gigia hoje estou num progama de indie... daaaaaah //// oi @Rick_Rocks... desisti de acompanhar os email la pelo 100°
eSandberg A prop and a reblip. This is worth it @CargoCulte. A good pick me up on Tuesday afternoon. (reblip)
santamistura i can´t to hear all because i don´t know if is blip or my local internet, but i love this music @DrDisk you always blip nice songs ;))thanksss (reblip)

Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too

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santamistura holaaaaaaaa @antenaweb !!!!! adoro esta musica!! voy bliparla creo unas 2mil veces si la blipa !!! gracias! (reblip)
evablue @DamienBasile dude! [song title]. be who you are. be what you want. ;)
ApocalypseRadio a little cliched at this point, but still a killer.
lausen Me voy a preparar la cena... Personal Jesus - Johnny Cash
digitalrao lmo 2 more props left who will be my next 2 props
xtranguy funny none played this song ontha BIG dftpnk wave... Ithink robotrox emblematic...
xtranguy @santamistura thats ok! ukeep givin me good music n thats what matters! @gigia ooh, thats very sweet girl, tnx n tnx. byth way, de-phazz rules ;D
HerrKnarz Summertime Cowboy – Husky Rescue
RealtorLefebvre It's 4:20 somewhere... (actually, it's's 4:06 somewhere...bummer. That punchline had potential, it just wasn't realized)
mammara @kaomig totally relaxing. in my town is the patron saint day so i didn't worked. and yours?
xtranguy @kaerolina ok! outta props 4u :( Ihave this friend in oslo, and he introduced me to pleasures of aquavit jeje love it! think urs 'sa great country ;D (reblip)
craigz if they could have brought bootsy in on this jam it would be even more perfect than it is :) / @amsiebee :) <3 :)
spacelle @xtranguy pa ti guapi..

Tom Waits Step right up

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xtranguy and it will NOT

the revolution will not be televised

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Annapurna great!!! hello@sangawa: "Led Zeppelin - Since I've Been Loving You" (reblip)

Led Zeppelin Since I've Been Loving You 1973

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sg346 早朝よりパーティーピーポーなテンションでお届けしております。
xtranguy @ianthomaz jaja, caray, pues muchas gracias. espero te guste esto...
santamistura now i go to sleepppp good nigh forrrrrrrrr allllllllllll
gigia e a maratona indie((otta))aria continua...
foncati truffaut a la buckshot / le fonque / ma ma master / jung jung jung jungle music
you999 Ekoostik Hookah - Hush
xtranguy Mexico Lindo

Joelho de Porco Mexico Lindo

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girltulala @littleislandimp Ito pa! Nakakatakot kapag ganito ang labandera niyo sa bahay! Hahahaha, lolz.
melsie73 kelly would make a paper bag sound sexy
novazaneta shock shock horror horror

Space Female of the Species

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Charlie_O Great collaborative album...


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cosita this song was my intro to bob marley, and i love how chris cornell covers it.
truncate Infinity Street Car – Tipographica
wilsoke Jajajajaja! Para los amantes de la cumbia kraftwerkiana!! xD (reblip)
bizarrogirl Why can't I find Robots' "Voodoo?" Grr.
Beogradoholik who could be this? sounds very interesting!


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thefreeboxer Et un petit *Girl Talk* pour bien commencer la journée !!
Dugrhill Love this version!


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malubraga Party party bullshit bullshit

02 Party and Bullshit (Ratatat remix)

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pcornqueen Just picked up "Nightmare Revised" and just love the way Korn re-did this one! ( the album are a bunch of covers from Nightmare Before Christmas )
squidbrain This kind of angst rubs me all kinds of the right way.

Kittie Do you think I'm a whore

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yorckle david lynch's scoremaster angelo badalamenti in a strange mashup
squidbrain It's a sexy backbeat monday. All right.
spamforfree The financial crisis made Santa Claus to lost the sexual power for this christmas /// ask you too your viagra, now just clicking here!
infobunny listening to this and finding I am too chilled to tidy this kitchen.
favorite Balkan punk, mixing up Gypsy and pop music into a tasty morsel of Kick Ass.
Caminyx Guitare, destinée, magie... et KFC.
MysticTris Notice thaT nick is attempting the Sheffield accent (reblip)


