sgnp I really want a professional wrestler to use this as his entrance music. The crowd would come to love/hate it so much.
sgnp Just give it a minute to get goin' and she'll run fine.
sgnp Perfect for jogging down a slowly dissolving automatic walkway.
sgnp I'd never heard this live version before. @jonathancoulton is just as good in person.
sgnp Bless "We Are Scientists" for covering Sigur Ros. My belief in what is possible has been greatly expanded.
sgnp Like falling down an endless flight of stairs in slow motion.
sgnp Just sweet and sweet and sweet.
sgnp I love trying to get my brain to fit around the double vocals on this.
sgnp I'd hop into any cab that was playing this and feel as though I had reached my destination in record time!
sgnp I want this as the theme song for a show about schizophrenic police officers.
sgnp This version of Daft Punk Is Playing at My House is very mood-contingent. I'm in the right one.
sgnp Wow. The Kaiser Chiefs pull this off in my opinion.
sgnp Black Bear Road makes me a little crazy.
DareToEatAPeach These guys know how to make excellent use of a cowbell.
sgnp This song makes me think of Transformers.
sgnp I like listening this while eating ice cream in February.

Modest MouseSummer

| play
sgnp This is another sweet one.
sgnp I'm liking Ris Paul Ric, too.
sgnp TV on the Radio makes me feel like an archangel.
sgnp Great covery by Lobster Kitty.
sgnp My respect for unicorns has grown, which was until now, unthinkable.
sgnp If this wasn't used in the ending credits of a movie that was supposed to take place in the 90s, I'd be very surprised.

KornWord Up!

| play
sgnp Rock Plaza Central does a fine job.
sgnp Liars speak well to how I feel in the morning.
sgnp Why you didn't call me?

The BlowHey Boy

| play
ekman Strange Overtones – David Byrne and Brian Eno (reblip)
jspace3 Evil...Hilarious...Evil...Hilarious...Evil...Hilarious...Evil...Hilarious...Let the Frogs into your home and heart


| play
NyQuilDriver Yup, hill-billy version..... totally ovablastic.
jeffcarvalho "The violets explode inside me." Do not sleep on Elbow.


| play
johncabrera Love how the entire meaning of this song changes the way it's covered here. Check it out.
RealtorLefebvre "Tell me is it time to get down on your MFing knees?"
ianschafer Don't know why this song does it for me, it just does. (reblip)
sgnp Possibly the best Toots & The Maytals Radiohead cover you'll hear all day.
sgnp Dan Deacon's cover of "Mr. Big Stuff" reminds me what a race of well-meaning alien robots would turn in for a class project. Of course, I like it.

Mr Big Stuff Cover

| play
sgnp We beat up the wrong guy.


| play
sgnp I love the version of "Fire Brothers" that comes in after Perry Farrell stops talking.
sgnp Blast from the past with MC Frontalot.
sgnp - Nothing like long, dark cowboy music from Kansas City in the morning.
sgnp This version of the Crawdad Song will alter your brain.
sgnp This version of "In the Pines" by Smog is a distant cousin of the one Nirvana revived. I think it stands on its own merits.

SmogIn The Pines

| play
sgnp There are lots of versions of "Old Joe Clark" floating out there. I like how Smoke does it.

smokeold joe clark

| play
sgnp There's a great Lomax sample of Leadbelly doing "Take a Whiff on Me," but I've opted to play this version by The White Stripes.
sgnp Odetta's live version of "God's A-Gonna Cut You Down" begs to be remixed by better folks than me, but stands up on its own.
sgnp Tie 'im to the wheel and call 'im cap'n.
sgnp I'm not sure why Bertrand Burgalat isn't an unlikely superstar by this point. He seems to fit the bill.
sgnp Felt like a punk on dick street...
sgnp Many people would be surprised to learn I have a favorite Dire Straits song. I do, and it's this one.
sgnp @gracieriots No! That would be a treat. In looking for it, I found this version, which is nothing like how that would be, but still interesting...
sgnp They feed on plastic bags cut up like lettuce right out of your hand.
sgnp Fine music for a Reckoning, if one were to have such a thing.
sgnp The "Lazy Susan" was named so in 1917 by its inventor, Dr. Martin Lazy, who begain calling all furniture "Susan" after his third trepanation.
warrenellis Yes. This kind of day, I think:

BAR 9Murda Sound

| play
sgnp - I wanted there to be an episode of the Sopranos where Tony goes *really* crazy and they use this behind the opening credits.
darlin Speakin' of. I've blipped this before, but it's the very devil of a pian0-botherin' boogie wooch, & it hurts around the edges, which is how I <3 it.
sgnp - Not startin' something. Simply like the song. Your mom is wonderful.

