PureKilljoy Sing it, Memphis Minnie! This will be my anthem for today.
EdOvett Desolation Row – Bob Dylan
hedu found again - the funk runner :-)
Evelyn I will sugar, I'll mark up my territory real good
b4nsh33 ésta no la ponen en el copa café, pero deberían :)
Notorious_James Pretty Song--sounds a bit like Judy Collins, IMO (reblip)
RadioRider @ladypn Just the quiet I need right now. Very nice. (reblip)
JRex778 [Blue Danube Waltz - Johann Strauss, Jr.] here's a link to an interesting video ... : http://is.gd/aMwi

Blue Danube Waltz

| play
warhorus Keep rainin' all the time...


| play
estrogen @randyhate I could hear it over and over again. and my heart beats faster each single time I am listening to it... (reblip)
clarkowitz Lang Lang rocking some Haydn. You've caught me at very early 19th century moment. Follow the themes and remember; there didn't used to be a dichotomy.
estrogen well great... now mr. banditos 2 is going on a night walk.... @aLxA
Redstar209 Should'a quit you. Blues Friday
Laurits I blipped Dent May and his magnificent ukulele right before the album came out. I still dig it - remember to check it out. Ukulele for the masses.
scroogebenezer Oh, take me anywhere, I don't care I don't care, I don't care
cRAIGmITCHELL I would LOVE to see them live. I bet they are a LOT of fun!
ThatKwazyGirl A hyper ballad for hyper folks


| play
fcraviee #80's ... Hj vou ser expulso da facul... pq vou anarquisar total depois dessa música... o/ .... Clube dos 5 RLZ !!
floydkelley an absolute favorite JAMC song--somehow it never made it to a mainstream release and only saw the light of day through their singles collection.
PaddyRedux @rico - I deleted my account, in a bad mood. Starting again from "Scratch"
brunogola Hungarian Rhapsody isn't complete :(
crosshairsfordemocracy "I've a tone ... fox one ... fox one!" Here's some AC-DC


| play
ABoyNamedSue Oh how I love Marina, she is so not a robot, and neither are you.
De_Ann @T_DeBarros Golden Earring. Radar Love. Thx @RonnieBebop I lust lust lust this song !!! ☺ (reblip)
Gavizinha Gosto mas gosto assim para o muito mesmo.
Rudra My original blips are just best... hehehe
conshock never a frown with simian brown
conshock weird day weird mood what will go will go
cdub - sound a little like richard thompson's "shoot out the lights"?

Link WrayRumble

| play
conshock goodly beat we can remember heading for the city lights
sanderschenk Can't find Nada Surfs version of Mother's Day. Did stumble upon this version from Blink 182 though. A very different ball park lyrics wise...
TroyHolder "Sex Beat" by The Gun Club

The Gun Club - Sex Beat

| play
chicharin666 Girl you have something, i love how you wear it


| play
zuppi some french shit says: mr sarkozy,please go private with your awesome wife ,)
thr0b un peu de french touch tiens...


| play
djdangernun @applehead I LOVE THAT SONG, I TRIED THAT ONE TOO!!! instead I give you this. mellow, but lovely

Kings Of LeonMilk

| play
MikeKSmith Heard this in the car on the way into work today and it almost made me cry it's so good.


| play
onceacurmudgeon this song just about encapsulates the year 1997 for me. so strange to know that was nearly a 3rd of a life ago for me. via@crosby (reblip)
nixe ...and then there is the moz...no, not that moz...
hajoni Vienna Teng – 1 Br/1 Ba
hajoni not very inventive, and I cant take it as serious as I did along time ago;-) but had to blip it out of my head
hajoni Thievery Corporation – Sea Groove
Delfin e @Delfin (PC) A TWO-HOUR SPECIAL PRESENTATION! Today at OWL'S NEST! S06E13 - Döppelganger Blues, part II. An audioesque event! TODAY, 2:00 GMT!
hajoni Yeah Yeah Yeahs – The Diamond Sea
hajoni Fela Kuti – Expensive Shit
hajoni Capillary Action – A Hundred Pages Of Cannot Be Named
hajoni new guitar in my library #2. curious: who is Mrs Saunders?
sutero @littlefunk ありがとうございます。どうぞよろしくです!
conshock tis a bit good so tis

Bon IverFlume

| play
conshock mmmm on the bbc i hope she's a bit bad .....

