pbriggsiam Fantastic song - unique but Dubstar sounds like Hooverphonics.


| play
pbriggsiam Super positive - celebratory - Brit Rock. Wish their succeeding albums had been this good.


| play
pbriggsiam Good downtempo. "Wastin' my time in the waiting line..."
pbriggsiam Happy Friday - this song's more like it! - The Jam - Whoooo Hoooooo!
pbriggsiam Did anybody here see the documentary on this band? This was one of the song featured. - Great quirky rockin' tune!
pbriggsiam A mix between Brit pop and electronica. I like it.
pbriggsiam Absolutely beautiful voice! Stop what you are doing and listen to it.

Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah

| play
pbriggsiam Defining trip hop. Less of a downer than Portishead.

Hooverphonic2 Wicky

| play
pbriggsiam Lucky find...De La Soul and Nightmares on Wax mixin' it.
pbriggsiam Simple shakin' funkiness. Nice vibe.
alessandrita classic. first cassette tape i owned. i think i was 7 years old.
pbriggsiam Excellent rock music by a somewhat unsung group from the 80's. College days at Eastern Washington University....sighh...

TeslaWhat You Give

| play
pbriggsiam A melodious tune that you can sink your teeth into.

LoquatTake It Back

| play
pbriggsiam Trumpet in electronica? Sparkling atmospherics and a beat. Give it a listen.
pbriggsiam Another Boards standard well worth the listen.
pbriggsiam Simply beautiful music to listen to. Meaning abounds.
pbriggsiam The "You're the One" album is meaning-rich stuff. This is one of the more meditative tunes.
pbriggsiam "but human expectation is that love will remain the same...and when it doesn't, we point our fingers and blame, blame.." - very true.
pbriggsiam Delicious hip hop! Get their album "Dirty Old Hip Hop". It is TREMENDOUS!
pbriggsiam Electronica with the subtle sounds/lyrics of a Simon & Garfunkelesque group? Who knew??
pbriggsiam What a great sound! Like Haebaraggi (Korean group) which is like Simon Garfunkel (updated to a more Indie sound).
pbriggsiam If there was any doubt this group sounds like Simon & Garfunkel will erase it. Lovely mid-afternoon music!
pbriggsiam Remind me ... where I am?

RoyksoppRemind Me

| play
pbriggsiam Music that propels you. This tune gets me going at mid-afternoon on a Friday.
pbriggsiam Play alongside - "Boogie Oogie" and "Got to be Real".

ChicLe Freak

| play
pbriggsiam This was one of those very good songs by the group...but still am seeking the great one...
pbriggsiam Peter Himmelman has some good albums out there so don't let the selection here put you off. This is a decent tune.
pbriggsiam The vocals on this electronica are unique and complexly listenable. Awesome band!
pbriggsiam One of many great songs off their album! In a world that appreciated great music this would get lots of playtime. Alas....
pbriggsiam This seems to be a signature tune for this group. It's driving in beat. Nice vocals, naturally.
Keter From the headwaters to the vast ocean, recalling the sacred Nile even on the commercial Mississippi.
pbriggsiam Still like to hear this song. Yeah, it's really "gay" (b4 it became a pejorative), but it was on the AM radio so much, it's hard to not to like.
mtlb A fine beat. @mtlb nostalgia 77 sounds like...T Q S O (reblip)
pbriggsiam 60's Euro Sounding electronica. Sounds like it belongs on an Oceans 11, 12, or 13 soundtrack. Like that guitar and organ combination. Yeah baby!
pbriggsiam I do like this group. Late 70's sound with a good electronica beat on this tune.

Junkie XLRail On

| play
pbriggsiam A group I listened to in the 80's that I am not ashamed to listen to now! Great monster song by them. Scottish rock!

