apartment421 this version's really fuckin cool

Bermuda Highway (Jim James solo)

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CalebBooker This song ended up being WAY cooler than I expected! Re-blipping!
sosureimparanoid all I wanna do is... (high like planes)
DareToEatAPeach @paulzy Thanks and so glad to hear it! Now I can feel like I accomplished something today. =)
DareToEatAPeach I need to wake up but it is too late to drink more coffee. I don't know what I need.
paulzy and Devonte from Test Icicles is now Lightspeed Champion!
paulzy That last blip was remixed by Sam-E from this sweet band.
NyQuilDriver Flaming Lips cover Kylie and the song I can never get out of _my_ head.
paulzy @NyQuilDriver saw you blipped this earlier. This is a great cover of that by Editors.
DownLow It's almost time to head out of the office! Ahhhhh!
paulzy Remember to also press the "play" button when you press the "record" button.
Miss_Bella @Alx79 awesome. this is good too even though the ending is a bit crazy
DareToEatAPeach @LeSamourai Right?! I love how this is a remix of Robyn covering the Teddybears remix of Mad Cobra. remix☞cover☞remix
paulzy This one has claps... bonks... zips... clicks... and all kinds of other onomatopoeias.
Antenaweb thx to @paulzy ... bring us Chad VanGaalen .. great musician.. nice choice...
paulzy @purplesime Hadn't heard these guys and I really like this track. Thanks! (reblip)
elfgirl now i must go and make sweet yummy gooey marshmallowy sweet potatoes. i've been waiting for this luscious for a year!
by_starla @mammara off from from work yesterday and today, so have a 4-day weekend! still working, but no office. do you have any plans for the weekend?
paulzy Are they tiny churches? Or really big stairs? I'm so confused!
NyQuilDriver You love me Sunday to Thursday, We break up on Friday.
DareToEatAPeach If you do not reblip this immediately you are missing out on spreading some serious rock-age. YEAH + HOWL = YEOOOOHWL! (reblip)
paulzy Turns out nobody blipped that "Kissed the Bottle" track before. So I guess I have no new friends :(
paulzy Tonight the monkey dies? Oh noes! ps. I love this song.


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paulzy I'm blipping this to see who else did. They are my new best friends.
paulzy I might like this better then the original...
calamari I'm just a shy child, it's true.
elfgirl Pitchfork's top 100 tracks list this morning. @paulzy that's brilliant, love it.. (reblip)
DareToEatAPeach Discovered this during my Beatles cover set yesterday. It is so badass. (reblip)
paulzy Except this stellar album came out.
uvmann ... on the mini cowbell/string melody in this song? It's not that similar. But in my head... it's all in my head! ;)
paulzy distributed by Art & Crafts, but I say it counts. Love this track.
paulzy Us cool kids need to keep together.
tintinabulation i can't cut a rug without my fashion drugs
AprilAllYear Lovers of TVOTR take a listen... you will love Menomena.


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AprilAllYear Jason Schwartzman's new album is out next Tuesday
paulzy I can't wait until tomorrow to play this.

WireThe 15th

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paulzy Did anyone see that moon last Saturday? I think I might have wolfed out a little.
Figgywithit Two out of three ain't bad, except it's the bad two out of three.
elfgirl high on working yo! classic french kicks...yum...
paulzy Every time I hear these guys I think, why am I not listening to this more?
elfgirl @donkeyrapist i played synth in this microwave world, but not the arm, we just shared members..drummer and singer.. now i play by myself..for now :)
paulzy pf500 1977 - We don't give a damn!
paulzy pf500 1982 - Brian Eno cover
paulzy pf500 1981 - Argh! I spent forever trying to find the title track "youth of america" but it's MIA. This will have to do.
jeff A sunny day here in SF. So glad to be back in CA...
paulzy Another Fanfarlo track. This dude sounds a LOT like Win Butler.


