Araps Vem Dançar Kuduro (LucenzO Feat. BiG AlI)
ednaclarena Nelly Furtado "Crazy" Gnarles Barkley – Studio Quality Mashup (reblip)
Sweepea The Cure – Lullaby

The CureLullaby

| play
Araps This one is from my new friend @BlueEyestotheSoul ... Welcome to my music family dear!! (reblip)
Araps Chill Out (Things Gonna Change) (JohN LeE HookeR & CarloS SantanA)
Araps I Am What I Am (ShirleY BasseY)
Araps Georgia On My Mind (LouiS ArmstronG)
Araps Woman Of The Rings (EriC BurdoN)

Eric Burdon-Woman Of The Rings(1977)

| play
kvstr Iggy Pop ~ In The Deathcar
Araps Watching Scotty Grow (BobbY GoldsborO)
Araps Why Love (TonΥ MartiΝ)

Tony Martin Why Love

| play
Araps Great video from Cristina Zenato ... Nina Salerosa

333 Nina Salerosa

| play
Araps Rocketeer (FaR EasT MovemenT)
Araps Please Don't Go (MikE PosneR)
Araps Jar of Hearts (ChristinA PerrI)
Araps Dancing With Tears In My Eyes (UltravoX)
Araps Words Unspoken (SupertramP)
Araps Blue Morning, Blue Day (ForeigneR) (reblip)
Araps Bizarre Love Triangle (Frente!) (reblip)
Araps Great!! @NikkisNightclub: "Alice Cooper – Love's A Loaded Gun" (reblip)
Araps This one is from @JaneEyre, new member of my music family... welcome dear!! (reblip)
Araps Beautiful ... TY!!! @Sharuana: "'' LIST DO MATKI '' -- VIOLETTA VILLAS" (reblip)


| play
Araps We No Speak Americano (YolandA BE CooL [FlaT EriC RemiX])
GGDANCE @TropicsZ4: "Scorpions – The Rhythm Of Love (Acoustic Version)" (reblip)
Araps !!!!!!!!! @Cristina: "Αν δεν άκουγα αυτό το τραγούδι τέτοια εποχή, στην εφηβεία μου, τα Χριστούγεννα δεν είχαν έρθει για μένα. (Falco - Jeanny)" (reblip)


| play
Araps Καλημέρα Άννα! (reblip)
Araps Antidote (Swang Remix) (DI JohnstoN)
Parkside Saturday morning’s knowing touch after a unfamiliar Friday night. @girlflying solo @QueenyKay @ ambit @DoctorOfJazz @Flying_Roundhouse
Araps Turn The Beat Around (VickI SuE RobinsoN)
Araps Thank God It's Friday (MatT DeaN)

Thank God Its Friday

| play
Flurps Postcards from the Edge...
Araps Fragile (JessE CooK, SophiE MilmaN)
MCDEIBEM "Thanks! @PumamanRedux: "thanks for the thanks @Araps --- here is Cheap Trick's "Voices""; rb& Bem-vindos!" (reblip)

Cheap TrickVoices

| play
Araps Becoming More Like Alfie (ThE DivinE ComedY)
Araps Breezin' (GeorgE BensoN & AL JarreaU)

Breezin'-George Benson/Al Jarreau

| play
Araps Good mornig All !!! ... Bella Luna (JasoN MraZ) (reblip)

Bella LunaJason Mraz

| play
Araps Bella Luna (JasoN MraZ)

Bella LunaJason Mraz

| play
Araps On The Beach (ChriS ReA) (reblip)

Chris Rea : On The Beach

| play
Araps Baby Come Back (PlayeR)
Araps Believe Me (YuliA SavichevA)
Araps Living For The Love Of You (CandY DulfeR Featt. AngiE StonE)
Araps A Man's World ... Natacha Atlas
Araps Still ... The Commodores

The Commodores perform Three Times A Lady on Soul Train

| play
Araps Ticket To The Moon ... Electric Light Orchestra
Araps To Much Of Heaven (EiffeL 65)

to much heaven

| play
Araps Too Good (BanderaS)

