Falcon @PrinceJ-Look Sharp PrinceJ....Joe J is the man!
rolirolex ... like you before. auch mal uploaden wollen.
rolirolex so geht nen intro

03 The Gun Club Cry To Me

| play
rolirolex Astrosolaris spielt hoffentlich wieder live
sadalit Awesome percussion sound, quirky jazzy little number!
formalhaut hatten wir die schon in der heavy rotation @stijlroyal ?
rolirolex 13 and permanent on repeat
rolirolex 70ies: hör ich immer wieder mit Kribbeln
rolirolex ...to do what i want


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rolirolex Deutsch amerikanische Freundschaft: Als wärs das letzte Mal


| play
rolirolex Und der, für die, die momentan nicht "zappeln" können
sanbabe it was fun, dancing last night was like 1999....when i was working as a waitress on a cocktailbar...haha
sanbabe love that voice!!!and the title sounds auspicious ...
rolirolex Die Single liegt hier auch noch vollgekritzelt mit Pubertären Beschriftungen eines Mädchen
Chronistin Ach, einen hab ich noch (aufhören war noch nie meine Stärke)
rolirolex Mein lieblings Titanic-Kolummnist von damals
rolirolex Abwärts erste LP

Abwaerts Amok Koma 13 Japan (Live)

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rolirolex Streicher und Robert Plants Stimme
rolirolex Noch so ein Begleiter durch die Achtziger
rolirolex mit 13 ganz schön aufregend
rolirolex Anna meinte ich sollte...
Marisa But this is the real need inside
erotte In reminescence of: Kuwi-Party 94-97, Schlachthof Magazinkeller, Bremen
rolirolex Wollten die auch mal in die Disco?
rolirolex Bitte mal ne neue Scheibe von Lauryn
rolirolex Das war immer lustig, wenn er in der kleinen Nordhessischen Großstadt vorbeikam.
rolirolex 74 oder 75 im Beatclub ist die Lady, so was von abmarschiert. Bitte Tina, lass es!
rolirolex Fee Waybill hatte in seiner Show die höchsten Absätze, dagegen war Gary flach beschuht
sanbabe duddeldudellda...sounds a bit like balu the bear......yeah last night ....duladuladu....
PeterPan Annalisa ist seit 20 Jahren mit mir unterwegs. Heute tanz ich sie meinem Sohn. Der geht dabei völlig ab.
rachky scenes from another great dustin hoffman movie...
kindofadraag i was lost in a valley of pleasure...
IRON100 For those George Clinton fans out there. This was one of Parliament's biggest hits.
IRON100 This is is dedicated to by_starla. I still like this tune after all these years.
csuspect I am going to shout it to the top!
lunarboy vegas do looshö com celine dion e tudo
ValleysGirl I always love the possibilities of a monday morning
DJBISPO Velvet Underground-Pale Blue Eyes.Essa música...essa música...ai meu deus!!!
wilsoke Ready or not, here I come, you can't hide, gonna find you and take it slowly...
sadalit One of my favorite songs when I was a teenager. Not sure why.
fabiana1 A tarde continua se arrastando para passar...
www nice soudtrack...

Youssou N'Dour & Neneh Cherry Seven Seconds

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melodyofurlife in a new music mood today!
clarkowitz @mmemaledicta I'd prop more if not for the limit. : ) p.s. I stole your first Blip. Good one. o_O
MysticTris Ironically Mick Jagger appears to get exactly he wants all the bloody time...
DJBrandrede Sorry, for my german audience only: MRR meets Gottschalk?


| play
PeterPan Jetzt geh ich mal raus. Vielleicht finde ich einen, der Lust hat, sich mit mir anzulegen!
Rising this is really funny :-)
PotatoesRecs Quem gosta de música eletrônica vai aí uma boa dica: www.ebeatz.com.br | A rede social da música eletrônica.
nicavieira Tan, tan nan nan nan I'm the hottest round Tan, nan nan x~D

Missy Elliott Get ur freak on FULL

| play
www vruuuuuuummm (tô deapé... snif...)
dianadhevi "Trying to make ends meet, you're a slave to the money then you die" Overplayed, but pretty much true...
ogallo Cuando Dios quiso tocar rocanrol, poseyó a Frank Zappa y esto resultó

