p2wy Very much enjoying Goldfrapp's latest....
pixelreiter great number... sadly seemingly only live versions available
travist happy free beer friday to everyone!
Sister_Fister is what I imagine a hefferlump to sound like. I'll find a woozel in a minute.
Jehoshephat Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words may make me break my own.
DerekSincavage Sublime - No Woman No Cry

sublime-no woman no cry

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rumblina Considering going to see them again (is 3x too much?)
rumblina I think this will be my last Scottish blip for tonight. Tomorrow I think I'll just blip bands I've seen live (could take a week or two)
aprofounder Gotta love the tender creepiness in this one @SheLooksLikeEva @Sweet_Minx (reblip)

The Pierces - Secret

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restlessgirl they're playing with spinerette in a few weeks at the mod club
hisajun ドラムスゲーな。


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rumblina This is my favourite 'superman' song.

Manu Chao-Le Petit Jardin

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MickeySerial "This is where I tell you that I know love's what I need to work at."
aprofounder Anybody want a chick rocking you hard?

Gomez "How We Operate"

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mellomatic hey @mteric! thank you. =) how are you tonight?
mellomatic @mteric me too. =) any big plans for the weekend?
mellomatic @marilovisky of course you're invited! can u help me with the feng shui? wish i had that cheese sofa 2nite. would have helped not once, but twice! :P

Cat Power / Song to Bobby

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travist i dont normally blip videos but i like this one

Bright Eyes-Easy/Lucky/Free

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restlessgirl good tune

Blitzen Trapper Black River Killer

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jenvetterli cranking on the wireframes, with some Go! Team to get me through
restlessgirl great song for the teachers out there like me!

Black LipsBad Kids

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cadmium @anothercraze (locked and loaded) i'll just use a sword thank you. @CreepyGirl my tongue will soon have a similar fate
arborium In honor of them making #1 on the top 40 list. OH YA - "i'm a vegetarian!"
filippocioni Good Night or Good Morning with a Cool Live: Interpol – Stella was a Diver
TimMothE "Momma there's wolves in the house, and momma they won't let me out."
travist this was a good live show!


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arborium if you like MGMT these guys are worth at least a listen
JeffreyMarsh great tune... RB @Adams_oliver: "Sebadoh – On Fire" (reblip)

SebadohOn Fire

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DareToEatAPeach BlipNBeer tomorrow. Let's have a drink and play some music. Show off our music taste to the drunken masses.

Wolf Parade I'll Believe in Anything

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dochugo @daretoeatapeach fwiw = for what it's worth. jargon of the nitwittersphere :D // really feelin fm belfast tonight
radolo Black Moth Super Rainbow : July 24, 2009 @ south street seaport FREE!
megg @LS22: "@megg - weeeell, the mystery remains, I may never know! haha ;)" melt with you = thirty two...kinda rhymes, right! (reblip)
Figgywithit @ladypn I'm doing great. Done with work for the week! Wow, you're here, @by_starla is here. All I need is @djwttw to show up to make my nite complete! (reblip)
Stay19 Hooverphonic – Mad About You<><>
HellenKellersIpod Sharks in the water. Our shark.
patchit seriously... I feel awful for not having embraced bon iver sooner... soul-meltingly good.
patchit @teffymae @dochugo was gonna say the same thing - love alt country :)

Tadhg Cooke - Wax & Seal

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HellenKellersIpod I love alienating listeners. 1 gypsy song = -1 listener. Unfortunately I'm leaving work soon
CMX23 good one! (reblip)

DFA Remix : Just like we breakdown

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aquietend rb @AlyG: that was funny. @JeffreyMarsh: "blipping this one for obvious reasons...rain rain rain"" (reblip)

WoodsRain On

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cdub and with this fine song - i bid all blippers a wonderful evening full of intrigue, hope, love and above all - good fucking music
RadioGhost Ghostland Observatory – Midnight Voyage
SarahShoeMe Patsy. Let's walk.

Patsy Cline-Walkin' After Midnight

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scound [Handsome Furs – Hearts of Iron]
HellenKellersIpod @headshaker Did I tell you about the time I saw them at Bonnaroo? They played in front of about 50 people :)
Monte93 rb nice choice (reblip)

The Last Good Day of the Year

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briangreene youtube recommended this for me.
K_Rod Cut Copy – Nobody Lost, Nobody Found
vgan going to see these guys right now, if it doesn't sell out... :/
DJrainndietrichwilson A nice song to play while driving with the windows down. Ray LaMontagne.
aquietend had been listening to quite a bit of JG recently. (reblip)
osmutante bauhaus - shes in parties

bauhaus shes in parties

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sandyriverside Thanks and hello @headshaker / @FunkShoi @quitecontrary make sure to save your fruit from the mess hall for Prison Sangria. (reblip)
DirtyUrine lets do some rousin'!!!@marijaanadj: "Best thing for rousing is TOOL!!!@DJbarkturtles: (reblip)


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SarahShoeMe BOOTSY! Great video, watch it. It teaches you to be funky. I'm still learning...
paeix from@K_Rod nice list ________________________________________________________ see you all later... (reblip)
restlessgirl Great!@paeix: "from@K_Rod nice list ________________________________________________________ see you all later..." (reblip)
FunkShoi @julierthanyou, Yowza! Sounds like it would take forever. Hope you had some killer tunes to stave off... biker MADNESS.


