neoatpersocon viu @lomaski como não estou (R) hj u_u
skunk63 Control Alt Deus can be considered as an Elektro/Industrial project from portugal

Grendel (Soilbleed Video)

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Suicide Commando-See You In Hell

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skunk63 irish postrock from wicklow county


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skunk63 dark haunting from norway.WATCH THE CLIP


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skunk63 AWS old school EBM from Sweden.DANCE DANCE
skunk63 sluggards march left right left right ;here we go


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skunk63 once more left right left right ....kick ass sound ...and dance

Grendel (Soilbleed Video)

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skunk63 oohh bambifucker

Insekt live @ BIM Festival 2007

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skunk63 you run with the wolfs but i run with ALIEN vampires and lesbian nuns...
skunk63 the last 1 whispering walls AND THE NORWEGIAN IMMUNDUS.LET THE DARKNESS RISE


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skunk63 sick is the 1 who adores me.PANZER AG.yeah who adores me call ... HELLO SICK ONE
skunk63 embrace the darkness and i embrace YOU ALL.panzer ag when death embrace me
skunk63 let's pray all togethe for more dark shit on this godless day.your satan speaks...

Deathspell Omega_First Payer

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skunk63 can't get enough of this aws shit and the killer kick beats yeah fuckahdafi hue heu
skunk63 WELCOME IN "hells"paradise and belgian best band ever front 242.
skunk63 russian industrial spin provider with poehali. WHAT DOES IT MEAN?it's all up to u ...
skunk63 our local hungarian band just listen to it
skunk63 cold as ice @DarK as shit that's vilent entity. dance dance or die...
skunk63 follow the darkness,my own hell and let mortal void rise...
skunk63 control alt deus is no more .THAT SUX.YES REALY SUX THEY GOT AWS SHIT

CADDead Cell

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skunk63 The world ends in many things, Which would you choose? Cold? Dark? Fear? ilike it all and the mexicans withInstincts of Perversion even more
skunk63 R.I.P CAD=control alt deus is no more... AFRICAN CONTINENT HAS DARK SCENE .OOH U don't believe ... JUST LISTEN WINTER SOUL -reactor

Winter Soulreactor

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skunk63 Considered, along with their Belgian peers Front 242,emerging vibrant and violent The Neon Judgement with Chinese Black
skunk63 baby needs crack who said that?well euh Vomito Negro the belgian ebm/industrials
skunk63 irish postrock from wicklow county
skunk63 it's weekend ,party time ,a perverse party with the duke of hell from mexico AMDUSCIA AAAAHHHHHHH
skunk63 spread the darkness and rise


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TheyFell Choose your weapon, time to go
TheyFell Rammstein were inspired by Laibach

Laibach - Life Is Life

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TheyFell New live album "Warzone K17" out on the 21st
skunk63 underrated yes underrated underrated i said underrated from switserland
Sut3kh FINALLY Blip got some Yade WOOT
revvvs Laibach – Tanz Mit Laibach
skunk63 @MsAineseY: "@die_Kalte ...then blip vi@ youtube!"heil next month hocico in concert exclusive show for europe (reblip)

Hocico : Untold Blasphemies

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Evil's Toy- Illusion

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lupicoli This song is @ my Laibach top 5 favorite songs

LaibachB Mashina

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skunk63 via@quorum:@spinecut@die_Kalte@MsAineseY@Ddraig face down - ass up - that's the way we like to fuck

ShaolynFace Down

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Ddraig Yup-yup!! Iz güd Back to working.

third realmdestiny

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JasMc_ "Watch out God, you know we're here...Better men have better sense"

Colony 5Knives

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die_Kalte rb@skunk63: "servo.hatred well known in hungary" - this is an interesting VS.... (reblip)
Ddraig Morning dose of DIE BRAUT

Die BrautMoerder

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Ddraig @skunk63: Yup. BIG thanks for pointing out something that is literally under my nose as far as location and coolness. :)
Ddraig Gotta get my hands on "Love is the Devil" release, yes-yes.
Ddraig Yup, love this track. Good stuff.
skunk63 more tactical - remix by [:SITD:]

Tactical Sekt -- Xfixiation Remix by [:SITD:]

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skunk63 wowww on the ferry JEAH Going home - i'm a freak
skunk63 yeah more of Obszön Geschöpf some italians like this
skunk63 oooh this is good- even better than the original

Combichrist-The Line of The Dead-Final Destination 2 Cover

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Ddraig @atank - life is too crazy, so little time. Sorry!! :( This track is from FURY 161 before LiFE LiKE existed. Download CD
quorum [4791/5300] :: QUESTION AUTHORITY. (Sez who?)
skunk63 fucking violated brutal intro
skunk63 sick bastard music... :-) like it - French dark electro never fails
Diebymyhand Let's go dark to see what we find turn out the lights and start to lose our minds. Your heart beats in time with their cries, stops when they find you

