davetherave1947 @tokool4u: "Only one way this could be better today..."What Can I Say"" (reblip)
davetherave1947 @tokool4u Good morning I'm fine thx can't complain have a nice day :)
ellendiane Crosby-stills& nash- teach your children---love them unconditionally-but give them boundaries! (reblip)
tokool4u One of the best from the Best,"What Can I Say"
davetherave1947 Eric Clapton - My Father's Eyes- Great song

My Father's Eyes

| play
ellendiane patsy cline-crazy ellendiane-maniac:) (reblip)

Patsy ClineCrazy

| play
davetherave1947 Jefferson Airplane- Plastic Fantastic Lover-once there was this band called !!!!
davetherave1947 Rod Stewart- Do you think I'm Sexy- Sorry but just had to play this one :))
Flying_Roundhouse Maxine Nightingale – Lead Me On ~ Have to do it ~ Thanks to @greentrees @LynnSunshine: RE: Lead Me On @davetherave1947 @broadwayg @ShiaoMei @lovemusic
davetherave1947 Ha Nice one :)@LynnSunshine: "ULoveItToo@greentrees: "RB>>@LynnSunshine: "Conway Twitty & Loretta Lynn – Lead Me On @davetherave1947""" (reblip)
ellendiane @bytera: "@sooze27: "Me too @bytera: "❝Got You on my Mind❞ by Eric Clapton"""m3& 4 (reblip)
ellendiane Van Morrison- sweet thing- only sometimes-when I am satiated:) (reblip)
GGDANCE """@chickenkatsu: "Slowing it down..."""""" (reblip)
davetherave1947 Yes !@emroc: "thx 2 @enricchi: "Eric Clapton & Jeff Beck – Little Brown Bird"" (reblip)
happy_bunny David Bowie – Changes

David BowieChanges

| play
daytonacharger @DebbieD0,@BBWolfey--Hello California !!!-----THE STRAY CATS--Rock This Town,---a really great punkabilly song by Brian Setzer & the Stray Cats!!! (reblip)
davetherave1947 Eric Clpton& John Mayer- Broken Hearted
davetherave1947 George Harrison-Rising Sun

George Harrison Rising Sun Brainwashed album

| play
davetherave1947 Joe Cocker - You Are So Beautiful - For all you lovely Ladies !
tokool4u Just got back from beautiful Lake Michigan, were we spent a great..."What Can Say"
VeryEmerald Time to go finish up the 4th graders school supply shopping. I need to find a clipboard "that looks cool". sigh...
Flying_Roundhouse The National – Anyone's Ghost~ Think it's time for a little java....
davetherave1947 Chicken Shack - I'd Rather Go Blind - always loved this song !
LynnSunshine Pantera – The Art Of Shredding + Lyrics @chiron08
davetherave1947 The Clash - Rock the Casbah- yeah yeah yeah !!!!
davetherave1947 Bryan Ferry/Roxy Music - Lets Stick Together
davetherave1947 Moved TY@Fortharrison: "inspired by @davetherave1947 ...The Cars~You're All I've Got Tonight... (fav)" (reblip)
davetherave1947 What can we say Thx@Fortharrison: "The Stones~Plundered My Soul" (reblip)

The Rolling Stones-Plundered My Soul

| play
mcDetschiii @ZONE: "very sensual version..thank you rb@seb098" thats true i like this song and this version (reblip)
ZONE love to twist and shout..you too? @amphore: "Twist & Shout .......... ;))) @ ZONE" (reblip)

Twist and Shout (Pat Swayzak Remix)

| play
GothicWildfire Love love love love love this song :D

Bon JoviDamned

| play
GGDANCE @DJRosaNava: "I Started A Joke... But, I didn't I see that the joke was on me!" (reblip)
davetherave1947 Neil Young - Everybody Knows This is Nowhere- except me and I'm here !!