Banderas- too good

| play
Araps Too Hot (KooL & ThE GanG)
Araps Too Late For Love (DeF LepparD)
Araps Too Much, Too Little, Too Late (JohnnY MathiS & DeniecE WilliamS)
Araps Απόψε Κλαίει Ο Ουρανός (ΠουλόπουλοΣ ΓιάννηΣ)


| play
Araps The Six Teens ... The Sweet
Araps Sweetside Silver Night ... No-Man
Araps Syndicate (Acoustic) ... The Fray
Araps Tamalli Ma'ak ... Amr Diab

Tamally MaakAMR DIAB

| play
Araps Take Me To Heart ... Quarterflash
Araps Take On Me ... Minimatic Feat. Juliette P.
Nullman You're so beautiful! @Roxy__Musik (reblip)

Bruno Mars: "Just The Way You Are" Offizieller Videoclip

| play
Araps Όταν Τα Χρόνια Σου Περάσουν ... Καρρας Βασίλης

βασιλης καρρας ,οταν τα χρονια σου περασουν,vasilis karras

| play
Araps Πόσο Θα'θελα ... Στάμος Ανδρέας #4inarow
Araps Καμια Γυναίκα ... Στάμος Ανδρέας #4inarow
Araps The Eyes Of Jenny ... Sandy Coast
Araps You DON'T want me to take off my clothes! ... BELIEVE ME!!... :D @AntonioAJ: "Baby take off your clothes, reeeeaall slow ..." (reblip)
Araps Σταμάτησε Του Ρολογιού Τους Δείκτες (ΚουμιώτΗ ΡένΑ)


| play
Araps Лето (Чи-Ли)


| play
Araps Aerials (S.O.A.D.)

S.O.A.D Aerials

| play
Araps Turnaround (PridE OF LionS)

Turnaround by Pride Of Lions

| play
Araps I Got A Story To Tell (BiggiE SmallS)
Araps Those Without Love (LyricsoN)
Araps WHAT A MESS!!!!

House of Pain vs. Queen vs. ACDC (Partyben Mashup)

| play
Araps Στα Μαύρα Έχω Ντυθεί (ΜπλΕ)
Araps Fragile (JessE CooK, SophiE MilmaN)
Araps Treat Me Right (PaT BenataR)
Araps Πιο Καλά (MasteR TempO Feat. ΚολέτσΑ)
Araps Вдох Выдох (ода нашей любви) (T9)

T9 Вдох Выдох Ода нашей любви

| play
Araps Манхэттен (BандэроC
Araps I'd Love To Change The World (TeN YearS AfteR)
Araps Trapped Again (SouthsidE JohnnY & ThE AsburY JukeS)
Araps Smells Like Teen Spirit (PauL AnkA)
Araps I Want The World To Stop (BellE & SebastiaN)
Araps Long Gone and Moved On (ThE ScripT)
Araps Child In Time (DeeP PurplE)
Araps Hairdresser On Fire (MorrisseY)
Itacimirim rb ty! @DJBadBilly: "!2:11.... past your time for a midnight love affair" (reblip)
Araps Ok, ok, just one more great song from a great new friend, sweet @ragtimerebecca ... Welcome to my music family dear!! (reblip)

Never Gonna Happen- Lily Allen

| play
Araps The Promise (WithiN TemptatioN) (reblip)
Araps Get You On The Run (TreaT) (reblip)
Araps I Go Crazy (PauL DaviS)

Paul Davis-I go Crazy

| play
Araps I Will Be Waiting (PlacE VendomE) (reblip)

Place Vendome-I will be waiting.

| play
Araps Great song from a great new friend. @NickSteel welcome to my music family! (reblip)
Araps Love Is Meant To Last Forever (JohN NoruM) (reblip)

John Norum-Love Is Meant To Last Forever

| play
Araps Love Serenade (DiscordiA)
Araps The Day That Never Comes (MetallicA) (reblip)
Araps Great song from a Great new friend ... @jasmininu welcome to my music family! (reblip)
Araps The Rhythm Divine (YellO Feat. ShirleY BasseY)

