mencantaparis Turn the light out say goodnight / no thinking for a little while / lets not try to figure out everything at once...
mencantaparis stab me to death...


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gothzzzz Say what you want... I LOOOOOOOOOVE this song... *LOL*
ohitsplastic guten morgen, funkenmariechens und froschkönige.
ohitsplastic hey, carrot juice, I wanna squeeze you away until you bleed.
kenigor @Mattioli Brother.. I'm wrong or this girl sounds exactly like Mallu Magalhães? insane... (reblip)
castor deep, dark ambient.... Deaf Center
Deliberate [EtheG] yet another French beauty
PaulKTakahashi The endangered rhythms of Bulgaria III
PaulKTakahashi The endangered rhythms of Bulgaria II

Varnensko Horo

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PaulKTakahashi The endangered rhythms of Bulgaria I
nessie tengo ganas de prender fuego la ciudad/ pero de una manera muy hermosa/ con sutiles movimientos de fuego desplazandose
PaulKTakahashi Bulgarian čoček by a Romanian ensemble ? Does anyone know who's playing an the title of this čoček ?
seanpaune hadn't heard this in ages and then a friend mentioned it to me... can't stop listening to it now.
diamanda Dead Can Dance – The Carnival Is Over
diamanda Sonic Youth – Youth Against Facism
bluepanther I just propped you to help you percentage, but I'm still the winner!
dadawoman I'm a high school lover and you're my favorite flavor
anjuscha @Ono1969 now, how do you feel after this long journey?


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hyruita única canción del último disco de Mando diao q se salva
Sook Lasce piangere il mio cuore...
ohitsplastic blippers and blipperinas! let´s have a nice weekend.
TheMostReverendJim hiyas for @gobcarlqvist only on this one 'cause I managed to screw up his Blip de plume twice in previous blip . . . Jeez
NemesisVex borders the pavement, flanks avenues. Parades pass white glove attended by my mother the war.
dietnam even if it reminds me of an amazing part of my life, i've ALWAYS hated this song!
PaulKTakahashi Branimir Đokić : Kolo à la srpski !
jencvs Reblippin' night // A hundred days have made me older...since the last time I saw your pretty face... (reblip)
eraser ...que ocurre, que pasa ... (reblip)
eraser cambiamos un poquito y nos vamos pa'bajo...pal bujero ;-) con el que espera
eraser pero que pretendes... con tantito sueñito (reblip)
Sook sauteeing some fish and listening to this... (reblip)

Doors - Light My Fire

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Sook because I like it so much, here it is again!!
Sook everyone remixes this song..but it's because it's so gooood (reblip)
Sook A tribute to Laika - the first dog in space


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eraser adiós adiós... adiós....

0033 - Demis Roussos - Good Bye My Love Good Bye

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Windmere818 This is a Great Music Mix

tijuana sound machine

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Sook weeeeep

Beatles - While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Ultra Rare Trax Vol3)

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lewisclayton Lewis Likes... Guru Josh Project – Infinity 2008 (reblip)
Danacea To tread this fantasy. Openly. What have I done? The uncertainty. Is taking me over.


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FabioSantos Roberto Carlos. Triste e sem ninguém.
evablue the standard 4 song coffee set continues
DJback YEEEEEEEE brings me back to a dancing through the night in a club simply called HOT JAZZ CLUB


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Stay19 Portishead – All Mine<><>Lovely all over. vi@UltraTumba Cheers! (reblip)
perfect_ I think this place is lacking some real fun
perfect_ Nine Inch Nails - Closer
Sook one of my favorite Bulgarian songs

Nazad,Nazad Mome Kalino

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pixites @scglobal nice one! I do talk (a bit) German. just remembered some songs of Die Neuen Deutsche Welle as it was called these days;) (reblip)
mistahj I should be sleep, but I'm listening to "Just Dance" by Lady Gaga
perfect_ ebm your soul! god likes to watch (c)
The_Kraken Heard this for the first time this weekend, I likey
BelleSuena now do you looooooove meeeeeee?!?!? lmao! watch me now!!!! haha work!


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thrak Cesaria Evora – Linda Mimosa
Acidoriccio acquatica [1]

Audrey Hepburn - Moonriver

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mammara 92 people are surely died for the earthquake. but lot of people are still under the ruins.
WyldKyss We'll start off with something a little sedate today.

1 Air - New star in the sky

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Stay19 shhhh.<><>listen.think.feel.<><>follow these instructions, do exactly as I do...move your body CLOSER...
samodiva shhhh.<><>listen.think.feel.<><>follow these instructions, do exactly as I do...move your body CLOSER... (reblip)
DownLow inspired by an earlier blip from @SevenTenths thanks!
Stay19 ...she's caught up in a web full of spiders..hey!hey!<><>
Stay19 VAST – I'm Dying<><> Visual Audio Sensory Theatre. Enjoy.