Big Country - In A Big Country

| play
pbriggsiam Proper trance. Need it to finish out my day.
pbriggsiam Really wonderful female vocals - country music for those who can't stand country music - or rather a culture in the south that embraces conservatism
pbriggsiam Intelligent country - great female vocals and lyrics that draw you in.
pbriggsiam Country/blue grass - for the rest of us. Intelligent. Not ignorant like Lee Greenwood and his pseudo-patriotic pap.
pbriggsiam Great blue grass/country music. As a seminarian, I find fault with the religious message but respect the simple comfort that some find in it.
pbriggsiam A signature song by this artist. Very nice country/blue grass.
pbriggsiam I must be in a female vocalist/country kind of mood. Mary Chapin Carpenter is a master of the folk/country genre. Meaningfulness abounds in this.
pbriggsiam This is just an outstanding song - and a signature song - by a great, great British folk artist. I dare you to dislike this song.
pbriggsiam Another nice pop rock tune. Nothing extraordinary but nice nonetheless.
pbriggsiam Chill music by Hooverphonic. Need it right now.

Hooverphonic50 Watt

| play
pbriggsiam Time for disco...takin' me back to 6th grade in Corvallis, OR
pbriggsiam Electronica with no samples. Just good downtempo daydreamin' music!

KaitoInside River

| play
pbriggsiam Dance, hoppin' Kale. A little more pop than normal. Nice though.

Karsh KaleFree Fall

| play
pbriggsiam Disco that goes with "Got to be Real" and "Boogie Oogie Oogie". Before the country turned to that dumbshit Reagan and the conservative revolution.
pbriggsiam A 70's song my wife likes a lot. Kind of motown -ish sound.

Honey ConeWant Ads

| play
pbriggsiam A contemplative song about separation. You can't avoid the down times and this is good music for 'em.
mastercelo @outlawgirl @luiz_com_z Essa eu blipei no aniversário da minha irmã Cecilia ;) (reblip)
pbriggsiam Moved a lot as a kid. This song was always on the AM radio. Really nice 70's song!

Afternoon Delight

| play
pbriggsiam This song is one of many by Bread, which I loved when I was in 3rd grade.


| play
pbriggsiam I do like this group. Truly a sound from the early 70's. They're unmistakable.
pbriggsiam This is a great song with a cool message that resonated today! Sing it! ...."how can people be so heartless...how can be people so cruel, easy?"
pbriggsiam Thanks @Clark_Griswold for that other music suggestion. It reminded me of another good song from the 70's. Europe...Vegas blows.
pbriggsiam Updated funk with some chunky beats.
pbriggsiam Hadn't heard this one in a long time. Was listening to 70's yesterday - this goes along nicely with that. (reblip)
pbriggsiam Nice Blip, @mastercelo!! I haven't hear this one in a long time!! (reblip)
107designs Watched my ship sail in, watched her sail away...
rnovak little miss sunshine. s2
Stay19 Off to YOSEMITE for a couple of days ! Cheers ! Will miss my Blip ninjas for sure ! <><> (reblip)
pbriggsiam BRILLIANTLY stupid lyrics to a great rock tune! Love this! Love this! Love this!!
rubyelectric amazing video, and perfect song to listen to on the train. i imagine myself as she whom he sings about. am i?
pbriggsiam ". . .the rain floods gutters, and makes a great sound on concrete. . .come on thunder, come on thunder. . ." A song that shouts with passion!


| play


| play
Stay19 Broadcast 2000 – Get Up And Go<><>
mastercelo Manic Street Preachers – Indian Summer | ¡Bienvenido @panchovilaseca!
pbriggsiam James Brownish/Motown electronica. Something Ursula 1000 would probably be more likely to do. . . and maybe do better.
pbriggsiam One of the best songs on the album "Soon it will be cold enough"


| play
pbriggsiam Just so nice a tune to hear. . .ahhhhh.
pbriggsiam I like this band. Don't know why I hadn't blipped 'em until now. Yeah, this song was way overplayed back in their day....it's nice to hear now.


| play
pbriggsiam Nice song by a nice UK Brit Rock band. This is off their earlier work - the better stuff.
pbriggsiam This is the stuff of daydreams, this tune! Wonderful Brit-rock.