The PharcydeYa Mama

| play
sgnp - This will make the snow go away.
sgnp - I was overcome with the urge to start a band called Unicorn Dream Attack, but apparently they already exist. What do I do now?
sgnp @darlin There apparently aren't enough props in the day for you.
sgnp - If I haven't already posted the Zea version of Clocks, you deserve to hear it. If I already have, you deserve to hear it again. You're amazing.


| play
sgnp - I'm liking Jolie Holland.
sgnp - I liked Cake's War Pigs. I especially liked the bit towards the end.

CAKEWar Pigs

| play
sgnp - This is a live version of "Disseminated" that has a most splendid breakdown at the end. I've never heard those lyrics before.


| play
sgnp @Bearsuitband - Holy Christ, this is like opening one's mailbox to find an incredibly eloquent otter who wants to be friends. Damn good to see you!
sgnp - In another line of fake TV show themes, Highway A Go Go is the perfect name for an alternate history where Japanese cops patrol I-90 in Kent, WA.


| play
sgnp - Beastie Boys vs. My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult is like getting cracked in the face by college and having liquid rainbows spill out the hole.
sgnp - Jeez, Deastro. You shouldn't sneek up on a guy like that.
sgnp - Makes me want to take a nap while being tied up with mint floss by little cookie-people shaped like stars.
sgnp I like Múm in the morning.
sgnp - This one is for @jlp716 because I don't think she's heard it.
sgnp - I liked this track by Self well enough, but the Danzig bit made me fall in love.

Trunk Fulla Amps

| play
sgnp - I am seriously liking "This Is the Kit" today.
sgnp - Geghis Tron has a lot going on. Not so much for work as for being trapped in a cargo container during a category 5 cyclone. Odd when it's over.
gracieriots @sgnp To my fellow weird cover lover: Maybe you haven't heard this one? Kinda fun.
sgnp - Even though I'm sick and grumpy, I can't stay mad listening to this.
sgnp - My car is so long I gotta park it in the air.
sgnp - Hey! I also cut my own hair!
sgnp - If it were more overcast, this would be perfect.
sgnp - Big Chief Monk Boudreaux is something I never should have missed until now.
sgnp - Ooooh! I was looking for this yesterday and couldn't find it. Thanks to @redroulettes for getting the goods! (reblip)
sgnp - Uncle Bonsai is so damn amazing.
sgnp - "I can't breathe underwater like I used to..."

Man ManDoo Right

| play
sgnp - I can't believe I'd never heard this one before. Hooray, Gorillaz!

GorillazAll Alone

| play
sgnp - Hmmmm...on a scale of one to ten for new music that I enjoy, I'm pretty sure what I'd rate this.

Wise In TimeNine

| play
sgnp - And on that note, HOLY CRAP!
sgnp - Like something one might hear while hidden in a tree-trunk at a dance to which no earthly soul has been invited.
sgnp - I've never had to walk to the hospital after being bitten by a snake after a gunfight in the desert, but it may be like this Wovenhand track.

Winter Shaker

| play
sgnp - Wheee! Spark Is A Diamond just made me a bouncy sort of happy.
sgnp - While I dare say James Graham's accent lends itself well to this song, I do not mean to imply that all Scotsmen are crazy.


| play
sgnp - I love Wall of Voodoo, but the lounge vibe here makes it burn just a little sweeter.
sgnp - This is the first I've heard of Sukpatch. I like what is happening with them.
sgnp - I've been waiting for "Robbers" to show up here for a while. I love this song.
sgnp - My mustache was stiffly waxed and one foot long.
sgnp - The Flaming Lips once threw smoke bombs at my improv troupe. We deserved it. Also, they do great covers.
sgnp - I so do love the Paper Chase.


| play
sgnp - Okay, I totally know my last sentence didn't make any grammatical sense. I've been a bit off lately.
sgnp - Holy crap! Angel Katz gives Joanna Newsom the "lovable/wonderful strangled cat and sweet sweet nectar" voice a run for its money.
sgnp - Perfect for doing paperwork. Title, music, and sudden introspection about one's life choices. Sigh.
sgnp - Dang, @sonazure found a remix that I totally dig. (reblip)
sgnp - If you rise again, take a form I know.
sgnp - I think I got addicted to Ibuprofen, as I am feeling much too much in my body at the moment.