Neil Young Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere

| play
davetherave1947 Fade To Black- Metallica 5 studio version)
GGDANCE @DeAnn: "rb :)@bytera: "Thank you kindly for being one of 'my' top proppers @divadonna5"" (reblip)
davetherave1947 @GGDANCE: "@jesusalbertoaraujo: "@DJPrimitivo: "♪The Battle of Evermore - Led Zeppelin · Please RB! """" (reblip)
davetherave1947 Great song thx@ellendiane: "@25jd1: "@sir_edward_ross: "RB @alalo: "Janis Joplin – Move Over""""""" (reblip)
davetherave1947 Another classic hot tonite TY@GGDANCE: ""@sir_edward_ross: "A couple of Quick Blips ... & then this Week's Top Ten ... When a Man Loves A Woman""""" (reblip)
davetherave1947 Classic Rock thx@GGDANCE: ""@hippiechick: "Jefferson Airplane – Somebody to Love""" (reblip)
davetherave1947 Great song !!@sumikimura: "POP unit of Japan." (reblip)

366日 HY

| play
davetherave1947 Don't know but I love her already!@GGDANCE: "@1000_colored_ashes: "@Eclecticist: ":) @1000_colored_ashes: who is this woman, we need to beacrazy!!!!"" (reblip)
Sadie777 sorry to late and too wasted, catch up tomorrow ♥
dANGELofLOVE Front Or Back Light? LOL! @c3p0: ":-D RB@dANGELofLOVE: "@nureinkuss: "rb @lusimi @c3p0 - Beth Hart – Leave the light on""" (reblip)
GGDANCE @BBWolfey: "INXS- I Need You Tonight (Video)" (reblip)
davetherave1947 Joe Walsh- Turn to Stone !!


| play
dANGELofLOVE GM! TY! RB @DJSpinthatshitson: "@dANGELofLOVE: "Never! Hope Your Day Is A Great One! Thanks! A Must RB @romanus: " Bad Company :: Don't Let Me Down (reblip)
davetherave1947 Great song Happy House it is ty !!@lillianwong: "@jimbonz: "http://seattlearea.org/real-estate"" (reblip)
davetherave1947 John Lennon - Imagine - a classic song breautiful in fact !!

John Lennon Imagine

| play
fxp123 three days grace - riot (clean version)
davetherave1947 Eric Clapton - Have You Ever Loved A Woman- well yes a few:)
davetherave1947 Oh I love this lol thx@Lisa_Michele: "Who you calling idiot? ;-) LOL@daytonacharger: @LM--GREEN DAY--"AMERICAN IDIOT"" (reblip)
DJPrimitivo ♪Spanish Caravan - The Doors · Please RB!
innoutwindows You ain't a pimp and you ain't a hustler ~
DJPrimitivo ♪Helpless - Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young · Please RB!
davetherave1947 Great track !!@Fortharrison: "The Cure~The Hanging Garden" (reblip)
davetherave1947 Chubby Checker- Let's Twist Again - Oh Chubby :))
davetherave1947 Yes he does take rather long but worth it !@beatlechick: "Supremes cover for my slowpoke hubs. I love him, but it takes him forever to get moving..." (reblip)
davetherave1947 Crazy Heart Jeff Bridges Hold On You !! Great Movie ! (reblip)

Crazy Heart Jeff Bridges Hold on You

| play
opus111 Have you heard the original versions he recorded for this album? This is a fave. RB@neo_akboy. (reblip)
davetherave1947 Mary Jane's Last Dance- Tom Petty& The Heartbreakers
davetherave1947 Great song thx@tokool4u: "Hi good to meet you,Great song,"What Can I Say"@TheDrGoldeneye: "One of my favorite songs from Muse."" (reblip)
davetherave1947 Great Song thx@Zjosman: "rb @Mumbling_Genius: "You'd better watch your step..."" (reblip)

Tom Petty- Dont Do Me Like That

| play
davetherave1947 Great song !!@torino: "Avalon – Brian Ferry" (reblip)

AvalonBrian Ferry

| play

Billy Idol.... Speed

| play
davetherave1947 The Plastic Ono Band - You make me dizzy miss Lizzy
JacoLovesMusic Lach maar met een fijne stabiele verbinding?? Ha! PC sux 2 @c3p0: "rofl echt lol@JacoLovesMusic: "Ow tuurlijk @c3p0: "op de pc :-) @JacoLovesMusic: (reblip)

Billy Idol.... Speed

| play
davetherave1947 Eric Clapton - Tearing Us Apart- Go for it Eric !!
mysevenkids Threesome Thursday "All Night Long" Joe Walsh
davetherave1947 The Dubliners- The Button Pusher !
Tropicsz4 Dire Straits – Sultans Of Swing
davetherave1947 Jonny Lang - Irish Angel - live- Oh the tears will flow !!
davetherave1947 Led Zeppelin - Babe i'm Gonna Leave You - another classic of rock at it's very best !! (reblip)
davetherave1947 Chris Rea - I Just Wanna Be With You - love this song so much !
davetherave1947 Chris Rea - You Must Be Evil

You Must Be Evil ; Chris Ria

| play
davetherave1947 The Bad Seeds - I'm A King Bee
davetherave1947 Eric Clapton & B.B;King - Riding With The King !!