Cold PlayClocks

| play
pbriggsiam Moody Brit folk artist - brilliant. This song is one of his more optimistic tunes - like it a lot!
crispast [Hold my head inside your hands, I need someone who understands, I need someone, someone who hears, For you I’ve waited all these years]wow@Sandman5 (reblip)
pbriggsiam Absolutely without a doubt a modern masterwork of beauty. Morten Lauridsen is a modern day genius for choral music. Stop and listen for yourself.
pbriggsiam Beautiful choral music that's more pop than classical. It's good if you need some quiet and beats the shit out of Yanni (new age junk music)
pbriggsiam Last one to blip for me. He does amazing things with his music!
pbriggsiam I love this song! Indie/pop rock at its finest.

Ben KwellerMagic

| play
pbriggsiam I like the subject and like the song. Kweller is quirky good indie/pop stuff.

Ben KwellerSundress

| play
pbriggsiam A marvelous, marvelous voice. He's not pop and he's not rock and not folk but his music touches on all of them. He's a funny personality live 2.
TallicaRules Love Tori the most.Tori Amos-A Sorta Fairytale
MrsMarxx Well, thank you @pbriggsiam... The jam gets stuck in your veins doesn´t it? Nice flow.. (reblip)
pbriggsiam I'm not sure how I go from "The Lushlife Project" and "Velours Perfect" to Ames Brothers. I think it's the influence of my lovely wife though.
pbriggsiam "Very nice", said in the way Alice from the "Vicar of Dibley" would say it. Just fine, fine jazz piano work.
pbriggsiam This is hip-hop! Intelligent with a great connection to jazz.
pbriggsiam This is really a fantastic song! Shades of Mazzy Star. Can you hear it? Thanks for the blip, @seanmurphy07! (reblip)
Bruski @sodapopraindrops -- lots of new blips, get off my case about it :)
cheesy80s @jude81 sat alone and watch @Laurie_Lashes lite @mimoso1 only friend thru teenage nites &everything @Zarabeth had to know she heard it on her radio.

QueenRadio Ga Ga

| play
pbriggsiam Country music for intelligent people.
pbriggsiam Intelligent country - this is a damn fine song by this group!
pbriggsiam Here's another tune by Sparklehorse. Odd? Yes. Very good. Absolutely.
pbriggsiam Nice guitar picking - beautiful song.
pbriggsiam Ha ha ha...am laughing at the words to this one. I used to live in Roselle Park, NJ . It was interesting but was glad to leave it finally.
pbriggsiam Excellence in jazz piano....ahhhhhh.
pbriggsiam @yblud, nice find! Everything by Bonobo is worth a blip; I just hadn't run across this one here yet. Way to go!! -- Yes indeed, happy thoughts! (reblip)


| play
pbriggsiam More meditative music. . . if that's something you're into this morning.
pbriggsiam Keeping it slow and quiet.

DeuterWind of Dawn

| play
pbriggsiam More quiet stuff. Am proof that not all people who listen to this kind of music are granola eating birkenstock wearing namby, pamby new age types.
pbriggsiam Another excellent listen. Ivy is a very nice female pop voice. More upbeat than Dido.
pbriggsiam Hey @pyrrhoX, very interesting and cool acoustic tune! Very nice find - this group is. Thank you! (reblip)
pbriggsiam @pyrrhoX, what a neat find, this group you blipped today. I like this song too! (reblip)
pbriggsiam Yes, this was by Urge Overkill.

Urge Overkill - Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon

| play
Stay19 Reflekt – Need to Feel Loved (redLymb's Synthaesthetic Dub)<><>
pbriggsiam You have some very nice music on your playlist. This is certainly one of them, @DJManekiNeko:__ "wonderful artist from Prince Edward Island" (reblip)
pbriggsiam @jubalinha, very nice blip. One of my favorites by the group! (reblip)

inxs - not enough time

| play
pbriggsiam @formalhaut, wow! Such a unique and great blip! I'm enjoying this minimalist electronica. Es ist sehr gut! (reblip)


| play
pbriggsiam @formalhaut: "RB @28apple_chic hi! this is sparkling! indeed!" - thanks for blipping this tune. Ulrich Schnauss is a genius composer! (reblip)
pbriggsiam This group is a later iteration of the group Blur. Very creative music came from their album. This is the most commercially accessible. Great tune!
pbriggsiam @Keter: "Slightly melancholy look back at a favorite place that might live only in memory."________ Nice piece of contemplative music. (reblip)
pbriggsiam This song moves. Thanks @djvaan for originally blipping it. (reblip)
juliechrist weil es so schön war, gleich nochmal
pbriggsiam Could do without the video. The music is chill-good on its own.


