robotnik also check out the Hot Chip remix!
robotnik Do you realize than everyone one you know someday will die? Yup it's true.
robotnik this song was great even before nirvana covered it :)
robotnik @sky126 Oh yes Roskilde is lots of fun! allthough sonic youth made me cry ;) many years now since I went, but maybe it's time to go again.
robotnik Does i hurt when you have a party thrown at you?
robotnik @cammy This was awesome! Congratulations to your wedding :) (reblip)
robotnik Help! I'm becoming a blip addict! Is there a number I can call?
robotnik @cammy < What's your favorite Pavement song? > This one is mine :)
robotnik it's gotta be one more for today... old but gold ;)
robotnik Blume - Einstuerzende Neubauten. Damn, this is beautiful...


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robotnik It it wasn't for Scotland, the guitar pedal industry would have gone bankrupt...
robotnik what happened to the klaxons?
robotnik @sky126 Sounds dangerous :) We could go mud sledding here.
robotnik @sky126 We usually don't have more than a couple of weeks with snow in jan or feb. But I guess the people in north sweden can make snow angels :)
robotnik @twostiffs Synd att du inte var med igår - jag förlorade hela tiden :/
robotnik @twostiffs Fint av Bob där :) Vad tror du om rep på måndag?
robotnik Who the f*** is Leyendecker ?! - or is the question What the f***? (reblip)
robotnik ok @twostiffs ses la på måndag! Nu drar jag på en skogspromenad. Ska försöka att inte drunkna i bäcken...
robotnik Beautiful things can come from Nebraska
robotnik i could never get tired of this...
robotnik @sky126 thank you :) Here's one for you. Time for friday night!
robotnik What's you favorite GBV song?
robotnik @boyd Good to hear swedish Dungen!


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CHKLTK Do yourself a favour and listen to this amazing song. It's studio version btw.

Brothersport - Animal Collective

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CHKLTK @riot36 To me, anyone who doesn't like The Radio Dept., doesn't like music. So yeah, air five!
Jacqueline126 @robotnik asmall piece of my heart is reserved for sweden... have some good friends who live in/near gothenburg. fell in love with their hometown!
elfgirl @robotnik no kidding huh?!! that one is hard to top @NyQuilDriver, slept like a baby doll.. @sky126 soo happy to see Austin blips on your page!
robotnik cherie A cherie E cherie I cherie O cherio U
robotnik ding di di di ding di di ding
robotnik @boyd Me neither. Here's one from the new album. You might like this too: She is backed by the Dungen band.
robotnik I hope the other 5/6 did take their swimming lessons.
robotnik thanks! @rebolado Patty Lee, turn the lights on please. this party's gotten out of hand! (reblip)
robotnik tell me where does all the money go?
robotnik Coolness is having courage to do what's right
robotnik Happy New Year everyone! In advance...
robotnik Who told you that you could leave?
robotnik the little friendly dragon who lives in gothenburg
robotnik Lots and lots of beautiful white noise.
robotnik ok, here's one more (and the last)
robotnik Is this the stuff dreams are made of?
robotnik Do you want to break my heart? Yeah! Oh, yeah!
robotnik @twostiffs Holy shit! Hit the brakes! I mean i like the song :D
robotnik /Sometimes a cover brings a whole new feeling to a song. Don't care much for the original, but here it's magical.../ @twostiffs riktigt grymt (reblip)
robotnik anyone care to translate? ;)
robotnik could be a horse in there...eating grass...
robotnik @minmae thanks for this one. really great for the ones who like the chicago sound (if there is such a thing?) slint, june of 44, shellac, etc... (reblip)
robotnik, i think i'll just stick to the old and ugly suit
robotnik oh, i should get a new suit...
robotnik lucky you, we don't even got bright days in wintertime
robotnik could that thing really cut your head off?
robotnik Hi guys, I have some free space in the back yard
robotnik I agree...this might be the great acoustic version from 4 Way Street?
robotnik Let's try again - Kim Deal and Tanya Donelly :)
robotnik Fagerstas finest :) (Sweden)
robotnik @twostiffs schysst live-version av en grym låt :)
robotnik @twostiffs lite göteborg här då - kommer du ihåg girlfriendo/josephine? det här är ju riktigt bra tycker jag...
robotnik Natural - Okay // Great song, thanks to @robotcarol (reblip)

OkayTrack 01

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robotnik @twostiffs ok, måndag eller onsdag funkar nog bäst för min del.
robotnik No, you must have been mistaken.
robotnik I didn't catch the show in Gothenburg... I should punch myself in the face.
robotnik oh, this one is really good :)
robotnik at last, my little monsters are sleeping
robotnik I agree, @minmae I think there will be a new A C album out in january. This bear is pretty nice too :)
robotnik great siouxsie and the banshees cover :)
robotnik you could set it on fire for us
robotnik thanks @Anomaly for making me picking up Caution again :) (reblip)
robotnik @jojofm you're welcome :) the track "Run" is also great.
robotnik @twostiffs jag har inga props kvar till dig idag, så du får en på låtsas :) (reblip)
robotnik do you love the fender jag? the car? the animal? or all of them?
robotnik if you're gazing at your shoes for too long, you will sooner or later realize that you have to get yourself a new pair which I'll do tomorrow...
robotnik my christmas song to all of you! @twostiffs god jul!
robotnik interesting version of this song...