VASTI'm Dying

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Sook @sophiealeclerq How could I forget this song! Friend is a four letter word! Thanks for following me on Twitter (reblip)
evablue latin music assault. these are my buddies. i don't speak spanish so no clue what they're singing/rapping. i just like the music. :)
nickydizzle such a build up, better live


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melodyofurlife I partied with Dennis Hopper once! Not really, but he is on my short list of cool people to hang with.
samodiva So sad all this tragedy in Italy
rkmonkey rb vi@dirtylittlesecret I got this stuck in my head, now i'm passing it along to you! (reblip)
Flying_Roundhouse Human Sexual Response – What Does Sex Mean to Me? ~ Hey @doviedo, I'm rummaging around in the virtual attic for tunes... Hey @albertovianna
mammara a lot of people in my town are sleepin' in cars. i sleep in my bed.
PUFFSPUFFSPUFFS if Tom Waits had arrived today...
adbert [Britney Spears – Womanizer]
rkmonkey Transliterator.. hello. hope today is better!!!! @GR8FL
The_Kraken Jumping on the DeVotchka bandwagon of @GR8FL and @torresk, thanks both of you.
babinogueira Red Hot Chili Peppers – Dani California
Houdinial I have a recurrent dream, every time I lose my voice, I swallow little glowing lights, my Mother and son baked for me.


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SkiCat56 Thought that my first Blip as a new DJ should be one of my all time fav's
jenmo See ya later Blippers! :)


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The_Kraken A special Easter self portrait avatar

The EggNothing

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Houdinial dedicated to a dear friend Daphne, now a star shining bright... (reblip)
aleelavine get down girl, go 'head get down
DJback romanian hip hop, sounds good for my ears (like portuguese with more thrill)
melodyofurlife Tijuana Lady is Buff and Hyper from all the Steroids and Drugs she is hopped up on. Great tune though!
DJback @613mike thanks, some french hip hop BACK? one of my re-re-reblips... (reblip)
Houdinial I loved you my lady, though in your grave you lie, I'll always be with you, this rose will never die, this rose will never die...
DJback and just for the repetition... my No.1 for this spring
cheesy80s Caddyshack was one of those rare comic genius movies...
kemi_ Ahhhaa, diru 4 evuuuur *_*
nathybunny @marianovale @Spiandorelo @cahfeina uashuashuahs Mta gente lembrando de coisitas ao mesmo tempo...aff¹²³

Aaliah - Are You That Somebody

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jeffro Heard this while eating in Pure Luck yesterday and Shazaam'ed it to find the song/artist. I <3 technology!
DJAbstruseJuice One of my favorites from the Stripes.
25lighters on this track wayne became the beast of a lyricist he is today.
waiting4thebeat A Regina Spektor song I haven't heard? Mad Props... Research required! (reblip)
DJFrankie 2nd song I've heard from the new album. Couldn't be more excited!


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salleegal Waves and remembers a fantastic year!!!! 1975 - Patti Smith - Gloria - The Godmother of Punk - @ladypn @rerkaizen @pkhuntz57 @organicsue (reblip)
shabbie_chic_Victoria This should come on when I get out the shower!
MapleLeaves and mom would drink until she was no longer speaking, and dad would dream of all the different ways to die... rb@samodiva@brownmagic (reblip)
Stay19 Santogold, M.I.A., and Gorilla Zoe – Get it Up (Radioclit Remix)<><>
yamamiya hello&good morning Landon Pigg – Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop
santamistura i like some yes , sure, like that one for example @Namaste thankssssssss (reblip)
clarkowitz On this 250th anniversary of the death of the maestro: Georg Frederic Handel, R.I.P. I salute thee.

Handel - Suite 5 - Air con variazioni

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Sook from my favorite Emir Kusturica movie - Black Cat White Cat - a must see for anyone interested in this genre! @samodiva
santamistura 8:41pm in rio de janeiro ;)) @RS7980 boa noiteeeeeeeeeeeee (reblip)
Stay19 My Latest Novel - All In All In All Is All<><>Love it! vi@msbojangles (reblip)


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Sook quite discordant ..not for the faint of heart (reblip)
samodiva more indie gypsy stuff
OneLuvGurl @ladypn @J2ad I think this one is even more direct. ;)
Phuket2 Akon Ft. Snoop – I Wanna F@@k You (rb->@samodiva, never heard this before) (reblip)
vanluchi Where were you when I was hurt and I was helpless? 'cause the things you say and the things you do surround me...
eraser en fin... que no es lo mismo... pero es iguá...
eraser Talkin' World War III Blues ...vamos a bluesear un poquillo? ;-)
DesignerBaby My Sunday has been completely revolutionised with the news that the Man Utd game is on TV. Awesome.


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PauloStudio2002 Radiohead – Creep...................


