matcherbach Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again (Dylan Cover) - Cat Power
matcherbach Bob Dylan - Desolation Row .....come on pussy
SlipperyDistortion @pumpkinshellz Lush has a great sound. I like this song too. Would love to hear "Brother Wolf, Sister Moon" from the same Cult album. (reblip)
SlipperyDistortion @GR8FL Ah, thanks for the explanation. Obviously, I didn't watch the Grammys. Good morning. (reblip)
SlipperyDistortion @Tsauro I admit that I'm a long-time fan of Alison Krauss so it's hard to imagine her doing wrong. She's had a great career. I dig what she's doing... (reblip)
SlipperyDistortion From @ephbeef @DJFrankie. Off to prepare some dinner. Later folks. Best wishes to you. (reblip)
Aluciel Good morning, blippers! Happy Thursday! ^_^
DJRodneyKing Vamo pro Funk do bom então meu querido! No Groove do Maceo Parker @gabarocha! Noixxx
tomsavagetrio from 'the dirty south' as well. great writing. vivid picture painted with the lyrics
abazzan seguindo a linha happy tunes, ou ainda tentando ficar felizinho
abazzan don't worry we'll all float on alright
threebears :) Makes me wish I could sing soul instead. ...quoting and re-blipping @thinkpink ^_^ thanks! do you sing ... and are yours on (reblip)
adbert @FrancoG [Dirty Mind – Jeff Beck & Imogen Heap] A ver qué onda...
loriiseclectic wondering if the misspelling is a little Freudian slip
ladypn Hi @2HandedJam! I couldn't be any better unless The Rain Song were playing... oh wait! You did! :) (reblip)
GR8FL and enjoy this Miles Davis cover (who also did not cover Guantanamera) too @patricia_coelho @superbadcharly @BlipChick w/b @abarbosa
SylvioMicelli MicellIpodcast no ar... Visite meu blog 1969 – The Stooges
Marketplicity this is hilarious... I'll have to check out the show. (reblip)
suuuck i want life in every word to the extent that it's absurd.
sheryonstone @ShyTrbleMaker I blip this so often it's good to get a chance to rb. thankyou :D Off the NCIS Soundtrack! (reblip)
Jeffie @ladypn Yesbutmyoldlaptop w/just 1 GB RAM may B partofproblem.Worse 4 meisno rhyme/reason 2 search rslts[Blip slow? Searches & blips take me forever!] (reblip)
ladypn People say she's crazy she got diamonds on the soles of her shoes, well that's one way to lose these walking blues, diamonds on the soles of her shoes
GR8FL love this one.... turn it up and relax and enjoy it!
melodyofurlife The Damnwells are giving away their new disc at
GR8FL You're shining I can see you. You're smiling that's enough
ladypn When I'm with you, it feels like heaven, you're an angel holding me, your sweet sweet loving, it sets me free...
Aluciel Hey, @GAT is back. Haven't seen you in my blip list for a while. Welcome back! ^_^


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melodyofurlife @nudeasthenews this one is also in the film My Blueberry Nights, It stars Nora Jones and Jude Law. Excellent Soundtrack.
dsb1218 and you can go ahead and get married, and it'll probably never happen again

Old 97s Designs on You

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DianeMoreira yeah ... time is passing over all of us.
DianeMoreira ... the theme is still Montrealers... Can you tell I'm homesick???
DianeMoreira or Buddha... Mohamid, Moishe... Alla... insert diety here.

XTCDear God

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DianeMoreira He's still a God, and his dad was a hell of a trumpet player.
DianeMoreira I wish I could sleep all through winter...
angrybob Pixies block for Tuesdays Child #1 Debaser
mammara good morning @jojofm, how blipathon's gone, at last?