| play
nelsoncarvalho Underworld – Born Slippy NUXX (Trainspotting Version)
pbriggsiam Good mix - though the original electronica tune by Tosca is actually better. Baby Mammoth funks up the tunes they play (meant in a good way)

Tosca-Busenfreund (Baby Mammoth Mix)

| play
pbriggsiam Hey @OCkracker, I prefer the studio version, otherwise I would have reblipped your live version. You deserve props for blipping the song - it's great

RunBen Kweller

| play
DJManekiNeko Byōsoku Go Senchimētoru - 5 cm Per Second (the speed of a falling cherry blossom) - composed by Tenmon
pbriggsiam Hey @Cosmix, what a cool damn song! ----: "thank you for this @mellomatic "Beauty."" (reblip)


| play
pbriggsiam @mellomatic, what a nice find! This is a fun tune! Great beat! (reblip)
pbriggsiam @DJManekiNeko, found it. I couldn't hear your blip without interruptions. This is a good video - very imaginative. Fits the music!
pbriggsiam Well, with Youtube this group's music is finally available to blip. "Kein Sheiss man".
pbriggsiam @DJstromer19, dude I forgot I had this group's music in my music library at home. FANTASTIC blip!! Have added to my playlist for sure! (reblip)

Arovane Tokyo Ghost Stories

| play
pbriggsiam Very meditative. Cloudy day music maybe?
pbriggsiam Simply excellent electronica. A good late afternoon listen.
pbriggsiam Wow!!----THANKS@mellomatic: "hi and thanks for this, @Erwin1974! it's beautiful. :D" (reblip)

Thom YorkeVideotape

| play
pbriggsiam Don't see this electronica group blipped much here. They are really excellent!
ZOEBOE That's a whole lotta a$$ :)
pbriggsiam Outstanding song by this group. Great chill-out!
pbriggsiam Funky chill sound. Am rediscovering this group all over again. Nice that Boozoo Bajou remixed this!
pbriggsiam @avivamagnolia, yes, this is a very good collaboration. Thanks for blipping it. (reblip)
pbriggsiam This one's for @cheesy80s. A lesser-known hit takin' me back to my days at http://www.ewu.edu/groups/univrstyrelation/images/CampusMapNewPrint.jpg


| play
pbriggsiam "Gather around people and I'll tell you a story. . ." A song of social justice in Australia. We all could learn from it...Rethuglicans most of all!
pbriggsiam Hey @Flurps. Thought you might like this early video/tune by Paul Kelly.

Paul KellyTo Her Door

| play
pbriggsiam Nice electronica with vocals.
pbriggsiam Good dance tune? or chill tune? I can't decide.
Blippo "Planetary Traveller Part 2" Sportif – Heights Of Abraham @pbriggsiam Stellar sound, ey? Reminded me of this one ...
aoibhneas Last 1 was a 30 sec sample ... the real deal herewith ..

OceanlabOn A Good Day

| play
pbriggsiam This is exceptional electronica. Trentmoller is a little darker (not unlike Boards of Canada) than I like, but some of their stuff is so good!

TrentemollerMiss You

| play
pbriggsiam Excellent, albeit darker electronica. Some of the "Last Resort" album's music is way too dark. This strikes a good balance. Give them a listen.
pbriggsiam Can you feel the darker side to this music? It's "goodly" stuff.

Trentemoller- Nightwalker

| play

Tokio "Fous de la mer-Clairs de lune"

| play
pbriggsiam Most of the music off the Fous de la Mer albums is great chill-out listening.
aoibhneas via @JTB: ... @@pbriggsiam ..U reminded me of 1 I saw in JTB's blips earlier..nice mellow groove too...u might like it.. (reblip)
Blippo Boozoo Bajou – Moanin' @estrogen No Moaning ;) Lieber was Schönes hören ...

