - Bette Midler "Is That All There Is?"

Bette Midler "Is That All There Is?"

| play
S75_BigBandEraRadio BIG BAND RADIO: - Barbara Streisand - Memory
pamplays Sia-I go to sleep....sweet sleep...sweet voice...
pamplays Jack Johnson..constellations...a nice good night song
EFR56 John Coltrane – You Don't Know What Love Is; McCoy Tyner (Piano) Jimmy Garrison (bass) Elvin Jones(drums)
StreamingMimi For @BklynDooWopper *** They say in the darkest night there's a light beyond ~ Art Garfunkel - All I Know
pamplays Once again I cannot sleep...james blunt
smoky ♫My Father's Eyes - Eric Clapton
its4am @lovethemusic I blipped JL often when I was new in Blip. Thanks a lot! "its4am==I hope you will like it , in fact I am sure you will :-))" (reblip)
S75_BigBandEraRadio BIG BAND RADIO: - Lionel Hampton - How High the Moon
ladypn こんにちは @katarinax, そしてあなた非常に歓迎されていなさいありなさい! (reblip)
S75_BigBandEraRadio BIG BAND RADIO: - Bing Crosby - Dear Hearts and Gentle People (Single Version)
pamplays @Flames: "John Legend - Save Room"---classic.... (reblip)
pamplays Dancing in the Moonlight...@patricia_coelho: "olá, querida @marilovisky :) um domingo maravilhoso pra ti! beijo." (reblip)
pamplays With my own two hands...Jack Johnson and Ben Harper...nice version...gonna help the human race...
its4am Last Tango In Paris

Gotan Project- Last Tango in Paris (studio version)

| play
2HandedJam *** HOT CHOCOLATE – Brother Louie
2HandedJam *** L.T.D. – (Everytime I Turn Around) Back in Love Again

Ned Rothenberg and Glen Velez

| play

Duke Ellington(Paul Gonsalves)-Crescendo+Diminuendo In Blue

| play
BleakMouse Thanks @djaces29: "SANTANA (CHICK COREA – HERBIE HANCOCK - MC LAUGHLIN)" (reblip)
THEORDEROFEARTH Thx @dullim: "Lara Fabian (Love by Grace).........Bom dia musical, @matesca! Good morning to all blipers!" (reblip)

Lara Fabian (Love by Grace)

| play
Ammidon Build a Dream...Watch It All Fall Down. San Andreas Fault -Natalie Merchant
dankitti Keith Jarrett from My Song, here is Questar. Jazz Blips for a Saturday night!
S75_BigBandEraRadio BIG BAND RADIO: - Dave Koz - Faces Of The Heart
Lazulite Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush - Don't Give Up

Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush -Don't Give Up

| play

Soneto de separação (Vinicius de Moraes)

| play
girlsflyingsolo midnight star – slow jam - used to love this! Quick 'hey' to @LadyFox@broadwayg@yourmama
EFR56 Dandy brain cannula – Nick Cave and Warren Ellis
dwo34 Need some inspiration. Listen... Man in The Mirror LIVE – Michael Jackson - The title company needs to do this! (reblip)
avivajazz Ella Fitzgerald ● Night and Day ● Like the beat of the tom-tom... the beat of the stately clock... Night and day... Only you... You, you, you...
pamplays Marvin Gaye....Soon I'll be loving you again. "Excellent find! rb...haven't heard this in forever - @GR8FL, @EFR56, @FreakinFrog,@2HandedJam (reblip)
EFR56 Classic Juju Music from Nigeria; Fela Kuti – Shakara (Oloje)
pamplays Sweet love - Jay R....
pamplays Reflections of Love ~ Hilary Stagg....a meditation...
pamplays Sweet taste of love ~ George Benson...mmmm that sax
pamplays Sweetest somebody I know ~ Stevie Wonder...spanish influence...?
pamplays Take me in your arms and love me ~ Gladys night and the pips...@ChordOnBlue
ladypn Thank you @KushiQ! I love this! : "@ladypn@Mysterymix@DownLow@@kzythm@akuji@MeeJong... a special thanx an a nice day for you....:)" (reblip)