Eric Clapton & B.B. King- Riding With The King

| play
davetherave1947 The Notting Hillbillies-When it Comes To You
Fortharrison Led Zeppelin~When the Levee Breaks

Led Zeppelin- When The Levee Breaks (STUDIO VERSION)

| play
GGDANCE Sunshine: "GreatRb@AtheDJ: "Buddy Holly – Everyday""" (reblip)

Buddy HollyEveryday

| play
davetherave1947 Love this track to bits in many ways !!@GothicWildfire: "I sang along to this while driving home in the best mood ever :D Bit of Tom Petty" (reblip)
davetherave1947 Nice little tune !@bearpaws15: "GREAT song by this rock goddess JOAN JETT Cherry Bomb" (reblip)

Cherry BombJoan Jett

| play
davetherave1947 Placebo -One of a KInd -check this out ??
davetherave1947 Clapton - Going Down Slow !!!!

Going Down Slow

| play
selkiec Stevie Ray Vaughn - Leave My Little Girl Alone (reblip)
Dancer12 @dANGELofLOVE ♠~♥~♥♥~♥~♠ [[Can't Stop Thinking Of You]] ♠~♥~♥♥~♥~♠ (reblip)

Eros Ramazzotti Tina Turner Cose Della Vita / Can't Stop Thinking of You (Tradução)

| play
davetherave1947 Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - I'm A Man !!
davetherave1947 Joe Cocker - You are so Beautiful- to all you lovely ladies !!
davetherave1947 John Lee Hooker - My Dream !!
davetherave1947 John Lee Hooker - I'm in the Mood
GGDANCE "@Gidyean: "Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – Everybody I Love You~have a great day eveyone~mine is off to a wonderful start :)"" (reblip)
davetherave1947 Chris Isaak-Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing !
innoutwindows How many times do I have to try to tell you~ @Hotyoungmom: "Why-Annie Lennox" (reblip)

Annie LennoxWhy

| play
DDPlay Luv it! Hi sweetie! ~~> @dawnie22: "OoooH Yes :)~> rb @donnadontplay: "Oh, yes!!! @RunswithCizers: "Are You Gonna Be My Girl? by Jet""" (reblip)
davetherave1947 Cool !!@Fortharrison: "ain't that the truth TY RB @Sandra_R_: "Cinderella – Don't Know What You Got (Till It's Gone)"" (reblip)
davetherave1947 I Hate Mondays - Lemon Brazil - This is so bad I mean bad I had to laugh , Listen Please give me props for finding it :))

I Hate Mondays- Lemon Bazil

| play
GothicWildfire Yeah, this sounds about right.

Everyday's A Saturday- Bowling For Soup

| play
davetherave1947 Jeff Beck & Joss Stone - People Get Ready @Ronnie Scotts 2007
davetherave1947 Ten Years After ( Alvin Lee ) The Bluest Blues !!
DJNickPapag Ty for the re sweetie!! :))@BBWolfey: "Hi! You Too~@DJNickPapag: "Hello! It's really nice to see you today! @BBWolfey"" (reblip)

The Postal Service- Against all Odds (Take a look at me now)

| play
davetherave1947 Clapton & Nathan West - Cant find my way Home - Live AH London !
GothicWildfire My all time favourite song. Guaranteed to get you back on track when you just want to quit.
ladypn OK... just long enough for afternoon tea... :) rb@lukesharp: "spend some time with me @ladypn " (reblip)
daytonacharger @desyslava,@adbert-----JACKSON BROWNE-----Somebody's Baby,-a Fantastic song & video by JB!!! BRILLANT!!!! (reblip)
davetherave1947 Roxette-Crazy about You - and why not !!
davetherave1947 Midnight Oil - Put Down That Weapon (live)
davetherave1947 @ellendiane: "wicked game- chris Isaak- listen & watch!" (reblip)
dANGELofLOVE ~~♦~~ [[ Say Say Say ]] ~~♦~~ Must See Video! Enjoy! (reblip)

" Say Say Say " Michael Jackson & Paul McCartney [ +lyrics ]

| play
davetherave1947 Bill Haley - Rock around the Clock - sorry guys but thats where it all started for me !!
davetherave1947 Elvis - Treat me Nice