Boozoo BajouMoanin'

| play
mellomatic thanks for the props / reblips, @pbriggsiam. =)
pbriggsiam 2 things: 1) You will not regret listening to anything by this musician. 2) Be patient for the song to get started -- His music is beyond amazing
pbriggsiam See my previous blip on Ulrich Schnauss. Amazing dream-like quality to a nice beat-driven bit of electronica.

Ulrich Schnauss. Between Us And Them.

| play
pbriggsiam I really enjoy this musician. Nice beats and electronica sounds.
mdesjardins vi@Cod: "Off to work *sigh* Laters people...." (reblip)
Blippo HaBanot Nechama - Ya THX @threebears & @Murfy for the inspiration! forwarding @lub

HaBanot Nechama- Ya

| play
Stay19 Ladytron – Seventeen (The Droyds Remix) by TAiSHAKU<><>
pbriggsiam @OCkracker, outstanding song. How do you know of this group? (reblip)
pbriggsiam @Blippo, it's never so simple "love what you do and do what you love". (reblip)
stena memo to myself: @stena: ""I don't want to wonder, if this is a blunder..." ~^_^~" (reblip)

CakeLove You Madly

| play
cracked_oblivion Yay, summertime songs!


| play
pbriggsiam Cool electronica by Peace Orchestra.

Peace Orchestra- Who Am I? (Animatrix Edit)

| play
davidgosse Air One feat Julia – Hot Night (Radio Mix)
mellomatic all your diction, dripping with disdain.
pbriggsiam I think I like this version better actually.

Deadmau5 Arguru (Original Mix)

| play
pbriggsiam Excellent groovin' jazz electronica.


| play
pbriggsiam That was simply quite stunning!!, @DJstromer19--- "Moving Pictures Silent Films<><> @pbriggsiam This is my favorite tune by them. It blows me away." (reblip)
pbriggsiam Electronica bliss. Hard to beat this group. While sometimes quirky good (ie the Staunton Licks), they can be edgy-good like this too.
pbriggsiam Great chillout tune for ya.

moodorama: Never mind

| play
pbriggsiam Very good. Not as slow-moving as their other stuff.

Zero 7Simple Things

| play
invisiblepilot nice [The Killers – Shadowplay (Joy Division cover)] vi@Koshka: (reblip)
pbriggsiam @stena, another lovely tune by this group. Great blips, I'm finding. (reblip)
pbriggsiam OCkracker, I started listenging to Freedy back in 1995. Liked his sound a lot. First got turned onto him at http://www.fingerprintsmusic.com/ . (reblip)


| play
pbriggsiam RB--->I know it's kind of lite pop but I do like this song. Thanks to you both --->@TheMostReverendJim: "vi@Edainsmom: " (reblip)
pbriggsiam @CynDyn, nice blip!---: "thanks @rolhem: "music for you..."" (reblip)


| play
pbriggsiam Exceptional laid back Brit rock tune!

Take Me BackThe Vines

| play
pbriggsiam Excellent trip hop in the same genre as Rae & Christian.

AimLet The Funk Ride

| play
pbriggsiam Wipeout XL blippin some more.

The Third Sequence

| play
pbriggsiam Wipeout XL blippin - soon to expect a loss of listeners.


| play
pbriggsiam Good one, @philo: "Fun song" ---How's your new job going? I'm at work on a Sat. for a few hours ...and blippin here and there. (reblip)


| play


| play
pbriggsiam Exceptional indie tune...used in a movie that was moderately good (name of it escapes me....anybody?)
Blippo @karma_musings I don't know what they're talking about :) Every morning the same crumpled, feathered look - it takes hours to become a person again;)
Flurps nu eerst even Fleet Foxes

Fleet FoxesMykonos

| play
jonesette Reblip @Leola89 ♫ The Raconteurs – Steady, As She Goes (reblip)

The Dandy Warhols "Get off"

| play
pbriggsiam Hey @Nymph, this is an absolutely fabulous tune. First tune I ever heard by Boards and I've been hooked since! (reblip)
Blippo Radio Slave – Next Stop Chicago RB@Stitch_13 Keep it coming ;) (reblip)
Stay19 Calvin Harris – Colours (Seamus Haji Remix)<><>
Blippo sneak & pick: Detektivbyrån – The Making Of "Wermland" Part 5. --> RB@presi: "how many rings it makes a noise?...watch the video " (reblip)
pbriggsiam The better - unmixed original.

