Cathal Coughlan 'Dusty In Here'

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pratinsky a Greek band (they have the wolf there already)
TBFKA Thanks for adding me@DJliesdesmit: "Minnie Riperton - Lovin' You" (reblip)
mmeixide Marisa Monte & Paulinho da Viola - Carinhoso

Feist - La meme histoire

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perolaspop Thanks for the wonderful cover. @Dolittle

The Go-Betweens · Dusty in Here

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DesertLily ... RB@nastysurprise: "amsiebee I know, right? Yay! / And DesertLily... damn, you're tough. I'll win you back." (reblip)

Jeff Hanson "This Time it WIll"

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perolaspop It really is a compliment. Besides its beauty, I also love their songs :) @DJWhatever199
perolaspop Somehow, the Strokes song reminded me of this band... @DJWhatever199
perolaspop Um feliz Domingo para você :) @mmeixide

Chico Buarque - Rosa Dos Ventos

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perolaspop So beautiful :)))

Lisa Hannigan : Lille ( Live Other Voices) HQ

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Dolittle @leffi33 I learned back in '94 never to drink Pernod ;-)
beap @DJFrankie @OneA and all other Canadians out on blipworld
DavidFonseca It's late and this is perfect. Floating to bed now...

Sleeping At Last "Green Screens" Music Video

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DavidFonseca "You're so far away from me, so far I just can't see" ou Como um slow aquece uma pista de dança
perolaspop In the middle of this song comes the fascination.
perolaspop Ladies and Gentlemen, I am pleased to reveal Rose Polenzani singing one of the best covers I ever heard. Real amazing!
perolaspop Bem, sem grande espaço para dúvidas ou hesitações, esta tem de ser eleita #songoftheweek
perolaspop Hoje, ao consultar a minha playlist, deparei-me com esta canção fantástica e pensei: "A Vilma vai gostar desta". Espero que sim :-) @vilmacorreia
Nani1982 Tão simples e ao mesmo tempo tão profunda... diz tudo! Linda!Amo.
perolaspop Wow :-) What a cover by a great band. Thks!@megg: "@MojaveMini in response to the original" (reblip)

Fanfarlo cover Neutral Milk Hotel 'In The Aeroplane Over The Sea'

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perolaspop One of my favorites :)@pratinsky: "not thinking in anybody in special..." (reblip)
perolaspop Lullaby song, because it`s bedtime. Bye!
perolaspop One of my favs. «People are like songs, it’s true Some seem dull at first but then they grow on you Me, I’m like ”Can’t get you out of my head” »

Hello saferide

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perolaspop It´s inevitable to blip this one, when someone blips Fleet Foxes :)
MalcolmSchmidt Have you been to the charleston farmhouse?@orangekittypie: "because am reading book on Bloomsbury Group right now" (reblip)
perolaspop «Come sail your ships around me And burn your bridges down. We make a little history baby Every time you come around.»
perolaspop «I love your hands as a part of you As they write a word just by staying still When you talk they move, painting what you say...»
mmeixide Mart'nália & Caetano Veloso - Pé do meu Samba || obrigado @moemapinel (reblip)
perolaspop @DavidFonseca: ""You're so far away from me, so far I just can't see" ou Como um slow aquece uma pista de dança" (reblip)
perolaspop (...)Calling angels down to Earth, Because I believe we need them, We only hurt the ones we love, Why we don't need a reason...»
perolaspop Sergio Godinho - "Dancemos no Mundo"

Dancemos no Mundo (Sérgio Godinho)

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mammara inspired by @space_cadet (a classic cake, with chocolate and cream)
perolaspop Love this one :) Pity the poor sound quality.

Amélie-les-crayons : les jours de neige en ville

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fausto uma cantiga de desemprego

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perolaspop Hello Saferide - "I Wonder who is like this one" «People are like songs, it's true Some seem dull at first but then they grow on you...»

