tardbot5000 Portishead & DJ Shadow – Time Has Come (U.N.K.L.E. Remix) :D :D?
tardbot5000 The Mountain Goats – The Sign (live): file under #lolzycovers
tardbot5000 Scissor Sisters ✄ I Can't Decide
tardbot5000 DJ Shadow And Q-Bert ➠ Camel Bobsled Race ➠ \o/!
weed All you ever need is to be nice and friendly
weed Did you check the toilet on the right? I checked the toilet on the right...
weed it's your duty to ignore advertisements. fuck the economy
HillBillyDeathRay Summer outdoors in a park drinking happiness..
weed Sometimes I still can't believe he's gone. Captain Jack never forget
HillBillyDeathRay Hang in there till the vocals and I swear you'll stay till the end. A must for DJ Shadow fans who don't know this artist..

RjD2Smoke & Mirrors

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HillBillyDeathRay Odd, odd, odd thing. Suzanne Vega vs 50Cents in 'da club. Too weird not to blip..
Sissie Back to reminiscence.

New OrderThe Beach

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Sissie Right now collecting some thoughts, to put them into my ->
Sissie This one is dedicated to @Last.fm. They will know why.
Sissie There´s only one thing that I like, and that is whistling in the dark, whistling in the dark! Whistling whistling whistling whistling in the dark!!!
ZacharyKniskern such a great song, give it a listen.
Chise Mercury Rev – Holes

Mercury RevHoles

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Chise Moby – Natural Blues

MobyNatural Blues

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Chise Jane's Addiction – Mountain Song
ZacharyKniskern i don't know where I'm going i don't know where I've been but i know where i want to go...
BebeLeigh Doing the pogo as we speak!
BebeLeigh And I'm back...in the 80's
SiwanDivan good one. wait a minute and I'll look up the great (re)cover by mr J Cash... (reblip)
ZacharyKniskern this is special for you LOL @kbuech :D@patita wow, what an interesting song... (reblip)
slappedarse @philkirby I have been looking regularly for this for ages damn it! 10 points for you sir. (reblip)
rafakappel 7 days to watch them live! ...saw@Gaz50 (reblip)

Oasis - All Around The World

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Live4Soccer I'll fight to the last breath...if they dare touch a hair on your head (reblip)
PranK no more work!!!! (at least for today) time to go play w/my kids!!!


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headphone Oh it's a lonely planet joy / When the song from your other boys That's when I'm a lonely planet boy / And I'm tryin, I'm cryin / Baby for your love
LXIX Led Zeppelin – Black Dog
market007 classic Radiohead "Gee Gosh, That Be A Perplexing Mixture Of Music, Brother Pickle!" : Radiohead - "High And Dry" (reblip)
70srocker Graham Gouldman, who wrote Yardbird's For Your Love, eventually formed the art rock band 10cc. This song is very mellow.

10ccI'm Not in Love

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Spinapotamus this is hard to do, little teeth hurt
VeEme Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee...
kellerabteil schmerz von der art, der diesbezüglich unmissverständlich ist, dass schmerzen in den wahnsinn treiben können. da ist es dann gut, dass es musik gib
DJJuxtaposedJunkie "Gee Gosh, That Be A Perplexing Mixture Of Music, Brother Pickle!" : Jamiroquai - "Where Do We Go From Here?"
Patuleia Wolfmother – Colossal


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SinglePointofFailure One of my favorite songs...always reminds me of college.
DrGoldfoot Just listened to this in my car.
seancarmody Note, this doesn't count as my XTC blip of the day!! Reblipping @Static: Spell my name on your pillow tonight. (reblip)
judi Alice in chains – Got Me Wrong (reblip)
CrazyGary I think this has to be one of the greatest tunes ever
numisongs Through the sorrow all through our splendour Don't take offence at my innuendo


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Atomik @APB1 - Ive been adding your blips to my playlist so I wont forget. I appreciate the tunes.

µ-ZiqAutumn Acid

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EmersonSalon Did anyone ever pick up the new Neko Case? It is amazing and I hope to see her at the Paramount
chantel7 Ok I have moved from movies to music for the last hour of work.And I really enjoy this one. (reblip)
CTex Here's a good happy hour song for ya! (reblip)
asterion & those who know me by another name, know that i dont mind...
asterion you are ALL one of these!!!

Massive AttackAngel

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niquefm feelin' a bit technologic at work this afternoon
Mikey_Vega Do you realize that you have the most beautiful face?
ragazza007 Ella Fitzgerald - Fever


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ecocity its not too late... dude from devo's doing digiat art print to knitting machine pieces. sounds interstang. (reblip)

DevoWhip It

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plexabee every time i thought of you in the ordinary day.
shawndromat woah woah, that other one was not the right version at all
DevilDino One of my favorite songs from a great band!
DevilDino One of the best space age composers ever
DevilDino A wonderful take on a real classic - as only Esquivel can do it.
DevilDino An aural trip into space - nourishment for the mind's eye.