DuffyWarwick Avenue

| play
conshock messhed me up so ya did !!!! ahh breakups
conshock skip to my doorah u do right by my man
conshock good ole Daemon...keepin strong
conshock where'd it all go wrong? divorcee slumped in armchair bottle of whiskey in hand this one's for you............
conshock get this into your ears - you better watch your step
conshock i must confess a weakness for Dusty i'm prone tonow and then - she won't leave you alone !
conshock the way she talks about someone else .... that's gossip micky - see ya after the show....
conshock schmoozer's guide to get in the mood for love:1. Seduce your intended with obvious lyrics in ure let's get it on music...like in diss wan
conshock time for tea well this is pretty good sport
conshock suit made of electricity

EdanPromised Land

| play
briangreene whisper in my ear when its over, then play it again.
santamistura i must to work now ;)) great day for allllllll blippers ;)) i will b back tonight ;)
culturite Hands down, their best song... Kings Of Leon – "Ragoo"

Kings Of LeonRagoo

| play
conshock let's get this day done and get out of mediocrity !
briangreene rb [not sure who] tnx. acid ska. (reblip)
briangreene rb@rogue_fm YESSSSS!!! 'Raising Arizona'!!! Yeee-ee-eee-ooo-ee-hoo... (reblip)
briangreene love this edit. harder edged sound.
conshock some people think they're always right
josiefraser fr @hiabowman - officially declared the international blip man of mystery
soundmangroupie Ooh la la la la la la la la

GoldfrappOoh La La

| play
craigz Your cheap words that you bought on sale won't help you thru tonight.
conshock purrfect swaying in the warm breeze
mammara 1996 Belle & Sebastian If You're Feeling Sinister
sublibrarian El verdadero sabor del paso del tiempo
djdisastrus i am now a fan! frozen monkey butts..
ScenicKK The Whitest Boy Alive – Gravity
air Wonderful young Irish singer/songwriter............
estrogen yummy.... some sweet ukuleles ;)

10 LeftOverBiscuits

| play
Holycow Now this has to be one of my all time tunes :)
Holycow Gentle. Good start to the day :)
hajoni Amadou Et Mariam feat. Manu Chao - Sénégal Fast Food

Sénégal Fast Food

| play
finestsuit good mornin' @Karuna... i know it's serious~

The Smiths - Girlfriend In A Coma

| play
hajoni Memphis Minnie – Me and My Chauffeur Blues
hajoni The Raconteurs – Steady As She Goes (Acoustic)
AJKGoBlue The emotive croons of Hamilton Leithauser.
myriam Meeting with Morpheus :-) Night night blip land. (reblip)
TFHackett 5 O'clock Blip: Ann Peebles – I Can't Stand The Rain...unless it means my kid's soccer game is cancelled. Then I can stand it.
TFHackett Could use more sun up here in NJ this holiday weekend

T. RexMambo Sun

| play
Apple_chic vi@chiron08: Automatic re-blip for the most delicious song on blip. Kisses for you all! :) (reblip)


| play
SarahShoeMe Gold! Shiny and precious. Golden palaces, golden idols, golden cages.
conshock happily lost dans la musique - the palace of excess leads to the palace of access

The FallLost In Music

| play
bendrix Welcome to Blip my newest digi=pal => @Shinuna I've grown more and more Fond of Bent since I've been on Blip, I don't have some of these tracks.


| play
dickadcock Some talent in this new group!

Hey MarseillesRio

| play

The Voice Squad - the parting glass

| play
Ozarksagent @jasoncrouch your pic of the little drummer girl made me think of this classic:)
OutdoorLori That's where I find you.
NancyClaeys Nite all. Iggy Pop – Candy

Iggy PopCandy

| play
elismarchioni Já blipei uma vez. Mas é minha preferida deles. Então, vá lá: a maravilhosa canção de George Harrison.

Beatles - While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Ultra Rare Trax Vol3)

| play
vdarkbloom gotta go, happy blipping for the next month! back in july, with weary feet but happy heart (JMT 217 mi., Whitney to Half Dome)

The Rolling Stones, Shine a Light

| play
estrogen @Blippo - ach... hier ist november... und bei dir?

Nouvelle VagueEisbaer

| play
estrogen [Aw, dang, Sugar Belly! You just made me fall in love with you ] just sweet :) thank you @sgnp (reblip)

sugar belly playing his bamboo saxophone

| play
estrogen could it hear over and over again
olumi_day I'm afraid not @DC_n_Colore. Blip is hell but we love it. Hopefully you'll survive past your first day, hehe... (reblip)
Woodrow 'Exile' - a strong contender for my favorite album of all time.
tubilino helloooo man! ...and thx again ;))) (reblip)
sniffyjenkins One of my favourite songs of all ever time.