MancinoHiccup Lines

| play
sgnp - Good, but using the name "Tom" does them a disservice, even if it's legit. Draws too many comparisons, and almost kept me from bliping this. Almost.
sgnp - I seriously am feeling good about the song "Love My Way." I've also like Ed Kowalczyk's warble, which has had put me on the outs with some folks.
sgnp - Holy crap! Bryn Christopher kills it.
sgnp - I can't get enough of "Love Lockdown" covers. It's a disease, an' I don't want no cure.
sgnp - Another for @jlp716 that I'm not sure she knows exists.
sgnp - I think Mechanical Bride gets overlooked in the world of "Umbrella" covers. It's too bad, because the little bells are kinda awesome.
sgnp @jlp716 - This is one that I want you to know about.
sgnp - I just need Mumenchantz dancing around my office while this plays and a psychotic break is assured.
sgnp - It feels like there's an alternate universe where Peter Mulvey wrote this song, and it just happened to find its way here.

Peter MulveyThe Fly

| play
sgnp - Hooray for The Go! Team. Good job on an already excellent song.
sgnp - @sonoazure "About a Girl" by Cibo Matto. This is the good thing I was telling you about.
sgnp This is off of 2008's "A Modern Promise," but sounds straight out of the late 80's for me. That's not a bad thing.
sgnp - From Dusk 'til Dawn is thirteen years old? For reals? "Peach Stealing Monkeys" is now one of my favorite band names.
sgnp - I like to think that when she leaves tomorrow, she's going to social services to sign up to be a foster parent.
sgnp - The Afghan Whigs prove that this song transcends its origin, which says quite a lot.
sgnp - Joga is one of my favorite songs, and this is a sweet cover.
sgnp - I no longer have to do a "Walk Like an Egyptian" cover, as Cock has now done my favorite version.
sgnp - Like I'm sitting in my high school math class while two veiled teacher's aides cover my body with carbon paper.
sgnp - Not a cover. Quite enjoyable. Walking hand and hand in a green field while listening to a tapped phone call.
sgnp - Like I'm in an open-roofed church with stained glass depictions of my first five automobile accidents.
sgnp - Oh, damn. @sonoazure, you didn't tell me Lightspeed Champion did Xanadu.
sgnp - I love it when you want to hear a song, can't think of the artist, and find a cover that satisfies.
sgnp - @sonoazure Shopping naked in the Nordstrom shoe department. Plus, you're on fire.

Man ManTop Drawer

| play
sgnp - Steve Austin hit a whiskey barrel with a pipe.
sgnp - Like standing on a mountain top overlooking an deserted village, trying to tune an AM radio that's missing its antenna.
sgnp - The Kids In The Hall taught me never to fuck with a Doors fan, so all I'm gonna say is that I enjoy this cover.
sgnp - Off to see my family. Love you all!
sgnp - Violens keeps me completely off-balance.
sgnp - I like this cover.

Sometymes WhyJoey

| play
sgnp - Dang. Powersolo seems to be droppin' off Blip fast. The last one of Kat Nazer I tried disappeared in mid-post. I dig 'em.