Yello Featuring Shirley Bassey The Rhythm Divine

| play
Araps The Crush Of Love (JoE SatrianI) (reblip)
Araps Your Razor Is Sharp (101 SoutH)
Araps Great song from a great new friend ... @TwinnLoco welcome to my music family! (reblip)

Dead Prez Summertime music video directed by Tao Ruspoli

| play
Araps Je Suis Malade (LarA FabiaN)

Je Suis Malade ...

| play
Araps While My Guitar Gently Weeps (ThE JefF HealeY BanD)
Falainix LA LEY EL DUELO (reblip)


| play
Araps New to me ... TY!! @ag0717: "My current fav song - Rains "Liar"" (reblip)


| play
jayneliz straight on to playlist TY@DavidL1313: "Time to mellow things down...and how better than with Miles blowing us a kiss with his heavenly music @jaynee" (reblip)
Araps Kiss Of Life (GenE LoveS JezebeL)
Araps Wake Up Everybody (JohN LegenD, ThE RootS, CommoN & MelaniE FionA)
Borchacalas It's just Overkill. Sólo en versión en vivo existe completa. Estúpido

Colin HayOverkill

| play
Araps The Third Eye (RoY AyerS)
Bustinha @katerinas_diary: "ty@Araps: Μπράβο, πολύ καλό @katerinas_diary:Nikos Katsikis combines Manolis Chiotis' "where are you going" with"Minor Swing" by (reblip)

Xiotis Vs Django Reinhardt

| play
Araps This one is from sweet @vikki_J2 , new friend and member of my music family. Welcome dear! (reblip)
Araps From my new friend and member of my music family @alifeofjames ... welcome dear! (reblip)
Araps Μπράβο Κατερίνα, πολύ καλό @katerinas_diary:Nikos Katsikis combines Manolis Chiotis' "where are you going" with "Minor Swing" by Django Reinhardt ! (reblip)

Xiotis Vs Django Reinhardt

| play
Araps The Edge Of Paradise (KameloT) (reblip)
Araps From my new friend @tgriff79 ... welcome to my music family!! (reblip)


| play
Araps Welcome @jojodancer420 to my music family & thanks for adding me! (reblip)
Araps The Dream of Brighter Day (AnI LoraK) (reblip)
Araps Where Is The Love (BoulevarD) (reblip)
Araps Улица роз (Ария и Слот) (reblip)
Araps Living A Lie (Don Dokken) (reblip)

05 - Living A Lie

| play
Araps Who's Your Daddy (LordI) (reblip)

Lordi Who's Your Daddy

| play
Araps Faster Than The Speed Of Light (YngwiE MalmsteeN) (reblip)
Araps Eternal Flame (JohN NoruM) (reblip)
MrsASoprano Very nice - ty! @Metal_Rocks: "21 Guns – These Eyes. @Schoork You should like this band bro. Taken from the album 'Salute' featuring Scott Gorham.." (reblip)

21 GunsThese Eyes

| play
Araps When You're Smiling (LouiS PrimA)
GeeOh Birds of Tokyo – The Saddest Thing I Know - How long U been asleep at the wheel, outa control, gathering up ur speed? (Yes, listenin to this album)
Araps Bizarre Love Triangle (NouvellE VaguE)

Nouvelle Vague-Bizarre Love Triangle

| play
Nikkibgood Keep on Movin', don't stop..Noooo
Araps Mother (DanziG)


| play
Araps Close To You (BrunO SunshinE)
Lavender ew. song about Stevie Wonder's willy @garbageman01: "And this classic from John Trubee and his 'band' . . ." (reblip)

Blind Man's Penis

| play
Dancer12 [You Take My Breath Away – Eva Cassidy] Some times you just take my breath away . . .♥ (reblip)
Araps Symphonic Revolution (MandrilL)

Symphonic Revolution 1972

| play
sir_edward_ross I must psychic ... I was gonna reference H. ROFL @scotlandlover: "OMG and she's gonna go use it tomorrow rb @sir_edward_ross: ...Janie's Got A Gun (reblip)
DelightfulMiles "rb@sohodeluxe: Zero 7 – The Space Between @aprildax: @palisadehills: "This one got my attention. Nice blip". (reblip)
Araps Summertime (BillY StewarT)
Araps The Time Alone With You (BaD EnglisH) (reblip)