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marijaanadj Daft Punk – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
Shukitty yay, almost done. then I get to hang out with my friend visiting from across state. art fair tomorrow, harry potter tomorrow, cedar point sunday
Maedhros Don't you hate how quickly you run out of props for some people?
Matericia "We must willingly let go of the vanity and pride that pretends it has already won. The exit of the false makes room for the true."
CMX23 2 thumbs up!@MEDEAVIII: "gooood mourning Hardfood!" (reblip)

CD2 07 Hardfood

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restlessgirl liking the beat...@CMX23: "2 thumbs up!@MEDEAVIII: "gooood mourning Hardfood!"" (reblip)

CD2 07 Hardfood

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calamari Listening to -- Atmosphere "Shoulda Known"
asterion ummm, i dont understand the concept of hatred!!!
rguimaslima » » » » » blip « « « « «
Surreality Ending on a really dreamy note. Goodnight all.
dailystendhal fantastic! thanks @shiverspt: "Kings of Leon & Eddie Vedder - Lollapalooza (live)" (reblip)

Kings of Leon & Eddie Vedder Lollapalooza

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threebears We (blip) were nominated for the Twiistup conference. Twitter users, please vote for us here http://bit.ly/qHcvB - quote'n'rb @Yan ^(^ thanks! (reblip)
restlessgirl "nothing sadder than sad, sad sex..." seeing them tomorrow eve!
DJIrishboy @anothercraze nope not 33 just that__________________

Growing Older is Getting Old

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DJIrishboy @jarsen: "Dan Black and Passion Pit." always liked this mix (reblip)
travist the Citsusa E.P was a good album and its free on his website http://modlife.com/timmycurran/music its some of the demos of his current album
rubybird @gbshannon: not only is it my new favorite song, it is also my 6 year-old's favorite. "got my brand new pistol baby" (reblip)
DuncanDogg power shortage: an acoustic mix. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs cover Bjork. Interesting.
GR8FL Mahna, Mahna means that's it from me for a while... have a great afternoon @AllBlippersListeningIntently
HermanBlume I'm in Arkansas @CreepingElm, its a lovely 75 degrees. (This is the greatest song written about Arkansas by an English band).
amalamucho all i want is one more chance to show you you were right for me


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PrettyAsAPosie cloud cult - fairy tale


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anothercraze We still love @BlueZer0net despite his great faults though don't we @TommyToggle? Good, that's what I thought.
restlessgirl great for a rainy day... @storylet: "@Sophia_N: "Bat For Lashes: Trophy... I could listen to this all time"" (reblip)
DJIrishboy this song is mislabelled, but It should be "The more that I do (Foals remix)" Awesome and etheral none the less
anothercraze I am the alphabet, I just can't USE the alphabet correctly.
Aluciel One quick Friday dance party blip before I head to work. So long, blippers! @Shukitty @DownLow Miss the dance blips!!
FunkShoi @sandyriverside AWESOMme, right @doubledrat? Sorry I couldn't coordinate that any better. We jews tend to wander like retarded kids in a movie theater
sandyriverside A nice track borrowed from @QuicksandRangero How are you sir? /I am sober too side from this caffeine packed coffee @lilyetc not a bad thing at all. (reblip)
sandyriverside Business Shower - An intimate shower taken between 2 persons solely for the purpose of saving time, completely devoid of any sexual connotation.
AlyG rapunzel rapunzel let down your hair.
HellenKellersIpod @FunkShoi It was pretty damn awesome. Drinks, gambling, and Coraline. @anothercraze Does seem like everyone is NY doesn't it?
bendrix This track is ultra chilled beautiful dreaminess. No my blip 1 yr anniversary is on Aug 26th. Today is my 11month anniversary=> rb@Somerset08873 (reblip)
DJEmpire1 Through the glass darkly....
azonei this bloody song has been stuck in my head for f**k knows how long! :D
ElNito reversible naptime : Oh, sitting on my chair where nobody want to care! \o/


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Maedhros Mirah's the shit. If you haven't listened to her before, do it now.
teffymae @Maedhros Mirah is absolutely wonderful. Last night at bowling was a Lebowski fest, and t deejay was very apropo. Maybe another bowling alley?
bthecat @Maedhros: "@restlessgirl I couldn't blip some Mirah today without playing this beast of a tune." (reblip)
megg @lalagator"Absolutely! :-) Hey, any children? Me=2" Used to say hundreds...when I was teaching, but no. I hope to. KT is finishing her doctorate in... (reblip)
sandyriverside Same here @Shukitty b/f this week it was 70s and rainy. Now it's back to sweating the second you get out of a cold shower. Good old NYC summers.
MrsASoprano Star wars gangsta rap (reblip)