Bob Marley And the Wailers-Chances Are

| play
GR8FL @marthagabriel where would we be if we didn't have music (something to feel, maybe not define) to express our emotions or helps us deal with them?
bendrix Hen Hen hao. Ni hen chong ming=> rb@ShiaoMei: "((((:@bendrix:)))) "Wo Ai Ai Ai zhe ge. Wo kan dao ni hen kuai le xiao peng you=> rb@ShiaoMei" (reblip)
BleakMouse with Herbie Hancock, Stanley Clarke, Jack DeJohnette
pamplays John Legend feat Estelle ~ No other love ~ lmp
pamplays thank you @mizzbee: .. Michael Jackson - Planet Earth Poem" (reblip)

Michael Jackson Planet Earth Poem

| play
girlsflyingsolo Got those Monday blues... Etta James – I'd Rather Go Blind
ladypn Everyday I'm away from you, shakes me up inside. I wanna be near ya, know that you are here, lying just next to me. How happy we could be! ;)
avivajazz Kenny Garrett / Wayne's Thang / Sketches of MD: Live at the Iridium / Benito Gonzalez (p) Nat Reeves (b) Jamire Williams (d) Pharoah Sanders (ts)


| play
broadwayg Imeenfree Al Jarreau Teach Me Tonight on Slo Jamz... Teach me @its4am@Thaiangel@SheilaRock@Echos_Voice @Blanquis26.......


| play
broadwayg "rb@DaLady: "Here's one for you@broadwayg :)"Thank u sweet.Gotta share this@mz_rocko @ChordOnBlue@amphore@ShiaoMei@TropicsZ4@GinaDunc Slo jazz jamz (reblip)


| play
EFR56 U'll trade Manhattan for a string of beads" Clever line re NY purchased for beads from Am. Indians. Nice tune, TY RB@pamplays@S75@ChordOnBlue@ladypn" (reblip)
broadwayg MJ Butterflies. Kickin off another edition of Slo Jamz....Hi @crowjane good to see ya@LadyFox hi@ChordOnBlue @nicklove01 hi babygirl@Jeffie mr Blip

Michael Jackson "Butterflies" music video

| play
Diordan BTW thank you @GR8FL for the GR8 uploads! =)
avivajazz Carmen McRae ⁞∫⁞ I'm Going to Lock My Heart, and Throw Away the Key (1960s)

Carmen McRae 1960s

| play
girlsflyingsolo Love IS a wonderful thing <3 Michael Bolton – When a Man Love a Woman
Model_Daughters can you dig the bends vicki does on these tapped harmonics... *sigh* ahhh... // Vicki Genfan – Norweigian Wood @genfan
EFR56 Lovely Head (Goldfrapp)

Lovely Head (Goldfrapp)

| play
avivajazz Los Incas (Peru) ~ Trail of Tears ~ The Other Side of the Volcano

You Go To My Head (Frank Sinatra)

| play
avivajazz Babatunde Olatunji ~ Jingo-lo-ba ~ Drums of Passion

Babatunde Olatunji Jin-Go-Lo-Ba (Drums of Passion)

| play
broadwayg Soul Explosion. Percy Sledge-When a Man Loves a Woman. (Ain't it the truth)@ambit@TheLenzyme@TropicsZ@BakingMan@RnBE @PabloM@joechapman@ChordOnBlue
S75_BigBandEraRadio BIG BAND RADIO: - Grover Washington, Jr. - Lover Man
S75_BigBandEraRadio BIG BAND RADIO; - Duke Ellington & Louis Armstrong - C Jam Blues
Ammidon This Is It (Single 2009) -Michael Jackson
pamplays Love it! @ForPetes_Sake: "Michel Legrand – The Typewriter" (reblip)
broadwayg rb@weschicklit: "Everyone needs someone to love come rain or come shine...."//I LOOOOOVE ur playlist. U Go Girl!!! (reblip)
broadwayg rb@weschicklit. Embraceable You. Hey@Flying_Roundhouse. Check out ms weschicklit. Heavenly...... (reblip)
crowjane Luther~just cut my heartout and pretend I never existed~the human spirit is like the goodyear bunny~takes a lickN~never thought I could live without U
avivajazz Kenny Burrell + John Coltrane / Why Was I Born ?
GR8FL one more cos I love his smooth & sexy voice... see ya laters