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nollscoffen I saw the starts crashing down
salondelynn one more for the long and unwinding road… (reblip)
bundydb This song has probably been played to death on here but I absolutely love this song
Andresa Marilyn Monroe – Bye Bye Baby (reblip)
Phuket2 R.E.M. – Losing My Religion ( I didn't have any to begin with... thx @ladystyx also...Always good to see the people on here!Love this site.)
Phuket2 suzi suzuki – your fucking makes me bilingual (rb->@deadwood4 & @karimh - I had to listen this, after a few drinks my Thai gets so much better :P ) (reblip)
Jingothefool Let all the others fight and fuss, whatever happens we've got us...Frank Sinatra & Sammy Davis Jr – Me and My Shadow

de cara a la pared

| play
rubyelectric first ever mash-up i heard, such a long time ago. and one of my favourites.
Phuket2 David Bowie – Golden Years ( How do you pick just one David Bowie song! With one to pick?? Ok this one. )
listofnow we have got to get it together....
Alex_V Ya que me voy a dormir tarde, me voy con esta súper rola. :) Solo espero que no me mantenga queriendo más Beat. 7.7 (reblip)
Sparklepony rb frm @pappwixe [Röyksopp – A Higher Place] (reblip)
writyellow unfortunately the only heavens to betsy i can track down that works. not that it's a bad song or anything.


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OrganizedEntrophy looking for someone who practices santeria and somehow to acquire a crystal ball
Jenocidal Think I need these.....G'nite you Blippies! :) (reblip)
Wetnites such a lovely song.. where can i download the mp3? (reblip)
EclecticVagabond A sad yet beautiful song. Chocolate Genius – My Mom
noshots4me You can have whatever you like!
Phuket2 In The End rb->@BoricuaDelight, the lyrics mean a lot to me . I got to 50 dest in world on time out of 52. 78 flights in 3mths. In The End...Matter! (reblip)
evablue i have to be up in 3 hours. i guess this is an all nighter.
NemesisVex offers up some Steve Reich on the occasion of his winning the Pulitzer Prize.
The_Kraken RB again vi@tubilino - where on Earth did you find this? And, are you sure this is LCD? (reblip)
enver they are DILAILA, she's Paola - more Italian indie on


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paupow "You'll fall asleep and I'll put a spell on you"...ok, that's kinda creepy. But his voice is sweet!
jencvs Hey! new listener badges ! nice job Blip
calamari My fav song off the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album. It's goooooooooood :)
by_starla [The Veils - Drive] hello @anjeee--i meant to ask you how your Spring break was.... :)
tigerrmilk n o n s t u d i o n o n l a v o r o n o n g u a r d o l a t v n o n v a d o a l c i n e m a n o n f a c c i o s p o r t . . .
Atomik This sounds like my brain responding to a good cup of coffee. (reblip)
asterion not an entirely inaccurate description... im somewhat wild by nature... & good night...
mazstar @ Hey. Going to see them in July, can't wait! :D (reblip)
texasmommy77 David Bowie -Lets Dance:Had me and the kiddo dancing! (reblip)
mammara @crispast laggiù piove, come quaggiù, e crollano i viadotti. e hanno dovuto sfollare gli sfollati, sulla costa...
cheesy80s @Cerise you keep playin this 80's and 90's cheese and I'll be as well for you. @TheMostReverendJim ain't got nuthin on me... (reblip)
mammara @InKiostroBianco sissignore, sono io, qualche anno fa... (e sono in Abruzzo, sì, ma a Teramo).
ReAnto Sigue Sigue Sputnik – Love Missile F1-11
sheryonstone this song appears to have disappeared to reupped another copy ^_^
Flying_Roundhouse RB via @ReAnto ~ I LOVE PINK FLOYD – Great Gig in the Sky Buona notte ~ anche a te! ;-) (reblip)
VicFM I'm achin I'm shakin I'm breakin Like Humans Do
8pointed_antihuman today i taped a note and a rose to my gfs apartment door...hopefully the sun doesnt wither it to a crisp before she is off of work for the day
tucori mesmo assim, eu faria qualquer coisa pra você melhorar da gripe.
Sook Unbelievable! Just heard this when I was out but didn't know who sings it so I googled part of the lyrics - turns out it's my new favorite Hot Chip!
Sook just saw Terminator Salvation trailer - great song choice for sure but don't know about the movie...Bale is huge these days, sometimes a bad sign..
allie_renee Honey is sweet but not as sweet as you.
samodiva tnx Honey is sweet but not as sweet as you. (reblip)
okcomputer27 "tonight we're gonna party like it's 1699". This song makes me LOL so hard.