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calamari There's a leak in the roof by my desk. Glad it's not on my head. Don't need to add Chinese water torture to my job description. ;)
DareToEatAPeach @djwttw No, I am writing a novel but the books I'm giving away tonight are just a fun giveaway to promote BlipNBeer. http://bit.ly/wgLAI
paulzy One thing I love about blip.fm finding something when you are looking for something else entirely. Favorited!
paulzy new Clap Your Hands Say Yeah.
DareToEatAPeach Teen Wolf describes themself as "80% toy instruments, 20% rock!" Toy instruments #8
Shukitty All the problems make me wanna go, like a bad girl, straight to video. Little darling welcome to the show, you're a failure playing stero
paulzy @NyQuilDriver still my favorite song title ever. Only because it's so true for many people in my life. (reblip)
paulzy "You can only give 3 props per user per day. Come back tomorrow to give @by_starla more." :( every day it's the same old story. (reblip)
DareToEatAPeach My pal Mark is obsessed with this song right now. The Epoxies – Synthesized
Sandman5 I told you we'd make it, on for another, I told you we'd make it, on for all night....
purplesime Possibly one of the best covers I've heard all day. I said possibly, I haven't heard them all and I'm generally wrong ;-)
paulzy @redroulettes I looked for this everywhere the couple of days after it aired! thx! (reblip)
DareToEatAPeach I would like to reiterate how amazing this version is. TVoR rules.
gigia linda! via@steno: "Mas que Nada (Melodic Side by Bab & Rolando 808) @avivamagnolia @santamistura @gigia ....the last one was Carlinhos Brown.." (reblip)
CargoCulte @DrCocker I'm working on my caffeine fix as well. I'm do for another cup.
aquietend hahahaha germ-a-phobe? he's been telling stories again. that silly exaggerating midget. (reblip)
paulzy @28apple_chic: "vi@nvaquero: "₪ ¤ " Mmm. yeah. pretty filthy! :) I liiiiiiiiiiiiiiike" woah me too! grimy! (reblip)
paulzy I really like this live version. This song lends itself to performance.
DareToEatAPeach I likesy Pas/cal. rb@NyQuilDriver: "@BeautifulSorta For your theme. :)" (reblip)

PAS/CAL Summer is almost here!

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anothercraze Can't make it to the EDS show, but this one is going to be a DOOZY! Monday night at the Fir @jmonay@PunkBroc @FruitlogCowboy@QuailAndQuasar@hellasweet

The Octopus Project "Wet Gold" official video

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CaryB returning the favor to my pal @paulzy - thanks, bro. Is this a great name for a band, or what? Or maybe it's a lame one. Sometimes I mix the two (reblip)
paulzy The sky is starting to look a little scary. It just got real dark in my office.
sandyriverside I dreamt of someone mashing up Hot Blip w/ Queen -shivers- @CLARITY/@CargoCulte what's happening?/morning @PunkBroc/ @anothercraze apricots are my jam
paulzy I am seriously having a hard time waking up today.
AlyG haha thanks. tell him i think about him every night...i miss his company. moody as he was. hahahahaha. (reblip)
AlyG totttaaalllllly confused. haha. (reblip)
paulzy I need to put together a playlist for a "prime number" party next weekend. suggestions?
paulzy I wonder if I could find only songs with 7/4 time. #primenumbers
paulzy #primenumbers This is going to be easier than I thought.
DependableSkeleton If we do, can we get it to give us the balloon boy back? RB vi@penfabulous (reblip)
aquietend pffft. I'm sure you have nothing to worry about. (reblip)
DependableSkeleton I was sick yesterday, so I've got a pile of work to catch up on today.
paulzy Heh, I said the same thing. @sandyriverside: "@chameleonpixie neither I am a purist - Mr. Wizard (reblip)
jtabz @paulzy, thanks for that well-timed DEVO cover!
nastysurprise @rojdoj: "If we were to meet in person I would greet you with a pat on your bottom" Never mind what I said about moving to Birmingham. (reblip)
patch615 this song caused me to rock out in the coffee shop today. Frequent occurrance mind you, but still pleasurable.


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CaryB kick out the jams!

ObitsPine On

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paulzy wow @LikeAnAngel: "this one is awesome. reblip @DuncanDogg: "excellent. i love covers that are reinventions/rethinkings"" (reblip)
struggleville Now listening to @alliepallie Phoenix – 1901 (sayCet Remix) (reblip)
DependableSkeleton Just got a coupon for Green Zebra, a fancy vegetarian restaurant. Yay!

Beach HouseZebra

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anothercraze Been hooked on this song recently. What a delishous combo :: Doug Martsch + Calvin Johnson. Bought a mixed tape from Calvin once. Gospel music. It rox
paulzy Interesting. looking for the original and found this. It's kind of great.

Hell (Tegan and Sara cover)- The Age of Rockets

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DareToEatAPeach The ending on this is so fantastic. "We're still looking at the same night sky." rb@PORTERla: (reblip)
PJharvey @Radiata: "if daft punk did the beats for indie rockers..." (reblip)
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