Sally29 If I seem a tad hysterical it is because I know that these few brief moments of sunshine could yet turn out to be this year's UK summer!


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doctawub This song is B E A utiful...yeah World Peace!
voxxrad wait for it .....this gets better!!!
Sally29 Well, I can't really call it sunlight - but it's not raining. Heard this yesterday for the first time in ages. I like it still!
crowjane You are dirty dirty man with a dirty dirty mind so says Laura Lee... theme continues Trash Talking Women
abmoniz another from Sara Tavares... the sound from Cabo Verde!
CraigSparks @ptneves -- Love Madeleine. Here's another songbird you might like.
ZONE J O Y ...welcome @rerkaizen.........................


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flyingscot_54 Came across this piano piece - in between a few bits and pieces.
abmoniz do Minho, do Algarve, dos Açores, do Alentejo... Mulheres!
De_Ann I actually did spend a night Bangkok once...@chanchant (reblip)


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save_the_wolves Paolo Conte – Sotto le Stelle del Jazz
PollysMusic I have to surrender the computer for a little.
paulasilva Nous voila mon amour..Arrivés au bord du ravin..Et je sais mon amour..Que tu n'y comprends plus rien..
paulasilva On s'est connus..on s'est reconnus..On s'est perdus de vue..On s'est retrouvés..on s'est séparés..Dans le tourbillon de la vie.
paulasilva On s'attache et on s'empoisonne..Avec une fleche qui nous illusionne
paulasilva Et si tu crois que je t'oubli..ecoute..Ouvre ton port aux vents de la nuit..ferme les yeux..j'ai glissee sous le vent
crowjane What U talkin' bout @darkness3000 ~this needs to make a come back!~oh~ al ight~tru dat~What up dude~?~bin' awhiles~missN my bro (reblip)

baz luhrmann - the sunscreen song

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dankitti A classic from Carly Simon – You Belong To Me.
Rudra 2k blips celebration! I'm reblipping my (and your) best songs since blip #1001! =) (reblip)
crowjane Short Theme: 5 of my fav Metal Love Pt. 2 2 XJapan!Art of Life (I know, who the hell is XJapan! Mettalica for life! lol)


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crowjane Ohhhh I do like this one

K7Hi De Ho

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ptneves Sh-boom sh-boom Ya-da-da Da-da-da Da-da-da Da, Sh-boom sh-boom Ya-da-da Da-da-da Da-da-da Da, sh-boom! (reblip)

Vicente Amigo - Guitarra Classica.MP3

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crowjane @ptneves: "Tell mama baby~she'll kiss ,lick~~ whatever~~It'll be better~promise~ now stop straying~told ya~ artificial turf~not greener grass" (reblip)
MsBiddyBytes Those Were the Days...♫ ♫ ♫
natalynha Twist your head around It's all around you...
AstridO Notice the mentioning of 'some guy' who wrote 69 love songs... Wonder who that might be? By a bunch of guys who call themselves Beulah, btw.


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understated Theme from an old French tv series.


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DORKVADER ..Paul is dead hoax.. Abbey Road..Paul’s eyes are closed and he is in his bare feet, both representative of a corpse... all part of the hoax theories
rubikoO Lou Reed – Satellite Of Love
S75_BigBandEraRadio "Opry Land" -HEE HAW- Carrie Underwood - The Night Before (Life Goes On)
Blippo Lay Low – Mojo Love THX@chiron08: "✪ happy weekend" Wish you a wonderful day ;) Thx for this scandinavian beauty! (leads me to my sunday motto) (reblip)
crowjane I need something more~~than this~Checkmate baby~~ my dose/fix of Peter Himmelman~totally addicted~
Stay19 Amiina – Glámur<><>


