kerrster This song is a pretty good party to dance to and hmm...go a little wild to and drive around and crank her up!!!Whoop whoop
squidbrain Now look what you've done. I'm on Facebook now, due to overwhelming demand. I hope you're all happy.

Radiohead15 Step

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vampirebill Driving home.


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Cusack @dekayvalentine There exists a melody that just might change your mind.
rayven The history of my life :(.......But I no loose the hope....:) (reblip)
toysrevil the gloom is getting a tad too gloomy. need me some tune-juice to pump some life back to this wet monday, innit? (reblip)
gigia first, a franch disko. than a spanish castle. now a japanese cigarette case... what is coming next???
sheryonstone I am not absolutely sure about you, but I know I am @MrsASoprano ^_^ (reblip)

Ray LamontagneCrazy

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ababelado @tati_almeida então, "guria"... tô indo dormir. amanhã é dia de labuta. :( a gente vai se falando. tu é legal. e tem bom gosto. :]
jennabenda I'm making my way while the sun cannot stain me
nomorecorsa Gnah, blip is echt leuk, zo kom je nog eens oudtjes tegen :-) (reblip)
JohnSchinnerer Ahh, love, that combination of awe, happiness, curiosity, interest and passion in a safe relationship. 'It Must Be Love' by Madness
SylentSyd @Bothan - Wicked! The crowd was really into it too, I see...very envious now :-P
MrJeb Just getting into this band. Beware the loudness bits if everone's asleep...


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Momboman Disraeli Gears is an album that changed me. Not a bad cut on it. It was the album cover of the decade. I stared at it for hours..not just the music.
My_Private_Collection Man, I need more of this in my life...along with a beer...
eringoblog Still in that St. Pat's mood--Carbon Leaf doing Mary Mac

Carbon LeafMary Mac

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daj42 is listening to "19-2000 (Soulchild Remix)" by the Gorillaz. (reblip)
VanCam ha.aaaaaaRRRRRRGGHHHHYEEEEEahhhhhhhhrrrr (reblip)
gr8n10zt We got our backs against the ocean. It's just us against the world!
RNRSteve Albert Collins – Just Drinkin (reblip)
pcsketch For that secret man of mine! your #
willconley777 I'm dumping the sexy Etta James for the STEAMIN Nina Simone. She wants a little sugar in her bowl. (reblip)
Lotay "Love Vigilantes" - New Order
nuffced There's only 3 thangs fo' sho: Taxes, Death, and Trouble
zOMG I'm full of the canadian love tonite...


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mr3arnest @rickps Tom is a machine! What is the secret?


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albynomonk I'm the only person I know who likes Velvet Revolver... I thought Contraband was a good album. Loving The Alien - Velvet Revolver
starkdoulos Now is the only thing that's real...

Skinny PuppyWorlock

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willconley777 The Sum of It All: "You and me baby ain't nothin' but mammals so let's do it like they do on the Discovery Channel." (reblip)
DoctorJack I don't know if this is any good?


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mr3arnest One more for @Jbags even though they are gone... Tell Dinah! Lightnin' wants to play with her poodle!
rickps Got to go Blippers. I will leave you with this wonderful ditty.

Monty Python - Penis Song

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strongpieces I can still remember the first time I heard this song. I was 3, and my dad and my stepmom were dancing.

UB40Red Red Wine

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willconley777 Esteemed colleagues, would you care to RAWK OWT? "Airstream Driver" by Gomez (reblip)


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willconley777 Got that not-so-fly feeling? "The Staunton Lick" by Lemon Jelly is a happy trip hop groove guaranteed to lift your spirits.
Madame_N Pa'tirarse en el sofá a escucharla y perderse un rato...

Fleet FoxesIsles

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DJUngelvraal Goddamn it I wanted Kick...I hate have to settle for less around here. :|

INXSDevil Inside

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kveebee Started playing 'You Sexy Thing' for the kids this weekend--they're mad about it now :)
adrianomendonca AHHHHH AHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHHHH AHHHHH THUNDER!!! diggin' this remix.. =) (reblip)
warhorus Cool Nick Cave cover, courtesy of @rkmonkey. Congrats on the big 1k star! It's much deserved! (reblip)
willconley777 If you like the way "Hide and Seek" by Imogen Heap cracks you open and pours you out, try this remix. (reblip)
dj_midori *Feeling a little playful tonight.*


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MustGoFaster Don't know what colour your eyes are...
SonicBoom i'm a cat person... but..