IvyEdge of the Ocean

| play
pbriggsiam RB---new sound for me. I like 'em.-->@santamistura: "thanksssssssssss @rafpozzobon" (reblip)

The KooksNaive

| play
pbriggsiam RB---Fantastically beautiful song with a great beat!!-->@Real_Boy: "* does a little dance *" (reblip)
pbriggsiam RB--->@Real_Boy, outstanding tune. You've got some great stuff on your playlist and am enjoying reblipping 'em. (reblip)

HeliosPaper Tiger

| play
pbriggsiam RB--->good old tune that's still fresh today---thanks @DavidBerlin! (reblip)
pbriggsiam Give this one a minute to kick in. Well worth it!
MrsMarxx @pbriggsiam Hero or not! You are one good looking man! Have a nice weekend!
GinaDunc Deee-Lite – Groove Is in the Heart
Turophile answer

answer sarah mclachlan

| play
stena ok shift the miffed to chill a bit. rbthx@bendrix: "I'm Quantic novice- a chill time jazzy cafe=> rb@Thnikkaman: "#bendrix -will do -Quantic set." (reblip)

Quantic -- Not so blue

| play
Blippo Oh, ich habe fast vergessen wie schön dieses Lied ist@ko_gianni (RB) Alles wird gut (hoffe ich) Aus einer komischen kann eine lustige Laune werden ;) (reblip)
octoberiste Running Up That Hill. Kate Bush is so fab.
Trip4Music Weekend Players – Into the Sun
pbriggsiam RB---Some good country music.--->@thyroid (reblip)

Nanci Griffith- Love at the Five and Dime

| play
Stay19 trentemoller – always something better (trentemoller remix)<><>
Stay19 Riceboy Sleeps – Indian summer (complete version)<><>
Stay19 Riceboy Sleeps | Stokkseyri<><>

Riceboy Sleeps | Stokkseyri

| play
pbriggsiam My wife was just humming this in our backyard on a beautiful summer afternoon in Pasadena, CA!
Blippo This lady is awesome -> @nvaquero Gracias & Hola! Matias Aguayo – walter (RB) (reblip)

Matias Aguayowalter

| play
filippocioni Röyksopp – Only This Moment (Röyksopp's Forsiktige Massasje Remix) (via @Xial ) (reblip)
pbriggsiam RB-->@filippocioni: "Röyksopp – Only This Moment (Röyksopp's Forsiktige Massasje Remix) (via @Xial )" (reblip)
Stay19 Ulrich Schnauss – Suddenly The Trees Are Giving Way<><> vi@twirldrone (reblip)
pbriggsiam One of the finest acoustic duos out there. Music that often makes you contemplate the things life we avoid or should ponder more often.

Shenandoah ~ Eric Tingstad & Nancy Rumbel

| play
zamfir Tegan & Sara – I Bet It Stung
Stay19 Lenka – The Show<><>

LenkaThe Show

| play
pbriggsiam RB---somebody give this blipper an award for finding excellent music! These guys are superior!-->@DJstromer19: "The Album Leaf – Always For You<><>" (reblip)
sufferin_jukebox TY and GM one of my favorite tracks.... @by_starla: "[Great Lake Swimmers - She Comes To Me In Dreams]" (reblip)
Stay19 Above & Beyond pres. Oceanlab – If I Could Fly<><>
Stay19 @pbriggsiam Thanks man. Very nice comment you made. Cheers.<><>

mint04 asunder

| play
stena [Kinks–Better Things] need this again, too! I hope TODAY you all find EXCELLENT things! @rxrx1776 @acanuckfan @PaulFrankRizzo @pbriggsiam @h2theeidi (reblip)
RichBlood Love Chris Kattan's new show "Bollywood Hero," Michael Penn does music.
stena [Nada Surf – Concrete Bed] \o/ nada surf! \o/ rb!@nastysurprise72 (reblip)
pbriggsiam Very Royksoppesque. I like it a lot!

Alphawezen "Days"

| play
pbriggsiam Chill out goodness. Sorry for so many on Alphawezen but it's a new sound for me.