Black Keys Act Nice and Gentle

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comicz Easy like sunday morning. To bad I have to work at night...
TibiDabi oggi ha proprio una connessione de merd!Mike & Fiorello se voleste svelarmi anche quando si riprenderà...
davidwatts1978 been playing this today, on a nice gibson hollowbody and a class A valve amp, such a great song
sheryonstone @SevenTenths ~I am sorry for that. Please understand it just hit me as totally sarcastic without knowing the details, ok ? (reblip)
doycave ...a new song, yes? I can't wait for another album...
JohnZajaros This ought to be fun! memories of crystal, circulating globes and disco days! John Travolta eat your heart out!
GeneBrady If you ever...change your mind...about leavin, leavin me behind...
kilwar The Walkmen - We've Been Had
schriftstehler You poor take courage / You rich take care / This earth was made a common treasury / For everyone to share...
k8hinote @by_starla I love this song! I saw them do it live on some weird unplugged, studio type thing and was brought to tears. Thanks for reminding me. xoxo (reblip)
jacobozelada Y que es el feeling en la música... Aquí un buen ejemplo:
ladypn @sheryonstone Already saw the email & replied. Thank you!!
tomsavagetrio The title track from my 2006 album, " Never Shed No Tears ". More of a folk sound to this record.Rainy day music.
tomsavagetrio Had to blip my own song to get it on my playlist. Title track from the new album, "The County Line".
tomsavagetrio Now, this is how you play country music! Hank III brings it all back home. With a little punk rock attitude to boot!
Jeffie The Who - "I Can See for Miles" (1967)
ladypn Welcome to the frontier known as Blip, @playwiththediscostick! Love the selections you've blipped so far! (reblip)
Desiree But I don't wanna go. Not yet, anyway.
prehistoric There's a limit to your love - like a waterfall in slow motion, like a map with no ocean.
mammara i'm addicted, i have to blip them.
sheryonstone @ladypn good morning ! have you been watching the new season on HBO? I can't stop laughing at these guys~I love em too :D (reblip)
tomsavagetrio Warning : this song might make you cry. Townes was a masterful songwriter.
evablue off to dinner, getting fed today :)
evablue @thpani depends where you are in the world but in montreal it's 6:20-ish
connorhalo I want to throw my underwear at him.
stevetuf guess its all down to the Gr8 American Breakfast. The Grand Sulamn at a popular fast food resy - 8 eggs, no wiener, and the guy next door has to pay!
adbert [The Stranglers – Peaches] Hi hi @Sally29! What's up? :-) (reblip)
JIMMY_B_GOOD Jerry Reed - eastbound and down ( The bandit theme song)

Jerry Reed - Eastbound and Down (The Bandit theme)

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Stay19 He Lied About Death (Metric) – Stars<><> (reblip)
sudaca70 gran canción de Paul Westerberg y una banda que pasó casi desapercibida por estos lares; una pena, vean...
ladypn @pumpkinshellz... No, but I'm pretty sure you once said this was a fave of yours? ;)
cdub “When I am with you, we stay up all night. When you're not here, I can't go to sleep." - Rumi Peace
jhidalgo para los que tienen un gurú como anforita de buró
RealtorLefebvre How can it feel this wrong?
marcelohsq #Oscar Fever:1997,"Miss Misery",filme Good Will Hunting - Música and letra: Elliott Smith. @mrsmustard sumida! (reblip)
tomsavagetrio @photogurrl,@JRex,@paeix,@sheryonstone,@stevetuf,@DougAlder, here's another "one".Free Mp3 here,
tomsavagetrio @stevetuf Actually, the new album is heavily influenced by Neil's "Ragged Glory" album.That's the sound I was looking for anyway.
glucas You've got to ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?
tomsavagetrio One of my favourite Neil tunes. Zuma Rocks!
amandagris minha dose diária de metric.
jeffhinz @evablue I got one scared comment and one comparison to a reborn actor - LOL It stays!
CargoCulte @DearPrudns Is @CherryGhost trying to tell me you have evil ways? :)
tomsavagetrio NICE @Radiobread ,This has to be one of the best songs Dylan has written recently, in my opinion. Emotionally gripping. (reblip)
DJFrankie [Blippin' some Baby Britain.] And I'm re-blipping it. (Though I'm not sure who I'm reblipping.) (reblip)
maurilao turn left and then go straight ahead
evablue x2 - kids don't know how to dance to rock'n'roll
EvDJ Maybe the best cover of a Kiss song since Garth Brooks' Hard Luck Woman. Holy Crap!
robsonsanchez Depois falam que a musica Viva la Vida do Coldplay não é plagio dessa musica do Satriani, acha que não? só ouvir!
robsonsanchez @boamorte, gran cantidad de alcohol en sangre, después del carnaval hahaha
melodyofurlife you can never go wrong with the voice of Jim James and My Morning Jacket
josiefraser change yr heart/look around/change yr heart/ it will astound you
tomsavagetrio Little Honey is an instant classic! Lucinda just keeps getting better and better!
cdub track from the "time out of mind" sessions produced and featuring the almighty daniel lanois
2liveis2fly [Richard Thompson - Oops! ... I Did It Again] - yeah, same here, but the reblip is the way around that. :) and happy to do it with god songs. (reblip)
tomsavagetrio Doing a show with The Spades Monday. They weren't on here, so Lemmy and the boys will have to do.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Skeletons (with lyrics)

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Bela Fleck 4 Hands 1 banjo

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