Kid Koala - More Dance Music

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hotlipzz Omdat ik morgen op vakantie ga brengt Weezer mij met dit nummer alvast in the mood!
DevilDino Shoe-gazer delight. Listen with your eyes closed and your head spinning.
DevilDino Can't get enough of this album! It's been on heavy rotation since I first heard them.

Chemical Brothers with Mazzy Star -Asleep From Day

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DevilDino Thick with psychedelic sludge.. reeling and lurching forward on reverb like its drunk. Listen twice!
Sissie On the other hand, just keep it! (reblip)
Sissie The Smiths - Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me
DeadCabbage Queen – Tie Your Mother Down
DeadCabbage Red House Painters – Mother
FreakFlagFlyer The Clash - This Is Radio Clash (Dunproofin' Remix) (reblip)
DeadCabbage The White Stripes – I Want To Be The Boy To Warm Your Mother's Heart
DeadCabbage Fountains of Wayne – Stacy's Mom
FreakFlagFlyer listening to The Flaming Lips - Do You Realize Do you realize that happiness makes you cry? (reblip)
by_starla [...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead - How Near How Far]
by_starla [Sparklehorse - Return to Me]
rguimaslima com'mon let's shake it ... rock the casbahLet-s start with [* * * * *] mUsIc @ http://blip.fm/rguimaslima (reblip)
FreakFlagFlyer listening to Iron and Wine-Flightless Bird, American Mouth (reblip)
by_starla [Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Let The Cool Goddess Rust Away]
rguimaslima This is one of my favorites of all the times (reblip)
rguimaslima Another PROP !!!! U deal???? ;-]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] Lima's DJ (reblip)
seancarmody Since I played some Gang of Four, it seems only right to play some Shriekback
by_starla [Of Montreal - Cato As A Pun]
paisley The Prodigy – Fire [Sunrise Version]
by_starla [The Magic Numbers - Sing A Song For You]
paisley The Prodigy – Girls (Rogue Element Remix)
paisley The Prodigy – Climbatize
HillBillyDeathRay ..more music to make you drive WAY faster then you ought.
HillBillyDeathRay ...and relax... (- night, night all)
DeadCabbage Scissor Sisters – Take Your Mama
sheryonstone Im sending some Phish back atcha @nick_sorg ^_^ hard to believe huh ? Hope u are doin well. (reblip)
DevilDino I once heard this song non-stop on a trip to Florida with my Ecstacy addled friend. It bent me.

KLFDoctor Who

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weed @mint_records whty not 70 minutes of the best ddr... how l@me
Sissie Will be involved too...
DevilDino Amazing lost band... too few people have heard their first album.
weed give it one more go @DevilDino you're a cool man
weed @RickB I love Robert Crumb and therefore you are a cool person
DevilDino Neutral Milk - Ghost.... re-fuckin-blpn @rkmonkey cuz he called me Stoopid ... :D :D ;D (reblip)
Sissie Die kommen ja auch! Hab ich gar nicht gewußt!
DevilDino They don't get any better than Ferguson! @weed: "give it one more go @DevilDino you're a cool man" (reblip)
serendipitynz @mweller actually I don't like any of your music, but as a fellow academic and twitter follower i feel the need to give you some props :-) (reblip)
s_w_i_t_c_h gooood morning! here is this song as a complementary for your second awaking coffee, hallelujah


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DevilDino One of my favorite 70's songs.
DevilDino A great cover version!

Beth OrtonOoh Child

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DevilDino I have 3 perfect albums from this band. You'll NEVER get them out of your head.
Sissie Shame I never saw them live...
Sissie Have some doubts 2, but I have great mud experiences and nice rubber boots etc, haha! RB @AndreaUrbanFox...sunshine in Germany is June? Have my doubts (reblip)
Apple_chic This is much nicer. Had to get rid of last track. Cheese-o-rama. Clearly I need this caffeine more than I realised! Forgive me!
pittaya เราล้วนกำเนิดจากดวงดาว
MauiMichael Supertramp – Dreamer @shrnclrk


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DevilDino #1. One of my top 5 riding songs today. Posting them in order...

figurinenew mate

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Berrypunny Yeah, @1980s, this kinda has the same beat as that Sheena song you just blipped :)
Donnysaurus I want to sing the last part of this song to someone but she may or maynot like it
TroyHolder "Graveyard Rock" by Tarantula Ghoul & the Gravediggers
TuraSatana the douche-song. goood evening, blipstars :)
TuraSatana wednesday night! it's business time. strip down to your socks.
yamamiya Neko Case – This Tornado Loves You
rguimaslima Gene Loves Jezebel »»» MoMeNtS ««« ♫ @ http://blip.fm/rguimaslima ™ [* * * * *]
nervioso @kbuech: Thanks man, I was thinking about that song, BTW 1,050 listeners!!! way to go. (reblip)

Tapes 'n Tapes Insistor

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cwa surprised by how much I like this band
Sparklepony [Cinematic Orchestra – All That You Give]
djLop thx.@ShiaoMei: "@messinwiththekid:@----)-- "aren't they the same? After all what happens there stays there too. " For @Fangbaby!!" (reblip)
DevilDino Great song - haven't heard it in awhile. Thanks! (reblip)
DevilDino #3 Riding Song of the Day!


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