Hello saferide

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pratinsky maybe it's that (too much Veuve Cliquot from your yesterday day) @mammara
Aluciel Note to self: purchase a raincoat. Preferably blue...or polka dot. Blue polka dots, maybe.
perolaspop #songoftheweek She sings: «How did you find me?» I just can say: Where you were hidden?
perolaspop I think this album will be widely spoken. Has great songs! Like this one.
winggirl ah-ha you just keep telling yourself that! @nastysurprise72: "@winggirl You think so? Ha! You don't know." (reblip)
by_starla [Gravenhurst - Fog round the figurehead]
artsandmorrison Best song on the new album - one of the best he's ever written.
perolaspop A good night for everyone. Sweet dreams or a good rest of day.
perolaspop I Believe: «through every breath that i breathe and every place i go there is hand that protects me and i do love her so...»
perolaspop Alessi`s Ark - "Magic Weather"

Magic Weather by Alessi's Ark

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perolaspop NEW SONG. The new album: “Bang Goes The Knighthood” Released May 31st on Divine Comedy Records.
zamfir Emiliana Torrini – I Hope That I Dont Fall in Love With You

Emiliana Torrini I hope that i dont fall in love with you

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VeryEmerald That is exactly why I liked it ;) @Callie_Sue I'm a fan of creepy.
spacespencer ... to live in a lemonworld.
Alturn8tive {Pavement – Killing Moon(Echo and the Bunnymen cover)
rickardnilsson This track is really growing stronger and stronger! The whole album is growing stronger.
spacespencer another nice cover (Animal Collective).
perolaspop Amélie les Crayons - "Ta p`tite flamme"

Ta p'tite flamme《你的激情》Amélie les Crayons

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Greenfields47 Paul, this song is a hit among the youths@PaulCwalina.
Alturn8tive {Elliott Smith – Trouble (Cat Stevens Cover)}
perolaspop Super Desserts - "On Sunday"

On Sunday by Super Desserts

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mammara new to me, found obviously via @by_starla :)

Hannah Georgas "The Beat Stuff"

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perolaspop Sem dúvida :-)@SilviaC: "Sorry Bruce...mas esta é melhor =)" (reblip)

Fanfarlo - Sand And Ice

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mmeixide Emilio Cao - Poema de Uxio Novoneyra || 17 Maio Dia das Letras Galegas

Emilio Cao & Uxio Novoneyra

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Antony And The Johnsons 'Her Eyes Are Underneath The Ground' 2009

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Fanfarlo cover Neutral Milk Hotel 'In The Aeroplane Over The Sea'

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Indie_Tunes Blipping round midnight is fantastic. A fantastic jam - love this.

The Agape Rose- Scars Like Medals

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perolaspop Esta é novo disco :-) Fantástica! @anamonteiro @carlies
perolaspop «Two hearts are better than one So much better than none Dear, wait for me will you...»
perolaspop A fav of mine. «When it all comes down so bad And beauty lies exhausted in the streets Hold his ever loving hand. Only he knows who you are.»

Sufjan Stevens-- The Lord God Bird

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indieearcandyforeveryone hey buddy.. reblip ya. @ColdRoses summertime in Chicago is finally starting up. gotta make it out here for all the street festivals... (reblip)
perolaspop Another beautiful song from this band.
perolaspop Chico Buarque - "Chorinho"

Um Chorinho Chico Buarque

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perolaspop La rose :-) Loved it! TY@pratinsky: "partially induced by @perolaspop olà" (reblip)
perolaspop Last blip for now. Hope to return later.

Lhasa de Sela Performs : "Who by Fire" (by Leonard Cohen)

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perolaspop At Freddy`s House - "Dancing in the dark". Amazing cover!

Amor Errante _ Diva (Natália Casanova Sétima Legião)

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Ana Moura- Os Búzios

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perolaspop Great! Great! Great! Amazing!