George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic- Atomic Dog

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IronJ146 @Thnikkaman - You have invoked the "Pharcyde must be reblipped" rule. :D (reblip)
toreo mmmm :)

Rogue Wave - Eyes

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willconley777 I have NEVER heard this and YES it is such a great chill song. Kudos to @ctkingston & @estrogen & @volante and me. (reblip)
willconley777 "It takes more than f***ing someone you don't know to keep warm." - Frightened Rabbit, "Keep Yourself Warm (reblip)
Hollis the best part of Marley & Me, "Lucky Man"

The VerveLucky Man

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raidycakes sonic

Iggy Pop - Never Met A Girl Like You Before

| play
pabloidz Why can't I get to scrobble into
toddbrink Liz Phair – The Tra La La Song
toddbrink The Eagles of Death Metal – Cherry Cola
hawkamaka an amazing artist! red guitar is best!
DJMandyMoo Perfect for the last song of the night
DiaReeves @iNDyCay I have a hundred props! Woo hoo! Thanks for the push over the cliff! :)

Chevelle - The Red

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iceblink I love to play this song when I am driving to nowhere. Sometimes going insane sounds just about right.
Simchabe Saw these guys in LA years ago, during my 'run the streets' invincible teenage years.
PostGay I <3 listening to Pulp on Sundays.
Simchabe Sunday Kind of Love - Etta James (thanks @luciana) (reblip)
Simchabe If I was BBQ/Smoking outside in the sun, I'd play this song. Sorry Ms. Jackson (thanks @daniel_morelo) (reblip)

OutkastMs Jackson

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Simchabe We can pretend it all the time (JJ Banana Pancakes)
Simchabe One of my all time fav songs! thanks @Seahorse! (reblip)
Simchabe <3 this song 2 , had 2 blip again =) @ladystyx - thanks! (reblip)
Simchabe I wanna run through your wicked garden... I wanna drink from you naked fountain
Simchabe I need my own @ladystyx blip station - <3'ing ur blips!
Simchabe Ugh, I'm starting to get tired, but need to keep pace w/my brothers...
meriel [Time Lapse Lifeline - Maria Taylor] I like her music!
red_hot_mim this song is old schooool!

the las there she goes

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dianenar Sleepy time folks...

06 - Unfold

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blackbox And while she's straightening her stockings, her hair has gotten wet...
BLUESBOOGIE Kenny Wayne Shepherd – (Let Me up) I've Had Enough
alimnios72 Everything's so blurry and everyone's so fake

Puddle of MudBlurry

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aplusk this song is on my new flick Spread
tynie626 Ray LaMontagne – I Still Care For You // i can't express how much i love this song
dustinjmcclure never heard this song... really good (reblip)


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richardstafford U2 – Magnificent! Reblipping thanks to @kimsherrell (reblip)


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lindyasimus Leonard Cohen – Recitation
eraser @pily eres @mapimogu en El suelo es el mundo para las hormigas... (reblip)

El Resto Del Mundo

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mistygirlph Stray Cats = Rock this Town Classic Sunday
joshuadenney I put a spell on @michaelkwan (Marilyn Manson - I Put A Spell On You)
djsamhouse I heard this on Pandora while I was on the bus and couldn't help but dance...
acrespo Una de mis canciones favoritas, y uno de mis grupos favoritos
asterion nighty Myt!!! love ya!!!

Chemical Brothers with Mazzy Star -Asleep From Day

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Myr @adaimi Jeff Buckley – So Real

Jeff BuckleySo Real

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seamuse luv chris - remember his old tv show? @sheryonstone I got the typing thing real bad @Annimallover ~should we go to typing school together ? ^_^ lol (reblip)
iHustle what's your name?? cause I'm impressed...