Misswarrior sex,sex,sex

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skunk63 the final track -thanx for blips&props bois and grlls
skunk63 This is the only the beginning - My hunger never dies -My thirst never quenched - I'll drive my fist -Into your chest And tear your heart out ---
skunk63 @Diebymyhand Shame seems to fill this stillness Swelling like a pregnant hore Knowing you are meant for this So few mourn and are torn
skunk63 The shadows are staring me down, As it becomes twelve o-clock. You being around, Was the only thing that would make me talk.
skunk63 @Ms_AineseY this is a test ---- if you have an "eargasm" your speakers are working


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Painbastard -Todesengel Armageddon

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skunk63 hope you are welcome at "Killing Fields "@razorfire nice weekend
skunk63 Dulce Liquido – Difraktal Point
skunk63 Do you hear that noise or is it just me? can you talk to the ghost that only i can see?
skunk63 Aslan Faction – Contagion Flow
skunk63 DYM – Autonomy of The Will
skunk63 XP8 - Bleed and Shout

XP8 Bleed and Shout

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jsullyk1 @skunk63: "Centhron - orkan" (reblip)

Centhron orkan

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skunk63 i'll tell you that the pain didn't matter , cos no matter how deep the knife went in , it still couldnt compare to the hurt you left me with
skunk63 It happens every time. Right before death. Is it a vision, or is it all in our head
skunk63 x-fusion - traitors of our age

x-fusion traitors of our age

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skunk63 Insane illusions entering my brain; staring at nothing in wonder. My thoughts are taking control, while my body is falling prey.

Agonoize ~Drowning In Isolation♥

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skunk63 A lightening of cracks spreading through, sharp around the edges, hard on the surface, cold to the touch.
skunk63 Psy'Aviah – Broken Child (IC 434 remix)
skunk63 Retractor- Victims of Flesh

[Retractor] Victims of Flesh

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skunk63 Feindflug – "Im Auftrag Der Ehre
skunk63 Cyborg Attack – Comment Ca Te Plait
skunk63 Mordacious – Execute


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skunk63 That drives me crazy, totally insane
skunk63 Sleetgrout – The Bad Dreams Transmission
skunk63 woaw,amazing - from the album "world of lies"
skunk63 Faderhead – Friday Night Binge
skunk63 [:SITD:] – Heroic


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skunk63 the dead horizon remains hidden, shrouded in sorrow, it stalks that fateful day, the one we all call tomorrow rb@PyrettaBlaze (reblip)
skunk63 Herzschlag - Alles Lüge

Alles Lüge by Herzschlag

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skunk63 Feindflug – "Kopfschuss (Killing Ophelia Remix)"
skunk63 Xentrifuge – Converting Infinity
skunk63 Mindless Faith – Another Empire Falls
skunk63 Mordacious。◕‿◕。Lick the Wound-- werewolf had won,still was hurt,gotten stabbed,with a silverblade.he lye there licking his bloody wound,helplessly

Mordacious necrolust 8. Lick the Wound

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skunk63 my body seems to be on hot,steam rises from my skin,i take another swig,i just burned my lungs
skunk63 disturbed, psychotic ...wonderfull Black Creepy Ritual Ambient
skunk63 Hard-Tech/rhythmically Powernoise!!!!! goddam like it ! this is it !THE SHIT


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skunk63 Amduscia goes aboriginals


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skunk63 Something you told me once - Was only for the weak - That label you nailed to my soul - But today I rip free

:wumpscut:Pass Auf

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skunk63 end of my bliptime for today - have a kick ass time

unter null endtime (inure mix)

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skunk63 G.O.O.M : W/M STANDS FOR .....????
skunk63 @atank the bloody end is near (2009) -soon a martial year begins - ready for Suchatzki Marsch
skunk63 Can you feel me breathing down the back of your neck...

Obszön Geschöpf + the beast within

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Diebymyhand They're waiting to condemn me. Unburdened by original sin, I do this consciously because I'll die for what I believe in!
skunk63 helping the greeks To Spread The Chaos
skunk63 Do It! Do It! Do It! :o)) classic ebm rage...

ParacontDo it!

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skunk63 mexican melancholic and sometimes aggressive dark electro.
skunk63 Acid Trauma – SISTEMA DE FANTASIAS
skunk63 Feindflug - Alptraum

shuffle Feindflug Alptraum

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skunk63 the ultima for now - stay dark stay brutal
skunk63 Into the deep dark hole she made. she's slipping off of solid ground. And I really am afraid.
skunk63 there's no way you can hold on. So you join us all in this deep dark hole. And soon enough we'll all be gone.
skunk63 Goblins emerge ripping flesh of bone, worms and maggots breeding , in the midst of dying groans, carcase rotting, witches feeding.
skunk63 It's time to go home-- Not to heaven nor hell-- To the muddy holes-- To endlessly dwell-- --Home, Sweet Home


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skunk63 Our lives have tribulation to test our determination


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skunk63 Panzer AG – Totale Luftherrschaft

Totale Luftherrschaft

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amphore why do I get a warning when I like to look at your myspace page ... ? beside this sounds terribly destroyingful @skunk63: Delicious gift from hell (reblip)
skunk63 Surgyn – Faceless


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