The Leisure Society : Bona Fide : Sing Me To Sleep at the Union Chapel 15 May 2010

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perolaspop There´s a time for everything. Now, it`s bedtime. My lullaby song for today. It`s one of my #songsofalifetime. Sweet dream :-)
perolaspop Uma das minhas preferidas. @sagepoesie

Chico Buarque - Umas E Outras

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La nuit des Masques, por Elis Regina e Pierre Barouh

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perolaspop Thanks! I believe we can find the strenght in our weakness@mirre:"Thomas Dybdahl - From Grace / seems I have a weakness I didn't know about..." (reblip)
perolaspop For me, it`s one of the best indie pop bands of all time!
perolaspop Before the goodnight song, i have the pleasure to share a recent discovery. It`s great!
perolaspop «What I used to be will pass away and then you'll see That all I want now is happiness for you and me...»
MsBojangles ...another new subject of my adoration.
perolaspop It's always good to remember this great band and this amazing song.
perolaspop The angels voice...

Marissa Nadler-Silvia

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perolaspop I leave you with this wonderful song. Other responsibilities and obligations must be fulfilled. I hope to return today. Have a nice saturday. @all
perolaspop Ft. Gordon Gano (Violent Femmes)

Fanfarlo cover Smashing Pumpkins "We Only Come Out At Night"

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perolaspop John Goraj - "Lost Innocence"

Lost Innocence

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perolaspop Owls of the Swamp - "Heart of the Mountain"
perolaspop This one goes to my estimated listeners and fans of Tiago. @Mr_Steve @space_cadet

Tiago Bettencourt & Mantha- em Fuga-Tens que largar a mão

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perolaspop Lovely song. A recent discovery.
mark_till John Vanderslice - Tremble And Tear
perolaspop Robert Forster (The Go-Betweens) - "Demon Days"
perolaspop Chico Buarque - "Pedro Pedreiro"

Pedro Pedreiro (Chico Buarque)

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perolaspop Great, great song!

LALEH "Big City Love" (official video)

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perolaspop Nice song. Discovered this morning.
Mr_Steve They're pretty keen, a little tricky to track down but I heart what little stuff of theirs there is. Glad you like 'em! @perolaspop
perolaspop Nice song. I like it! @Mr_Steve: "Feeling the need for some Spell this afternoon :)" (reblip)
Mr_Steve Feeling the need for some Spell this afternoon :)
perolaspop Rose Polenzani - "Soul Meets Body" (Death Cab For Cutie)
perolaspop I´m floating to bed too. Thanks for the props and all the good music. @DavidFonseca: "It's late and this is perfect. Floating to bed now..." (reblip)
perolaspop Glad you like it :-) Love this one too. @Mr_Steve

The Leisure Society 'Save It For Someone Who Cares'

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'Concorde' by Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou

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perolaspop @catarinha: "e eu que, em miúda, gozava com a minha mãe sempre que ouvia os discos do Simon&Garfunkel... "sooner or later we all quote our mothers"" (reblip)

Kings of Convenience sing "24-25" live

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perolaspop «And it's time I met someone like you And I hope to make certain that it's true...»
perolaspop Faz tempo que não ouvia isto... Gosto imenso!
perolaspop Albuns of a lifetime: "Night Falls Over Kortedala" - Jens Lekman
perolaspop Albuns of a lifetime: "Promenade" - The Divine Comedy
perolaspop Albuns of a lifetime: "The Stone Roses" - The Stone Roses
perolaspop Albuns of a lifetime: "If you´re feeling sinister" - Belle and Sebastian
perolaspop Another song about birds... Frida Hyvönen - "Birds"


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perolaspop This is really Great!!! «You see, music is a princess I'm just a nobody who'd gladly give his life for her majesty.»

Prefab Sprout Music Is A Princess

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perolaspop Albuns of a lifetime: "Spark Large" - Marching Band

Marching Band- Travel In Time

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perolaspop Albuns of a lifetime: "Illinois" - Sufjan Stevens

Sufjan Stevens "John Wayne Gacy Jr" Music Video

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perolaspop Gostei muito! Obrigado!@sandra__: "(We Talk Like Machines)" (reblip)
perolaspop Albuns of a lifetime: "Quiet is the New Loud" - Kings of Convenience
perolaspop Thanks! Muito bom! Nice song!@rakula: "with a hello and thanks!@Modster: "Minimum Wage - Grand Hallway"" (reblip)
perolaspop Para cantarolar!