Treat Me Nice...Elvis Presley

| play
davetherave1947 Jerry Lee Lewis - Great Balls of Fire !
davetherave1947 Jerry Lee Lewis - Trouble in Mind ( with Clapton )
davetherave1947 Great find TYVM@ladypn: "OK... just long enough for afternoon tea... :) rb@lukesharp: "spend some time with me @ladypn "" (reblip)
Radiobread Nirvana – About A Girl

NirvanaAbout A Girl

| play
ElZorro JJ Cale and Leon Russel – Going Down
davetherave1947 ELvis - A Fool Such as I

Elvis Presley A Fool Such As I

| play
sandiegogil rick james give it to me,,BABY
davetherave1947 John Lee Hooker/ Canned Heat - Whiskey & Wimmen !!
davetherave1947 Bryan Ferry/Roxy Music - Let's Stick Together
davetherave1947 The Eagles - Life in the Fast Lane
davetherave1947 The Highwaymen - The Last Cowboy Song
davetherave1947 Chris De Burgh- Always On My Mind - this happens often :)
davetherave1947 Kool !!@GothicWildfire: "'I want a girl with lips like morphine // Knock me out every time they touch me.'" (reblip)
GGDANCE "@DJRosaNava: "Rain and Tears - Aphrodite's Child"" (reblip)
davetherave1947 ZZ Top - Legs- now I do like legs !!

ZZ TopLegs

| play
davetherave1947 This is a great song TY@Gr8tune: "Thx. :)@tokool4u @NicoleVSanchez @Andres_Amador: "[ INXS – Beautiful Girl ]"" (reblip)
GimmeSomeJohn Nina Simone – Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues (Bob Dylan)
davetherave1947 Roy Orbison - It's Over- my baby don't love me anymore !

Roy OrbisonIt's Over

| play
davetherave1947 Chris de Burgh - This Waiting Heart (live) one of those nights !
davetherave1947 Eagles - Heartache Tonight- again will it never end !!
davetherave1947 Bryan Ferry & Roxy Music - Angel Eyes
davetherave1947 BB King - Bad Case Of Love - Yes Sir !


| play
davetherave1947 Hi buddy cool tune :) @Fortharrison: "LOL, good morning & RB mz @ladypn: "I must be my own master or a miniature disaster will be the death of me..." (reblip)
davetherave1947 @GothicWildfire remember this on your charity walk !!@GGDANCE: ""@spinsiren: ":) rb vi@DamnTheMan: "Bon Jovi - Unbreakable"""" (reblip)

Bon JoviUnbreakable

| play
davetherave1947 @GothicWildfire for u :)@tokool4u: "Hi, good to meet you hope UR having fun on blip,"What Can I Say"" (reblip)
Squashpants Send these dudes the angel...Squash already got one...
davetherave1947 The Who - See Me Feel Me ( Woodstock)

The Who See Me Feel Me Woodstock 1969 (Director's cut)

| play
davetherave1947 PJ Proby - Hold Me (1965) Oh Wow !!
davetherave1947 Big Brother & The Holding Co - Ball & Chain - pioneers Rock !!
davetherave1947 Big Brother & The Holding Co - Me & Bobby McGee (live)

Big Brother & the Holding Co.: "Me & Bobby McGee" (Live)

| play
davetherave1947 Country Joe & The Fish - Please dont drop that H bomb on Me !
davetherave1947 Country Joe & The Fish- Who Am I !!!!!
davetherave1947 Great just great ty@mamamiaellen: "Jimi Hendrix & Jim Morrison – The Sunshine Of Your Love" (reblip)
davetherave1947 Nice song TY !@guiguigostation: "Supertramp – Take a Look at My Girlfriend" (reblip)
tokool4u Hi gal, hows the day treating U, oh and great song,"What Can I Say"@ScaryBaby: "☠" (reblip)
davetherave1947 Hi ToKool4Me great track :)@tokool4u: "A lot, Hi nice to meet you, hope you are really enjoying blip,"What Can I Say"" (reblip)
davetherave1947 Great track ty@Pendulem1: "Creedence Clearwater Revival – Bad Moon Rising" (reblip)
davetherave1947 The Kinks - Sunday Afternoon !
davetherave1947 Good Morning happy Sunday cool tune ;)@Fortharrison: "Faith No More~Easy ....#cover....." (reblip)

Faith No MoreEasy

| play
davetherave1947 A fav of mine to@tokool4u: "@rockchalk75: "@tokool4u: "@NewOrleansKat: "George Harrison – Beware Of Darkness~~ had to one of my all time gh fav's."""" (reblip)
davetherave1947 America - I Need You !! a lovely song !!