PowersoloKat Nazer

| play
sgnp - If Panasonic's ad execs are on it, they're trying to license this right now for use in 2011. I might be off a couple of years.
sgnp - Holy aces, I know of basically nothing with as much swagger as this.
sgnp - Reminds me of a dream I had where everything was maroon. I woke up wanting to dye all my clothes, but they didn't have maroon at the store.
sgnp @Sparklepony I'd never heard that one before. Reminded me of Ali Click. You have reminded me that "Yello" didn't have a "w" in it. Jeez, memory!


| play
sgnp - True story. This song got so popular, Billy Jones eventually recorded an anti-version called, "I've Got the Yes! We Have No Bananas Blues."
sgnp - I'm liking all types of Grampall Jookabox right now.
sgnp - Feels like running out of gas on the outskirts of a town where no one has a car.
sgnp - I think this is my new favorite Schoolyard Heroes song. Not that it's new, but that it's newly my favorite.
sgnp - Oh, Cliff Carlisle! Behave yourself!
sgnp @naked_city plays great stuff that you should totally check out. This isn't a Body Count cover. (reblip)
sgnp - For wake-up music, I enjoy Melt-Banana.
sgnp - Like listening to three songs at once with two different parts of your brain.
sgnp @Sparklepony - This is so awesome. You have great stuff! (reblip)
sgnp - Jim White has the best song about being handcuffed to a fence in Mississippi ever!
sgnp - Stars Like Fleas probably wouldn't fit comfortably in my new house once we moved in all the furniture.
sgnp - Every once and a while, I appreciate a simple depressing premise for a song.
sgnp - Like seeing something pretty from very far away.
sgnp - I liked Roisin Murphy in Moloko, but I think I like her better in this song.
sgnp - I like it when Subtle does this.
sgnp - Subtle and Beck combine to create a Voltron-like superaudiogiant that surpasses the sum of its parts.
sgnp - Someone needs to do a cover of this and do it straight. If I get good enough on the banjo, that person may be me.
sgnp - Paul Anka covers are all over, but I contend that "Mr. Brightside" completely sounds like it could be a standard. The name, the lyrics. Perfect.
sgnp - Pat Boone doing Holy Diver feels almost like I'm cheating. It's like picking on the kid with the broken glasses. Still. Worth it.

Pat BooneHoly Diver

| play
sgnp - I believe sometime in the 70's there was a man in a motel room with racing magazines, scissors, and wallpaper paste who had this song in his head.
sgnp @lawsipan This is quite wonderful! Knives used as percussion: genius. (reblip)
sgnp - People won't be people when they hear this sound.


| play
sgnp - I believe the La Lupe's fever may have lead to dementia. This is not necessarily a bad thing.

La LupeFever

| play
sgnp - Black Sabbath. Bass clarinet. That's all you really need to know.
sgnp - Mongoloid done by a German choir, in English. Good morning!
sgnp - With that in mind, free guesses as to what Hatebeak is up to...
sgnp - Meanwhile, these elephants make music that reminds me of everything I love about Tom Waits.
sgnp - I hadn't heard of eephin' until today, but there's something about it that speaks right to my soul.
sgnp - Randall Throckmorton's voice pours into your ears like blood down the walls of a defiled vestry.
sgnp - I played something by Computer Club a while back, but neglected this gem.
sgnp - When the robots come to crush us under their vast metal bulk, perhaps they will be singing.
sgnp - I enjoy this type of craziness.
sgnp - By far my favorite version of "St. James Infirmary" in existence.
sgnp - Bonnie 'Prince' Billy's soft-spoken delivery brings a different meaning to this song.
sgnp - This will hold up forever.

FugaziWaiting Room

| play
sgnp - Okay, the DeZurik sisters continue to haunt me.
sgnp - From what I hear, this guy taught himself how to play. From what others say, I mean. What I hear is fine.
sgnp - Of Montreal can be catchy. I'm a sucker for snappy names.
sgnp - Postal Service take on the official rock song of Oklahoma.
sgnp - The power of Will Smith may be scorned, but his reach cannot be ignored.
sgnp - By directing you to this cover, I am letting you know that "Mouse Fire" and "Baby Teeth" are both superb band names.
sgnp - Gil Scott-Heron always makes me sad.
sgnp - The early 90s. You're on a crowded dance floor, feet unsteady. You slump against a stranger, and turn your head to find all your friends are gone.
sgnp - Awww, that's nice. Thanks, Kate Nash!

Kate NashBaby Love

| play
sgnp @daretoeatapeach - They are rated at a very respectable level in my court of opinion.
sgnp - Like climbing a glass mountain with rounded handholds.
sgnp - Ah, Latin Playboys. Members of Los Lobos produced by Mitchell Froom . Nothing else needs to be done ever.
sgnp - Don't you hate it when you can't find "Dali Tzerni?" I know I do. Still, Aish Ye K'Dish ain't bad.
sgnp - I used to think an inherited copy "Phil Collins: No Jacket Required" was my first tape. Thank the sweet lord that I just remembered I owned this.
sgnp @gracieriots Thanks for letting me know about the Knife.