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gpharley @Megamuff: "Round round get around I get around DAWG!!!@rxrx1776: "I get around, DAWG!@Megamuff"" (reblip)
SisterAngel boy, do I remember this tune and I still love it! (reblip)
Grizabella Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers – Here Comes My Girl (reblip)
Sousenhorademim ..................................................................................................
SaucySammy says: "Bad Liver", that's what my Doctor told me ... I better pray! (tee hee) vi@RadioFreeIllinois: "Bad Livers – Jesus Is on the Mainline" (reblip)
crowjane @DJFrankie: "crowjane I dig this, but you have me confused with someone else! : ) Never interviewed her..."You are right bro~it was @Cashmiracle (reblip)
luisinho elections rhythm <Ella Fitzgerald – Vote For Mr. Rhythm>
djzarzamora This is to say hi to @DJRosaNava and @ptneves, thanks for listening
simply Tomatito-Bulerías

Tomatito Bulerias

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bigbilly morning my buddy from across the " puddle" ;-]@djkonski: "morning, evening, etc. blippers :-)" (reblip)
ZONE Hi @ptneves... long time ago! : D
bthecat love lisa.....@Mysterymix: "not so :) @rubikoO: "Lisa Ekdahl & Peter Nordahl Trio – It's Oh So Quiet"" (reblip)
annapires Sting - Shape of my Heart (Live)


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lucette17 @CyberManin: "Deux étrangers au bout du monde, si différents ♫ ♫♥♫ Deux inconnus, deux anonymes, mais pourtant ♫ [Renaud & Axelle Red – (reblip)
impossiblewmn Mmmmm...sweet jazzy intro. Can't do well without my coffee!
simply Paolo Conte- Molto lontano
Marystudio rb@acanuckfan: "◈◈ reblip vi@patita" Creedence Clearwater Revival – Long As I Can See the Light (reblip)
StreamingMimi Lobo - I'd Love You To Want Me (reblip)


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jet333 Traveling Wilburys - "Handle with Care" (reblip)

Traveling Wilburys Handle with Care

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LEM_40 "And you think you're alone as if I wasn't there /You’re losing your faith in me."
luisinho step back. hei mr fellini, what's up <Nino Rota – Theme from 8 1/2>
SaoRibeiro Olá @SOcaM: "Hola ...." This is so good... thanks (reblip)
Barbarellalala ... vi@DJrainndietrichwilson: "Heard this song this morning. I used to have a cat named "Lou Reed"." (reblip)
ShiaoMei happy sunday to u! :D @Jeffie: "Barry Manilow - "Mandy" (late 1974)" (reblip)
Barbarellalala Wish you all an inspiring Sunday... I'll try to enjoy the cloudy sun outside now... listen to ya later again (hopefully).
Radiobread"Iron and Wine - Dream (blip.up)" dreaming..
gpharley @Libertad: "ruf rufHTTP://WWW.FREEDOM.WS/ CODE NAMELESWONDERER WE OWE TO CHILDREN!!@pootleflump: "Last one for now people. Thank you all. "" (reblip)
georgedumpsonsplace /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
crowjane Hallie to Eddie Murphy: Love should have brought your black ass home last night~~hee hee~still cracks me up~(Boomerang)
Barbarellalala Thanks for props and replies and music @ladypn @ElNito @Turbolax @mammara @rguimaslima and to all the others...
Radiobread -imeem"Prokofiev - Dance of the Knights [Romeo & Juliet]" cool!
Radiobread "Empire of the Sun - Walking On A Dream" is shining, and I'm walking on a dream..
Barbarellalala ... life is gonna find me... smiling, shining, having fun... rb @tubilino: "Super Trooper" (reblip)
LdA "For those who are awake with a lousy headache":
ptneves @santamistura sem "props", vai um "reblip" de uma das minhas bandas preferidas ☺ (reblip)
wdavo #### have a great day.......all the best.....wdavo ~~~##
CyberManin @QUEENRO : Besame mucho ♫ como si fuera esta noche la ultima vez... ♫♥♫ Nunca se sabé... ♫ [Cesaria Evora - Besame mucho].. ><((((º> ·.¸.·´´`·.¸. (reblip)
seagull thanks @paulojreis: "Aphex Twin – Rhubarb" A very nice sound to say "Goodnight" (reblip)
fbrahimi @Jaenne: "qui chante ça ?" (reblip)