1970's America and "I Need You"

| play
GGDANCE @ReflectionSymmetry: "@treeforte: "Lovely Song By A Great Artist"@Flight815" (reblip)

Roy Orbison : California Blue

| play
DJPrimitivo ♪Bye Bye Love - The Everly Brothers
davetherave1947 The Doors - Spanish Caravan - love this track
tokool4u Hi thanks for adding me:):):)@mycol: "lol, I listened to this about 1 hour ago, didn't blip, weird!!! @Jumbojetje" (reblip)
davetherave1947 Boogie Woogie - Jools Holland - Bumble Boogie oh and does this Boogie alright !!
davetherave1947 Gerry Garcia - Oh Babe it Ain't no Lie - Thanks for that Gerry !!

Oh Babe It Aint No Lie / Gerry Garcia

| play
tokool4u This is how I slow things down,"What Can I Say@stormy (reblip)
tokool4u To celebrate a happy Monday, here's one for you,"What Can I Say"@stormy
andrew025 live performance from the fillmore, san francisco
FernandaW my dog is sick :\ no more blips today...
GothicWildfire I'm in a Soul Asylum mood tonight :)

Soul AsylumCartoon

| play
daytonacharger @nbztunes--Hello Rue, How's your daughter??--The Arrows-I Love Rock N Roll--a really Brillant song!!!! Thanks to PATITA for this really Great song!! (reblip)
davetherave1947 Chicago Transit Authority - I'm A Man (Studio Version ) Say no more dig this rocking little number goes back a while !!
creativeness AND.....for my rockers..........
tokool4u Hi, I just wanted to welcome U to blip, I hope you are having a good time on blip:):):),"What Can I Say"@DoniBaudelaire: "Listening JIM!" (reblip)
davetherave1947 Imagine- By Niel Young (911 tribute )
atank ich bin in der Rückseite...rb@obz: "@atank // vordere reihe. :)" (reblip)
davetherave1947 Ten Years After - I Say Yeah
davetherave1947 John Lee Hooker - This Is Hip - give to em John Lee wow !!

John Lee Hooker: This is hip

| play
davetherave1947 Gary Moore & Roger Daltrey - Hey Joe - live & Ronnie Scotts !!
Tropicsz4 Stealers Wheel – Stuck In the Middle With You
amphore @koiheart ... what > is an honest opinion ............. ????
divadonna5 ;)@Alfea: "The Smashing Pumpkins °*° Ava Adore" (reblip)
giesebrecht @Lichtmalerin: "time for a reblip of amazing, gorgeous bassist #Tal #Wilkenfeld ..." (reblip)

Jeff Beck with Tal Wilkenfeld at Crossroads 2007 Live

| play
bloondie666 @amphore: "was auch immer das sein mag ..... rb@theOFM: Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers – Psychotic Reaction" (reblip)
davetherave1947 Audioslave - Getaway Car - another great track

Audioslave Getaway Car

| play
BleakMouse Adequate to fine. And yourself? @koiheart: "rb@BleakMouse: "..." Still playing great music....how are you?" (reblip)

Phoenix- 1901 (Acoustic)

| play
davetherave1947 I don't mind TY@Dancer12: "yes,lets,All,but prefer Mambo,Tysm♥Rb@Jumbojetje Ready for limbo, mambo or samba?@mairsplaylist@TeeLJay1 (reblip)
davetherave1947 Manfred Mann - If you gotta go Now - See y'all later :))
emroc WOW! ya gotta hear this guitar @bigskychef: "Just listen...." (reblip)

Telecaster Blues

| play
davetherave1947 Audio Slave - Be Yourself G Major Scary - Well its interesting !

Audio Slave Be Your Self G Major Scary

| play
Dancer12 [DAN HILL & VONDA SHEPARD – Can't We Try] . . . Baby, tell me what's on your mind . . .
GothicWildfire Smart-mouthed, cynical punk rock at its finest :)

LESS THAN JAKE: Overrated (Animated Version)

| play
sjsjh3172 Les Rita Mitsouko – Marcia Baila
Oldies "Me And Bobby McGee" - Janis Joplin
ncvibes Maria Mena - I was made for loving you @davetherave1947