Bad English- The Time Alone With You

| play
Araps Inside My Love (MinniE RipertoN)
huckfinn den här låten är fantastisk ! (reblip)
Araps Careless Whisper (SeetheR)
Araps Jellyfish (ΠυΞ ΛαΞ & StevE WynN)

Jellyfish-Steve Wynn (Πούλα με-Πυξ Λαξ)

| play
Araps It Hurts Me (ΕξόριστοΙ) (reblip)

Exoristoi It Hurts Me

| play
koiheart DREAMING – Kotaro Oshio / 押尾コータローの『DREAMING』
Araps You Found Me (ThE FraY)

The FrayYou Found Me

| play
Araps September (DaughtrY)


| play
Araps 1983 (NeoN TreeS)

Neon Trees1983

| play
Araps Lonely Day (SysteM OF A DowN)
Araps Imaginary Lover (AtlantA RhythM SectioN) (reblip)

Imaginary Lover ~ Atlanta Rhythmn Section

| play
Araps This one is from my new friend, sweet @LauLa .... Welcome to my music family dear! (reblip)
Araps Great song from a great new friend! Sweet @Charmdeyes, welcome to my music family! (reblip)
Araps Rythm Is Love (KeziaH JoneS)

rythm is love PVClip

| play
Araps Like Never Before (EvidencE OnE) (reblip)
Araps Tears Of Sahara (TonY Macalpine) (reblip)

Kristina-Rick Springfield

| play
Araps Bringing Me Down (FirehousE) (reblip)
Araps Great song from a great new friend ... @SylverHawk welcome dear!! (reblip)

JemMaybe I'm Amazed

| play
Araps Blue Tears, Blue Eyes (BluE TearS) (reblip)

Blue Tears-Blue Tears

| play
Araps Stranger Than Love [Live] (HareM ScareM) (reblip)

Harem Scarem 1994 Live Stranger Than Love

| play
Araps From sweet @Hypatia , new member of my music family! ... Welcome dear & thanks for adding me! (reblip)
Araps Gods Come Together (PinK CreaM 69) (reblip)

Pink Cream 69- Gods Come Together

| play
Araps Welcome To The Occupation (REM)
Araps For The Love Of You (CandY DufleR Feat. AngiE StonE)
Araps Sozinha (Σταύρου ΒάκιΑ)


| play
Radak @MsParasito: "my daily dose of the killers ..." (reblip)
Gidyean funny hon this was one that I listened to a lot after that...ty babe @sassikassi: "for @Gidyean" (reblip)
Northrunnnercan ""Led Zeppelin – Heartbreaker"""" (reblip)
Dachkammermusik Ryuichi Sakamoto – Solitude [rb@natapritula, спасибо] (reblip)
Araps Almaz ... Joe Sample & Randy Crawford

kahimi karie you're here for a light

| play
Araps @progman: "Pink Floyd – Shine On You Crazy Diamond LAST TUNE THX ALL DJ'S "FLOYD RULES" TY RB@belcanto9900" (reblip)
Araps My One Temptation ... Mica Paris (reblip)
Araps You'll Never Know (Original Club Mix) ... Offer Nissim Feat. Maya
LoveForX Nice One! Tysm @RockinitClassic "YVW & TY! :) @LoveForX Metallica – Wherever I May Roam" (reblip)
Araps Looking For A Girl With A Washing Machine ... Big Sleep
Araps No Sugar Tonight ... The Guess Who

No sugar tonight- The Guess who

| play
Araps ... I'm so in love with you, dreams are like angels, they keep bad at bay. Love is the light, scaring darkness away ...