Missy Elliot - Hot Boyz

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sheryonstone that really is "the way" isn't it ? @Annimallover ~ I know exactly what you are talking about w/ the self employed thing ^_^ (reblip)

FastballThe Way

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77ozzie metal..I can't make you stay...but where's your heart...where's your heart? (reblip)
GetSmartGal Ok time for bed, nice mellow song to go to sleep to
hopitopia I forgot about these guys! Great!
Cagliano Sooner or later ( it'd be better sooner)
marceloaurelio I had a dreammmmm.. Joeee


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thespaghetticat Röyksopp – What Else Is There ?
DJKRuE will love be there?

Collective Soul - Shine (Remix Edit)

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Dynamic2020 ♥♫ One Republic ♥♪♫♪♥ Apologize ♥♪♫♪♥
richstep Carlos Santana and Eric Clapton - Guitar Nirvana

It's your duty-Lene

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mrswright More smashing pumpkins awesomeness
mrswright @muzicmajic: "I always got a kick out of this song... :)~" Me too! (reblip)
mrswright what movie is this? awesome song. (reblip)
mrswright @blackpearl890: "Oasis - Cigarettes And Alcohol // rb@STonyJack" My favorite combination. (reblip)

Oasis - Cigarettes And Alcohol

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CargoCulte @Joacoleoni My day has been good, exactly what I need before I start another week of work. What about you, how are things?
DJDreamy Roadhouse Blues ~ The Jeff Healey Band
SoozieGoozie66 One of my all-time faves...
ZOEBOE Very nice. Thanks 4 this one.. rb@bduubz: "#ZOEBOE" (reblip)
Meinemaria Just brilliant.

The Black Keys - When The Lights Go Down

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BadBoyBoogieman FaIRiEs WeaR BoOtS & YuO GottA BeLeiVe Me......I sAw It wiTh mY oWn TwO eyeS....

Ozzy Osbourne-Dreamer

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Simchabe Cheeky Girls "Cheeky Song" (their mom wrote this song - seriously)

Cheeky Girls cheeky Song (Touch My Bum)

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Simchabe RT @aefpix: @TehranBureau Call from Iran reports severe skin burns due to the unknown liquid dropped from helicopters. #iranElection

Clutch, Juggernaut

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star45 The High Violets – Chinese Letter
star45 Uh Huh Her – Covered – hi @SuperSpaceAngel @space_cadet @matwater213 - @katarinax you're welcome too!
Marcome May the magic flow in your heart & spread love in your life in the next hours! Take care, you deserve the best! Marcomé xx (reblip)


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devobrain With a name like that you can't go wrong....both the band and the song title. :)

The Gun Club - Sex Beat

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KvickaN @toosweet4rnr: "[George Benson – Sweet Taste Of Love] ;) (nsfw) " (reblip)
pcsketch @steveguttridge: "@pcsketch:indeed, I'm thinking, one on one, 8th grade...She's giving me the high sign.................> wait was that you lol (reblip)
DJTIMMY @DJTIMMY: "Sweet!!!!!!!!!!" (reblip)

Buck Naked Music Video "Teenage Pussy from Outter Space"

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pcsketch @mark_till: "Breathe. >>this is a very nice song (reblip)

Come on Get Higher- Matt Nathanson [[Lyrics]]

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ChadThomas awesome!! rb@SkyeCebh: "♫♥♪ Steve Vai - "For the Love of God" ♥ What an excellent performance!" (reblip)
pcsketch Lets walk on the sand somewhere warm! (reblip)

Walking on the Sand 'unplugged'

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solid This made my day, thanks @toxiferous: "RB @solid There's always great stuff waiting for me when I check out your blips. Thank you!" (reblip)
pcsketch @DJTIMMY: "@Simchabe: "You better believe it, that's the truth of it..." Take it or leave it...... :)" >this is good I will take it! (reblip)


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pcsketch destination…Ruby soho

RancidRuby Soho

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DJTIMMY @pcsketch: "@DJTIMMY: ":) More ; ) ; ) ; )"I'm getting sleepyyyyyyyy lol lol lol (reblip)

Los Angeles

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pcsketch @CooperHarris: "@NikkiPixel: "Sorry bout that, I missed this one. Doing great and you? @CooperHarris:" Very good. Just hanging out here :)">>Sweet! (reblip)
SecretAngel RB "always looking for these types of songs" @LUSCIOUSDDJA: "MAKE OUT W ME....@ICEGIRL152 @TPJK @DirtyUrine @CooperHarris @seanbradford @HERDE (reblip)


