tac My first blip. I don't know what I'm doing, but I love this song.
tac Makes me dance in my cubicle.
tac Love the soulful voice and handclaps.
tac Unpolished and good.

Simon JoynerJavelin

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tac I sense a theme in the songs I'm picking tonight... stuff that sounds like a past decade, but also clearly modern.
tac This might help me wake up.

Cut CopySo Haunted

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tac Saw them in concert, they were GREAT.

ohbijouSt. Francis

| play
tac Song that got me hooked on this band.

The DodosMen

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tac Just let me take a trip someplace...
tac Thanks @futurebiblehero, I've only recently heard about Jens and have been wanting to listen to more of his stuff. Here's another current fav song!
tac Great first blip @ZakM, keep the music coming! (reblip)
tac I love how at some points, you hear this sound like the wood of an old-school rollercoaster creaking.
tac I am powerless to resist handclaps.
tac Cover of a song written by his dad (Loudon Wainwright III). Rufus' is better.
tac I'm listening to kexp right now, which is playing this, and I couldn't resist blipping it.
tac I never get tired of listening to this song, @shootingstar, it is so beautiful. Have you heard some of the other versions on youtube? Check 'em out. (reblip)
tac I don't imagine I'll see any rain for a few months, but I like this song.

Bishop AllenRain

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tac Those who find they're touched by madness, sit down next to me. Those who find themselves ridiculous, sit down next to me.

JamesSit Down

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tac Used to love dancing to this song.


| play
tac In the morning, all I could do was sing.
tac AV used to be my house-mate, and he would write impromptu songs while watching 90210. Now he's a real musician, who rocks for reals.
tac My favourite Beck song.


| play
tac OK, this sounds like some old 70s? 80s? band for sure. Who?


| play
tac The drums! (love)


| play
tac harmony. whistling. ukulele. xylophone. enough said.
tac More great percussion and happy melodies.
tac The video for this song is great.
tac Pretty but sad (and no, not all of his songs are sad! But this one is.)
tac KEXP has this NZ band in heavy rotation right now.
tac Can't resist trumpet accompaniment. Thanks for this one @rtsnance. (reblip)
tac Who does Midlake remind me of? Some '70s-era band, I think.


| play
tac Learn to sing along and languish here.
tac I've got bad intention, I intend to knock you down.
tac Catchy story of family ties.
tac Fits my sleepy mood.

Ola PodridaJordanna

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tac The pleasure part/The after thought/The missing stone/In the graveyard/The time we have/The task at hand/The love it takes/To become a man @Aluciel (reblip)
tac She don't use butter. She don't use cheese.
tac He can't understand that he's not in command.
tac (reblipped from @mandalove). One of the best voices ever. (reblip)

Emily HainesEden

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tac @notgoth007 said: One of the most perfect songs ever. ever. ever. EVER. I say: YES, SO TRUE. (reblip)
tac Reblipped from @Aluciel. I love to sing / play this on my guitar. (reblip)
tac His machinations and his palindromes.

Andrew BirdImitosis

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tac Drunk on the lawn in a nuclear dawn, my senses finally blurred.

Moxy Fruvous - the drinking song

| play
tac I'll try to remember always just to have a good time.
tac Elliott Smith: I'll fake it through the day with the help of some Johnny Walker Red.


| play
tac I saw him do this live once. This kid has FAST FINGERS and incredible timing.
tac If it's your decision to be open about yourself, be careful or else.
tac and everything seems to have gone terribly wrong that can / but one breath at a time is an acceptable plan
tac He made his life a lie So he might never have to know anyone
tac Hi to you too, @DJFrankie! You're right, this is super cheery. (reblip)
tac Reblipped from @paulzy. Good theme song for blippers: I require music NOW. (reblip)
tac umm, is this real? it seems too good to be true. <-- pretty sure it's real, @gorester, they've been playing it on KEXP a lot lately. (reblip)
tac I'm so tired, I wish I was the moon tonight.
tac too much biography between us
tac Come on skinny love, just last the year.

Bon IverSkinny Love

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tac Reblipped from @redroulettes: now it's early in the morning, at the longitude of memphis, and the sun is setting sweetly on hong kong (reblip)
tac Dancing with both feet in the sink.

The 1900s - Bring The Good Boys Home

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tac I'm in love with the world, through the eyes of a girl, who's still around the morning after.
tac I used to think I was some kind of gypsy boy, before I let you take me home.
tac Love the groove of this song.
tac There's a great version of this song on one of the KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic CDs (couldn't find it to blip though).
tac My favorite of the "fast" Elliott Smith songs. <-- Me too, @paulzy (well, one of them, up there with "Stupidity Tries", anyway). (reblip)

Elliott SmithL.A.