The power of love (Reggae Version)

| play
Araps Don't speak. I know just what you're saying. So please stop explaining. Don't tell me cause it hurts ......
Araps Αερόπλανο Θα Πάρω ... Λευκοθέα Φιλιππίδη, Σωτήρης Σοφιάς

ΑΕΡΟΠΛΑΝΟ ΘΑ ΠΑΡΩ (Φιλιππίδη & Σοφιάς)

| play
Araps Τα Νιάτα Τα Μπερμάντικα ... Αϊνίτης Αντώνης
Araps Epilepsy Is Dancing ... Antony And The Johnsons (reblip)
Araps My Shit's Fucked Up ... Warren Zevon (reblip)
WithOutMakeUp Prrrfect day to U! :)@StellaBears: "It's my CUTIE PIE! yes, hva Gr8 weekend, Luv.. meow! @W: "gotcha :) *woof @SBears: "it's language of my heart♥" (reblip)
LuvGunn Say "Hello" to Heaven, heaven, heaven!
Araps Thinking About You ... Black Machine Feat. Ronny Money
Araps Time Consumer ... Coheed And Cambria
Araps Erased ... Verbal Delirium

Verbal DeliriumErased

| play
Araps Hanging On A Star ... Psychotic Waltz
Araps Colors ... Morandi


| play
Araps Love You Inside Out ... Bee Gees
Araps You're The Only Woman ... David Pack

You're the Only Woman

| play
Araps It's A Beautiful Day ... Sarah Brightman
djbistolas dAmNeD! sUcH A RoMaNtIc! yOuRe vErY RaRE!@Araps: "You're Here For A Light ... Kahimi Karie" (reblip)

kahimi karie you're here for a light

| play
LoveForX L♥VE~*~GREAT WHITE – House Of Broken Love HQ VIDEO~*~L♥VE (reblip)
Araps Letters In The Sea ... The Dimes (reblip)
DarkLady Siouxsie and the Banshees – Melt!
AnisioFC @djtsap: "@rockthetropics: Thanks for the knowledge...I live in TX now...far removed from the movement in the Lou...on it now!" (reblip)
Araps Fu - Gee - La ... Lauryn Hill & The Fugees

lauren hill & the fugees fu-gee-la (ooh la la la)

| play
Araps Fuck Wit Dre Day (And Everybody's Celebratin') ... Dr. Dre
Araps Fuck You Tonight ... The Notorious B.I.G. Feat R. Kelly
Araps Future World ... Pretty Maids
Araps Angel, put sad wings around me now, protect me from this world of sin, so that we can rise again ....

Judas PriestAngel

| play
Araps Looking For A Girl With A Washing Machine ... Big Sleep
Araps Get Some Sleep ... Bic Runga
Araps Get That Beat ... Sharp Ties
Araps Frozen In Time ... Evidence One
Araps Frozen Heart ... FM

FMFrozen Heart

| play
reggaeloversocal Richie Spice Feat Spanner Banner New 2012

New**2012 Richie Spice Feat Spanner Banner

| play
Araps Fun ... Ahmir

Fun.: We Are Young ft. Janelle Monáe (AHMIR R&B Group cover)

| play
Nilajb Anthony David - 4Evermore

Anthony David "4Evermore" feat. Algebra & Phonte Official Video

| play
Araps Canastero ... Gipsy Kings

Gipsy Kings 「Canastero」

| play
Araps Time waits for nobody, time waits for no-one. We've got to build this world together, or we'll have no more future at all ....
Araps Free ... Deniece Williams

FreeDeniece Williams

| play
Araps Comme Ci Comme CA (Disco Mix) ... French Affair

Comsi Comsa

| play
Araps Fresh Pair Of Panties On ... Snoop Dogg

Fresh Pair Of Panties

| play
Araps Street 45 ... Elvis Jackson
Araps The Nightrager ... Bob Katsionis

BOB KATSIONIS "The Nightrager" 2009

| play
Araps Crime Scene Cleanup Team ... Tin Horn Prayer
Araps In my life there's been heartache and pain I don't know if I can face it again Can't stop now, I've traveled so far To change this lonely life ... (reblip)
Araps Show Me Your Best On The Dancefloor ... Skylong
Araps Skryj Hlavu Do Dlaní ... Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy
Araps Heat ... A Backward Glance On A Travel Road
Araps Into the rock through walls of red dreams Into the rock to find the dream Into the rock through walls of red dreams Pictured life from yesterday....