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pcsketch @Schoork: "Good Morning Blipstars!!!!" <<Mornin' Rock on! (reblip)
creativeness no pain, no gain, my friend. lol. @Schoork: "ouch!@CMDoria: "@creativeness Def Leppard- Love Bites"" (reblip)

Def Leppard- Love Bites

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ta23n Now playing ♪ John Legend - Save Room "Once Again [Bonus Tracks]" ( 2006 ) : R&B ♫

John LegendSave Room

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ta23n Now playing ♪ Ne-Yo - Sexy Love "In My Own Words (Advance)" ( 2006 ) : R&B ♫

Ne-YoSexy Love

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bach2buzzcocks @JasonBohata: "wicked, think they are now Peggy Sue, tho'."..and they are wicked good! (reblip)
wilsoke you know i'm happy up here...
Silveramberz rb @Dr_Wes: "BHT Judas Priest-Turbo Lover" (reblip)

Judas Priest-Turbo Lover

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Paramore ignorance Official Music Video Full HD

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Gary Glitter- I Didn't Know I Loved You (Till I Saw You Rock And Roll)

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toosweet4rnr [Billie Holiday – It's Too Hot For Words] yeah, that last blip was the instrumental... oops. :)
JimmyStagger Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders was in this band.
tjps Blip inspired by @Dani_L: The Flys – Got You Where I Want You ~ Love it!! :)
happy_bunny Midnight Romeo

Push Play- Midnight Romeo (Album Version)

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pulsar Time for me to merge with the night - Good night all!
pcsketch @DJTIMMY No rest for you your coming with me…LOL Nity nite (reblip)

The Polecats-Make a circuit with me

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Schoork FAVE!!!@SkyeCebh: "♫♥♪ Sixx A.M - "Life Is Beautiful" ♥✰" (reblip)
Model_Daughters and now @lissbot, i am at last suffused, imbued, slaked... Enya – Caribbean Blue (reblip)

EnyaCaribbean Blue

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ChadThomas many crowns down!! you???rb@Angie74: "Hey drinking pal, how the hell are ya?! @ChadThomas: "YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"" (reblip)


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tjps Stone Temple Pilots – Vasoline
LoriMoreno Sometimes it Amazes Me How strong the Power of Love can Be!
ChadThomas Im great!! yesterday was rough! @Angie74: "Hey hun!! How the heck are ya?! :) @ChadThomas: "Hey rb@Angie74!!!!""
ChadThomas gnite!!rb@pcsketch: "Regrets I've had a few… I did it my way! Nite all thanks for all the blips and Probs! Happy Monday!" (reblip)

The Sex PistolsMy Way

| play
suckmydeck (Incompatible) It's a long time I haven't blip this lovely tune from Natasha Bedingfield perf. "Soulmate"! Is anybody out there wanna be my soulmate?
Silveramberz K folks, I'm out for now! Catch you later!

Dangerous Toys Teasn n Pleasn

| play
HellenKellersIpod @DottieChang Never heard this...caught my attention right away. I'm out after this. Have a great Halloween (reblip)
Atomik how you feeling @CLARITY?

Pet Shop Boys-Vampires

| play
Atomik so nice to be on the at the same time with you @matwater213: ""Spooky" Wishes to All My Blip Goblins..." (reblip)