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tac I love this song. Plus - it reminds me of when I was younger and in a band called "Skin". I was the band's oboe player.

Andrew BirdSkin

| play
tac Booo, the Feist live version of this has disappeared from the blip vaults.
tac I'm countin' down the hours, I'm countin' up the days.

Meiko - Piano Song

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tac So melodramatic, but good.
tac Fans of "The West Thing" should recognize this awesome song.
tac Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good. I think this is my favourite song right now. I listen to it almost every day.
tac You walk that way, I'll walk this way. So simple but beautiful.
tac I think I actually like this *better* than the original, which almost never happens.
tac This dude's Canadian, so I don't know if you folks are very likely to have heard this. But it's pretty darn catchy.


| play
tac Some very clever person put this video together for this song. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PkjsBTf21FY
tac Wanna be better than oxygen.

Willy MasonOxygen

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tac I wanna do what pleases me, but I can't.
tac Hope you enjoy your day off, @DailyNoise, I'm jealous, although I'm kind of having a "day off" while still being present in my cubicle. (reblip)
tac Reblipped from @mteric; thanks for all the props! (reblip)
tac She says wake up, it's no use pretending.
tac Cover of the Magnetic Fields.
tac Give me a week or two to go absolutely cuckoo.
tac Reblipped from @raphaelvillar[elliot smith. ballad of big nothing.] (reblip)
tac It's closing in.


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tac It feels so good, it's like walking on glass.

Faith No MoreEpic

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tac Reblipped from @mammara, appropriate message for this lovely spring day, and good song. (reblip)
tac If I didn't know the difference living alone'd probably be OK, it wouldn't be lonely.
tac With my toes dangling into the sea...
tac i'm in love with this song <-- I can see why, @cdub, it's pretty great. (reblip)
tac I LOVE this. Great lyrics. The intro of electro touches as the song progresses is great. This dude publishes his songs here: http://www.golampo.com/
tac Go on and lose the gamble, that's the history of the trade; did you add up all the cards left to play to zero, and sign up with evil Angeles?
tac Don't they love you in mysterious ways? You say yeah but this is now and that was then.

M. WardPost-War

| play
tac Like an ancient day, and I'm on trial.

BeirutThe Penalty

| play
tac For awhile I sat there staring at the photograph; for awhile I cried and tried not to make a scene.
tac Better stop before it goes too far.
tac Yellow is the colour of my true love's crossbow.
tac So how do we know each other? And how do you have my number? <-- Reblipped from @vinh0 (reblip)
tac rb from @theD -- nice swedish theme you've got going this eve :) (reblip)
tac ^ ^ Reblipped from @Gabrielv -- I loooooooove the Dodos soooooooo much. (reblip)

The DodosWalking

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tac rb vi@irsocal, nice one to end the night. see ya, blip people. (reblip)
tac Castlemusic - You Can't Take Anyone


| play
tac When you look into the darkness, you're looking in my eyes.
tac I can already picture myself doing some cubicle dancing tomorrow to this one. (p.s., is anyone out there? did everyone have blip crash on them?)
tac this is what life was like with no blippin

The MagicNo Sound

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tac vi@by_starla & @whistlin_indie -- great song, never heard of this band before. (reblip)
tac RB from @mammara - this is one of my fav songs of the last couple of years. (reblip)
tac There will be teeth in the grass, reblipped from @scound. (reblip)
tac @mammara - I love the Bowerbirds. I think they have a really original sound. (reblip)


| play
tac Tall buildings shake, voices escape.

WilcoJesus etc.

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tac <3 so sweet <-- sure is, @gracenotkelly. Welcome to blip! (reblip)
tac Reblipped from @Combo [I'm removing favourites who aren't active anymore, but reblipping good stuff from them - let me know if you come back, Combo] (reblip)
tac Reblipped from @jstreet [you had good stuff blipped many many months ago - if you return to blip, let me know] (reblip)
tac @jozay - going through my archives; you haven't blipped in months and months, but you have some great blips! (reblip)
tac Nice @aimlowkid; you have lots of good blips that I'm mining, but haven't blipped in months and months and months! (reblip)
tac Can't turn back down time.
tac one of my fav ani songs, reblipped from @sandrad. love these lyrics. (reblip)
tac Songs in 5/4 time <--- lol, I'm a total sucker for songs in weird time signatures, @shootingstar (reblip)