J'adore T'ecrire

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Barbarellalala Hi all, I'm off... have fun... ...thx vi@silenttiffy (reblip)
ROSIEOLIVEIRA @Babu: "a good version of a great music" (reblip)
Awannabeangel Congratulations to @scotlandlover, and @hawaiibuzz, 4 getting their 1,000 star !! Congrats again to the both of you !
TroyHolder Country: US / Year: 2006 "Sex Toy" by Unknown Hinson
Barbarellalala Tired. Have fun... till tomorrow, DJs...
avivajazz Buddy Miles | Down by the River
avivajazz Neil Young | Down by the River
crowjane @Awannabeangel: "B.B. King/Eric Clapton – When My Heart Beats Like a Hammer"~~Yeah ya rite sis~~~ (reblip)
Cyad Les photos d'bord de mer, ça on sait faire! ;)
nawlinswoman Very talented..sings like a sigh in the night..
compere "We must become the change we wish to see." -Mahatma Gandhi " (reblip)
amphore Beethoven, Ludwig van – Quartetto d'archi in Fa maggiore op. 18 n. 2 - I. Allegro con brio
STEVENDOES @butterflygem: "RB@maKACS: "@smarch19: "@TropicsZ4: "Ok checked the the list , this is the number 1 blipped song 2164 times ,The Cure – Love Song"""" (reblip)
crowjane @devlps: "@Eri_Z: hey Eri my sista happy v-day sis~thanks devlps for Ella &Joe (reblip)
ptneves Closing Time!

Enrique Chia - Orquideas bajo la luz de la luna

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TigerTanni @ptneves: Do you like Dustin O'Halloran? :-)
sheryonstone @briangreene @blipathon ♥ ♥ ♥ xoxo early for putting our 2nd annual blipathon together. 24 hr NON stop
jas13 Bob Dylan – Just Like A Woman
EurekaJanet @adbert: "[Van Morrison – Tupelo Honey] Happy #Valentine's Day, @TupeloJo ==> @tupelojoney! ;-) #blipathon #LoveSongs" (reblip)
EurekaJanet @CargoCulte: "coffee is badly needed!" <thanks~!> (reblip)
S75_BigBandEraRadio Sid's Big Band Radio: - The Prime Time Big Band - The Prime Time Big Band - The Shadow Of Your Smile
Gaz50 Allman Brothers Band – Jessica
ptneves @ShiaoMei just because you’re in the air tonight :-)
CosmicSprite @dANGELofLOVE TY I'm glad I blipped your fave Marley song for you. Enjoy.
ptneves [Roberto Daglio - Morning waltz (II)]


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alexparr & me! TY RB @MusicIsMySoul3: "rb@cjh: [Bruce Springsteen - When You Need Me] just call my name. If you miss me, I'll be there..." (reblip)
santamistura @MONIKKA não fuiiiiiiiii , estava muito frio e fiquei com preguiça e fiquei aqui na minha toca como sempre ;o)
acarranca @eleniap: "Retrospective double album “So Many Roads–An Anthology 1964-974” by John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers was released this week. (reblip)
ladypn Just getting ready for a cookout rb@FerBennazar... or rather I should be! I'm tied by the ball & chain that is BLIP!! LOL!!! ;) (reblip)
divadonna5 TY@SabineWe: "John Lee Hooker & Miles Davis – End Credits. J'apprécie vos reblips rkn123. Merci à vous deux pour ce beau duo rb@rkn123 via @ZONE" (reblip)
MugichaGozen Spanky & Our Gang – Sunday Will Never Be The Same
Nani1982 Essa aqui me lembra meu amigo @edullima (responsável por este upload fantástico!) =] \0/
ShiaoMei Thanks... @c3p0 ~~ {Jin Bora... mastered jazz piano at age 14} ~