The Mothers Of Invention - My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama

| play
jph talking talking talking talking talking in my sleep
Jailson 51st State - New Model Army
stijlroyal Müde bin ich Hubschrauber Ping Pong. Gute Nacht.
dzzl Stocks down again? Wipe your tears with Miss Kitten.
deo when i hear this song, my eyes close as they roll back in my head... i take a deep breath and slowly exhale
nicavieira Viciantííííssima. Olha que acordes mais deliciosos! :D~~
SylvioMicelli Hit The North (Part 1) – The Fall... se joga! Para tirar o pó!
SylvioMicelli Headhunter v1.0 – Front 242... não confundir com duplas engraçadinhas! hehehehehe
SylvioMicelli Never Let Me Down Again – Depeche Mode... Isso diz muita coisa! hehehehehehehe
be2 #bcberlin3 is off to a good start. I'm not (yet) => more coffee.
angrybob @evablue I gots the fever too. But I can't stop riding, I'm the Passenger, damn it.
biasouza Adoro a versão fanfarra que apareceu em Family Guy

Eddy Grant - Electric Avenue

| play
The_Mimi Nice tune...and I <3 the band name
KushiQ That´s the truth....
KushiQ @DjAimee and the blood (thorn) will be my rouge... @DjKennie.. hi.. yes a little while. cool song....
jph should be our anthem
Guennersen 1985 in a northern NewWave-Disco...
Maverick77 Uma das raras bandas que me fazem ouvir o álbum inteiro.
Maverick77 I wish i could play like that... @dlynch4 so O play the bass =)
brunnogens Essa mulher é muito doida!
docj !Vintage Krautrock


| play
drikkes Guten Morgen, Genossen!


| play
alinesalazar Uno de los mejores videos del mundo mundial
stickylicks reblip: The Pretenders: "Don't get me wrong if i split like light refracted", a perfectly, but PERFECTLY written line. *yuh-huh*
docj We are the goonsquad and we're coming to town!
docj I can see it in your eyes...
Antenaweb Cover of an old Public Enemy track, taken from his album "Maxinquaye.
belitcha Miau miau wilde Katze...
fabbeast blue monday for a grey friday

new order blue monday (hardfloor remix)

| play
KushiQ we all need a gas mask for that moment.....

FugeesThe Mask

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stijlroyal Mal wieder Zeit für mein Lieblingslied. (Eine Minute durchhalten, dann gehts los)
alinesalazar ¿ Alguien se acuerda de Jordi Soler y la fuente?
Evelyn is sweet, insatiable enrapturing as it consumes
SarahShoeMe Debbie get's all lovely! I miss my blond hair so much when I hear this...

Blondie Denis

| play
Antenaweb Die Roboter – Kraftwerk..
jmatheny Best damn cowpunk album evah! JLP, FTW!
PeterPan 20 Jahre lang in meinen Koffern mit mir unterwegs. Seit 2006 nicht mehr.
ibere Fick mich, du miserabler hurensohn!
CelsoBessa i'm not b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-burieeeeeeeeeeeeed... yet!
TheBiggestYoz My 12" pic disc had flowers on it and I used to get nauseous watching it revolve - happy times!!
Maverick77 And now it's everybody's problem that you're unhappy! Come on!
guilthatenfear how much do i love this song... so much

Miles Davis Chocolate Chip

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allesmoegliche Doktor, wer hat an der Uhr gedreht? #KLF

KLFDoctor Who

| play
rmen pour une fois l'original: Venus par les hollandais the Shocking Blue
yurivs All the stars may shine bright/ All the clouds may be white/ But when you smile/ Oh how I feel so good/ That I can hardly wait. "All Mine", Portishead
Bobeccles Wherein lies the event horizon that is T Moore and his merry band of pranksters.....everybody's talkin' 'bout the stormy weather
Bobeccles A chronofabtasticinfradibbledum takes us back to the pocket universe in Prestwich....life SHOULD be full of strangeness....beam me up Smithy...
rmen pour une fois c'est l'original, David Bowie n'ayant fait qu'une reprise de China Girl écrite par Iggy Pop
darlin As chorals go, this is one of the best and weirdest. <3
docj And a good Sunday to you!
Antenaweb Get Free – The Vines
wilsoke Chemical Brothers? And now My Chemical Romance? I did wrong studying computer science ;-P
Dzejn Heh, flamenco hiphop. :) How cute. :D Ideal for irritating my redneck neighbours. :) Weeeee!
wilsoke You'll find it in Tomb Raider's original score too
Dzejn Actually, I was like 1 year old when Cindy released her very first LP. :) BTW, this song is... ummm... weird? I mean, considering the lyrics. ;)