cut city-War Drum.

| play
Araps Γαμώ Τη Καλοσύνη Μου ... Ζαφείρης Μελάς
katterfelto @Paree: "@Bustinha: @katterfelto: @LOVE4ME: @TheTAZZone: The Zombies-Time Of The Season" (reblip)

The Zombies-Time Of The Season

| play
Araps Μια Ζωγραφιά (G&D Remix) ... Μηδενιστής Feat. Deny
Araps Check out this one ... I like it!! (reblip)
Araps Light me up like the sun,to cool down with your rain. I never want to close my eyes again ... That is everything I have to say ... (reblip)
Araps I've always listened to your point of view. My ways I've tried to mend. And I've always been a patient man, but my patience has reached its end.
Araps Oooo suck on my chocolate salted balls stick em in your mouth, and suck em! ..... they're packed full of vitamins, and good for you.

Isaac Hayes-Chocolate Salty Balls Live

| play
Araps Here I'm standing on the sea shore. She is gone, now she's gone ... All the angels praying for me, as I fall .....

Blackfield pain video

| play
gerd24 @PinkPrism: "So close, no matter how far. Couldn't be much more from the heart. RB @Hupwij: "Nothing Else Matters – Metallica"" (reblip)
Araps Dancing In The Dark ... Bruce Springsteen
Araps This one is for me ... :D Goodmorning dear! @keithold: "Nothing like a lazy weekend" (reblip)
Araps Soul Society ... Kamelot

KamelotSoul Society

| play
Araps Great!! @mariliacardoso: "U2~~~~~~ Lemon" (reblip)

U2 Lemon

| play
Araps Another great one from my new friend @Carola35 ... Welcome to my music family dear! (reblip)
GoddessMusiq Ben l'Oncle Soul – L'ombre d'un Père
KtotheY1980 Joan Jett and the Blackhearts – I Hate Myself For Loving You (reblip)
Araps Etiainen ... Nightwish

NIGHTWISH (Etiainen Demo)

| play
cinka Sleepy Girl ♫ g night, sweet dreams... ty all :-) tomorrow.. if ..
Araps Un Americaine A Paris ... Rupa & The April Fishes
Araps Day After Day ... Σιδηρόπουλος Παύλος

Pavlos Sidiropoulos Day After Day

| play
Araps Going Home ... Kenny G

Kenny G.Going Home

| play
Araps Moment Of Truth ... Electric Light Orchestra

ELOMoment Of Truth

| play
Araps Hurricane ... Bob Dylan

Bob DylanHurricane

| play
Araps Summertime ... Kenny G & George Benson
Araps Just stop to wish you all have a great day & a fantastic week ... See you all later!
Araps Love Spreads ... The Stone Roses (reblip)
Araps Quutamo ... Apocalyptica (reblip)


| play
HHonofre This one it's only for you@Araps

014 - Metallica - Enter Sandman (1991)

| play
Araps Stand My Ground ... Within Temptation
Araps Special Lady ... Ray, Goodman & Brown
Araps Still Loving You ... Scorpions & Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra
Araps Φεύγω ... Χάρις Αλεξίου Feat. Stereo Mike
Araps Stockholm I Mitt Hjarta ... Petter
Araps Stop & Stare ... One Republic
Wolfie82 Rockwell – Somebody's Watching Me
Araps Stop In The Name Of Love ... C:Real
Araps Midnight Love Affair ... Carol Douglas
Araps Dirty Place ... Maria Timm

Maria TimmDirty Place

| play
Araps Tο Πιο Γλυκό Μεθύσι ... Stavento
Araps Stay At Home ... Dennis Brown
Araps Speak Low (Bent Remix) ... Billie Holiday
creativeness ;) <3! BBL. rb@Angie74: Much blip love to my big bad handsome handyman----> @creativeness TYSM for the love and support sweetheart, you're AWESOME! <3 (reblip)