재즈 피아노 연주자 진보라

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ZONE Turks fruit.................. >
cjh Morn too!@Dancer12: "Morning Will, RB@TropicsZ4: "John Mayer – Waiting on the World to Change"" (reblip)
ladypn Try to make u believe in the burning rain coming down on the faithless lighting up the plain, u will listen but make your own mind up about the world.
ayogafriend (rb) ty @redoctopus: "Alan Pasqua – Wichita Lineman" (reblip)
ZONE Dragon De Lune.............great one..hello and thank you : ) rb@jaskeman rb@hajoni (reblip)
ayogafriend looking for "Madrid", "No Change" by Cohen, however always enjoy "Structures In Emotion" even without the "r" #jazz
nawlinswoman Is what I am! Hey! RB @DJNickPapag: "ty for the bro!! good stuff! @PaulCwalina "RB @JanetSEyre "NNNNNick!!! :D rb@DJNickPapag" (reblip)
ptneves Janis Joplin - Once I lived the life of a Millionaire

Track 04

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T_DeBarros Robert Plant & Tori Amos. Down By The Seaside. ~down by the seaside,seeing boats go sailin'..~ GOOD MORN'G BLIP FAM !! ☺
ptneves @ShiaoMei Not yet ... I'll be there in 8 days ✈ Now I'm at home (relaxing... ok with some papers from the office t by my side ☺)
Radiobread thank you, needless to say, I love this@GR8FL " Mark Isham - A Really Good Cloak" (reblip)
indyh :-) hey rb@SarahABQ: "Later:-) rb@indyh: "thanks all for props, reblips ... see you tomorrow! going to the show :-P ~♫∘ગ∘✿∘ગ∘∘ગ∘✿∘ગ∘♫~ (reblip)

Amos Lee-Careless

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miudaaa She pours a daydream in a cup... A spoon of sugar sweetens up !!!
HermannSantiago show de bola, adorei essa versão... ;D rb@deedes (reblip)
elenadoria buona serata blipperswelt - ciao mondo bongo
santamistura @DeeKay meglio se dividiamo la temperatura, no tropo freddo per te e anque no troppo caldo per me ;o) (reblip)
ShiaoMei rb/ty and hello>> (-:@StreamingMimi :D:D "Minnie Riperton -- Loving You ~ (with lyrics)" (reblip)

Minnie Riperton- Loving you (with lyrics)

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ladypn Hows your new <3? I hope he's doing fine I hope u told him ur going 2 <3 him 2 the end of time. I remember thats the same thing u told me yesterday.
ShiaoMei @ptneves << here's another great "moon" song >>.........沙滩........
crowjane To all other colors and flavors~~
ShiaoMei Hello! (((((:@RunningRealtor: "Real Estate song of the day for everyone in the 49 states with snow!" (reblip)
Blurge @Blurge: "One of my favorite tracks by Emmylou " (reblip)
MsBiddyBytes Van the Man - Cyprus Avenue........♫ ♫ ♫
T_DeBarros Luciano Pavarotti. Caruso. vi @kareliz@stena "1 of my faves!" ... I CONCUR !!! BIG TIME !!! ☺ ☺ ☺ (reblip)
jet333 Miles Davis – "Sketches of Spain".... (reblip)
crowjane @crowjane: "I'll slow my roll for you ba-by~anytimes~sniff~I've had the walkN blues for you lover~~" @ptneves ~my bad (reblip)
indyh hey :-) ~ღ♪∘✿*~ to everything there is a season and a time to every purpose ~*✿∘♪ღ~
avivajazz Bugge Wesseltoft | Yellow is the Colour (2001) | A peaceful tune for you, @hajoni

Bugge Wesseltoft - Yellow is the colour

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ZONE Good night, love and peace....see U next time : ))).. .rb@avivamagnolia: "Deva Premal / ( देवा प्रीमेल-मूल मंत्र )" (reblip)

deva premal- Mool Mantra ( देवा प्रीमेल-मूल मंत्र )

