manuzinha One of my all time favorites :)
lilwldchld Well I love my baby, like the finest wine....
MooseAndSquirrel You'd have to be there to understand why I remember this one
lilwldchld My love is pink, everybody knows what you think....
by_starla "I swear about 15 of the last songs I've bliped have had bad tracks." @JRex--i had the same problem last night--hang in there! :) (reblip)
Flamingokitty oone of fav Made video to this song from parts of Fear and loathing in LA. GREAT SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!! (reblip)
Jeffie Sam the Sham & The Pharaohs - "Wooly Bully" (1965)
LizLynch I enjoyed Napoleon Dynamite a lot more after hearing this. It saved the movie for me.
LizLynch Getting in gear for a great day ahead. A classic from one-hit wonder Timbuk 3. Put your shades on and let's get rolling!
LizLynch Lonely lady and the killer chimp: I still don't get the animal attraction

The TimeJungle Love

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LizLynch heading to rainy Seattle tomorrow, but in my mind, I'm going to Rio
PandaDementia Hmm, haven't heard *this* version of it before! Nice!

I Wanna Fuck You Dirty

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PandaDementia I can just picture the #twitterorgy fun being had to this song!
Flamingokitty BRAD'S MY CANDY MAN!!! SEE WHAT HE DOES TO ME?!? LOL! I LOVE YOU @spiffykittytamr!!!!!!!
PandaDementia I inexplicably like this song. Like a lot.
warrenellis Goodnight, ladies. It's time to say goodbye. Let me tell you now...
saranicole this song always inspires me in an eighties-age-of-innocence kinda way
saranicole @spiffykittytamr k this is the last then I'm heading to bed ... well ok second last - btw u have a kewl blip handle :-D

The CarsDrive

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saranicole for you and me ... signing off
mistygirlph === >"Save The Last Dance For Me" (reblip)


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ExtremeAnnette Welcome 2 #Coffeetime pls introduce yourself! to @Time4CoffeeTime It's a pleasure to meet like minded people! ♫Jet-Are You Gonna Be My Girl♫ Yeah (reblip)
ExtremeAnnette The Doors – Love Street Yeah baby! #CoffeeTime It's Not just about Coffee It's the wonderful People 1st & Always! - @time4CoffeeTime @annettedubow (reblip)

DoorsLove Street

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marieiris @KirstensDesk this one's for you, sista!!
marieiris I don't wanna be wise, I just wanna stay young.....-Hall and Oates
LizLynch back in LA after many years. This song always reminds me of the one summer I spent here
saranicole via @SansaoSongs - totally been waiting for someone to blip this one - thanks! (reblip)
saranicole gave out ten props tonight - everyone's blipping friggin awesome music!
Flamingokitty He's got it right. Peace. See the beauty of this world. Peace. We NEED PEACE.
marieiris I'm mad cool like dat. Digable Planets-Rebirth of Slick (reblip)
marieiris i've blipped this before, but damnit, i love it!!! (reblip)


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saranicole thx @Flaviagalindo ! my sisters and I did a karaoke version of this when we were teens-great memories! (reblip)
LizLynch Writing about Beethoven for my post this week at the Personal Branding Blog and like this disco-fied version of his famous Fifth
marieiris this use to be my ringback tone til someone got tired of hearing it. then, He sings it to me. LOL. I saved the voice mail cuz i love His version best.
marieiris i feel like watching some "Three's Company" then going rollerskating down at the rink! (reblip)


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marieiris Can i just wish for a man to play this song for me? #oldschooljam
Jeffie Faron Young - "Hello Walls" (1961) ...We must all stick together, or else I'll lose my mind - I've got a feeling she'll be gone a long, long time
DownLow @suzesinc i'm finally home w/ music, just starting dinner. @melodyofyourlife no soul food tonite! hi there @organicsue@storylet@iridescentsun (reblip)
Jeffie Charles Wright & The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band - "Love Land" (1970)
Jeffie Nazareth - "Love Hurts" (early 1976)

NazarethLove hurts

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Jeffie Frankie Valli - "My Eyes Adored You" (1975) ...'though I never laid a hand on you...


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Jeffie Frankie Valli - "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" (1967)'d be like heaven to touch...
DownLow @EvDJ - laughing. Not! :) Check out site and click on relevant tab. Focus on what (keywords) and where (location). May help out! (reblip)
Jeffie The Young Rascals - "People Got To Be Free" (1968) ...Seems 2 me such an easy, easy thing should be; why can't you and me learn 2 love one another?...
crazymikesapps Good song for those feeling a little rebellious.....