Weird Al Yankovic - Amish Paradise

| play
samodiva tnx "tonight we're gonna party like it's 1699". This song makes me LOL so hard. (reblip)

Weird Al Yankovic - Amish Paradise

| play
evablue don't know enough bens to continue this theme
Stay19 Sylvain Chauveau – Dernière étape avant le silence<><>
allie_renee Can't believe I've never blipped this one. (reblip)
allie_renee @spaldingxcore remember kyle's idea to have us all dressed up as wizard of oz and each have different dancing parts? i always think of that now.
avivajazz Madeleine Peyroux | A Prayer
avivajazz Madeleine Peyroux | La Javanese
lissame73 Hippy hippy shake (reblip)

Hippy hippy shake

| play
Diordan From George Gershwin's Masterpiece Porgy and Bess OST 5 - I Got Plenty of Nothin'
Dputamadre José Afonso – Qualquer Dia (Some day) @PeterSantilli Revolution Of Carnation. Portugal 25/04/1974
asterion i have no clue who this band is, but, my life could be summed up by a... & how could i pass it up???
tjmackster I have ached for you, I have nothing left to give...Jesus and Mary Chain – Nine Million Rainy Days (reblip)
eraser en fin, comenzamos a pinchar
saarbasar This is exactly what I want to do today:
MariaGlz Sometimes you need a good morning scream :-)
iSiTi do something nice for your parents today...they love you...just do it...okay
atoutprix I don't know why I feel so tongue-tied. Don't know why I feel so skinned alive.
john_vogel vi@crispast gosto da primavera yeahhh..coming spring!!!@flavytcha (i was looking for that one!)...the last one was yours, sorry@Nyx !!..ciao (reblip)
purplesime Okay, surely this is the *only* way to check the song cropping question, isn't it? After all, there's a lady who knows...
Stay19 Modeselektor – The White Flash ft. Thom Yorke (Trentemøller Remix)<><>
NemesisVex (bum bum BUM bum bum bum BUM Bum)
purplesime I just came upon this page where you can vote up Blip stuff you'd like to see: Why do I usually miss these?
DHS When you're keeping everthing inside you...
angelamars Cursi recursi pero me encanta! La canción!
ShannonHerod The old me is dead and gone. Love this track. and to think I hated Timberlake when he was with the boy band
doczok Poor, sad, lonely 'Highlander'...
Killaya Currently blasting my eardrums out with this.
DOUBLETAPPED I've listened to this song more times than I can recall. Beautiful
smartard Gnarls Barkley – Who cares
doczok Nessun dorma! Nessun dorma!Tu pure, o, Principessa, nella tua fredda stanza, guardi le stelle che tremano d'amore e di speranza.
doczok Nobody shall sleep!... Nobody shall sleep! Even you, o Princess, in your cold room, watch the stars, that tremble with love and with hope.
DJback nimmersatt dieses Liedes
evablue dear blip, i am trying not to complain but songs are crashing mid preview.
row1e Just saw Balkan Beat Box in Tel Aviv. Give it a try, you'll love it!
cheesy80s @Lili_Maniglia It's from the same movie as this song; Labyrinth. And yes, Jennifer Connelly was in it.
weed Step on the gas now turn to the right
Sook Today is exactly a month until my birthday...yet again..
Sook why does the gym have to be so crowded around this peace in this city
Sook WHO are these guys? this kinda sound doesn't come out of just anyone
littleroot REALLY hate this song but it is stuck in my head. :l
ExtremeAnnette ~♫Hello♫~@happyhomeshop RT @noelbellen Great people 2connect @gambitfauri @MuttleyLAX @Ramartijr @amedee @mikes1979 @zerock @dcholland #FollowFrid
Antje "You'd kill yourself for recognition; kill yourself to never ever stop.You broke another mirror; you're turning into something you are not"
chutzpah The bit in the middle makes me giggle like a 12 year old boy. I'm so mature.
weed it's your duty to ignore advertisements. fuck the economy
badwolfdj @chutzpah - aww I love this song and Amy's version - just makes me go "wow" - thanks for blipping it! (reblip)

04. Stuurbaard Bakkebaard - Het Lied van de

| play
DJback hip hop from Russia • Каста
woldra one can find strange things here... nice sounds from the early days of gaming
DJback was für ne geile band
DJback und ein letztes fürs erste


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trishpapadakos Friday, sunny and 15 degrees in London = I'm in Love.
EliaAlberti Today is Friday~The Cure -every Friday I'm In Love (acoustic) (reblip)
Acidoriccio "Là voglio arrendermi/in braccio a una musica/che chiude il discorso/delle affinità"
briangreene |z|o|o|.|a|n|i|m|a|l|.|p|r|i|s|o|n|
Sook OMG @samodiva is about to get a new star soon :) She is the best! luv you!
Sook oh la la la..i have a lot of work to do
Jennipurrr I am still living with your ghost!
musicasdomauricio from the motionpicture Slumdog Millionaire
jeffhinz Missed 'em here in NYC this week - next time