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T_DeBarros @dickadcock@HappyInBag ... ```OOHH... FEELING THIS SONG...VERY SWEET...THX``` (reblip)
ShiaoMei shin Nien Kuai Le!!! <3 @bendrix: "华彦钧 – 二泉映月" (reblip)
ksablan And THE classic recording of that same song. Man oh man. Nothing better. Nothing.
TrainWreckRadio Modern Blues Band – Stormy Monday Blues (T. Bone Walker) (reblip)
avivajazz Rosa Passos – Meditacao
ShiaoMei @RustyB ...if u haven't heard this version, pls. DO IT NOW! :)~ U'll llike it..
cArtPhotography Lawdy Lawdy, @radioreview: ""aint gonna worry my life any mo' ..B.B. King/Eric Clapton – Worried Life Blues"" (reblip)
Bruise @ShiaoMei: " @ptneves > 張惠妹amei~如果你也{聽說}MV ~~ Here's one for you! Keep these great blips comin' !! " I'm turnin Japanese - I really think so! (reblip)


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crowjane don't do it baby~Think~cuz~If you move~U lose~
crowjane @Triple5Light: " a French Twist" Lemme see what my brotha got up in here~oh yeah babe~a man can say take out the trash~ in french 2 me~and I'll melt (reblip)

Les Nubians...Tabou

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crowjane @MusicWithMsB:~hey my boo~ All's well on my end~nose to the grindstone but with friends like U~hardly notice~ (reblip)
crowjane It ain't right baby~Sugar Pie means as much to me as ~ Etta
crowjane Next to the post office~cross from the suga sach~~
Radiobread @Legseleven: "when the sun's out... why not!" Kiley - track thx (reblip)
messinwiththekid [Why yes I am a milkmaid.(I live in the limbo btwn country & suburbia,Left the big city life behind...)] So you're just likeEva Gabor @rogue_fm :)
ptneves @MusicWithMsB as long as I can blip non-imeem and non-youtube music I'll deliver here ☺ or else I'll deliver in
Strabismus Isao Tomita – Syncopated Clock (Leroy Anderson)
HotWhite It Doesn't Matter Anyway! He Swore In On His Own Bible (And It Wasn't Even HOLY)
crowjane no good~hard breaker~liar~and a cheat~not that there is anything wrong with dat'~
MonsieurBetoQ Musique et mystère...Estou muito Voulzy agora!
ptneves @MusicWithMsB maybe this one is more "alive" ☺

Joss Stone "L-O-V-E"

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DJJazzyJacq will we fall from heaven?....
Atomik moving away from Broadway via Tracey, thanks for obliging me the detour
Maridol34 @Maridol34: "loved this song since John Travolta's "Phenomenon"..." (reblip)
LannaB Not an emo day, but somehow Violent Femmes feels right!

Violent Femmes - Blister in the Sun

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crowjane @MasterWolf: "One of my favorite songs and I dedicate this to crowjane "~I can't tell U how happy I am to be here at the same time U R~been too long (reblip)
crowjane @joechapman: "I love Natalie! rb@MusicWithMsB: "crowjane: "I like it!! ""~~thanks sweet Joe~ (reblip)
MonsieurBetoQ Sem comentários (2): vivendo velhas emoções de l´amitié franco-brésilienne.
ShiaoMei @kbuech ..Thanks! U r too kind. :D { U just noticed?? :( :( } Just playin'! Seriously, thank u. ~~~~~~~ Robin Thicke!
DJMilly @OceanDaisy: "smoked my stuff and drank all my wine" mmmmmm (reblip)

Greenday - Basketcase

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miudaaa ouvir esta insensatez !!!