PinkSo What

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marieiris Buzzcocks-Ever Fallen In Love?
jstolle Who remembers this?


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marieiris Oh My God, Becky...Look at her butt. it looks so big....
mediagrowthinc Steve Miller Band – The Joker I have not heard this in a long time... (reblip)
marieiris i have to block out thoughts of you so i don't loose my head.....

Blue OctoberHate Me

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marieiris Neko Case-Don't Forget Me. ~~i like this song.
marieiris Honey, you are my shining star..... (reblip)
marieiris I found a way to let you in, but i never really had a doubt. standing in the light of your halo...i've got my angel now......


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marieiris i think it's the sound of the cracking whip that makes me love this song so much. #whatadominatrixwouldsay
marieiris i know politics bore you but i feel like a hypocrite talking to you and your racist friend....
PandaDementia I was singing this in the shower. I sounded DAMN good! :)
marieiris my mom and dad just called...back from the Philippines! Hated when the convo ended. #homesick

Michael BubleHome

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marieiris i love this song...


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marieiris Amazing that i still have this on cassette tape. One of my most fave Erasure songs.

ErasureOh l'Amour

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doorcounty doorcounty Thx 4 listenin to my Steel Bridge Songfest TweetRadio every Sat from 9-10 pm CST #sbsf5 Closing with 1 more by Jackson
marieiris while i study....

FeistLonely Lonely

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TerryFree "Los Tchal-Tchi-Chones / Take The Alah Train"" (reblip)
doorcounty @SylentSyd: "Life could be a dream..." what a treasure. (reblip)

The ChordsSh-Boom

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doorcounty Hey Fritzie, we're all going to miss you... here's one for you.
Squashpants Old New Wave, and tuneful, yes.
Squashpants Any "Circus of Horrors" fans out there?
Squashpants Oh, God, my testosterone is all leaking out -- aaaiiieeeee!
Squashpants Not without my dose of early Kinks!

the kinks- you really got me

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Squashpants And to end my night, a bit of sunny Cali-forn-i-a.
mdartson Amooooooo, amiga!!! @DJFlavissima (reblip)

lionel richie-say you say me

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mdartson "I love you baby.... trust me when I say..."
SensualStories There was a pole in the center of the room--I was young and pure. The vodka tasted like Champagne, and I danced as if I were all alone.
Squashpants Some nice Indian musik.

crazy indian music video

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Squashpants How Bout That Band! Ages since they broke up. Their music -- timeless.

The Band "The Weight"

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Squashpants OK, you wanted mainstream, here it is...
Audnumber Lady GaGa – "Love Game"

Lady GaGaLove Game

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Flamingokitty @dickadcock: ""It cannot wait" . . . so, see you later..." *screams in delight at this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!* maaagical!!!!! (reblip)
Audnumber Michael Jackson- 'Beat it' for @Mauvais_Fille

Michael jackson Beat it Lyrics

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marieiris Pat Benatar - Heartbreaker
1001songs Tacoma native Bing Crosby recorded it many years before Otis Redding did
1001songs we lost the real Oscar Meyer this week. R.I.P.
1001songs 5 song celebration of The Palmetto State, South Carolina! #3 Nuthin could be fina'
Squashpants Is this some stupid knockoff blip, or the real thing? We shall see...


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Squashpants You want smooth? I'll give you smooth -- Mr. Sam Cooke!
Squashpants Some mashed potatoes to go with yer hush puppies????
xoticbeauty Believe me, the thrill ain't gone! Two of the great blues legends-BB King & Bobby Bland circa 1977.

B B King & Bobby Blue Bland-The Thrill Is Gone, etc. (1977)

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Flamingokitty @spiffykittytamr it has boom boom in it. i think it fits us perfectly. :D
Flamingokitty @spiffykittytamr last one for you today stud. I know you'll love this one as much as i love you. xxxxxxoooooxxxxxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxo. :)
SgtMac @prohect: "@Eversoris: "@SgtMac: "Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson – Highwayman" thanks Great song! (reblip)
Squashpants Only a few Monkees songs that I have any taste for anymore -- this is one of them....
amys_escape @enricchi: "Bang, bang, bang, on the door, baby" (reblip)

B-52Love Shack

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terrilynnh now I'm trying to forget you


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terrilynnh I like to stir it up a little every day, :c)

Lily AllenFuck You

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amys_escape @krvopijac: "Kings Of Leon – Sex On Fire (Live At V Festival)" (reblip)
Squashpants Some hot and smokin' emotional Luv!.....

Tighter, Tighter by Alive & Kicking

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spiffykittytamr laying beside u, feeling ur heart beat alive. and hear u r by my side, come to u in open arms!!