Imogen HeapSpooky

| play
pcsketch @DJTIMMY: "Good Night!!!! Blip You Later:)" Nite sleep tight sweet dreams (reblip)
pcsketch @DJTIMMY: "@pcsketch: "@DJTIMMY: "Reminds me of Rach:) Its a good song:)">funny!" Or my little sister Maggie???? :)">>Oh no Babe (reblip)
pcsketch @DJTIMMY: "Goodnight Everybody Thank you:)">>Later Nitey nite sweet dreams! (reblip)
mpp2 RB @jazz29171 "Bowie & U2 confessed to be influenced by this fantastic Swiss rockband." Just for @justamoochie :) (reblip)
mpp2 Enjoying this discovery immensely! More! The Young Gods, "Gasoline Man." RB @jazz29171 For...yep @justamoochie :) (reblip)
mpp2 1 more, then kip. RB @jazz29171 The Young Gods, "Envoye." @justamoochie Bonne nuit JC, Ms. Posher. ZzZzZz...¦-o (reblip)
AgentDragonFly Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Love Burns
iammikecohen Because the video features Eva Mendes getting antiqued with glitter
iammikecohen Since Emily Haines was mentioned on Twitter a minute ago, best song of Metric's newest album
ahsan @joojibee @shellartistree @linawho @pcsketch @mjcharleston songs of desperation I played them 4 u a moment, a love a dream, a laugh a kiss, a cry (reblip)
Schoork Hello@DeAnn: "@TormentedOne: "Love this! TYVM rb @Awannabeangel: "Ain't No Sunshine (Studio Recording) – Kris Allen [Download]""" (reblip)
Lonravalex Sometimes you just need to watch and listen.. wink :) @DaLady: "You are quiet tonight Mr@Lonravalex: "Dedicated....."" (reblip)
tuatara Good evening and good night

The Violet Hour-Sea Wolf

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redbarchettadrive @bach2buzzcocks: "already liked them separately..kinda loving their sound together" (reblip)
pcsketch Dream all that you can be…


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pcsketch Angel On My Shoulders (reblip)

mattafix- angel on my shoulders (lyrics)

| play
mrrodd YW @charmstep TY...just play a few B.J. songs on iTunes. :~) "Ride feat. Jaheim - This is almost TOO sexy. Hey Thanks for the Jaheim reminder." (reblip)

Boney James- Ride

| play
pcsketch Hold me…hold me…

Nina Hagen: Hold Me

| play
mrrodd It called out to you :) @GinaDunc: "Can't sleep...luv Peter White, ty!" (reblip)
SkyeCebh Have a great day, honey! @CMDoria: "c U ALL Later ;o) ----------> Def Leppard – Hysteria" (reblip)

Bed of Razors- Children Of Bodom

| play
crasin2me Greetings to @tjps @CooperHarris @Fortharrison @pcsketch @mark_till Hey @creativeness What about this? The Dreaming – "Beautiful"

The DreamingBeautiful

| play
pcsketch @DJTIMMY sendign you an electric feel can you guess

MGMT electric feel

| play
pcsketch People Got A Lotta Nerve… lol
richstep Everybody was Kung Fu fighting - those kids were fast as lightning. In fact it was a little bit frightening . . (no imeem, no video)< 1974 No.1 (2wks)
FineNGood If you haven't listened to Disgroove, check them out. They are effin cool!

disgroovecome down

| play
ChadThomas nite Angie! @Angie74:@razorfire: "night farm girl, pick some big uns for me:) ! @Angie74: "Night all! Thanks for fun and kick ass tunes! xxxx""" (reblip)

10 Years- So Long, Goodbye (lyrics)

| play
ChadThomas Sleep well! rb@JTMaustin: "Shivaree ~ "Goodnight Moon" :: sleep now." (reblip)
ChadThomas YW! Keep it Rockin till morning!!@sarahcarina: "Night, thanks for all the rb's !! Now what do I do without you ! :-P @ChadThomas:goodnight all! (reblip)
JimmyStagger @Dawnrazor I was in no way calling you a Momma's Boy chief haha // @BabyBruise more aggro for you


| play
deadwood4 yw - i see you know my friend @BBlanca @Ruth_MO: "@deadwood4: I agree. love this song, i'd a lot of time without listening it =D. Goood!! thanks" (reblip)
JimmyStagger @Dawnrazor The Golden Horde- "Endless Weekend"

The Golden Horde Endless Weekend

| play

Paul Carrack "Don't Shed A Tear"

| play
MusicWithMsB Very true@bobvolanti: Marilyn Monroe – Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend (reblip)

Gary Glitter-Rock and Roll Part 2 Hey Song

| play
acanuckfan ׺°”˜`”°º×@pcsketch @SarahABQ׺°”˜`”°º×
JimmyStagger Switching gears here...Bob Welch (ex pre-"Rumours" Fleetwood Mac) & Hunt Sales (who later joined Bowie's Tin Machine) band. This is from 1976. Funky!