| play
GR8FL hmmm... lemme get back to you on this (rb) @DChain: "#GR8FL Which one should I take? There exist so many of them ;)" (reblip)
GR8FL thanks for uploading this! I don't have it and love it! @Gioca (reblip)
S75_BigBandEraRadio BIG BAND RADIO:- Glenn Miller - In the Mood --------Good Morning! Have A Great Day " Happy Halloween"! Thanks to my New Listeners! --------
tubilino @rerkaizen@rueful ...I think I was too much time in apnea and was caught deep in its darkness. Take care and rest, Sam ;)

EnyaMay It Be

| play
S75_BigBandEraRadio BIG BAND RADIO: - Count Basie - Corner Pocket
millievanilly "I will always love you" Whitney Houston @cjh @SarahABQ @romanus

The Bodyguard "I will always love you" Whitney Houston

| play
charmstep Teena Marie - Portuguese Love

teena marie portuguese love

| play
cagey2519 Oh so sly, @rasbo - I love it, thanks for listening! (reblip)
cagey2519 Sweet, @Radidio, thanks for being a listener. (reblip)
Gparcels @pamplays 2nd to none!

Elvis @ NBC if i can dream

| play
cagey2519 Good, old jazz. (Some of us here in the Cafe remember waaay back, @ambit @its4am @ShiaoMei @DesertLily)
broadwayg Don't worry bout the props. This is for u my darling baby sis @BoChica...Marvin Gaye on Slo Jamz...........
pamplays Paula Frazer ~ Everything I own
pamplays Paula Frazer and Tarnation ~ sleeping dreams
pamplays The blueflowers ! any three words
girlsflyingsolo Easy, breezy Sunday afternoon with...Natalie Cole – Tell Me All About It... I've definitely got ways to make you tell me about it....
pamplays Michael Franti/spearhead ~ Thank you! Love the vocals on this...
S75_BigBandEraRadio BIG BAND RADIO: - Barbra Streisand - Somewhere
pamplays Estelle ~ Back in love...nice sighs....nice sex in her voice
pamplays TY@S75: "BIG BAND RADIO: - Barbra Streisand - Somewhere" (reblip)
pamplays Zero 7 ~ Destiny

Zero 7 "Destiny"

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broadwayg "rb@Chanteuse: "thanks @SatinLegsSmith: //Thank u 4 ur kind comments Chateuse. thx to @pinkpolkadots@ShiaoMei @Elle_Paoa so much....."/Slo Jamz... (reblip)
broadwayg Slo Jamz Rebliprb@ArtLinkGallery: "Etta James – You Can Leave Your Hat On~TY so much. Awesome. Ms D... (reblip)
ShiaoMei -(--@ @broadwayg: "Slo Jamz jazz roland kirk with "Misty"....@ArtLinkGallery@Chanteuse@ShiaoMei @pamplays@mz_rocko" (reblip)

Rahsaan Roland Kirk "Misty & I Want Talk" Live Montreux 1972

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pamplays Marica Hines and Jimmy Barnes ~ Fire and Rain (Live first gig)
pamplays Kenny loggins ~ Return to pooh corner...(for me beautiful children)
pamplays Great morning song....White Bird by Its a beautiful day (1968)

White Bird- It's A Beautiful Day -1968

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pamplays It's a beautiful day ~ girl with no eyes
pamplays Chelsea Morning by Joni live 1969...for my sweet daughter
pamplays NarGz ~ Saturday morning
pamplays NarGz ~ January to December....great stuff to wake up to...
pamplays Juniper ~ good morning.....another sweet one...acoustic with piano
broadwayg Blip's # 1s. Herb Alpert "Rise" #1 on bliiboards hot 100 oct 79. @DaLady hi luv@NikkiPixxel@CynDyn@toreo@ladypn hi all thx 4 ur support...
pamplays Nana Muskouri ~ Oh Happy day! ....never get enough of this song..
pamplays ty@broadwayg: "Slo Jamz. Mr Vandross-"Anyone Who Had a Heart" (reblip)
pamplays Secret Garden ~ sleepsong