Eric B. and Rakim - Don't Sweat the Technique

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dustypony I feeling mellow myself tonight :) @kidranger: "@dustypony Thank you,caught me in my mellow mood" (reblip)


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philkirby ha ha @postpunk, this is just willfully obscure . . . the American's just won't get it. (reblip)
Miekes I don't know what it is that makes me love you so... I only know I never wanna let you go.
ptneves It's right that I should care about you and try to make you happy when you're blue (reblip)
ptneves @FreakinFrog «If you ever go down, down to the islands» Well, «maybe tomorrow» ☺
leti if it makes you happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
Palmira gris y lluvioso


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Palmira que echo yo para merecer esto


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ptneves @T_DeBarros Tired but enjoying work :-) Am I human?
ptneves la vertigine non è paura di cadere ma voglia di volare
MonsieurBetoQ Ah, les soixanthuitard... será uma definição apropriada de Clerc & cie?!
marilovisky Hey, @crispast! Im grand, dear! Hope youre fine. :) Im still at work, but Im leaving now. Its raining a lot and I have to deal with traffic! :P
SilviaS Some of «Truth Serum» for this friday (Smog)
ptneves They pick me up when I'm feeling blue. Now how about you? (reblip)
cosita never been this far away from home.
cejas Cat Power – I’ve Been Loving You Too Long (to stop now)
SoylentJames Dedicating this one to @theberrygirl and @margarita890. Sha-la-la-la. . .

Paco de lucia - entre dos aguas

| play
ClaudiaMagic :::OH,YEAH @bocacowgirl @Oldies @BarbieRay @nathybunny @GR8FL @davidmiller @Nani1982 THIS TIME GEORGE MAKE US THINK THAT HE WAS A MAN KKKKKKKK :::::
ZumbainDallas To my friends @UnseenEnergy and @BNow , thank you for having such big hearts, feel the love and friendship...♥٭
MonsieurBetoQ @_sylvain A interpretação do Manset é melhor, mas vale a pena ouvir o Bashung. Hommage a l´amitié franco-brésilienne
Surferess @rjmarmol: "rb @yamamiya: "good morning on this beautiful Tuesday morning..." - Where I am, it is still Monday afternoon. (4pm California time) (reblip)
flyingscot_54 Stumbled on this performance, has a quality that appeals to me.
fbrahimi Hello, hola, bom dia, salam, olé, Guten Tag, bonjour :-) (reblip)
DJMJPW can this really be the "stuck in the middle with you" guy?
itsthursdaynext if this was any other day I'd turn around and walk away, but today I'll stay


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jordaana Come in to my world, I've got to show, show, show you!
MonsieurBetoQ J'irai au bout de mes rêves...fácil de escrever sobre.
CyberManin Hopping a peaceful day to All of U w/o any sort of winds... [Noir Désir – Le Vent Nous Portera] ....·´¯`·...¸><((((º>... ¸.·´¯`·...¸><((((º>... (reblip)
Dputamadre Songs Of Portuguese Revolution-1974 @WebBasedApps @mauricefreedman @buzzhollywood @MrBitterness @hetty4christ @Peakaboodotme @allenfloyd #Green4Iran (reblip)
refashionista always gets stuck in my head when I hear it :) @josephh777: "@Sophizz: "one of my Fav - la bouche - be my lover - La da da dee da da da da..."" (reblip)

la bouche - be my lover

| play
KathysArt @digitpt: "@KathysArt: Isabelle Boulay – Et Maintenant - I didn't know this version :)" (reblip)
azandiaMJBB ~**TY** Beautiful @dcychan: "A beautiful love song by Cole Porter esp written 4 his wife. My fav too. @AICmuse: one originally from Kiss Me Kate" (reblip)
dcychan Very good choice !@digitpt: "Julie London – The good life " - thnx 4 yr props ! (reblip)


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LucianaP Looking at the kitchen board, dishes everywhere, but there's always an inspiration to finish the dirty part of your day..


| play
V_Bloomberg "Sixpence None The Richer - Kiss Me Pucker Up!! (reblip)

Sixpence None The Richer - Kiss Me

| play
ptneves to all my followers and listeners ☺
MaggyTheBrave I am *obsessed* with this song. I usually have too much attention deficit but, going on 48 hours now. Morning, @TuraSatana! *hugs!* (reblip)
Dputamadre Songs Of Portuguese Revolution- 1974 @rooftopministry @PeterSantilli @gold_tracker @DPBKMB @russelltripp @thsteininger #IranElections" (reblip)