She Bop

| play
wilsoke Down like dirt man we dusted (get up!)
darlin I wish someone would make a rough bedroom cover of this song because it's great. Failing that, here's Lauryn Hill with your vocal practise scales. Go!

lauryn hill Oh Happy Day

| play
Hamletmaschine Whoever you are, wherever you are | Fifteen Feet of Pure White Snow – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Marigold Ein favorit. Heute morgen um halb sechs sogar im Radio?!
Langelbleu @blaqberry Welcome to Blip, Happy Halloween Week!
JamesJoyes23 leaving the building? so see u later. :-))

luetzenkirchen - kobalt

| play
Hamletmaschine Undriven | Still Burning – Lydia Lunch
rolirolex Lass uns nicht von Sex reden


| play
RealtorLefebvre "THAT'S - WHEN - THINGS - GOT - OUT - OF - CON - TROL!" Slightly crass, but great storytelling, Bradley!

Sublime- DateRape

| play
willfao Speecheless - Ta rendendo a madrugada... fechamento não tem fim!
gmolino On The Road Again – Canned Heat
hewletto I haven't got the words for you...
Huldine Shiny, shiny, shiny boots of leather
petershaw Das Beste um den "Afterhour-Kadaver" zu zelebrieren...
carlosenrique "Here's something that you never gonna forget" Listening: You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet – Bachman-Turner Overdrive.
fuckin_twee vale, ahora me habéis activado el modo crooner. quién puede criticar un machirulo o un heteroromance habiendo crooners tan elegantes y tan brillante
randymatheson Hello Tuesday... time to RISE and shine...


| play
Flower Buenos dias!! Good morning!! un poco de Trip-Hop...
ShyTrbleMaker I'm not young anymore, but I remember those Young and Innocent Days!
heinzkamke wouldn't go so far: You're No One If You're Not On Twitter – JB Walker but it's good to remind oneself every now and again...
drkk Guitarrinha roubada de "Get it on", do T-Rex. E boas lembranças das antigas @DJRodneyKing. É essa, não RocknRoll Star...
ibere Most Art of Noise songs are weird, but this cover of Prince's "Kiss" with Tom Jones in the vocals takes the cake.
HostelColonial Un momento de tranquilidad y algo de funk
Bobeccles Great footballer...great band
davidwatts1978 when I wasn't looking I passed this, listeners can down as well as up and blipin wee purple one may scare u away


| play
myriam @shamir check this version out, la tienne manque de graves :) G'Night @ all
myriam @fbrahimi George Michael pour bien la continuer :) Bonne journée

george michael As (Featuring Mary J, Blige)

| play
estrogen ooooh.... my morning is saved.......
trecker Boooooooom dia negada. O bom humor nasceu de nada. Bom também...
heinzkamke Falsche Jahreszeit, aber immer wieder gern gehört: Taubenvergiften – Georg Kreisler
ddiego Como não poderia faltar, os Pretenders
DownLow thx for the luxurious blip @mdouglass. here's one for u
heinzkamke wunderbares gainsbourg-cover: Nouveau western – MC Solaar
pedropicchia @brunbarco Aconteceu comigo também. Meu filho vai gostar um dia, para o bem DELE.
dlbork this song is so damn catchy
mrfroggies Reach out and touch blips

Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus

| play
mrfroggies Shake it up

Beatles - Twist and Shout

| play
kindofadraag FOUND IT: violent femmes meets modern lovers + harmonica = ezra furman & the harpoons aka good.
tristessedeluxe ich muss es nochmal laut sagen
sudaca70 @lunarboy ¡Hola! A correr, que salieron los murciélagos. Y ahí viene Nick...
D1972 uma música para iniciar a manhã ... chuvosa no Rio. Lauryn Hill

Lauryn Hill Ft Ziggy Marley Redemption Song (Mtv Unplugged)

| play
tafa hi

maroon 5 ft. rihanna - if i never see your face again

| play
Maverick77 Hallo! Sie haben Musik der 80er Jahre? Ich suche Spider Murphy Gang, weil Erfolg in Brasilien... Danke!