Nick DrakeRiver Man

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tac Songs in 7/4 time <--- another reblip from the time signature series of @shootingstar (reblip)
tac Reblipped from @BashoWa (reblip)

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Young Adult Friction

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tac Another cover for @scound. Cover of Big Star, reblipped from @freakingout (reblip)
tac A whole album about the writer's mother's life in Honduras, telling stories that move and jive. (@Ulohtsa - these guys are from my town!) (reblip)

The Acornflood pt.1

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tac @Will_the_bloke -- at some point in the mid-90's, I could not stop listening to this song. (reblip)
tac Songs with hand claps = happy <--- me too, @katesnowbird (reblip)
tac I tremble, they're gonna eat me alive if I stumble.
katesnowbird alloo @GR8FL, nice to meet you @tac... the only hand claps here are in the band's name, but they do use tambourine and that's almost as good.
tac but this won't stay, yeah i confess that i am not what you have guessed <-- reblipped from @whalebones (reblip)

The DodosJodi

| play
tac Eric Elbogen, D.I.Y. rockstar. : ) <-- @DJFrankie, I love Say Hi, the name shouldn't have been changed. "Say Hi To Your Mom" = best name ever! (reblip)
tac RB from @CoSlive -- nice blipping tonight! (reblip)
tac Well, he says he's got a big boat ... and everybody knows his name.

M. WardBig Boat

| play
tac Can't talk about the Acorn without talking about Ohbijou their regular partners in crime <-- yup, @gobo, saw them play together a couple of months ago (reblip)

OhbijouTender Bones

| play
tac Bon Iver covering Sarah Siskind.

lovin's for fools (live)

| play
tac a forgotten goodie from Stephin Merritt's the 6ths | as you turn to go | <-- reblipped from @crystale (reblip)
tac OMG, @deadbeatJONES -- I totally forgot about this song, but it really brings me back to high school. SO GOOD (reblip)
tac Of the Rheostatics - Best Canadian Band ever (although hugely under-rated). Martin Tielli's solo stuff is great, but mostly un-findable on blip.


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tac Belly is one of my favourite bands of all time. I love Tanya Donelly's voice.


| play
tac if you dont like this song it means that i dont like YOU <---- whew! I'm relieved that I like it, @succexy (reblip)
tac Never was a cornflake girl, thought that was a good solution.
tac When the green dark forest was too silent to be real.
tac Did you blippers know that a search for "Beatles" these days bring us NO search results?
tac All hands on deck now, the sea is getting rough again.
tac Port O'Brien – Tree Bones, reblipped from @iddybud (reblip)
tac The Boat People – Unsettle My Heart - rb@iddybud (reblip)
tac A cheery and charming cover of the Postal Service song <-- reblipped from @haraya (reblip)
tac reblipped from @Tootsmagoo -- welcome to Blip! (reblip)

Gary JulesMad World

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tac @haraya -- never heard of this band before, but I like! (reblip)
tac That's a fun new pic, @anitachrys! So colourful! (reblip)
tac Another great blip introducing me to new music, @GR8FL! (reblip)
tac Dystopia with guitars <-- replipped from @betterthanoxygen. Handclaps! (reblip)
tac awesome -- Miles Davis, "Four", covered.
tac the herald I hear a harkin' <-- reblipped from @GoneNative (reblip)
tac she's so far away... she makes my head spin around. <-- reblipped from @MapleLeaves, nice. (reblip)
tac @TheWeekInSound -- enjoying yoru covers of "The Swimming Song"; this is my fav LWIII song.
tac more good uke music <-- true, @indyish (reblip)

BeirutElephant Gun

| play
tac Used to great effect in the recent Gus Van Sant movie Paranoid Park: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0842929/
tac we all get up and we all get down... and we all get stuck, but we come around. <-- reblipped from @handstamp (reblip)
tac @MsRedPen - Stop it!! Where are you hiding all these great bands?? This is fantastic!! <-- seriously, dudes (reblip)
tac Reblipped from @MicahMax, who has one of the best profile pics ever. (reblip)
tac JV pre-Bon Iver. Reblipped from @rawkhawk (reblip)
tac Band = Iran; reblipped from @rawkhawk (reblip)

I Already Know You're Wrong

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tac @clarkowitz, awwww thanks for the kind words, I'm blushing. Glad to hear that you're having a spectacular day!
tac My very first blip had to be a classic. Enjoy! <-- nice first blip, the Stone Roses are so enduringly good. Welcome to blip, @Gaastra! (reblip)
tac Every town is all the same.
tac I love it, @takethesongsandrun (the oboe helps; i'm a sucker for oboe). (reblip)
tac another excellent artist from Canada <--- yeah, we seem to do that a lot lately, @takethesongsandrun! ;) (reblip)
tac 3/4 time and handclaps - my favourite combination.