"Riverbank" by PELLE CARLBERG

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perolaspop «And I wish that her eyes, oh her wonderful eyes, were there, there just for me On that island I'll be free...»
perolaspop Convido-vos a reflectir na letra... «Savoir aimer Sans rien attendre en retour, Ni égard, ni grand amour, Pas même l'espoir d'être aimé»
perolaspop Robert Forster (Go Betweens) interpreta "Demon Days", a última canção de Grant McLennan, cuja forma Forster terminou e q incluiu em "The Evangelist"
perolaspop Bela recordação! A participação de Neil Hannon dá um toque especial à canção.
perolaspop Grato pelo Rb. Fico feliz por gostar da canção. É irresistível, não é? Espero que goste desta. @rakula
perolaspop É inevitável e irresistível regressar a este belo álbum!

Isbells without a doubt

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perolaspop Mais uma pérola do álbum «Les Piqûres d'Araignée»
perolaspop Emoções fortes e profundas! Que voz maravilhosa! «I saw it in your eyes, what I'm looking for I saw it in your eyes, what will make me live...
perolaspop Majestosa! Lembra-me o concerto dele a que assisti em Lisboa.
perolaspop I love the album "While I Walk you home" :)
perolaspop My God, this is divine!

Frida Hyvonen - London

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perolaspop Listen to this one! Gosto imenso do álbum de estreia deste cantor. Está recheado de perólas!

Isbells maybe

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perolaspop É gratificante saber que gostou de algumas das minhas propostas musicais. As suas também são bem interessantes. Espero que goste desta... @rakula
perolaspop Great! "Contra" it´s fabulous!
perolaspop Da américa profunda... duas bandas das quais gosto imenso, juntaram-se para gravar um Ep fantástico!

Calexico & Iron & Wine- He Lays In The Reins

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perolaspop Não conhecia. Gostei! Video fantástico!
perolaspop "O vento é sempre o mesmo, mas sua resposta é diferente em cada folha." (Cecília Meireles)
perolaspop Longo e rigoroso Inverno...

Cuckoo Chaos It's Easy, Ya Know

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perolaspop O irresistível charme francês :)
perolaspop «Falling in love is easy, that's what my friends tell me. It's letting a bird out of a cage, when will my heart, my heart be free?»

Silence 4 Sleepwalking Convict

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the beatles- girl

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perolaspop Great cover!

The Pretenders. Everyday Is Like Sunday.

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perolaspop Thanks! Like it :)@RadioFreeIllinois: "The Weakerthans ~ Left and leaving" (reblip)
perolaspop C´est belle! :)

Coralie Clément "C'est la vie"

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perolaspop Uma das mais belas canções pop de sempre!

The Go-Betweens: "Bachelor Kisses"

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perolaspop Beautiful song! :) Worth Listen!

Doves Kingdom of Rust music video

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perolaspop Grato! Esplendorosamente bela e etérea!@sandra__: "RB@whistlin_indie Thanks, I like this!" (reblip)
perolaspop Muito bom! O álbum é um dos melhores de 2008.
perolaspop Faz mais de uma década que ouvi pela primeira vez esta banda... Cada vez gosto mais...

The Smiths Please, please, please, let me get what I want

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perolaspop Uma das minhas bandas predilectas interpretando uma das minhas canções favoritas...
perolaspop Neil Hannon (Divine Comedy), para além de escrever canções pop requintadas, elegantes e viciantes, é um excelente contador de histórias.
perolaspop Esta canção transporta-me para um lugar exótico, mágico, luminoso. Este homem tem o dom de compor e interpretar canções sublimes.
perolaspop Palavras para quê? This is amazing!

Frida Hyvönen London

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perolaspop Antony and the Johnsons, uma vez mais. Na música existe, por vezes, um mistério que nos transcende...e apodera-se da alma...


| play
perolaspop Sempre a produzir grandes canções pop!
perolaspop Regresso a um dos melhores álbuns de 2009. Barzin "Notes to an absent lover". Recomendo!