Maria Mena-I was made for loving you

| play
davetherave1947 Dusty Springfield - I Only Want To Be With You - The late great Dusty !!
Hotyoungmom @dANGELofLOVE: "HI! TY! RB @Coffeenuts: "thx,rb @dharshaw: "this rocks, ty @sheryonstone" Chris Isaak – I Want Your Love"" (reblip)
davetherave1947 Graham Nash w/ David Crosby- Simple Man
Dancer12 Try this for SMOOTH, love this too, hope U do too.Thx for Music,Rbs ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ >@davetherave1947
scotlandlover mercy!!! rb @nawlinswoman: "Oh! mercy, mercy me..end of summer fills me with glee.." (reblip)
Jillee @davetherave1947: Fanx fer Dylan Rb, tried fer Dylan live at Budokan but not avail so blipping EC. >> @scotlandlover@SarahHorvat

ERIC CLAPTON Live at Budokan, Tokyo, 2001 (Full Concert)

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davetherave1947 Stevie Ray Vaughn - Voodoo Child #Music #NowPlaying

Stevie Ray Vaughn Voodoo Child

| play
davetherave1947 THE ROLLING STONES – Miss You
davetherave1947 Quicksilver Messenger Service – Fresh Air - Live Audio (reblip)
davetherave1947 I Like this song Thx rb@MissLalala_: "Archive ~ Goodbye :o)" (reblip)


| play
davetherave1947 Hey take a look and listen to this it's so cool thx you@DoctorOfJazz: (reblip)

I Know (I Know) John Lennon

| play
AtheDJ Time to go get happier! :D Nite folks! Bruce Springsteen – Happy
davetherave1947 Great thx :)@tokool4u: "Just listen..."What Can I Say"" (reblip)
davetherave1947 Nice thx @mark_till: "BBL CU Guys... The White Stripes - Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground" (reblip)
fxp123 did tell how good football was so good today @lilbratsie: "The Killers – Spaceman" (reblip)

The KillersSpaceman

| play
Sylak ‡‡Great White - "Bad Boys"‡‡ (reblip)

Great White- Bad Boys

| play
davetherave1947 The White Stripes- Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground
Lovebreath REAL VAMPIRE MUSIC *type o negative-Black no.1..rip Peter Steele.." (reblip)
davetherave1947 Dr John - Right Place, Wrong Time !
davetherave1947 @Jjim08: "Hi Thx Rb@Tinkster: "Two guitars that curl my toes! Keep 'em tappin'...Mark Knopfler and Eric Clapton "Hello Manila.." ...Sultan of Swing" (reblip)
GothicWildfire A bit more Soul Asylum. I Did My Best is one of their finest
davetherave1947 Great track Thx :)@Oculuris: "Carlos Santana – "Evil Ways" (reblip)
Tropicsz4 Great song . Your rocking as always :) RB !!!@ankita_gaur: "Audioslave – Like A Stone" (reblip)
digitpt Lightnin' Hopkins – Rock Me Baby
tokool4u Hey great song, thanks 4 adding me@Blaqkrose77: "Stevie Ray Vaughan- Life By The Drop and Little Wing." (reblip)

Stevie Ray Vaughan- Life By The Drop (Studio)- Little Wing (Live)

| play
GothicWildfire Just /listen/ to the audience on this. It takes a true legend to get that kind of response.
tyrelassie Bread – The Guitar Man...enjoy !!!

BreadThe Guitar Man

| play
davetherave1947 @JamesStandOut Thanks for the intro to Paul Personne Best Guitar Solo ever made :))
ellendiane thanx for listening-good tune!!! You've got to hide your love away! Eddie Vedder (reblip)
daytonacharger @Lisa_Michele-- WE LOVE YOU LISA MICHELE!!---THE CULT--WILD FLOWER---a really "kick ass" song & video!!!! BLOODY BRILLANT !!!!! (reblip)

The CultWild Flower

| play
DeAnnLR md rb and thx dahling :)@daytonacharger: "Hello Deann, Have a really Lovely Evening !!--Eric Burdon & The Animals---San Franciscan Nights--Brillant!!! (reblip)
ellendiane @Willey_Nillie- thanxxxo Grateful Dead- Hey Jude! (reblip)
Schoork AC/DC – For Those About To Rock
GGDANCE you have giving me so many props & RB's, and I wanted to thank you just for being you,You are more as welcome, my friend!!" (reblip)
davetherave1947 Great just what I need to get going today Thx hve a nice day @ellendiane: "@25jd:It does feel like A BAD MOON RISING by Creedence Clearwater Revival!" (reblip)
Greenfields47 elvis week rb @sosborne: "It's Elvis Week here in Memphis :)" (reblip)
davetherave1947 Eric Clalpton "Ruby" ( Homeboy sound track)

Eric Clapton "Ruby" (Homeboy soundtrack)

| play
Tropicsz4 Eric Clapton – Don't Know Why
davetherave1947 Stevie Ray Vaughn - Lenny - reissue tribute !!