Artic Monkeys "Leave before the lights

| play
Jessiclese easily one of my favorite bands. i could tell after less than one listen to their first album.
conshock in the car or at home you'll dig it
dangermain Key sample from the 2nd half of this - 'Water' from the soundtrack to The Magic Garden of Stanley Sweetheart.
dangermain good vintage synth work from Jim
talklikethis We are the stars of the firing line.
chuy one of the coolest recent-released songs
Apple_chic fucking come and fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiind me
Diordan sorry I can't let you go

Iggy PopCandy

| play
Diordan Lovin' in the sun I'm so greenhornish today =)
tviQ ♬ Parov Stelar // Chambermaid Swing (full song)
sorrentmutie Wow. I didn't know this version. Thanks! @JanetSEyre: "Niiiiiiiick!! Hey you :D thank you very much, great tune! I'm great, and you?xx!@DJNickPapag (reblip)
lantz45 Mozart – Mozart: Violin Sonata in D major KV 7 Allegro molto - "Free is the new money." lantz45.com itunes: http://tinyurl.com/yhpx97w (reblip)
djilo Greenwood Rhythm Coalition – Guajira '78
akiraboy2010 I'm So Tired [2009 Stereo Remaster] good night, sweet dreams!
akiraboy2010 Ray Charles - Night Time is the Right Time
akiraboy2010 Led Zeppelin – Going to California (Classic Orchestra) | just dreaming...mental travel is faster with no jet lag!
minkamu RB @katost: "The National – Anyone's Ghost" (reblip)
djilo Thanks! I know how that goes, but you always blip quality, even on your slow days =) RB@Blippo: "Hola amigo @djilo Can't find my blipflow tonight" (reblip)

Wax TailorHow I Feel

| play
djilo James Brown – Hot Pants, Part 1
mastrangelina @CalMa: "Vivaldi era asmatico. Anche Proust. E Chopin. E Cioran. E Queneau. Per dire." (allora sono in buona compagnia...) (reblip)
BlueRoute Johnny "Guitar" Watson – "She Moves Me" another self-titled #blues #guitar man
conshock if i were to say to you can you keep a secret

ABC-Poison Arrow lyrics

| play
estrogen @randyhate: "i just love this version. inspired by #estrogen, hello and good afternoon/eve dear."] that's sweet! warm thanx :) (reblip)

Zooey sings Hello Dolly in Raving plus some cute moment

| play
estrogen kuku, herr @chiron08 - schönen abend an sie ;)
estrogen @anni09: "guten morgen in die schweiz #estrogen"] jaja... das land steht noch... danke der nachfrage ;) (reblip)

17 HIPPIES Frau von Ungefähr

| play
derkrauss always goodGothTinkerbell: "thank you...very nice! I like her voice :)@modehead101: "@GothTinkerbell - have I blipped this to you before? Nice track (reblip)

Lykke LiTonight

| play
derkrauss // Warpaint – Elephants //...great song!


| play
akiraboy2010 Radiohead – Go to Sleep (Jools Holland live) | thanks to @djwttw and @rkmonkey for bringing this beauty to my attention (reblip)

Mazzy Star Blue Flower Live Jools Holland 1994

| play
akiraboy2010 Frank Zappa – Broken Hearts Are for Assholes
akiraboy2010 Live In San Francisco 98' @Koshka @vic_toria

Radiohead- Planet Telex(Live In San Francisco 98')

| play
akiraboy2010 Iggy Pop – I'm Bored (whistle test)
akiraboy2010 David Bowie – Always Crashing in the Same Car
akiraboy2010 Really great story Eno/ music aphex twin about a community of settlers in the US. @Piehooerseef @BJohnson @FatalSe7en @CherryBlossom | check it out! (reblip)

3. Pandit Dinesh and Kishon Khan at The Bhavan Institute

| play
LizRambles say what you want ... M79 is still my favorite V.Weekend tune

Vampire WeekendM79

| play
BlueLori acoustic Billy Idol vi@ellendiane (reblip)

Billy Idol White Wedding High Quality

| play
Oldies Elvis Presley – See See Rider

Bar-Kays: Soul finger 7'' A (1967)

| play
djilo Gal Costa & Caetano Veloso – Que Pena
LikeAnAngel Thanks! Yeah, she looks ready for school...COLLEGE. ha. @Echo_L: "@LikeAnAngel Little lady looks already for school. You could market her backpack." (reblip)
Holycow Havin' a thing for well recorded tight snare drums today. Must be something I ate
Holycow Hmmmm more down and dirty funk with a great horn section - as it should be....