Alphawezen-Gun Song

| play
Lialins (it should be obvious - - but it's not)

Black SwanThom Yorke

| play
stena [The Weepies – Wish I Could Forget]
pbriggsiam @Nymph, thanks for blipping these guys earlier. I'd never heard them. This song is captivating.
pbriggsiam RB---outstanding artist, great blip!!-->@philsalt: "More on the way @Vilesy @ZONE @DesertLily @shanti45 @weiis @ladypn @JeanValjean "" (reblip)

Jon HopkinsCerulean

| play
Mix_Mix I could be wrong.....but I could be right!
pbriggsiam Because my original blip of this went "unavailable".
AWWMF Old music is still the best! Ambrosia - Biggest Part of Me (reblip)
AWWMF @LYRIC: "They make nightmares soooo delicious... thanks 4 this deep soulful yumminess :) Blip-train: choo~choo.... rb@amphore vi@Tzadhiqua vi@Gregdtc" (reblip)

The Fascinations ♥ Lovin' You

| play
tbolt @GR8FL: "under the milky way tonight " one of my fave songs of all time! (reblip)

The Church - Under The Milky Way Tonight

| play
pbriggsiam Anything by this group is stellar.
DJManekiNeko Mayer Hawthorne and the County have got it going on! Love this !
pbriggsiam Smooth stuff...could do without the video however.
Blippo Hey @djilo Thanks for the hint :) Great, just great @metaform ! fwd. @bendrix


| play
bendrix That last (Afterlife remix) blip U sent me is quite good but I heard this 1st. I like it best. Its the original Afterlife mix=> @1001queen (@LYRIC ;) (reblip)
bendrix He covers their eyes=> @Thaiangel @CynDyn – He leads them to the magic kingdom – They arrive – Open their eyes – This is the sound of their wonderment


| play
pbriggsiam wow.

yann tiersen . good bye lenin soundtrack

| play
pbriggsiam Hey @chiiQ, nice blip earlier with "Rae & Christian".
Stay19 @pbriggsiam Yes, a must for multiple reasons. Everything works about this set up. Man, the vibe is perfect in every possible way. Cheers. (reblip)
Stay19 @pbriggsiam Yeah, great stuff for sure ! Very nice. Wow, she is gorgeous. or was it just a gorgeous pic ? ha. Women, I tell ya man !!
pbriggsiam The master jazz pianist of all time.
pbriggsiam Hey @philo, how goes things? I've been way out of touch with Lawrence. Did he move up to the SFO area?
Stay19 @ladypn Yes it is. I am busy and thats a good thing. Lots of studying. New career goals. New life goals. All that good stuff. Cheers my dear friend
Lialins ~ sinking soul .. where you are ~
Chris1956tian #music #jazz #sax Stan Getz-Autumn Leaves" (reblip)

Stan Getz-Autumn Leaves

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Chris1956tian #music #jazz #trumpet Chet Baker Live (Belgium 1964) : Time After Time

Chet Baker Live (Belgium 1964) : Time After Time

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tapirekitten Hello! How nice to see the Finnish Kwan on your bliplist, @sonioushka! Kwan is one of my favorite Finnish bands! (reblip)

Kwan Shine

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GR8FL @Mysterymix thank you for the tip (I knew), but how do you tell ONCE they are blipped by someone else if they are imeem or not? That is the dilemma
pbriggsiam "Stranger than Fiction" is on my mind.

SpoonThe Book I Write

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Lemon Jelly Tribute: The Staunton Lick

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pbriggsiam Hey @Chris1956tian, I happened across this artist a while back. Sehr gut, he is!
pbriggsiam What a cool world this music conjures!

Lackluster 071099

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pbriggsiam This San Diego based band is good. This tune in particular is very, very good.

PinbackGood To Sea

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pbriggsiam Think it was you, @Blippo, that first blipped this one to my ears.

Beats Antique Beauty Beats 2009

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pbriggsiam Definitely thanks to @Blippo from back in June.