SRV Lenny Reissue

| play
pipe72 Ry Cooder "Feelin' Bad Blues"
ZEW_FREAK Audioslave – Shadow on the Sun
davetherave1947 Be My Friend - Free & Paul Rodgers - Nice little song :)
tokool4u @ellendiane: "@Peter007: it's all good!@ellendiane no worries- - I am not a big fanof Meat Loaf-his wife is known as Mrs. Meatloaf- (reblip)
tokool4u Hi,:):):)@orangekittypie: "Where I wish I were, actually. // Hi there! @TheSound :)" (reblip)
GothicWildfire Nobody does female power vocals quite like Bonnie Tyler :D
davetherave1947 @tokool4u Doing fine thx hope you have a fine day & thanks 4 the RBs :))
Fortharrison i'm not to proud to be a fool... The Stones


| play
13to1 When it comes to Me it is@DJMRRANGER Not your business how I blip @13to1 What? B4 U reBlip Please take all other NAMES off message "Proper thing 2 do
davetherave1947 Billy Idol- Cradle Of Love- Oh what a cool Video
ellendiane @LindaTomRadio: "tx & rb to>>u! Little Feat- two trains (reblip)
davetherave1947 Joe Walsh&The Eagles-Rocky Mountain Way (live somewhere 1977)
tenderlee Hi there ~ thanks for the props and the friendly add rb @CaughtTheKaty: "rb @CurtsCafeNoir: "One more tribute to Abbey Lincoln. "Throw it Away."" (reblip)

Abbey Lincoln "Throw It Away" (1980)

| play
YaT at the end of the party i play this @opruimfee
J_Bay Dr. John - Such A Night

Dr. JohnSuch a Night

| play
davetherave1947 Thought you might like this one :o)@ellendiane

Everybody's Talking (Movie Version) Midnight Cowboy OST

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davetherave1947 Great song thx@GothicWildfire: "Bizarre 'for goodness sake cheer up' kind of song. Love it :)" (reblip)
fun4lilli what's your poison? "@DirtyUrine I quit drinking! lol #lilli you were not so "quiet" last nite Cowboy! DU "Shhhh! Actually next year! RB @JanetSEyre (reblip)
tokool4u Hi, lady@ladysupermarket: "@TropicsZ4: "The Doors - Break on Through"" (reblip)

The Doors - Break on Through

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davetherave1947 Orianthi - God Only Knows - Love this song !

Orianthi: God only knows

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dANGELofLOVE Congratulations! That's Wonderful! Wishing You Love And Happiness Forever And A Day! @DaveL: To my wife of 34 yrs. today! (reblip)
davetherave1947 Joe Walsh/The Eagles- Walk Away (1977 live)
tokool4u Great song & message@jcase59@dANGELofLOVE ""God always has N angel of help 4 those who are willing 2 do their duty."->@CathyCdesigns, @EllenMCreations (reblip)

Radney Foster "Everyday Angel"

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GGDANCE "@hippiechick: "rb @dickie1me: "John Fogerty — Have You Ever Seen The Rain"""" (reblip)
davetherave1947 Bryan Adams- Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman- Just a few ! (reblip)
davetherave1947 Great Song thx@ellendiane: "@blipfmluranadeoliveira:ty for the listen:) Joe Bonamassa-You upset me baby!"Great song (reblip)
davetherave1947 Classic thx@Billiam44: "@BBWolfey: "The Doors ~ You're A Lost Little Girl"" (reblip)
davetherave1947 What a guy have fun :) @Fortharrison: "U2~One Tree Hill .... for my bro @davetherave1947 and the lovely @marieinmusicland , I'll be around later (reblip)

U2One Tree Hill

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davetherave1947 Great song thx@Fortharrison: "step on a steam train.... U2~Running To Stand Still" (reblip)
fxp123 ty @Annaleise: "@fxp123: "Green Day - Holiday @tyronnekeep just working form the green theme this 1 is so much better from this morning"" (reblip)

Green DayHoliday

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kirkill Robert Plant - Pink & Black - #FridayFavs #HappyBDayBob!