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perolaspop The cold heart will burst If mistrusted first And a calm heart will break When given a shake...
perolaspop O novo "Contra" dos Vampire Weekend é muito bom!
perolaspop Este homem gravou um dos melhores discos que ouvi em 2009. Esta canção rodou insistentemente no meu leitor de Cd´s.
perolaspop Um hino da minha adolescência! This is how it feels to be lonely...
perolaspop Obrigado por esta pérola!@DavidFonseca: "All I know is there's something new this year. " (reblip)
perolaspop Agradeço a um dos meus artistas favoritos esta bela canção@DavidFonseca: "Walking down the street with this song in my mind. " (reblip)
perolaspop E um anjo canta com voz humana...
perolaspop Simplesmente divinal! Quando o ouvi pela primeira vez há 2 anos, estranhei, mas depois entranhou-se e provocou o deslumbramento...

Antony and the Johnsons-You Are My Sister

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perolaspop Dois dos meus artistas portugueses favoritos, juntos numa canção fantástica, com um videoclip magistral!
perolaspop Meu Deus, este homem põe a alma na voz!
perolaspop Já perdi a conta das vezes que ouvi esta música!!!
perolaspop Mais um dia luminoso ao som de uma das minhas bandas favoritas!
perolaspop Uma das canções da minha vida!
perolaspop Uma das melhores canções pop alguma vez escritas!
perolaspop Mazgani é um artista de um talento impressionante. O seu álbum de estreia é simplesmente magnífico, irresistível, fabuloso!
perolaspop Uma canção canção mágica, intemporal. Saudosos anos 80!
perolaspop No ano passado, Great Lake Swimmers editaram um álbum fabuloso! "Palmistry" é uma das pérolas que fazem parte do disco. Oiçam com muita atenção!
perolaspop como resistir a esta orquestra estival?

Love Of An Orchestra

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perolaspop Que bom que gravaste o teu disco, Rita!
perolaspop Na Suécia, produzem-se belas melodias pop.

Club 8 "Whatever you want"

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perolaspop Um dos melhores discos portugueses de 2009: Old Jerusalem "Two Birds Blessing"
perolaspop Outro belo disco de 2009: Doveman "The Conformist"
perolaspop "Notes to an absent lover" de Barzin é, na minha opinião, um dos melhores álbuns de 2009. Para ouvir com atenção e com o coração.
perolaspop @seagull: "thanks @ovelha_te: "=)" where are those arms? ihihihih Isto e viciante!!!" Impossível não dar um passinho de dança!... (reblip)
perolaspop Stuart Murdoch (Belle and Sebastian) juntou-se aos seus companheiros, recurtou belas vozes femininas num "casting" e editou um belíssimo álbum.
Alturn8tive {Kings of Convenience- I'd Rather Dance With You}

Kings of Convenience- I'd Rather Dance With You

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perolaspop Como dizem os meus amigos brasileiros: que coisa linda!!!
perolaspop Saudosos anos 80! Uma das minhas canções favoritas!
perolaspop Eu não vos disse que da Suécia vêm belas e deliciosas melodias pop?
perolaspop Pelo menos a julgar pela amostra, é altamente recomendável. @sandra__: "Olá @perolaspop Recomendo o novo disco dos Shearwater. È uma beleza rara." (reblip)
perolaspop worth listening the album "On the Ground"
perolaspop I Love this song and his record!

Isbells as long as it takes

| play
perolaspop So beautiful! The best way to start a rainy day...

Jeff Hanson "This Time it WIll"

| play
perolaspop Great moment of inspiration! One my favourite bands

James alaskan pipeline

| play
perolaspop One of my favourites. Stop the war, please! «Where the anger is hot Where opinion is deep Understanding is shot Is dead, is dead, is dead


| play
perolaspop James - "Heavens" I love this one!


| play
perolaspop I love this band! «Mary Jo, no one can guess What you've been through Now you've got love to burn...»