JourneyOpen Arms

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Squashpants Nice AM radio fodder here from the later 70s. Don't say Squash never gave you nothin'...

Jefferson Starship Count On Me

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Squashpants Yeah, boy, those WERE the days, but they didn't know it at the time...Mary Hoplkins a little old lady now....
Squashpants A little Four Seasons never hurt nothin'....first lay in the 60s not bad either....
Thaiangel thxQ back to you.. very cute love is a shield..shield is a love ? lol just wondering :)--->>@Feuervogel: "Thxs @Thaiangel (reblip)
Squashpants @VelvetGarage: "I'm female, but I don't have moves like this hot number in the vid. @Squashpants" (reblip)

Rouhea BeyArab dance

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Squashpants OK, can't give it up without some of the King....
Thaiangel thxQ :)@iconoguy: "thanks @Radidio :* @devlps @bohlianssunshine @CmodulBaresi @Thaiangel (reblip)

Within Temptation- Memories (with lyrics)

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Thaiangel umm..:))@iReignMusic: "it's long over now. ♥ this ~ thx! Thaiangel: enjoy ur world series girl .. this one 4 u ..enjoy iReignMusic @Time2Burn (reblip)
gpharley @Chise: "The Rolling Stones – For Your Precious Love" (reblip)

For Your Precious Love / The Rolling Stones

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Squashpants Gotta have some Lesley fo it too late --- if you a dude, you sho don't own Ms. Gore....
Squashpants These Aussie boys prove that they weeks have a Friday just like Americans do....
Squashpants "Thumb goes up, Ebert goes down, when we gettin' to town?...."
KatieKapow Sex and Candy (Acoustic)

Sex and Candy (Acoustic)

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Squashpants One of HH's best tunes, under-appreciated....
Squashpants My man, Nuge, in his big suit and white boy 'fro, whang-dangin' his geetar on this psychedelijelly tart....hey there, @smerfymurphy !!!!

Amboy Dukes, The Journey to the Center of the Mind

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KatieKapow @TidyCat Utada Hikaru – Addicted to You あなたに熱中される ^__^
Squashpants Songs about funky American cars are hard to come by, but here be one.....

Dean MartinVolare

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Squashpants Yer killin' me, @spiffykittytamr !!! LOL! Here, wrap you mind around the picture in this song....
Lotay "Only Happy When It Rains" - Garbage - #Tunes
KatieKapow B@by Soul ~A Life Trip~

B@by Soul A Life Trip

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Squashpants Get your mojo working, men...we'll deploy at 07:00....the Leader loves you...Huzzah!!!
ImJustBlue that is all from me today.. ty for listening.. :)

OARShattered (lyrics)

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Lotay "Take a Bow" - Madonna - #Tunes

MadonnaTake a bow

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Squashpants Ladies and germs, the Platters!!! God, were they smooth....
Squashpants Used to thrill little Squash back in the day (dat's George Clooney's mom for God's sake)...
Squashpants A little muddy, but still a nice tune...

Treat Her Like A Lady By Cornelius Bros & Sister Rose

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KatieKapow I am yours for as long as you will have me. <3 The Bird and the Bee ~Love Letter to Japan~ (sooo in love with this song!)
Thaiangel ..I'm just sitting here ..waiting for you to come on home and turn me on...
iPengin I ♥ this song! "...I want my baby, baby, I want someone to ♥ me, someone to hold..." That's my only wish this year. :D
Squashpants A little scmaltzy romantic rock for you (who can stomach it)....

The Beatles--I Will

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The Beatles-In My Life

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Big Bang(TaeYang) Look At Me (eng sub)

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KatieKapow (*o*) So mysterious! (and cool!) (~_^) RB @Azuki: "Created a seperate account, not telling you who I am ;) Only blipping asian bands on this one. " (reblip)
TheOneAndOnly @funwithtwiggs: ""yo te quiero con limon y sal ,yo te quiero tal y como estas..." :)" (reblip)
Squashpants And at the request of my good friend @Flamingokitty, here is "Happy Together" by the Shelled Ones...
Squashpants Another great song by another great group named after a car...

Come Softly To Me-The Fleetwoods-1959

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LisaTroy ♫ & I'm through with repairs When there's nothing to fix, & it all comes down to yoooouuuu

Danny Elfman- The Little Things [Wanted Movie Soundtrack]

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HaleyHam [Nickelback - Far Away] cause you know.....