Hey MarseillesRio

| play
tac Been watching too many NMH videos on youtube -- Jeff Mangum is a really great live performer, wow.
tac Jeff Mangum = Neutral Milk Hotel
tac Everyone I know is acting weird or way too cool, they hang out by the pool. So I just read a lot and ride my bike around the school.
tac Hear what I say, my feet want to move, so get outta my way.
tac Yea, like this one. I heard this isn't typical of the new album, but I'm ok with that. <-- me too, @deadcowaroma (reblip)
tac Gordon Lightfoot.


| play
tac I said be careful his bowtie is really a camera.

Harlem Shakes - Sunlight

| play
tac rb @ladypn. Is anyone else's blip acting glitchy? One second it says I have 16 props to give out, then it says "null" after giving only 1 prop! (reblip)
tac Reblipped @jtdman. I was shipwrecked with this frog, who was endlessly testing my faith. (reblip)


| play
tac This little girl breaks furniture, this little girl breaks laws.
tac I don't wanna. I don't think so.
tac I am listening to hear where you are.
tac reblipped from @minnus (reblip)

StarsWindow Bird

| play
tac she watch, she watch, she watch, she watch, she watch, she watch, she watch, she watch, she watch, she watch, she watch, she watch, she watch...
tac rb from @clarkowitz. Nighty-night, blipsters. This blipper watched too much Battlestar Galactica tonight and stayed up way past her bedtime! (reblip)
tac is sleepy. This song'll help.
tac TV on the Radio

07 Red Dress

| play
tac Sounds like Beirut to me. Is there some actual connection?
tac via @DJFrankie--I like it <-- me too, @jtabz. More than the original. Or maybe I'm just sick of the original. (reblip)
tac I'm talking to myself at night, 'cause I can't forget.
tac It's percussion time! Awesome blip, @truk77 (reblip)
tac Last one to bring me back to the reading I'm trying to get done.
tac let go of the old ones, we've got some new ones. <--- reblipped from @stoopeck (reblip)

Dr. DogThe Old Days

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tac @deadcowaroma - It's so unlike your recent chatty story-telling blips. But, you know, still funny anyway, so that didn't change. (reblip)
tac @deadcowaroma - your blips are always so funny; so I went back to look at your early ones, and was surprised! (reblip)
deadcowaroma @tac That's what I refer to my "Blank" period, similar to Picasso's "Blue" period. The work drew from different inspirations, but I'm happy with it.
tac I don't know about that, Tom. April's doing a pretty good hold-back job so far. (reblip)
tac Nice laid-back song for the morning.
tac [Boys and girls in cars. Dogs and birds on lawns.] Welcome to blip, @DJrainndietrichwilson. Love your twitterings, especially your feud with that cat. (reblip)
tac Someday I'm gonna draw from the left side of my brain.
tac The Tune-yards song "fiya" used to be on here, but now it's gooooone.


| play
tac A pure sythetic sympathy that infuriates you totally.
tac Nothing better on a fine Spring day than M. Ward <-- agreed, @czarnicholas (reblip)

M. WardRequiem

| play
tac I'm blipping myself out of a half-asleep stupor so I can get back to work!
tac First listen = noisy and weird; Second listen = completely catchy


| play
tac Good evening everyone. I'm intermittently working (boooo) and blipping when I get the urge. Right now I'm really enjoying this track from @clarkowitz. (reblip)
tac vi@penfabulous. I'm pretty sure "say hi to your mom" would make at least my top five band names of the moment. (reblip)
tac When I'm about to crazy, 'cause I'm still living here, I just get my friends together and we dance, dance, dance.
tac @gorester, I'd been trying to remember to blip Hayden. Thanks for the reminder! (p.s. I love going through my CDs, fun 'cause I rarely listen to 'em).

HaydenCarried Away

| play
tac le francais est bon dans cette chanson.
tac [Pretty, poppy and wispy] Hope you're having a good day, @DJDirtyPrincess, and getting lots of sleep! (reblip)
tac Reblipped from @joeparrie - nice, I don't think I've herd this Sufjan song before. (reblip)
tac danceable music, reblipped from @mteric (reblip)
tac I got my car fixed today. I had been putting it off since January. I've only used 1/2 a tank since then 'cause I've been walking everywhere!
tac [The Kinks] Spring-y


| play
tac You are on fire tonight with the great covers, @opomegranate. (reblip)