Fine Young Cannibals - She Drives Me Crazy

| play
novalis radio: A Home Away - Tuxedomoon
moreu Es la música que elegimos. Me encanta blip.fm
angrybob Shit. I'm having another Prince moment. Let's look for the purple banana until they put us in the truck.
fragmente Mein Lieblingstrack vom neuen Album "Dakota": No Ticket Back – Katja Maria Werker
moschu zwangsblipen. ist aber auch zu schön der song!
Dri_Lo É isso que estou querendo dançar, @reox

Neil Young - Heart of Gold

| play
kindofadraag riddle me THAT!

The Clash - Should I Stay or Should I Go

| play
be2 I went as Blondie after all. Had to explain my costume to EVERYONE. Philistines!
morningtide *@hootmama : you're welcome, i love it as well :D and landing in london is beautiful, maybe 3DD's best song... *
DJVee And this one goes out to the plethora of gorgeous Brazilians on Blip. ;)
NotUrMumsMusic My theme song for today ... for myself and son!
ricricardo agora a versão original dessa musica (bem melhor!)
sartorialwhimsy i shudder to think of a world without The Residents, for most the opposite may be true, acquire this taste!
SugarShack French friday? ...\ö/\ö/\ö/

AirSexy Boy

| play
menschenfleisch immer noch: liebstes Lied! zum letzten: baut da wer DenKmäler auf alten Gräbern? Ganz ohne "Belastung"?

Snap - Rhythm Is A Dancer

| play
Bobeccles Bill Mc C on bass I think .... flippin genius....
magali still more & more bands are rediscovering the 60´s...
nonsu Bitte bleib bei mir, denn das Beste an mir sind wir.


| play
nonsu Sie sagen „Mach das leiser!“ und du sagst: „Nein!“
m800 Fifties! (covered by The Rolling Stones some years after)
mau_svartman And the drums, the drums, the drums, the drums, the drums, the drums, the drums, the drums, the drums, the drums, the drums, the drums
mika73 die deutsch amerikanische freundschaft ... die gibt es ja auch bei blip

DAF Der Sheriff (original version)

| play
diskurs toll fink ist auch schon in blip.fm drin, die richtung stimmt.
CGnilka As he took the wrapper off his cheeseburger, he realized that battered and squished item in his hand looked nothing like the yummy photos on the menu.
magali @JamesJoyes23:auch gut danke ,aber schade für die halb blips hé ? das nervt ..
mariposafuriosa <ahora> Bela Lugosi's Dead - Bauhaus</ahora>
PotatoesRecs Queria fazer uns Ups tbm, mas tá difícil
stijlroyal Wollt mal kurz Hallo sagen. Aber eigentlich...
mau_svartman ♪ Let's don't let a good thing die When honey, you know I've never lied to you Mmm yeah, yeah ♫
SarahShoeMe I dream with the day I'll see him live. I swear, onde day PRINCE I'll be there. Or you could come here, we can have some coffee, who knows.
SarahShoeMe There's no better name for a German song. PANZER!
by_starla @CargoCulte once i start teaching, it's fine-the students are great and energize me. sometimes the hour before class starts is a bit difficult.... :)
Diordan And just to sweeten the pie, we’ll hook you up with a prop whenever someone reblips one of your blips.!!!
das_Vakuum Der Mann im Ohr pfeift mir gleich bestimmt ein Liedchen.
davidwatts1978 is good yah says stefan.... he is from Cologne, yah.. don't mention the....
briangreene You've Got My Number (Why Don't You Use It?) – The Undertones
The_Mimi "And where were the spiders, while the fly tried to break our balls..."

Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus

| play
dorph der vielleicht hoffnungsvollste Song von Leonard Cohen!
wondergirl Bei dem Wetter leg ich vor der Uni besser noch ne Feuchtigkeitsmaske auf #Tussi
morningtide look out honey, 'cause I'm using technology / ain't got time to make no apology / love in the middle of a fire fight
SarahShoeMe Rouge! I'm keeping it red and hot babe
dorph eigentlich ist der song ja ausgelutscht, aber zur freilassung von christian klar kriegt er ne völlig neue bedeutung

Jan DelayKlar

| play
lexxa Schließe mich da an - schwer geniale Nummer! (reblip)
wurst 90s Wednesday - official anthem of the 90s


| play
Antenaweb ★★Push the Tempo....★★
trebroN !!11! es war dieses runde haus; ein ehemaliges theater; da in hamburg... um die ecke. und der dj - ein meister...


| play
DJBrandrede @Aimee , starke Persönlichkeiten??? "Old Shatterhand und Nietzsche tot, / im Kaufhof klaut Gott sein Brot. / Siehst du die Schrift an der Wand?"
bendrix @Starfighter1479 - yeah i definitely dig the Cure. I haven't heard this track though. This song is a lot of fun I have no counter for you its great (reblip)
bendrix @ThorbenThobias - bro on the real .. Kosheen is iLL on multiple levels - I dig this track a lot too - I'm still F#$%ed up over "hide u" - it killed me (reblip)
tinadeluxe Jetzt muss ich's auch noch reblippen, um an den Link zu kommen ... ;-/ (reblip)
caomaio tararán tararantá...tararán tararantá...I'm feeling rough, I'm feeling raw...tararán tararantá...tararán tararantá!
Maitri After Discussion On Dams, Pollution And Teeth Rot
DJVee they don't play this in Sunday church.
DJBrandrede "Das Telefon seit Jahren still - kein Mensch mit dem ich reden will. Ich seh im Spiegel mein Gesicht - nichts hat mehr GewichT"


| play
uvmann Haha, I was listening to this the last time when being a very young teenager. Because I knew the singer. He was selling pizza and ice cream.
klitoria nabend @klitoria dann beweg halt nur die arme. passt hierzu eh besser...Danke @formalhaut (reblip)

(donnaslut.com) Liaisons Dangereuses - Los Ninos Del Parque

| play
DJBrandrede "Im Fernsehen läuft die Predigt und macht uns alle krank."
tuca Para acalmar tardes quentes e animar manhãs frias demais.
gilbarbara "Heaven knows, its got to be this time."
gilbarbara "I'm running towards nothing again and again and again"
unmoving Blipping this again, because I can't get it out of my head.
santamistura éeeee @gigia vão-se os props e ficam o reblips ;)) (reblip)
uvmann Alrighty... Here we go. :)
MysticTris I'm currently rediscovering the Gun Club...
epestana makes even the toughest work seem easy
analu137 Steal me, deal me, anyway you heal me...
klitoria So Lonely – Sting & The Police
misantropicalia a canção que uniu paul & john, também divertidamente retratada no red rocket 7
misantropicalia um dos melhores shows do ano passado. tocar depois de DEVO não é pra qualquer um...
klitoria Evolution Revolution Love – Tricky
diyei_amilcar "Now" is only a fragment of time. A smile is a fragment of freedom.
truncate マイファニーヴァレンタイン/一寸変わった貴方/そのままで居て/そうすれば毎日がヴァレンタイン
maurilao man, i did like Us3 a lot

Us3 - all jazz

| play
santamistura perfect @robinchunnowi will start to work...bom dia! ; ) @gziller @puroglamour @ladybug @titoliveira @rogiansante @briangreene @tanzbunny @GAT (reblip)