Imelda May, Norwich, Big Bad Handsome Man

| play
EvilBells 2nd best KOL song ever... RB @AidenMendez KOL- Revelry (reblip)
Flying_Roundhouse Grease Original Soundtrack ♫ You're The One That I Want – J. Travolta & O. Newton-John - 1978 ♫ ~ Inspired by @Qrobur ~ and quintessentially American
Rollerballrocco Regina – Saanko Jäädä Yöksi? (Blackbird Blackbird Remix)...wowza! does it again
Araps Street Spirit (Fade Out) ... Radiohead
Araps Καλοκαίρι ... Locomondo
koiheart Saban Bajramovic – I Barval Pudela
Araps Je Suis Malade ... Lara Fabian
Araps Mother ... Danzig


| play
Araps Ordinary Day ... Dolores O'Riordan
Araps Parisienne Walkways ... Thin Lizzy

Thin Lizzy-Parisienne Walkways

| play
SouliciousMusic Feels like lightning running through my veins every time I look at you...
Araps Θα Περάσουν Οι Μέρες ... Δρογώσης Στάθης
mementis can't you hear, i'm not myself
Araps Summer Wine ... Ville Valo & Natalia Avelon
Araps Tripping ... Robbie Williams
Araps Living In A World Without You ... Rasmus
redwingjohnny it only takes seconds to go 2 ~>@ladypn<~ once a day and help her in her absence :) here is her site with all the info (reblip)

Nobody Greater by VaShawn Mitchell

| play
culturbureau Natacha Atlas – Whatever Lola Wants
Araps This Mess Were In ... PJ Harvey Feat. Thom Yorke
Araps Hate (I Really Don't LIke You) ... Plain White T's
Araps Appelle Mon Numero ... Mylène Farmer
RadioKoub Hand me over to this world, into death #TheGathering #RadioKoub
Araps Down On My Knees ... Ayo

AyoDown On My Knees

| play
Metal_man_ REO Speedwagon – Take It On The Run
kvstr Roxy Music ~ Same Old Scene @Carmilla nothing lasts forever, of that i'm sure
Araps Alone ... Avril Lavigne

AloneAvril Lavigne

| play
Araps Out Of Time ... The Rolling Stones
Araps Morning ... Al Jarreau

Morning ~ Al Jarreau

| play
Araps Χειμωνανθός ... Χαρούλης Γιάννης
Araps Ribbon In The Sky ... Stevie Wonder Feat. Des'ree

Stevie Wonder Des'ree Ribbon in the Sky (Live 1985).wmv

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Araps Revelations ... Carlos Santana

Carlos Santana performs Revelations Live in Chicago on February 22, 1977--RARE FOOTAGE

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ferwawi @DMPatten: "This could be the music solution we were looking for..." TY!!! (reblip)
Araps Jar Of Hearts ... Christina Perri (reblip)
MusicOutThere @JorgeK: "Addicted..." (reblip)


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Hotyoungmom Hello :)@RST_PP1: "hi:)@Hotyoungmom: "buenaz diaz amigo:)@DJVinnje Man in the Rain – Mike Oldfield"" (reblip)
Araps All The Fools Sailed Away ... Dio
Araps Pure Gold ... Earth, Wind & Fire
LOVE4ME Breakfast meeting .. thanks for everything! ღஜღ
Araps New Light Of Tomorrow (HuskY RescuE) (reblip)
Araps @nilsm111: "All Jarreau***** After all......." (reblip)

Al JarreauAfter All

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Jalapeno Girl Like You.. I SO dig this song..

Cowboys and Angels by George Michael

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Araps @muso: "@organicsue: "I can't fight it anymore either. Hugs @Gaz50: "REO Speedwagon – Can't fight this Feeling""" (reblip)
Araps It's A Mans World (JameS BrowN) (reblip)
Araps @MSBloom: "Lost some,but the GREAT ones remain!Ty>@c3p0@MSBloom: "Andy Gibb~Shadow Dancing~(loosing listeners due 2 my 70's mood!!)" (reblip)
Araps Welcome To The Sun (BrooK SapphirE) (reblip)
Araps @michelle4386: "When the lights go out we'll be safe and sound..we'll take control of the world" (reblip)