Far Away nickelBack lyrics

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LisaTroy RB @HaleyHam: Mazzy Star - Fade into you (Black white version) (reblip)
Janice_oyinbo9jastarz Lets all join hands and sing twitter.....hear comes the sun..... peace and love to all :-)


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metalica-wisky in the jar

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xGriffx Fuck You Very Much | Lily Allen.
xGriffx Fuck And Run | Liz Phair
Squashpants Something about a dildo and a blueprint....
marieiris OMG - If You Leave

OMDIf You Leave

| play
marieiris Ingrid Michaelson - You and I
Squashpants OK, this is for my Twitter buddy, @Flamingokitty -- never hoid of it, but it sound kinda fun, so here go....
CarolannB #Bellbottom70s "Go away little girl" (a much younger Donny Osmond) Last blip for tonite gals & guys... eyes are closing. :) Peace & light
Squashpants So utterly smooth and romantic, the Platters were the royalty of popular music in the late 50s, and here is one of their most compelling tunes...
Squashpants Launched a lot of teen romances in the summer of 1966, you better believe it, Wigfield.....
Squashpants A little Monkee-music for you primate-lovers out there....
Squashpants OK, you Classic Rock freaks out there, here is your sop....
Squashpants Whaddayasay we come back down to Earth a lil bit? Here is some more nice dancing music of the Sixties...take it away boyz....

The Gentrys (Keep on dancing)

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mnelson The Beatles "She loves you" (Live)

The Beatles "She loves you" (Live)

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Squashpants So who is it, Archie? Betty or Veronica?????
Squashpants For the Squash-Wife -- this JAP war-hymn appeals to her for some reason...she's my baby....
Squashpants Same era, different is the sexy Miss Ward shaking her groove thing and asking for some cl*t-attention....
marieiris she's got a kiss on her lips for her man and no one else [Redneck Girl-The Bellamy Brothers]

redneck girl

| play
marieiris Wilco - Forget The Flowers

Wilco: Forget the Flowers

| play
poochiesan24 and I'm feeling blue

beatles babys in black

| play
poochiesan24 thanks for introducing me to her @Shukitty

Dessa- The Chaconne (feat. Matthew Santos)

| play
spiffykittytamr i wish i was in a hot air balloon right now,floating away in the sky

Hot Air Balloon by Owl City with Lyrics

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Squashpants On the same silly train....

Lonnie Donegan-Does Your Chewing Gum Loose It´s Flauvour-1971

| play
JIDF 1st song i ever downloaded on napster back in the day...(i then hooked up everyone @ Edelman on napster...who had never heard of it....somehow)
Squashpants Just down the street...hey, @InnerRhythm, thanks for the props, Dearie...

Thinkin' 'bout You Baby-Sharon Marie

| play
lilwldchld I want to wake up with the rain falling on a tin roof, while I'm safe there in your arms so all I ask is for you to come away with me....
Squashpants Yeah, you remember the Black Crowes version, but before those white boys did it, this lovely soul lady did it (and even her's is a cover)...
Squashpants This gal sure rockabilly nice...
Squashpants Our favorite Green Philosopher sings once again...
Squashpants This man can yodel, there ain't no doubt...hey, Brad(@spiffykittytamr), thanks for the props, Bud!
Squashpants Squash just love the Fishy Girls...hey, @Tinkle, thanks for the acknowledging props (no need to re-acknowledge <grin> )
Squashpants And while we in this feel-good frenzy....and once again, thanks very kindly, @Tinkle...
Squashpants In the same neighborhood~hey, Brad(@spiffykittytamr) thanks for the reply/as with all replies Squash get, he will listen after set put to bed~promise!
MottKorn Bread – It Don't Matter to Me
Janice_oyinbo9jastarz love this song :) @LacedRadio: "Hinder - Lips Of An Angel (official-video)" (reblip)

hinder-lips of an angel (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

| play
Janice_oyinbo9jastarz I love rock and roll!!! @romanus: "Joan Jett And The Blackhearts :: Love Is Pain" (reblip)
Janice_oyinbo9jastarz I love this song thank you :) @MottKorn: "Good Day!! ≡ @CherryQueen_ ◄ Eagle Eye Cherry ≈ Save Tonight Θ" (reblip)
MottKorn Carly Simon – Carly Simon - Mockingbird
Squashpants Here's one for my sweet Squash-Wife...even if Poetry Man is cheating scum.... (reblip)
WithOutMakeUp Les Paul And Mary Ford – Vaya Con Dios (May God Be With You)
WithOutMakeUp ty all!! rb ~@StreamingMimi: "My fave Bee Gees' song! Thank-you so much! ;-) rb@HowieWard1: ":) @StreamingMimi The Bee Gees- 'Words'"" (reblip)

The Bee Gees- 'Words'

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