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robotnik we should be happy, the days are getting longer from now on!
robotnik as beautiful as nick caves original :)
robotnik had to delete the previous blip, it didn't work so well

Mountain Goats and Kaki King - Thank You Mario But Our Princess Is In Another Castle

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robotnik you can never go wrong with a "sha-la-la"
robotnik when I went through my old vinyls this morning I found this :)
robotnik @evablue Didn't know they were fron Toronto... Canada has really got lots of good bands these days :)
robotnik this will be my lullaby for tonight...good night!
robotnik ramones? motörhead? mogwai is louder :)
robotnik you could pick any song from this album, they're all great
robotnik black dice are way weirder than ac... this is fun :)
robotnik (w/ pj harvey) @charleyhorse jodå, var på kirkeby-utställningen på louisiana idag. mycket fint!
robotnik sometimes fugazi sounds more minor threat than fugazi :)
robotnik now i know the vowels from a to y ;)
robotnik great duo, basically made of 1 drummer + 1 singer
robotnik iceland can be more than björk and sigur ros :)
robotnik just a little bit too cold for summer clothes...
robotnik the horror, the horror...

RJD2The Horror

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robotnik from the new album...not out yet, I think.
robotnik Make Forever Last Forever - Apes & Androids

Apes and Androids - Make Forever Last Forever

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robotnik @charleyhorse låter ju bra med lokal :) ...jag kan nog joina ducktapeclub efter att min väska blev krossad på flyget ;)
robotnik this is great for a slow sunday morning...
robotnik i can't stop listening to this album...
robotnik blipped it before, blipping it again.
robotnik this will probably stay in my head(phones) for a good while :)
robotnik good new canadian bands are popping up every day!
robotnik if these guys were from london, they'd be in deep shit... they're from edinburgh ;)
robotnik @minmae thanks a lot for the links :) this track was on it.


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robotnik an apple a day keeps the doctor away

SmogRed Apples

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robotnik @charleyhorse Superior Drummer 2.0 eller Addictive Drums vst är du inte menar en riktig trummaskin?
robotnik financial angst (remeber we wanted that)
robotnik inside my head when I woke up this morning...wonder why the sound of a dream often stays, but more seldom the images...
robotnik i miss them on the best-albums-of-2008-lists @charleyhorse tack! (reblip)
robotnik @purplesime @Figgywithit I agree with you guys. I posted a suggestion in the feedback forum about this ("Make it possible to skip ads").
robotnik hey, jukebox! this song might ease the pain.
robotnik @sky126 perfect, thanks :) the serious mood did only last one song.
robotnik i think the song is called "mo gu" if that should make any difference :)
robotnik @charleyhorse hör av mig imorgon om lördag. har du fått din nya leksak?
robotnik my heaven is cold blue today
robotnik glad it's a long time til november
robotnik another fav album ...since they played live and tried to break my eardrums :)
robotnik _____________________________________
robotnik high places is the places to live
robotnik when you're beyond the beyond i guess you have to go back to the beyond
robotnik some heat and sun bathing wouldn't hurt, would it?
robotnik damn it, it was cut off. this should be the full song...
robotnik "I Don´t wanna smoke Marijuana, I just wanna get high..........on another drug." @ABoyNamedSue thanks, was looking for this before :) (reblip)
robotnik i almost forgot about tar...
robotnik *************************************************************
robotnik @by_starla yes :) we in europe and you in the states tend to do shift-dj-ing


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robotnik low blood pressure! got to get the pulse working
robotnik better stay in the garage
robotnik _________________________________________
robotnik @charleyhorse hur var det, hade du fixat biljetter till yorkston?

Sic AlpsMater

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robotnik fuck buttons...


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robotnik thunderbird is a nice e-mail client too...
robotnik um, no... i think it's in california.

IranSan Diego

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robotnik @charleyhorse :D genialiskt! ...det är ju björne :)
robotnik todays favorite foals song...
robotnik @Domarts hi! i'm in gothenburg. just got tickets to animal collective :)
robotnik an electric broom would be cool
robotnik @elfgirl re-blipping you again :) the singer reminds me of eric bachmann... (reblip)
robotnik i will never forgive myself for missing this show... but they will return soon, i hope
robotnik since i blipped the envelopes i guess it would fit with the postmarks fine byrds cover.
robotnik don't be fooled... they're wolves in mices clothing
robotnik what about the training? i hear it's very hard. i say: hard? hard my arse! a couple of assault courses and a math test. a piece of piss.
robotnik you guys in iceland don't have much light at this time of the year, so better catch that few hours!
robotnik @by_starla i'm fine, thanks. making morning coffee :)
robotnik the "dark was the night" compilation looks very promising :)
robotnik be my anthem for this saturday :)