Indian VibesSitar Jam

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pbriggsiam Ulrich Schnauss collaboration. Very nice indeed.
pbriggsiam Fun enjoyable song from a weird group.
pbriggsiam Credit to @rubwrongways for blipping a version of this earlier.
amphore José Padilla (bendrix) – Walking On Air
tuatara So let's hear it again :) @LocoStavos: "stuck .... in ... my .... damn HEAD" (reblip)
pbriggsiam Great sound. I'm gonna blip them a few more times now.
Trip4Music @FortKnoxFive - See U at the Roxy show show 2morrow night!! thumpin' it on a Thursday! "Funk 4 Peace" - Fort Knox Five

Funk 4 Peace by the Fort Knox Five

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pbriggsiam Liked "Feed Me to the Wolves" so much I had hear something else by him.
Flying_Roundhouse The Beautiful Girls – La Mar (The Ocean) ~ RB @Mysterymix: ";) @Flying_Roundhouse" Merci, Sweets. ;-) (reblip)
pbriggsiam Among the coolest electronica musicians out there.
pbriggsiam Another remarkable musician is this one. Amazing...transcendant.
Stay19 Dan Deacon – Big Milk<><>

Dan DeaconBig Milk

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pbriggsiam another deadlink I need to deal with.

Gorillaz-Left Hand Suzuki Method

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pbriggsiam Good example of their music.

LoquatTake it Back

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pbriggsiam Don't like Genesis much but do like this song.
pbriggsiam Very good chill with vocals.

moodoramahold on

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pbriggsiam Dreamy weirdness. Excellent jazz tempo and very listenable.


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pbriggsiam Interesting Yann Tiersen sound.
pbriggsiam Selected Ambient Works 85-92 - full of good music!

Aphex Twin: "Pulsewidth"

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pbriggsiam Would assume the title of this tune applies to Wall Street bankers...who own our government, no?
GR8FL in a what? (rb)@28apple_chic: "...hmmm #GR8FL kind of more in the middle of a budlea bush. my cat loves it!! :)" & hiya @CargoCulte (reblip)
pbriggsiam Like this pianist a lot.

Ryuichi Sakamoto Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence Piano+Strings

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Stay19 KYTE – Boundaries<><>


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pbriggsiam Thanks @DJstromer19 for you blip on "Kyte". First time I've heard this group before. Very nice.


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pbriggsiam As pretty and appropriate as the title.
pbriggsiam Very very good. Schnauss-esque.

Jon HopkinsCerulean

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pbriggsiam My kind of ambient. What am I doing up at this hour?

Jon HopkinsCircle

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pbriggsiam One of the more beautiful pieces of ambient music out there. Good night from Pasadena.
pbriggsiam Really true it's name. Great ambient tune!-->@philsalt: "@Vilesy. I know you will love this one. This be for Raymondo" (reblip)
pbriggsiam This singer was often played in my family's home when I was a mere lad.
pbriggsiam Can't get this singer's music out of my head. Love it!

Ain't I The Lucky One by Marty Robbins

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amphore Café Del Mar – Lux (Northern Lights)
pbriggsiam Thanks @tuatara for blipping something I hadn't heard before.

SeabearCat Piano

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pbriggsiam Love this music from Iceland!
pbriggsiam Everything is right with this song.


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pbriggsiam This is just flat-out fun to watch and hear.

Ladytron Alphawezen Mix

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pbriggsiam Listen to the words. One Presidential election does not a just country make. "We can make it happen" . Would like to see more "We" in that equation.

Chicago- Dialogue (1975)

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pbriggsiam An excellent tune from this group!


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pbriggsiam Funky electronica - very listenable.
Atomik he passed away suddenly from cardiac arrest and pneumonia. he was 32. @hince i what happened your friend Tony?" (reblip)
pbriggsiam GREAT musician! Hadn't heard him in long time. Thanks for the blip!@Eric_Young: "#musicmonday ... ♥ REgular MOnday.." (reblip)
leffi333 an indian percussionist with style - propthx to @backtoback @kami_usha and @pbriggsiam
pbriggsiam Good morning from Pasadena, CA


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pbriggsiam Must have been in one when I thought President Obama and a Democratic Party majority would make a difference.
bendrix The sound of possessive earphones using their will to call you to them. U place them over your ears & sense the urgency of this track to zone out
pbriggsiam Is that what the United States of America has become?