Robert Plant-Pink & Black

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Dancer12 Ty♥Rb@PollysMusic "Robert Plant - Hey Joe. More Robert for his birthday... (reblip)

Robert PlantHey Joe

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tokool4u Her it is,"What Can I Say"
davetherave1947 Tangerine Dream - Girl on the Stairs - Good evening DJs around the World !!
tokool4u One of the Masters,"What Can I Say"
Coffeenuts thx☺@Icametumbling: "It's coming on the end of August .." (reblip)
GGDANCE @Roxanne721: "TY RB"@sefrond: "@kirkill: "Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble – Tightrope""" (reblip)
leoarteiro @jimmybog: "Carlos is always worth a reblip. @wisewoman: "Rbs @matriax: "roses to ghana "SANTANA // wild roses around U (guitar lovesong :)"""" (reblip)
daytonacharger @Eric_Keith,@dANGELofLOVE,@nawlinswoman,@RiaLaurens--THE EAGLES---New Kid In Town---a really BRILLANT live song & video from The Eagles!!! MARVELOUS!! (reblip)
davetherave1947 Buddy Guy,BB King,Eric Clapton,Jimmie Vaughan - Rock Me Baby - How much better can it get !!!
davetherave1947 Summertime Blues - Joan Jett
davetherave1947 Bob Dylan - Born In Time - the Master sings a song for you !!
Tropicsz4 Good Morning Joanie :) @JoanieBeachMusic

Chicago - Saturday In The Park

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davetherave1947 Donovan - Sunshine Superman- What a guy !!!!

DONOVAN-Sunshine Superman

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"Come Back Song" by Darius Rucker with lyrics

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davetherave1947 Humble Pie - I'm A Road Runner Baby


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CMFlinn Loverboy – Working For The Weekend
Fortharrison Santana ft Matthews~Love of My Life ...in the night you are my dream....
JacoLovesMusic Yes TY Robert Must RB@LaylaGal1953: "..can't eat?...can't sleep?...that's when we'all know we are in it deep!;+)@LaylaGal1953" (reblip)
davetherave1947 Hey this is a great track love it thx !!@Buzzz: ";)))" (reblip)

The BandCrazy mama

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davetherave1947 Stars - Take me to the Riot - nice little tune !!
davetherave1947 Killing Joke- Money is not our God- this is no joke I think they mean it !!
davetherave1947 Janis Joplin - Cry Baby - what a Gal !!!

Cry babyJanis Joplin

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davetherave1947 Bryan Ferry - Slave to Love- Any takers :))
ellendiane Antoine Violette- for me (kali) and every other goddess out there xox Danceof the goddess
davetherave1947 Del Shannon - Runaway - Yeah a blast from the past !!

Del ShannonRunaway

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digitpt Marie Laforet - Mon amour, mon ami

Marie Laforet, [1967] Mon amour, mon ami

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davetherave1947 Kiss - God Gave Rock'nRoll To You ( live at Wembley) so there now you know , good night blippers :))
davetherave1947 Slow Blues in C- Alvin Lee / Ten Years After 1975 what a guy !!
davetherave1947 Scarlet Queens - New EP - Teaser tsc looks like a good up and coming band !!


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davetherave1947 The Rolling Stones - 2000 Light Years from Home
davetherave1947 Eric Clapton - Broken Hearted- and with that I'll say good night !!
davetherave1947 Sylvie Vartan

Sylvie Vartan La plus belle pour aller danser 1965

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Fortharrison LOL .... just had to.... let's keep the movie rolling... Soundgarden~Outshined
Dancer12 U find some of the cutest titles!! Ty Rb@OneBlippinBrat: "Pink ~ It's All Your Fault" (reblip)
davetherave1947 Late nite with Cassandra Wilson "You don't know what Love is "
Nowhereman2 They remind me of the previous song and group. From one duo to another... Thanks and good evening @davetherave1947.
Getsuga haha! OK! :) @starsailor3k: "I'm a bit tired. A couple of hours is ok?@EllenaG: "~AC/DC – You Shook Me All Night Long~ DC timee..."" (reblip)
davetherave1947 The Pretty Things She Says Good Morning !
daytonacharger @Lisa_Michele,@sooze27,@DebbieD0---TALKING HEADS-WILD WILD LIFE-a really GREAT song from David Byrne & the Heads which really ROCKS!!! Love It!! (reblip)

Talking Heads- Wild Wild Life

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davetherave1947 @mrandysmiley2: "Just discovered this band yesterday. Love this song!!! Enjoy :)" (reblip)
Dancer12 says thanks 4 the reblip! RB@hairgirl: "Sara~"" (reblip)

Fleetwood MacSara

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Nowhereman2 Good evening and thanks @katterfelto.