Mary Jo Belle & Sebastian

| play
perolaspop One of my favourites. «If you want me I'll be there A boy to deal with all your problems But part of the deal Is for you to feel something.»
perolaspop Great song! Great Singer/Songwriter! «I must find my beautiful home Somewhere beneath this sky...» My bon
perolaspop This one goes to the one I love! «When the world seems senseless It's me and you against them And I love you 'cause you know who I am...»
perolaspop «O mundo é uma escola A vida é o circo Amor palavra que liberta Já dizia o Profeta.»
perolaspop Uma voz magnífica, um poema sublime...
perolaspop Uma das grandes vozes da música portuguesa...

Paulo de Carvalho -- Sábado à tarde

| play
perolaspop «Gentle heart never hurt a soul You live in trust and you learn to love...»
perolaspop Já há alguns dias que o sol não brilha por estes lados...
perolaspop Le irrésistible charme français... C'est fabuleux!
perolaspop Gosto mesmo desta. Um pop cheio de sol e melodia!
perolaspop É a beleza que salva o mundo, disse o famoso escritor russo Dostoievski. E Rubem Alves escreveu "Fora da beleza, não há salvação"

Marissa Nadler River Of Dirt

| play
perolaspop Estou encantado com este cantor francês. Recomendo deveras o álbum "Les Piqures d´araignee"...
perolaspop Coralie Clément - o irresistível charme francês...
perolaspop Contagiosa! Grazie!@space_cadet: ":))) sei irresistibile @mammara" (reblip)
perolaspop Outra pérola preciosa!

The Bluetones-Slight Return

| play
perolaspop Great Song! Great Album, always!
perolaspop Beautiful song... Mais um momento de beleza e romantismo...
perolaspop Sabe mesmo bem... (uma delícia) Obrigado!@havidaemmarkl: "Sabe bem ouvir isto! " (reblip)
perolaspop Brilhante! «When Shirin cuts my hair her mama's sitting in the rocking chair She tells me stories from the war in Iraq cause they were there »

Jens LekmanShirin

| play
perolaspop So Beautiful! «Emballe-moi sous les nuages Doucement vient le soleil Bonheur aprés l'orage...»
perolaspop Uma das minhas preferidas do Chico. «A vida é sempre aquela dança Aonde não se escolhe o par...»

Chico Buarque - Umas E Outras

| play
perolaspop Breves instantes do mais puro encanto e magia!

Valsinha de Chico Buarque

| play
perolaspop Grande Chico! É sempre bom ouvir-te...
perolaspop Merci. belle et irrésistible danse!@randyhate: "this = more than a little bit of a good time via @Tranquil" (reblip)
perolaspop À beira da perfeição! «And to know yourself is to be yourself keeps you walking through these tears...»
perolaspop Fantastic! Uma verdadeira pérola! «...I know a thing about lovers Lovers want the moon Love goes on anyway!...»
perolaspop One of my favourite bands «Don’t believe what you’ve heard, Faithful’s not a bad word...»
perolaspop Bela recriação, sem dúvida! Obrigado!@havidaemmarkl: "Pausa para relax. Uma bela cantiga dos Roxy Music recriada de forma bela pelos Divine Comedy." (reblip)
perolaspop Gostei muito deste álbum @Sandra_


| play
DesertLily Eu só queria um tantinho assim de paz... RB@FabioBola: "Ela canta bem mesmo "E se a dor é de saudade e a saudade é de matar..."" (reblip)
perolaspop Obrigado :) Também gosto da sua. Temos muitas preferências musicais em comum. @Annie11
perolaspop Beauty sometimes makes me cry. «Bless his ever loving heart Only he knows who you are He may seem so very far Bless his ever loving heart...»
perolaspop «Lay down all your guns Give them up and then move on It doesn’t mean that you are dead Passing by the grace of god There by the grace of god.»
perolaspop One of my favorites.

The Leisure Society 'Save It For Someone Who Cares'

| play
perolaspop Obrigado! Retribuo o abraço e desejo um Domingo luminoso e harmonioso :) @fernorton
perolaspop Boa tarde :) Boas escolhas da katie Melua... Eu cá ando "apanhado" por esta :) @vilmacorreia
perolaspop Há séculos que não ouvia isto :)))
perolaspop O dia pede canções alegres e soalheiras :)