Led Zeppelin - Dyer Maker

| play
fragmente In The Waiting Line – Zero 7
needcaffeine some amazing key playing, from one of my favorite Jazz pianists (reblip)
candyslexia @thomasshredison oh you have no idea my infatuation with ms. moe tucker O.o (reblip)
denkschema was this song published in the #70s or in the #80s?
Sally29 You see I know all those frightfully clever critics didn't like it much, but I loved the Icky Thump album...so there! Herewith a footstamping blip!
Sally29 Speaking of brilliant covers...(well somebody was!)
Stolen Covered by both Nirvana and Prodigy. Vi@classy vi@subschema (reblip)
BarrelhouseBeat Awesome. I wanna pull out my breakboard and, like, totally backspin. And the Rage version is just as awesome ... in a completely different way!!!
magali @formalhaut : gähn! gähn! gähn! gähn! gähn! me too!!!
dhair Personal Jesus (Depeche Mode Cover) - Marilyn Manson
geekymusiclistenerboy quite possibly the greatest rock band of all time
CallMeBlake @oxy you are going to pop me? *ducks*
brokenheartsclub No tears for the creatures of the night My eyes are dry - Goodbye
tnk 1998年の名作より。このMusical Sawがたまらんっす。
DJBrandrede Aus der Reihe "begnadete Sänger, die gar nicht richtig singen können".
DJBrandrede "I was drowned, I was washed up and left for dead. / I fell down to my feet and I saw they bled."
onceacurmudgeon 2nd favorite sonic youth song after schizophrenia. again, thanks to @CaptainLee (reblip)
BarrelhouseBeat ... And while I'm posting cover songs, check out Cibo Matto's "The Candy Man" from Blip. And read my blog http://www.tulsaworld.com/BarrelhouseBeat xo
denkschema I would like to plan my next one... kind of...
emiy The Soft Parade – The Doors / Locura total...
knusperkind In 2 Stunden ist WoooOOOOooochenende!
zeoffline tremendo as caixinhas de som.
santamistura a reposta é @zeoffline se? How does it feel To be without a home Like a complete unknown?? Like a rolling stone? ahahaha talvez né eu e 3filhos
mallde Entspannung beim Nachmittagskaffee
LeSamourai arrrrg. I can't find a good copy of my favorite song on Statues- Over and Over- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eE-FeAtNfHQ . The perfect ending.
iddybud Clint Eastwood – Gorillaz "..i'm useless, but not for long - the future is comin' on is comin' on is comin' on..."
ladypn HEY I make him think of lightening & sky... ;)
RustyBrown And Rusty will crie out: "I'm alive!"
Radiobread mmmmmm Shopping Trolley - Beth Orton..
bendrix Yeah man this is a Monster tradk glad you dig :)) reblip=> @threebears (reblip)
wessnet Thanx to @Colormekristen. Soul music for cold winter days. (reblip)
Lady_Frostbite Good Morning Universe. Welcome first day of classes, of germ swapping with fellow students, of no parking, of syllabi & stress.
zauberfrau Ich finde das Lied hat irgendwie Power...
heinzkamke irgendwie bin ich heute so ein "Idiot, der mit dem Kosmos im Einklang ist" Eurythmieschuhe – Funny van Dannen
stony und nochmal die Critters ganz anders
tirebouchon in the heat of the night, ray charles, buonanotte my friends!
missroecknroell one of the few good tocotronic-songs. (reblip)
drikkes Take off your clothes three nineteen (reblip)


| play
drikkes Noch ein paar Tipps zum Wochenende. Und für's Leben. (reblip)
SimonWpt this song changed my taste of music
djxkn "Sunday Morning" by The Velvet Underground, from their 1967 debut album "The Velvet Underground and Nico" (a.k.a 'the banana album') - thanx @hajoni! (reblip)
SimonWpt it has a longer intro, then the single, but still a no1 hit in germany...
brunogola "When the law break in How you gonna go? Shot down on the pavement Or waiting in death row"
klitoria God Put A Smile Upon Your Face – Coldplay
tschert :: kleine binsenweisheit von DJ Koze (reblip)
priscilasv "Correr es mi destino/Para burlar la ley/Perdido en el corazón/De la grande Babylon/Me dicen el clandestino/Por no llevar papel..."
eliott_is_dead TROOPERCLERKS \o\ http://trooperclerks.com/multimedia/trooperclerks.mpg "Salsa shark! We're gonna need a bigger boat!" (assistam. sério)
sheryonstone love you @boamorte ~you surely are doing the same thing here ! ~~mmmuah (reblip)
drikkes Mal sehn ob das funktioniert http://budurl.com/BerlinMp3 @paperama Was wolltest Du testen? Nach Linkklick kam direkt das Downloadfenster. (reblip)
jovelstefan Ohrwurm des Tages: JB Walker - You're No One If You're Not On Twitter
RagainsT Best song of the 90's? @rebellionlies, After hearing someone karaoke this song, they asked the same question. I think I believe it now. (reblip)