The KnifeBird

| play
sgnp - It's been a while since I posted a Nickel Creek cover. If a worldwide crisis knocks out all of our power, things like this will get really popular.
sgnp - Whiny and hardcore at the same time, Little Jimmy Urine is a wonderful contradiction.
sgnp - I never thought I'd enjoy hearing about impending monkey-death over and over. That's before I heard Low.


| play
sgnp - Once this gets going, it rolls pretty well.


| play
sgnp - I love music that sounds like it's broken or on fire.
sgnp - The vocals are swathed in cotton.
sgnp - No disrespect. I think DM Stith is great. However, I get much more enjoyment when pretending Winnie the Pooh is singing the song.
sgnp - Like balancing one-legged on a bed of vibrating brass knives.
sgnp - Do you know that there are tons of songs named "Peppermint Patty," and they're all different? This is the one I like.
sgnp - Math is hard.


| play
sgnp - MC Paul Barman makes me happy.
sgnp - Tom Jones is NOT an ordinary guy.
sgnp - I'm an enthusiast.

Hangar 18Beatslope

| play
sgnp The only a capella and falsetto version of 21st Century Schizoid Man you ever need to hear.


| play
sgnp - Feel the need to blip something nice. I want to stay friends with you people.
sgnp - Not safe for work/anywhere. Possibly the single most singularly offensive audio creation I have ever heard. Aural equivalent of tentacle rape porn.
sgnp Okay, this version made me almost as weepy as the original. Almost!
sgnp This reminds me of High School. The band name is wrong, but I think Gibby would have used "The Butthole Suffers" if he had thought of it.
sgnp I was about to post a cover of this, but I believe the original is far superior.
sgnp I like Soul Coughing, I like Propellerheads. The combination makes me feel funny at first, but it fits the groove eventually.

Soul Coughing - Super Bon Bon (Propellerheads Remix)

| play
sgnp - I've never heard this version, and I think the audio's gonna cut out way too soon, but dang if "American Wheeze" by 16 Horse Power ain't a favorite.

01 american wheeze

| play
sgnp - I happen to be in just the right mood for this.
sgnp - This is now my favorite Slayer cover.
sgnp - @Sparklepony posted the PIL "Seattle," which started me on the hunt which lead me to Perry Como. I loved this song without ever knowing its name. (reblip)
sgnp - Thanks to @johncabrera for pointing out that @blueflowers are now on (reblip)
sgnp - "No one gives a shit about your falcon head any more." Thanks to @seeshell for this one. (reblip)
sgnp - Brilliant. Thanks to @HumanityCritic for blipping this first. (reblip)

Big LEbonics

| play
sgnp - Wow! Big thanks to @naked_city for introducing me to King Khan. (reblip)
sgnp - @gracieriots knows me well, sending me this one from @by_starla with the knowledge that I would declare it awesome. (reblip)
sgnp - My earphones just couldn't handle this recording. It's pretty sweet, regardless.
sgnp - I very much like Richie Havens.
sgnp - I almost forgot what optimism sounded like.
sgnp - My favorite Serge Gainsbourg song. "Ils rêvent de hijacks et d'accidents d'oiseaux..."
sgnp - Yet another song that would have blown my ten-year-old mind.

Liquid LiquidOptimo

| play
sgnp - Lunch was good. So, so, good. It made me happy.
sgnp - Thanks to @DJFrankie for this. Badass totally stands on its own merits. (reblip)

mc chrisbadass

| play
sgnp - Holy Crap! I don't know how this could get any more perfect. It is *exactly* what you'd expect.
sgnp - You are sitting alone in an empty room of a burned-out hotel. If you press your face against the charred wall, its vibration sings this tune.
veronicabelmont I made this half-pony half-monkey monster to please you. But I get the feeling that you don't like it. What's with all the screaming?
DJFrankie rb@Sparklepony: "[Beck (Record Club) – All Tomorrow's Parties] Thorunn Magnusdottir on vocals. My how Mr. Hansen loves the covers..." (reblip)
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