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Antenaweb Neon nights.. with beer.... and all.... @Alebourg pana como va todo? .....
evablue @mtlb you americans are so yesterday. like we had our thanksgiving like last month like already like. :P (reblip)
stroud listen to this if: a) you want to dance b) you want to down a bottle of tequila c) you're about to be shot in a town but everyone dances to this song.
Beneath_The_Beat Indeed it is sick = Dutch is another under appreciated emcee. I love his work => @toddkelley Godd@mn this beat is Sick. SICK, I TELL YA!!!! (reblip)
ApocalypseRadio et maintenant un voyageons du supermarche
gigia @blipdublin I saw confirmations yesterday and there is another Irish blipper at Dublin. @topgold... do you know him?
Bobeccles a simple message - superbly rendered

Bongwater The Power of Pussy

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dojodub for the worlds greatest football player ever (reblip)

chumbawamba - 101 songs about sport (sportchestra!)- 16. a lament to the best

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THC1138 Can't believe I haven't blipped this yet... "because I got high..."
gigia sometimes I just pretend to be a jealous girl
bendrix This song truly is one where once you hear the first 5 seconds your jaw drops and you are left stunned - This is a TOP TRACK
SarahShoeMe @gabarocha Acho que somos gente Funky-Samba então? :P
evablue hello gooberviille. hello desk. hello keyboard. hello messages waiting. hello walls. HELLO coffee. hello 23. (theoretical reblip) @adrixter
driedt For Disc Jockey! YOU REALLY NEED TO LISTEN THIS! @formalhaut, @gigia, @lalai, @Momma, @Gaspar, @xtranguy, @pimpjones, @isdydronio
vento Handlebars – Flobots
evablue @mtlb ok. time to stop when i start blipping kajagoogoo in foreign languages. :)
xtranguy the enchanted wizzard of rythm:

le peuple de l'herbe PH Theme (rare)

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sanisis55 Aphex Twin – Ageispolis / this is for little sputnik, he will grow up to be a mathematician or a philosopher; a spiritual hug for him @gracielix
xtranguy Aren't You Clever

Aren't You Clever (remix by Dj Arkitekt)

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"Yucatan Gold" by Throw Me The Statue

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EFR56 Cortijo Y Su Maquina Del Tiempo/His Time Machine – Gumbo / Inspired by @xtranguy before u go :-) from an old classic album...
xtranguy The Western Lands

William Burroughs/Bill Laswell/Talvin Singh/ Material-The Road To The Western Lands

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xtranguy @Lingerie_Girl: "Hey Ty! u have some nice blips urself :D@creativeness: "hey girl! nice blips! ;) "The Strokes ~ Walk On The Wild Side""" nice! (reblip)
santamistura @maltezefalkon thanks ( i have told luiz that i can´t to give anymore pops today for him ;)) (reblip)
aprildax do YOU like this?@xTRiPPx...I do. And Mozart.
xtranguy Chris Isaak Cover

Exlovers, Wicked Game (Chris Isaak Cover)

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xtranguy @xTRiPPx: "but see the handcuffs are even furry for your comfort ~_^@aprildax: "Ich Bin EIN@xTRiPPx"" Pop'll Eat Itself :D (reblip)

random inc LOSING TOUCH rawimage

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xtranguy tyrb@musicismynoise: "Malory – Space in Your Mind" (reblip)
xtranguy Ty&rb@Pantagruella: "When piranhas enter into a confrontation they’ll make a barking noise. Apart from being a fish, what is a piranha in Brazil?" (reblip)
xtranguy 4ppl've blipd this song @cerkio @marienie @ZOEBOE TYsvm!rb@graficator: "Speech Debelle – Working Weak <inspiredby>@xtranguy" (reblip)
xtranguy rrrb!@strangeandbeautiful: "@bytera ((@Snoooze)) "Tom Waits -- Bad As Me ║ [Full Album - 44:38] (reblip)
xtranguy straight 2 it

Pascale Picard Shine on you crazy diamond

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xtranguy Machetee!

Buckethead Machete

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xtranguy Go, Wave!

SONiCTV: OK Go SONiC Session "Wave of Mutilation"

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xtranguy hi! rb@hippiechick: "@maltadesign: "The Zombies — Time Of The Season"" (reblip)

The Zombies-Time Of The Season

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jenfromhell rb! @IchBin: "rb@zoja01: "rb@moretoadisgoodtoad: "O Lord, I pray 4U! TyRb @Towanga: "Nick Cave – Into My Arms"""" (reblip)
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