Star wars gangsta rap

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Ronz_ Jesus war nur angestellt... (reblip)

The Cave Singers--Dancing On Our Graves

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DJJuxtaposedJunkie NEW ACTS : The Wave Machines (Summertime Honor RE-BLIP) - "Keep The Lights On"
DJJuxtaposedJunkie ~ Never Mind The Crisps & The Bollocks...Here's 'The Streets! ~ -> "The Irony Of It All"
wetfootblues never heard of these guys, thanks a ton!! @windspiritgirl: "The Dirty Projectors – (Throw On) the Hazard Lights" (reblip)
LisaWorld @MyleneRenoir: "rb @Raffila: "rb@ladypn: "I'm finding it harder to be a gentleman every day. All the manners I've been taught slowly gone away....""" (reblip)
Maedhros With a song like this on his resumé, is it any surprise Colin wrote a song about Valerie Plame?
squidbrain it's like as soon as I hit 25 my brain decided I was too cool for everything i ever liked and now I just do things but I don't enjoy them at all.
Staticfactory Another one from Toronto's finest!

The Isosceles Project-Whispers In The Factory

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Punched :: Sugar Hill Gang – Rapper's Delight :: Classic!
anna8687 Sparklehorse – Sick ... This song is so dooooooog (reblip)


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Dizzel_fo_Shizzel You've got the love I need to see me through. Think Candi Staton would be happy with this cover...
moderntimes recovering catholics? lol rb @verawooten: "@jennyleepenny: "Moi? Naughty ? Always! But I am equal parts good girl! @OrangeKrush"" (reblip)
neologismist Doing it (the) RIght thing ... best listened to with tube socks.
DJBONBON @NurseSpunk for blipping Winter song,never heard it before today, I have been listening to it on repeat all day!
LisaWorld I'm lovin' the name of this band!!
Mouthy One of my favorite tracks on the album...
AlyG i finally got photographic confirmation that i'm still as pale as ever! hahahaa :P @HellenKellersIpod (reblip)
IanQuiet Thank you to everyone in Germany for listening to this.
maniac1893 remember

Suicidal Tendencies-Institutionalized

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DareToEatAPeach Cut Copy describes this track as "pure bliss." Cut Copy DJ set continues. (1st one was a teaser. It's deleted)
zamfir This guy is awesome, I wish they had some of his singles on here, but this video is pretty good, too.

Beaver Nelson -Company Of Kings-

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dickadcock M. Ward – Never Had Nobody Like You . . . yeah yeah
paulzy Between the Bars by Elliott Smith performed acoustically by Metric

Metric Acoustic, Elliot Smith cover

| play
headshaker is there any other way to be?
Will_the_bloke The Picture – Bring On The Dancing Horses .... great Echo & The Bunnymen cover!
DJFrankie @Corts @TheNewYorkChimes @starrynight. 5pm on a Friday may be a good time to hit the road. : ) Happy weekend @all.
DJ_JaMn @jennyleepenny vi@muzicmajic: "@jennyleepenny" <<Crazy indeed!>>"u gotta be crazy, to have a mullet like that, sorry couldn't resist. :-) (the vid) (reblip)


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Punched @firefly1234: "@Punched: "R|B" thqnks @Punched love this song and thks to @crispast and IaimtoMIsbehave" (reblip)
ChilloutScene One can get "lost" in the samples on this track by Pogo. Keep chillin'!


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peturoskar great band from iceland

FM Belfast: Par Avion

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glitterbubbles I know all the lyrics to this song by heart. ain't nothin' gonna break-a my stride... xoxo
StinkslaRue What did you drink at DK? @TheNewYorkChimes: "@daretoeatapeach: i am going to send this to @DJBloggyBlog- do you have a cocktail in hand?" (reblip)
thegoddess of course, great expectations often lead to great disappointments [The Gaslight Anthem - Great Expectations]
aquietend love this. haha. I was '?ing' this new rh. sorry. slightly oouuut of it. (reblip)
Marikkota @dropez pra vc ver como eu não te ignoro, mocinho.

BeirutElephant Gun

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thegoddess not so much now that my school year's started [Pavement - Summer Babe (Live)]
naughtynati it's kinda wrong, but i kinda love it. @Y2zl, i think you'll like this.
lou_wee_sa You close my eyes and soothe my ears You heal my wounds and dry my tears
DAKGirl Sting - It's Probably Me

It's Probably me, Sting

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MysticEclipse Spankin' New #12. Another new band I'm starting to HIGHLY enjoy. Mixes metal with strings; gotta love that! From RED's second album, I believe.


| play
MysticEclipse Spankin' New #18. Now HERE'S a band I've been waiting to hear more from for awhile. Brand new SKILLET off ALIVE. Thanks for tuning in, @restlessgirl!
Versh From Pacifico (1999)... I mention it, because I could not accurately interpret the lyrics
annalise Aren't we all sometimes?
stena ^_^/ rb!