ParisBig Towne 2061

| play

Bang a Gong (Get It On) by T.Rex

| play
pcsketch Them Crooked Vultures – Gunman (this sounds a bit like STP)
GarrettTheK the latest artist brought to me via blip, more specifically one Jazzhole - digging this stuff.


| play
pcsketch The news - Carbon Silicon ; )
tatianainc doesnt get much more sexy than this.... sexy morning everyone!

Hooverphonic2 Wicky

| play
vanbytheriver Enigma - Return To Innocence (reblip)

Enigma ~~ Return to Innocence ~~

| play
DjDiddlesSkittle <3 @DamianaSkye: "Lords of Acid • ABC's of Kinky Sex" (reblip)

Abc's of Kinky Sex

| play
DjDiddlesSkittle This is stuck in my head now :) @laurafee: "yup." (reblip)

Pras featuring Mya & Ol' Dirty Bastard "Ghetto Superstar"

| play
Simchabe rb @Atomik: "love the avatar @Simchabe " **Thanks. Its something cool I saw at SXSW this year (reblip)
TinaDee Hope you get some sunshine soon hon...@_SDO
TinaDee Wish I could move like that...Love those chaps she has on, LOL RB @amys_bus_ticket (reblip)
TinaDee Goodnight sweet blipsters.... :*)


| play
pcsketch Yeah! @CooperHarris: "@fireball_jones: "@CooperHarris can't go wrong with Irish punk." Nice one!" (reblip)


| play
Joleesa sweet rb > @DjDiddlesSkittle: "Edgewater~"I Won't Back Down" {Tom Petty Cover} " (reblip)
TinaDee "After all you're the one who turns me off...You're the only one who can turn me back on.." @CateP36 @_SDO @goonerjamie @amys_bus_ticket
SuperSpaceAngel ♥ I have just barely gotten over my Adam addiction... now you start me up again! LOL! ;) TY! RB@MSBloom: "Adam & The Ants ~ Goody Two Shoes~" (reblip)
Boheme @DJDolceVita: "♥♥♥ @Captblackeagle ♥♥♥ I had to play our song ♥♥♥" (reblip)

Savage Garden - Truly Madly Deeply

| play
TupeloJo rb @pcsketch: "Daydream Believer" ►.•*¨♪♪¨*•. (reblip)
kundunphei ├◙╥║all I have├◙╥║j.lo & ll cool j
DJ_DenverCO Unrequited Love Mix ... Hellogoodbye- Here in Your Arms ...

Hellogoodbye- Here in Your Arms (W/ LYRICS)

| play
crasin2me Rb @divarama Nice one guys :) @chickenkatsu @harmony60: "just chillin~TY~> =] @RocketmanUSA "You Really Got Me" ~~ So, what's up? (reblip)
FineNGood Words get tangled on your tongue And you stumble on your feet When you miss somebody
JimmyStagger @pcsketch here's what I was gonna play but it cuts off...
JimmyStagger @pcsketch a punk Xmas tune from The Boys in their guise as "The Yobs" ;)
pcsketch ah crazy Shane! thx @JimmyStagger @pcsketch my genes demand I play this // @jennyleepenny anyone upset at your appearance is no friend of this space! (reblip)
S4W2E0D :))@hawaiibuzz: "awww cuz, i missed u by -> <- this much .. next time! rb@chickenkatsu: "Last spin! G'nite all! TY 4 Ps/Rs/RBs!"" (reblip)
pcsketch Good song and Band! @NikkiPixel SXSW 2010 Performers - The Chevelles – Get It On" (reblip)
nicklokes @anotorias: "I like it, but do I *love* it? "Exlovers - Wicked Game (Chris Isaak Cover)"" (reblip)

Exlovers, Wicked Game (Chris Isaak Cover)

| play
amphore Piece Of Heaven – Claude Challe
pcsketch @Skull_300 hey new listener and a Hawks fan! Wow double bonus! lol (reblip)
pcsketch LMAO I know some folks who could qualify for this title! @DirtyUrine: "love this new Crue tune! ~ @Schoork: "Motley Crue - Motherfucker of the year"" (reblip)
JoyVolt @BluesdaddyD 'Man, some good plays 2night.' Will have to follow w/ The Sex Pistols version. (reblip)

Paul Revere & the Raiders-(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone

| play
Joleesa here's one that always makes me smile and move @DJSelchie ☆ Bottle Rocket ☆