Album Sampler Soul Snatchers Sniffin' & Snatchin' 2007 2

| play
ZONE 2 U toooo..danke schön @MaxK: "@ ZONE @amphore @djilo@Tubabo have a nice day, habt einen schönen tag" (reblip)

I Want You To Love Me [Slow Train Soul]

| play
SOcaM Led Zeppelin – Trampled Under Foot
davidwatts1978 @PabloM: "Benny Hill Theme – Boots Randolph - Yakety Sax" (reblip)
Yastrzemski #astralweeks This song is so great it puts knots in my stomach. Plain and simple, if you like it, I like you.
Cindy79 Sabbatical with a hint of crystal blue persuasion. thx for the RB @djilo @amphore (reblip)


| play
akiraboy2010 rb @djaces29: "Bill Evans Trio – Waltz For Debby" (reblip)
GERK rb@Ronz_ again wtf awesomeness.... (reblip)

Led Zeppelin - No Quarter

| play

The Walkmen Juveniles

| play
midnightwalker Fanfarlo is brilliant Sunday music. rb@alienfresh Was just listening actually :D (reblip)
toxiferous RB @jong: 'Night! I hope you rest well! :) "Night and thanks for the good times, props and such." (reblip)
amphore Reverie – Claude Debussy

ReverieClaude Debussy

| play
amphore Parov Stelar – Rock For (Love) 12" Club Extended Video HQ
amphore Parov Stelar – Catgroove

Parov StelarCatgroove

| play
djLop Elsinore – Lines


| play
killerswp @chelseagirl19: "I'll marry the first person who finds me at the Circulation desk ...."I'm on my way down 95 now! (reblip)
ViralStyles So I'm hired, but don't start for real until next week...oh, it's all PJs and Root Beer Floats 'roun' Chez Casa Viral Stylus
bthecat bonne nuit.......

french lullaby

| play
bthecat till another time blippers. x
mojoworking Cut Chemist – The Garden

Cut ChemistThe Garden

| play

The Flyers(gr garage 60s)-To skasiarheio rare .wmv

| play
bthecat is in the US of A......

Barry Lyndon Original Soundtrack; Piano Trio in E-Flat ,Op 100 (Second Movement) by Franz Schubert

| play

"Laylo" by Her Majesty's Sound

| play
bthecat our day will come, anon

The Birds , Next In Line

| play
djilo Ok, slowing it back down....I think this one might be up your alley my friend :) @MaxK

Ed royalCoisa boa

| play
mark_till @pumpkinsoup: "#mark_till .. c'mere ...what's taking u so long... :)~ hahah" (reblip)


| play
naapstermaan indeed @pumpkinsoup: "a friend with weed is better..."
asterion ...

Radiohead - Nude (Saycet remix)

| play
djLop Meridene – Gone, Baby Gone
chiron08 ✪ so ein bischen in den tag pfeifen..
avivajazz Chet Baker ~ Zingaro ~ from the film "Let's Get Lost" ~ #jazz
apothegm rB@rsbe whom i cannot prop properly cause i have plum run out of proppers "@apothegm ok, one more for good measure"" (reblip)
backtoback you got a blippin early...and btw thanks for the little prop even though you don't blip ..let's me know you OK appreciate it RB @hawaiibuzz: "backtob" (reblip)
by_starla [The National - Ashamed of the Story I Told]
zamfir Morphine – Cure For Pain
Sandra_R_ Hell yeah! :D @ADRIANA87: "well,this makes this day BETTER!!! :P RB RB RB RT @Sandra_R_: "Kings Of Leon – Back Down South"" (reblip)

03 - Only Love Can Break Your Heart

| play
fxp123 ty @RockMeClassic: "@fxp123: "ty yw @worryknot: "Hello back to you & ty! @fxp123 ~ Tempted ~ Squeeze""" (reblip)


| play
fxp123 ty @Chow322: "@fxp123" Bad Company – Bad Company - Seagull (reblip)
amphore Bent – Strictly Bongo

BentStrictly Bongo

| play
bthecat @LolaLulu: "0h si..ma solo un po;-))@Gruenpol*rb: "Lesley Gore…talking italian @ #italianpopsabato"" (reblip)

Lesley Gore * You don't Own Me * ( Italian version )

| play
midnightwalker Taken by Trees - Hours Pass Like Centuries

Taken by trees, Hours pass like centuries

| play
Alvaroxx The Raveonettes – I Wanna Be Adored...
scotlandlover yup. always @sir_edward_ross: "Always scotlandlover: ...Leonard Cohen" (reblip)

Leonard Cohen-Always

| play
zappaconcrete team zappa ....."maybe"......we just needed to double.....
LionaB The Moody Blues- The Voice-Hello DJ's Nice we met again! Thank you for props,RB's and listen me ! CU !!
GypsyFM listening@seeinanbeinseen: "Marc Moulin - Welcome to the Club" (reblip)